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10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets Under $100 [Safety Assured]

It is always a smart idea to grab a helmet whenever you are out for mountain riding. Your head is a sensitive part of your body and you must protect it. With the advancement of all items in the sports industry, helmets have become high tech items. They not only provide a cushion for the skull when impacting an object but also optimize your performance.

Mountain biking has a much higher probability of taking a dirt nap than when you are on the road. Hence you will find that the helmets will be more oriented. While these helmets will also look to be lightweight and breathable, they will rarely consider aerodynamic properties. When you are on the mountain, you will want a helmet that comes with adjustable visors, removable and washable headliners, and protects your eyes. You will also find half-helmets and full-face ones.

Our team of editors spent hours in research and gathered some of the finest mountain bike helmets which we felt offers the best value for money. Tommaso Ombra Lightweight Cycling Helmet is our “Overall best choice” because of its exclusive features. Read the discussion below to learn why we chose this product and how it will benefit you.

Tommaso Ombra Lightweight Cycling Helmet

Ensures micro-adjustments for maximum comfort & fit | Overall best choice

The Tommaso Ombra Lightweight Cycling Helmet has been designed to offer you a value option for helmets. It features all the necessary standards for safety. Moreover, you’ll be getting certifications similar to that of the higher-end helmets. EPS foam has been incorporated into this helmet to offer you enhanced comfort. It also features impressive 20-hole vents for keeping you cool. This will make it easier for you to make the necessary adjustments for having a precise fit, simply by turning the dial. Therefore, in buying the Ombra you’d be getting your hands on a  premium helmet that too at a bargain.

  • Despite excellent safety features, the helmet doesn’t put on much extra weight and comes in at only 240 g.
  • A multi-adjustable dial & chin-strap mechanism keeps the helmet locked on your head without you even knowing it’s there.
  • The helmet is designed with channels that allow air to pass through as quickly and efficiently as possible at high or low speeds.
  • EPS foam structure moves independently and enables protection from a wide range of impacts.
  • Premium in-mold micro shell technology joins the inner cap to the outer polycarbonate shell for better shock absorption.
  • Comfort levels are further enhanced by the 20 vents around the outer shell of the helmet that circulate the air around your skull, removing excess heat and keeping your head cool.

It is a very comfortable and high performing helmet. It stands out among its competitors due to its maximum ventilation and integrated technology to increase safety.

A quick view of our selection for some of the top mountain bike (MTB) helmets under 100:

Helmet Number of VentsOur Ratings
Giro Tremor1894
Tommaso Ombra2086
Giro Chronicle1492
Giro Verce Women's Cycling Helmet1896
KINGBIKE Ultralight Bike Helmet2490
PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet2394

10 best helmets for MTB you can buy today that are under 100

We have prepared a comparison table below which contains all the technical specifications of the above helmets. After going through this, your decision-making process will be much easier. But please bear in mind that this is only for people who are within a time constraint. If you scroll down, you will find full detailed reviews of each product.

HelmetPreviewFit systemGenderInterior Liner typeNumber of ventsVisorSafety standardSizeWeight
Giro TremorGiro Tremor MIPS Youth Visor MTB Bike Cycling Helmet - Universal Youth (50-57 cm), Matte Black (2021)Roc Loc SportUnisexQuick dry padding18Removable visorIntegrated Multi-Directional Impact Protection System19.75”–22.4”289g
Tommaso OmbraTommaso Ombra Lightweight Cycling Helmet Removable Visor Road & MTB Bike Adjustable Fit 4 Colors Black,Matte Black,White,Titanium Certified Safety Protection - Matte Black - S/MMulti-adjustable dial & chin strapUnisexBreathable removable liner pads20Removable visorCE, CPSC, & EN1078 certifications54-58 cm(S/M), 58-62 cm(M/L)240g(S/M)
ExcluskyExclusky Mountain Bike Helmet MTB Bicycle Cycling Helmets for Adult Women and Men CPSC CertifiedSingle-Hand dial retentionUnisexSoft lining net18Detachable visorUS CPSC standards certified22.05”-24.01”280g
Giro ChronicleGiro Chronicle MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet - Small (51-55 cm), Matte Grey (2020)Roc Loc 5 fitUnisexExtra-plush Coolmax padding14Adjustable P.O.V. Plus visorUtilizes the Multi-Directional Impact Protection SystemS (20”–21.75”) - M (21.75”–23.25”) - L (23.25”–24.75”) - XL (24”–25.55” )343g(S)
Basecamp Specialized HelmetBasecamp Specialized Bike Helmet, Bicycle Helmet CPSC&CE Certified with Helmet Accessories-LED Light&Removable Visor&Portable Bag Cycling Helmet BC-DDTK Adjustable for Men/Women(Titanium)Dial system and side strapsUnisexSponge lining22Detachable brim visorCPSC Safety Standard & CE Certified22.44’’-24.41’’270g
Lixada Mountain Bike HelmetLixada Mountain Bike Helmet Ultralight Adjustable MTB Cycling Bicycle Helmet Men Women Sports Outdoor Safety Helmet with 13 VentsOne-hand Fit adjustmentUnisexRemovable inner quality padding13Attached visorEN 1078 European standard22.0” - 24.4”361g
BASE CAMP NEOBASE CAMP NEO Mountain Bike Helmet (Matte Black)SH-18 FitUnisexFoam18Visor is adjustable and removableU.S. CPSC and CE.EN107822.5” to 24.5”310g
Giro Verce Women's Mountain Cycling HelmetGiro Verce MIPS Womens Mountain Cycling Helmet - Universal Women’s (50-57 cm), Matte Black/Electric Purple (2021)Roc Loc Sport MIPS Fit SystemWomen’sExtra plush padding18Removable visorUtilizes the Multi-Directional Impact Protection SystemUW (19.75”–22.5”)311g
KINGBIKE Ultralight Bike HelmetKingbike Bike Helmet Men Women Bicycle Adult Cycling Specialized Road Mountain MTB Helmets For Mens Womens Adults Casco Para Bicicleta with Safety Light Portable Bag Accessories (Black)Adjustable dial to customize fitUnisexEPS liner24Detachable visorCPSC&CE Certified(M/L) 22”-24.5”222g
PHZ. Adult Bike HelmetPHZ. Adult Bike Helmet CPSC Certified with Rechargeable USB Light, Bike Helmet for Men Women Road Cycling & Mountain Biking with Detachable VisorAdjustable strapsUnisexPVC Shell with EVA pads23Detachable visorCPSC bike and CE. EN10722.8”-24”284g

