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10 Best Rear Bike Racks for 2021 [Included Heavy Duty Racks]

If you are looking to commute, go on tours, grocery shopping, or are just looking to pull along your gear using your bike, it is a good idea to look into rear bike racks. They will help you to get rid of that heavy load that only adds to your discomfort every time you are using them. Rear bike racks can be attached to the back of your bike and use rails to hold on to panniers, bags, baskets, and other cargo. Rear racks also use bungee ropes and nets to secure items on them.

Rear bike racks, however, are bike-specific; so you need to be sure about what you are looking for when choosing a rear bike rack. Disc brake bicycles are compatible with rear bike racks that are specially designed for the former. Most racks can be attached to braze-on mounts or eyelets, while bicycles that do not have any mounting points can be fit with the seat post-mounted options. The top racks for the bike’s rear can be installed and set up with ease- with effective functionality. Additionally, they should be made from materials that make the racks durable while boasting a well-built structure. Most importantly, they should be able to accommodate a wide array of weights and sizes for loads.

Surely with the numerous products that are available for rear bike racks, with their innovative features and design – it may be a tough task to make your decision. We aimed to take the burden of the extensive research of you. In the article below, we have put down a selection of the 10 finest rear bike racks in terms of performance, versatility, ease of installation, durability, and compatibility. We have also picked the “Overall Best Choice” for you, which, in this case, is “Ibera Carrier Plus+” rear bike rack.

Ibera Carrier Plus+

Versatile rack | Overall Best Choice

The Ibera Carrier Plus+ is our overall best choice because it is one of the best racks on the market that offers a sleek design and a variety of ways to mount your cargo, using the top-mounted load and side-mounted load carrying options – which shows the versatility of this rear bike rack. The Ibera Carrier Plus is only 768 g, so will not add weight to your bike. It has been equipped with a quick-release feature that takes away any hassle to remove your cargo from the bike. Perfect for 26” and 29” wheel frames, this rack has been designed for the disc brake version. The fact that this is a frame mounter rack makes it perfect for carrying heavier loads. The rack also uses high-quality aluminum metal that makes the rack durable.

  • Adjustable frame
  • Fits 26″ and 700c frames
  • Weighs 1.70lb
  • Attachable reflector
  • Made using durable and weather-resistant aluminum


A quick view of our list of some of the finest rear bike racks:

Rear Bike RackLoad Capacity (lbs.)Our Ratings
Ibera Carrier Plus+5592
Ibera Carrier with Fender Board5588
Topeak Super Tourist DX5594
Ibera Seatpost-mounted Carrier2290
Topeak Explorer Rack5592
Planet Bike Eco Rack55 92
Thule Pack 'N Pedal Tour Rack(Top) 50 / (Side) 4086
COMINGFIT 180lbs Rack1886
Dirza Cargo Rack11582
ROCKBROS Rear Rack110 to 16580

10 rear bike racks you can buy today for your bikes

Rear Bike RackPreviewSize
(L x B x H)
Weight (g)MaterialLoad capacity (lbs)Mount & Adjustment SystemBicycle type / Frame size
Ibera Carrier Plus+Ibera Bike Rack - Bicycle Touring Carrier Plus+ for Disc Brake Mount, Frame-Mounted for Heavier Top & Side Loads, Height Adjustable for 26'-29' Frames15.5" x 8" x 14”770TIG-aluminum55Frame-mounted with quick-releaseDisc Brake / 26”- 29”
Ibera Carrier with Fender BoardIbera Bike Rack – Bicycle Touring Carrier with Fender Board, Frame-Mounted for Heavier Top & Side Loads, Height Adjustable for 26'-29' Frames15.5" x 8" x 14”750TIG-aluminum55Frame-mounted with Quick-release mounting system for bagNon-Disc Brake / 26” - 29”
Topeak Super Tourist DXTopeak Super Tourist Tubular Bike Rack DX with Side Bar for Disc Brake Bikes, Without Spring13.4” x 9.3” x 16.1"7396061 T-6 Hollow Aluminum55QuickTrack mounting systemAll road bikes with disc Brake / 26", 27.5"(650B) & 700c
Ibera Seatpost-mounted CarrierIbera Bicycle Seatpost-mounted Commuter Carrier IB-RA122" x 5.5" x 3.5"830TIG Aluminum22Seatpost mounted with Quick-release bag mountingMost bicycles ( Seat posts with diameter 27.2 - 31.8 mm)
Topeak Explorer RackTopeak Explorer Bicycle Rack with Disc Brake Mounts13.4" x 5.6" x 16.3"6206061 T-6 Hollow Aluminum55Seatpost mounted with Quick-release bag mountingBoth Disc & Non-Disc / 26", 27.5" (650B) & 700C Wheels
Planet Bike Eco RackPlanet Bike Eco Rack, Bicycle Touring Carrier, Cargo Rack Fits 26”, 700c, 650c, and 29” MTB and ATB, Frame Mounted with Adjustable Non-Disc Brake Mount12.5 ”x 5.5”6486061 tubular aluminum rod55 lbFrame-mountedNo disc brake option / 26", 700c and 29"
Thule Pack 'N Pedal Tour RackThule Pack 'N Pedal Tour Rack , Black14.02” x 12.68” x 7.17”1098Aluminum/plastic(Top) 50 / (side) 40.Frame Front Mount, Rear MountAny bike / 26 in., 700c, 29 in.
COMINGFIT 180lbs RackCOMINGFIT 180lbs Capacity Solid Bearings Universal Adjustable Bicycle Luggage Cargo RackShelf 55 cm x 15 cm; Panel 35 cm x 15 cmN/AHigh-quality aluminum alloy18Frame-mountedV-brake and Disc brake bike / 26 in. , 700c , 29 in.
Dirza Rear Cargo RackDirza Rear Bike Rack Bicycle Cargo Rack Quick Release Adjustable Alloy Bicycle Carrier 115 lbs Capacity Easy to Install Black21” x 5.7”N/AAluminum Alloy115Seatpost mount with quick-releaseMountain bike and road bike / 18" - 27.5”
ROCKBROS Rear RackROCKBROS Bike Bicycle Cargo Rack Rear Bike Rack for Back of Bike Carrier Rack with Fender Quick Release Mountain Road Bicycle Rear Racks 110-165 lbs Capacity Universal23.6”x 5.7”1335High-Quality Aluminum Alloy110 to 165Quick Release Mount At Seat Post24"-29" mountain bike frame

