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9 Best 2-in-1 Elliptical Cross Trainer & Exercise Bike

If you are looking to set up a gym at your home – you may be facing quite a challenging task. You may be lacking proper space to set up your machine, may have a budget constraint, etc. If you decide to get a cross trainer, however, you will be able to cut a few lanes here. You will also not have to choose between two pieces of equipment, as elliptical cross trainers are a combination of two machines. Why should you settle for one machine when you can get both?

Using 2-1 elliptical cross trainers and exercise bikes – you can stand up while exercising to use the elliptical part. You can also lay back on a reclined seat and use your legs only. There are a few models that offer a set of handlebars that can be mobile or fixed. When you are looking to select such a machine, ensure that you can make adjustments to both the seat and the handlebars. Therefore, you will be able to maintain an excellent body posture when you are using any one of these two functions.

In this article below, we have carefully studied the many models of elliptical cross-trainer and exercise bike combo that are available today. After the cut-throat competition, a selection of 9 products has made it to our list and we have reviewed them comprehensively throughout this article. Amongst these, the “Teeter FreeStep” has emerged as our “Overall best choice”. However, you can choose any of the other models as well.

Teeter FreeStep

Allows zero-impact cardio exercises for the whole body | Overall Best Choice

The Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical is undoubtedly the overall best choice, with its zero-impact workout design. The machine features an adjustable seat that can be used by users of several heights. It is very soft so that the users are comfortable. The backrest has been cushioned too and can be adjusted to 3 different positions. Thanks to the pedals here, the linear stepping motion is very smooth and has minimized impact on the knees. Featuring magnetic resistance at the pedals and handlebars, silent workouts are very much a reality. Stress on the knee joints is minimized further by the patented rear-driven stride, which is coupled with whisper-quiet technology. This Commercial-Grade unit features long-lasting frames that can support upto 300lbs easily. The frame has been fitted with feet levelers for the trailing legs, which can be adjusted to keep the machine stable. Anti-scratch feet have been used on the front. Thus, we have a perfect machine for stress-free home exercising.

  • Workout for the whole body
  • Magnetic resistance has been applied to the pedals and handlebars
  • Cushioned seat & backrest that can be adjusted
  • Quiet stride system
  • Patented stride intended to ease the strain on the joints
  • Can support 300 lbs of user weight
  • Can be used by everyone, including seniors


A quick view of our list of some of the finest 2-in-1 elliptical cross trainer & exercise bike:

BikeWeight (lbs.)Our Ratings
Teeter FreeStep11074
HCI Fitness HXT-30016563
Body Power BRT51189055
Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer6652
ProForm Hybrid Trainer11751
ER KANG Elliptical Machine Trainer11746
XTERRA Fitness EU150 bike70.545
Body Champ BRT187578.543
Body Rider BRT398088.140

9 best 2-in-1 elliptical cross trainer & exercise bike that you can buy today

BikePreviewTypeUser (Weight / Height) CapacityWeight (lbs.)Dimension (L x B x H) No. of ProgramsProduct score
Teeter FreeStepTeeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical (LT1)Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical300 lbs. / 4’ 11’’ - 6’ 6’’11054” x 29” x 52.50 ”N/A74
HCI Fitness HXT-300HCI Fitness Physio Step HXT Recumbent Compact Semi-Elliptical Cross Trainer, Grey/BlackRecumbent Compact Semi-Elliptical Cross Trainer330 lbs. / 4'9" - 6'1"16552" x 25" x 51" 1763
Body Power BRT5118Body Power 3-in-1 Exercise Machine, Trio Trainer, Elliptical and Upright/Recumbent BikeElliptical and Upright/Recumbent250 lbs. / 5” - 6’ 5”9063” x 25” x 55” 2455
Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical TrainerBody Rider Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike with Seat and Easy Computer / Dual Trainer 2 in 1 Cardio Home Office Fitness Workout Machine BRD2000Elliptical trainer and Exercise bike250 lbs. / < 6”6648” x 28.5” x 59.5” Not applicable52
ProForm Hybrid TrainerProForm Hybrid TrainerHybrid350 lbs. / 6”11737” x 20” x 60” inches 1651
ER KANG Elliptical Machine TrainerER KANG Elliptical Machine Trainer - Adjustable 8 Levels Resistance and Seats, with Digital Monitor and Pulse Rate Grips Magnetic Smooth Quiet Driven Elliptical Exercise Machine for Home Use (Black)Elliptical Trainer280 lbs. 11760.5” x 24.5” x 70.5” SCAN mode46
XTERRA Fitness EU150 bikeXTERRA Fitness EU150 Hybrid Elliptical/Upright Bike, BlackHybrid Elliptical/Upright Bike265 lbs. / 5’ - 6’2”70.542.5" x 24.5" x 61.5" 2345
Body Champ BRT1875Body Champ 3-in-1 Exercise Machine, Trio Trainer, Elliptical and Upright Recumbent BikeElliptical and Upright Recumbent250 lbs. / up to 6’ 2”78.542” x 19” x 63” SCAN mode43
Body Rider BRT3980Body Rider 3-in-1 Trio-Trainer/Elliptical, Upright Stationary, and Recumbent Exercise Bike ALL IN ONE Space Saving Machine BRT3980Elliptical, Upright Stationary, and Recumbent Exercise300 lbs. 88.152″ x 25″ x 63″ 2140

1. Teeter FreeStep: Allows zero-impact cardio exercises for the whole body | Best overall choice

Teeter FreeStep

  • Seat: ComfortSelect Seat ( Style LT3 )
  • Additional Features: Water Bottle Holder; Heavy-Duty Mat ( with bundle ); UltraGlide Bearings ( Style LT3 )
  • Resistance System: Magnetic w/ manual adjustment
  • Resistance Levels: Low to High intensity
  • Adjustable features: Seat, Height
  • Pedals: SoftStep ( Style LT3 )
  • Handles: SureGrip ( Style LT3 )
  • Max User Weight / Height: 300 lbs. / 4’ 11’’ – 6’ 6’’
  • Stride Length: N/A
  • Heart rate monitor: N/A
  • Dimension / Weight: 54”x 29”x 52.50” / 110 lbs
  • Console: Digital with Smart Device Stand

