12 Best Hybrid Bikes for Men & Women (2017 Reviews)

After having spent countless hours on a search for the best hybrid bikes for men and women, we found that the Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 and Diamondback Bicycles 2016 (Women’s Vital 2) hybrid bikes topped most.

Hybrid bicycles have been gaining a following over the past couple of years.

There are different types of hybrids coming out to meet the demand, including gender and age-based hybrids.

We have been watching the market and have decided to put together this hybrid bikes review of our pick for the 10 best hybrid bikes.

They are showing up on the floor of bicycle shops across the country as the best bikes to purchase for comfort and versatility.

We will be looking at the best hybrid bikes for men and women that include hybrid bikes under 300, 500, and 1000.

Schwinn Men's Network 3.0 Hybrid Bicycle

🏆 Best Hybrid Bike for Men

  • Aluminum frame, Schwinn suspension fork
  • Shimano 21 speed rear derailleur with Shimano EZ Fire shifters
  • Alloy rims, Comfortable seat
  • Suspension seat post, Upright riding position

Diamondback Women's Vital 2 Complete Hybrid Bike

🏆 Best Hybrid Bike for Women

  • Aluminum Sport Hybrid; Durable, rigid, and an upright bike
  • Comfortable geometry and suspension
  • 21 gearing options, SSW700 Double Tunnel aluminum alloy rims
  • Kenda tires

Why should you trust me?

You’re most likely asking yourself why you should trust me. I can tell you without reservation that not only have we been watching the market for these hybrid bikes, but we have researched and read thousands of reviews, analyzing the positive and negative points about these bikes.

This hybrid bikes review has taken hundreds of hours to bring together the most important aspects of hybrid bikes, so we can share bare-bone facts with you.

How did I pick?

This was a hard decision when we chose our 10 Best Hybrid Bikes. We finally decided that we would take the top ten Hybrid bikes that had the most thorough feedback from the customers.

To explain this decision further, we wanted to help you by finding the most knowledgeable customer reviews and combine their expertise with ours to provide a truthful, yet an objective review of these hybrid bikes. There is nothing better than a review that supports and has the support of actual customers.

7 Best Hybrid Bikes for Men for 2017

Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 Men’s Hybrid (Best Buy)

(Best Men’s Hybrid Bike for the Money)

This is a super hybrid for cruising! The aluminum frame with suspension fork makes this a light bike at 47 lbs. Things that come standard to this hybrid is the mechanical rim brakes with linear pull at the handles, Shimano EZ-fire 21-speeds, front suspension, and comes with a front release 700C wheels.

The swept-back handlebars help the rider to sit upright comfortably on the saddle. The saddle is padded with a suspension saddle post. There is also a suspension lock.

The price is not bad at all (I purposely ignored the hybrid being unreasonably priced on eBay)!

This hybrid comes with the quick release of the front tire, making it easy to have the tire serviced for flats or adjustments. One question that seems to come up over and over are the adjustments in order to ride comfortably. So here is what adjusts for your comfort on this beautiful hybrid.

The handlebars adjust at the stem. A correctly sized Allen wrench will bring the bar closer or farther with the camber adjusted, depending on what is comfortable for you. The saddle is also adjustable.

The Shimano EZ-fire 21-speed shifter is best utilized while you ride at a slow pace. This shifter utilizes the thumbs and index fingers to shift up and down. With the many gears, you have available on this bike it is advised that you go over the manual or find the instructions online to know which side controls what gears.

It is not advised to shift gears at a fast pace because the drivetrain may grind. You also have to remember to shift down prior to stopping. This hybrid quickly catches the eye with its black and white clean look.

The 700C wheels have black spokes that add to the overall appearance. The sleek look of this hybrid makes this bike look simplistic, but it is far from that with the standards on this one.

Some downsides to this hybrid are that although the spokes add a special touch, they are not suitable for much off-roading. The spokes particular design is used on higher-end bikes. It has been suggested that a different type of rim would better support the hybrid in both purpose and functionality.

There are a few complaints from customers that warrant at least a warning to you. Now I personally feel that Shimano products are great products. I also hold the SRAM in high regard as well. That being said, if you are not purchasing this hybrid from a dealers’ shop you should always check the inner tube to make sure it is inflated and not going to get a burr that will pop the tube.

Of the 187 reviews on Amazon alone, there are 45 negative reviews. These customers have a right to warn others just as the other 142 positive reviews. Caveat emptor, buyer beware. The Schwinn is currently a Canadian held company with manufacturing elsewhere.

  • Shimano 21-speed rear derailleur
  • Shimano EZ-fire quick shift
  • Quick release front tire
  • Sharp clean style

  • No fenders
  • Adjustments necessary

Buy Schwinn Men’S Network 3.0 Men’S Hybrid!

SixthreezeroEVRYjourney Men’s Sports Hybrid (Editor’s Choice)

(Best Hybrid Bike for Men for 2017)

This hybrid is a “one fits all” in the Best Hybrid Bikes for Men and has wheels at 26″ and has a stand-over height of 30 ½”. That is just over 2 ½ feet. This is a great cruiser bike that can handle long distant rides.