1. Ibera Carrier Plus+: Versatile rack | Overall Best Choice

Ibera Carrier Plus+

  • Mount: Frame – mounted with quick-release
  • Bicycle type and Frame size: Disc Brake / 26”- 29”
  • Material: TIG aluminum
  • Weight: 770 g
  • Load weight: 25 kg/ 55 lbs
  • Dimension: 15.5″ x 8″ x 14”
  • Attachment: Strap
  • Adjustable: Height, 14″-15″
  • Compatibility: Most pannier and trunk bags
  • Additional Feature: Ibera trunk bags, Ibera panniers and planet-friendly reusable bags can be used simultaneously

Features & Considerations
  • Disc brake version: This rear rack has been specially designed for disc brake bikes and can fit wheel frames of size 26” and 29”.
  • Mount: This rack is frame-mounted for both the top and side loads, allowing them to carry heavy loads.
  • Material: This carrier rack uses anodized aluminum for its structure. As the aluminum is both TIG-welded and heat-treated, the frame is sturdy and durable. It is also resistant to corrosion and can hold its color as the aluminum has been anodized.
  • Comfort: The rack is lightweight at only 768 g and will last a long time. Being so, it does not affect the overall balance of the rider on the bike while easily supporting a reasonable amount of weight, up to 55 lbs or 25 kg.
  • Versatility: This rear rack features ѕеаt роѕt racks that can be used or transferred on another bike with ease. is that thеу саn bе еаѕіlу attached or trаnѕfеrrеd to аnоthеr bike. The rack also uses different ѕіzе ѕеаt роѕtѕ for dіffеrеnt rubber ѕhіmѕ. This allows them to be used on bikes that do not have the typical rack attachments.
  • Compatibility: Plus+ allows Ibera panniers to be used simultaneously with Ibera trunk bags and eco-friendly reusable bags. It is also compatible with strap-attached bags and panniers too.
  • Reflector attachable: It also allows several rеflесtоrѕ and tаіllіghtѕ to be mounted on the bike rack, making it extremely safe and visible at night.

Some Weaknesses
  • The little sidebars can make it a little difficult to mount certain pannier styles.
  • During assembly, the provided screws tend to strip.
  • The rear wheel rods tend to snap on the odd occasion; especially during trips where roads are in a bad condition.

The Ibera bike rack – bicycle touring carrier plus+ is a rear bike rack that uses a unique design for the Disc Brake version. The rack uses a frame-mount for allowing it to carry heavy loads at the top and the side. With dimensions of 15.5″ x 8.0″ x 14”, the frame has a sleek black design that will make your bicycle look more stylish. The frame is black in color and has a sleek design that adds to the style of your bicycle. The rack uses aluminum that is lightweight and durаblе, so that the structure of the rack is well built and can be relied on, at only 768 g. The rear rack can easily fіt wheel frames of size between 26” tо 29”, and easily support 55 lbs loads.

The bottom rods are adjustable and offer 3 locking positions to ensure this rack fits your bike, where the rods can be fitted on the seat holes perfectly. You will also come across a deck with dimensions of 15 by 8-inch that will allow us to hold a lot of cargo without any risk. The seat post rods can be adjusted by 9” so that your luggage sits closer to the seat post. The rack can be equipped with a wide range of rеflесtоrѕ аnd tаіllіghtѕ, offering a greater sense of security and high visibility. Ibera, being an innovative company, constantly focuses on creating convenient and stylish designs that promote cycling, has designed this great product and thus it has made its way to the top of our list.

Ibera Carrier Plus+

Ibera Carrier Plus+

Ibera Carrier Plus+

2. Ibera Carrier w/ Fender Board: A bike cargo rack

Ibera Carrier with Fender Board

  • Mount: Frame mounted with quick-release mounting system for bag
  • Bicycle type and Frame size: Non-Disc Brake / 26”-29”
  • Material: TIG Aluminum
  • Weight: 750 g
  • Load weight: 55 lb (25 kg)
  • Dimension: 15″ x 6″ x 14″
  • Attachment: Strap
  • Adjustable: Height, 14″-15″
  • Compatibility: Most pannier and trunk bags
  • Additional Feature: Rear fender and splash-guard

Features & Considerations
  • Rear Fender: You will find that the top plate above the wheel will act as a rear fender and splash-guard for wet conditions, along with the reflector adapter. The rack, therefore, has a streamlined profile for touring and carrying heavier loads.
  • Mount: The rear rack is frame-mounted – where it sits low and close to the rear wheel making handling easier for the rider.
  • Quick-release mounting system: This system will only work with an Ibera rack and the mechanism only takes 3 seconds to function.
  • Non-disc version: The rack is designed for non-disk brake bicycles.
  • Compatibility: You can use this rack to accommodate Ibera trunk bags, panniers, and reusable bags that are environment-friendly, and bags with detachable straps. Additionally, taillights from a wide range of manufacturers can be fit to this rack.
  • Material: This carrier rack uses TIG-welded, heat-treated, anodized aluminum to build a sturdy and well-built structure. As the aluminum is anodized, it will not undergo rusting and the color will not fade.
  • Adjustable: The bottom rods can be height adjusted between 14”-15” so that the rack can fit onto bicycle frames between 26” and 29”. Even if the seat stay holes are high or low, the rods will allow the customized fit by bending. The seat post rods can also be adjusted to an extended maximum length of 9” to be attached to the seat stay eyelet.
  • Weight: The carrier itself weighs only a mere 1.65 pounds.

