5 Best Mountain Bike Helmet Reviews for 2017

After having spent countless hours on a search for the best mountain bike helmet for 2017, it was clear to us that GoMax Aero Saftey Helmet topped most.

This is one of the cheap options in our list. This might seem like a cheap alternative to a quality helmet, but it actually still serves the purpose that you need a bike helmet to achieve.

And if you want a helmet to provide everything you could possibly need in safety and comfort in one simple package, go for Team Obsidian Airflow Helmet. It’s extremely light in weight but still offers top-notch safety features that are absolutely required for extreme biking.

Bike riding is one of the best forms of exercise, it’s not just good for your health, but also just some good old-fashioned fun especially on a day with gorgeous weather surrounded by nature. Mountain biking will test your fitness and gets your butt, thighs, and joints into shape. When riding your bike especially in outdoor terrain, one of the aspects people tend to underestimate is safety. One of the most important ways to stay safe is making sure you own a bicycle helmet. Accidents do happen and you want to be well prepared. Back in the good old days, helmets looked like giant blocks of plastic that made your head the shape of a mushroom.

GoMax Aero Safety Helmet (Adult)

🏆 Best Budget Mountain Bike Helmet

  • Aerodynamic design
  • In-mold Polycarbonate Shell
  • Rear Led Tail Light
  • Optimal ventilation
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Team Obsidian Airflow Helmet

🏆 Best Helmet for Extreme Mountain Biking

  • Shock absorption technology
  • Built for ultimate comfort
  • 22 large frontal air vents
  • Perfect fit
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty

Those days are long gone, as helmet manufacturers have spent decades designing sleek, creative styles to make sure you are well protected while still having fun. Now, there are literally thousands of helmets available in stores or online. However, not all helmets are built the same. Since this is an important investment to make sure your bike riding experience is as satisfying as can be, make sure you buy the best helmet out there. I’ve researched for you the 5 best mountain bike helmets and they can all be found for excellent value.

Our 5 Best MTB Helmets with Reviews for 2017

Team Obsidian Airflow Helmet Review

(Best helmet for extreme mountain biking)

Our top pick is the helmet from Team Obsidian. This helmet is feather light, but don’t mistake that into believing that it is weak. There is no doubt your head will be protected with its top-notch safety features. It’s made of high-quality EPS, molded through the “in mould technology”, used by all high-quality and safe helmets.

The Obsidian Team helmet meets rigorous safety standards earning CE certification. Their breaking new patented adjustment system allows easy adjustments vertically and horizontally for a tighter and snugger fit. Everyone has a unique shape of their head, so this helmet allows you to make sure it fits perfectly. Part of the reason for its light weight is due to its state of the art ventilation that allows air to pass through, making it more comfortable, not to mention providing a sleek and stylish presentation. This helmet is an excellent choice for both men and women and also great for teenage boys and girls to wear.


Many users felt satisfied with the weight and fit of this helmet. Consumers most commonly described this helmet as lightweight with easy to adjust straps. The padding in the helmet is sufficient and the extra pad on the chin strap adds to the comfort for those long bike rides. Its design is intended to be subtle and elegant so it’s large enough to protect your head, but slim enough not to look too bulky.

While I give this helmet high marks for comfort and fit, not everyone will be pleased. Some actually felt the padding to be a bit thin and even its largest size was too small. However, this helmet comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is no one size fits all promise like everything else. They offer two sizes: S/M and M/L and if you don’t absolutely love the way the helmet feels, then return it under a 1-year warranty to get your money back.


They’ve invented a breaking new patented adjustment system like no other. You can easily adjust vertically and horizontally for a tighter and snugger fit. Since everyone’s head is shaped uniquely, this innovative system can allow you to adjust the helmet to fit you perfectly. 80% of the reason this helmet is so comfortable is because of the advanced system in place. Ponytails are also accommodated with this brand new strap design.


This helmet tested wonderfully, especially with its excellent ventilation. It comes designed with 22 wide frontal air vents that do the work of 30 standard vents to provide fantastic airflow from the front to the back, enabling a more enjoyable bike riding experience while riding in the sun on a hot, humid day. It comes with a detachable visor that’s easy to take off and put on. Team Obsidian created a practical and dynamic bike helmet without too many extra bells and whistles but does exactly what you need.