Features & Considerations
  • Weight capacity: This machine is able to support users with weight of 300 lbs, and is therefore a medium-duty machine.
  • Fully Adjustable Seat: You will be able to tilt the seat of this elliptical machine both forwards and backward; therefore, a wide array of users can use this machine.
  • Patented Stride Technology: Both muscle fatigue and risk of an injury are reduced in the Freestep, thanks to the patented stride technology used here. This technology will let you exercise for a longer period and with more intensity.
  • Dual Power Motion: More muscles in your body have the exertion distributed through them, thanks to the “dual power motion” that is used here.
  • Isolated workouts: You can target your legs when you engage in a workout motion that is “stepping”. Your upper body can be targeted by isolating the handles here.
  • Friction-Free Magnetic Linkage System: This friction-free magnetic linkage system allows the Teeter FreeStep to last longer than almost any other machine.
  • Whisper Quiet Technology: The Teeter FreeStep is great because it utilizes whisper-quiet technology thanks to the magnetic resistance.
  • Big Calorie Burner: The Teeter Freestep will burn 17.4% more calories than other machines. This means that you can get the same results in a short amount of time, or get better results in the same amount of time.
  • Zero Impact Design: The main feature of the Teeter Freestep is that while using it, no forces are hitting your joints.

Some Weaknesses
  • Takes up a lot of space.
  • It is not designed for high-intensity exercise.

The Teeter FreeStep is a great stress-free option for engaging in strength building and cardio exercises that are zero impact. The unit reduces the extra load that is exerted on the joints and lower back of the user so that they are able to exercise comfortably. Meanwhile, the effectiveness of the machine is not compromised . As you are able to sit back in a more reclined position that is more natural, the body undergoes less fatigue and your joints are under less stress while you go full cardio.

The striding motion is unique so that the linear stepping motion does not exert any additional stress to the knees, your back, and the hips. To get rid of calories fast and keep yourself comfortable, the trainer is able to deliver a stepping motion. It is as if you are doing a leg press so that your lower body is toned eventually. An adjustable handlebar will work on your biceps and triceps here, while you can have a defined upper body thanks to the muscles in your chest and back being used. The system on this trainer I’d very easy to use and the intensity can be changed by means of a very simple diam. The console is battery powered too,which allows it to be used anywhere, without any cord or power outlet.

Teeter FreeStep™

Teeter FreeStep

2. HCI Fitness HXT-300 PhysioStep: Elliptical bike combo; semi-elliptical motion; perfect for physical therapy and to stay fit

HCI Fitness HXT-300 PhysioStep

  • Seat: Standard Stationary Comfort Seat
  • Additional Features: Water Bottle Holder
  • Resistance System: Electromagnetic
  • Resistance Levels: 1 – 16
  • Adjustable features: Seat , Handlebars
  • Pedals: Heel Cups & Ergo Straps
  • Handles: Rotating
  • Max User Weight / Height: 330 lbs. / 4’9″ to 6’1″
  • Stride Length: Independent Semi-Elliptical Motion
  • Heart rate monitor: Seat with built-in contact heart rate.
  • Dimension / Weight: 52″ X 25″ X 51″ / 165 lbs
  • Console: LCD Display ( 17 programs )

Features & Considerations
  • Design: The design of this great compact unit is such that you can be seated in a reclined position exercise in a manner that is similar to semi-recumbent trainers.
  • Swivel Seat: As you can rotate this seat by 360 degrees – getting on/off this equipment is very easy. Additionally, you can adjust the position on a rail system by using a lever on the right-hand side. This is suitable for a range of body sizes and can be used while rehabilitating from injuries.
  • Adjustable handlebars: You can find two pairs here. The mobile pair is attached to the pedals like traditional ellipticals, but do not follow the full motion. Using grips that can be rotated and a lever to lock/release the position- you will not be exerting any additional pressure on your shoulders as you are using your upper body region. Another pair is fixed to the side of the seat frame.
  • Console: The console here has a timer that turns off the display after 15 minutes of activity. It will allow you to monitor basic workout data, and a few additional ones, like RPM, resistance level, WATTS, * pulse rate( from the handles on the seat).
  • Adjustable handlebars: The surface of the large pedals have “diamond plate” shape textures for grip. Additionally, there are straps for a secured fit.
  • Noiseless: The magnetic resistance and driving system that is using a poly belt ensures that the trainer is operating noiselessly.

Some Weaknesses
  • Lacks additional features like Bluetooth, speakers, etc.

Whenever you are looking to get this machine, we recommend you to take a close look at the motion that is offered by the HCI Fitness HXT-300 PhysioStep. Just because it does not support the motion advised by your physical therapy does not diminish the effectiveness of this excellent recumbent elliptical ideal for use at home. Assembly should not take more than an hour. However, if you have to climb a set of stairs – we suggest you use some help, as 165 lbs may be heavy for you if you are in therapy.
As you adjust the resistance level – you can select amongst the 17 workout programs to both high & low impact cardio exercises. The seat is contoured, where the backrest can be reclined for comfort. As you adjust the seat on the rail – if you are in the height range of 4’ 9” & 6’ 2” – you can use the swivel seat to get on the equipment with ease. The manufacturer has perfected the design here so that individuals with disabilities can get on the low profile of the trainer without stressing your knees. The handles on each side have pulse sensors, while the mobile handles can have their angles adjusted. Thanks to the shorter path of motion for your arms here, no stress is exerted on your upper body. As it is using magnetic resistance – pedal operation is noiseless, smooth, and can be relied on to meet your fitness goals. Perfect for physically challenged to fit users – this is a great trainer for a wide array of users.