Some Weaknesses
  • If the bike falls over, one of the mounting bolts may snap or the entire rack may bend.
  • The lightweight of the rack limits its durability.
  • The rack does not come with a bungee cord.

Ibera PakRak Touring Carrier with Fender Board is a high-quality rack that is frame-mounted so that it can carry heavier top and side loads up to 25 kg (55 lbs) in weight. This is facilitated by the strong rack that has been attached to the rear of the bike.

We find a top plate that rests above the rear wheel as a rear fender to keep away water and mud in rainy weather. This high-quality bike rear rack is TIG-welded and made with heat-treated aluminum, which will make the rack last for a long time. The seat-stay rods can be adjusted in terms of length so that you can have a customized fit. Thus the rear rack to be used with a wide array of bicycles. Being height adjustable, this rack will easily accommodate any bike with a 26-inches to 29-inches frame size, and this version has been designed for non-disc brake bicycles. The bag mounting system has quick-release features so you do not have to face any hassle while taking down the baggage. you can also attach this rear rack with a reflector or taillight.

Ibera Carrier with Fender Board

Ibera Carrier with Fender Board

Ibera Carrier with Fender Board

3. Topeak Super Tourist DX: Best rear bike rack for touring

Topeak Super Tourist DX

  • Mount: Frame mounted with QuickTrack mounting system
  • Bicycle type and Frame size: All road bikes with disc Brake / 26″, 27.5″(650B) & 700c
  • Material: Hollow 6061 Aluminum T-6
  • Weight: 739 g
  • Load weight: 25 kg / 55 lbs
  • Dimension: 13.4” x 9.3” x 16.1″
  • Attachment: Braze-on type
  • Adjustable: No
  • Compatibility: Topeak MTX trunk bags and Rear baskets from MTX
  • Additional Feature: Solid fender top; RedLite mount; Mount for Tail Light

Features & Considerations
  • ​QuickTrack™: This is an ingeniously simple attachment system that allows our TrunkBags to interface securely to an MTX or RX rack. You can slide your TrunkBag forward in the track until it locks in place. A simple push on the release button will allow your TrunkBag to slide off.
  • Low profile: As this rack has a low profile, you will find it easy to place larger items on top of it, for example – a tent. Additionally, as it is lower to the ground, the rack will display better stability owing to the low center of gravity.
  • Pannier rails: You will be able to find pannier rails that are located just below the top frame. They offer considerable clearance for your heels even on small framed wheels. Additionally, trunk bags can be easily used with this rack by allowing easy on/off the rack.
  • Reflector/light mount: Look for a reflector or light mount on the rack’s rear. It should feature two holes that have a spacing of 50 mm, a characteristic that makes the rack compatible with a wide brand of lights. You will also be provided with pieces of plastic so that you can fit Topeak lights here.
  • Construction: The rack uses lightweight and hollow 6061-T6 aluminum for its structure and has been welded at the crucial support points so that the resulting structure is well-built and can carry an adequate load.
  • Disc Brake design: This rack has been specially designed to be used with all road bikes that are using disc brakes.

Some Weaknesses
  • Black paint may chip away.
  • Installation may be tough initially.

The Topeak Super Tourist DX rack is a good entry-level rack that is well recommended by its users. It is not particularly heavy at 739 g and will fit both normal and disc brake bikes. This Topeak rack is made out of aluminum tubing which should be stronger than solid aluminum (with similar mass). The rack can easily take up to 25 kilos.

The design of this rear bike rack utilizes the QuickTrack MTX-system from Topeak. This system facilitates the Topeak bags and baskets (that are compatible with this rack) to be put on by sliding it with ease. Topeak sells this rack with a spring, and they are excellent for crushing food and squeezing bags, but not for holding anything tight. You can use straps, bungee cords, rubber bands instead. With the sidebar mounting for panniers, it allows you to attach or remove most types of trunk/cargo bags with ease. The RedLite mount allows you to attach your Topeak RedLite series light, or a universal tail light mount will work with almost any other rear light out there. This is Topeak’s toughest tubular aluminum rear rack that has been designed for heavy-duty, long-distance touring on bikes with 26″, 27.5″ (650B), or 700c wheels.

Topeak super tourist DX

Topeak Super Tourist DX

Topeak Super Tourist DX

4. Ibera Seatpost-mounted Carrier: Seat post rear bike rack

Ibera Seatpost-mounted Carrier

  • Mount: Seatpost mounted with Quick-release bag mounting system
  • Bicycle type and Frame size: Most bicycles ( Seat posts with diameter 27.2 – 31.8 mm)
  • Material: TIG Aluminum
  • Weight: 830 g
  • Load weight: 22 lbs (10 kg)
  • Dimension: 22″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″
  • Attachment: PakRak clip-in
  • Adjustable: Length, 17.5″- 20″ from seatpost
  • Compatibility: Ibera PakRak trunk bags, strap-attached bags or planet-friendly reusable bags from Ibera
  • Additional Feature: Rubber shims for sizing; Attachable reflector or taillight attachable

Features & Considerations
  • Adjustable: You can modify the length of the rack to match your style of cycling and the load you’re carrying.
  • Weight Capacity: As the cargo will be closer to the seat, this will allow you to carry heavier cargo.
  • Material: This carrier rack is made of extruded and durable aluminum that is TIG-welded and treated with heat. The high-quality material and manufacturing process reinforces the rack for extra strength.
  • Capacity: The seat post mount also gives the rack a floating-in-thin-air look. However, this design does not allow the rack to carry more than 22 lbs.
  • PakRak Clip-On clip: Using these, you can attach IBERA bags to the carriers firmly, securely, within a few seconds, without the need for tools, straps, or rubber bands.
  • Quick Release: The mounting system used here will allow you to release your gear instantaneously.
  • Mount: Being seat post mounted, riders can use this rack for a wide array of loads.

Some Weaknesses
  • The carrier cannot be attached to carbon fiber seat posts.
  • You cannot use the carrier to carry people.
  • Not suitable for off-road riding.
  • Hardshell construction is not durable over time.