The Shimano 7-speed internal hub on this hybrid allows this bike to easily climb hills and performs well on streets and trails. Customers who have purchased this hybrid love the lightweight frame.

This symmetrical shape of the bike and handlebars make this medium/large bike comfortable for someone that is 5’4″ to 6’5″ can ride this hybrid and stand with your feet flat with the forward peddling design.

The weight limit on this bike is 300 lbs. As you can see from the picture, this hybrid is pitched backed for comfort, meaning this model helps by allowing you to sit upright, with a proper extension of your legs while cruising and allows you to place your foot on the ground.

Aside from it being an adult sports hybrid, there is a little limit for age appropriateness with this model, since it has been sold to the young adult to the retired. This hybrid has been purchased from this wide range of ages and has positive reviews, overall. Everyone is loving this style.

This bike just looks like it could handle riding roads and trails with little problem. That first ride will sell you.

When you read the reviews from avid riders, they will agree wholeheartedly. The 7 speeds on this model shift smoothly. It should be obvious why this bike is on this 10 Best Hybrid Bikes list.

The 26″ tires are 2″ wide and are well-thought-out as semi-slick to give a smooth ride, regardless whether you are cruising through town or commuting to and from work. The full fenders on this model will prevent most spray from coming back on the rider when taken out on wet roads.

The extra wide saddle is comfortable with shock absorbing foam to protect the rider from bumps. This allows the rider to be able to sit upright without worry to injuries to the back because good posture is encouraged.

There are a couple of issues that a few customers have reported. One issue is the brake system. These customers have stated that the brakes get caught by the fenders when applied or they need adjustments prior to riding.

The general opinion is that, like all bikes purchased, adjustments are standard prior to their use. The safety of a bicycle depends on proper adjustment and maintenance. Whether bought from a store or purchased online, it is common sense that a bike, regardless of type, needs to be looked over for adjustments to the construction and safety features.

No one we know allows their child to jump on a bike without properly checking if the brakes work as advertised, or the handlebars are tightened. There should be no difference here, or on any other bike. Hybrid bikes are no different. This does not seem like a quality issue as much as it is a safety and common sense issue.

  • Lightweight Aluminum frame
  • 7-Speed
  • Shimano 7-speed internal hub
  • Sleek design

  • Initial adjustments
  • Plastic fenders

Buy Sixthreezeroevryjourney Men’S Sports Hybrid!

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike (Top Pick)

This is our first choice, overall, for hybrid bikes to buy this year. This Schwinn has been one of the most purchased hybrids on Amazon and Google Shopping from various stores. Whether you purchase from a Brick and Mortar store on-site, purchase with shipping, or buy online, the price is reasonable by most customer’s standards.

The 700C wheels make this hybrid taller than usual at 32 inches or just over two and a half feet. The air pressure for these tires should be between 60-70 lbs. for a safe ride. Anyone 5”11’ or taller should have little problem with the height, according to their inseam. This hybrid bike is considered being large, by most bicycle buying guides.

As one of the Best Hybrid Bikes for Men, there are some items that come standard to this hybrid. There are shocks on the front fork and saddle. Extra comfort included with this model is the padding on the seat. This model also comes with a built-in gear carrier over the back wheel.

Some customers have added saddle bags or attached a box to accommodate shopping for a few items while using the hybrid for commuting or errands. Another feature that comes standard on this hybrid is the 21-speed SRAM grip shifters with a Shimano TX-31 rear derailleur as the drivetrain.

To clarify, in layman’s terms, these drivetrains are the mechanisms that move the chain to the correct gear as you adjust them while riding. The brake system is the Promax alloy linear pull brakes.

The gears on this hybrid are on both front and back and can be adjusted with the grip shifters instead of levers. This makes shifting gears safer for the rider since the ability to feel the gear shift can be felt in the hands instead of using thumbs or other fingers to push and pull levers.

This added safety allows you to concentrate on the gear when you need assistance climbing hills or riding through uneven surfaces. The alloy crankset smoothly shifts the gears.

There are customers who have used this bike for commuting daily to work with little problem and some customers have used this for errands and daily riding as a form of exercise. Panniers (bicycle baskets and bags) can be added to the front or back of this hybrid.

Other items can be added for safety; this hybrid comes with reflectors on the foot pedals.

There have been several issues with the tires on this model. Customers have had difficulty with keeping air in the tires, and there are problems with broken or bent spokes.This can be corrected when you know how to determine the correct spokes for your tires based on your hybrid’s duty (where you ride) and the weight on the tires.

The 700C has become easy to purchase in North America, placing them on this bike will give you a better and faster ride, just because they can cover more ground. The thread on this wheel is pretty good for the hybrid because it is knobby enough for the dirt and gravel, yet not as deep so the tire can run easily on paved roads.

An issue you may want to take into consideration is to purchase extensions for the valves on the tubes for these tires. The valve stems are a little short and sometimes hard to air up the inner tube with a regular bike air pump.

The lightweight aluminum frame on this hybrid helps in the weight and speed department. There have been complaints from customers who have bought this hybrid bicycle online, and, unfortunately, this does happen when shipping is involved.

I advise anyone that is not well-versed in the mechanics of a bike to invest in a servicing plan.