HCI Fitness HXT-300 PhysioStep

HCI Fitness HXT-300 PhysioStep

3. Body Power BRT5118: 3 in 1 Elliptical cross trainer; patented design; smooth & quiet pedaling motion

Body Power BRT5118

  • Seat: Padded backrest and seat cushions
  • Additional Features: Built-in media shelf
  • Resistance System: Motor-assisted magnetic
  • Resistance Levels: 16
  • Adjustable features: Seat , Handlebars
  • Pedals: Heel Cups & Ergo Straps
  • Handles: U-shaped, Dual-action & Wraparound
  • Max User Weight / Height: 250 lbs. / 5” – 6’ 5”
  • Stride Length: 13 inches
  • Heart rate monitor: On handlebars
  • Stride Length: 13”
  • Dimension / Weight: 63” x 25”x 55” inches / 90 lbs
  • Console: LCD Display ( 24 programs )

Features & Considerations
  • Multi-purpose design: With this compact trio trainer – you can engage in an elliptical, upright stationary & recumbent workout. As an extra, you would not need to get off the trainer to make adjustments for other mode use.
  • 16 Levels of Resistance: You can use a conveniently located knob to adjust your workout intensity by the 16 levels available. Since it is using belt resistance – high-intensity training can be performed here.
  • High-grade flywheel: Such is the design of the flywheel that is being used here that this feature could easily be fitted onto the floor cycles used in professional racing. Even as you make continuous changes to the resistance – the trainer will operate quietly.
  • Adjustable seat: As you make vertical and horizontal adjustments to the seat, you will find that the backrest is moving with the seat too. You will have excellent lumbar support throughout.
  • Multiple Handlebars: There are 3 handlebar sets on this trainer. Fitted with foams that have high-density – they will keep you comfortable in all the workout positions.
  • Dual Pedals: You can find 2 pairs of pedals here. They are fixed and are designed for compatibility with all the sitting positions here.
  • LCD Console: With an LCD, you can easily read off your workout data from it.

Some Weaknesses
  • The machine cannot be folded.
  • When the tablet is placed on the console, it may cover up the display here.

If you can follow instructions from the manual correctly – assembling the Body Power BRT5118 may take up some time, but the end product is sure to leave a good feeling.

Thanks to the steel tubing that is incorporated in the frame – all the members of your family will be able to use this machine without any complaints. As the 14” x 12” seat is adjusted up or down & forward or backward – any user in the height range of 5 feet to 6 feet 2 inches can use this fitness equipment. What is further noticeable here are the 3 handlebars. A static pair, that is U-shaped, is attached to the central frame and has sensors on them. For elliptical mode use, you will find handlebars for dual-action use. They resemble the types used on traditional ellipticals. The third pair is attached to the frame of the seat.
Using a rotating knob, you can change the resistance here, which is using a belt system. The console stands out here too, with its 4-minute timer that will turn off this display. However, as soon as you start pedaling on this convertible fitness equipment – it will turn on.

Body Power BRT5118

Body Power BRT5118

4. Body Rider BRD2000: Elliptical cross trainer & exercise bike; uses fan blade flywheel for low impact full body workout

Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer

  • Seat: Adaptable to customer`s size and weight
  • Additional Features: Folding design
  • Resistance System: Fan Dial Resistance
  • Resistance Levels: 16
  • Adjustable features: Seat
  • Max User Weight / Height : 250 lbs. / < 6”
  • Dimension / Weight: 48” x 28.5” x 59.5” / 66 Pounds
  • Console : LED, dot matrix ( N/A )

Features & Considerations
  • Patented 2 in 1 Design: The design of this 2-in-1 machine has been patented by the manufacturer. You can adjust the seat that has been attached to the bike and also use it like any other elliptical trainer.
  • Seat: The seat here can be adjusted both in a vertical & horizontal direction. As you adjust the seat for your maximum comfort – your height is anywhere between 5’ & 6’ – you can effectively get a low-impact full-body workout.
  • High Momentum Fan: This gentle breeze of air is welcome while pedaling hard, The fan blades are operated using a chain mechanism. To get more resistance, however, you have to keep pedaling so that you can adjust the intensity of your workout.
  • Easy to Read Console: Equipped with a basic console, you can monitor your performance metrics like calories burnt, the time elapsed, distance traveled, and speed.
  • Handlebars: You can use the static handlebars when you are seated in a biking position. The mobile, long handles are to be used when you are using the BRD2000 as an elliptical trainer. These handles can have their heights adjusted, which is a great addition.
  • Low impact workout: Tension can be adjusted using a knob. Even as you turn this up, you will be able to engage in low-impact full-body workouts that are perfect during recovery from surgery.
  • Storage: Although it does not fold- the footprint is ideal to be put away after use. This machine maintains a small footprint, while it does not fold up, it does fit into a small area and most people report that it is not difficult to store.

Some Weaknesses
  • If you are over 6 feet, you may not like this trainer.
  • The resistance is never suitable for high-intensity workouts.
  • The fan may make some noise.

As an alternative to four visits to the gym every week – only 20 minutes per day on the Body Rider BRD2000 can help you get the cardio workouts for your upper and lower body. The small footprint is something to really appreciate, as you would not want such effective workout equipment to take up a lot of space in your home. You will also be able to set it up easily for use after delivery.

Even if the workouts are not necessarily high-impact – you should not underestimate the efficiency of this great two-in-one machine. The design is such that you can use the dual trainer even if you have issues with your hip, leg, or your back. A common issue for users who weigh near the 250 lb weight limit is wobbling. However, if you place it over an exercise mat – you will be able to get rid of the problem. Even if your height is 5 feet only – you will be able to use the BRD2000 as a bike, which is great. However, with prolonged use- the fan may start to become noisy, which seems fair for the price you would be paying for it. Overall – great equipment for full-body cardio sessions that will go easy on your body joints.

Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer

Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer

5. ProForm: Hybrid elliptical; adjustable pedal, console & seat for maximum comfort

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

  • Seat: Cushioned
  • Additional Features: Water bottle holder; Tablet holder
  • Resistance System: Magnetic
  • Resistance Levels: 16
  • Adjustable features: Seat
  • Pedals: Oversized
  • Handlebars: 3 sets
  • Max User Weight / Height: 350 lbs. / 6”
  • Stride length: 15”
  • Heart rate monitor: EKG grip
  • Dimension / Weight: 37” x 20” x 60” / 117 lbs
  • Console: 3″ x 4″ LCD monitor ( 16 programs )

Features & Considerations
  • 2 machines in 1: You can engage on both elliptical and recumbent exercises comfortably on this hybrid trainer. The design is well thought-out so that in each of the workout positions, you are comfortable and can efficiently meet your workout goals.
  • Seat: The seat can be adjusted along with a railed slider system just below it. As you adjust your position on the rail to move the seat upwards, you can make adjustments to other features, like the height of the console, the elevation of the front part of the pedals, etc so that they are comfortable to use in the possible seat positions. If
  • Adjustable pedals: Whether you are in the elliptical or recumbent position, the 15” pedals can be adjusted so that you can rest your feet comfortably and pedal down with sufficient power.
  • Large LCD window: Its height can be adjusted so that a range of users with variable heights can monitor their training data on the large display.
  • SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance) system: This mechanism of resistance will ensure that as workout intensity is tuned across the wide range that is available here – there are no unwanted noises produced.
  • High inertia flywheel: Thanks to the flywheel that is inertia enhanced, conservation of momentum during pedaling is more effective. As a result, the pedaling motion will seem more realistic.
  • Handlebars: Three sets are provided with this trainer. You can find a fixed wraparound set attached to the seat frame, and another static pair attached to the frame which is mounting the console. You can use the longer handlebars that are placed further on the sides to engage your back, shoulders, arms, and core.

Some Weaknesses
  • It has a 15” stride length for its elliptical motion, which may be short.

With a steel frame, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer has a sturdy structure. This is further exhibited by the maximum weight capacity of this elliptical trainer and exercise bike – 350 lbs. With stabilizers fitted underneath, any unwanted wobbling or shaking is further minimized.
What is really great about this hybrid trainer is the number of adjustable features here. First of all, the seat position can be adjusted along with a rail system that runs under the length of the seat. Secondly, you can make adjustments to the height of the console as you position yourself while reclining. Third of all, the 15” sized pedals can be put up by their front edge so that you can place your feet comfortably. With a step-through design, access is more user-friendly. All the 3 handlebar sets have longer grips that are fitted with foam for comfort. A great addition to the system is the EKG pulse sensors that will relay your heartbeat to the grip monitor. A 3” x 4” monitor will also put up the workout data and the 16 pre-installed programs while you are using the machine. Compatible with the iFit workout app – you can virtually workout anywhere on the Earth, look at workout videos, compete with other iFit users, and customize downloaded workouts to suit your needs – regularly. This is a great addition to keep you motivated. In conclusion – you can successfully meet your fitness goals that are more focused on cardio to burn your calories and build up your lower body for faster training sessions.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

6. ER KANG: Elliptical cross trainer; premium quality driving system; inertia-enhanced bi-directional flywheel

ER KANG Elliptical Machine Trainer

  • Seat: Enlarged ergonomic cushion
  • Additional Features: Non-slip Foot Pedal; Phone/Pad Holder
  • Resistance System: Magnetic Tension
  • Resistance Levels: 8
  • Adjustable features: Seat, Handlebars
  • Max User Weight / Height: 280 lbs. / Not available
  • Heart rate monitor: Pulse pads on handles
  • Stride length: 13”
  • Dimension / Weight: 60.5” x 24.5” x 70.5”/ 117 lbs
  • Console: Intelligent LCD Monitor

Features & Considerations
  • Heavy flywheel: Thanks to the plated, heavy steel flywheel, momentum can be conserved better here. This additional energy will smooth out the motion of the pedals while riding and offer a more natural feel. As an extra, the flywheel here is bi-directional.
  • 7-slot Wear-resistant Belt: To ensure that the belt and the pulley have minimal contact, the belt is using a unique design featuring 7 slots. Since it has been made with aluminum, it will not be damaged so easily and also damp out any noise produced while exercising.
  • Pedals: For better grip, the pedals feature a design that uses non-slip technology, along with textures resembling grains on its surface.
  • 13” strides: The pedals have 13” human-shaped grooves, which is great for even the tallest users.
  • Resistance: 8 levels of resistance will change the workout intensity accordingly, and can be accomplished using the adjustment knob found on the central frame.
  • Seat: 4 -way the adjustable seat is ideal for bicycling and standing workout positions. They are large and feature sufficient cushioning to keep you comfortable.
  • Handlebars: The handles that are attached to the central frame and feature the pulse pads can be adjusted by an angle of 120 degrees. This will help you lean more onto the frame and pedal harder.
  • Console: Using the LCD monitor of the console, you can keep track of performance metrics like the number of calories burnt, distance traveled, the time elapsed, and your pulse. The SCAN mode will display all this data sequentially.

Some Weaknesses
  • Not ideal for advanced users, as the resistance level is only 8 here.

At 117 lbs, you can move the ER KANG Elliptical Trainer to any corner of your home thanks to the convenient transport wheels. For assembly, make sure that you contact the manufacturer for a video manual, as the hardcopy of the printed manual may be incomplete.

It may take you some time to get adjusted to the elliptical mode here. You may even experience wobbling or shaking. You should be using the adjustment knob just above the flywheel to adjust the height, and another knob just under your saddle can shift the seat horizontally. This can be used in conjunction with the adjustable handlebars that have the pulse grips on them. These sensors are perfect for workouts that target heart zones. You can move these all the way by 120 degrees. Even though the pedals have 13” human feet shaped grooves for your feet, this is a feature that varies from person to person. Straps are greatly missed on the pedals, despite the sufficient grip. However, you are engaging more muscles in your legs as you can pedal bi-directionally. Equipped with a phone/pad holder above the console, this trainer can mimic the intensity offered on treadmills and help you in the recovery from knee/hip surgery.