There haven’t been many complaints about the look of this beautiful helmet. It comes in two colors black and white and has a sporty look so you can appear like a serious rider. The helmet has an oval shaped design to add more comfort so that it will make you to never want to go back to the typical round and uncomfortable helmets again.

The only change requested that I could find regarding the look was the desire by some that the helmet came in additional colors.


Many of the best helmets on the market will run you over $150 maybe even $200. That is a bit steep for a bike helmet even if you are a professional. This helmet comes with amazing value with a reasonable price. There are definitely helmets that come for much cheaper, but for this one is the best one out there, this is a steal.

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GoMax Aero Adult Safety Helmet Review

Best Buy

(Best budget mountain bike helmet)

The runner up is GoMax Aero. This helmet offers the best value of any helmet on the market. Many bike helmets may go for between $50-$100 and this one is just as strong or better for a fraction of the price.

The strap system is from high-quality nylon webbing and has a removable chin cushion. The adjustment knob on the back is quick, simple, and easy to use. There is a built-in detachable visor to provide extra shade in sunny conditions. The in-mold polycarbonate shell adds extra durability while reducing pressure on the head upon impact. Twenty-two air vents allow riders to keep their head dry and ensure optimal airflow with minimal air resistance. This helmet is suitable for anyone 12 years old and up. It also comes in 5 stylish colors to make you look good while other riders feel jealous they don’t have a helmet that does the same.


This high-quality helmet is fully aerodynamic, matching helmets that are far pricier than this one. Its aerodynamic feature enables air vents to provide ideal air flow over the head while minimizing air resistance. During those really hot summer months, your head will not suffer from excessive sweating or get overheated. Perfect for any user whether amateur or pro.

One drawback from some of the users felt the visor was a bit long which sometimes forced them to feel like they needed to peek through the holes in it to see better. Some of the biggest complaints about this helmet came from people who said it was too small to fit their big head. This helmet comes in two sizes: medium and large. While it is adjustable, if you need something bigger than 58-61 cm, this might not be the best fit.


The adjustability is pretty simple and comfortable for most riders, nothing groundbreaking here. There is a dual fit adjustable strap to ensure a proper fit that can be accessible for anyone as young as 12 years old. The dial on the back for adjusting the retention system is easy to reach to make final adjustments for different shaped and sized heads as well. The strap comes with plenty of lengths so people with large heads will have no problem making this helmet fit on tight.


GoMax Aero received some of the highest praise for ventilation. It has 22 air vents and innovative aerodynamic design. There are moisture-wicking pads inside for keeping your head dry. It comes with a built-in detachable visor if needed, plus a reflective rear adjustable dial. The in-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner adds extra durability. This helmet comes with great engineering and top quality materials.


This is a great looking helmet with vibrant, bright colors. Choose between shiny black, shiny white, neon green, safety orange and sky blue. When you’re riding this and take a tumble you can be sure to stand out in case a rescue helicopter needs to come to your assistance.

If you’re looking for something more subtle, unfortunately, no dull colors here, but who wants something boring like that anyway. Most reviewers seemed to love the bright colors and felt the aesthetics are one of its best features.


The GoMax Aero is the most affordable of our selections and easily offers the best value out there. When many helmets will run you well over $100, why not get a helmet with equal quality for much, much less.

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Giro Feature Mountain Bike Helmet Review

If you want a bike helmet that truly stands out and looks different than the rest, you definitely have to try the Giro Feature. This helmet comes in at different prices depending on the size and color. It’s packed with a lot of really great features, including an adjustable visor as well as the most secure and comfortable retention system. If the sun isn’t bothering you, simply slide the visor upward and it’s completely out of the way. The padding amount is perfect, so it stays on your head comfortably and doesn’t bounce around, distracting you from concentrating on the road ahead. It’s important to have a helmet that secures nicely to give you the confidence to zipping around rugged terrain. Giro Feature has a great rear coverage for added protection and is so lightweight it won’t even feel like you have a helmet on your head. Another excellent selection from the makers of Giro.


Just like many Giro products, this one is top notch. It offers extra rear head protection a little more than what other helmets typically offer. The adjustable visor was a strong selling point for most. If the sun isn’t bothering you, simply slide it upwards and it’s completely out of the way. The ventilation keeps your head cool and it weighs so little you can easily forget it’s there. A lot of reviews stated that the fitting was so good it felt like the helmet was molded on their head.

