12 Best Spin Bikes for Home Use (Updated 2022)

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Are you planning on investing in a spin bike for home usage? Whether you plan on simply burning a few calories or just want to keep up your endurance, spin bikes will undoubtedly be an efficient method of cardiovascular exercise. Spinning classes can be quite fun and convenient especially if you buy a spin bike for your home. We have selected some of the well-performing and easy to use spin bikes. Factors that we have taken into consideration when choosing a spin bike include the price of the bikes, the weight of its flywheel, and the number of functions that the console on these bikes have. This will facilitate tracking your workout statistics.

Buying Guide: Spin Bike for Home Use

First off, let’s look at the infographics below to have an idea about the anatomy and benefits of using a spin bike.

anatomy of a spin bike

The diagram above will help you to have a better understanding of the anatomy of a spin bike.

Source: Mapmyrun.com

Top 10

The illustration above explains why you should be in to spin cycling.

Now, we shall be discussing the features that you should be looking for in spin bikes before planning on buying one.

1. Drive Systems

This is undoubtedly one of the most important features. The drive system determines how a spin bike operates. Drive systems can be categorized into two types, these are:

  • Chain Driven System

This type of system was generally incorporated in older variants of spin bikes. It makes usage of chains, similar to the ones used on regular outdoor bikes. The flywheel rotates as the roller-chain moves over a sprocket which is powered as the pedals on the bike revolve. One major downside of using this mechanism is, it is susceptible to being delayed. This is why manufacturers decide against using this system.


  • You’d get the feel of using a conventional outdoor bicycle.


  • This system tends to produce quite a bit of noise.

A Chain Driven System

Figure: A Chain Driven System

  • Belt Driven System

This is the type of system that is more widely used nowadays in spin bikes. A rubber belt instead of a chain is used in transferring power into the flywheel. But you wouldn’t exactly have the same feeling of using a traditional outdoor bike upon using this system. You can rest assured that this system will serve you with greater durability and at the same time serve with noiseless performances. Previously this system used to be quite expensive. But, nowadays these are commonly used among a majority of spin bikes.


  • It’ll offer you greater durability and noise-free performances.


  • No significant weaknesses.

A Belt Driven System

Figure: A Belt Driven System

2. Types of Resistance

Another very important aspect that you need to take into consideration is the type of resistance the spin bike offers. It’ll decide how your bike performs over the progression of time. The two common types of resistances are as follows:

  • Friction-based Resistance:

Bikes using this type of resistance mechanism use felt-pads that squeeze on the flywheel of the bike for initiating resistance. This results in serving you with a similar experience to that of using regular road bikes. It also happens to be comparatively economical, in comparison to magnetic resistance mechanisms. Although this system has a major downside, it won’t offer you similar levels of durability to that of magnetic resistance systems.


  • It’ll make you feel as though you’re using a road bike.
  • Spin bikes equipped with felt-pads tend to be rather economical.


  • It offers lesser levels of durability compared to magnetic resistance mechanisms.

Felt Pad Resistance

Figure: Felt Pad Resistance

  • Magnet-based Resistance:

On the other hand, resistance based on using a magnetic system is commonly used by the majority of top and mid-tier spin bikes out there. This mechanism uses magnets instead of pads for getting closer or away from the bike’s flywheel. It helps in serving you with progressive levels of resistance during your workout sessions. You will also find it easier for adjusting this resistance level, it’ll also serve with longevity. But you’ll be required to pay more for bikes that use a magnet-based resistance system.


  • It’ll provide fluid resistance & enhanced durability if compared with friction-based systems.


  • Bikes that have this system are more expensive than of friction-based types.

Magnetic Resistance

Figure: Magnetic Resistance

3. Weight of Flywheel

The weight of the flywheel on a spin bike plays a detrimental role as to how the bike performs. The flywheel on a spin bike is supposed to store a specific amount of kinetic energy. This helps in stimulating the pedal’s motion. There are two types of flywheels, these are:

  • Heavyweight Flywheels:

If you consider the laws of physics, then flywheels that are heavier tend to store a greater amount of energy and serve with better resistances. This is what causes many bikes to spin relatively slower. However, it ends up exerting significant amounts of pressure on your knees.