1. Giro Tremor: In-mold structure fuses a tough polycarbonate outer shell

Giro Tremor Safety standard Youth Visor MTB Bike Cycling Helmet

  • Type: Mountain cycling
  • Impact Liner Type: EPS
  • Fit System: Roc Loc Sport Safety standard
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Interior Liner Type: Quick-dry padding
  • Number Of Vents: 18
  • Visor: Removable visor
  • Shell Type: Polycarbonate shell
  • Construction: In-mold structure full hardbody shell
  • Reflectivity: Yes
  • Safety standard: Integrated Multi-Directional Impact Protection System
  • Color: Black, Bring Green, Bright Pink, Bright red, Matte glacier, Matte purple
  • Size: 19.75”–22.4” / 50–57 cm
  • Weight: 289 g

Features & Considerations
  • Lightweight: The fusion process allows for a lightweight helmet with excellent ventilation.
  • Outstanding construction: In-mold structure fuses a tough polycarbonate outer shell with an impact-absorbing foam liner.
  • Fit: Roc Loc Sport fit system delivers the right fit for everyone.
  • Safe: With MIPS, a low friction layer slides 10 to 15 mm in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain during impact.
  • Comfort: Easily adjust position and tension with the amazing fir system.
  • Durability: This helmet’s two pieces of the shell ensures combining the hard-wearing outermost hardshell with a lower-end polycarbonate-made shell. This permanently results in infusing it into the liner to ensure optimal durability.
  • Cooler: In-mold helmets are lighter and cooler than traditional helmets.
  • Visibility: Due to its reflective properties, you can be visible in the dark.

Some Weaknesses
  • Its chinstrap loses easily.

Giro Tremor MTB Bike Helmet happens to be the ultimate go-to helmet for children. Thanks to MIPS technology and extended side and rear of the head coverage, parents can breathe a sigh of relief. With a wide variety of color choices and easy to operate buckle and fit dial, your kids are bound to love and use this. It’s not boring, unlike other helmets in the market. Although it comes in one size, because of the adjustable retention system; it fits a wide variety of head sizes.

At a mere 289 g, your kids don’t need to carry a heavy helmet to stay safe. This also implies that there is less strain on their neck and they will feel more comfortable while cycling; especially during long rides. You don’t need to stay with them for buckling and unbuckling. They are so easy to use that your kids can do it themselves. The ventilation system is further aided by the high-quality padding inside the helmet. The pads have small holes in them that make them more breathable and better at socking sweat. All these come at a very affordable price as well.

Another reason for this helmet to make our top 10 list is the nice big visors. After all, your kids need sun protection. They will also protect their face in case of any impact. We appreciate its adjustment-free side straps on this helmet. They fit nicely around the ears and no tightening is required for a clean and safe fit.

  • Giro Tremor Safety standard Youth Visor MTB Bike Cycling Helmet
  • Giro Tremor Safety standard Youth Visor MTB Bike Cycling Helmet
  • Giro Tremor Safety standard Youth Visor MTB Bike Cycling Helmet

Giro Tremor Safety standard Youth Visor MTB Bike Cycling Helmet

Giro Tremor MTB Bike Cycling Helmet

2. Tommaso Ombra: Offers micro-adjustments for optimal comfort & good fit | Overall best choice

Tommaso Ombra Lightweight Cycling Helmet

  • Type: Road cycling, Mountain cycling
  • Impact Liner Type: EPS foam
  • Fit System: Multi-adjustable dial & chin-strap mechanism
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Interior Liner Type: Breathable removable liner pads
  • Number Of Vents: 20
  • Visor: Removable visor
  • Shell Type: Polycarbonate shell
  • Construction: Premium in-mold micro-shell technology
  • Reflectivity: Yes
  • Safety standard: CE, CPSC, & EN1078 certifications
  • Color: Titanium, Matte Black, Gloss Black, Gloss White
  • Size: 54-58 cm(S/M), 58-62 cm(M/L)
  • Weight: 240 g (S/M)

Features & Considerations
  • Reasonably priced: Without compromising its quality, the helmet is very affordable.
  • Certified safe: CE, CPSC, & EN1078 certified for optimal protection, so you can ride with confidence and be safe.
  • Precision fit: You can easily dial-in for having a perfect fit quite easily, for making necessary adjustments simply by turning the knob.
  • No pressure: The fit offers micro-adjustments so that you can have optimal comfort & a good fit. It won’t be hitting the pressure points within your head.
  • Ultralight performance: Thanks to groundbreaking technology and ventilation, this helmet weighs only 240 g.
  • Extreme ventilation: It offers you high-end in-mold technology, this will make sure that your head remains well ventilated, even during the most challenging conditions.
  • Comfortable and cool: 20 strategically placed vents would ensure consistent airflow. Thus, making you feeling cool &  comfortable even during the most challenging rides.
  • Impact-resistant: It consists of the impact-absorbing capability of the EPS foam-liner. Moreover, there is the polycarbonate-made in-mold technology. This will ensure in keeping you safe & secure upon an impact.
  • Coverage: It offers you 360° protective-technology giving you the necessary cover from all sides.