Some of the downsides were that users felt the straps weren’t adjustable enough on the sides and wouldn’t fit under the chin properly. While the visor could be slid up and out of the way, it wasn’t easy to remove if desired. Despite some of those complaints, most consumers were very pleased with the helmet.


The helmet has two methods for adjustment, a circumferential In-Form system with a twisted wheel in the rear and a four-position high setting. Testers had no complaints about grasping the wheel to twist open and close on the fly, but some did find it a bit stubborn when loosening. The chin strap was easy to cinch down, but the ear portion didn’t have any adjustability, which most still didn’t find was an issue. Given how the Giro Feature looks, considering it’s long back part and the simplicity of its look, one may think at first glance that it could be weightier and difficult to fit. In fact, most reviewers stated that the head cradle, adjustment knob in the rear, and perfectly placed chin strap all combined to make the helmet adjustable for that snug and secure feel. The retention system could also totally be taken out for replacement if required, giving the helmet some added longevity.


Giro has crafted another great addition to their brand. The Feature uses an in-mold polycarbonate shell with an EPS foam liner, an In-Form retention system, 12 vents with internal channeling and an adjustable visor. The 12 holes for ventilation is less than other helmets which have over 20, but due to their size and the helmet’s channeling design, there is still great airflow and cooling. There is also a slight indention on the sides of the helmet to accommodate those who like to wear goggles.


The biggest worry for a lot of bike riders when wearing a helmet is that it’s going to look like a mushroom. Most users felt this one avoids that and it actually has a low profile, curdling most of the head to provide great protection without looking uncool. Some even said that they attract multiple compliments a day. Giro Feature has a sort of skate park style to it with a very minimalist look. It comes in 3 sizes and in nine different colors, some bright if you want to stand out and some a little darker if you prefer to remain a bit more subtle.


Giro helmet is not costly. On Amazon, some of these helmets go for the same price, but depending on what color and size are available you can purchase this at a bargain price. Pretty decent value, not the best compared to some of the other helmets, that’s what contributed to us lowering our rating for it. However, a great option for those who are big fans of Giro.

Buy Giro Feature Mountain Bike Helmet!

Gonex Bike Helmet Review

(One of the best MTB helmets under $50)

An amazing selection at a bargain is this adult bike helmet from Gonex. It comes with an adjustable internal regular and comfortable cushion lining for added protection. A unique LED back light is equipped to alert people of your presence when it’s dark. It is a step down in quality, adjustability, and aesthetics, but the fact that it meets industry standards and costs far cheaper shows that there is a lot of value in investing in something like this.


This neat, proficient helmet has a lot of the great qualities many good helmets have, it’s super lightweight, well ventilated and comfortable to wear. The comfortable cushion lining and high-sided article velvet make this helmet shockproof.  Overall, the helmet is very well constructed as Gonex has utilized the latest technology by molding the outer shell with the protective foam. This allows the helmet to become one piece, adding strength and weight reduction.

In comparison to the other helmets we recommended, this one only comes in one size. So this might not be to everyone’s liking. Either way, it’s a safe affordable option that’s just as efficient as any helmet on the market. Excellent value and has received excellent reviews.


Super comfortable and like a lot of good bike helmets, this one also has a dial in the back to help you adjust the inner portion to be tighter or looser as needed. There is also a padded chin strap for comfort and padded mesh interior to keep your head cool and comfy. Similar adjustable features as most quality helmets, can’t go wrong here.


The Gonex mountain biking helmet is very simple but has a lot of great components to compete with the best brands out there. There are 24 ventilation holes you’ll come to appreciate in dry, humid temperatures on long summer days. The interior mesh covering not only makes your head cool and comfy but does a great job covering the holes to keep debris out. The mesh is capable of allowing enough air in while keeping annoying little gnats out. The chin strap has padding, but can be removed for those who find it irritable to their skin. Also, one unique feature is that it is equipped with 3-mode durable LED backlight. This way you can ride in the dark and further provide security so that other people to know you are there. The light is easy to use as you just push a button to turn on and toggle through 3 different settings. Press once for constant light, twice for slow blinking constant light, and three times for quick blinking moving lights. Many users felt it was also very bright.

A few people had some trouble with their light working when they bought it or after a short period of usage, but most reviewers primarily raved about the backlight. There is also no sun visor if that’s a deal breaker for you.