  • Lightweight Aluminum frame
  • 21-gears for easy of terrain
  • Full Suspension on front fork and saddle
  • Smooth ride

  • Spokes can get bent or broken easily
  • Plastic fenders

Buy Schwinn Discover Men’S Hybrid!

Schwinn GTX 2.0 Men’s Dual Sports Bike

This sports bike comes standard with front and back disk brakes, 21-speeds, Shimano derailleur, suspension fork, and 700C wheels. The disk brakes allow the bike to stop without the interference of dusty surroundings. The bike is easily ridden on hard packed trails as easily as the road.

This hybrid, when purchased online comes partially assembled. The good news, the assembly is about 90% complete. If you are going to have a bike of any kind, it is a good idea to invest in some Allen wrenches. You will need to complete this hybrid by adding the front tire, saddle, handlebar, and pedals. The pedals are plastic, with a Schwinn alloy crank and 9/16 body with a steel cage. The tires are useful for traction both on and off-road.

The sporty posture of this hybrid bike gives the impression of someone ready to race. The rear cassette on this bike has the Shimano derailleur that guides the chain from gear to gear.

One thing that you should be aware of if you do not have much experience with these types of shifters is that there should not be much noise while shifting.

If you hear a lot of clicking or grinding while using the shifter, there is a problem that you need to take to your local bike shop. If you buy this hybrid through Amazon, they have an offer of this service for an additional fee.

The aluminum frame makes this a light bike and easy to manipulate when picking it up. The hybrid also has quick release wheels. The Shimano 21-speed trigger shifters are on both the right and left sides of the handlebar where your thumbs and finger can shift easily as you hold the grips.

This hybrid is designed to be agile on long trips. It looks like a sports bike that you would think, at first glance, belonged in a race. Although the aluminum frame would make it light enough, this bike resembles a racing bike by the riders’ position. He or she would have to ride leaning forward with this model.

Some of the drawbacks to this hybrid are the limited adjustment of the handlebars. It can be adjusted at the bar to sit a certain way with an Allen wrench, but there is no adjustment that can be done about how far they are out from the saddle at the stem.

The saddle is a bit small, which is regular for a sporty type bicycle, but with this comes less comfort. Another issue that some bike mechanics have is a preference after working with Shimano speed triggers with many preferring the SRAM triggers.

I remind anyone that is not well-versed in the mechanics of a bike to invest in a servicing plan. I do not want to dissuade you from purchasing this hybrid because it is a sleek and fast bike with the selections that are on it and proper maintenance.

  • Shimano Derailleur
  • Disc Brakes
  • Suspension Fork
  • Multi-Sport Hybrid

  • Limited Adjustment of handlebars
  • Less comfortable

Buy Schwinn Gtx 2.0 Men’S Dual Sports Hybrid!

Diamondback Performance Hybrid Bike

This is a very nice looking hybrid! This bike is in the list because it is built perfectly. The standards that come with this bike are Mechanical disc brakes, lightweight aluminum frame, SRAM 8-speed drive train with 24 speeds, Avid disc brakes, aero carbon straight blade fork, and 700C wheels.

This bike is considered an x-large at 22 inches. You can be sure Diamondback hybrids are from the experience of 40 years with this brand.

This hybrid is a bit pricey but because it is a well-built bike, it is one of the best hybrid bikes under $1,000.  You can expect this hybrid to last quite a while.

Adjusting the brakes and derailleur may take a little time, but with videos to help you on their website, it makes it easier when you have a visual aid. This performance hybrid has the 700C wheel for speed and a smooth ride.

The forks allow for a dependable ride with decisive qualify. The adjustments for the derailleur also has a video available on Diamondbacks site.

All bikes from Diamondback have been weight tested to 300 lbs. Speaking of weight, there are a few other videos available for you to view when you head to the website.

The wheels on this hybrid are 700C and need a PSI between 65-75. As the video will show, it is always a good idea to keep within the PSI range.

At first glance, this hybrid looks you may think that this looks like a sturdy bike and a mountain bike, and you would be half-right. This is a hybrid, yet sturdy bike.

Adjustments for this hybrid are spacers on the stem, shifters, and derailleurs. Items that come with this bike are Allen wrenches and a flat combination wrench.

This brand is fairly new to online sales, except through their website, so there is not much information on Amazon. That doesn’t mean that they are a newer company. It means that they have been building their bikes and advertising local to their base of operation.

  • SRAM 8-speed drivetrain /w 24 speeds
  • Threaded mount points
  • Video Assistance on website

  • No fender
  • Price

Buy Diamondback Performance Hybrid!

Diamondback Bicycles Sports Bike

This is one of the three Trace models that Diamondback sells. This version has a 6061-T6 aluminum frame and a front wheel suspension fork. This hybrid also has Avid disc brakes for solid stops. This sports model is comfortable on road and moderates off-road excursions.

The wheels are Kenda700C, which comes with a layer of flat resistance. You can also use the Kwick Bitumen from Kenda on this bike for added traction. This tire has deep grooves that help water move from under the tire with additional speed. This is all just due to its center ridge. The distributor of Kenda tires in the U.S. is in Ohio.

