12 Best Road Bike Pedals for Beginners (Updated 2022)

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You may justify buying your preferred bike pedals in various ways. So, you might want to save weight, have better aerodynamics, or simply because your pals have brought one recently or you just happen to want something that looks cool.

Although; when it comes to your point of contact, with your bike’s with either of your bike’s pedals, saddle or handlebars, you should keep in mind that it is vital you choose a pedal which would help you to achieve peak performance and also at the same time help a fulfilling overall bike riding session.

Buying guide: Choosing the right bike pedal for you

When you plan on choosing an ideal bike pedal, one of the first things you should decide on is the type of biking you plan on doing. Also; you need to choose if you want raw pedaling power and efficiency of clip-less-pedals or the simplicity of mobility you’d be getting with flat-platform pedals. So; it might be the case that you want a combination of both.

Hence; if you choose to go for clipless pedals, you need to make sure your pedals, cleats, and, shoes are in sync and working properly. So, you can keep in mind shoe-pedal compatibility while deciding. Additionally; cleats may be sold separately or with the pedals.

Thus; we’ll help you decide, the main considerations when choosing bike pedals.

  1. Do you want flat or clip-less pedals: If you want to control and efficiency, while your shoes are clipped on to the pedals. Additionally; you generate power when pulling up and pushing down the pedal. On the other hand, if you choose flat pedals, then you can take your feet off from the pedal very quickly and this pedal would also give you comfort while you’re walking in shoes that don’t have cleats in them.
  2. The type of bike riding you do: So, if you choose a road bike-pedal having a cleat which is three-holed, then it would offer you a greater amount of power transfer. Otherwise; if you happen to be a recreational cyclist, then you can go for flat-pedals that you can easily take off and put on your bike.
  3. Choose the type of shoe you want: A lot depends on the type of shoe you prefer using, it also dictates the type of pedal you’ll have to settle for. So; if you prefer wearing your shoes off the bike, as well as on it, then either flat bike pedals or mountain bike pedals would suit you well. Since you’d be able to use these wearing your everyday street shoes or trainer with recessed cleats.

Most used and well-known types of pedals: Platform vs. Clip-in pedals

You either have to choose whether you want to secure your foot into the clip-in pedals or would you rather keep them free. So; the two most renowned types and widely used bike pedals are clip-in and platform pedals. Therefore; you should select the pedal type based on your personal and overall riding habits.

What are clip-in pedals?

You can similarly compare clip-in pedal’s cleats with how to do ski binding. These categories of pedals work by attaching a small-sized plastic, clip, or metallic cleat on the bottom of your shoe’s sole, which usually snaps itself into a set of spring-loaded clips on the platform of the pedal. Lastly; clip-in pedals generally come with either a 2-hole or 3-hole design.

Why should you go for clip-in pedals?

Using clip-in pedals means, it’d provide you with more control and also at the same time let you experience navigating at high speeds. Moreover; it’d also mean you can easily initiate and execute moves such as getting on higher platforms such as on curbs, tree-logs, etc. Also; your feet would not bounce off from the pedal, while you apply power or consider traveling through speed bumps. But; if you happen to be a newbie rider, then it may take some time for you to practice getting in and out of these clip-in pedals. However; cycling would be a lot easier for you once you get used to these pedals.

What are platform pedals?

These are the conventional pedals that you have attached to your bike, usually by default. So; these generally they’d provide you a much wider and stable horizontal surface on which you can contain and support both your feet. Moreover; these are compatible with any type of shoes. Therefore; you wouldn’t necessarily have to make additional investments on clipless shoes.

Why should you go for flat pedals?

If you happen to be a downhill mountain bike cyclist, then we’d suggest you choose flat pedals along with specially designed shoes, which have a good grip on it’s sole. Hence; this set of combinations would give you sufficient control and grip and at the same time, it’ll also be very easy for you to get off from your bike, in case you go through any unfortunate accident. Moreover; using a flat pedal would also give you that added confidence, allowing you to not get yourself into any form of crash.

If you’re a commuter, rider, or recreational cyclist who happens to get on and off your bike any time and on frequent intervals. Thus; in such a case, you may want to have platform pedals fitted to your bike so that you can easily wear shoes that are easy to walk in and also comfortable to wear.

Let’s take into consideration the type of bike riding you

Benefits of cycling pedals or road bikes

If you are a road cyclist, chances are you’d prefer clip-less pedals. Because of the secure connection that it would offer between your pedal and shoe. Hence; this would offer you a sufficient amount of power and efficiency with every stroke. Moreover; these road bike pedals would often be designed with cleats having a 3-hole design.

Therefore; the advantage of using a cleat with a 3-hole design is, overall; the cleat is larger. Hence; the force that it exerts can be spread over a larger area. Thus; this reduces the pressure that is applied to the connection points. So; it allows you to have a more secure link, while you pedal the high-stress loads of pedaling a road bike.

Benefits of mountain bike pedals

The clipless pedals for mountain biking have cleats with a 2-holed design and these are contained within the sole of your shoe. Thus; it allows you to walk with ease. So; screws are placed into the two holes to secure your cleats to the slots at the bottom of your choice of a compatible shoe. Therefore; this would easily allow you to slide that cleat from back to the front slightly so that proper angle and placement can easily be achieved. Hence it is ensured that you can attain maximum comfort and also ease of engagement while using this pedal.

Also; if you happen to be a mountain biker, the chances are you’d prefer clip-less pedals if you are in for more pedal efficiency or happen to want better control of your bikes. Moreover; you may also want more power while climbing up you may not want your foot slipping from the position off the pedal. Although; if you want to take your foot off the pedals oftentimes from the pedals. Therefore; you might not be too comfortable using a clipless pedal.

What should I be looking for, when buying cycling pedals?

Style: As we have already ready stated, previously, there are generally three categories of cycling pedals that you can choose from.

  1. Platform pedals: These are the flat designed pedals that you’ve usually grown up using.
  2. Toe clips: Toe cages, known otherwise, would provide you with little pockets for your feet.
  3. Clipless pedals: Also known as clip-in pedals, these type of pedals need cleats. So, these cleats would clip firmly into the pedals. Moreover; clip-less pedals can be differentiated into two categories, these are (a) SPD pedals – These are usually designed to be used on your mountain bikes. These pedals would ensure you that clipping is easy, even if it is covered in mud (b) SPD-SL pedals – You can use these pedals on your road bikes. Hence, these are engineered to evenly distribute the pressure. Thus; providing you with more comfort during your long-distance journeys.

To put it into a nutshell, the best way for you to choose a bike pedal depends on the type of cycling you are usually used to doing also, how much experience you’ve gained.

Type of terrain: You might be a regular commuter within the city road, or you could be into mountain biking. But, in general cases, we’d recommend flat pedals for bikers who are into downhill mountain biking.

Otherwise, if you are into road biking, then you can go for toe-clips. Lastly; you can go for clipless terrains, irrespective of the type of terrain. Although; you should note that there are varying styles that are designed specifically for either road biking or mountain biking.