  • Heavier sets of flywheels are equipped in bikes that cost less.
  • It tends to store a significant amount of energy and can offer you with more stable rides.


  • This system ends up putting unnecessary strain on your knees and doesn’t produce maximum amounts of energy.

Heavyweight Flywheel

Figure: Heavyweight Flywheel

  • Lightweights Flywheels:

Lighter flywheels make more efficient usage of the stored energy which is accumulated by the flywheel. This is because these flywheels spin quite faster compared to the heavier design of flywheels. These lightweight flywheels have the ability to store up to quadruple the amount of energy. Also, it won’t be taking a toll on your knees. Numerous high-end bikes make use of lighter flywheels, this is why they tend to be expensive.


  • These serve greater energy and fluid resistance, compared to heavier flywheels.
  • Unlike heavier flywheels, these do not put too much stress on your knees.


  • Heavier flywheels don’t generally come with either a higher-gear ratio or a double pulley mechanism.
  • Models that are equipped with a higher-gear ratio means you’d be required to pay a premium.

Lightweight Flywheel

Figure: Lightweight Flywheel

4. Bike Pedal Types

The way you’ll be positioning your feet and would make you feel comfortable and secure is another aspect that you should take into consideration while choosing a spin bike. So, pedals on these bikes come in two main types, these are:

  • Single-Sided Pedals:

To begin with, as the name suggests, using one-sided pedals, you’ll be able to use one side only. There aren’t any connections that can be made on the other side. Pedals such as these are generally used on outdoor bikes. As it doesn’t have toe cages, so you will be able to get on and off your bike with ease. These sets of pedals can also be sometimes referred to as “flat-pedals ”.


  • Single-sided pedals happen to be comparatively cheaper than dual-sided ones.


  • It won’t be able to provide you with the option

Single-Sided Pedals

Figure: Single-Sided Pedals

  • Dual Sided Pedals:

You should be looking into dual-sided SPD pedals if you use shoes that have cleats. This will enable you to have greater control & pedaling efficiency. Provided that you are into intense workouts or want to simulate a mountain riding session on your spin bike, then there are the pedals that you need. Although, not all spin bikes feature SPD compatibility. Hence, you may be required to buy separate sets of pedals.


  • This will provide you greater pedaling efficiency and enhanced control.
  • You should also be able to generate more power while you simulate mountain biking rides.


  • No significant weaknesses.

Dual-Sided Pedals

Figure: Dual-Sided Pedals

5. Q-Factor

You may have the question in mind that, what exactly is the “Q-Factor”? In Layman’s terms; it is defined as the distance from the outside of the crank-arm to the one on the opposite side. Q-Factors may either be wide or narrow.

  • Wide Q-Factor:

Spin bikes that are more economic tend to have a wider Q-Factor. Based on the anatomy of your legs and hips, it’ll provide you necessary levels of comfort.


  • Cheaper bikes in general have a wider Q-Factor.
  • Your level of comfort will depend on body structure while using the spin bike.


  • A smaller distance between the knees means it may potentially cause damage to your hips and knees.

Wider Q-Factor

Figure: Wider Q-Factor
Source: Rideissi.com

  • Narrow Q-Factor:

Other spin bikes will serve you with a narrower Q-Factor. This is because the cranks are closer to each other. It is considered that the narrower the Q-Factor, the more efficient & comfortable will your cycling session be. Although, having a too narrow Q-Factor would end up affecting your overall performance.


  • Premium quality bikes generally have a narrower Q-Factor and are more likely to provide you efficient and comfortable sessions.


  • Having too much distance between your thighs and knees (narrow Q-Factor) can end up hurting the joints in your lower body.

Narrower Q-Factor

Figure: Narrower Q-Factor
Source: Rideissi.com

If you go through the video below, then you should have an idea about the basics of Q-Factor. Also, you will know how you can have a good fit on your spin bike.