This model has a three-by-nine drivetrain gives this hybrid 27 gears. Diamondback knows how to make tough, durable bikes and this is one, without question. This is a perfect hybrid for commutes.

The lockout levers that are on this hybrid will help make peddling this bike more efficient. The lockout feature supports long climbs through rough terrain and hills.

The fork has firmness adjustments to help you ride the way you want to.

There is an adjustment on the right suspension at the top. The knob adjusts while the bike is not in motion so you need to keep checking it until you get it to your specified firmness.

This hybrid is meant for both on and off the road with the suspension fork to make the transition effortless. The 700C all-terrain tires add more flexibility when you decide to take the trails less often traveled.

The wheels/tires add an extra cushion to the suspension fork to make your ride easier when you hit ruts and chuckholes and still has the traction on the pavement to give you a smooth ride there, as well. This is a dual sport hybrid bike that is great for commuters.

To expand on the lockout mechanism on this bike, ‘lockout’ ensures you get a smooth ride on the pavement by locking the front fork. It is also used for efficiency when pedaling up a hill. Some customers prefer to keep the lock off because they are unsure of the type of terrain they will be biking on.

This is a personal preference and you may want to find a bike shop that has this model for a test drive. If you purchase this hybrid online, after assembly, try the bike out on various terrains to see if you need the lockout system, at all. Most purchase this bike because of the suspension and never use the lockout.

Gears on this Trace are easy to use. A simple pull on the trigger with your index finger and a push by your thumb make gear changes easy without jerking. The disc brakes on this hybrid give you a good stop that doesn’t transfer heat to the rims that also doesn’t jerk when the handgrips are applied.

Like my review on the Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Insight Disc Complete Performance Hybrid Bike, there is not much in the line of reviews for this model. What I like about the Diamondback hybrids are that they are well-made and solid.

The problems that most people have grumbled about is the condition of a tube or the adjustments were not right, just coming out of the box. Every bike, whether hybrid or otherwise needs to have adjustments before riding. This includes the seat, brakes, handlebars and the drivetrain, no matter how many gears the bike has.

  • Rugged Construction
  • Suspension Adjustments
  • Size Ranges for a good fit

  • Several Adjustments

Buy Diamondback Bicycles Sports Bike!

Diamondback Complete Hybrid Bike

This Edgewood Complete has a 6061-T6 aluminum frame. Both the seat post and suspension fork gives this hybrid cushion for a better riding experience. The drivetrain is a Shimano 7-speed, making this a 21 geared bike.

Basically, this hybrid can handle almost every terrain. The wheels are 700C with KendaCross tires. These wide tires give the bike added traction.

The adjustments on this model include the saddle, handlebars at the stem, derailleur, and brakes. The price for this model is very reasonable. That is a steal for this hybrid.

The difference between this and the 2015 model is basically the color. This hybrid might look black at your first see, but in fact, it is dark green. It is a great looking bike between the color and stature.

The stand over height for this hybrid is 30.5” which makes this a medium sized bike, according to bike buying guides. Diamondback has listed this as a large. If you are unsure, just check your inseam against the Bike buying guide on Amazon. You can also talk to your local bike dealer.

For customers that consider themselves beginners or occasional mountain bikers, this front suspension hybrid fits into those categories. This is also a bike that you would use for exercise. This is considered a performance hybrid.

This hybrid is a comfortable and smooth riding bike. Customer reviews on this model have been overall good, with exception of extreme brakes or the height not comfortable for the rider. In just about every instance of a height issue, the customer was going to return the hybrid for a different size.

One review I took note of was a customer that did not want to put the hybrid together or pay to have it done. I have a feeling, if he had made the effort, he would not have sent it back.

If you want to put this bike together yourself, Diamondback has quite a few YouTube videos to rely on for help. The drivetrain should need a little adjustment if any. The brakes just take the time to get the right adjustment. A little patience will have you riding this bike in no time.

There has been a question concerning how to ride in different seasons and an interesting point came up that I will share with you here. If you wish to ride your bike during the fall and winter, the lockout mechanism on hybrids is not meant to be used in temperatures colder than 20 degrees.

It is best to lock them so that you can save yourself from replacing seals in the spring. This keeps your bike from breaking the seals while the suspension is trying to do its job.

  • Shimano 7-speed drivetrain (21 gears)
  • Great suspensions
  • Price
  • 700C Wheels

  • Some brake issues

Buy Diamondback Complete Hybrid Bike!

5 Best Hybrid Bikes for Women for 2017

Diamondback Women’s Vital 2 Complete Hybrid Bike (Best Buy)

(Best Women’s Hybrid Bike for the Money)

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women’s Vital 2 Complete Hybrid Bike provides great value for your money for some reason. This is a great bike if you are looking for something that not only rides smoothly but provides a great workout and convenience at the same time.

The bike frame is made of an aluminum material which provides some advantages for the rider. Aluminum is not only known for strength but rigidity, durability and its lightweight features. Aluminum also provides great frame designs which are what the bike provides. Aluminum frames will rarely get dents when compared to steel which is much heavier but less rigid.