Aesthetics is very subjective, to me, this helmet is not very flashy, but still pleasing. A lot of helmets can be too bulky and just plain ugly, this one gives you four great color options. The colors though are mostly in different variations on black, white and red. If you’re looking for something bright and shiny with multiple color schemes like Giro Feature, unfortunately, there isn’t much else available. The bright LED light adds a nice touch, distinguishing its look for the rest of the pack. Overall it has a nice look that won’t leave you feeling embarrassed wearing it.


This is another very affordable option with great value.

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Bell Sequence Bicycle Mountain Helmet

(Best MTB Helmet for XC use and cross-country travel)

Our final pick comes for the esteemed Bell Helmets brand. Their Bell Sequence helmet has been around for a few years and adds a stylish and well-respected product fit for hardcore cyclists looking to tear up the pathways in all-mountain ranges and cross-country travels. This helmet may not be for everyone as the price is little bit higher and this is marketed for serious riders looking for speed, although it could really be used for a wide variety of riders and riding styles. This helmet uses a TAG (Twin Axis Gear) retention adjustment system with cam-lock adjusters so you can dial in the right fit. Also, a handy adjustable visor helps block out the sun and some debris.


Bell Helmets have been around for over 50 years designing helmets for various extreme sports athletes such as Indy car racing and Olympic cycling. The Bell Sequence is a state of the art helmet created for any bike riding need. They crafted this helmet with a strong, aggressive style to make it tough enough to handle cross-country, all-mountain and trail-ride mountain biking. The in-molding has extended full coverage around the rear. There are 20 big vents with internal channels to keep you cool. The straps and buckles are high quality so it will outlast many of the other cheaper straps on other helmets. Most users felt this helmet was easy to adjust and often a great fit. Comes with a Twin Axis Gear fit system for a snug, comfortable fit and a 15-degree adjustable visor as well.

Even with the remarkable flexibility and snugness, many complemented this helmet on, it wasn’t a good fit for everyone. One tester found the circumference wasn’t ideal for people with round heads, feeling it was not wide enough. Despite the ventilation, there were those who felt it still tended to get hot after 45 minutes of use and had terrible forehead sweat.


It’s Twin Axis Gear system allows you to adjust the head on 2 axes, one circumferentially as standard fit systems do and also vertically to better accommodate differences in the up-down position of the occipital bump. For those that found this helmet perfect for them felt that it doesn’t move it all even without the chin strap being fastened, although no one should ever ride without doing so. Cam-lock levers help you adjust the straps around your ears.


The helmet uses channeled ventilation which utilizes vents on the outside and deep channels on the inside of the liner to bring cool air in through the front and pass it over the head and flush the warm air out of the rear pockets. While this might not keep you from sweating altogether, it will keep your head from overheating. The Sequence is equipped with Twin Axis Gear fit system, 24 flow-tuned vents, and a VPV adjustable visor to suit those all day 24-hour epic endurance racers to the show it off after work ride.


This helmet looks like it’s for someone aiming to knock another person’s head off on a lacrosse field. The makers of the Sequence were intending to channel an aggressive style for serious cross-country, all-mountain and extreme riders. This style is all the rage in Europe and is now becoming even more desirable here in the states. It has an internal reinforcement which allows for bigger vents, more advanced styling and lighter weight. It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Also, you can select the helmet from 14 interesting colors. The artwork also will have people talking about how cool the design is as well. This is definitely a helmet that will stand out and impress.


When most consumers look to buy things they feel that the more expensive the better higher the quality. With this, you get equal if not better quality for a lot less. This is a bargain and the price is well-suited for the performance you get.

Buy Bell Sequence Mountain Bike Helmet!

How to pick a mountain bike helmet (buying guide)

Mountain Biking

So, what qualities should you be looking for to find a good bike helmet? Many of you probably think helmets make you look way uncool. Let’s look at reality, accidents do happen and while protecting your noggin used to mean wearing a giant block of plastic on top of your head, helmet manufacturers have stepped up their designs, molding functionality with super chic aesthetics and crafting lighter, better ventilated and more comfortably fit styles over the years. Helmets don’t have to be expensive, but also the best ones out there don’t come cheap. Our ratings don’t cover the cheapest, but they do cover the most affordable and offer the best value to provide the best insurance policy for all of your bike riding adventures.


This should be a given when considering one of the most important factors before making a purchase. You’re going to be wearing this thing for hours on end, hopefully for several years. You want a helmet that is sturdy, but not too cumbersome. The lighter the helmet the better, ideally it’s best to find something that makes you feel like nothing is on your head at all.