Some Weaknesses
  • The finishing could have been better.

Tommaso Ombra Lightweight Helmet gives incredible protection at an amazing price. The manufacturers provide a quality, lightweight, aerodynamic, and it also happens to be a certified helmet for cycling enthusiasts, that too for a very reasonable price. It also comes with a 2-year warranty with great customer service. It is infused with high-quality in-mold technology & an advanced EPS liner inner core to make the safest helmet for your ride. It also carries all essential safety certifications by CE, CPSC, and EN1078.

The helmet comes in two sizes. Thus, ensuring you a very good fit in the case of a vast majority of cyclists. You won’t even feel like you are wearing something due to being super lightweight of only 240 g. Also, it consists of a secure dial, for which, you’ll be able to make multi-adjustments. There is also a chin strap mechanism, that guarantees you optimal comfort, during the course of your rides. It also happens to be breathable. You will be able to remove the sweat-absorbing liner padding, these offer you longevity & washability. The wind tunnel of these vents has been designed to serve you with optimal ventilation, making sure that your head stays cool & feeling fresh throughout, irrespective of the temperature outside.

  • Tommaso Ombra Cycling Helmet
  • Tommaso Ombra Cycling Helmet

Tommaso Ombra Lightweight Cycling Helmet

Tommaso Ombra Cycling Helmet

3. Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet: Material of reinforced multi-density EPS layer of foam

Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet

  • Type: Mountain cycling
  • Impact Liner Type: EPS foam
  • Fit System: Single-Hand dial retention system
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Interior Liner Type: Soft lining net
  • Number Of Vents: 18
  • Visor: Detachable visor
  • Shell Type: Polycarbonate shell
  • Construction: Integrated molding
  • Reflectivity: None
  • Safety standard: US CPSC certified
  • Color: Caribbean, Fluorescent Green, Gray, Pure black, White
  • Size: 22.05”-24.01”
  • Weight: 280 g

Features & Considerations
  • Adjustment system: Its single-handed dial-retention mechanism happens to be quite easy. You will be able to make necessary adjustments for securing this cycling helmet that would give you a perfect fit for your head.
  • Reinforced large sun-visor: Visor on a helmet is imperative for all-mountain cyclists. You will be able to move this visor quite easily. This will offer you a wide range of sight for keeping you safe.
  • Keep off debris: Large visor with an insert net can better help keep discomforts from the sun, leaves, and other elements so that you can focus on your cycling.
  • Airflow: Vents on the visor guarantee airflow pass to keep you cool.
  • Optimal ventilation: This helmet has been designed with 18 air-vents. This will ensure in keeping you fatigue-free. The cool airflow would also be able to provide you necessary comfort.
  • Lightweight: It weighs only 280 g so that your physical strength can be saved.
  • Protection: The manufacturers have used US CPSC standards in this helmet. This will be able to offer optimal protection even during any potential impacts.
  • Minimize risk: Material that has a reinforced multi-density EPS foam has been used inside this helmet. Thus, it helps in absorbing impact energy quite effectively to minimize the risk of causing damage to your head if you get into any crash.
  • The lengthened rear-end shape of this helmet guarantees you a full range of protection to the cranial portion of your head. This enables you to have a safe & enjoyable riding experience.

Some Weaknesses
  • Some cyclists have issues with adjustable tabs on the straps.
  • Suitable for head circumferences 22.05”-24.01” only.

Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet is one of the best helmets in the market that money can buy. If you wear this during mountain cycling, you won’t have to worry about injuries to the bones in your head in case you ever get involved in an accident. This helmet’s outer shell is made of high-quality polycarbonate.

The durable EPS makes the foam lining. All materials that are used are durable and useful for construction. All of them together, absorb all the shock that hit your head if you fall. This implies that you will never experience an injury if you fall from your bike. There are 18 vents on your helmet, which ensure sufficient airflow through the helmet. This means your head will stay cool throughout the ride.

It even has one of the better rear adjustment dials that actually works as the manufacturers claim. The one size fits all design is suitable for most head shapes. Includes a reinforced and oversized sun visor to the front, improving visibility while contributing to aerodynamics.

  • Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet
  • Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet
  • Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet

Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet

Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet

4. Giro Chronicle: Dirt cycling helmet designed for goggle compatibility

Giro Chronicle Safety standard Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

  • Type: Dirt cycling, Mountain biking
  • Impact Liner Type: EPS
  • Fit System: Roc Loc 5 fit system
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Interior Liner Type: Extra-plush Coolmax padding
  • Number Of Vents: 14
  • Visor: Adjustable P.O.V. Plus visor
  • Shell Type: Polycarbonate shell
  • Construction: In-Mold polycarbonate shell
  • Reflectivity: None
  • Safety standard: Utilizes MIPS
  • Color: Gloss Black, Matte citron, Matte iceberg, Matte metallic coal, Faded Teal, Matte True Spruce, Matte white NICA
  • Size: S (20”–21.75” / 51–55 cm) – M (21.75”–23.25” / 55–59 cm) – L (23.25”–24.75” / 59–63 cm) – XL (24”–25.55” / 61–65 cm)
  • Weight: 343 g(Small)