The geometry of the bike is perhaps the best feature it comes with, which is why it is a great hybrid. Hybrids are a cross of mountain bikes and uptown day to day bikes. They can also be crosses of road bikes and city bikes. The geometry allows you to ride for hours on end without bending over and hurting yourself on the bike. The aggressive saddle is also ergonomically addressed for long hours of riding in and out of the city.

The Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women’s Vital 2 Complete Hybrid suspensions for comfort and shock absorption. There is nothing as terrifying as riding downhill on rough terrain without anything to soften the impact of the bike on your body. The shocks make it a great mountain bike when it comes to such ordeals. The shocks also make the ride softer no matter the type of terrain you engage.

The front end has been fortified using a steel handlebar. The steel handlebars provide a more agile control for the bike. The handles are adorned with Kraton grips for more shock absorption and comfort whenever you apply pressure. The hands also absorb a lot of shocks which is why the grip has the best.

This city bike also comes with an amazing 21 gears, which is more than sufficient. Knowing how to handle the combination of the gears will ensure that you get the best out of the Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women’s Vital 2 Complete Hybrid.  The drive train is also compact and built to last.

Finally, you get exceptional rims that are built using Double Tunnel aluminum alloy. These are designed to give you maximum output on both paved and dirt roads. The tires also provide great grip on both ends without retarding the speed of the bike.

  • You get great pricing for a bike with such great attributes which means great value for your money.
  • Shock absorption features highlighted by the handlebars and front wheel shocks provide comfort and a smooth ride.
  • The bike is considerably lightweight thanks to the aluminum frame.
  • The design is ergonomic making it perfect riding long hours.
  • You get a huge gear selection bracket of 21 gear.

  • The weight is also affected considerably by the steel handlebars which makes it slightly heavier than it should be.

This is a great hybrid bike if you are looking for the best of two worlds. It provides great mountain bike’s strengths while offering the comfort of a city bike.

Buy Diamondback Women’S Vital 2 Complete Hybrid!

SixthreezeroEVRYjourney Women’s Touring Hybrid (Editor’s Choice)

(Best Hybrid Bike for Women for 2017)

This beauty comes in three colors: Cream, Teal, and Navy. This hybrid is built to be used as a touring bike. The city frame is what places this hybrid on the list of best hybrid bikes for women as it’s lightweight along with Shimano 7-speed External derailleur and the forward pedal that gives this hybrid a low center of gravity.

Sixthreezero has taken the time to make this hybrid bike a better more comfortable ride with its pitched back design. This bike is a great choice for those with arthritis in the knees because there is less angle to the bended knee. This means that you will be sitting comfortably upright with the correct extension of your legs while riding this hybrid.

This also means the rider can still be able to place their feet flat on the ground without leaving the saddle. The saddle on this bike is made with brown man-made leather that encases a soft foam with matching grips on the handles. The classic stitching only adds to the great look of this hybrid.

The 7-speeds on this bike allows a superior ride through hills, gravel paths, and roads with little discomfort. Shifting gears is easier with a twist of the wrist instead of levers. It makes riding this bike even better because of the simplicity, not to mention the handlebars’ shape allow your shoulders to stay relaxed. No more over-rotating the lever and accidentally jumping speeds, possibly dislodging the chain.

The hand brakes deliver solid braking on both front and back tires. The tires are 26″ which makes this a great ride for women because this is one size, fits all EVRYJOURNEY hybrid that can accommodate 5’4″ and taller. The tires have semi-slick tread that are two inches wide with full fenders to keep the spray from wet roads off your clothing.

For those of you who would ask about the quick release, the answer is yes, there is a lever on the front tire for quick release. Before releasing the front wheel, make sure that you have disengaged the brakes prior to removal.

This hybrid can take long trips, whether commuting, riding paths, or just a leisurely day out. This company has only been in business since 2005 and they have nailed the cruiser scene with these hybrid performance bikes. The best part of this considerably new business is that they stand behind their product.

The ergonomic design of these bikes was designed to reduce fatigue. Shock absorbers are located in the dual springs saddle and provided by two rubber shock absorbers.

There are a couple of problems with this model, but not directly, per say. If you are looking for a child seat that fits this hybrid, you may have to call their store during business hours. The Schwinn, Bellelli, Co-Pilot and Bell models do not seem to fit. Another problem is a safety issue if you are riding at dusk or later. There are reflectors on the pedals and on the back, but you might want to add better reflectors before taking this bike out at those times.

  • Light-Weight Aluminum Frame
  • Shimano 7-Speed Internal Hub
  • Forward Pedal Design
  • Sleek design

  • Initial adjustments
  • Plastic fenders

Buy Sixthreezeroevryjourney Women’S Touring Hybrid!

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid (Top Pick)

This is our choice for best hybrid bikes for women because the construction and qualities are the same as the Schwinn Discovery Men’s Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels). It is listed on various sites as a mountain bike, but we tend to disagree after reviewing the specifications.

This hybrid has the same wheels, with standards to this hybrid of a bike with 21-speed SRAM grip shifts and the Shimano rear derailleur with the Promax alloy rim breaks and levers for the front and back.

In case you missed it the first time, this wheel size should have about 70 Pressure per Square Inch (PSI) in them. This wheel is the same as the Men’s version, having tread that grips in gravel and helps with stability while riding anywhere.