ER KANG Elliptical Machine Trainer

ER KANG Elliptical Machine Trainer

7. XTERRA EU150: Hybrid ellipticals ideal for whole body workout; offers range of workout programs

XTERRA Fitness EU150 bike

  • Seat: Oversized padded seat
  • Additional Features: MP3 Compatible Speakers;
  • Resistance System: Magnetic Electronic
  • Resistance Levels: 24
  • Adjustable features: Seat, Handlebars
  • Max User Weight / Height: 265 lbs. / 5’ to 6’2”
  • Heart rate monitor: Pulse grips on center handlebars
  • Dimension / Weight: 42.5″ x 24.5″ x 61.5″ / 70.5 lbs
  • Console: 3.7 inch bright blue LCD ( 23 Programs )

Features & Considerations
  • 2-in-1 design: You can use the bike to get a full body workout in the elliptical mode. With no backrest and adjustable seat- the other mode supported here is the upright position.
  • Comfort: Padded with high-density foam, the seat has a contoured design. You can adjust it both horizontally and vertically to match your height. As it is oversized, a wide range of users will feel comfortable on it.
  • Handlebars: The machine uses the longer handlebars for a full-body workout when being used as an elliptical. The fixed sets are attached to the central frame and can be held during upright mode use.
  • Console: On the 3.7” console, you can read data easily thanks to the fact that it is blue backlit. It puts up RPM, calories burnt, pulse rate, the time elapsed, distance traveled, and lets you select among the 22 workout programs that are pre-set into the machine. is equipped with two sets of handlebars, one fixed, one mobile.
  • Resistance levels: Additionally, the resistance can be varied by a tension dial. As you tune up the intensity, you can use the machine for recovery training to high-intensity workouts.
  • Stride length: The stride length used here is 13”, which has been set to ensure that the machine has an ergonomic and compact design.
  • Pedals: The surface of the pedals are using non-slip technology. To fit a range of users, they have been provided with an above-normal size so that fit is not an issue.
  • Hand Pulse Grips: These have been mounted on the handlebars to monitor your heart rate while you workout. This is helpful when you are using any of the 5 preset programs that are offered here.

Some Weaknesses
  • The stride length, even if it saves space – may not provide tall users with a full range of motion for their legs while pedaling.

Thanks to the wide range of resistance levels on the XTERRA Fitness EU150 Bike – you can easily workout at various levels of pedaling difficulty, and none of them will put your knees under any additional stress. This is perfect for a full-body, non-impact workout!

To further facilitate a full body elliptical workout – even if you are standing on the pedals here, the longer handlebar set has sufficient length grips. They are also attached to the pedal bars here. A great feature that is admirable is the seating offered here. To make up for the fact that it has no backrest, the contoured seat has improved breathability, thanks to the vertical grooves running across the seat structure. You can adjust it in 4 ways – back or forth & up or down. For entertainment during your workouts, you can use the speakers integrated into the console. You can further use the console to change the resistance levels across the 24 available. Easy to set up – a few hours dedicated to assembly should do the trick, and you do not even need to be mechanically inclined, as the instructions are very clear and straightforward. With transport wheels fitted underneath – you can move this great fitness machine with double-function capability anywhere.

XTERRA Fitness EU150 bike

XTERRA Fitness EU150 bike

8. Body Champ BRT1875: Cross trainer w/ patented design for triple mode use

Body Champ BRT1875

  • Seat: Oversized padded seat
  • Additional Features: Media holder
  • Resistance System: Manual magnetic
  • Resistance Levels: 8
  • Adjustable features: Seat, Handlebars
  • Max User Weight / Height: 250 lbs. / up to 6’ 2”
  • Heart rate monitor: Metallic pulse sensors on front fixed handlebars
  • Stride length: 11” – 13”
  • Dimension / Weight: 42” x 19” x 63” inches / 78.5 lbs
  • Console: Computer Console ( with SCAN mode )

Features & Considerations
  • Space saving design for multifunctionality: At 42” x 19” x 63”, you can set up the bike for recumbent, upright and elliptical use, without making any adjustments. This design has been patented by Body Champ.
  • Magnetic resistance: For adjusting the intensity of your workouts, you can use a tension dial that can be found on the central frame of the machine. This can be used to change the resistance across 8 levels available.
  • Versatile handlebars: The front handlebars are fixed, and attached to the display. They can be used in upright mode, and relay heart rate via the pulse sensors. The wraparound pair are fixed for recumbent mode use, while another set of static, double-action handles are present centrally, for standing elliptical use.
  • Adjustable Seat: The cushioned seat has a backrest, and can be adjusted 4 ways so that you are comfortable during your workouts.
  • Pedals: For recumbent mode use, you will be placing your feet on the elevated inner edge of the pedals. They have been added to the platforms here so that the machine can offer maximum comfort if you weigh 250 lbs and are relaxed in the reclined position.
  • Flywheel: The flywheel is magnetic, but has been encased here to ensure perfect performance and no contact during operation. Thus you can enjoy a great workout in silence, without bothering anyone else.
  • Display: The liquid crystal display here incorporates only 4 buttons, so the design is very simple. There is an extra reset button as well.
  • Space-saving: The BRT1875 mode, with the frame fully set up – has a footprint of 42″ x 19″. This makes it convenient to store.

Some Weaknesses
  • There are only 8 levels of resistance available on this bike.
  • There is no incline on this elliptical machine.
  • The stride length is 12 inches only, and may not be comfortable for tall users.
  • The base of the machine will wobble as the base is not sturdy.
  • The machine uses a lot of plastic on its frame and plastic parts are more prone to be damaged.

The Body Champ BRT1875 is a great machine to add to your home gym, as you can work out in many different ways on it. Thanks to the 3 sets of handlebars, each offers stability and has its specific functions for the workout modes they are compatible with.
With a stride length in the range 11” and 13” – you should not have much trouble using this machine in the elliptical mode even if you are 6’ 2”. A little wobbling may be felt if you are even taller, which may be owing to the base. The manual indicates that the seat and backrest have 2.5” of padding, which seems enough for a max weight capacity of 250 lbs. The seat adjustability is a great feature here. It can be adjusted to 5 upright positions that are 1” from each other. Similarly, the slider can be adjusted 3” in a forward and backward direction. Thanks to the bi-directional pedals, you can engage more muscles during pedaling.
However, the absence of preset workout programs in the console may be a bummer for you. We recommend you not to hold yourself back though. All the 3 positions can offer great cardio workouts thanks to the 20 lb magnetic flywheel and belt drive system. Equipped with a premium look, and sleek design – the realistic feel is something to marvel at here.

