10 Best Elliptical Machine for Home 2021 [All Save Huge Space]

Elliptical machines are by far the “go-to” fitness machine intended for home use – thanks to their high-quality performance for a range of users. Otherwise known as “cross-trainers” in many circles – ellipticals will engage both your legs and your arms so that you can get a workout for your whole body. Another advantage when using ellipticals is that even though you can enjoy a low-impact cardio session – no additional stress or pressure will be exerted on your body joints or your knees.

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Our Top Pick(s)

When you are looking to settle for the best elliptical machine for your home – you will need to look at quite a several factors to help you make up your mind. Two machines are never the same, and neither will be the purpose you are looking to use an elliptical for. As there are so many models and manufacturers in the market – you can easily get overwhelmed. This is where we come to your aid.

We decided to build up a list of the finest elliptical machine for usage at home and put them to test. After a vigorous analysis & testing phase, we handpicked some of the machines and have reviewed them in this article. Amongst all of them, after unbiased judgment – “ProForm Elliptical PFEL57920” has taken the top spot in our list, and is, therefore, our “overall best choice”.

ProForm Elliptical PFEL57920

Console featuring QuickSpeed buttons; Bluetooth compatible | Overall Best Choice

As you use the ProForm Elliptical PFEL57920, you will be able to turn your workout space into a gym class, where you can work out with your friends or gym-buddies – under the coaching of a “virtual” trainer, using the iFit app. This “coach” can vary the intensity of your workout digitally to engage you in exercise to get rid of your calories. With a flywheel that weighs 20 lb & noiseless magnetic resistance, even though the iFit app can take you on terrains that replicate real-life scenarios – your workout will be both smooth and silent. A 6” liquid crystal display screen will put up important performance metrics that will help you keep on track with your fitness goals. A ramp that can be adjusted by 20 degrees, and a 19” stride length – this is an elliptical that can be used by your whole family. Gripped handlebars, cushioned pedals, and a built-in fan will ensure you are very comfortable as you use this elliptical machine which is our overall best choice.

  • iFit Personal Training compatible
  • 6” LCD; high-contrast and can be read easily
  • Power ramp adjustable by 20-degree
  • Resistance levels that can be adjusted via 20 levels
  • 325 lb weight capacity
  • EKG pulse sensor
  • Front-drive elliptical, made using solid steel of the highest quality


A quick view of our list of some of the top elliptical machine for home usage:

Elliptical Weight Capacity (lbs.) Our Ratings
ProForm PFEL5792032590
Precor EFX 83550088
Cubii Jr125087
Bowflex Max M330085
ProForm Hybrid Trainer35083
Schwinn 47030082
Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer30080
Nautilus E616 Elliptical30079
Body Rider BRD200025075
EXERPEUTIC Elliptical30073

10 best elliptical machines that you can buy today for usage at home

(L x B x H)
Weight( Lbs. )Resistance system /
Resistance Levels
Stride Length
Flywheel (lbs)Weight capacity
( lbs)
Product score
ProForm Elliptical PFEL57920ProForm Carbon EX Smart Elliptical with Adjustable Power Incline and 30-Day All-Access iFit Membership68.5" x 25" x 67.75" 194Magnetic / 2019”2032590
Precor EFX 835Precor EFX 835 Commercial Series Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer80” x 32” x 68” 412Eddy-current system / 221”Not Available50088
Cubii JR1Cubii JR1 Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine for Home Workout, Mini Elliptical, Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser, Whisper Quiet, Under Desk Pedal Exerciser w/Adjustable Resistance & LCD Display - Aqua23.15” x 17.56” x 10” 2Adjustable magnetic / 8Not AvailableNot Available25087
Bowflex Max M3 TrainerBowflex M3 Max Trainer, Black49" x 26" x 64.7" 143Air resistance with magnetic resistance / 8Not AvailableMetallic30085
ProForm Hybrid TrainerProForm Hybrid Trainer37” x 20” x 60” 117Magnetic / 1615″13 lbs; inertia enhanced35083
Schwinn 470SCHWINN 470 Elliptical Machine70.1" x 28.2"x 63.2" 164Electronically Adjustable / 2620”20 lb30082
Nautilus E614Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer71.5" x 26.7" x 63.2" 167.3Manual / 2520”Perimeter weighted30080
Nautilus E616Nautilus Elliptical Series71.5" x 26.7" x 63.2" 173Manual / 2520”Perimeter weighted30079
Body Rider BRD2000Body Rider Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike with Seat and Easy Computer / Dual Trainer 2 in 1 Cardio Home Office Fitness Workout Machine BRD200048” x 28.5” x 59.5” 66Fan Dial Resistance / 1612”Not Available25075
Exerpeutic EllipticalExerpeutic 1000XL Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical54” x 23” x 63” 76Magnetic / 813”Balanced30073