Features & Considerations
  • Goggle Compatible: The bike helmet has especially been designed for being able to offer goggles compatibility. Its P.O.V. Plus visor would help you in lifting its visor & let you place the goggles right in front of this helmet.
  • Comfort: Its Coolmax padding offers great wicking-properties & it is also capable of offering you all-day comfort, during the course of your rides.
  • MIPS integrated: The MIPS technology helps in redirecting impact energy. Thus, it provides you enhanced protection during certain types of impacts.
  • Durability: There are two-piece shells that combine. The solid outer-most tough shell is made from polycarbonate, while the lower-end shell has been permanently fused into the liner to ensure optimal durability.
  • Ventilation: The helmet is developed utilizing Giro’s Wind Tunnel Ventilation System.
  • Keeps you cool: The elaborate design of the helmet combines active vents in the shell with exhaust channels to keep your head cool and force heat and stale air out.
  • Wide range of sizes: They have many available sizes to cater to everyone’s needs.

Some Weaknesses
  • The fit system is hard to adjust.

Giro Chronicle Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet is an amazing polycarbonate helmet that provides you with all the protection you need when mountain biking. There are so many things about this product that will make you fall in love with it. One of them is you can get this in a range of different colors. You can choose according to your personality, the one which suits you the most.

It’s also an incredibly lightweight option, so you can get brilliant protection without weight bearing down on your head. For this reason, it’s very comfortable and easy for you to wear for long periods. Alongside this, there’s a lot of padding inside for added comfort and protection with a very good ventilation system to prevent excessive sweating. The helmet comes with an adjustable visor, which can help shield your eyes from the sun. And you can comfortably wear your own goggles with the helmet too.

While all of these features are excellent, the thing that really makes this stand out among other competitors is its value for money. You get durability which is rare these days, making it ideal for the keen mountain biker who wants to invest in something that will last.

  • Giro Chronicle Safety standard Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet
  • Giro Chronicle Safety standard Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet
  • Giro Chronicle Safety standard Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

Giro Chronicle Safety standard Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

Giro Chronicle Safety standard Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

5. Basecamp Specialized: Equipped with w/three lighting modes

Basecamp Specialized Helmet

  • Type: Road cycling, Mountain cycling
  • Impact Liner Type: EPS foam
  • Fit System: Dial system and side straps
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Interior Liner Type: Sponge lining
  • Number Of Vents: 22
  • Visor: Detachable brim visor
  • Shell Type: Polycarbonate
  • Construction: Uses High-density, durable, and tough PVC & PC
  • Reflectivity: Yes
  • Safety standard: CPSC Safety Standard & CE Certified
  • Color: Titanium, Olive and black, Black and white, Black and Red, Black and blue, Blue and white, Green, Black, White, Red, and grey
  • Size: 57 cm-62 cm/22.44’’-24.41’’
  • Weight: 270 g

Features & Considerations
  • Offers shade: Basecamp helmet removable brim stylish design of the visor offers shade while biking.
  • Adjust system: The helmet comes with an excellent head circumference to adjust the system.
  • Convenient dial system: The standard size is equipped with a convenient dial system along with side straps. These components help the rider to adjust the helmet to suit different head sizes easily.
  • LED safety light included: Equipped with three lighting modes – slow, steady, fast flashing. These modes will assist people present behind to see your direction.
  • Robust: It is made of thick, robust, and durable PVC & PC, EPS foam. This kind of foam is beneficial to reduce the impact forces and provide protection to your head.
  • Safe: This cycling helmet is CPSC certified and the LED safety light assures complete safety.
  • You can use the back battery anytime when required.

Some Weaknesses
  • The detachable visor has both functionality and durability issues.

Basecamp Specialized Helmet is stylish that helps in combining a long-lasting exterior portion & there is a protective interior. This will ensure optimal comfort, reliability & safety as you venture along the mountain. An EPS foam that has been incorporated within this helmet helps in absorbing any shocks during sudden impacts. Thus, it helps in keeping your head secured from being damaged if you get into a crash. The detachable visor helps in blocking out any sunlight & reflective glares. Hence, it provides you with a wide-angled vision. making sure you’re able to see clearly, as to what is ahead.

The innermost sponge lining within this helmet will ensure in letting your skin breathe properly as you’re wearing this helmet. Thus, making it a whole lot easier for you in dealing with sweat & warm cycling conditions. You will be able to toggle the taillights, on this helmet, in 3 different modes. Hence, it will allow you to stay visible even during challenging weather conditions on low-lights. So, it won’t be necessary for you to wear any additional gear. 22 holes are situated, right at the topmost portion of this helmet. This will ensure in keeping you cool & free from sweat. It ensures in letting airflow sufficiently straight through, making you feel more comfortable by keeping your head sufficiently aerated.

