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3 Best Floor Pumps for Your Road Bikes – [Buying Guide & Review]


Bike pumps are a must have accessory for any bike owner whether a floor pump or portable. Tires are likely to get a puncture and deflated tires every once in a while, needed you to pump them up. You would have to head to the store every time you have a flat tire if you do not invest in one. My friends and I took some time to determine for you the best floor pump in the market regarding pricing, use, and durability. We are all ardent riders that have had a good share of flats and tire bursts and so very well understand what your needs are. We have also used quite an array of pumps and so walked into this knowing fully well what was required for the right pump.

Topeak JoeBlow Pro Floor Pump

Topeak JoeBlow Pro Floor Pump

Our best of the best: Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump

The Serfas TCPG Floor pump emerged as our first choice for some reasons. Besides the pricing being right, the pump provided fast and 160 PSI steady pressure without too much pumping action. The nozzle allows for both Presta and Schrader Valves which allowed switching between car and bike valves quickly. The nozzle also comes with a screw on mechanism allowing high-pressure pumping without disengaging the pump. Undermining this pump due to its simplistic design is easy. The barrel is all metal for extra strength with a tough nylon base for longevity. You also get ball and accessory attachments for extras.

Our Second best: Schwinn 5 in 1 Floor Pump with Gauge

Our second-best choice was the Schwinn parent floor pump. This is a pump that is not only designed to last but provide ease of use on all fronts. You get a multi-nozzle that works on Presta and Schrader valves without any form of compromise. We also loved the pricing that came attached to the pump despite the extra-large sturdy gauge and barrel. The gauge is easy to read providing up to 140 PSI fast and easy. The broad base allows for extra stability while pumping. The locking head is easy to use even with high pressure keeping the nozzle attached to the nozzle.

Our Third best choice: Performance Bike Floor Pump & Glueless Puncture Kit

The High-performance glueless puncture switches pump took the third position simply because of the pricing. The pump comes with a multi-nozzle allowing both Schrader and Presta valves to be used. You also get 160 PSI when it comes to pressure with few quick pumps. The pump comes with glueless emergency kit at purchase for quick fixes. The barrel is made of sturdy steel for longevity and compactness. You can rest assured of using it in high pressure without getting it susceptible to any form of damage without any annoying leaks. The gauge is sturdy and accurate with perfect visibility during pumping for convenience.

Why trust me?

Serfas FP50 Floor Pump

Serfas FP50 Floor Pump

I am an avid rider that has spent countless hours on the road, and I very well understand the need to have a good pump. The fact of the matter is that most portable pumps are not sturdy enough to last longer than the foot pumps. Having a foot pump will work across some tires which is very convenient. Most pumps in the market will simply not work or even fail after a few tries. The working mechanism is simple yet tough to maintain which means that a pump that is tried and tested is best. Damaged pumps can be annoying. The most common forms of damage include leakages on the hose or at the nozzle, broken nozzles, dented barrels and broken handles. All these are bad enough to put your pump out of work. We took the time to expose the three pumps to some vigorous tests and each time the gauge readings remained accurate. The compactness of the pumps also held very well. Most of my friends in the riding community are also using any of the three mentioned pumps which give me the confidence that we have the best options in the market.

Is this guide for me?

This is a good read for any professional and novice rider. Pumps are a must-have accessory for any rider and having the best will save time and money. Buying a pump cannot be done on a trial and error basis, and so information is crucial. This comes with experience which is why we have put this list together. It is important to have a foot pump that can be used at home to handle a wide range of tires as well as set all your pressures right. A foot pump is not only easy to use but convenient as opposed to having to visit the store or simple pressure needs.  It also allows you to check the pressure levels using the gauge before every ride. Most pumps will work at the point of sale and break down a week or so later. Going for something reliable will save you from frequents headaches.

How I picked the best floor pumps for road cyclists

Serfas FP-55 Floor Pump

Serfas FP-55 Floor Pump

Picking involved considering some features that were crucial to pump use. These include the pricing, the barrel, nozzle, stand and handle. We also tested the pistons and the gauges for sturdiness and accuracy. The research method included physically trying out the pumps on a wide range of tires as well as subjecting them to realistic ordeals on the ground. We also took the time to research online about what people said about the particular pumps and got a good report.

Best Floor pumps for road bikes list

  1. Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump
  2. Schwinn 5 in 1 Floor Pump with Gauge
  3. Performance Bike Floor Pump & Glueless Puncture Kit

Features of the best floor pumps for road bikes


The pricing of the floor pump determines everything for some reasons. It is possible to find a pump that provides very valuable qualities at a very good price and one that does not look at a very high price. The idea is to ensure that you get the value as opposed to the brand. Our options range between $20 and $40 which is okay for excellent pumps. Extras like puncture patches may affect pricing not to mention the make of the barrel.

The Stand

The stand determines how sturdy the pump is during pumping. It also determines how long you will be used to use the pump. Ensure you go for a stand with a rubber padding at the bottom to prevent slipping on smooth ground. Most stands are made of hardened plastic and nylon. Finding metal stands is rare.