1. ProForm PFEL57920 elliptical

Console featuring QuickSpeed buttons; Bluetooth compatible | Overall Best Choice

ProForm Elliptical PFEL57920
  • Resistance System: Magnetic Resistance
  • Resistance Levels: 20
  • Flywheel weight: 20 lb
  • Pedals: Adjustable, Oversized Cushion
  • Handles: Soft Touch
  • Max User Weight: 325 lbs.
  • Stride Length: 19” (Adjustable)
  • Ramp: 20” power-adjustable
  • Heart rate monitor: EKG Grip Pulse
  • Dimension / Weight: 68.5″ H x 25″ W x 67.75″ L inches / 194 lbs
  • Console: Easy-to-read 6” high-contrast

Features & Considerations
  • 20 Lb. Flywheel: A flywheel of weight 20 lb will allow you to enjoy pedal strokes that are steady and smooth. You will feel that the striding motion is more natural thanks to the distribution of weight and gear ratio that is swifter.
  • 20° Adjustable Ramp: As you adjust the incline of the ramp steadily up to 20 degrees, you can concentrate to build particular muscles of your body.
  • 19” Stride Length: The stride length of 19” is enough for all members of your family to use the machine.
  • 20 Digital Resistance Levels: The resistance levels go up to 20, where the intensity increases as you go up.
  • SMR: This is a patented feature from ProForm, that will keep your workout noiseless, smooth, and free from disruption.
  • Adjustable Pedals: The oversized pedals can be angle adjusted so that no matter your feet size, you can target various muscles and work on them.
  • Soft Touch™ Grips: These handlebars will allow you to use your arms so that you can enjoy a workout with lower impact, for your whole body.

Some Weaknesses
  • The EKG sensor reading is not that accurate.

The ProForm Carbon EX will allow you to get started as soon as you set it up. Connecting to the elliptical via Bluetooth, both resistance and ramp incline can be adjusted via your phone and your tablet. A fan that has been built-in and is adjustable by two fan speeds using the Quick console.

Adjustable by 20 degrees, the power ramp can target various body muscles as you vary the workout intensity through 20 resistance levels. A 19” stride length is enough for most users as well. You can monitor your heart rate on the 6” display, which is relayed via the EKG grip sensors. A holder for your water bottle and 2-inch dual built-in speakers will make sure you do not have to get off this machine in a hurry. Even if you are at 325 pounds, the fact that the machine has been constructed from solid steel and oversized leveling feet – will exhibit how stable the machine is.


ProForm Elliptical PFEL57920

ProForm Elliptical PFEL57920

2. Precor EFX 835 elliptical

Elliptical for home use; open stride design

Precor EFX 835 Crosstrainer
  • Resistance System: Three-phase hybrid generator/eddy-current system
  • Resistance Levels: 20
  • Pedals: 16 X 8 inches
  • Handles: 2 sets
  • Max User Weight: 500 lbs.
  • Stride Length: Minimum 21”
  • Ramp: 13 – 40 degrees adjustable
  • Heart rate monitor: Touch and telemetry
  • Dimension / Weight: 80” x 32” x 68”/ 412 lbs
  • Console: LED with QuickStart

Features & Considerations
  • CrossRamp Technology: This feature will allow you to change the elliptical path’s height. It uses a phenomenon called “Variable Stride Geometry” to engage either all or specific groups of muscles in your lower body.
  • Ramp: Anodized aluminum ramp can be adjusted between 13 to 40 degrees here.
  • Resistance: Using the 20 levels of resistance, you can increase or decrease the tension on this elliptical.
  • Fitness Meter: LCD screens will put up your workout metrics. Additionally, you can also find a fitness meter that is compact in size.
  • Pedals: Polypropylene, anti-slip oversized pedals will add to comfort when being used. Support all around the pedal body will ensure that your feet are always on the pedal, even if you are putting in an effort.
  • Grab Handles: 2 sets of well-designed handles – one fixed and one mobile. They will allow you to engage the lower region of your body and to get a full-body workout respectively.
  • Heart rate monitor: The fixed arms have sensors that are built-in to monitor your heart rate.
  • Desk Stand: This presents a safe place to keep your phones, water bottle, etc as you work out.
  • Additional Features: You can access PVS and PEP along with the P30 console offered with this machine.

Some Weaknesses
  • The heart rate may not be very accurate.

The Precor EFX 835 is a commercial-grade trainer that will let you adjust the angle of the cross-ramp so that you can concentrate on your lower body muscles. You can use the mobile handlebars as the 15 preset programs will allow you to get a full-body workout. With a patented stride and the 20 resistance levels – anyone can use this machine.
A low perceived exertion rate is thanks to the low-impact motion running smoothly here. Therefore, even if you are exercising at high intensities, you will be comfortable here. This is because the motion of this elliptical is designed to minimize the pressure exerted on your tendons and other muscles. Precor has achieved this by making sure that your feet and the pedals are always in contact. A bi-directional flywheel and bent handles will allow you to move your arms, no matter if you are pedaling forwards or backward. The Precor EFX 835 does not need is self-powered and thus called a “green machine”. Irrespective of whether your purpose of using this machine, you will really like the running surface as it is oversized.