This rear bike rack, Ibera Seatpost-mounted  Carrier is a bike carrier that has been made using lightweight aluminum. The material can last long and exhibits high strength as the frame has been tig-welded and heat treated. The rack can be installed easily and can be used with many bikes, while it supports a maximum load of 22 pounds. The attractive design of the Ibera Bicycle Seatpost-Mounted Commuter Carrier is what makes it stand out. Rather than relying on a frame’s eyelets, this model is easily mounted to your seat post using a bolt and held in place tight with rubber shims, which makes the rack suitable to be used with light to heavier loads.

The length of the cargo rack can adjust to accommodate different bags. The lengths are expandable to 20-inches. You can quickly release your gear with the quick-release mounting system. For travel during the day or night, a reflector or taillight can be attached to make you seen by other motorists. The Ibera IB-RA1 features rubberized shims to protect the bicycle from dents.

Ibera bicycle seatpost mounted commuter carrier

Ibera Seatpost-mounted Carrier

Ibera Seatpost-mounted Carrier

5. Topeak Explorer Rack: Topeak bike rack

Topeak Explorer Rack

  • Mount: Seatpost mounted with Quick-release bag mounting system
  • Bicycle type and Frame size: Both Disc & Non-Disc / 26″, 27.5″ (650B) & 700C Wheels
  • Material: Hollow 6061 T-6 aluminum
  • Weight: 620 g
  • Load weight: 25 kgs / 55 lbs
  • Dimension: 13.4″ x 5.6″ x 16.3″
  • Attachment: Braze-on
  • Adjustable: Steel arms
  • Compatibility: MTX TrunkBags / rear baskets
  • Additional Feature: Includes mounting bracket (26.5 cm); Solid fender top; RedLite Mount

Features & Considerations
  • Sturdy: It has three stays on each side to steady the load instead of two. The third stay that stabilizes the load fully. Higher-capacity racks will be modified even more to add the necessary stiffness.
  • Compatibility: The Topeak Explorer is compatible with a range of bikes. This is due to the attachment arms that can be flexed to allow a considerable height of clearance at the rear wheel of bikes using a disc brake.
  • Frame size: Amongst the 26 – inches wheel and the 700c wheel – this rear rack will fit on either of them. You will also be able to fit them on wheel sizes of 27½-inches. For 29-inch wheels, go for the 29er model fit for mountain biking. You can find a disc-specific design for this model as well.
  • Material: Topeak is constructed using hollow 6061 aluminum. The fact that it is “hollow” allows it to have a low weight.
  • Mount: The mounting hardware found on this rack uses steel. You will also see that the rack is delivered with nylon insert nuts that can be used for locking. It also features a taillight mount that has been welded on the rack completely.
  • Rack platform: The rack platforms found on this rear bike rack will be able to support various MTX QuickTrack luggage from Topeak. If you are not looking to use panniers, you can carry a bike lock instead.
  • Fender: The rack will protect your backside in rainy weather by serving as a built-in fender.
  • Use: This is the perfect rack if you are looking to do classic loaded touring, commuting, or just running errands.

Some Weaknesses
  • May require additional hardware for installation in some bike types.

The Topeak Explorer is sturdier than other models because it has three stays on each side to steady the load instead of two. The Explorer offers 1¼ inches of wheel clearance on 700c wheels— which is more clearance than any other ordinary rack. That amount of clearance, in addition to the movable arms, gives the rack more compatibility with a variety of bikes. Because they can flex, the Explorer’s flat steel arms can attach to a wider range of bike-frame rack mount, where the design makes finding a proper fit easier compared with models. The Topeak Explorer Rack has been designed so that that it is compatible with any bag from its manufacturer, from which the Topeak MTX🏆 has beat compatibility. They can be mounted quickly and also removed with ease.

There are three versions of this rack: we have the spring-free Topeak Explorer version that can be fitted to most bikes, mountain bikes running 29″ wheels can use the 29ers version, and there is the spring version that can be used to carry small interns without any bungee allows you to secure smaller items without using bungees. They are made using hollow 6061 aluminum which is lightweight but sturdy. Weighing only 680g, the Explorer is easily amongst the top rear bike racks that can carry heavy panniers and are versatile. The three styles also come in a version that is disc-specific and offers more clearance for the wheels.

Topeak explorer

Topeak Explorer Rack

Topeak Explorer Rack

6. Planet Bike Eco Rack: Rear rack for electric bikes

Planet Bike Eco Rack

  • Mount: Frame-mounted
  • Bicycle type and Frame size: No disc brake option / 26″, 700c and 29″
  • Material: 6061 tubular aluminum rod
  • Weight: 648 g
  • Load weight: 25 kgs / 55 lbs
  • Dimension: 12.5” x 5.5”
  • Attachment: Braze-on
  • Adjustable: No
  • Compatibility: Panniers and small bags/packs
  • Bicycle Taillights Compatible Models: Most Planet Bike tail lights
  • Additional Feature: Compatible with an electric bike

Features & Considerations
  • Rear reflector/tail light mounting tab: You will be able to use rack brackets to mount most Planet Bike tail lights.
  • Versatility: This mount racks quickly and is compatible with just about any bike. In fact, Planet Bike boasts that the Eco will fit the majority of mountain, hybrid, and road bike frames.
  • Installation: The rack is quick to install, especially on standard modern hybrid frames. The one size fits most frames with pre-installed rack hardware. Only a few screws will attach this bike rear rack to most bike models.
  • Weight: Made from aluminum, this rear rack does not add too much weight to your bike. You probably won’t feel the rack as you bike.
  • Strength: This oversized aluminum rack is tubular so that it can display maximum strength while being lightweight. 12.5″ top length rails are here too and are open-sided.
  • Capacity: After you have installed the rack, you can carry 55 pounds of weight on the back of your bike. This weight capacity and simple design allow a 12 ½ by 5 ½ inches of load space.
  • Electric Bike ready: You can easily add this rack to your electric bicycle to help with additional cargo and pannier bags.
  • Additional stability: The rack can use another stay to support the platform and provide more stability.
  • Suitable for: Perfect choice for commuting.

