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Bern Berkeley vs. Brentwood (Comparison & Review Nov, 2020)

Helmets can be referred to as the most important part of safe cycling and they simply make sense every time you ride. They will protect your head against impact by reducing the energy transferred to the brain. However, you should always look to replace your helmet after a major impact even if there are not any visible damages to it. All helmets in the U.S. must meet the same standard for impact protection, which is essential when you are selecting the best gear for your head. Also, you should make sure that the helmet fits properly over your head and is compatible with the activities that you usually do. In this article, we have selected two best selling helmets from the manufacturer BERN – the Bern Unlimited Berkeley Summer Helmet & Bern Brentwood 2.0 Helmet to compare their features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Bern Berkeley

Bern Berkeley

Bern Berkeley Size Guide

This ladies’ helmet from Bern is the perfect mixture of functionality and style that women are looking for in their helmets. Being superlight, the helmet has a distinctive low profile look that offers the best protection for their heads. The Zip Mold foam and PVC shell combine to protect their brains in the case of a crash. Moreover, you can easily attach a liner to the helmet for riding safely in all weather conditions. You can use the new flip visor in this half-shell helmet for full protection from debris or sunlight. This can also be tucked away easily for complete peripheral vision when you need it. The Bern Berkely has one of the smallest helmet profiles that is specially designed to fit the head of women and is offered in a variety of eye-catching colors.
Compatible for several cycling activities – this helmet is adjustable using a Crank Fit dial located at the back of the helmet. The Sink Fit technology used on this helmet makes sure that the helmet will not wobble when you put on. This combines with the Chin line technology for an ergonomic fit around the head of the user. There are 11 vents to facilitate ample ventilation and two lateral guides to hold the goggles in place. Whether being used for commuting or being used for any outdoor activity – the helmet meets a range of safety standards to boost its versatility. Therefore, it is a top seller helmet for women.

What are the advantages of using a Bern Berkley helmet?

  • Perfect for women

This helmet is available in many sizes such as XS-S (52-55.5 cm) & M-L (55.5-59 cm) to adjust the shapes of different head circumferences. Another great feature is the adjustable headband, which is ideal for some individuals as it can help the helmet to adjust at the exact upper or lower positions.

  • Construction

The Bern Berkeley Bike Helmet incorporates their patented Zip mold liquid injected foam to ensure this helmet gets an extremely low profile. Zip Mold+ is tapered, thin, and extremely light. It can offer a high “strength-to-weight” ratio than in-mold construction, which is used in many typical bike helmets. 11 passive air vents are positioned to channel airflow from the front of the helmet to the back so that the helmet stays fresh. This also helps to reduce sweat. A knit liner can be added in winter to keep the head warm or taken off easily in summer.

  • Perfect Fit

The Bern Berkeley Bike Helmet features the Bern Crank Fit system that will allow the user to loosen or tighten their helmet on the go via a dial located at the back of the helmet. This fit system facilitates micro-adjustability and a customized helmet fit. The Chin Line technology has been used to separate the top of the shell from the sides so that the helmet fits ergonomically around the user’s head rather than sitting on top.

  • Flip Visor

The helmet uses a soft peak visor that can be easily put up or down for the perfect view of surroundings and optimum protection from debris and sunlight.

  • Versatility

The helmet meets all the safety standards and can be used for commuting. It is also ideal for non-motorized sports such as skiing, snowboarding, cycling, and skateboarding. The EPS hard foam is compliant with snow, ski standards like  2040 ASTM F 2040, 1077B EN. Bike, skate standards like CPSC & 1078 EN are also met.

What are the disadvantages of Bern Berkley?

  • Color option

Despite being offered in feminine colors, there are only two options that seem to restrict choice. Also, the interchangeable liner comes in white color only.

  • Bern Sizing Runs Small

When trying out Bern helmets, remember that they run on the smaller side due to their more rounded shapes. So you should reconsider buying this helmet if your head measurement is either in the middle or end of the size range.