Precor EFX 835 Crosstrainer

Precor EFX 835 Crosstrainer

3. Cubii Jr1 elliptical

Ergonomic elliptical design; noiseless operation; can fit under a table

Cubii Jr1 Elliptical
  • Resistance System: Adjustable magnetic responsive
  • Resistance Levels: 8
  • Handles: Built-in
  • Max User Weight: 250 lbs.
  • Dimension / Weight: 23.15 x 17.56 x 10 inches / 2 lbs
    Console: Built-in monitor

Features & Considerations
  • Ergonomic design: At only 25 pounds, this 23″ x 17.5″ x 10″ can be used anywhere – your office, your home, etc.
  • Convenient Handle: On the front side of the machine, you can find a built-in handle to carry the machine with ease.
  • Noiseless operation: You will be able to multi-task thanks to the fact that this elliptical operates with no noise at all.
  • Low-impact workout: You can easily engage in cardio exercises that can help with blood circulation. To make sure that your additional stress is exerted on your knees, ankles, hips, or your back – the pedals have patented angles. This is perfect to engage in low-impact workouts.
  • Console: To keep an eye on your workouts, you can use the LCD monitor on this built-in machine.
  • 8 level Resistance: The 8 levels of magnetic resistance will change the intensity of your workouts. You can change the levels using a tension knob found on the front of the machine.
  • Use: Above your knees – 2 to 3 inches of clearance is necessary for you to be able to use this elliptical effectively.

Some Weaknesses
  • The ability to connect via Bluetooth is missing here.
  • You will have a hard time if you want to use this machine while standing.
  • A rubber mat will need to be placed under the elliptical.

Built with materials that can complement the ergonomic design the Cubii JR1 elliptical is meant to last you a long time. You can glide your feet on the pedals at the lowest resistance level, and this can go up to level 8. With a low profile, you can use this elliptical under the lowest of desks. Therefore it is perfect for the low-impact workout for your lower body region.

An in-built monitor will track various data as you exercise. A very stable base will keep this machine fixed on the ground, even when you are riding hard on the pedals. After delivery, you just need to install 4 screws and you are now ready to go! An excellent elliptical that allows a more “passive” workout even when the user is sitting down.

Cubii JR1

Cubii Jr1 Elliptical

Cubii Jr1 Elliptical

4. Bowflex Max M3 elliptical

Half elliptical, half climber; effective workout for your whole body

Bowflex Max M3 Trainer
  • Resistance System: Air resistance with magnetic resistance
  • Resistance Levels: 8
  • Drive System: Dual belt
  • Flywheel weight: Metallic
  • Pedals: Large
  • Handles: Ergonomic, 3 position adjustable
  • Max User Weight: 300 lbs
  • Heart rate monitor: Included Chest Strap
  • Dimension / Weight: 49″ L x 26″ W x 64.7″ H/ 143 lbs
  • Console: Interactive Backlit Display (With 2 programs)

Features & Considerations
  • Design: At 143 lbs, you can move this lightweight machine anywhere in your home.
  • Smooth Resistance: You can rotate the dial to adjust resistance up to level 8. Each level allows for noiseless and untroubled motion during workouts.
  • 2 Workout modes: In one of the modes, you can select from the resistance levels and also set the pace of the machine. The other mode is known as the “14 minutes Max” mode.
  • Purpose: You can get rid of your body calories effectively and efficiently, thanks to the “half-elliptical” & “half-stair-climber” specific features.
  • No impact workout: This machine does not put your ligaments and body joints under any pressure.
  • Efficient: It has been lab-tested that the M3 can burn a considerable amount of calories in a short time.
  • Console with LCD: The LCD screen is backlit, and includes a dial to indicate the number of calories you have burned.
  • Handlebars: The handlebar changes the resistance level using a simple “twist”. Their ergonomic design and excellent grip allow you to get a good workout for your upper body, as you “climb” using the pedals.

Some Weaknesses
  • Bowflex M3 may feel wobbly as you pedal hard.

A combination of an “elliptical” and a “Stairmaster” – the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is a great trainer meant for a full-body workout and can be used by amateur users. Two popular workout programs — i. Manual; ii. Max Intervals are available from this trainer to help you meet your fitness goals. A wireless chest strap will relay your heart rate wirelessly, to the backlit HD display. Thanks to its well-design, you can see other metrics too, such as total calories burnt, etc.
The machine can carry weight up to 300 pounds. With ergonomically designed handlebars, you can use 80% more upper body muscle with an elliptical. The footprint of the machine is thin, and thus you can both use and store it anywhere. With a holder for your water bottle – you will be at complete ease!