Everyone has a uniquely shaped dome. A good fitting helmet should feel snug, but not annoyingly tight. It should sit level on your head, not tilted back. A good helmet will have an adjuster like a knob or dial on the back so you can tighten it until it feels succinctly fit. The straps are also a vital component. You’ll need a helmet that has flexible adjustments to make sure it fits perfectly.


Most quality helmets will have similar characteristics you’ll see when reading reviews on various different ones. Some of those characteristics will say lightweight, sturdy, sleek, but some helmets offer different features. There might be helmets with a different retention system, different amount of vents for breathability, and some with other types of accessories like visors or backlights. These unique features can add extra value to that particular helmet over all the others. With all the different helmets out there, these unique features are pieces to consider when evaluating what is best.


Buying a bike helmet is more than just finding something that fits your head properly. Now, looks may not be the most important factor for providing safety, however, for most consumers, looks does play a factor in determining the helmet of their choosing. We believe that all the choices we made provide a sleek and stylish combination of performance to give you the confidence you deserve when riding along the trails. It’s dorky enough wearing one of these things, might as well look as good as you can while doing so.


We definitely didn’t take a look at the ultra cheap helmets, but that doesn’t mean these five are the most expensive either. Some of them could range between $50-$100 or more, but when found on Amazon they go for much cheaper. These helmets are all competitively priced and represent excellent value. This guide is to help analyze what you can expect from your investment.

How I picked our top mountain bike helmets

There are so many bike helmets and helmet manufacturers out there. It’s impossible to review all the products just for personal use, no one uses that range of products. A lot of research was done sifting through various websites gaining insight on what many consumers were saying about these products. We looked for popular models that were given high ratings and hundreds of reviews from customers and editorials.  A majority of the models that came up as the very best came from the major helmet companies: Giro, Bell, Specialized, etc. There were many other small names that didn’t make the cut, not because they don’t produce good helmets, but they just aren’t as well distributed and it makes them harder to come by. We came up with the criteria to judge by emphasizing 5 main categories: comfort, adjustability, features, looks, and price. We believe this gives the best representation for what consumers are looking for when it comes to finding the most optimal helmet they can find.

Mountain Biking with a dog

Bicycle helmets can range typically from around $20 to over $300. The cheaper ones are usually found in big-box stores like Walmart or K-Mart. The pricier ones fulfill the needs of niche markets like competitive roadsters, marathon cyclists, and extreme mountain bikers. Most of the mid-priced helmets in the $50-$100 range have a lot of the same features that the high-end helmets have without sacrificing anything in the way of looks or performance. They are usually versatile enough to satisfy most helmet wearers. The more you spend on a helmet doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safer. All helmets sold in the US must pass stringent certifications by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). So all these helmets have been tested and proven to be safe. More expensive helmets tend to have some extra bells and whistles that the cheaper ones don’t. You might have a more adjustable strap, more sophisticated retention system, better ventilation, or even added accessories, but you certainly will not lose safety if you look for the ones with a lower price tag.

You might be asking why must I use a bicycle helmet, couldn’t I just use the same one I use for skateboarding or rollerblading. It’s highly recommended to go ahead and purchase a bike specific helmet because they are tested to withstand crashes at higher speeds and produce different impacts from those crashes compared to that from other activities. Helmets designed for skateboarding, rollerblading, and various other activities are built to do different things upon impact, so what may be ideal to blunt impact from a skateboarding crash may be different than from a bicycle crash. Sometimes helmets for other activities have different requirements to be met by safety commissions.

There are some helmets that implement the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which inserts a cradle between the shell/liner and the head. This allows the helmet to absorb rotational force rather than transferring it to the head, which lowers the potential for concussions and brain trauma. You can find helmets that we recommend that can come with the MIPS feature for an additional cost. Up till now, though, the MIPS hasn’t shown enough yet to warrant whether purchasing this is worth it to the everyday user. If you don’t buy a helmet with this system, it’s nothing to sweat about, but if you decide to buy one, no harm done.

The most important feature to look for is the molded in-shell construction, which means the foam is expanded within the plastic cover, bonding the layers permanently so it looks like one piece altogether. Cheap helmets will have the covers glued on, which is best to stay away from. The glued-on covers can detach over usage when the stickiness from the glue fades away. When this happens your helmet will lose its ability to protect you properly and will lead to quicker degradation of the foam. If your helmet has some wear and tear, it will not protect you very well in case of a crash.