  • Basecamp Specialized Helmet
  • Basecamp Specialized Helmet
  • Basecamp Specialized Helmet

Basecamp Specialized Helmet

Basecamp Specialized Helmet

6. Lixada Mountain Bike Helmet: One-hand fit adjustment back wheel for comfort wearing

Lixada Mountain Bike Helmet

  • Type: Outdoor sports, Mountain cycling, Trail cycling
  • Impact Liner Type: EPS impact foam
  • Fit System: One-hand Fit adjustment
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Interior Liner Type: Removable inner quality padding
  • Number Of Vents: 13
  • Visor: Attached visor
  • Shell Type: Polycarbonate
  • Construction: Integrated in-mold PC shell
  • Reflectivity: Yes
  • Safety standard: EN 1078 European standard
  • Color: Matt Black, Blue and yellow, Yellow and black and red, blue and red and white
  • Size: 56-62 cm / 22.0” – 24.4”
  • Weight: 361 g

Features & Considerations
  • Comfortable fit: Breathable, removable and soft chin guard and fixing strap for comfort fit.
  • Design: Specially designed for mountain biking and trail cycling.
  • Protective visor: Visor attached protects your eye from rain, sun, mud, and tree branches.
  • Good fit adjustment: One-hand fit adjustment back wheel for comfort wearing, suitable for head circumference 22.0” – 24.4”.
  • Variety: The helmet comes in a wide range of colors.
  • Great ventilation: Ventilated channel system with 13 vents provides cooling airflow when you are riding hard.
  • Amazing construction: Integrated with in-mold PC shell with multi-dimensional cone-shape EPS impact foam.

Some Weaknesses
  • They are quite heavy compared to other helmets in the industry.

Lixada Mountain Biking Helmet has been designed using premium quality materials & the use of the latest tech will ensure you very good ventilation, offer necessary resistance & insulation. This artistic cycling helmet is built using a cutting-edge vents channeling mechanism, consisting of as many as 13 instinctive vents. This will make sure that there is a constant airflow for keeping your head aerated. It features a resilient visor which is hosted on the front-end that helps in securing your eyes from branches of trees or the sunlight. The image below will help you in getting a better idea regarding the features of this helmet –

Features of Lixada Mountain Biking Helmet

This helmet consists of a removable shock-absorbing innermost padding. This has specifically been incorporated within this helmet for acting as a buffer as you venture along mountain terrains & challenging trails. Furthermore, the innermost padding within this helmet also happens to be quite useful as it actively absorbs sweat. Hence, you will be able to ride along without any obstruction. The internal molded EPS impact-foam has been covered using a sturdy polycarbonate-made exterior. It will provide you the necessary resistance upon shocks, aid in enhancing your comfort & soak in any undue sweat. This helmet consists of an exterior shell, that happens to be shockproof & will also give you active insulation.

  • Lixada Mountain Bike Helmet
  • Lixada Mountain Bike Helmet

Lixada Mountain Bike Helmet

Lixada Mountain Bike Helmet

7. BASE CAMP NEO: Modern design provides extra protection

BASE CAMP NEO Mountain Bike Helmet

  • Type: Mountain biking, Trail riding
  • Impact Liner Type: EPS foam
  • Fit System: SH-18 Fit System
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Interior Liner Type: Foam
  • Number Of Vents: 18
  • Visor: Visor is adjustable and removable
  • Shell Type: Polycarbonate
  • Construction: Unibody shell construction
  • Reflectivity: Yes
  • Safety standard: U.S. CPSC and CE.EN1078
  • Color: Matte black
  • Size: 22.5” to 24.5”
  • Weight: 310 g

Features & Considerations
  • Superior design: The Neo is a modern mountain riding helmet in a strong, polycarbonate shell.
  • Flexible: Comes with a detachable visor, offering flexibility to the rider.
  • Airflow: The manufacturers kept airflow into account when they were designing the helmet.
  • Ventilation: Features 18 air vents to cool you down during summer rides.
  • Washable: In case you sweat up, you can remove and wash the internal line cushion liner to avoid a stinky helmet.
  • Extra protection: The modern design also provides extra protection in the back of the helmet.
  • It comes in a universal adult size that is adjusted via the SH-18 fit system.

Some Weaknesses
  • The back right frame that adjusts with the knob is slightly different than the left side, which can press into your head and cause discomfort.

BASE CAMP NEO Bike Helmet is a stylish mountain bike helmet that offers a unique design and brilliant protection for your skull. Your occipital bone resides in the back of your head and is quite vulnerable. This helmet covers that vulnerable area, so there is less chance of you hurting yourself. In case you ever fall off your bike or get involved in an accident, there are fewer threats of it being critical.

The unibody shell construction is another feature that makes this helmet stand out among its competitors. This is because it is made out of one shell. In this price range, you will get many other helmets but the shells of those are fused which creates seams. The helmet is more robust and structurally sound because of this one shell structure.

With a total of 18 air vents, this helmet will definitely keep your head from overheating while you are biking for long hours. It also comes with a nice foam interior that adds to the comfort. You can also remove the comfort lining to clean it and prevent bacteria from building up.

DEMON helmet size chart

Image Source- alcatrazprod.com

BASE CAMP NEO Mountain Bike Helmet

BASE CAMP NEO Mountain Bike Helmet

8. Giro Verce: Women’s MTB helmet w/ Roc Loc Sport system

Giro Verce Safety standard Women's Mountain Cycling Helmet

  • Type: Mountain cycling, Trail riding
  • Impact Liner Type: EPS
  • Fit System: Roc Loc Sport MIPS Fit System
  • Gender: Women’s
  • Interior Liner Type: Extra plush padding
  • Number Of Vents: 18
  • Visor: Removable visor
  • Shell Type: Polycarbonate
  • Construction: In-mold polycarbonate-made shell w/ an EPS liner
  • Reflectivity: Yes
    • Safety standard: Utilizes MIPS
  • Color: Matte black and electric purple, Matte cool breeze, Matte midnight, Matte true spruce
  • Size: UW (19.75”–22.5” / 50–57 cm)
  • Weight: 311 g

Features & Considerations
  • Visibility: Reflectivity adds visibility in low light.
  • Superb airflow: 18 vents let cooling airflow in, keeping you calm.
  • Stylish: With their sleek design which comes in many vibrant colors, you can make a style statement with it.
  • Construction: In-mold polycarbonate-made shell w/ an EPS liner.
  • Good coverage: Full hard body coverage with a removable visor will keep your face safe.
  • Comfortable: Plush quick-dry padding provides a comfortable feel.
  • Fit System: Roc Loc Sport system allows you to quickly and easily dial in your fit.
  • With MIPS, rotational motion is reduced to the brain during an impact.