Bowflex Max M3

Bowflex Max M3 Trainer

Bowflex Max M3 Trainer

5. ProForm Hybrid elliptical

Elliptical that allows less stressful workout for seniors

ProForm Hybrid Trainer
  • Resistance System: Magnetic
  • Resistance Levels: 16
  • Drive System: Belt
  • Flywheel weight: 13 lbs; inertia enhanced
  • Pedals: Oversized
  • Handles: 2 sets, with soft grips
  • Max User Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Stride Length: 15″
  • Heart rate monitor: EKG grip
  • Dimension / Weight: 37 x 20 x 60. inches / 117 lbs
  • Console: Large LCD monitor ( 16 programs )

Features & Considerations
  • Multiple-use machine: The versatility offered by this trainer will allow you to engage in comfortable cardio workouts that do not put your joints and knees under extra stress.
  • As an elliptical: When you are focusing on the upper body muscles in the elliptical mode, the workout will be seamless and comfortable.
  • As a recumbent: The cushioned pedals and the lumbar-supporting seat is ideal for reclined use.
  • Liquid Crystal Display: The LCD console will allow you to track your workout data. It is also adjustable to a range of user heights by tilting the screen forward or backward.
  • Magnetic Resistance: The resistance on this elliptical can be varied across 16 levels.
  • Comfort: The adjustable, oversized seat is cushioned and is perfect for users below 6”. This adds extra comfort during recumbent position use.
  • Dual-purpose pedal: The same pedal set is compatible with both workout positions. They are large and come with a textured surface.
  • App: You can use the iFit app by connecting via Bluetooth. This will help you to keep track of your workout data.

Some Weaknesses
  • It has a 15” stride length for its elliptical motion, which may be short.
  • Flywheel weight is relatively on the lighter side.

The construction of this ProForm Hybrid Trainer is using a steel frame and a design that makes it very easy to mount on/off the machine. The 16 level resistance and 16 workout programs are crucial for its quiet, dual-purpose use. The seat can be adjusted and comes with a backrest that allows air circulation. The LCD monitor has a dimension of 3″ x 4″ and includes a meter to keep track of the work done by you on this machine.
The 71.5″ x 26.7″ x 63.2″ footprint allows a stride length of 15”. This can be used even if you are 6”. The pedals will support your feet throughout your workout sessions. At 117 lb, the rubberized stabilizers will allow you to support up to 350 lbs. For both the recumbent and elliptical workout position – you will be able to change the position of the console as well. On the frame, you can find a convenient water bottle holder.

ProForm hybrid trainer

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

6. Schwinn 470 elliptical

Premium quality elliptical w/ innovative features

Schwinn 470
  • Resistance System: Eddy Current Brake
  • Resistance Levels: 25
  • Drive System: High speed
  • Flywheel weight: 20 lb
  • Pedals: Large articulating with cushioning
  • Handles: Moving and static
  • Max User Weight: 300 lb.
  • Stride Length: 20″ Precision Path Stride
  • Heart rate monitor: Contact & Telemetry Enabled
  • Dimension / Weight: 70.1″ L x 28.2″ W x 63.2″ H / 164 lbs
  • Console: Dusk Track LCD Display (with 29 programs)

Features & Considerations
  • Schwinn’s patented technology: The Schwinn 470 Elliptical is using patented “Precision Foot Motion” that replicates the natural human body movement during running.
  • Eddy current resistance: To create resistance on this elliptical, the flywheel has been placed near an electromagnet. It can be adjusted by 25 levels.
  • Degree of Incline: The incline ramp can be adjusted to 1 degree via a motorized mechanism.
  • Stride Length: The 20” stride length is perfect for use by everyone.
  • Console: The display uses the dual-track, including a 5” wide monitor with 29 preset programs. These can target your heart rate as well, in addition to the ability to store data for 4 individual users.
  • Design: After assembly, the machine has a footprint of 70.1” x 28.2” x 63.2”. At 164 pounds, the 470 can easily accommodate 300 lb users.
  • App: The RunSocial app transports you to trails from around the world virtually. This is a great workout feature.
  • Additional features: A rack for your tablet, a center-placed holder for your water bottle and a fan will keep you very comfortable.

Some Weaknesses
  • The tracking features on this elliptical may not be too accurate.
  • Due to the low incline, fewer muscles in your body will be engaged.

With a noiseless pedaling motion, the Schwinn 470 is believed to have very solid construction. Steel tubing used in the frame makes it very stable. Additionally, mobile arms can be used to engage your upper body. They have an ergonomic design that will make it very easy for you to get a grip.

The resistance can be adjusted by large, easily accessible buttons on the console. A servo motor controls the magnetic resistance to add/remove tension to the motion of the elliptical. 20 lb flywheel and a belt designed for heavy-duty ensures a smooth pedaling motion. Ribbed polymer pedals are outward tilted at 2 degrees, allowing for a 20” stride length. The pedal arms have rollers that can glide them on the rails. Adjustable to 10 incline positions, you can enjoy a diverse workout. 29 programs on the built-in console will take away the monotonous factor during your workouts. Even if a 300 lb user is on the trainer – Schwinn 470 is a very sturdy elliptical.