Some Weaknesses
  • Does not fit bikes with Rear Suspension
  • Does not fit bikes with disk brakes
  • May require additional hardware to install
  • We find two stays on either side of the rack will result in some shiftiness if you are carrying extra loads.

For recreational riding, the Planet Eco Bike Rack should be the automatic choice. Inexpensive, durable, lightweight, and all-around simplicity make the Planet Bike Eco Rack a favorite. We like Planet Bike because the company is committed to providing sustainable solutions, including free parts.

The Planet Bike Eco Bike Rack is made of heavy-duty, oversized 6061 aluminum, which is an alloy known for stability and strength. It fits 26-inch, 650b, 700c, and 29-inch bikes, but does not offer a disc-brake option. The bike is rated to hold up to 55 pounds, but the design and rack build suggests that it can handle more. This rack is ideal for hybrid, comfort, and recreational mountain bikes that are looking for the added versatile element and obvious advantages offered by rear bikes. Please note that they also do not want to put on additional weight on their backs. After the packs have been installed, the side rails can be opened so that there is maximum clearance for the heels.

Planet Bike Eco bike rack

Planet Bike Eco Rack

Planet Bike Eco Rack

7. Thule Pack ‘N Pedal Tour Rack: Heavy duty rear bike rack

Thule Pack 'N Pedal Tour Rack

  • Mount: Frame Front Mount, Rear Mount
  • Bicycle type and Frame size: Any bike / 26 in., 700c, 29 in.
  • Material: Aluminum / Plastic
  • Weight: 1098 g
  • Load weight: (Top) 50 / (Side) 40 pounds.
  • Dimension: 14.02” x 12.68” x 7.17”
  • Attachment: Rubberized grips
  • Adjustable: Deck & Rails
  • Compatibility: Panniers and small bags/packs
  • Additional Feature: Struts

Features & Considerations
  • Patented rack attachment system: Can be used on full suspension mountain bikes, commuters, etc. You can easily secure it to your bike in a flash and will fit on both your front fork and rear seat stays.
  • Construction: The rack is made using aluminum and glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene, which later uses stainless steel bolts for assembly. The plastic top plate has aluminum rails that can be adjusted and click onto the tubular aluminum legs.
  • Strut mounting points: It uses a range of struts that allows it to be attached to any bike. This added versatility will allow the rack to be used on Standard road bikes, hybrid bikes, and MTB bikes.
  • Pannier Compatibility: The rack works in harmony with the range of panniers offered by Thule itself, but you can also use other panniers. This is allowed by side frames that also feature a second rail so that panniers can be mounted near to the ground for a low center of gravity.
  • Versatility: This rack top is sturdy and compatible with strapped-on loads, panniers, and rack-top bags.
  • Adjustability: You can use this rack on 26” or 29”, ranging from carbon to full suspension bikes, and the same single rack can be attached on both the front and rear.
  • Weight: The rack design adds weight, but also allows for wheel-spray protection for the rack-top bag/loads and the rider also.
  • Reflector mount: The rack also features an integrated reflector mount at the rear end for additional safety.

Some Weaknesses
  • There are no mounting points for a rear light.
  • The full plastic platform construction on the top and large-diameter struts can make it difficult to release certain panniers.
  • It is difficult to fit cyclo-cross bikes with cables down the seat-stays.

Overall, the Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Tour Rack features an innovative and versatile design for a pannier rack. The strong aluminum tubing and ratchet straps combine to form a sturdy and secured structure for the platform; whilst the adjustable rails – in combination with the solid top-plate – makes the rack versatile. create a versatile carrying solution. Whether you want to use Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Shield Panniers, or other branded bags, strapped-on loads – this rack will serve your purpose easily. The Thule Pack’s Pedal rear rack can easily carry 11 kg loads using the optimized plate and the side rails are also optimized here for holding the pack bags. With an additional side frame, you can balance the standard pannier using the strap supplied with the rack. These pack bags can also be fitted a few cms along the rear side for the rear rack so that there is sufficient room available for your legs. You will not encounter any rigidity issues even if you are carrying a moderate load and riding on dirt roads.

If your bicycle frame does not have braze-on, the Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Tour rack can be a convenient way to move your luggage. Thule’s innovative rack attachment system will work on nearly any bike — making it perfect for commuting and touring. The Sport version is basically a platform but does not feature the rails, which makes it 200 g lighter.

We have included a video for you below:

Thule Pack 'N Pedal Tour Rack

Thule Pack ‘N Pedal Tour Rack

8. COMINGFIT Rear Bike Rack: Bike cargo rack

COMINGFIT 180lbs Rack

  • Mount: Frame Front Mount, Rear Mount
  • Bicycle type and Frame size: V-brake and Disc brake bikes / 26 in., 700c, 29 in.
  • Material: High-quality aluminum alloy
  • Weight: N/A
  • Load weight: 180 lbs
  • Dimension: Shelf 55 cm x 15 cm; Panel 35 cm x 15 cm
  • Attachment: Elastic Cords
  • Adjustable: Seat tube’ diameter should be 22 – 33 mm
  • Compatibility: Cargo
  • Additional Feature: Side protecting frame

Features & Considerations
  • Design: This rack has been made using an aluminum alloy of the highest quality and allows for quick release.
  • Use: This rack can fit bikes using a disc brake and also those using a V-brake – making it an ideal option to be accommodated on a wide range of bikes such as a mountain, road, and “fat” bikes using larger wheels.
  • Weight capacity: This rack uses 4 legs that are strong enough to offer more support. As a result, it can withstand loads up to 180lbs.
  • Rear Reflector Lamp: This lamp is red in color and can be found at the rear of your rack – which can make riding safer at night.
  • Elastic Cords: No matter the weight of your load, you can use these elastic cords to make sure your luggage is secured on the rack.
  • Versatility: The rack is adjustable to bicycle frames of several sizes, adding to the versatility of this rack.