6. Horizontal & Vertical Bike Adjustability

It is never desirable to feel uncomfortable while using your spin bike. So, the proper adjustability of the bike will make a lot of difference in ensuring your comfort. Irrespective of your height and body shape, you should not be having any issues in using a spin bike. Spin bikes may offer you with:

(1) Only horizontal adjustability
(2) Both vertical and horizontal adjustability.

  • Horizontal Adjustability:

Spin bikes that simply offer horizontal adjustability, be it for the handlebars or the saddle, generally have the capability of serving a select group of people. Horizontal adjustability will make sure that your exercise bike has a compact design. But, this may result in taller people having difficulty accommodating themselves in these bikes. Budget spin bikes offer only horizontal adjustability. These types of bikes come with steel-made handlebars and seat posts. It is better to choose a bike having handles and seat posts made from aluminum instead. Because they are comparatively lightweight.


  • Indoor bikes that offer only horizontal adjustability are comparatively economic.


  • Steel made handlebars and seat posts are heavier and they rust after using them for a while.

7. Vertical and Horizontal Adjustability:

There are a few categories of spin bikes that will let you make adjustments to the saddle and the handlebars as well. You will be able to make adjustments both horizontally and vertically. It’ll allow people with a wide variety of heights and shapes to comfortably accommodate themselves on such bikes. You’ll feel that it’s more convenient to be able to make vertical and horizontal adjustability. Moreover, such levels of adjustability would be even better if the posts are aluminum made. Having several users living in the household can make adjustments based on their body structure and sizes.


  • This is a bonus if multiple users having different body shapes and sizes share the same bike. They will be able to make necessary adjustments for a comfortable riding session.


  • No significant weaknesses.

8. Weight & Height Capacities

Much like horizontal and vertical adjustability, the capacity of height and weight adjustability will determine how comfortable you’ll feel while using a spin bike.

  • Lesser Height & Weight Capacities:

Lower tier spin bikes are capable of accommodating low-range riders. The weight and height capacity serves as a guideline, it isn’t absolute. It doesn’t necessarily mean that someone who weighs 225 lbs would cause damage to a bike that has a recommended weight capacity of 225 lbs.


  • This category of bikes tends to be more economic.


  • It’ll only be able to accommodate users who are not too heavy or too tall.
  • Greater Height & Weight Capacities:

Bikes that have a higher weight capacity and a greater range of height accommodation is always desirable. One of such spin bikes is the Keiser M3i. It can accommodate users having heights between 4’10” to 7’ and also has an impressive weight capacity of 350 lbs.


  • More users having a wide variety of weight and height capacities can use such spin bikes.


  • No significant weaknesses.

9. Monitors

Having a track of your workout-related statistics is crucial. This will help in understanding the amount of work you’re doing. So, spin bikes having a monitor with several features are a bonus these days. These days such exercise bikes are equipped with a state-of-the-art console that will help you to have an efficient workout session.

  • High-tech Consoles:

These consoles are usually fitted in the high-end spin bikes. It consists of a monitor that is usually backlit. So, it makes tracking your stats a lot easier, irrespective of the lighting condition. These consoles are also capable of displaying a wide variety of workout-related stats, some of these are: watt, distance, speed, RPM & calories burned. Many consoles also have the option of telemetry heart-rate monitoring. These monitors have chest straps on them for measuring your heart-rate. Other premium models of exercisers offer wireless connectivity, such as; ANT+ and/or Bluetooth Connectivity. All you need to do is simply connect your smart device to the machine using the wireless feature for easy synchronization of data.


  • The monitor on this bike is also likely to be backlit for them to be used in low light conditions.
  • These high-quality consoles will ensure you with a wide range of features for precisely monitoring your workout-related statistics. Wireless connectivity is one of them.


  • You will have to pay a premium for spin bikes equipped with such high-tech monitors.