Schwinn 470

Schwinn 470

Schwinn 470

7. Nautilus E614 elliptical

DualTrack LCD console on a low-impact design

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer
  • Resistance System: Manual
  • Resistance Levels: 25
  • Drive System: High speed
  • Flywheel weight: High inertia perimeter weighted
  • Pedals: 6” height; Suspension Adjust performance cushioning system
  • Handles: Moving and static
  • Max User Weight: 300 lb.
  • Stride Length: 20″
  • Ramp: Manual incline
  • Heart rate monitor: Contact
  • Dimension / Weight: 71.5″ L x 26.7″ W x 63.2″ H / 167.3 lbs
  • Console: Dusk Track LCD Display (with 22 programs)

Features & Considerations
  • Resistance: These ellipticals use eddy current mechanisms in the brakes to allow you to work out at a range of intensities.
  • Flywheel: The bi-directional flywheel weighs 18lbs to enhance the smooth motion here. You can also find a lever at its rear end to adjust the incline.
  • Incline: Initially, the ramp is inclined at 30 degrees, You can make manual adjustments, to 6 different positions to challenge yourself.
  • Drive system: The belt used in the drive system is designed for heavy-duty use. It works in conjunction with a large pulley and the flywheel so that your workout is silent.
  • Console: The innovative design of the console includes an LCD screen with DualTrack features. 2 screens will put up your performance metrics.
  • Design: The metallic frame has been coated with anti-corrosive paint. Additionally, caps made from plastic and adjustable levelers on the elliptical legs make this machine stable.
  • Comfort handles: Two sets of handlebars here have plastic tips on rubber foamed gripped bodies.
  • Pedals: Made from hard plastic, the large pedals are cushioned so that they can offer extra support.

Some Weaknesses
  • With a manually adjusted system, you have to stop your workout (for a few seconds) to change the incline.

The Nautilus E614 comes with a great assembly of features, at 167.3 lbs. The footprint is perfect to accommodate users up to 300 lbs. The slope of the runway on this elliptical can be adjusted to 6 positions, allowing you to add some variety to your cross-training sessions. The stride length of 20” is just perfect to replicate a natural experience. The 20 resistance levels do not put much stress on your body joints if you start from level zero and go up.

The mobile handlebars will engage your upper body while the fixed ones can help track your heart rate. “Goal Track Technology” can help you track your workout data on the LCD screens with a dual layout. You can find a tablet holder and a USB charging port. A fan with 3-speed settings and exceptionally large pedals with cushion for extra support are some of the best features of this machine. You can find 22 programs on the console too, which can be synced with via Bluetooth. Two user profiles can be stored on this computer. Perfect for rooms with low ceilings, you can use the speakers for extra motivation. Overall, this is a great option for home use.

Nautilus E614 Elliptical

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

8. Nautilus E616 elliptical

DualTrack LCD console on a low-impact design

Nautilus E616 Elliptical
  • Resistance System: Motorized
  • Resistance Levels: 25
  • Drive System: High speed
  • Flywheel weight: 17 lb
  • Pedals: 6” height; Suspension Adjust performance cushioning system
  • Handles: Moving and static
  • Max User Weight: 300 lb.
  • Stride Length: 20″
  • Ramp: Motorized incline
  • Heart rate monitor: Contact & Telemetry Enabled
  • Dimension / Weight: 71.5″ L x 26.7″ W x 63.2″ H / 173 lbs
  • Console: Dual: Dusk Track LCD Display (with 29 programs)

Features & Considerations
  • RunSocial App: This app will virtually take you to many places in the world.
  • Stride length: The stride length of 20” is perfect for a user of any height and will deliver a more natural experience.
  • Power incline: The power incline can be adjusted between 0 to 10 degrees here to modify the ramp slope. As you do so, different muscles in your body are being worked.
  • Dual Rollers: Dual rollers at the feet of the machine will keep it stable as you are working out.
  • Console: 2 individual displays with blue-backlit are being offered here. You can keep track of your workout and select programs with ease.
  • Handlebars: The handlebars have an ergonomic grip design that can be used in conjunction with the comfortable use
  • Flywheel: The 22 lb flywheel allows noiseless operation and reinforces the stability of the machine structure so that it can handle 300 lb user weight.
  • Resistance: The 25 level magnetic resistance is using an eddy current to stop/adjust flywheel resistance.

Some Weaknesses
  • With 25 parts to assemble, you should take professional help or help from your friend.
  • The chest strap readings may not be too accurate.

The Nautilus E616 is a great machine that is packed with various features and 25 levels of resistance. The ramp can be motor adjusted in a range between 0 and 11%. Underneath the rubberized pedals, you can find 2 sets of rollers under each pedal. This adds to the stability of the 20” stride length offered by this elliptical.