In this day and age when helmets are easily available to purchase online, it’s imperative you find one that is a good fit for your uniquely shaped head. It should be sized correctly to your head’s circumference. I would recommend going to store and trying on several of them to see which fits best. You can then go online and buy one if the prices are more affordable there. Helmets will come in S/M/L/XL so trying on two or three different sizes and having an expert from the shop with you will ensure you find the safest choice for you.

After figuring out what size range fits you, the next part is making sure it’s situated low, level, and snug. The helmet should be situated in the middle of your forehead, a little bit above the eyebrow so it does not get in the way of your vision. A good helmet will have an adjustable retention system so you can move it looser or tighter to ensure it will be snug enough and it’s not moving around while you are riding. Make sure you can tighten the chin strap and that it fits comfortably so it’s not choking you.

Why should you trust me?

These reviews are not just based on just personal experiences from a small team of so-called experts, but the feedback provided by hundreds of bike riders from across the country who have used or purchased a large variety of top quality helmets themselves. These helmets have been compared side by side with over hundreds of miles of terrain. They have been tested through various surroundings such as uphill cross-country pedals to casual trail rides to high-flying zipping through dirt pathways. Hours and hours of research have been conducted to gather this feedback and based on our conclusions, these are the best helmets for the right value.

Who is this guide for?

Making sure you have a bike helmet on when riding your bike is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It is worth spending the extra money to ensure you have the best quality helmet that meets the most current safety standards with the most durable materials possible. Doing so could potentially save your life or the life of a loved one. The helmet that is chosen should be lightweight, be properly fitted, have adequate ventilation, and easy to use adjustments of its straps and buckles without creating any discomfort.

Mountain Biking Image 2

This guide is to help educate readers about the importance of valuing their safety and to find a helmet that works best. Just like anything in life, you get what you pay for. It’s important not just to settle with whatever appears to be the most convenient. Even if you already have a helmet, it’s a smart idea to buy a new one if your current one is banged up or even a few years old. Major Manufacturers like Bell, Giro, Specialized, and others will recommend replacing a helmet every 3 to 5 years. Sometimes degradation is caused by sweat, UV light, and air pollution. You only get one brain, treat it like it’s one of the most valued possessions in the world. There are so many bike helmets to choose from, don’t waste your time and money looking around, these helmets are already proven and tested and reviewed by regular people just like you.

One important thing to consider is what time of the day you plan on riding at. Most helmets are designed with bright colors and some accommodate bright lights or reflective strips to increase safety while riding at night.

Also, it’s never wise to buy a used helmet. You will never know what damage it’s been through, plus it could be outdated. New helmets are safer, nicer looking and better ventilated. Plus you won’t have to worry about possibly absorbing someone else’s old sweat or even get lice. Just buy a newer one, you’ll feel a lot better about that decision.

An introduction to bike helmet parts

Mountain Bike, Best Helmets, Reviews

A bike helmet is pretty simple to make. Most helmets have these three distinct parts: shell, liner, and strap.


The most important part of a helmet is its liner. It has a foam layer that absorbs most of the impact in case of a fall. For that reason, the liner material is both lightweight and strong. The liners of bike helmet are molded in what’s called Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam. The EPS needs to be aligned correctly and internal reinforcement to open up larger vents and keep the foam correctly in place. Materials like polypropylene, nylon or sometimes metal are used for reinforcement. EPS can be made in layers with different densities to define impact management, allowing softer layers to crush in lesser impacts and harder layers to absorb bigger impact.


The shell is included in the mold when the liner is expanded from a bead of foam. When the shell is bonded to the liner in the mold it allows for a lighter and better-ventilated helmet. Cheaper models have the shell glued to the foam, but better quality models don’t need that because they are integrated into the molding of the liner. The best helmet shells are full-cover, vented shells from materials like fiberglass, Lexan or plastic.


Straps are typically made of nylon or polypropylene. They appear similar but actually, vary in fabric, surface, weave and other characteristics. Helmet straps are usually added to the helmet after it comes out of the mold and they are usually attached to the shell. On the rear of most helmets is the retention system. It varies from just a strap to a complex piece of plastic that engages the circumference of your head. This can take the form of knobs, dials, sliders and more. The piece called the occipital adjustment lets you adjust the height of the retention system in regards to how far down the helmet sits on the back of the head. The buckle is the last major piece of the helmet and is added when the straps are installed.