Level of biker’s experience: The type of bike pedal that’d suit your best depends on your level of experience. So, clip-less pedals require you to buy a special pair of shoes as well.

Hence, if you happen to be a beginner, then we’d suggest you choose either platform or toe-caged pedals. Furthermore; as you gain more experience after years of biking, you can then invest in a pair of clip-in pedals and specially designed shoes for cycling.


So, road bike cleats differ in design, depending on the type of pedal your use. However; most of them are fastened to the soles of the shoe, you’re wearing, with the aid of three bolts.

Thus; the three-bolt attachment has become the standard for road pedals. For example, Shimano, Time, etc. All these mentioned brands use the same positioning.


So, this is measured in degrees and it determines the amount your feet can move, with it being released from the pedal.

Thus; it aids your feet to position into a natural and comfortable position, while you pedal. Also; to lessen the amount of strain being put on your knees. When your cleats aren’t positioned properly.

Moreover; there are some cleats out there, which are zero-float or fixed in position. Meaning, only with the slightest movement of your foot, it would be released from position.

Furthermore; these must be installed cautiously, for the sake of your knees. Although; a majority of the cleats that you’d find will provide you with a range between 3º to 9º of float.

Additionally; just to make things clear to you, note that the more float you have, the further you’d have to twist your foot to release it.

Lastly; you should not be too worried if you’re unsure about how much float you’d require. Because; you won’t be restricted to a particular setting by your pedal choice. Rather; you can experiment by selecting different cleats and by adjusting the settings on your pedals.

Release tension

In the case of the vast majority of pedals, it’d allow you to regulate the pedals; release tension. So, the term release tension can be defined as the amount of force you’ be required to exert for detaching your foot from the system.

Therefore; our advice to you would be if you happen to be a newbie, you should begin with a module that’d exert lesser tension and help you for easier release.

Moreover; this would also assist you to effortlessly attach your feet into the pedal. Also; as you begin to get more confident while traveling, using clip-less pedals. You can easily increase the tension to help you have even a more secure connection between your bike and yourself.

Stack height

You can measure this height from the center of the pedal axle to your shoe’s sole. Hence, the lower your stack height is, the better. Because; this helps in placing your foot closer to the axle for more efficiency.

Although; you might be required to adjust the height of your bike’s saddle when you change pedals. Since each model’s stack height varies.

We have chosen some of the factors that would help you identify whether flat or clipless pedals would meet your needs better for commuting.

 Platform pedalsClipless pedals
Speed(Hilly roads/Uphill)
Speed(Urban environment)

Our Top Pick

So, after having carried out in-depth research and testing out several quality bike pedals, firsthand, we came to the unanimous decision of choosing Shimano M520 SPD clipless-pedals as our Overall editor’s choice. Moreover; after incorporating this pedal to our bike and testing it out in different conditions for months, it never ceased to disappoint.

Shimano SPD Pedal

Best clipless bike pedal for beginner road cyclists | Overall editor’s choice

In buying the Shimano M520 SPD clipless-pedals, you’ll be getting yourself one of the best deals out there for a clip-less mountain bike-pedal. Also; this bike pedal is lightweight and you won’t have to spend a fortune to acquire this. Moreover; the M520 is would be very easy for you to clip in, added to that, it is incredibly durable, we must also applaud it for its versatility. Additionally; you can easily adjust the tension. Hence, if you don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount on getting yourself a bike pedal and also want something lightweight, then this is just what you’re looking for.

Below; we have jotted down the specifications, which you’d find helpful while deciding to buy the Shimano M520.

  • Axle size: 9/16″
  • Number of pins: N/A
  • Color: Black and Silver
  • Pedal material: Alloy
  • Dimension: 4.6″ x 4.1″ x 3.9″
  • Shipping weight: 13.6 ounces
  • Axle material: Steel/Chromoly
  • Bearings: Smooth running-bearings
  • Style of the pedal: Road clipless
  • Uses: Road riding, hill climbing, long-distance traveling and commuting


In the following table, we’ve listed the best bike pedals for beginner road cyclists:

PedalWhy we recommend
Shimano M520Best clip-less pedal for beginner road cyclists
Shimano PD-M324Best beginners dual-platform SPD pedal
Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SLCarbon made road bike pedals for triathlons
Shimano PD-M530Greater efficiency. Stable & comfortable spd system
Shimano Deore XT M8020 SPDReliable, lightweight & great performance
Crankbrothers CandyHigh torque pedals. Excellent mud-shedding ability
Look KEOLightweight & reliable. Great efficiency
Shimano PD-EH500 SPDDual platform. Nice design.
Shimano PD-RS500 SPD-SLRacing pedals for beginners
SpeedPlay ZeroDual-sided Entry. Flexible for bad knees.
SpeedPlay AeroDual-sided entry. Fixed position or micro-adjustable float
Look Keo Classic 2Stable, durable, & lightweight

How our selected road bike pedals for beginners compare

After taking into consideration numerous factors, we have shortlisted the following products for your considerations. So, we shall be reviewing these throughout the entirety of this article. Moreover; you should note that we have used these products firsthand. Hence, all reviews would be unbiased for the products that we’ll be reviewing.

Bike pedalsPreviewStyle of PedalDimensionShipping Weight (oz.)Pedal materialAxle materialColor
Shimano M520 SPDShimano PD-M520L Clipless Bike Pedals 9/16inRoad Clip-less4.6" x 4.1" x 3.9"13.6AlloySteel/ChromolyBlack & silver
Shimano PD-M324 SPDSHIMANO Clipless Pedals SPD Pedal E-PDM324Dual Platform3.9" x 2.8" x 1.6"22.4AluminumSteelSilver
Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SLShimano PD-R8000 Pro-Level Road Bike PedalSPD-SL8.7" x 4.7" x 2.4"15.5Carbon-composedChromolyBlack
Shimano PD-M530SHIMANO PD-M530 Mountain PedalsClip-less0.6" x 0.6" x 0.4"17.6AluminumChromolyBlack
Shimano Deore XT M8020 SPDSHIMANO PD-M8020 Pedals - BlackClip-less7.9" x 3.2" x 1.6"20.8AluminiumChromolyBlack & silver
Crankbrothers Candy Clip-InCandy 1 Black / Black SpringClip-less3.3" x 2.8" x 0.6"16Aluminium or plasticBlack Chromoly11 colors
LOOK KEOLook Cycle Keo 2 Max Road Pedals Black, One Size Open BoxClip-less11.8" x 11.8" x 11.8"15.4CarbonCromoly SteelBlack & white
Shimano PD-EH500 SPDSHIMANO PD-EH500 Urban Riding & Cycle Touring Double Sided Bike PedalDual Platform7" x 6" x 3"19.2AluminumCromoly SteelGray
Shimano PD-RS500 SPD-SLSHIMANO Unisex – Adult's PD-RS500 SPD-SL Road Bike Pedal BlackSPD-SL6.7" x 6.3" x 2"15.2Stainless steelChromoly SteelBlack
SpeedPlay ZeroSpeedPlay Zero_Stainless Pedals Walkable (Orange)Clip-less6.2" x 6.3" x 2"3.633Stainless steelStainless steelOrange
SpeedPlay AeroSpeedplay Zero Aero Pedals / Walkable Cleats & Aero Base Plate Surround, Stainless SteelClip-less6.2" x 6.3" x 2"7.40Stainless steelStainless steelYellow
Look Keo Classic 2Road Bike CliplessClip-less4.6" x 7.9" x 3.3"13.4Stainless steelChromolyWhite