It is recommended that you use this machine only if you are under 300 lbs. 29 programs have been loaded on the console that uses a dual display. It is backlit to display performance metrics better. Heart rate is relayed from the handlebar grip sensors. You can also connect to the fitness app via Bluetooth. With speakers built into the machine, a fitness fan, a water bottle holder, and an accessory rack – the Nautilus 616 is a perfect mid-level trainer that will only surprise you as you use this elliptical.

e616 nautilus

Nautilus E616 Elliptical

Nautilus E616 Elliptical

9. Body Rider BRD2000 elliptical

Budget elliptical for entry level users

Body Rider BRD2000
  • Resistance System: Fan Dial Resistance
  • Resistance Levels: 16
  • Drive System: N/A
  • Flywheel weight: N/A
  • Pedals: 2 sets
  • Handles: 3 sets
  • Max User Weight: 250 lb.
  • Stride Length: 12”
  • Heart rate monitor: EKG grip pulse
  • Dimension / Weight: 48” L x 28.5” W x 59.5” H / 66 lbs
  • Console: LED, dot matrix

Features & Considerations
  • Patented 2 in 1 Design: The fact that you can use the BRD2000 as a stationary bike and an elliptical machine – we can call it “dual cardio” equipment.
  • Low impact workout: You will be able to perform various exercises that are suitable if you are facing issues with the lower back and the joints.
  • Seat: The seat can have its height adjusted vertically and horizontally so that your back feels less pressure as you hold on to the shortened handles.
  • Pedals: The pedals have been strategically located to allow a wide array of motions.
  • Console: The console screen can put up a single feedback data at once, and uses a button to scroll through modes.
  • Fan: The blades of the fan will move the chain. Additionally, a gentle breeze of air should be welcome as you are pedaling hard.
  • Resistance: You can use a rotating dial to adjust the tension on this elliptical so that you can take up a challenge or prevent over-stressing.
  • Stability: The legs of the machine have been fitted with caps made from plastic so that it stays fixed on the floor, even at higher intensities.
  • Handlebars: The central arms of the machine are static, while the side arms can be adjusted vertically.

Some Weaknesses
  • The 12” stride length is not enough for tall users.
  • The arms that are supporting the elliptical motion may seem too near to your body.
  • The seat has no padding and is not comfortable at all.
  • The operation of the fan is making a lot of noise.

The Body Rider BRD2000 can add a lot of variety to your workout session. It can be considered fairly “lightweight” at 66 lbs and comes with a foldable design to save space. The 4-way adjustable seat will keep you very comfortable as you pedal the flywheel system that is using a fan blade with high-momentum. A rotating dial will help you control the impact of the workout sessions on your body joints. The electrical console will display data like speed, distance traveled, time spent on the machine. There are two sets of handlebars that can be used in both workout modes.

The 12” stride length is favorable for shorter individuals. A cooling fan will keep you cool even if you are pedaling hard. The steel frame is well-built, with the highest quality materials so that 250 lbs can be supported on it. Thanks especially to the feedback feature, this is a great elliptical serving dual purpose.

Body Power BRD2000

Body Rider BRD2000

Body Rider BRD2000

10. EXERPEUTIC elliptical

Zero-impact workout for your whole body

  • Resistance System: Magnetic
  • Resistance Levels: 8
  • Drive System: V-belt drive
  • Flywheel weight: Balanced( bi-directional )
  • Pedals: Large, ribbed
  • Handlebars: Dual Action
  • Max User Weight: 300 lb.
  • Stride Length: 13”
  • Heart rate monitor: Pulse pads on the additional stationary handle bars
  • Dimension / Weight: 54” x 23” x 63” / 76 lbs.
  • Console: Large LCD Display

Features & Considerations
  • Stable structure: This elliptical has a heavy-duty build, which adds to the stability of the machine. This allows them to have a high weight capacity.
  • Bi-directional flywheel: If you engage in pedaling both forward and backward while you use this machine – you are eventually using all key muscles that are present in the front and back of your legs.
  • Optional Bluetooth: EXERPEUTIC Magnetic Elliptical has two versions -1000XL & 2000XL – these are the two versions of this elliptical machine that have been released by the manufacturer. Even though the features are very similar- the 2000XL version has the optional Bluetooth technology.
  • Weight Capacity: The heavy-duty build of this trainer allows it to accommodate users up to 300 lb in weight.
  • Dual Workout: Thanks to the workout system that allows you to exercise both the upper and lower regions of your body – you can enjoy the low impact workout sessions on this bike.
  • Magnetic Resistance: There are enough options for you in this machine for entry-level users to the most expert user. As you opt amongst the 8 levels here, the intensity of the workouts is praiseworthy.
  • Stride Length: If you are below 6” and looking for a machine that will allow you to carry out cardio workouts of light and medium intensity – the 13” stride length is optimum.
  • Console: The large LCD will put up data like distance, number of calories burned, the time elapsed, etc. You can also see your heart rate here.
  • Non-slip Pedals: The pedals are quite large and come with a surface that has ribbed textures. This will prevent you from slipping and help you avoid other injuries.

Some Weaknesses
  • 13” stride length may not be enough for tall users to obtain the best benefits from this machine.
  • It may be difficult to assemble the machine on your own.

Heavier ellipticals are better as the additional weight adds more stability to the machine and is a good indication of the type of materials that may have been used in its construction. The frame has been constructed using steel tubing that is ideal for heavy-duty – with a weight of 76 lbs, the EXERPEUTIC Magnetic Elliptical is quite impressive for both the 1000XL & 2000XL versions.