Body Champ BRT1875

Body Champ BRT1875

9. Body Rider BRT3980: Premium choice; compact, patented design for easy use

Body Rider BRT3980

  • Seat: Thick foam padding
  • Additional Features: Twin-motion Handlebars; Workout instruction DVD
  • Resistance System: Motorized magnetic
  • Resistance Levels: 8
  • Adjustable features: Backrest
  • Max User Weight / Height: 300 lbs. / Not available
  • Heart rate monitor: Pulse rate sensors on the grips of the handles
  • Dimension / Weight: 52″ x 25″ x 63″ / 88.1 lbs
  • Console: Basic LCD ( with 21 programs )

Features & Considerations
  • Design: The BRT3980 has a design that is patented to combine an elliptical trainer, an upright bike, and a recumbent exercise bike into a single machine that is very efficient, does not take up much space and shows immediate results.
  • Smooth transitions: As you set up this machine to the various workout modes, you do not need to make any adjustments to the pedal. This shows how much thought the manufacturer has put into its design.
  • Programs: With 21 pre-set workout programs installed into the computer display of the console here, you have access to a variety of ways to meet your fitness goals.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Through pulse grips installed on the mobile handlebars found more centrally to the frame, you can keep an eye on your pulse.
  • Adjustable seat: Both the seat and the backrest are cushioned. They can be adjusted 4 ways(both horizontally and vertically) so that the user can find the best seat position.
  • Handlebars: Static handlebars are attached to the seat frame for support while the machine is set up in the recumbent mode. When used as an elliptical trainer, you can use the mobile handles that are placed at a higher level, on the sides of the console. For upright mode use, grip the handles with the pulse sensors.
  • Variable resistance: Since the machine is using magnetic resistance that is controlled using a motor, you can easily tune up the intensity of your workout.
  • Pedals: Large pedals here come with adjustable grips so that you can be safe while pedaling and your ankles are safe.

Some Weaknesses
  • The screen is not backlit and may be difficult to read in dim lighting.
  • The 15” stride length may not be to your liking if you are above 6’.

Thanks to the instructions that were provided along with the delivered product, Body Rider BRT3980 may take between two and three hours to get it assembled for use. Among the various models available, this is an excellent option to get multiple workouts from the comfort of your home and provides great value. From the word go, you will be impressed by this trainer – thanks to the step-through frame design that makes it easy to get on/off the bike. Additionally, since you can make vertical adjustments to the seat height between 20” & 34” without getting off the seat. The pedals will not need to be repositioned too.

At 63″ x 25″ 52″, the steel frame of the BRT3980 can easily support 305 lbs. With a 24 1/4″ and 17 1/2″ seat, the fact that the backrest is cushioned too will ensure maximum comfort for you. (H) x 25″ (W) 52″ (D). The 3 handlebar sets are all filled with foam, and each can be used for all of the 3 separate workout modes. With 17 preset programs on the console, you can find several that use your heart rate as a guideline, a wattmeter program etc. You can customize an additional 4 workout programs. The console needs AC POWER to operate. A great feature here is you can adjust the resistance of this machine by simply pressing the up/down button on the console, which is very convenient. Overall, the Body Rider BRT3980 is a great flexible elliptical trainer that is offering a wide array of excellent features.

Body Rider BRT3980

Body Rider BRT3980

Buying Guide: Elliptical Cross Trainer & Exercise Bike

Types of Elliptical cross trainers

We have explored different types of cross trainers below:

  • Front-drive cross trainer – On front-drive cross trainers, the flywheel can be found at the front, in front of the pedals. These can easily fit in your home or apartment, and help you save a lot of space. The center of gravity of these machines is lined up with the location of the console, and thus users find it easier to balance themselves. As you step on the strides, you will get the feeling of climbing upstairs.
  • Rear-drive cross trainer – The flywheels are placed after the pedals here. They tend to weigh more than front-drive cross trainers, and usually have adjustable stride lengths to accommodate users with different heights & choices. As you use such trainers, you get the feel of walking or jogging.
  • Center-drive cross trainer – They have a design that is similar to that of treadmills, with the peals replacing the track. Usually, they offer low-impact workouts that are easy on your knees. With a compact design, you would however need to pay some attention to how far your pedals are reaching to the back
  • 2-in-1 elliptical cross trainers & exercise bike – These trainers usually have a dual purpose. Also known as “Hybrid trainers” – you can transform your exercise unit from an elliptical trainer to a recumbent bike or upright bike just by making a few adjustments. Thanks to this stunning versatility of these machines – you can engage in cross-training on a single machine. As you are seated, the cross trainer will replicate the traditional bike or upright bike feeling. As you change up the position of the seat, you are setting it up for recumbent mode use.

1. Seat

Adjustable seats are a must whenever you are selecting a 2-in-1 elliptical cross trainer & exercise bike. You should be able to make adjustments to your seat both vertically and horizontally. As you are bringing down the seat height vertically – the trainer will transform into an exercise bike. Some models are offering the option to recline the backrest independent of the saddle on them. Both of them should have an ergonomic design to offer the best lumbar support and have a contoured shape. For 2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer & exercise bikes that do not have any backrest – check the seat for features like grooves to make it more breathable, and of course their size.

2. Pedals

This is another crucial feature on 2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer & exercise bikes. Some models offer 2 separate pairs to be used in recumbent, upright, and elliptical mode. However, many manufacturers also modify the design so that the single pair can be adjusted for all the sitting positions. You should look closely at the size of the platforms, as oversized pedals can accommodate your whole family, proving to be a great buy. They also feature adjustable straps on them for the best possible fit. For sufficient grip, pedal platforms incorporate textures of several types on the. A few products have grooves that are shaped like human feet as well.