12 best road bike pedals beginner cyclists can buy today

# Clipless pedals for beginner road cyclists

1. Shimano M520

Clip-less SPD pedal | Overall editor’s choice

Shimano SPD Pedal
  • Axle size: 9/16″
  • Number of pins: N/A
  • Color: Black and Silver
  • Pedal material: Alloy
  • Dimension: 4.6″ x 4.1″ x 3.9″
  • Shipping weight: 13.6 ounces
  • Axle material: Steel/Chromoly
  • Bearings: Smooth running-bearings
  • Style of the pedal: Road clipless
  • Uses: Road riding, hill climbing, long-distance traveling and commuting

Features & Considerations:

  • Value: The M520 SPD  is a very economic bike pedal. So; if you take into consideration its durability and versatility. Then, this would undoubtedly offer you a very good deal for your money; provided that you plan on buying a mountain bike clipless pedal. Additionally; if you plan on using a common cleat, then chances are you already have a pair of shoes to go along with these SPD cleats. Hence; choosing this pedal as your second option might be a sensible option for you.
  • Weight: This pedal is significantly lightweight. Although; don’t expect it to be too light considering its size. It weighs in at 13.6 ounces. But considering all other factors, we’d suggest this would be an ideal pedal that would fulfill your needs.
  • Durability: You won’t find any cage around this clip-less pedal to protect itself. However; we have tested these pairs out and also got rave reviews from a lot of other users, who’ve been using these for years and it doesn’t wear out at all. Therefore; owning a pair of these pedals would be worth every penny.
  • Versatility: The tension on these pairs of M520s can be easily adjustable if you use a 3 mm wrench. Similarly; as is the case for all other Shimano pedals out there. Therefore; even if you are comparatively new to clipless pedals and have very little and soft tension for seamless exit and entry. Then; you can always take help from another cyclist to adjust the tension according to your desire.
  • Ease of exit: As there aren’t any cages on this pedal. Thus; it would be very straightforward and clean for you to get out of these pairs of pedals. Disengaging this pair is also very similar to other Shimano pedals since they tend to make a clicking sound, while you exit. Therefore; if you compare this with other brands of clip-in pedals, unlike those, this would require you to make a lesser amount of twist before you hit the point of release from the cleats.
  • Ease of entry: It is one of those pedals that is very easy to get into. As the cleats seat into the mechanism effortlessly with a clicking sound. With the M520’s diminutive platform and no cage, it makes this easier to get into than other modules of Shimano.
  • Pedal platform: You won’t find a cage or large platform on this minimalist design pedal. Although; if you compare this with other modules of pedals, then you’d see that there is plenty of surface area to accommodate your feet on.
  • Ability to shed mud: This has to be one of  M520‘s best features. This pedal has a mud-shedding ability that is second to none.  Therefore; its mud-shedding capability is as good as it gets for an SPD pedal.
  • Performance and control: The M520 SPD does not only boost power for you pedaling but also enhances the rider’s control over it.  Thus; even if you happen to be an adventurous rider this pedal has still got your back. Additionally; you can effortlessly pedal with more efficiency, comfort, and also stability while you use this bike pedal.

Some drawbacks:

  • Appearance: They might not be much to look at. However; it does the job when it comes to performance.


Shimano’s M520 has to be one of the most popular clipless pedals out there better yet if you happen to be a mountain biker. Moreover; their double-sided entry means they’d also favor you if you happen to be an everyday commuter.

This pedal’s consistent performance means it would offer you a good value for money. Also; its overall rating is very praiseworthy. Although; it is highly suggested that you service the pedals, annually. Additionally; even if you’re a newbie or a comparatively new cyclist, still you won’t be needing more than one hour to get used to these pairs of pedals. This is largely due to the straightforward cup and cone bearings inside.

To conclude; all in all, in M520 you’d be getting yourself a quality clip-less pedal at an outstanding price. Moreover; this pedal is very durable and versatile at the same time. Lastly and perhaps most important of all, this pedal would last and serve you for many years to come.

Shimano M520 SPD

Shimano SPD M520

2. Shimano PD-M530

Greater Efficiency, stable, & comfortable spd system

Shimano PD-M530
  • Color: Black
  • Axle size: 9/16″
  • Number of pins: 10
  • Axle material: Chromoly
  • Pedal material: Aluminium
  • Dimension: 0.6″ x 0.6″ x 0.4″
  • Shipping weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Bearings: Smooth running-bearings
  • Style of the pedal: Mountain clipless
  • Uses: For touring, can be used on road/mountain bicycles

Features & Considerations:

  • Price: When it comes to the price of this pedal, you don’t have to worry at all. So; this is one of Shimano’s most economic pedals or any bike pedal in general for that matter. Therefore; if you’re in for a clip-in mountain bike pedal, then this is one of the first bike pedals that you should consider, worth buying.
  • Weight: As of its weight, this pedal happens to be much heavier than it looks. Since, when we weighed it, the scale showed a reading of 455 grams, approximately. However; the weight should not be too much of an issue for you when deciding to buy this otherwise low-key and well-performing bike pedal. Although; you might have a second thought if you plan on installing this pedal on your cross-country bike. Therefore; if the weight of the pedal is the determining factor for you when deciding to but a pair of pedals, then we’re afraid you might have to look elsewhere.
  • Ease of exit: This has to be one of your biggest concerns, more so if you happen to be a relatively new cyclist or even for an experienced user at using clip-less pedals. However; with the M530, you won’t have to worry about this mechanism, at all. Irrespective of the type of shoe you use. Since these pedals are very easy to get in and out as well.
  • Ease of entry: So; the process of getting into your pair of pedals should not be a tedious task at all. Thus; this pedal allows you pretty straightforward and fast entry so that you can start putting the power down as quickly as possible. Moreover; the small cage means, you can effortlessly clip into the pedal. Also; the cage has been designed in such a fashion so that you can easily guide your foot into the clip-less system so that it’d provide you seamless entry. Additionally; as you’d engage your shoe to the cage of the pedal, it’d ensure that the pedal remains flattened against your foot. Thus; helps in placing the clipless system in the perfect spot to clip-in. Lastly; if you’re new to clipless pedals, then this might just be the pedal you should be looking for, as you can easily clip-in and un-clip frequently.
  • Adjust-ability: Similar to other SPD mountain-bike pedals, these pedals also have a very wide range of adjustment for spring tension. So; this ranges from a very firm one to relatively soft. Therefore; you can seamlessly adjust the tension using a 3 mm wrench on any side of the pedal. Also, we’d recommend that you make tensions on both sides the same, by twisting the adjuster all the way possible to one given direction.
  • Pedal platform: M530 doesn’t have any traction pins or mini-platform. So; this platform would allow you a faster and more confident engagement. Additionally; this pedal would also provide you with a footrest, in-case; you aren’t able to clip in promptly. Moreover; the section you’d get between the pedal and the shoe is much bigger than the one you’d get with a non-platform pedal. Although; the platform on this pedal may turn out to be a bit slippery when it gets wet. Thus; changing how you’d feel on your float.
  • Ability to shred mud: The more significant and painted-cage body of this pedal holds a significantly more mud than that of the higher-end version of Shimano. However; we are reasonably satisfied with this pedal’s performance. The significantly large spacing and comparatively concealed spring mechanism give this pedals a chance with being able to displace mud.