The natural movement of an elliptical trainer that is observed here ensures that the system is not prone to any shock/vibrations from the surroundings. The LCD puts out workout data, as well as your pulse rate from the pulse pads. The flywheel allows bi-directional pedaling on pedals that have a ribbed texture. Additionally, 8 levels that are present can suit the fitness level of a wide variety of users. If you have joint issues, yet want to exercise your whole body For those in need of a zero-impact workout due to joint-related issues – this machine can be a great means to avoid further injury without injuring yourself anymore. This elliptical trainer can provide excellent value to help you meet your goals.




Buying Guide: Elliptical Machine for Home

Types of Elliptical cross trainers

We have explored different types of cross trainers below:

  • Front-drive: Ellipticals that are characterized by the location of the flywheel, where the flywheel can be found at the front of the machine. For this type of elliptical, the more vertical range in motion is very similar to a stair climber. The machine is also known as a shuffle trainer and is a great option for those looking for an option that is closer to the ground in their home gym.
  • Rear-drive: Rear drive elliptical trainers put the flywheel in the back of the machine, allowing for a longer stride in the front of the machine with the pedals in the center
  • Center-drive: Center drive ellipticals have the flywheel located on either side of the trainer rather than the front or back. With a compact design, it is ideal for in-home use in smaller spaces. They are very quiet, smooth, and easy on the low back and joints. With user weight being concentrated on the center of the machine, the motion is similar to walking or jogging.

Other types

  • Standard elliptical trainers: The foot pedals will enable you to stand, with the help of the handlebars that are usually fixed. Therefore you are engaging your lower body only as you pedal forward or backward.
  • Cross trainer Elliptical: They are perfect for workouts for your whole body. You can use the mobile arms here as you work on the pedals. These handlebars will engage your chest, elbows, back, and shoulder.
  • Elliptical glider: The distinguishing factor for elliptical gliders is that the pedals do not have a rotating path of movement. You can move them backward, but vertically. If you are going in a forward direction, the resistance on these machines usually increases. Thanks to this “gliding” path of motion, your hips and legs are moved extensively for an ideal workout.

1. Stride Length

This is the maximum distance between the two maximum pedal points.

A 20” stride length is ideal for a lot of users. The favorable user height range is between 5’ 3” & 6’. Longer stride length engages more muscles. This feature will help you use your elliptical machine more efficiently. A shorter stride length will make you uncomfortable and confined as you are not being to replicate your natural body movement.

2. Resistance

  • Magnetic resistance flywheels that use a rotating flywheel to generate resistance. Magnetic fields across them generate the resistance against the arms and the pedal.
  • Braking system where the magnet is attached to the fork of magnet caliper here. As you extend the distance between the magnets, resistance is being generated. As the magnets are being pulled together or pushed apart – you can experience higher or lower resistance. This distance can be adjusted using a dial, up/switches, or by hand. This is common in mid-range models.
  • Higher-end models are using eddy current in conjunction with the console’s electromagnet. The cranks and pedals will face greater resistance as the stronger current is being relayed to the electromagnet. Since there are no mobile parts, these machines need very little maintenance and have a longer service lifespan. They are usually ellipticals of commercial grade and can be used noiselessly.
  • For ellipticals using air resistance, as you pedal – you are turning a fan. The air produced here acts against your pedaling motion. To get more resistance, you just need to pedal harder.

3. Adjustable Resistance

On certain ellipticals, your pulse will adjust the resistance. This is done by using pulse sensors that are placed on many handlebars. A heart chest wrap can do this wirelessly. This adjustment of resistance is helpful if you want your workout to be within a particular heart range.

Magnetic resistance with selectable levels is crucial if you want to challenge yourself.

4. Size

When an elliptical machine has a compact design, usually the elliptical motion may feel unnatural – as you have less of the machine. Even if the stride length may be small on these too – if you are cramping for space, we suggest you go for smaller footprint machines. Ellipticals with a more regular size usually have a flat and long design. The motion is very similar to your jogging or running movements and will feel less like an upward swing.

Rear-drive ellipticals can be heavy and stable, even if they have a compact design. Centre Drive designs can serve a similar purpose.

5. Heart-Rate Monitor & Control

Typically, a heart rate monitor is found on the console that will keep track of your pulse. To achieve this, manufacturers integrate pulse sensors on the handlebars. This can also be done via a wireless chest strap.

The Heart Rate Control feature will adjust your workout intensity so that you can remain in your target heart rate zone. As you change from the high exercise to the cooldown sessions – you can effectively lose more weight in a shorter time.

6. Pedals

  • This “walking” platform must be flexible. This eliminates the risk of you experiencing a numb feeling on your legs and helps to circulate blood all over your body.
  • Bi-directional pedaling will allow you to engage in various other muscles.
  • A large platform for your feet is essential for a comfortable ride. You will feel that your feet and the pedals are “one” single structure.
  • Pedals can have an articulate, ergonomic design that provides your lower body with added balance, reduces stress in your feet, and helps with blood flow.
  • Some pedals can be adjusted by angles.
  • The best pedals are made from plastic and have to cushion on their structure.
  • The more your feet stay parallel to the pedals, the risk of any unwanted injury can be avoided.