A High-end Spin bike console

Figure: A High-end Spin bike console

  • Low-tech Consoles:

On the other hand, there are many models of spin bikes that have low-tech monitors. You can find these even in the budget spinning bikes. These will offer you only the basic stats required for your workouts, it also isn’t backlit. So, you won’t be able to read the display in low-light conditions. You should not be expecting any wireless connectivity features in this category of exercise machines.


  • These screens will still show you the stats necessary for your sessions, enabling you to have an effective workout in the process.


  • Would not be able to offer you wireless connectivity features.

A Basic Spin bike console

Figure: A Basic Spin bike console

10. Additional Accessories

This is one feature that doesn’t get too much attention. But should certainly consider such features while contemplating on getting yourself a spin bike. Having such features will make spin cycling more convenient for you.

  • With Accessories:

Some of the additional accessories include tablet holders and holders for your water bottle. You are likely to find these accessories on mid to high-end spin bikes.


  • These accessories will make your cycling sessions more productive.


  • You will have to pay more for the bike that offers such features.
  • Without Accessories:

Budget spin bikes are likely to have fewer or none of these features. The most commonly used feature on a spin bike is the water bottle holder, because; this is quite a useful feature.


  • Bikes that do not have these features tend to cost a lot less.


  • Spin bikes that don’t have these additional features cannot serve you with the necessary convenience.

Our Top Pick(s)

After having reviewed and used a selection of the best spin bikes out there, we have picked Keiser M3i Cycle as our Editor’s Overall Best Choice unit. We have collaborated with some of the finest professional cyclists and a majority of them gave us rave reviews of the aforementioned spin bike.

We shall also be reviewing a total of 12 top-notch spin bikes for use at home. Our list includes some budget-friendly choices for your convenience. In 2020, a spin bike is a piece of crucial & must-have fitness equipment for your home. Whether you want one of these bikes that has a compact design or something a bit flashy, we’ve got it all covered. Along the course of this article, we shall also be discussing the benefits of using spin bikes, in comparison with other pieces of exercise equipment. So, stick around, we assure you, you won’t be disappointed.


Keiser M3i

Diagram: Keiser M3i

Keiser M3i

Designed w/ an Elegant V-shaped Frame, Adjustable Handlebars & Seat, Offers Bluetooth Connectivity, Compatible w/ Keiser M Series Application | Editor’s Overall Best Choice

User Profile:

Gender: Female
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 186 lbs

Keiser M3i has been designed to serve you well, some of its features & functionalities have been listed within the following paragraphs:


(1) An Adjustable Gear.

(2) Combo pedals; this can clip with your SPD cleats.

(3) An adjustable seat and set of handlebars offering multiple positioning.

(4) You will be able to switch between 23 levels of magnet-based resistance.

(5) A big built-in multi-panel LCD.

(6) Lastly, Bluetooth connectivity.

The aforementioned features will offer you everything that you can ask for in a spin bike.


The on-board LCD consists of pre-installed sensors. Once you start pedaling, the display will power up instantly. Your workout-related stats such as

(I) heart-rate

(II) distance

(III) time

(IV) speed

(V) watts

(VI) cadence.

Will be displayed.

You will be required to use a Polar brand heart-rate measuring chest strap with this spin bike, this is compatible with the Bluetooth feature. These straps won’t come with the packaging. Also, you won’t have to synchronize while put on the chest straps. The media holder on this bike is quite convenient as well, it is attached to the handlebars of this bike. Your iPad or iPhone can be accommodated on this holder.


As for the assembly process, you’ll need to use a total of 10 different tools, these haven’t been included with the packaging. You must read the instruction manual before going on to assemble the product. Make sure to follow the instructions properly and use the tools accordingly. If you’re used to assembling exercise bikes then it’d take you a maximum of 30 minutes to fully assemble this spin bike.


The seat on the M3i is adjustable and quite comfortable to use. I am about 5’5”, initially I was a bit concerned as to whether this bike would be big for my stature. But I fitted into this bike with ease. Another one of our testers happens to be around 6’0” he was able to fit in rather comfortably as well.