Some pedals can be pedaled backward as well, which will work on your hamstrings. Even if the motion may not be comfortable at first, you are sure to get used to it soon.

3. Weight Capacity

Manufacturers provide a weight capacity guide, to give an approximation of the amount of weight the machine can handle easily. Machines that can support larger user weights, tend to be more robust in build. However, the build of some trainers is such that even if you go over the weight limit, the machine may not wobble and function quite pleasantly. Check for other stability features if you are bordering on the weight limit to pick out a good quality cross trainer/exercise bike.

3. Programs

To help you stay motivated, most hybrid ellipticals have workout programs installed on them that you can use to meet your various fitness goals. They design and include a varying range of workouts such as hill climb simulations and heart rate training options that can help you stay inspired and motivated.

4. Height Range

  • Shorter Individuals (5′ 3″ or smaller) – If you are at or under 5′ 3″, an elliptical machine with a 16” to 18” stride length is a great and comfortable option for you. This range of options can be found in most entry-level trainers and a few of the more advanced 2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer & exercise bikes in the market.
  • Average-Sized Individuals (5′ 4″ to 6′) – A higher stride length is ideal if your height ranges between 5′ 4″ to 6’.
  • Taller Individuals (6′ +) – If you are anything over 6′ in height, to get a full elliptical motion in, you will want to opt for a machine that has at least a 20″ stride. While 20″ strides are scarce in the market, there are still a significant number of trainers that can offer you this capacity.

5. Stride Length

When you measure the distance between the backside of your front foot and the rear foot’s front side as you are working out on the cross-trainer. Usually, hybrid trainers are offering products with variable stride lengths and you must get the perfect stride length, especially if you are very tall or short. Longer stride length on cross trainers is known to offer a more variable motion for pedaling. This varies between 12” and 21”. To fully benefit from elliptical mode use, and to get a more realistic feel – there is, unfortunately, no substitute for a “full-size stride length”.

6. Motion handles and safety handles

Typically, these fitness machines feature static and mobile handlebars. The “safety” handlebars are fixed, and can usually be found attached to the central frame of the machine, and on the side of the frame of the seats here. Whenever you are pedaling hard, these handlebars can be used for support. Usually, these handles are fitted with pulse sensors so that you can keep track of your pulse rate that is displayed on the display monitor or the main display of the console. Some models offer the added variation to adjust these handlebars by 120 degrees or more.

The other set of handlebars can be termed as motion handles, which are moving in sequence to the pedals here. You can exercise your arms and your legs at the same time for a full-body workout. These handlebars can have their height adjusted, and are often fitted with soft ergonomic grips on their ends for comfort during use.

7. Product Weight

The stability and robustness of these 2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer & exercise bike trainer are denoted by the weight of the machine. Trainers that weigh less than 30 kg run the risk of being unstable and can be prone to moving and shaking if someone is pedaling very fast and with a lot of force. Buying a heavier bike poses no problem in transporting them as all elliptical bikes have rollers so that they can be moved easily.

8. Dimensions

2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer & exercise bikes may take up some space, but their effectiveness will be prioritized more. Usually, elliptical machines can be between four and seven feet in length, taking up quite a bit of space. There should be about 20 inches of free space on either side, enough room for you to use the pedals comfortably during exercising. Another factor to take into account is your ceiling height, especially if you want to use your basement to house the machine. Because some ellipticals have a maximum pedal height of a foot or more at the apex, if you are a tall person, there is a high chance of your head hitting the ceiling if you do not have adequate headroom. Therefore, before buying a hybrid cross trainer- make sure that you have enough room in your home to use the equipment to the best of its ability.

9. Flywheel weight

The flywheel weight in a machine is responsible for influencing the quality, comfort, and fluidity of pedaling. This weight determines the level of resistance the wheel gives when it is subjected to a speed change or acceleration. A light flywheel will not just give you an unpleasant pedaling with jerks, when you accelerate you will face very little resistance to acceleration and immediately reach your desired speed. Basically, the heavier the flywheel weight, the more resistance you will encounter when you accelerate, therefore making you put in a greater but necessary pedaling effort to achieve a certain speed. An elliptical trainer with a heavier wheel will offer you substantial comfort and fluidity in pedaling.

10. Resistance

  • As we have magnets moving close or far away from the flywheel – magnetic resistance is increased or decreased. When they are closer to each other – more current is generated to tune up the resistance and vice versa. Typically, 2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer & exercise bikes usually use a dial or a knob to vary the magnet to flywheel distance.
  • Some models are using fan resistance to tune up or down the resistance on 2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer & exercise bikes. In addition to the tension dial adjustment, as you pedal harder – you will be creating more resistance. However, the tension setting is usually low and offers low-impact workouts for users.

11. Console

The console is used to display, control, and navigate through the operations and features offered by the machine. Therefore the console must display various details regarding your workout session; in a manner that is easy to view, with straightforward information, and simple to understand. The operations should not be complicated to use, instead, it is clear and easy to understand throughout your workout period. Before making any purchase, be sure to physically step on a machine and take a quick gander at how the console functions. Navigate through the programs and keys to make sure you understand how they work and that it is comfortable to use.

12. Heart-Rate monitor

For a solid cardio workout, hybrid ellipticals are the perfect fit. Therefore the heart rate monitors designed into the machines are always of great help, making sure to keep you on track. Built-in programs within these machines have strategized schedules to guide you with the right exercise plan based on your heart rate. These machines either have a heart monitor built into the handlebars or come with a chest strap that connects to a receiver in the display panel. The pulse grip sensors in the handlebars which monitor heart rate are usually found in models that have a lower price range. Wireless heart rate monitors used with a chest strap come with the higher end models and can present you with more accurate data and logistics.