Some drawbacks:

  • Usage with stiff shoes: You should be aware of not using a pair of still shoes with this bike pedal. Because; this may cause the bike pedal to get worn out easily.


The Shimano PD-M530 is one of its most budget-friendly pedals, falling within the mini-pedal category. Moreover; we’d recommend you go for a mini-platform model of bike pedals. Since; these tend to be the ones that are most versatile and appealing. Furthermore; you can clip them effortlessly as they do not have a cage. While at the same time, they’re also more lightweight and low-key than many other full-platform pedals. Additionally; if you get yourself a min-platform, then it’d provide you with a larger interface between your pedals and shoes, meaning you’d have more stability.

Also; the pedals happen to be very user-friendly, they also have adjustable tension on the clipless mechanism. Moreover; you can install these with ease just by using a 6 mm wrench. Last but not least; you’d be able to purchase a pair of these at a pretty reasonable price.  However; one stumbling block is its weight, these pedals are relatively heavy for its size.


Shimano PD-M530

Shimano PD-M530

3. Shimano Deore XT M8020 SPD

Reliable system, lightweight & great performance

Shimano Deore XT M8020
  • Color: Black and silver
  • Axle length: 20.5 mm
  • Number of pins: 11 well-placed pins
  • Axle material: Chromoly
  • Pedal material: Aluminium
  • Dimension: 7.9″ x 3.2″ x 1.6″
  • Shipping weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Bearings: Adjustable and serviceable bearings
  • Style of the pedal: Road/mountain clipless
  • Uses: Specifically developed for serious XC racing and classic trail riding

Features & Considerations:

  • Weight: You’ll find that these pedals are not the lightest out there. However; you should be judging them strictly based on their gram count. Also; you won’t be able to remove their trimmed axle and threaded bearings using a standard 15 mm pedal removing wrench.  Although; these pedals would be Enduro worthy.
  • Platform: The machined surface of this pedal would be able to provide you with a slightly greater surface area compared to other variants of Shimano‘s pedals. Thus; it would give you stability and reassurance while you’re navigating. Although; we would not suggest that you use this while attempting to stand on it. Furthermore; we also recommend that you use the stickiest shoes while using this pedal so that you can get the right amount of traction.
  • Ease of exit: Shimano’s pedals are well known for their facility in exiting the pedals. Moreover; the distance between the release and the end of the float is considerably small, reconcilable, and comes with a distinct click. Thus; while you disengage form it, you know it instantly.  Lastly; we’d say, even though this platform happens to be bigger and rugged, but still, we’d not recommend that you stand on it for long periods.
  • Ease of entry: Once again; we should be applauding Shimano‘s pedals for their seamless engagement. Thus; this pedal, also; is no exception. Also; a smaller sized platform means you won’t have a chance of missing the pedal while you guide your foot into the mechanism. Therefore; once you have successfully engaged, the machined aluminum surface would give you a consistent feeling of resistance, be it wet or dry for that matter.
  • Adjust-ability: This pedals, like many other Shimano’s pedals, doesn’t have traction pins on its platform. Therefore; you would not be able to adjust the amount of hard grip that you’d get on this pedal. Hence; if adjust-ability is a huge deal for you, then we’d suggest you choose a bike pedal that is equipped with traction pins.
  • Ability to shred-mud: The M8020 performs admirably when required to shed mud. Moreover; we were quite surprised by its ability to defy muck. Although; these pedals won’t give you the greasy, clipped-in smooth surface feel that you’d get in case of some bike pedals.  Also; the lack of smooth coating that you’d experience on the engagement mechanism, along with the coarse machining of the platform, would end up creating a bit more friction in the overall float.

Some drawbacks:

  • Weight: If accommodating a bike pedal that is a bit on the heavier side is an issue for you. Then we’d recommend that you choose a pedal that doesn’t weigh as much as the XT M8020. Since; this weighs in at around 402g, which is comparatively more than some other bike pedals that you may choose from.


The XT M8020 epitomizes performance. Furthermore; this pedal stock somewhere in between the premium and entry-level bike pedals. Moreover; you’d be getting yourself a bike pedal having very user-friendly features. Shimano has built this pedal, especially for hardcore Enduro riders.

The Shimano XT M8020  offers premium quality, sleeker, and a combative bike pedal. Furthermore; this pedal would provide you a comparatively bigger machined platform. Additionally; this pedal has a slim anodized covering and also smooth steel bearings.  Lastly; Shimano gives you a lighter, hard-wearing pedal that would be able to perform admirably on muddy surfaces.

Shimano Deore XT M8020

Shimano Deore XT M8020

4. Crankbrothers Candy

Structured especially for high torque pedals. Excellent mud-shedding ability

Crankbrothers Candy
  • Color: 11 range of colors
  • Axle length: N/A
  • Number of pins: 14 pins/side
  • Axle material: Black Chromoly
  • Pedal material: Aluminium or plastic
  • Dimension: 3.3″ x 2.8″ x 0.6″
  • Shipping weight: 1 pound
  • Bearings: Premium Bearings
  • Style of the pedal: Road/mountain clipless
  • Uses: For cyclocross, cross-country, trail, all-mountain

Features & Considerations:

  • Weight: Crankbrothers have designed candy keeping in mind to make sure that it is a lightweight pedal. Although; this the advantage you’d get for not having adjustability. Since; your pedal won’t be weighed extra for any added hardware.
  • Platform: The size of Candy‘s platform is appreciable. So; this pedal will achieve the objective of aligning the pedal with the cleat and the surface of the traction. Therefore; this would provide you with a good platform for pedaling.  Furthermore; this platform would also prevent your pedal from rolling underfoot. Lastly; you must choose a shoe that would be compatible with your pedals.
  • Ease of exit: In case of exiting the pedal, it would be a pretty straightforward process. Also; you won’t have to worry about any traction pins obstructing you. So; all you need to do is simply twist your heels and you’d be free from the pedal! Although; the and feel that you might get would be a bit indistinct. However; this release would come at and angle dictated by the cleat’s installation, at an angle of 15º or 20º. Moreover; when you do a twisting out, it is a bit difficult to identify whether you are pushing against the tension of the spring or experiencing friction from the traction pads. Furthermore; you can easily exchange these traction pads with other ones having different thicknesses.  The ramification being you experiencing varying levels of friction between your shoe and pedals.
  • Ease of entry: The smaller sized platform of the Candy means, you’d be able to access these very easily if we compare these to other models of Crankbrothers‘ pedals. Although; you can think that this pedal mechanism features a four-sided engagement. But; the miniature pedal fundamentally makes it a two-sided pedal.   However; the engagement mechanism on this pedal may not be always in the right orientation, inside the pedal. Thus; this may end up making your entry, a bit complicated to say the least. So; in case of engagement, Crankbrothers were never too consistent. As at time you either hear a snap, another time all you hear is a vague click.
  • Adjust-ability: Without taking into consideration the placement of the cleat and thickness of traction pads, Candy would not be able to offer you any forms of adjust-ability. So; this one of the limiting factors for this product. Although; if you happen to be of average weight and skill, then this mechanism would be able to do the job in releasing when you require and also keeping you secure at the same time. Furthermore; the traction pads that come along with this pedal have a thickness of around 1 mm or 2 mm. Hence; if you swap them, then this would end up altering the level of contact between the sole of your shoe and the pedal. Additionally; this pedal offers you a 0º float cleat, this would enhance your overall efficiency. The pedal, as they say, has a ‘one size fits all’ tension.
  • Ability to shred-mud: The straightforward design would be adding you in excellent mud-shedding ability.

Some drawbacks:

  • Short spindles: The spindle on this bike pedals is a bit short. Therefore; your shoes may end up rubbing against the pedals even if you make adjustments to the clips to the ball.


The Crankbrothers Candy would be able to provide you with an admirable balance between superb weight savings and marvelous performance. However; the lack of adjust-ability may somewhat put you off. But keep in mind the well-designed tractions pads would be very likely to enhance your overall experience while you’re using this pedal.  Therefore; Candy would be able to offer you a pedal having a minimalist design, while at the same time give you excellent clearance from the mud. Added to that, the less than average weight means, this would be able to provide you with the perfect combination while you’re commuting.

Furthermore; you won’t have to pay an exorbitant price if you contemplate buying a pair of these pedals. So; these pedals would also be providing you with their brand new traction pads. Also; Crankbrothers would describe these pedals as their lightweight yet heavy-duty and reliable set of bike pedals. Last but not least; this striking-colored bike pedal was designed with the performance for your mountain bike being of utmost importance. Furthermore; this pedal seems to be able to offer you the perfect balance.

Crankbrothers Candy

Crankbrothers Candy

5. Look KEO

Lightweight & reliable with great efficiency

  • Color: Black and white
  • Axle size: 9/16″
  • Number of pins: N/A
  • Axle material: Cromoly Steel
  • Pedal material: Carbon
  • Dimension: 11.8″ x 11.8″ x 11.8″
  • Shipping weight: 15.4 ounces
  • Bearings:  Roller bearings
  • Style of the pedal: Road clipless
  • Uses: For sports & outdoors

Features & Considerations:

  • Reduced friction: The KEO has an oversized Chromoly plus axle, along with the ball bearings at the crank end. Moreover; the needle roller bearings underneath the pedal platform are separated by a conical spacer. Hence this you help in reducing the overall friction.
  • Stability: The composite body of this pedal has been trimmed down. Hence this would be able to offer you a lot of lean angles. Moreover; the 60 mm widened and 500 mm sq overall area stainless steel contact surface would allow you superb stability.
  • Stack height: KEO has a stack height of 17.3 mm. Furthermore; you can easily adjust the release spring’s tension between a range of 8 nm to 12 nm.
  • Float: The KEO has a cleat which is smaller than many other cleats out there. Moreover; you’ll also be supplied with a 4.5º grey version. Also; this would offer a good grip and be quiet to walk on for you.
  • Adjustment: It would provide you ample flat adjustment, a large contact surface which would allow you easy and efficient power transfer.

Some drawbacks:

  • A bit difficult to get into: It might be a bit difficult for you to get into these pedals at times. Moreover; when you’re wearing shoes, especially this may be a bit troublesome while you’re at a stoplight.


The Look’s Keo pedals would be able to offer you with an admirable performance, that too at a very good price. So; these pedals feature an over-sized Chromoly plus axle, as well as ball bearings at the crank end. Furthermore; there are also needle roller bearings beneath the pedal platform. Moreover; these are separated by a conical spaced spacer that enables in reducing friction, while you are commuting.

Furthermore; the composite body of the Keo has been slimmed down. So; it would offer you great lean angles. Also; the stainless steel protective plate on the center contact surface has been widened in size. Hence; this would offer you outstanding pedaling stability. Lastly; this pedal has a very straightforward and secure release and engagement. Also; the rotational float is very smooth, you’ll thoroughly be able to understand this while using it. To conclude; if you’re a beginner and contemplating investing in an economic bike pedal, then you should not be looking any further.

Look KEO

Look KEO

# For triathlon bikes

6. Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL

Carbon made lightweight choice | Editor’s premium choice

Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL
  • Axle size: 9/16″
  • Color: Black
  • Number of pins: N/A
  • Axle material: Chromoly
  • Bearings: Silky smooth bearings
  • Pedal material: Steel/Carbon
  • Shipping weight: 15.5 ounces
  • Dimension: 8.7″ x 4.7″ x 2.4″
  • Style of the pedal: SPD-SL road
  • Uses: Road riding can be used on a gravel bike, off-road bikes

Features & Considerations:

  • Stack height: Shimano has decreased the stack height of this pedal by 0.7 mm. So; stalk height is very important, as it is a defining factor in pedaling efficiency. Although; the decrease may seem to be insignificant, but you should keep in mind that, this small decrease, may just end up making your power transfer, that much more efficient.
  • Width of pedals: If you compare this pedal to Shimano’s other modules, you will find that the width of the pedal’s body has increased a bit. Thus; this would allow you to have that additional stability if your foot. However; this might not be something that you’d notice easily, but Shimano has been making these changes to ensure you get a bike pedal that would offer to with a service, close to perfection.
  • Durability: For the Ultegra, even if you use it for thousands of miles while fitting it into your bike, you won’t be noticing any significant wearing of the pedals.
  • Cleats: The cleats for this SPD-SL road pedals would provide you with 6º (yellow tip). 2º (blue tip) and 0º (red) float according to your preference. Moreover; these cleats itself are quite hard-wearing. Hence; you can carry out significantly heavy usage while fitting these pedals to your bike.
  • Bearings: Ultegra R8000’s bearings are very tough and also smooth. Moreover; you can use it to rack up a lot of mileage, without servicing it.

Some drawbacks:

  • Tightening cleats: You have to ensure that the cleats are tightened, every time you finish a journey. Moreover; we highly recommend that you buy a pair of these products from an authentic buyer, to avoid any forms of fraudulence.