Combo Pedals:

You can use the combo pedals on this bike even without cleats. These pedals also happen to come with toe-cages. Positioning your feet within these cages will enhance stability. But, you will also be able to remove these cages if you want to as I do not need these while having my cleats on.


It has a comparatively compact footprint, measuring at 49″ x 26″ in dimension.


You will be able to make adjustments to this seat both vertically & horizontally. If you want, you can replace this seat with another one instead.


We were able to shift gears between 1 to 21 levels. You may even be able to go higher than this level.

Emergency Brake:

Keiser has incorporated an emergency brake into this bike, you can make efficient usage of this for slowing down the flywheel. Moreover, you should consider it that this braking system doesn’t operate like your regular coaster brakes. You should get yourself familiar with this braking mechanism.

Emergency Brake


To conclude, the M3i is a premium quality, gym standard spin bike. We can assure you that it’ll meet all your requirements. The transport wheels on this bike are positioned in the front, this will help you to move it around with ease. We recommend you to buy a durable floor mat on which you can place this bike. As previously mentioned, you should buy a heart-rate measuring chest strap that is polar compatible. We bought the Bluetooth H7. The packaging is done quite well, so; that it is convenient for you to set it up.

  • Configuration: Rear Drive
  • Seat: Height 4-way Adjustable, Firm, Gel Seat Cover
  • Handlebars: Urethane-dipped; 4-way Adjustable
  • Pedals: SPD clips w/ Toe-cages
  • Bike Frame: V-shaped, Heavy-duty, Steel tubing
  • Dimension: 49″ x 26″ x 51″
  • Weight: 92 lbs
  • Flywheel Weight: 8 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Inseam Length: 28″ to 37″
  • User Height: 4’10” to 7’
  • Display: Large; Multi-panel LCD
  • Resistance: Magnetic; 24 Levels
  • Wheels for Transporting: Big, Silicon-made, Front-base Wheels
  • Drive Mechanism: Poly V-Belt Drive
  • Foldability: Not Possible
  • Additional Features: Holder for Water Bottle & Tablet
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Color: Upholstery color & Option for Frame-painting

A quick view of our selected spin bikes for using at home:

BikePrice RangeOur Ratings
Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle $1000+97
Chaoke Indoor Bikeunder $40095
Pooboo Indoor Belt-driven Bikeunder $30093
L Now Pooboo Belt-driven Bikeunder $50092
Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Belt-driven Cycleunder $60090
Joroto X2 Magnetic Resistance Bikeunder $50088
MaxKare Belt-driven Cycleunder $40087
L Now Stationary Exercise Bikeunder $30085
Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycleunder $60083
Cyclace Stationary Exercise Bikeunder $40080
Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Exercise Bikeunder $20075
Doufit Adjustable Spin Bikeunder $40073
More Spin Bike Options