The front wheel also has a quick release. For those who may not be aware what this means, there is a device attached to the wheel. First, you need to release the brake on the tire and then release the wheel from the front fork by pulling the lever out.

This releases the wheel and allows you to pull it down, away from the fork. Customers love this feature because it doesn’t need any tools to remove the wheel for fixing a flat to fitting this hybrid into the trunk of a vehicle. As in my review for the brother version of this hybrid, there is a need to pay attention to the tires and air pressure.

There have been quite a few questions about flat tires. Besides the obvious bike pump, tires will go flat and preparation is always advised. If the tires are flat, out of the box, Schwinn is good about making things right, within reason.

The front fork also has a shock absorber to help with a smooth ride over uneven ground. This hybrid also comes standard with the built-in rear gear carrier and fenders.

The swept-back upright handlebars have three adjustments. The top adjustment places how the bar you hold is angled towards you, the next adjustment determines how far back or forward you want the handlebars to sit, and the third determines how high you wish the handlebars to be.

This all determined by how the rider is most comfortable when riding. The saddle has the same impact prevention with padding on the saddle with shock absorbers underneath at the seat post.

Some information that you may need is that hybrid does not have pre-drilled holes for a water bottle cage, as the brother model to this does. If this hybrid is purchased online, there will be some assembly required.

The good news is, it shouldn’t require more than a screwdriver and Allen wrench. The elements of the hybrid that you will have to put together are the saddle, handlebars, pedals and the front tire on the frame.

Another piece of helpful information on this model is if you would like to attach a bike trailer to this hybrid, you will have to have the rear gear carrier removed. Customers have also questioned if a child carrier can be attached and the answer is yes.

The size of this hybrid has often come into question. At the lowest setting for the saddle, this hybrid will accommodate a woman with a 30″ inseam or more. This allows her to place her feet on the ground at a stop, comfortably.

It is a great choice for the price of a quality best hybrid bike for women.

  • Lightweight Aluminum frame
  • 21-gears for easy of terrain
  • Full Suspension on front fork and saddle
  • Smooth ride

  • Spokes can get bent or broken easily
  • Plastic fenders

Buy Schwinn Discover Women’S Hybrid!

Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle (Best Value)

(Best Value Hybrid for Your Money)

The best bike in the world is on that provides the best of qualities without costing an arm and a leg. Getting an excellent bargain is rare which is why the Northwoods Springdale Women’s 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle, 700c is a bike worth looking at. This is a hybrid bike which means that it comes with something little or more depending on the need of two worlds; a mountain bike and road bike in this case.

The Northwoods Springdale Women’s 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle, 700c provides ergonomically support to the body which allows the rider to spend long hours on it without necessarily getting tired. This is a great bike for people with slight back problems. Standard mountain bikes will need the rider to slough over while city bikes allow an upright riding position.

The bike frame is designed using aluminum. This means that it comes with lightweight, rigid, durable, corrosive free and well-designed features. Aluminum bike are easy to design which makes the material one of the best for the most elaborate features. The 700c wheels also provide great traction making it an ideal companion n both smooth and tough terrains.

The Northwoods Springdale Women’s 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle, 700c comes with front wheel shock absorbers for the purpose of absorbing body impact. Riding downhill will take a toll on the body due to the vibrations. The shocks absorb most of it making it more bearable and to a great extent, more fun.


You get to enjoy great speeds thanks to the 21 gear Shimano Tourney rear derailleur. This means that you get quality gear shifts from some of the best makers in history. You, of course, need to know how to use these combinations for the best results on the road. The provided gears make it easy to climb hills as well as garner speeds close to the racing road bikes.

The bike also comes with alloy rims. These are perfect for show and when it comes to absorbing great impact. You also get a quick release seat clamp is you want to change your bike seat or for security purposes. The brake setting is linear for a more efficient pull.

Some of the extras include a fender and a rear rack for your day to day shopping, carrying baggage during a road trip or simply carrying a friend for fun.

  • You get a Lightweight frame making the bike light or maneuverability.
  • Comfortable upright riding position which is good for the back and long hours of riding.
  • 21 gear for the best riding speed variety.
  • The bike comes with a rear rack and fenders as extras.
  • Front wheel shock absorbers to absorb impact and vibrations

  • The bike is slightly heavy and maybe a bit of a challenge for some when it comes to lifting it upstairs or on a rack from a drive.

This is a great bike if you are looking for the comfort that comes with city bikes blended with the ruggedness that comes with a mountain bike. You are sure to handle climbs, slopes as well as the paved city sloped in absolute comfort whether on a road trip or a short commute.

Buy Northwoods Springdale Women’S Hybrid!

Pure City Dutch Style City Bicycle

There are 8 colors and three levels of gears with this City hybrid bike! We have a variety here! The colors are Abby Cream/Mint Green, Crosby Sea Foam Green/White, Bromley Peach, Melrose Oxblood Red, Arroyo Black/Silver, Talamanca Teal/Silver, Cass Black, and Laurel Pale Blue/Silver.

It is a little difficult to get your color with the level of gears you want, but this is truly a beautiful hybrid for city riding, no matter which color you choose!