Some Weaknesses
  • Cannot be used for Kids’ bike and Trek Verve.

COMINGFIT  Rear Bike Rack is an excellent product that displays high-quality features. This new luggage rack is universal due to its versatility. Therefore you will be able to use it by adjusting the height on any bicycle – like road bikes, MTB bikes, and many more. This rear bike rack can be used on both disc brake and V brake bikes.
The four legs of this rear bike rack allow it to have a high load capacity. Additionally, the body uses the best quality aluminum alloy to ensure that the rack lasts a long time and has a solid structure. A red light reflector lamp can be attached to the rear end of this bike, which will help you to navigate better at night. An elastic cord and quick-release clip will hold on to your luggage more securely. The 43 cm x 15 cm shelf allows compatibility with larger luggage broader You can also use the side-protecting frames for accommodating a wide array of bags.

COMINGFIT 180lbs capacity solid bearings universal adjustable bicycle luggage cargo rack

COMINGFIT 180lbs Rack

COMINGFIT 180lbs Rack

9. Dirza Cargo Rack: Bike rear cargo rack

Dirza Cargo Rack

  • Mount: Seatpost mount with quick-release
  • Bicycle type and Frame size: Mountain bike and road bike / 18″ – 27.5”.
  • Material: high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Weight: N/A
  • Load weight: 115 lbs
  • Dimension: 21” x 5.7”
  • Attachment: Elastic cords
  • Adjustable: Length
  • Compatibility: Variety of panniers and bags
  • Additional Feature: Bike cargo rack net, reflector

Features & Considerations
  • Stability: A bike cargo rack and the bicycle are designed so that they form a triangular shape, which will make the structure more stable and well-built.
  • Material: Constructed using durable aluminum alloy – further reinforces structure integrity and allows the rack to carry huge loads.
  • Mount: The rack is a seat post mounted rack for easy installation and quick release.
  • Seat post: The main bracket of the rack is to be attached to the 30 mm seat pole at a height of 2″.
  • Capacity: Even though it is lightweight, this cargo rack can carry heavy loads up to 115lbs.
  • W-Shaped Design: Features W-shaped sidebars that effectively stops the load from coming in the way of the moving wheel.
  • Adjustable support rods: This rear bike rack has adjustable support rods that can be length adjusted from 9.7″-14″, which allows the rack to be compatible with most bicycles.
  • Cargo net wrap: This rear bike rack has an additional bike cargo rack net that will allow you to carry small things like a school bag, books, helmet, etc.

Some Weaknesses
  • The rack cannot be used with suspension bikes, bikes with tires more than 4”, folding bikes, and beach cruiser bikes.

The Dirza Rear Bike Rack is a rear rack that can be mounted easily. Panniers can be easily supported by the well-built, sturdy structure of this rack which can easily carry a load up to 115 lbs (52 kg). This means the rack can be easily used for commuting or for carrying your grocery. The Dirza rack also has additional features such as a reflector that can be rear-mounted, a cargo net, and a bungee-like wire. The main bracket will be attached to the seat pole after raising it by 2”, where you will want to ensure that the set-up can be used for riding. The triangular shape formed by the bicycle and rack allows it to form a sturdy and well-built structure. The rack also features a smooth coating for added aesthetics.

These products come in a universal black color so that it can be used with a wide array of bikes. Essentially, if you are looking to use the maximum load capacity of this rack, you need to install it with additional mounting arms. For 30 lbs (13 kg) or less, you can skip this and install it in a matter of seconds. Wheel guards will prevent the panniers from coming in contact with the spokes as when panniers do touch the spokes, the wheels may be damaged.

Dirza rear bike rack

Dirza Cargo Rack

Dirza Cargo Rack

10. ROCKBROS Rear Rack: Best rear bike basket


  • Mount: Quick Release Mount At Seat Post.
  • Bicycle type and Frame size: 24″-29″ mountain bike frame.
  • Material: high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 1335 g
  • Load weight: 110 lbs to 165 lbs
  • Dimension: 23.6” x 5.7”
  • Attachment: Elastic Cords
  • Adjustable: Mounting brackets
  • Compatibility: Panniers, backpack, or baskets.
  • Additional Feature: Bike cargo rack net, reflector

Features & Considerations
  • Seatpost Mounted: The rack is mounted on the seat post with a quick-release clamp for easy and quick release of the cargo rack.
  • Quick-release: The adjustable clamps mounting on the seat post is compatible to fit a wide array of bikes except those with rear suspension.
  • Construction: bike rear rack has been made with high strength aluminum alloy material and uses stainless steel screws that will not rust.
  • Adjustable Fender: Provides under-seat protection for rainy weather. Compatible with most mountain bikes and road bikes with seat post diameter under 32mm. Helps to keep your bike clean and dry.
  • Load Capacity: Perfect for carrying 110 lbs to 165 lbs, which means you can even carry people on this cargo rack.
  • “W” Side Bars: Two wide sidebars will effectively protect your panniers or bags so that they are not scratched by the wheels or get into the spokes.
  • Adjustable Structure: The carrier rack panel and side support bar are adjustable for an easy fit. You will not require any tools for this.
  • Rear Red Reflector: This rack can be fitted with a red reflector to improve visibility during the night cycling for safety.
  • Elastic bungee cord: This can be scratched around your carrier bag or gears on rough roads for extra security.

Some Weaknesses
  • Not suitable for tire sets which may be thick

If you have too many groceries to bring home on your bicycle, then RockBros Bicycle Cargo Rack is what you should be looking for. This rack comes with the fender found below the seat.