12 best spin bikes you can buy today for usage at home

Bike NamePreviewConfigurationDimensionWeightCarry CapacityFlywheel WeightSeatDisplayResistanceProduct Score
Keiser M3iKeiser M3i Indoor Cycle BundleRear Drive49" x 26" x 51"92 lbs300 lbs8 lbs4-way AdjustableMulti-panel LCDMagnetic; 24 Levels97
ChaokeExercise Bike, CHAOKE Indoor Cycling Bike, Stationary Bike Magnetic Resistance Whisper Quiet for Home Cardio Workout Heavy Flywheel & Comfortable Seat Cushion with Digital MonitorFront Drive42" x 20" x 45"79 lbs300 lbs37 lbsAdjustableLCD monitorMagnetic; Adjustable Resistance95
Pooboo A2pooboo Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bike Magnetic Stationary Bike for Home Use with Monitor and Adjustable ResistanceRear Drive51" x 21" x 49"66 lbs280 lbs13 lbsAdjustable, Padded, Wide SeatDigital LCD MonitorMagnetic; Adjustable Resistance Levels93
L Now Pooboo LD-582 S5L NOW Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bike Belt Drive Smooth Magnetic Resistance Stationary Bike (S4)Front Drive41”x 21” x 52”101 lbs350 lbs35 lbsCompletely Adjustable, Wide SeatLCD MonitorMagnetic Resistance92
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike with 44 lb Flywheel and Large Device Holder, Black, Model Number: SF-B1805Front Drive48”x 23” x 45”125.7 lbs300 lbs44 lbs4-way AdjustableLCD MonitorAdjustable Magnetic Resistance90
Joroto X2JOROTO Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike with Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bikes Stationary ( 300 Lbs Weight Capacity ) (Updated)Front Drive42.9" x 19.7" x 42.5"108 lbs280 lbs35 lbsAdjustable; Soft & WideLCD screenManual Magnetic Resistance88
MaxKareNo products found.Front Drive45" x 22" x 48"90 lbs264 lbs40 lbsAdjustable; Big & BreathableLCD PanelEddy
Current Resistance
L Now D600L NOW Indoor Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike, Belt Drive with Heart Rate, Adjustable Seat and Handlebar, Tablet Holder, Stable Quiet and Smooth for Home Cardio Workout (D600-4)Front Drive41" x 21" x 46"77 lbs280 lbs35 lbsErgonomic PU DesignLCD screenAdjustable Magnetic Resistance85
Schwinn IC3Schwinn Fitness IC3 Indoor Cycling BikeFront Drive45" x 23" x 49"101 lbs300 lbs40 lbsOversized, Race-track SeatBig; Multi-panel LCDInfinite Adjustable Resistance83
CyclaceCyclace Exercise Bike Stationary 330 Lbs Weight Capacity- Indoor Cycling Bike with Comfortable Seat Cushion, Tablet Holder and LCD Monitor for Home WorkoutFront Drive40.9" x 24.2" x 47.9"86 lbs330 lbs36 lbsExtended & 4-way AdjustableLCD PanelFriction, felt-pad80
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1203Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike with LCD Monitor - SF-1203Front Drive42.5" x 24" x 49"62.5 lb220 lbs22 lbsPadded & 4-way AdjustableLCD screenMicro-adjustable, Friction-based75
Doufit EB-05No products found.Front Drive41" x 20" x 41-44"66 lbs264 lbs20 lbsPadded & Adjustable heightLCD panelAdjustable73

1. Keiser M3i spin bike

Designed w/ an Elegant V-shaped Frame, Adjustable Handlebars & Seat, Offers Bluetooth Connectivity, Compatible w/ Keiser M Series Application | Editor’s Overall Best Choice

Keiser M3i
  • Configuration: Rear Drive
  • Seat: Height 4-way Adjustable, Firm, Gel Seat Cover
  • Handlebars: Urethane-dipped; 4-way Adjustable
  • Pedals: SPD clips w/ Toe-cages
  • Bike Frame: V-shaped, Heavy-duty, Steel tubing
  • Dimension: 49″ x 26″ x 51″
  • Weight: 92 lbs
  • Flywheel Weight: 8 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Inseam Length: 28″ to 37″
  • User Height: 4’10” to 7’0”
  • Display: Large; Multi-panel LCD
  • Resistance: Magnetic; 24 Levels
  • Wheels for Transporting: Big, Silicon-made, Front-base Wheels
  • Drive Mechanism: Poly V-Belt Drive
  • Foldability: Not Possible
  • Additional Features: Holder for Water Bottle & Tablet
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Color: Upholstery color & Option for Frame-painting