Shimano has designed the Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL to cater you with the high-quality road performance. Moreover; the carbon, lightweight body of this pedal means, it’ll provide you with a significantly large contact surface, which would allow you to maximize power transfer and support. So; this low-profile pedal would allow you increased clearance while you’d be cornering. Furthermore; the binding would allow you fast engagement and efficient seamless pedaling, coupled with an open design for simple access and adjustment of the cleat.

Additionally; the R8000 uses sealed-cartridge bearings, that are very low maintenance. Also; this pedal is designed for professional cyclists.  Thus; it would help you generate optimal power and provide you with the necessary endurance. This low-profile pedaling system has gained popularity among a wide range of cyclists, this includes; sports, club, and recreational riders as well. Furthermore; this SPD-SL road-flat pedal was specifically designed for you to be used with Shimano’s footwear so that you can transfer, more power directly from your body to your bike. Lastly; this pedal would help you to attain increased endurance for rides which are longer in duration.

Shimano Ultegra R8000

Shimano Ultegra R8000

# Dual-platform pedals for beginners

7. Shimano PD-M324

Dual-platform SPD pedals | Excellent value choice

Shimano PD-M324
  • Axle size: 9/16″
  • Axle material: Steel
  • Number of pins: N/A
  • Color: One Color; Silver
  • Bearings: Cone bearings
  • Pedal material: Aluminum
  • Dimension: 3.9″ x 2.8″ x 1.6″
  • Shipping weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Style of the pedal: Hybrid
  • Uses: For multipurpose use, used with street shoes

Features & Considerations:

  • Color: This pedal comes in only one color. This has a silver covering. Thus; you won’t be having a lot of options to choose from. Also; this is good on the eye and the color doesn’t wear off easily.
  • Spindle and bearings: This pedal has cone-shaped bearings designed for you. Also; the spindles are made from Chromoly.
  • SPD binding: As this is a dual-platform pedal. Thus; this has an adjustable tension SPD binding for you when you’ve got the cleats on. Moreover; the SPD mechanism binding provides the security you require, as well as pedaling efficiency you can demand in a clipless model.
  • Bike shoes: The pedal has regular pedal cages, on the outer side. Hence, this would permit you to use shoes, that are non-cleated. While you plan on having your cleats on.
  • Well-finished: Shimano PD-M324 has a well-constructed Aluminum body. Additionally; this has to be durable and dependable while you commute, using these on your bike. Also; the body consists of robust cups and cone bearings.
  • Tension and float: It has a wide range of tension adjustment. Furthermore; this has a sufficient amount of float, to accommodate your knees. Also; the cleat tension is adjustable so the binding releases quickly according to your need.
  • For longer-distance commuting: PD-M324 is perfect if you’re into long-distance touring. Since this pedal has especially been designed to commute like workhorses.

Some drawbacks:

  • Costly: If you’re someone who travels around in urban regions and is only into leisure riding, then we suggest you choose another model. As this pedal happens to be a bit high-priced, thus; spending too much for such purposes won’t be of good value for your buck.


The Shimano PD-M324 is constructed for being very durable. So; we can say for sure you can’t depend on this pedal to provide you with very good performance while commuting. Especially, if you’re required to interchange between flats and cleats. Moreover; if you commute over long-distances or happen to be into touring, then this is the ideal bike-pedal for your bike.

So, this pedal has a nice finish. Its body is made from Aluminum, housing cone-shaped bearing, and serviceable-cups. Also; a metallic cage has been designed for you if you plan on using this as flat-pedal. Whereas; if you prefer using cleats, then you’d find an easily adjustable tension SPD binding on this pedal. Additionally; the cleats are very admirably finished and it performs very smoothly, throughout.

Moreover; you can effortlessly strip them down. Very importantly; as is the case for many other models of Shimano’s SPD pedals, the SPD system is the same as that of other models, having a very wide range for adjusting tension. Also; there is a sufficient amount of float for your knees. So, even in either a wet or dry condition, the cage on this pedal would provide you with satisfactory and good grip.

Lastly; you might find copies or pedals which look similar. But, note that even if you’re required to pay extra, even then, our advice to you would be, Shimano‘s models for these pedals will be your money’s worth. Since these pedals are very well constructed and also happen to be very durable. Thus; these pedals would be perfect for you if you are a regular commuter and travel long-distances.

Shimano PD-M324

Shimano PD-M324

8. Shimano PD-EH500 SPD

Double-sided platform

Shimano PD-EH500 SPD
  • Color: Gray
  • Axle size: 9/16″
  • Number of pins: N/A
  • Axle material: Chromoly Steel
  • Pedal material: Aluminum
  • Dimension: 7″ x 6″ x 3″
  • Shipping weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Bearings: Good sealed-compact, low-maintenance bearings
  • Style of the pedal: Road/mountain dual-platform
  • Uses: Perfect and convenient for road and mountain touring; commuting; and urban riding

Features & Considerations:

  • Weight: In Shimano PD-EH500 SPD,  you won’t be having the lightest bike dual-platform out there. So; this bike pedals weigh in at a moderate 383 grams/pair. Thus; if you want something which is super light-weight, then this won’t tick your boxes.
  • Traction: This pedal is significantly large in stature. So; the EH500 pedal has a wide platform on one side having replaceable traction pins. Hence; this would provide you good wet traction.
  • Durability: Don’t be fooled by the weight of this pedal. Because; the sealed cartridge axle unit, along with the Aluminum body and Chromoly steel axle. Hence; you don’t have to worry about this pedal when it comes to its durability. Also; the bearings that come along with this pedal are designed for longevity.
  • Type of shoe: Shimano has suggested that this pedal is compatible with sneaker style and also mountain bike style shoes. However; it would also work perfectly if you wear a walk-able, soled clipless shoe.
  • Types of riding: This pedal would be very convenient and nearly perfect for you if you’re into mountain and road traveling. Since the flat-sided platform of the pedals means, the removable traction pins would be able to provide you with outstanding control and a very firm grip. This is the case, even if you navigate through wet surfaces.
  • Dual-sided pedals: The PD-EH500 SPD is a very versatile dual-sided bike pedal with a convenient platform design on one side. Whereas; on the other side an SPD step-in is in place. Furthermore; Shimano SM-SH56 multi-release cleats have been included along with the pedal. Moreover; you can either choose to use cycling shoes or go clipless using everyday street shoes.
  • Clipping & un-clipping: So; the light-action binding mechanism means, you can easily clip-in and clip-out of the pedals very easily. Additionally; we’d suggest you use a CT or MT shoes along with this pedal. Also; this pedal is compatible with SM-SH51 cleats. For your convenience; this pedal has an adjustable release and entry tension settings.

Some drawbacks:

  • Narrow pedals: If you’re someone with wide feet then these pedals might be a bit difficult for you to use.