The Handle

The best handle should be ergonomic so as to ensure that you do not get any form of damage on you palms during the strokes. Handles that are coarse will most likely develop blisters throughout use. The handle should also be tough just in case the pump falls over. One that is made of a material that cannot crack is much better. Wooden handles may give in during hard falls which are why nylon ones are preferred. It will be too easy crack and will most likely bounce off the floor slightly.

The pump Barrel

Serfas FP-200 Floor Pump

Serfas FP-200 Floor Pump

The barrel is the body of the pump. The best barrels are made of hardened aluminum and steel. The fact that you will be leaving the pump at the store allows you to get the heaviest material on this one. Portable pumps will have lighter barrels for ease of carrying around. A good barrel also keeps the pump from getting dents that could affect the piston and valve causing leaking during strokes.

The Hose

The pump hose is often made of reinforced rubber so as to allow flexibility and avoid breakage. A good hose will be able to allow frequent use without leaking due to cracks or breakage. It should also be long enough to allow you to pump the tire without having to be too close to the tire.

The Gauge

The gauge provides readings during pumping. The best gauge should be sturdy enough to absorb any impact on the pump during use or storage. It should also provide accurate readings whether it is using pointers or digital readings. The best gauge should also be visible and if possible slightly raised to avoid having to crouch over when doing readings. This will more often than not cause back pains.

The Piston

The piston holds onto the valve that pushes the air through the barrel. The piston should also be strong enough to avoid breaking under high pressure. It should also be strong enough to absorb impact in case the pump falls or slips.

The Nozzle

The best nozzle should have some qualities besides not leaking. Pumps with nozzles that work for Schrader and Presta valves are best. A quick switch mechanism is even better for ease of use. Those that can screw to the nozzle allow one to use the pump at high pressure without causing any detachment. This can be quite a problem especially for pumps that will do up to 160PSI.

Details review of the pumps

Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump

serfas tcpg bicycle floor pump

Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump

Pricing: This is one of the most reasonably priced pumps in the market providing quite an array of pros.

Stand: A tough nylon base that is not only stable but allows for pumping without slipping on the floor.

Barrel: The barrel is made up of tough steel for the purpose of sturdiness. This keeps it free from damage and allows it to hold high amounts of pressure.

The Handle: You get a high tensile ergonomic handle that allows you to pump without damaging your palms in the process. It is also well screwed to the top keeping it in place even when it topples over.

The Hose: The hose is made of a high-performance material that allows high pressure without any annoying leaks in the process. It is also long enough for convenience during pumping.

Gauge: the sturdy gauge is raised above the ground level for the convenience of visibility providing accurate readings during pumping.

Piston: The strong piston wards off any worry of an impending breakdown during pumping.

The Nozzle: You get a multi-nozzle allowing for both Presta and Schrader valves.

Schwinn 5 in 1 Floor Pump with Gauge

Schwinn EZ Connect Bike Pump Grey

Schwinn EZ Connect Bike Pump – Grey

Pricing: The pricing is right for the quality that this pump offers.

Stand: The wide base allows for pumping comfortably without losing power when pushing the handle. It also does not bend sideways when doing the same.

Barrel: The barrel is made of sturdy steel that maintains pressure well and allows for very few strokes to get the tire full. The barrel is also ideal for longevity if you are looking for a pump that will outlast your tires.

Handle: The handle is a single flowing unit with a single sturdy screw at the top. You also get ergonomic features protecting your palms from blistering and getting tired.

The Hose: The hose is sufficiently long and made of high-performance material preventing any leaks and breakages over the long haul.

Gauge: The gauge is an easy to read and sturdy gadget that allows visibility without having to crouch over.

Piston: A strong piston keeps the pressure within the barrel without leaking.

The Nozzle: The nozzle is ideal for both Schrader and Presta nozzles with a simple switch mechanism.

Performance Bike Floor Pump & Glueless Puncture Kit

Performance Bike Floor Pump

Performance Bike Floor Pump

Price: The pump reasonably prices despite the fact that it is the most expensive of our options. You will, however, get glueless puncture patches with the pump at the point of purchase.

Stand: A wide base for some extra stability during high-pressure pumping and longevity purposes.

Barrel: The barrel is made of high-performance steel for the purpose of managing high pressure and retaining its integrity all through the term of use.

The Handle: A nice ergonomic handle that is not only sturdy but easy to use while keeping the palms free from bruises.

The Hose: A standard length hose that is made of high-performance rubber that is crack and leaks-free which can be annoying.

Gauge: You get an accurate gauge that is not only easy to read but sturdy enough.

Piston: The pump comes with a strong position that allows high-pressure pumping without any compromise on the pump.

The Nozzle: The nozzle allows for Presta and Schrader nozzles with a quick switch mechanism for convenience.


The best pump will not only save you money but time while getting your tires ready. Having the full knowledge of what determines the value of a pump will help you make the right decision before buying one.

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