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Why is Aluminum the Most Popular Bike Frame?

Aluminum bike frame is some of the most popular in the world all over. You will, however, be shocked to learn that there was a time that these frames almost went extinct in the 80s. The frames were left to regular bikes with the introduction of high-performance steel and carbon fiber. There were a few designers that still believed in the frame and kept on the path. It was not until in the recent years that aluminum has hit the market with a bang causing the carbon and steel makes to bend their will to creating the same frames for the demanding market. The bounce back was of course due to the qualities that aluminum resented when it came to all forms of Frames and bikes. There are many road bikes in the market ranging from mountain bikes to high-end race bikes as well as a few in between. The purposes will also vary from touring, racing, running errands around the neighborhood as well as hitting mountainous terrain. The ability of a frame to multi-task is what makes it a force to reckon with. The only way to gauge bikes is from their performance when it comes to speed on all and any terrain. This may not be exactly the case when it comes to frames because different designs will outdo each other despite the kind of frame installed. It is, however, the only way to gauge bikes. Here some qualities that aluminum comes with that have made the bike what it is.


aluminum bicycle frame is more strength

Steel frames will easily compete with aluminum for this positions. Steel frames have now become one of the most commonly sued bike frames thanks to its brute strength. Aluminum competes very well on one front. Steel does not handle very well when it comes to impact. Its strength is mostly of pressure and weight but will not take sudden force with class. Aluminum, on the other hand, is able to take this kind of force and remain as stable as ever. It is also very possible to find dents on steel frames which can only lead to disposal. Aluminum will not dent easily which is a phenomenon it gladly carries. Despite the fact that it is a light and rigid material, it takes to pursue and sudden force very gracefully. This is one of the reasons why it has become popular with mountain bikes.

Low cost

In as much as carbon fiber is the dream frame, it is also one of the most expensive ventures for any biker. Steel is also as expensive though not as much as carbon fiber and titanium. The most unpleasant fact of these frames is that they will not necessarily make a bike faster. There are carbon fiber bikes that are slower than steel bikes. Aluminum comes as the lowest priced material yet the most versatile of the all. The low cost allows one to get a cheap bike that will outperform more exotic frames. Aluminum frames are easy to work with besides the material being readily available. There are many bike designers engaged in the making of high-end aluminum frames yet maintaining reasonable cost while providing some of the most high-end road bikes in the world.


aluminum bicycle frame are durable

Durability is all about the ability of a bike frame to endure a beating and still come out strong. Titanium and carbon fiber will take on aluminum on this pretty well though costing an arm and a leg. Titanium is more of a decorative feature with all the qualities yet unreasonably priced. Steel will dent easily as well as buckle under pressure while aluminum will maintain its shape and integrity all through use. It is because of this very same reason that aluminum is used in aeronautical engineering. Carbon fiber is as durable though costly for you to enjoy the same benefits as those of aluminum.

Geometrical flexibility

aluminum bicycle frame are more geometrically flexible

One of the most important factors of any road bike frame material is geometrical flexibility. This just means the ability of the metal to be designed into different shapes and welded into various forms without losing its integrity. Steel will more often than not remain in the tube shape for it to maintain its structural abilities. Aluminum and carbon fiber are the most flexible of materials, again aluminum offering this quality cheaply. Most designers prefer aluminum when going all out in designs. The metal maintains its structural integrity even in the most intricate of shapes.

High performance

aluminum bicycle frame are high performance

Most high-end road bikes will come with aluminum frames. The fact that the material is light while offering strength and low costs makes it an ideal option for most. Road biking beginners looking for the best performing bikes that are well designed as well as cheap in nature will go for these frames. The reason also is because the frames are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. Aluminum not only enhances the speed of the bike but allows you to last longer with your investment on the competitive field.


aluminum bicycle frame are non-corrosive

This is a quality that beats steel hands down. Steel has to be powder coated as well as treated for it to be corrosive free. Aluminum is corrosive free and does not need any additive for this quality to be enhanced. This increases the ability to last longer in all weather. Carbon fiber and titanium will offer the same qualities at higher prices.


It is evident that aluminum remains the best material no wonder it is so popular. It is a safe place to land if you have a limited budget but looking for a high-performance bike. Most companies that had snubbed aluminum frames have to come back to the option so as to compete in the market with these frames. Carbon fiber is closely matching up to aluminum in pricing nowadays thanks to the fact that the composition can be manipulated to a lower grade. These efforts have not however deterred the masses from working with the most versatile frame material of all time.

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