Shimano’s PD-EH500 is designed as dual-sided pedals. So; when it comes to their cleat system, they have an SPD clip-in system, on one side of this pedal only. Whereas; on the opposing side of this pedaling platform, it has traction pins to provide you with the grip that you’d require for optimal stability. Hence; this would be providing you with the liberty to ride, either a clip-less or platform pedal, according to your requirement. Hence; you won’t have to go through the hectic process of changing your pedals every time.

Furthermore; we’d recommend if you prefer venturing into the urban terrains, road cycling, or if you step out and into these pedals, quite often, then this would be the perfect bike pedal to meet your needs. Additionally; the packaging comes with a set of pedals that consists of SH-56 cleats. Therefore; this would aid in further simplifying your process of un-clipping. Moreover; this would help you to swivel around your feet in a wide range of angles for the releasing process. Rather than kicking your heels outwards in a horizontal direction for the un-clipping.

Shimano PD-EH500 SPD

Shimano PD-EH500

# Racing pedals for beginners

9. Shimano PD-RS500 SPD-SL

Greater durability. Ease of exit and entry

Shimano PD-RS500
  • Color: Black
  • Axle size: 9/16″
  • Number of pins: N/A
  • Axle material: Chromoly Steel
  • Pedal material: Stainless steel
  • Dimension: 6.7″ x 6.3″ x 2″
  • Shipping weight: 15.2 ounces
  • Bearings: Good sealed-compact, low-maintenance bearings
  • Style of the pedal: Road racing SPD-SL
  • Uses: Road and mountain touring; commuting; and urban riding

Features & Considerations:

  • Ease of exit and entry: You’d be able to enter and exit the pedal with relative ease. Therefore; this is something that Shimano’s pedals always perform well, keeping you satisfied.
  • Tension: Lighter spring-tension means, this pedal has specially designed for you if you happen to be a newbie.
  • Entry target: The entry target is significantly larger. Therefore; it would be comparatively easy for you to engage.
  • Platform width: Extra width of the platform means, you’d be able to generate more power while pedaling, for greater efficiency.
  • Durability: Stainless steel body plate would be providing you with greater durability. Also; at the same time, it would help in reducing flex and wear and tear of your pedal’s body.

Some drawbacks:

  • Cleat quality: We were a tad bit disappointed with the quality of the cleat. Moreover; since these are pedal made by Shimano, so; we had a greater expectation.


For Shimano PD-RS500 SPD-SL pedals, the engagement is easier, since this has significantly larger entry. Furthermore; if you happen to be a relative beginner at cycling and you contemplating, buying an SPD-SL pair of pedals, the thing would be an ideal choice. Moreover; this pedal would be providing your reduced spring tension as well. To conclude; you’d be getting yourself a bike pedal having a wider platform for easy accomodating of your feet and lighter spring tension.

Shimano PD-RS500 SPD-SL

Shimano PD-RS500 SPD-SL

# Pedals for Bad Knees

10. SpeedPlay Zero

Dual-sided Entry. New walkable cleats technology

SpeedPlay Zero walk-able
  • Color: Orange
  • Axle length: 53 mm
  • Number of pins: N/A
  • Axle material: Stainless steel
  • Pedal material: Stainless steel
  • Dimension: 6.2″ x 6.3″ x 2″
  • Shipping weight: 103 grams
  • Bearings: Easy bearing lubrication
  • Style of the pedal: Road clipless
  • Uses: Handy plugs included with cleat sets for use when walking in dirty conditions

Features & Considerations:

  • Twin-sided entry: Twin-sided symmetrical pedaling system self-detects. So; all you need to do step down on to these cleats. Irrespective; whether the pedals are on the right-side-up, upside-down, or any other rotational sequence.
  • 15º adjustment range: Zero would allow you plenty of rotational-float. So; this would allow you to make accurate micro-adjustments to levels you’d be needing or you can set it up in a fixed-place with adjustments range up to 15º.
  • Low-stack height: Zero’s cleat helps in positioning your feet closer towards the top of the spindle. Therefore; this will give your enhanced power-transfer.
  • Stack height: For 3-bolt cleat mounting systems the stack height 11.5 mm. Whereas; for 4-bolt cleat mounting systems, the stack 8.5 mm.
  • Clearance while cornering: Zero has a comparatively thin pedaling-profile. So; this allows you to pedal efficiently letting you power through the corners at degrees up to 37º.
  • Stable and wide pedaling-platform: This pedal helps in providing superb and solid-connections similar to one-sided regular pedals. Thanks to Speedplay’s distinctive and inverted-design, the cleats on these pedals would serve you with a superb platform when you engage using these cleats.
  • True-locking system: The locking mechanism won’t cause you to rely on the spring-tension when you’re in need of security. Therefore; while you’re exiting and entering these pedals, it’ll be a pretty straightforward process. However; if you want unintentional release, it’ll be nearly impossible.
  • Seamless maintenance: There is a custom-made grease port within this pedal. So; this would aid you in lubricating the bearings pretty easily.

Some drawbacks:

  • Difficulty clipping in You may find it a bit difficult to clip in your shoe to the cleats. So, this may take you some time to get adjusted into.


The spindle on this pedal is made from stainless steel. So this causes this pedal to weight around approximately 206 grams/pair. Therefore; the Zero would give you the option of choosing between either a fixed consolidated position or up to as much as 15º of float. Upon usage of this pedal, you’ll get the feel of using a conventional fixed system. These pedals are twin-sided. Hence, when you use these, you’ll get a pretty lightweight feel, also you can engage and disengage effortlessly. The stack height is also pretty low at 11.5 mm. While making the necessary clearance, you’ll be able to make seamless cornering. As for the engagement, it doesn’t depend on the tension generated from the springs in case of retention. Therefore; you won’t necessarily have to go through the hectic process of cranking down on the tension adjusting system, to prevent any possible unintentional release. You can make corner clearances of up to as much as 37º. Moreover; you can purchase a pair of these pedals in various colors according to your requirement. The packaging also includes the necessary mounting hardware. These pedals are compatible with every type of road shoes that you’ll find out there.

SpeedPlay Zero walkable

SpeedPlay Zero walkable

11. SpeedPlay Aero

Dual-sided entry. Fixed position or micro-adjustable float

Speedplay Zero Aero Stainless
  • Color: Orange
  • Axle length: 53 mm
  • Number of pins: N/A
  • Axle material: Stainless steel
  • Pedal material: Titanium
  • Dimension: 6.2″ x 6.3″ x 2″
  • Shipping weight: 210 grams
  • Bearings: Easy bearing lubrication
  • Style of the pedal: Road clipless
  • Uses: Handy plugs included with cleat sets for use when walking in dirty conditions

Features & Considerations:

  • Sleek design: The Aero pedals are one of the sleekest pedaling systems you’ll find out there. Speedplay has designed the Aero, which has a conventional inverted-design.
  • Titanium-made spindle: This pedal is equipped with a titanium-made spindle that helps in securely fastening the Aero pedaling system to the crank arms. It is one of the lightest pedals you’ll find out there.
  • Win-breaking design:  the Aero has a wind-breaking design, thanks to its reduced front sided area.
  • 15º of rotational float: Similar to the Zero, the Aero also has 15º of rotational float, for which you can make effortless micro-adjustments. Furthermore; you can easily make frontal/rear, sideways independent adjustments. Moreover; you can carry out making necessary changes to rotational positions as well.
  • Lower stack height: A lower stack height means, greater pedaling efficiency and swift corner clearances.
  • Improved power-transfer: The stack height on this pedal is pretty low. Therefore; you can easily get your feet closer towards the spindle. Therefore; you will be able to attain optimal power transfer.
  • Big and stable pedaling-platform: In buying the Aero, you’d be getting yourself a pair of robust and durable pedaling system. Moreover; the connection will be firm. This is a one-sided pedal, consisting of Speedplay’s renowned inverted design. So; once you engage the cleats, you’d be provided with a platform.
  • Effortless maintenance: There is a custom-made grease port within this pedal. So; this would aid you in lubricating the bearings pretty easily.
  • Enhanced security: The Zero doesn’t use spring tension to make sure of the necessary security, without the aid of a locking mechanism.