Some Weaknesses
  • The one fit size doesn’t fit many riders.

Giro Verce Women’s Mountain Cycling Helmet made it to our top 10 list by providing a safe and comfortable helmet. You will get fantastic coverage for all-mountain riding. There is plenty of padding and decent ventilation for long days over variable terrain. The MIPS liner ensures safety during an impact, so you can ride without any worries.

The visor is large enough to shield the sun but also adjusts to accommodate goggles. The fit system is secure and easy to use even while you are wearing gloves. With a range of vibrant colors, you can pick one that looks great on you. The Roc Loc Sport fit system gives a custom and secure fit all with a simple dial knob.

All in all, this is one of the most affordable options on the market right now. If you really don’t want to spend too much but still need a high degree of protection, then this might be one of the best mountain bike helmets for you.

giro helmet sizing

Giro Verce Safety standard Women's Mountain Cycling Helmet

Giro Verce Safety standard Women’s Mountain Cycling Helmet

9. KINGBIKE Ultralight: Adjustable dial for customizing fittings

KINGBIKE Ultralight Bike Helmet

  • Type: Mountain cycling
  • Impact Liner Type: EPS
  • Fit System: Adjustable dial to customize the fit
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Interior Liner Type: EPS liner
  • Number Of Vents: 24
  • Visor: Detachable visor
  • Shell Type: Polycarbonate
  • Construction: In-Mold polycarbonate-made shell w/ an EPS liner
  • Reflectivity: Yes
  • Safety standard: CPSC&CE Certified
  • Color: Black, Titanium, Black and green, Black and Red, Green, Black, and titanium, White, White and black, Red
  • Size: M or L; 56 to 62 cm (around 22” to 24.5”)
  • Weight: 222 g

Features & Considerations
  • Ultra Lightweight: Weighing only 222 g, this helmet won’t create any pressure on your skull.
  • Colors: Comes in various vibrant colors so that you can style them with your outfit.
  • Rain cover and visor: This helmet consists of a rain cover & also a visor. This will help protect you from dust, sun & rain.
  • Fittings: The adjustable dial within this helmet offers customizing fittings; fits head sizes M or L; 56 to 62 cm (around 22” to 24.5”).
  • Ample ventilation: It has whooping 24-air vents that keep ample ventilation for ultimate airflow regulation and reducing resistance and keep your head cool when you are biking on a sunny day.
  • Rear light for safety: Equipped with 3 modes for safety while you are riding at night.
  • In-mold structure: Super strong in-mold polycarbonate-made shell w/ an EPS liner has been used in this helmet to ensure maximum strength.

Some Weaknesses
  • The dial-in at the back doesn’t keep its setting after adjusting and snaps back under pressure.

KINGBIKE Ultralight Bike Helmet is a great option if happen to be an avid mountain cyclist. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive ones, because this helmet has all the features and that too at a very reasonable price. It’s available in different colors, so you can pick the perfect one for you. The robust & tough EPS foam within this helmet has been used to absorb the impact & protect your head during any ill-fated crash. Moreover, the specialized aerodynamic & vent design will ensure in letting air to pass through this helmet. Therefore, it will keep your head properly aerated even as you cycle at high speeds.

It is made with an amazing in-mold structure. A combination of technology, extraordinary comfort, lightness, and superior protection that support the area around the ribs and vents. Although this helmet looks simple, the usability is highly appreciable. These good features and equipment make this helmet sturdy, fashionable, and accessible.

General sizing parameters

KINGBIKE Ultralight Bike Helmet

KINGBIKE Ultralight Bike Helmet

10. PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet: Superior impact resistance PC material

PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet

  • Type: Mountain Biking, Road cycling, Triathlon, Commuting
  • Impact Liner Type: EPS foam
  • Fit System: Adjustable straps
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Interior Liner Type: PVC Shell with EVA pads
  • Number Of Vents: 23
  • Visor: Detachable Visor
  • Shell Type: Polycarbonate
  • Construction: Material use the robust & long-lasting PVC & PC
  • Reflectivity: Yes
  • Safety standard: CPSC bike and CE. EN1078
  • Color: Black, Carbon black, Green, Purple, White
  • Size: 22.8”-24”
  • Weight: 284 g

Features & Considerations
  • Great ventilation system: 23 integrated flow vents according to the aerodynamic design and also reduce the helmet resistance area.
  • Upgraded three-way regulator: This feature of the regulator adds up and down adjustment function.
  • Versatility: This specially designed helmet for adult riders is suitable for city, road, mountain, and triathlon cycling.
  • Rechargeable taillight: The helmet is equipped with 3 lighting modes (constant lighting mode, flashing mode, and tour mode) which will help people behind you to clearly recognize your direction.
  • Safe: Compiles with CPSC bike and CE. EN1078 safety standards.
  • Impact resistance material: Superior impact resistance PC material for wear and scratch resistance.
  • Impact absorption: The EPS impact-resistant composite material increases the impact absorption properties.

Some Weaknesses
  • It’s a hassle to charge the light.

PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet is an ideal choice for adult mountain biking. With its rechargeable USB safety light and a detachable visor, you have the best available supplement for your outdoor cycling needs. You will benefit from the built-in rear light that illuminates your biking route even in the dark. This feature comes with three lighting modes to enable the people behind you to read your directions properly. To make any directional changes, the light will take a fast flashing mode.

A steady mode is also included in the settings. To provide you with an improved degree of shock absorption, the manufacturer attached a thick EPS foam core to the external polycarbonate casing using a unique technology. This process is responsible for the durability and lightweight features of the helmet.

PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet

PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet

Make your life easier with this buying guide for a mountain bike helmet

It will be able to protect your head, while you cycle, this is undoubtedly the most important criteria. As a matter of fact, based on various experts, more than 90% of the bicyclists who happen to have got seriously injured or have died by succumbing to accidents might have been able to survive had it not been for their helmets. The most important thing about helmets is how high your head remains above the ground as you’re cycling. Accidents can result in you falling a long way & it may end up causing a significant impact on your head. This is exactly why you are supposed to use helmets that are capable of offering you excellent protection.

Apart from potentially saving your life, helmets will also be able to provide you with additional benefits as well. One important aspect being, their ability to be able to keep your head feeling fresh & cool. Another very useful feature, this is important for mountain bike riding, which is the visor. This visor will help in keeping the sun away from your eyes, by providing necessary shielding. This will help you in drastically enhancing your visibility, it would work for reducing glare. Modernistic helmets also offer you bright & flashy colors, this would result in other cycling being able to notice you, easily. This is because helmets being on the top of your head, it is the highest point of your body. Therefore, it would help make you more while you’re going through the traffic.
You also need to keep in mind that no single helmet would be able to last for a lifetime. Manufacturers strongly recommend that you should get yourself a new helmet, every 5 years. Because, it will serve necessary protection, to your head during potential crashes. This buyer’s guide will help you hunt down the perfect mountain bike helmet that too at your desired price.


MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. A MIPS helmet is claimed to offer additional protection against rotational forces against a crash, by allowing two layers of the helmet to move independently. The idea is that the outer layer moves when you hit your head, absorbing the rotational forces of the impact. Nowadays, many brands provide MIPS helmets.

MIPS technology
This image shows how MIPS technology will protect you from concussions and brain injuries

To learn more about MIPS, watch this video –

2. Removable pads

Helmets consist of removable pads. There are at least a single set of pads that vary in thickness. It allows you to completely customize this helmet’s fit. You can choose the pads depending on the thickness that you feel is right for you. The pads are supposed to touch your head uniformly, throughout your head, it should not make you feel as though the helmet feels too tight or uncomfortable. Pads should be able to absorb your sweat & make sure that they can be washed & removed rather easily.

3. Ventilation

Vents allow air to pass through the helmet to cool the head. They are strategically placed to maximize airflow but not at the expense of safety by reducing coverage. Generally the more expensive helmet the more vents you get. Unless it’s an aerodynamically focused helmet that has very few vents.


4. Polycarbonate shell

This is a strong yet very lightweight plastic material. Polycarbonate is usually used during the manufacturing of various in-mold & hard shell bike helmets. During this in-mold process, the polycarbonate-made shell ends up getting bonded into the liner. So, this results in you being able to get your hands on a very durable helmet.

5. Carbon-fiber

Using a carbon-fiber material offers you reliability & lightweightness. Also, you can make use of carbon fiber to augment helmets to ensure that weight is reduced. It can turn out to be very attractive especially on full-face mountain biking helmets. Because this will be able to offer you superior while weighing less than that of the half shell helmets.

6. In-mold composition

This happens to be a in-mold helmet, the manufacturers have used steam & sufficient pressure for fusing the helmet’s outermost shell with the foam liner of this helmet within the mold. So, this helps in creating a sturdy yet very lightweight helmet for mountain cycling. This sort of in-mold helmet consist of a much thinner outer-most shell. So, the foam liner would end up getting deformed when it gets exposed to a certain amount of force during an impact. As the foam ends up getting deformed upon impact, it ends up absorbing the accumulated energy produced upon a crash. This is how it would help you in shielding your head.

7. Retention system

This is also known as the chin strap and is a vital part of the bike helmet. It is the one piece that keeps the helmet on your head during impacts. Every time you put your helmet on, you should fasten the strap securely. Both the shell and the liner compress when hit hard, spreading the forces of impact throughout the helmet. Some helmets also break when taking a severe hit, to absorb the shock.

Retention system

8. Helmet sizing

Bike helmet sizing is a vital step in selecting the best product. Using a helmet that isn’t a good fit is just as bad as wearing no helmet at all. So you want to be sure you are wearing the size that is most appropriate to your measurements. Generally, the ideal way is to select a helmet that provides a snug and firm fit that will stay aligned with your head during movement.

Premium quality helmets are generally available in various sizes. Moreover, this will be able to offer you a secure & snug fit. However, budget helmets tend to feature a universal sizing ring, so, this would fit a wider range of fit sizes. Almost all the helmets are supposed to list their head circumference that it has been designed for. If you want to determine yours, then, you’d be required to wrap a stretchable measuring tape right around the widest portion of your head. A majority of the helmets that have been designed for children are capable of fitting a circumference ranging between 18” to 22.5”.