Features & Considerations
  • Frame Design & Adjustments: This model of spin bike has a v-shaped frame. It enables you to make oblique and upright adjustments for the saddle and handlebars. Therefore, it is perfectly capable of accommodating you, provided that you fall within the height range of 4’10” to 7’.
  • Low Center-of-Gravity: Thanks to the low center of gravity, it’ll ensure you good stability while you use this exercise bike.
  • Steel made Frame & Weight Capacity: Even if you happen to weigh as much as 300 lbs, the steel frame of this spin bike should easily be able to support you.
  • Rust & Abrasion Resistant Layer: You should not be worried about the steel structure of the M3i being exposed to any forms of rust or abrasions. Thanks to a protective cover over the surface, the manufacturers have got you covered. However, you should make sure to clean this bike, every once in a while when you’re done working out to ensure that it remains in pristine condition.
  • Range of Adjustability: When you set the handlebars and the seat on this spin bike to its lowest settings, then the length of this bike will measure at 48.25”. Whereas, for its highest settings, if you keep both the handlebars and the seat on this bike up, then the length of this bike will measure at 60.5”. In both scenarios, you’ll find the width to remain unchanged at 26”.
  • Clearance: The manufacturers themselves recommend that you keep a clearance of a minimum of 24” on all sides of this exercise bike. It will ensure safe operation.
  • Front base Wheels: Even though it is made from heavy-duty steel, it weighs significantly less than 92 lbs. Therefore, you should be able to move it around quite easily with the wheels designed on the front base of this spin bike. Since these wheels are made from silicone material, so; it’ll ensure mobility.
  • H-shaped Base for Balance: The base of the M3i has an H-shaped design, this will serve you sturdiness & balance.
  • Adjustable Stabilizers: The parallel set of front and rear bars in the bottom consists of stabilizers. These stabilizers have big rubber caps. It’ll ensure that your bike remains firmly positioned to the bottom surface without wobbling.
  • Additional Accessories: M3i features a holder for your water bottle in the front-end frame right beneath the console. Whereas, your iPhone/iPad holder is positioned right on top of the console.
  • Comfortable & Standard Saddle: Its seat has a contoured surface and consists of multiple layers of padding. You’ll feel comfortable while being seated on this saddle. If you feel like replacing this seat, you can do so.
  • 4-way Adjustable Seat: You can make 4-way adjustments to this seat. It consists of a horizontal slider and an upward post. The overall construction will enable you to accommodate up to 300 lbs.
  • Urethane-dipped Multi-grip Handles: The M3i features urethane-dipped handles that allow a comfortable grip. These handles will undoubtedly serve you with a unique design set. Just like the seat, you can also make 4-way adjustments to the handles as well.
  • User Height Accommodation: Thanks to the easy & wide range of adjustability options of the saddle and the handlebars, if you fall within 4’10” to 7’0”, then it should not be an issue while you use this bike. You will be able to grip on the knobs and turn them quite easily.
  • The Positioning of Magnetic Brakes: The M3i features a magnetic-based resistance mechanism. There are a pair of oppositely placed magnets, it will rotate on the housing. The magnets are fitted on either side of the flywheel.
  • The Functionality of Magnetic Brakes: Within the handlebars tube of this bike, the brake is connected using a steel wire into the lever. If you want the magnets to generate a stronger magnetic field, then you need to push on the lever, this, in turn, will generate more drag. On the other hand, if you end up pulling the lever towards yourself, then these magnets will revolve in an opposite direction, causing them to move further away from the flywheel on this spin bike. So, in the process, less drag will be produced.
  • Emergency Braking Mechanism: If push the lever all the way in the forward direction, then there’ll be an emergency braking response. This will cause the flywheel to come to a standstill automatically.
  • 24 Levels of Resistance: You’ll be able to switch between a total of 24 distinct levels of resistances or gears. If you prefer having a lighter workout session, then levels 1 to 3 should be ideal for you. Otherwise, for highly intense workouts, you can use levels 20 to 24. A manual mechanism is used for interchanging between different resistance levels.
  • Rear Drive Mechanism: As we’ve already discussed previously, the M3i features a rear-drive configuration. You’ll notice that there exists several advantages of having a flywheel situated on the rear-end. One of them being, you don’t have to bother about your sweat dripping on the flywheel. That might’ve otherwise potentially caused corrosion of the flywheel.
  • Lightweight Flywheel: If you compare the flywheel on this model of spin bike with various other models. Then, it’ll be quite easy for you to notice that at 8 lbs, it happens to be very lightweight. Also, this flywheel wouldn’t cause high-levels of inertia since it isn’t perimeter weighted.
  • Bi-directional Flywheel: Your exercise sessions will be quite diversified since it is bi-directional. It’ll allow you to pedal in reverse directions as well.
  • Transmission System: It consists of a poly v-belt that is hard-wearing and resistant to being stretched. You’ll have several advantages over using this belt-drive. (1) You won’t have to go through the trouble of lubricating this belt. (2) This belt won’t make you feel uncomfortable while you’re pedaling. Because there won’t be any vibrations. (3) It’ll serve you with noise-free and seamless pedaling motion.
  • Durable Crankset: Thanks to the heavy-duty crank-set and the solid set of steel-made arms, you’ll be able to pedal while remaining in a standing position.
  • SPD Pedals with Toe-cages: Set of pedals on the M3i are made from a metallic alloy. It also consists of toe-cages on a single side for securing your foot. While on the other side, you’ll be able to clip-on your spin shoes.
  • Wide Q-Factor: If you compare the Q-Factor on other exercise bikes with this one, then it’s easily noticeable that it is quite wide. The Q-Factor measures at 197 mm.
  • Big & Multi-Panel LCD: This big and multi-panel display will show you multiple workout-related stats, simultaneously. For example; odometer, watts (kcal), current resistance level, RPM, heart-rate, time-elapsed, and distance. There is an integrated LED backlight, sensors within the display detect levels of ambient light. This causes the display to light on and off automatically. You can either choose to see the distance in metrics or other imperial units.
  • Chest Straps for Heart-rate Monitoring: You won’t find any hand-grip heart-rate sensors incorporated in this spin bike. Also, as the meter on this display is telemetric, hence; you will be required to make use of polar chest-straps for monitoring your heart-rate. But you’ll need to buy these chest-straps individually.
  • Bluetooth Functionality: Unlike previous models of this bike, the M3i will serve you with Bluetooth connectivity, this way you’ll be able to synchronize your workout-related data to your smart devices, for example; smartphones or tablets.
  • Compatibility with Applications: Otherwise, you have the added option of directly transferring your workout data into an application that the M3i is compatible with. Some of these applications include; Keiser M-series fitness application. You will also be able to BKOOL, this will serve you with a 3D immersed enjoyable cycling experience.
  • Power Options: For powering the LCD meter on this spin bike, it’ll require you to use a pair of AA batteries.
  • Sleep Mode: If you remain inactive for a duration of 60 seconds, then this LCD monitor will switch to sleep mode. It’ll exit sleep mode once you start pedaling again.