Men’s vs. women’s bicycle helmets

Most helmets are designed to fit both men and women. When it comes to measuring men and women’s heads, there is no significant difference in skull shape, the location of skull features or the scale of the ears, eyes, and nose.

However, most individuals have unique sizes and shapes on their own. Women with a ponytail typically will have a larger gap between the protective foam and retention system in the rear.

Women’s helmet is a pure marketing feature. Sometimes they have different colors or decals that appeal to women more than men, but in reality, all helmets have to pass the same safety standards.

Most helmets will come in at least 2 or 3 different sizes with the cheaper ones typically coming in one size. When it comes down to it, the best thing is to just find a size that fits each person best and go with that.

Best of the Bests (Team Obsidian Airflow Helmet)

(Best helmet for extreme mountain biking)

The best of the best in our countdown of the top bike helmets is the Team Obsidian Airflow Helmet. This beast of a helmet offers you everything you could possibly need in safety and comfort in one simple package. It is one of the highest-priced helmets for a reason. It is extremely light in weight but still offers top-notch safety features that are absolutely required for extreme biking. When you are investing in safety, it is always best to look for the top quality products to ensure that you are always covered. This helmet offers that and more.

Made of high-quality EPS and molded through the “in mould technology”, the Obsidian Team helmet meets rigorous safety standards earning CE certification. Not only that, but it also has a patented adjustment system and state of the art ventilation that allows air to pass through. This ensures your fitted comfort while still keeping things breezy and light. This is a hard bargain to make when it comes to bike helmets. We usually see heavy duty equipment or cheap non-durable material. However, this one has the best of both worlds.

These cutting edge features and top-notch safety standards do not sacrifice style. You will still find yourself loving the look of this sleek, sophisticated helmet. Made to fit most personalities and both genders, the Team Obsidian Helmet will be sure to match any look that you are going after.

Let’s talk about the in-mold advanced technology. This cutting edge moulding solution ensures that your head is adjusted properly to the helmet. This is not only important for comfort, but it is also imperative for safety. Having a wobbly helmet that barely fits is a huge issue amongst most cyclists, and many head injuries are due to poorly adjusted helmets. However, with this helmet’s patented technology, you can have peace of mind that it will fit snugly on any head.

The oval design of the helmet is more comfortable than round models. It is ideal for long rides as well as short ones since it will keep your head ventilated. It is also perfect for warmer weathers since it is not overly heavy on the cyclist, and it seems wind flowing through nicely.

All in all, this helmet is definitely worth the price tag. If you are looking for the cream of the crop, then this is the one to go after.

Buy Team Obsidian Airflow Helmet!

Best MTB Helmet for the money (GoMax Aero Safety Helmet)

Best Buy

(Best budget mountain bike helmet)

If you are looking for a mix of quality and affordability, then the GoMax Aero Mountain Bike Helmet is the one you should pick up. This is one of the cheap options in our list. This might seem like a cheap alternative to a quality helmet, but it actually still serves the purpose that you need a bike helmet to achieve.

In essence, this helmet offers the best value of any other helmet on the list. Off course, you will not get the level of quality that the Team Obsidian Airflow Helmet offers, but it can still get the job done at a fraction of the price. If you are just starting out with mountain biking, or you are running on a tight budget, then this would be our recommendation for a good-quality helmet.

Many users of this helmet claim that they have compared it to higher priced equipment and that this one gives them a run for their money. The quality is at par with many costly helmets and is one of the best when it comes to appearance. It comes in a variety of colors that makes it easy to match to your personality, look, and style.

Looks aside, this is still a pretty comfortable option for cyclists. The mold is well-fitted to most heads and provides an excellent fit. The straps are made from high-quality nylon web strapping with a removable chin cushion. This is important for many riders as not many helmets have this option. Moreover, the straps are quite easy to adjust – something that is hard to find in many high-priced helmets. The padding on the helmet is also highly revered amongst cyclists. The pads are thin and breathable, and they provide excellent comfort for the wearer.

Overall, it is made with top quality products and great engineering design. It might not be as high-quality as our number one choice, but it definitely gives it a run for its money. This is an excellent second choice if you are trying to get the best bang for your buck!

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