That is pretty reasonable, with the different levels of shifts available. This makes the hybrid one of the best hybrid bikes for women. You have the option of 1-speed, 3-speed or 8-speed.

Each hybrid comes with a rear rack, fenders, and bell. A front rack is optional and you have a choice of either a 26” wheel or a 700C Wheel, all depending on your preference and height.

There are simple reasons why you should consider this bike, other than it is visually appealing to the eye. This is a comfortable bike, with the saddle and comfortable ride it offers as you sit upright. It also is very useful bike by way of the rear rack to hold your things while you ride. The durability of this hybrid is found in its steel frame.

We have different styles of the Pure City hybrid that gives you a choice of size, color combinations, and styles. The city bike is for commuters and those who love to jaunt around town. Errands or meeting up with friends in town is as easy as a breeze with this bike.

Looking at the 1-speed, there are hand brakes on a swept-back handlebar, full fenders to protect the rider from wet roads, a chain guard for safety as well as a form of protection for your clothing from getting the oil and/or grease from the chain.

There is also an artificial leather saddle with springs with matching grips. The hand brakes are an alloy caliper on both back and front wheels. The 3 speed has a Shimano Nexus Twist Shifter and 8 speeds have the Shimano Twist Shifter.

There are water bottle cages, apparel, bags and baskets, helmets, lights, locks, and straps for the pedals.

A few words of warning: When you purchase this hybrid online, it is imperative to have a professional put it together if you want the warranty in tack. Putting it together yourself will void it. Another issue in relation to putting it together is, there are no instructions included, but you can go on their website to get generalized instructions.

You can also purchase a ‘Bike Shop Pickup’ for service or a ‘Fully Built Delivery’ to your door. You can review your options at checkout. If you decide you want to do-it-yourself, they give you a list of tools and materials you will need (along with a little humor added) for the assembly process.

Even though the instructions are general, they give you the advantage of either reading or looking at the pictures step-by-step, or both (just to make sure you are on track, of course)!

There are a few reviews concerning damage of the hybrid in transit concerning the paint chipping, but overall customers are pleased with their purchases. A small amount of touch up paint is included when you purchase online.

  • Warranty available
  • Three Selections of speeds
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Very nice looking bike

  • Professional assembly required for warranty
  • Chipped paint (has paint touch-up, though)

Buy Pure City Dutch Style City Bicycle!

Hybrid bike buying guide

The things that you should look for when buying a hybrid bike can be answered by asking yourself a few questions.

You need to know what kind of riding you plan to do and where. Whether that is city streets or country roads; in the park or on the beach. This will determine the best type of hybrid that you should get.

The next determination should be about what you expect to pay for your hybrid. You need to think about the time you expect to be riding. Are you going to be taking your hybrid out on long cruises or will you be using it for commuting back and forth to work?

You could just want a hybrid to join a bike club or just have one to go to market. Are the best hybrid bikes for women or Best Hybrid Bikes for Men important to you?

Another question is quality. Does it matter whether the hybrid is of good quality, or would you settle for something less? You could easily look up hybrid bikes and read through customer reviews, as we have done for part of our research, before making a decision.

The question of togetherness with your significant other or family bike rides is another important question to ask yourself. Are you planning on enjoying bike rides together?

Yet another question is whether you are getting this bike for a form of exercise or fun? There are different options available on a hybrid that can be the answer to any one of these questions, or all of them.

Review articles that you can find about the hybrid you want. There are plenty of articles about hybrid bikes.

One of the things you should also be researching is any terms you don’t understand when you run across a bike that you are interested in. There are also plenty of videos available to explain to you what terms are or mean, visually.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is meant for every man and woman who is interested in cycling, at any level of interest, from pricing, and the quality of the product, to physical exercise.  If you are considering the purchase of a hybrid bicycle, you need the information to make a knowledgeable decision.

You, as a customer, have the right to a comprehensive Hybrid Bikes Reviews that includes best Hybrid Bikes for Men and Women, and the best hybrid bikes under $300, $500, and $1000.

Why own a hybrid?

A hybrid bike is one of the most versatile bikes on the market. They can handle various terrains and are durable enough to go from road to gravel. They are a great choice because they are a combination of a road bike and mountain bike.

Of course, they are not made to handle off-road mountain trails, but they can handle dirt roads and gravel while still being comfortable to ride. The swept-back handlebars allow the rider to sit in an upright position so that the back is not strained.

Why hybrids are the best bikes to own

There are a few reasons why hybrid bikes are better to own than other types of bikes.

  • They help you sit straight.
  • They are a non-stress exercise.
  • Most have a stand-over that lets you place your feet on the ground when still.
  • They can take a little jostling on different surfaces.
  • They can be a joy to ride!

There are so many places that you can go with the hybrid that you can’t with bikes made only for one type of riding. After reading hundreds of reviews of individual bikes, it is obvious that the hybrids are a preferred bike for customers who want to enjoy the ride. I have also determined that customers who purchase a hybrid are overall happier with their purchase than those who buy a bike for one venue of riding. This is not to say that customers don’t like their racing bikes or anything like that, but it is more about choosing the right kind of bike for the customer. Hybrids don’t have as many negative reviews as say a racing bike does. I’m not sure why this is, but hybrids are a great way to get out anytime and enjoy customer’s surroundings.

