Benefits of cycling vs running/jogging

Last updated on April 17th, 2018

Cycling and running both of them are great exercises for our body. So, it doesn’t possible to define which one is the best. Because in some condition running is the best and sometimes cycling is the best.

For example, in the flat ground cycling is just a simple aerobic exercise, but jogging or running is very a vigorous exercise in this condition.

For muscle building, cycling is a great exercise, but jogging or running is not effective for this condition.

The US Mayo Clinic found that a leisurely bike ride below 10 miles an hour (mph) burned 292 calories. Running at 5 mph burned 606 calories. So, in this case (burning Calories) running is better than cycling.

Running and Cycling both exercises can reduce the hunger hormone levels equally.

Generally, cycling is a great exercise for the people whose have very short time for exercise to keep their body fit.

Both cycling and running are great exercises. Both of them can keep out body fit and healthy.


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