Bell Falcon MIPS Road Helmet Review [Superb & Allrounder]

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We have tested the Bell Falcon MIPS Road Bike Helmet for a long time in different weather conditions. Here is our review.

Our Verdict: Sweatproof, airy, and ventilating. With its superb protection features, luxurious fit, and wind-cheating aero-dynamicity, this adult road bike helmet offers protection, comfort, and enhanced cycling performance at a budget price. Overall it’s an excellent helmet in this price range.

9.4 Total Score

An allrounder and superb bike helmet

Build Quality
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Bell Falcon MIPS Adult Bike Helmet - Stride Matte/Gloss White/Smoke - Small (52–56 cm)

General features at a glance

  • Size: 65 cm
  • Ventilation capacity: 18 vents
  • Shell Material: Fusion in-mold polycarbonate
  • Weight: 297 gm
  • Cage Fit system: Float fit with MIPS protection
  • Certifications: follows the US CPSC standard
  • Use for: Road cycling and commuting
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Reflectivity: Rear reflective strip
  • Inside Material: EPS
  • Available Colors: Matte Gloss Black -19, Matte Gloss Retina Sear Black, White Silver-19, Green-Black-MY19, Red-Slate Sand-MY-19, Slate-Coal-Oran MY19, Red-Blk-Gray MY19
  • Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

  • Extraordinary ventilation
  • Clean Aerodynamics
  • Float Fit
  • MIPS equipped rotational energy management
  • Deluxe and comfortable fit
  • Lightweight internal polycarbonate roll cage
  • No-Twist Tri-Glides
  • Detailed and Sophisticated Design

  • The buckle is a bit hassle to release
  • Production date

Is it a winner helmet?

Yes, no doubt in that. The Bell helmet has attracted our attention mainly due to its special care for users’ comfort experience and also for the precision with which it has been structured and designed. It successfully ticks all the boxes: good quality, good fit, budget price, and pretty attractive. It fulfills all the requirements of a superb and comfortable bike helmet. The MIPS technology incorporated in the helmet lessens the impact of rotational forces on the brain, minimizing the risks of brain wounds and injuries. The well-developed energy management and MIPS protection have been integrated with a super flexible Float Fit Retention system. Lastly, the ingenious sweat soaking pad works like a cherry on the top, transforming the helmet into a cool, well ventilated, aerodynamic, and gorgeous head protection. Last but not the least, all these extraordinary features will be found at an affordable price, so why not buy them?
Okay, no product is free from flaws, but it is the number of flaws that help us determine which product is the best. We have observed while using the helmet that fastening and loosening its buckles is a bit inconvenient. It is especially difficult for people with long fingers.
Overall, keep no reservations that this helmet is the best buy in this price range.

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Features that make it an all-rounder helmet

  1. Extraordinary Ventilation: This helmet is extremely well ventilating. The generous number of 18 vents creates ample opportunity for airflow around your head, keeping your head smug, cool, and comfortable. The vents work together very well and assist airflow during hotter bike rides. Based on our experience, we can say that the helmet has great ventilating capacity even at 30 degrees C temperature or above.
  2. Clean Aerodynamics: Its sleek design and lightweight structure account for its decent aerodynamics. Though comfort and ventilation capacity are its major selling points, this compact lid’s wind-cheating aero-dynamicity allows maximum airflow and enhances your cycling performance.
  3. Float Fit: Its fit system has a compact footprint and is of minimalistic nature. Rubber molded smooth and easily turnable dial have been incorporated for quick adjustments.
  4. Superior Protection System: The Multidirectional Impact Protection System (MIPS) offers extra protection to your brain. It is designed to reduce rotational forces produced from certain impacts.
  5. Deluxe and Comfortable Fit: The float fit system is lightweight with rubber adjustments. The rear reflective strips are kept flat and properly positioned with fast adjustable fasteners. Any moisture or sweat is dried in the sweat guide pad to ensure a dry and cozy feeling.
  6. Lightweight Internal Polycarbonate Roll Cage: Its lightweight roll cage made of polycarbonate accounts for its sturdy and floaty structure.
  7. No-Twist Tri-Glides: Its fasteners are easily adjustable, so the straps can be kept in the due and proper position.
  8. Detailed and Sophisticated Design: Its meticulously detailed design structure and refined aesthetic look will be a treat to your eyes. This particular helmet is truly impeccable. Sleek, comfy, and stylish, what more can one want from a bike helmet?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it worth getting a MIPS helmet?

Ans.: The head can move for 10-15 mm in every direction due to the presence of MIPS reduced friction layer. Hence the rotational motion to the brain is reduced. Thus, we think getting a MIPS helmet is totally worth it.

Q2. Do I really need MIPS?

Ans.: The inclusion of MIPS is not a substitute for regular safety standards. It is also not a government-imposed safety feature. It is an extra feature. Yes, MIPS is an essential feature. But the helmets must be approved by CPSC ( Consumer Products Safety Commission) if it is to be sold in the US. CPSC approval means that heavy impacts can be absorbed by the helmet.

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Q3. How much does a good bike helmet cost?

Ans.: Although the price of a helmet maybe even $25, if you want a really good helmet, you will have to spend some more. Based on your preferences and features, the price of a good helmet may be in the range of $75-$150. The best helmets may even be more priced, near about $150-$250.

Conclusion: Overall a superb allrounder helmet

This helmet has a low price, superb quality and comfort features, decent aerodynamics, and extraordinary ventilation, making it an all-rounder helmet. The improved energy management and MIPS protection system combined with the width and height-adjustable Float fit system creates a deluxe and comfortable cycling experience. Its sweat guide attached with a superbly comfortable liner helps to keep you cool, dry, and sweat-free. Overall, it’s a great buy at a decent price.

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