Bern Brentwood 2.0

Bern Brentwood 2.0

Bern Brentwood 2.0 Size Chart

The Brentwood 2.0 from Bern is a classic urban helmet that can be used for commuting and riding around the town with your friends. Designed especially for men – the helmet utilizes Zipmold+ shell technology and has MIPS to protect against angled crashes. Offered in 3 shell sizes for the best fit on a wide array of head sizes for men. The helmet meets safety standards that allow it to be used for bike and snow sports as well. Its patented soft visor will protect from the sun and keep dirt, debris away for the best protection of your eyes. Thanks to its compatible liners made for both summer and winter, the Brentwood 2.0 can be used all year round. The removable lining certainly makes the Brentwood Zip Mold helmet a great option. Despite being lightweight, the brand is known for its technology that provides serious protection without sacrificing comfort. The Brentwood meets the CPSC safety standard, which is the newest American safety standard for bicycling and skating. It also meets the CE EN 1077-96, which is a European standard that has performed numerous tests on these helmets to ensure they function as they were designed. This certification also indicates they exceed the minimum standards for snow sports. A part of these standards also includes that when heavy objects hit them they should not be damaged.

Additionally, the helmet can be integrated with a custom bike light called Quickmount Asteroid, which a great feature of this best-selling helmet. The Brentwood 2.0 is available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. Offered in 3 sizes – Small to Large – it is available in a wide array of colours.

What are the advantages of using a Bern Brentwood 2.0 helmet?

  • MIPS Protection

Multi-directional Impact Protection System, or MIPS – reduces the impact of angled forces on the helmet structure in case of a crash. You will find a system inside the helmet that is using a slip-plane. This plane replicates the protection system of the human brain itself – bringing down the magnitude of energy transferred to the internal structure.

  • Zipmold+ Construction

In this method of helmet construction, a liquid foam is injected  – which eventually forms a high-strength foam, but weighs very less on the weighing scale.

  • Fit

The Brentwood 2.0 uses an EZ fit elastic retention system that can be auto-adjusted over the head of the user. You can use this to get a comfortable and secure helmet fit.

  • Bike Light Compatible

This model works seamlessly with the Quickmount Asteroid bike light. This is a micro-USB bike light that is rechargeable and can be fastened to the two-hole mount located on the rear of the helmet’s shell.

  • Design

The Brentwood 2.0 has been equipped with a patented visor that can be flipped up and can be removed too. It will protect against rain, debris, sun etc. 13 vents have been strategically placed all over the helmet structure to facilitate ventilation. The liner can be attached/removed – making it ideal for all season use.

What are the disadvantages of Bern Brentwood 2.0?

  • Less Aerodynamic

The shape of the Bern Brentwood 2.0 is more rounded than traditional bike helmets, that makes it less aerodynamic.

  • Sizing

The removable padding will make the space inside smaller and you should keep this mind to size up during your purchase. The rounded helmet profiles of BERN helmets is the reason for this.

  • Less Breathable

The helmet lacks the breathability of a traditional bike helmet. Although there are 13 air vents, the liner will make your face sweat even in winter.

To summarise what we have discussed in this article, we have provided a small chart below that includes some of the major differences between these two helmets.

FeaturesBern Unlimited Berkeley Summer Helmet with VisorBERN, Brentwood 2.0 Helmet with Visor
Weight380 g ( Size XS - S)345 g ( Size S )
SizeXS-S: 52-55.5 cm
M-L: 55.5-59 cm
S: 52 - 55.5cm
M: 55.5 - 59cm
L: 59 - 62cm
ConstructionPVC microshell aligned with Zip Mold liquid injected foamPVC microshelll aligned with Zip Mold liquid injected foam
Adjustment systemSink FitEZ Fit
Additional FeaturesQuickmount Light Compatible, MIPS
UseRecreational Cycling, Urban RidingRecreational Cycling


Depending on your goals, both helmets can be quite effective. Hence, they were designed for their respective genders. Bern Berkeley has been designed especially for women, while the Brentwood is a best seller helmet for men. However, both models feature the distinctive shape from Bern – low profile and rounded. They both offer a perfect mix of comfort, functionality, and style within a considerable budget. You just have to make sure to measure your head first to get the correct size. To get the perfect size for your helmet, you should begin by getting the measurement of the circumference of your head. Go one inch above your eyebrows and now get the total measurement for your head. Remember, a good fit is vital because an ill-fitting can diminish the whole purpose of putting the helmet in the first place.

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