Size guide

Image Source: giro.com

9. Price

When it comes to the price of helmets, you’ll find that there is a wide range of helmets that are available having different prices. The major difference being the weight & complexity of your helmet’s design. More expensive helmets tend to be lightweight. Where these lightweight are usually made from carbon-fiber. Helmets that are more expensive consists of an intricate mold offering improved ventilation and superior aerodynamic performance. So, if you happen to be a beginner when it comes to mountain biking, in that case, it would be better for you to stick to a basic model. However, if you are a veteran, then, you should be investing in an ultra-lightweight helmet.

10. Shape of Helmets

This is something that not a lot of manufacturers talk about, a lot. Although, it is worth taking into consideration that different brands would be able to offer you their own idea when it comes to the shape of someone’s head. Italian made helmets are generally a lot narrower in shape. Whereas, American made helmets consists of a more circular shape. You can measure the sizing of a helmet. However, the shape of the helmet is what matters more. Because only when you try it out would you be able to purchase the helmet.

Shape of Helmets

11. Weight

A lightweight helmet is a key to gaining that extra speed for an unforgettable ride. You may end up paying a bit more for them compared to its heavier rivals, but it’s worth it in the end. During long rides, you will feel more comfortable with these light ones.

12. Visor

The task of a visor is to ensure that the sunlight & wind is kept out of your eyes. Helping you to improve visibility & also to provide you protection from sunburns. Furthermore, as you’re riding off-road & the sun remains lower within the sky. Your helmet’s visor is supposed to help you in blocking sun rays from restricting your vision. Lastly, it will also ensure in knocking away small branches that might have otherwise hit your face as you ride along the narrow trails.


13. Aerodynamics

Dedicated cyclists use helmets shaped to cut through the air, with smooth shells and long tails. These aerodynamic properties are quite the talk of the town now. Using an aero helmet is a key to reduce drag around your head. An aero helmet works by smoothing the airflow around your head and down your back. The only problem with these helmets is that the vents need to be sealed off. So there will be very limited cooling.

In the above image you can see that with almost the same power (310 W), you can save 10 seconds with an aero helmet compared to a traditional one. This is a great deal if you are trail racing.


F. A. Q.s

Q1. Should I get a full-face helmet for mountain biking?

Ans.: If you ride trails that don’t involve hikes, a full-face helmet will probably be too hot for you. The additional protection they provide for those situations is absolutely worth it if you do. Even the best full-face helmets with internal channels are just too heavy and lack the ventilation for long term comfort. So if you ride in gravity terrains or XC, you probably need two helmets.
Check out this video for more details –

Q2. Can I use a road helmet for mountain biking?

Ans.: In the case of road cyclists, a lesser drag-coefficient can be very useful. Manufacturing a helmet that has been shaped aerodynamically, without jeopardizing necessary safety ratings, is supposed to be the main goal for all the manufacturers. On the other hand, road cyclists tend to be exposed to additional radiation from heat. Thus, it is required for them to have a very good ventilation profile throughout their helmet while they are riding. On the flip side, a mountain biker is rarely riding on surfaces that either absorb or emit heat with significant intensities. So, you should be looking for good aerodynamics & optimized airflow optimization & having a minimalist design would be a bonus when it comes to choosing road bike helmets as opposed to mountain biking helmets.

Q3. Are MIPS helmets really better?

Ans.: When bike accidents happen, two main types of forces occur. Linear and rotational. Most impacts to the head are a combination of both. MIPS helps to combat the rotational impact in these types of accidents. Helmets equipped with this technology may provide an additional measure of protection. Each MIPS system has to be specifically tailored to each helmet it is fitted in.

Q4. Why do mountain bike helmets have visors?

Ans.: MTB helmets usually have a built-in visor. While many trail riders will wear eye protection when cycling, most prefer not to wear sunglasses because it can make riding through dark tricky. The visor helps to keep the sun out of a mountain bike rider’s eyes and as the rider’s position on the bike is more upright, it won’t obstruct his or her vision as can be the case on a road bike.

Q5. Do I need special shoes for mountain biking?

Ans.: When you are just starting it’s fine to use normal shoes when you ride flat pedals. Once you feel comfortable on trails, start thinking about MTB specific shoes. MTB shoes have more grip but they are also stiffer when comparing them to normal shoes There are some differences you need to consider when you are looking for MTB shoes. It mostly has to do with what and where you ride.

Q6. Should I be taking regular care of my helmet & is it necessary to make adjustments during the course of my rides?

Ans.: If you fall during any accident or even after a collision, your head can result in accelerating very quickly right toward the ground. Therefore, if you do not make proper adjustments to your helmet, then chances are that it may end up flying off your head. So, even if there happens to be the slightest bit of separation, then it may end up dramatically reducing the necessary protection that the helmet had to offer. If you do not take proper care of your helmet, then, it would not be able to ensure you with the protection required upon a serious impact.


One of the barriers to bicycle helmets for many people is the price and the idea that to get the best, you have to pay a lot of money. In this article, we tried to throw that idea out of the window. We represented 10 bike helmets that caught our eye and are under 100. As long as the helmets maintain safety standards, there is not much difference between an expensive one and a cheap one. Many brands try to promote extra features, but the important things are that it is safe, comfortable, and ideally bright colored.

There has been significant development when it comes to safety regulations in recent times. This includes the addition of a slip-liner that will help you in dispersing a significant amount of the rotational impacts if your head gets hit by something coming at an angle. Moreover, some other notable features that might convince you if buying a specific helmet for your mountain biking escapades. A majority of the cyclists prefer going for a helmet that offers breathability. Also, one that wouldn’t cause your head to be too sweaty during your rides. Lastly, a reflective feature within the helmet would ensure that you remain visible while riding along with nighttime or low-light conditions.

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