This is not to say that customers don’t like their racing bikes or anything like that, but it is more about choosing the right kind of bike for the customer. Hybrids don’t have as many negative reviews as say a racing bike does. I’m not sure why this is, but hybrids are a great way to get out anytime and enjoy customer’s surroundings.

Distinguishing features you will look when buying a hybrid bike

Distinguishing features of a hybrid are a comfort. Whether the bike is meant to ride on city streets or country roads. You may want to consider a better quality hybrid, depending on the type of riding and where you will go.

The components to a quality hybrid include:

  • A lightweight aluminum called Chromoly to resist impacts,
  • Handlebars that are flat and give the rider better control,
  • Gears that are readily used when challenged with different types of surfaces, and
  • A customer’s choice of pedals, depending on where they ride.


There is something that you should be aware of when looking for a hybrid. Not all hybrids are meant for specific riding. You can see more than two combinations of a hybrid. The road/cruiser, mountain/comfort, sports hybrid for trails, performance hybrids that combine commuting with the road, and dual-sport are also serving out there.

There is a wide range of hybrids that can give you the combination you want. This is why it is so important for you to define how you are going to ride your bike. Also, consider where you are most likely to ride it.

Comfort hybrids are meant to stay on paved or unpaved streets and roads. A city bike is meant to ride through the city. Being able to ride through town at a somewhat faster pace.

A road bike is a bike that is used to take long rides on roads similar to a day out to see things and go places at a faster pace than in the city.

What to buy with your hybrid?

Where ever you are riding, it is important to be aware, cautious and safe. Following is a list of things to consider purchasing with your hybrid.

  1. Helmets – This is a safety feature that all riders should consider. The helmet may not be that important to you because you figure it will be of little use if you get hit or fall off your bike. In all honesty, it may not keep you as safe as you would like, but a helmet that fits well can reduce any injury that you could sustain. A good bike helmet has enough padding with a hard shell to help you survive an accident where your head hits the ground.
  2. Gloves – Having gloves to wear while riding helps with gripping and can also help in case of an accident. Biking gloves can assist you in a fall but there are other reasons to consider wearing gloves when riding. One reason is that they prevent blisters. Another reason is that sweaty palms could make you lose your grip, and another reason is to pad your palm to take pressure off your ulnar nerve. Not to mention that long rides without padding in your palm could lead to problems with the padding of your hands.
  3. Shoes/toe clips – Shoes and clips to keep your feet on the pedal. These are optional for the rider that needs a more substantial connection to their bike.
  4. Bags/Rack – Also called panniers, bags and racks can help you carry things without interfering with your hands on the handlebars.
  5. Bike Lock – After all, that money you spent on your hybrid you need a lock to secure your investment. You should buy one that will be able to lock your bike in a couple places. This is especially important if your hybrid has a front wheel release. Nothing is worse than locking your hybrid to a rack and finding half the bike missing when you come back to ride it.
  6. Water Bottle Cage – Most people who bike like to have something to quench their thirst while riding. This is handy to have. Particularly on a hot day. The best cage to buy is one that will be able to hold the type of water bottle you use. A good fit ensures you won’t lose it somewhere on the trail.
  7. Biking Apparel – this is optional, depending on how you ride and the length of ride.

How to get the most out of your bike

In order to get the most out of your hybrid bike. There are a few things that you must know and have to do.

  • The first thing is to keep all the paperwork on how to take care of your hybrid. (e.g. Warranty, special instructions).
  • The next step is to keep up on the maintenance.
  • If your hybrid gets wet, always wipe it down to deter rust.
  • Keep spare parts (e.g., tubes, tools.)
  • If your hybrid breaks, or runs a flat, get it fixed before you lose parts.

These are some of the important things to do for your hybrid to keep it in good shape.

Hybrid bikes are a pleasure to ride when you know where each type is meant for. Just choose the area you will be riding at and find the hybrids that will make your journey a great ride!

Conclusion and summary

Hybrid bikes are a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike, making it an easier choice over one or the other. The bikes handle multi-surfaces with tires that can grab onto the surface well. There are many choices to choose from for the type of riding you plan on doing.

The best ways to find out which hybrid is right for you is to do your own research. Don’t just trust one review. Make sure that the bike will be a good fit for you and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

There is so much information on the internet today, but to make sure you know what you want, visit a bike shop, read review articles, and pay attention to what other customers have said.

Make it a point to read critical reviews customers have posted and weighed that against the total customer reviews.

Schwinn Men's Network 3.0 Hybrid Bicycle

Best Hybrid Bike for Men

  • Aluminum frame, Schwinn suspension fork
  • Shimano 21 speed rear derailleur with Shimano EZ Fire shifters
  • Alloy rims, Comfortable seat
  • Suspension seat post, Upright riding position

Diamondback Women's Vital 2 Complete Hybrid Bike

Best Hybrid Bike for Women

  • Aluminum Sport Hybrid; Durable, rigid, and an upright bike
  • Comfortable geometry and suspension, 21 gearing options
  • SSW700 Double Tunnel aluminum alloy rims
  • Kenda tires

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