RockBros bike rear rack is a high-quality item with an interesting and special design that enables you to carry the heavier loads between 110 lbs to 165 lbs. We also come across the clamp which features quick-release adjustability for easy mounting on the seat post and easy removal. We can call this a heavy-duty mountain bike cargo rack due to the load capacity which will allow you to take solo trips with all your essentials on this rack, with 26”-29” MTB frames. The best part is, you can get rid of the rack whenever you want. Constructed using high-quality aluminum alloy. This rack is compatible with both V-brake and Disc brake bikes where you can adjust the rack length. The telescopic rods are stretchable between 3-15 cm so that they can be used to fit the bike frames. “W” shaped bars will keep your luggage away from the wheels or spokes while elastic cords can be used to attach panniers, backpacks, and baskets. You will also be provided Rear Reflector which is red in color and will improve visibility during the night.

RockBros bicycle cargo rack



Buying Guide: Rear bike racks

1. Rear Bicycle Racks

Rear bicycle racks are found above the rear wheel of a bicycle and are more commonly used. They are usually both easy to install and use, and can be used for hauling a wide variety of loads. Seat post rear racks do not last long and are unable to carry large cargo as they are not mounted on the actual bike frame. They are best used with small bags, cargo nets, and straps to carry a weight between 10-15 lbs. Bolt-on rear racks can carry a weight between 20-80lbs owing to their sturdy structure and versatility. You can strap your cargo, use a box or a case, and also use side panniers.

Rear bicycle racks

2. Front Bicycle Racks

Front bicycle racks usually rest over the front wheel of a bicycle, and are mounted on the fork is usually mounted somewhere on the fork. There are front racks with one anchor point that is generally bolted into the stud of the front brake and is suitable for smaller loads and light cargo. Front racks with two anchor points are bolted into threaded mounts that are found both at the lower end of the fork and midway up the length of the fork. They are designed for heavier work and are preferred for serious commuting and long-distance touring.

Front bicycle racks

Types of rear racks

  • Seatpost rear racks: They can be installed directly onto the seat post, which can be installed easily. However, they may not be sturdy and have been designed to carry lightweight cargo, between 10-15 pounds. A seat post bicycle rack is a suitable fit for your bike for carrying light loads such as straps, cargo nets, and small bags.

Seatpost rear racks

  • Bolt-on rear racks: They are much more durable and add to the versatility of rear bike racks. The seat stay of your bike will work to provide support for both the rack and cargo, allowing you to carry heavy loads up to 110 lbs. Bolt-on rear racks will allow you to use both sides of the rack to attach carrying cases, in addition to the top of the rack. Bolt-on rear racks will allow you to carry numerous items on longer rides or heavy cargo on shorter distances.

Bolt on rear racks

I. Clamping Hardware

Following are the two pieces of hardware that we can use to fit the rear rack if braze-on mounts are absent:

  • Seat post clamp for pannier rack: To attach the top of your rear rack to your bike frame, you will be needing a seat post clamp. They will usually wrap around the seat post and are in a fixed position with the help of the Allen screw. Usually, you will find two threaded fixing holes under the Allen screw that is used by the rack to be attached to. Based on the diameter of your seat post tube, pick the perfect size for your Seatpost clamp.

Seat post clamp for pannier rack

  • P clamp bike rack: To fix the rack at the bottom of the bike frame, you will need to use P Clamps. These can be forced to wrap around the seat stays on both sides of the wheel. You can utilize them to bolt onto the top of the rack when they close together to line up the holes. They are sometimes cushioned to prevent any damage to the paint of your bicycle body and are also available in a range of diameters.

P clamp bike rack

1. Easy to Install

The first thing you must consider when selecting a rear bike rack is surely the installation process. If the product comes with a manual, you should go through it and make sure you can install it by yourself.

2. Durability

A durable bike rack can easily carry largo cargo without any issue. The rack can handle the pressure from the weight and also keep the cargo secure and safe. Additionally, the rack will be durable – which will allow you to focus on the ride and the road only, irrespective of the weight you may have on your back. For this, the material of the rack will come into play. There are different options for materials that are used for rear pannier racks, which are explored below:

  • Aluminum racks: lighter; less durable; and cannot be fixed in case it breaks.
  • Cromoly racks: (steel that contains carbon) offers a good balance in terms of strength, durability, and weight.
  • Steel racks: heavy, large but lasts longer; can be fixed if damaged
  • Titanium racks: lightweight, does not undergo corrosion; can be expensive

3. Load Capacity

Your cargo rack should be able to carry your load with ease, so the rack must have a good capacity for carrying weight. Rear racks are used for loads between 20 to 50 pounds, which serves the purpose in most cases. There are also heavy-duty models available that can carry up to 80 lbs. These racks are distinguishable because they feature three support rods per side while others are equipped with only two.

Load capacity

4. Disc Brake versions

Rear racks are being designed to be compatible with disc brake bikes, where the rack can be mounted on the quick release axle or to the eyelets. As a typical disc brake will tend to stick out the side of the rear wheel of your bike, you cannot use standard rear racks here. Because a disc brake sticks out from the side of the rear wheel, standard rear racks will not be compatible.

Disc brake versions

5. Visibility

Your luggage rack should come with tail lights that have been integrated for better visibility. Bikes usually come equipped with reflective strips or rear lights. Together, you will surely be visible at night on the road. We have put down the three common “standards” for permanent rear rack light mounts, where the rack has the light bolted onto it – below:

  • Two horizontal holes that are 50mm apart( Popular amongst European rack manufacturers)
  • Two horizontal holes that are separated by a distance of 80mm apart (Topeak has adapters in this size. See below)
  • Two holes have a vertical orientation (Common in USA-made products). This is the most common bolt-on option from American manufactures. This allows the rear rack to mount any light using the bolt on the mounting point, where an adapter will be bolted to the rack.
  • Topeak racks only offer mounting points for Topeak lights and even though the holes are 80 mm apart – Topeak uses adaptors to attach the light on the rack as Topeak rear racks are only compatible with Topeak lights.

6. Uses

  • Placing them directly on the rack: If your rack features a spring clamp and you want to carry a small, light load – you can use the clamp to press on the load so that it stays in its place after placing it on the rack.