7. Q-Factor

This is the distance between the two pedals. Ideally, they should not be too far from each other so that the elliptical motion feels natural and keeps you comfortable. A 2” Q-Factor is thought to be ideal for a workout position that is correct biomechanically, and is considered “low”.

8. Maximum user weight

Typically, it is the higher-quality ellipticals that can accommodate the larger weight. Additional stability thanks to the heavyweight of the ellipticals themselves also adds to the cause. It is recommended that if you are weighing close to the weight limit of the machine, you should consider a machine from the next weight level.

For example, if you weigh 240 pounds, you would be wise to go for the 300 lb capacity machine instead of one that can support 250 lbs.

9. Flywheel

Flywheels on an elliptical have steel wheels that build up energy thanks to pedal movement. Since ellipticals will let you achieve the low-impact workout – heavier flywheels will spin better so that you can have a smooth experience. These heavy-duty flywheels are also perfect if you are overweight or want to train at higher resistances. A 15 lb flywheel is considered to be enough. The machine will also feel sturdier and deliver high-quality service.

10. Motion handles and safety handles

Many modern ellipticals have a design that includes mobile handlebars. They are ergonomically designed and have multi-grips that users can use to push or pull the arms. The arms that are more towards the center of the frame can be used when you are walking or running.

11. Incline settings

The ramp on most elliptical machines so that you will have to climb steeper – like going up a mountain. On these machines, you will need to make this adjustment by elevating the ramp before you start. With powered cline ellipticals, a motor will bring the ramp-up. This is also an adjustment that is featured on the preset programs.

12. Console

Usually, the console uses an LCD or LED display. It is further appreciated thanks to the many features that are integrated into it. We have listed a few of them below:

  • Workout programs (number; type)
  • Control and feedback of your pulse
  • Feedback on performance metrics, via fitness apps
  • Save memory, like profiles of individuals who have used the machine and calendars records of sessions
  • Compatibility with Bluetooth and USB USB and/or Bluetooth connectivity,
  • Built-in speakers,
  • Dual touchscreens

13. Programs

To help you with several workout options – ellipticals have workout programs that are preset into the console.

14. Material

Elliptical machines that use metals instead of plastic will serve you longer. High-quality resin parts cannot be damaged so easily, and the added weight of the components further reinstate stability in such ellipticals.

15. Step-on Height

This shows the top height that is reached by the elliptical pedal while being used. This is why you should have considerable clearance for your knees to use ellipticals. Typical step-on heights range between 12 and 14 inches.

16. Non-foldable

A few ellipticals can be folded away easily for storage using a hydraulic assist.

17. Additional Features

If you are looking for built-in speakers, cooling fans, desk stands, and holders for your water bottle – many models are offering such features.

F. A. Q.s

Q1. How do I choose an elliptical machine?

Ans.: When looking to get an elliptical machine, the main features that we should look for are:

  • Machine Design
  • Type & Levels of Resistance
  • Stride Length
  • Workout Modes
  • The incline of the Ramp

Q2. Does the elliptical tone your arms?

Ans.: If you are looking to tone your chest and your arms – you need to go for resistance training. As you lift weights, the muscles in your body will break down and build up again. Even if you engage in HIIT training in elliptical machines, you may not see the same effect.

Q3. Which is better for knees, an elliptical, or a bike?

Ans.: Any exercise machine that takes pounding away from the knee but still strengthens the muscles above and below the knee can be a great option for people with chronic knee pain. An elliptical machine does that — but stationary bikes and rowing machines can, too. If an elliptical machine is used correctly, it can be safe for sore knees.

Q4. Which is better – front or rear wheel elliptical?

Ans.: We have broken these two types of elliptical machines by i. Type of slope; ii. The stability of these machines

  1. We can see that ellipticals that are front-driven will have a sloping runway, which will make you move as if you are climbing upstairs. On the other hand, rear-drive ellipticals do not have an elevated or slanted slope. The running surface has a flat profile. So to pick the best of the two, it really depends on what you like to do more.
  2. Some people argue that a front-drive elliptical feels more stable (again, all other things being equal). The flywheel on front-drive ellipticals is closer to the center of the machine – the console and your pedals. So the flywheel in the front (especially a heavy one) will tend to act as an anchor for the machine and give you higher stability. This is often why you see a lot of the machines at the gym with a front-drive design.

Q5. How To Find Your Elliptical Stride Length

Ans.: We have included a chart below for stride length ranges (in inches) and the compatible user height.

How to find your elliptical stride length


Even though elliptical machines can engage maximum muscles in your lower body region, and also your arms – it maybe not so easy to use an elliptical machine. As they do not need much usage and storage space – this machine is perfect for home use. You can keep the gym as close to you as possible, and take advantage of the various health benefits that elliptical machines offer. Even though treadmills are very similar to these machines – elliptical machines are easy on your knees and your body joints. Additionally, as you engage the workable arms while varying the intensity of your workouts – the results are visible as you continue the full-body workouts regularly. We hope that our reviews are comprehensive for you to get a good understanding of their features, designs, and how they can be used. It will keep you motivated, and prove to be a great fitness asset.

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