13. Floor Matting

2-in-1 elliptical cross trainers & exercise bikes, or hybrid cross trainers are known for their heavy-duty performance and effectiveness. As these machines can sometimes weigh up to several hundred pounds, placing them on an elliptical mat helps to evenly distribute the weight alongside protecting any floor it’s sitting on-be it the gym or at home. The mat also prevents carpet fibers and dust from damaging parts of the machine.

14. Safety Features

The primary safety feature essential for any good machine is its stability. Using a wobbly machine poses the danger of its structural integrity failing or losing balance and falling over if you are going through a hard-hitting workout. Before any purchase, make sure that the front and side rails are sturdy, well-built, and most importantly strong enough to help you support and maintain balance if you need them to. Most machines are designed to stop automatically if there are no motions taking place for its use; still, there are some models that integrate a safety pin feature in the machine, preventing the pedals from moving when it is not being used.

15. Additional Features

If your machine comes with features compatible with iPods or MP3s, included speakers will enable you to listen to your favorite music or workout playlist just by connecting your audio device with the console. Tracking and monitoring your long-term fitness goals and progress could not get easier with features like the Nike + iPod workout tracking. This allows you to upload online data from every workout session, keeping them easily accessible for your convenience. Last but not the least, if you want provisions that will keep you going, workout fans are perfect for providing that added level of comfort.

F. A. Q.s

Q1. Is a cross trainer or exercise bike better for weight loss?

Ans.: Both these machines can help you with weight loss. You are in a seated position on an exercise bike, and the level of engagement of your upper body is minimum during a workout session. While a cross trainer, you will need to stand up. A more upright position will need to be maintained, which requires you to maintain your body balance and use muscle coordination constantly. So generally, we can conclude that on a cross-trainer, you are working out more than 3/4th of your body muscles. This means you will be burning more calories while putting in a similar effort to an exercise bike. So, even though both these bikes operate differently and do not impact your body in the same way – as they serve different purposes, it would be wrong for us to conclude one is superior to the other in all aspects.

Q2. Is an elliptical the same as a cross-trainer?

Ans.: These are both elliptical machines, with cross trainers being the higher-up model. Typically, they are both elliptical machines, only that cross trainers come with some added elliptical features. The key difference is cross trainers are working on the whole body. As the bars move, it engages the arms which strengthen it thanks to the push and pull motion. The core is being involved too which helps to burn more calories.

Both standard and cross-trainers need to extend the knees and hips for use. This works out the muscles in the thigh and buttocks too. Typically, cross-trainers target the abdominal region, biceps, chest, and triceps in addition to the hamstring, lower shin, calves, glutes, and quads.

Q3. How long should I workout on an elliptical?

Ans.: Typically, exercising 5 days a week is enough for elliptical trainers. You can obviously go over this number. In terms of exercising daily, 10 minutes is enough to keep yourself fit and healthy. As quoted by Doctor Len Kravitz, elliptical trainers can help to burn 8 to 9 calories in a minute. This is to produce the same effect as running for 11.5 minutes. 12 to 20 miles of walking and jogging in an elliptical machine can reap great benefits. Exercising 5 days a week will need you to put in between half an hour and an hour in a single session to run one mile. 3 days of exercise will need you to put in between an hour to an hour and thirty minutes.

Q4. Does a cross-trainer tone arms?

Ans.: Elliptical trainers will allow users to work out the muscles in the upper body. As you vary the exercise regime, other muscles in the body can be worked on. The biceps can be engaged more as the handles are pulled further while pedaling. As the handlebars are pushed actively, the triceps are targeted.

Q5. Are 30 minutes on the elliptical enough?

Ans.: To figure you the number of calories burnt on elliptical machines, it is important to input your body weight before your workout; otherwise, the machine usually defaults to calculating calories for an “average” 150-pound person. If you weigh less than that, the calorie burn noted on the machine will be an overestimate. Keep in mind that these numbers are estimates and can vary by the elliptical manufacturer; without being measured in a lab, you won’t know the exact number of calories burned. “According to the Harvard Medical School, you burn approximately 2.16 calories for every pound of body weight during 30 minutes of elliptical use”. Therefore, if you are weighing 160-pounds – if you are spending 30 minutes on an elliptical bike, you can burn about 345 calories.

Q6. How much stride length should an elliptical have?

Ans.: Stride length is very much important for cross-training. If the stride lengths are too much then you might feel like leaping where short strides might give you back pain. A proper stride height for an average person should be between 15-20 inches. Adjustable stride length is more preferred.

Q7. Which is the best resistance drive system for an elliptical?

Ans.: Magnetic resistance drive is the best drive mechanism for an elliptical. Magnetic drive makes your resistance very much accurate and smooth. It also decreases annoying noises and lets you enjoy a sound and beautiful workout.

Q8. How much space do you need for a cross-trainer?

Ans.: The average cross trainer will take up the same amount of space in your home gym that a treadmill would. In other words, expect a length of around 1.2 meters to just over 2 meters. Some cross trainers fold up when they’re not in use, and could be a good option for a busy room. To keep yourself safe when using the equipment, clear some space on either side of you and behind the cross-trainer. We recommend leaving double the width of your cross-trainer and leaving at least 1 meter behind you. Finally, if you have low ceilings in places, position your cross trainer with care. Like the pedals on your cross trainer turn, you’ll rise higher. Make sure you’re leaving enough room above your equipment.


From what we understand, exercise bikes can help build up your stamina and improve your overall health. On the other hand, elliptical cross trainers are offering similar benefits, with the exception that you can use them to get a workout for your full body. Typically, as you are making adjustments to the seat height on your elliptical cross trainer – you are setting it up to be used as an upright bike or a recumbent bike. There are a few models listed in our article that offer workouts in all three positions – elliptical, upright stationary, and recumbent. The perfect choice for you, however, will always be dependent on your fitness goals. All the products that we have mentioned in our article can be a great buy for you, and we urge you to keep an eye on our buying guide for any different model. Since you no longer have to buy two separate machines – of course, 2 in 1 elliptical cross trainer & exercise bikes are the budget option. We want to thank you for taking the time to go through this article. Happy training and all the best!

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