Placing them directly on the rack

  • Using a pannier: Panniers are special bags that have been designed to allow bike racks to haul cargo. Typically, they come in volumes between 15-20 liters and can carry loads between 40-60 lbs. If you are planning to carry around your cargo for more than 15 minutes, panniers can offer you the easiest and most comfortable solution. Panniers can be hooked on both sides of a rear rack if the cargo is big and heavy. Even if they are used for touring, commuting, or grocery shopping – panniers offer a significant amount of room to place your load/cargo/gear/groceries. You can start by using a single pannier for commuting purposes. Even though it may seem that steering your bike is going to become difficult or troublesome – in reality, that is not the case. Double panniers are essentially two bags that have been attached to the rear bike rack and offer twice the cargo capacity. Panniers offer several advantages and also provide a safe means of transportation for fragile or sensitive cargo, for example – your laptop.

Using a pannier

  • Using a basket: Another effective way of using the rear bike rack is by mounting a basket on top of the rack or the sides could be by mounting it with a basket. This is most favorable during shopping and for riders who like to use backpacks instead of panniers – but do not want to place a load on their shoulders. Baskets are available in several sizes, shapes and use different materials, and in turn, offer similar cargo capacity as panniers with high weight limits. You can find a few that can be mounted on the sides of the rack, that are usually sold in pairs.

Using a basket

How to install a rear bike rack

The installation process for a rear bicycle rack will depend upon its design. For a seat post mounted rack, installation is fairly quick, straightforward, and easy.

  • Identify whether the clamp is a two or a four-bolt clamp. To begin the installation, start by removing these bolts; place the clamp to wrap around the seat post, and then you will need to insert the bolts. Finally, tighten the bolts to ensure that the rack has been fastened securely to the seat post.
  • To install a bolt-on rear rack, you will need to identify two anchor points on the bike, one towards the top of the seat stay and the other one near the dropouts, at the bottom of the seat stay.
      1. Start by aligning the bottom eyelets of the rack with the threaded eyelets found on the bottom of the seat stays. Insert bolts that may have been provided with your rack but do not tighten them fully.
      2. At this point, the rack needs to be mounted to the top of the seat stays. Use the set of additional parts like bolts, washers, and nuts with the metal thin connecting rods to mount the rear rack on the upper seat stays.
      3. When you have attached the connector rods to the rack, make sure that they are aligned with the upper braze-on before inserting the final bolts. Check again so that the rack is parallel to the ground before tightening all the bolts.
      4. If your rack is not using individual connector rods, you will need to make sure that the upper eyelets of the rack are aligned with the upper braze-on before inserting the bolts.

Install a bolt on rear rack

  • If your bicycle does not include threaded eyelets and braze-on to install your rear rack, you will still be able to make use of vinyl-coated clamps to install this bolt-on rack.

Bolt-on rack

  • L-shaped brackets can be bolted beneath the rear of the rack to allow mounting of rear lights or reflectors, which will be visible even if you are carrying a lot of load on your rack.

L-shaped brackets

F. A. Q.s

Q1. What are the things you should know before you buy a rear bike rack?

Ans.: A bike rear rack can be an excellent means to reduce the load on the bike. However, you may not need to carry cargo with you always. So make sure that you can remove it easily when you may not need it. Check out the construction and its load capacity. For carrying extra things like sleeping bags, try looking to fit a rack with a load capacity up to at least 110lbs. For short distances, a 20lb capacity will serve you well. For the regular commute to work or shopping, you will need a bike rear rack that is durable. Irrespective of your cargo, the cargo rack you are using must last you longer, can be used easily, and can be fitted to most bikes due to their universal designs.

Q2. Which type of rear bike rack should you buy?

Ans.: Bike rear racks are usually found resting on top of the rear wheel of a bicycle. Rear bike racks can be attached via braze-on mounts or via the use of the metal C clips that are included in most kits for bike racks.

  • Seat post rear racks: These racks can be installed to the seat post, which will make it easier for you to mount the racks. However, these racks can usually support weight up to 15 pounds and are found to be not durable.
  • Frame-mounted rear racks: This is a typical bolt-on model that is more versatile and will last longer. The seat stays work to provide adequate support for the weight of the rack and the cargo. You can bring about a change to suit your purpose by attaching a carry case on either side and top of the frame.

Rear bike rack

Q3. Why choose a rear bike rack?

Ans.: Whenever you are riding, you mustn’t have a heavy load especially on your back. Rear bike racks are a good option because they will surely not get in your way and they are designed to make the weight on the rack seem lighter without compromising the durability of the rack structure.

Q4. What if there are no mounting points for the rack on my bike?

Ans.: When you are facing such a situation, you can go for a seat post mounted rack that will clip easily around the seat post and form a sturdy structure. However, you may need to use specific, compatible trunk or pannier bags in this case, which will bring down the load capacity unlike that offered by traditional frame-mounted rear racks. Central rear racks can also be fixed to the bottom using a special extended rear wheel for allowing quick release and a seat stay clamp at the top. Installation may be complicated here but they are both good alternatives.

Q5. What are the benefits of a rear rack?

Ans.: A few benefits offered by rear bike racks are given below:

  • They are a great convenience and will make your life easier.
  • They can carry a lot of weight.
  • Can fit packages with irregular shapes and sizes.
  • Makes traveling enjoyable and easy
  • Allow you to focus on the ride and the road when carrying a lot of cargo
  • They can be installed easily
  • They are compatible with a wide array of bicycles.


There are also front racks that can be attached to the front of your bike but cannot necessarily carry more weight. Also, ride quality is less affected due to rear racks, in comparison to the front ones. So, rear racks are the way to go for carrying around that cargo for any distance, essentially. We can guarantee that whether you are looking to haul large or small cargo, and featuring either a braze-on mount or a seat post mounted rear rack – any one of the 10 best rear bike racks that we have put down in the article above is likely to serve your purpose. Take care when you are installing the rack and if possible refer to an instruction manual (if provided). Once you are all set up, put on that load on your rear rack and ride away!

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