Some drawbacks:

  • Difficulty clipping in You may find it a bit difficult to clip in your shoe to the cleats. So, this may take you some time to get adjusted into.

The Aero pedals are one of the sleekest pedaling systems you’ll find out there. Speedplay has designed the Aero, which has a conventional inverted-design. This pedal is equipped with a titatnium-made spindle that helps in securely fastening the Aero pedaling system to the crank arms. It is one of the lightest pedals you’ll find out there. Also; the Aero has a wind-breaking design, thanks to its reduced front sided area. Similar to the Zero, the Aero also has 15º of rotational float, for which you can make effortless micro-adjustments. Furthermore; you can easily make frontal/rear, sideways independent adjustments. Moreover; you can carry out making necessary changes to rotational positions as well. A lower stack height means greater pedaling efficiency and swift corner clearances. Aero’s sleek design makes sure that you can effortlessly proceed with corner clearances.

Speedplay Zero Aero Stainless

Speedplay Zero Aero Stainless

# Light-weight Pedals

12. Look Keo Classic 2

Stable, durable, and lightweight

Look Ko Classic
  • Color: White
  • Axle size: 9/16″
  • Number of pins: N/A
  • Axle material: Chromoly
  • Pedal material: Stainless-steel
  • Dimension: 4.6″ x 7.9″ x 3.3″
  • Shipping weight: 13.4  ounces
  • Bearings: Easy bearing lubrication
  • Style of the pedal: Road clipless
  • Uses: Allows any type of cyclist to find the best fit to suit their riding style

Features & Considerations:

  • Float: Look’s Keo comes with complete grip cleats, Moreover; you can easily adjust these pedals between 8º and 12º float.
  • Stability: These pedals have a large enough surface that’d provide you with added stability, while you pedal. Moreover; these pedals have CrMo spindles and diminutive ball bearings, and it also has needle cartridge bearings.
  • Durability: Look have used a new method of attaching this spindle into the body of the pedal. Furthermore; strengthening the durability of these pedals.
  • Lightweight: The compounded body of this pedal is solid and also very lightweight. So; it weighs around a mere 348 grams/pair.
  • Angular movement: This depends on the color of the cleat. Specifically; the default grey pedals able to offer you 4.5º of float.
  • Maintenance: Even if you use them for months, and also through atrocious weather conditions, you still won’t be having to worry about its maintenance. Because; these pair of pedals would still be as smooth as they were when you first bought them.
  • Steel axles: The over-sized steel axles spin effortlessly on the roller and needle bearings. Furthermore; it is designed to be sealed very well against the elements.

Some drawbacks:

  • Makes crunchy sound: These pedals would work perfectly, you won’t be having any complaints regarding its performance. However; it tends to make quite a lot of sound. So; this can be an issue for you at times.


The Look Keo is a classic mid-range bike pedals that also happens to have competitive weight and features.  Moreover; this pedal would be able to provide you with 9º of float, which can further be bettered or lessened by the type of cleat that you choose to use. Also, Look would be able to offer you two float levels and one fixed option. Furthermore; these pedals can offer you a wide range of movement. Hence; you can twist to large angles while you’re clipped into the pedal.

All in all, the Look Keo, is a comparatively easy pedal to engage on once it’s securely clipped in. Moreover; this is a pedal that would ensure that the pressure is evenly distributed across your foot. Thus; making it comfortable for you to navigate if you happen to be going for long journeys. Lastly; they weight significantly less at 268g, making them one of the pedals on the lighter scale, also, you’d feel that these are visibly and noticeably smooth when you’re strapped in.

Look Keo Classic

Look Keo Classic

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can road pedals help make you go faster?

A1. Choosing the right pedal to fit your bike will increase your efficiency by a great deal. Moreover; these will also prevent your chances of injury and at the same time help in reducing your pain.

Additionally; most newbie cyclists use either regular running shoes or tennis shoes while pedaling, having a soft sole. So; these soft soles end up absorbing some of the power you generate from each stroke. Hence, this makes your strokes less effective.

Furthermore; this results in your foot being folded over the pedal and causes stress on the arch of your foot. However; when you start using a proper clip-less bike pedal, you’ll be required to use stiffer shoes. Thus; this will help you to support your foot more effectively. Also; generate more power with your strokes.

Another way these pedals would help you is by enhancing the power on your upstrokes. Since your feet remain clipped-in. So; you can easily on these upstrokes. Moreover; this doesn’t only help you in generating more power while pedaling, but also aids you in developing more balanced muscle development and helps in burning more calories.

Q2. How do you choose between either a Road bike pedal vs. Mountain bike pedal?

A2. If you make a comparison between the road and mountain pedals. You’ll find that road cleats are comparatively larger. Moreover; they’d ensure your feet are tightly strapped on to the pedals. Meaning; the power generated is also greater. Also; if you plan on covering more mileage, then we’d advise you to go for road cleats. Although; these are harder to walk on. Furthermore; they can strap into your feet very tightly, which might make you feel uncomfortable.

Whereas; mountain cleats are much smaller in size this won’t allow you enough space to tread surrounding the cleat. Thus; if you are into mountain biking or regular commuting, this is a great cleat to choose from. Although; these pedals won’t allow you to exert nearly enough power as that of road pedals. But; the good thing is, you can easily attach and remove these pedals from your bike.  To conclude; you can choose either of the pedals we’ve discussed to fit into your road bike.


Therefore; for a majority of the pedal systems, it is the cleats that define how sustainable it is going to be.  This is in terms of longevity, the float also; how easily you can walk on those shoes designed for riding bikes. Moreover; a vast majority of the brands use a specific color to identify how much float a cleat has.

Last but not least; another important and final factor is consistency. For you to achieve injury-free riding and optimal pedaling mechanics, you’d need regularity with your setup. Thus; we’d advise you to avoid a scenario where you spend the whole week riding a specific system and then change to a different brand, having different attributes.  So; even the smallest changes may end up causing you aches and possibly increase your chances of injury.

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