Some Weaknesses
  • Due to the wider Q-Factor, it is advisable to steer clear of this spin bike if you suffer from knee pain or hip pain.
  • You won’t find the necessary tools required within the packaging of the installation process of this spin bike.

Tester Profile:

Gender: Male
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 198 lbs

We have done quite a bit of research before choosing the Keiser M3i. One thing we can assure you is, this is undoubtedly one of the top indoor spin bikes available out there. You’ll be satisfied with how seamlessly and accurately the LCD screen on this bike operates. We purchased a polar chest strap and this gave us very accurate heart-rate readings. My height is approximately 5’9”, another one of our testers was 4’10”, none of us faced any difficulties in making adjustments to the seat or the handlebars. We were able to accommodate ourselves quite comfortably. Also, if you face any difficulties assembling this spin bike, then contact Keiser, they should be able to help you out remotely over FaceTime or Zoom. One of its standout features being, its compatibility with a number of your fitness based applications. You can use the M3i even if you’ve had a cardiac arrest previously or going through any forms of rehabilitation from injuries

Diagram: Keiser M3i

Keiser M3i

Keiser M3i

2. Chaoke spin bike

Designed w/ Wide Base, Consists of Wide Seat Cushion, Features Thick Steel Frame, Consists of Emergency Stop Functionality, Fitted w/ Front Base Wheels, Has Anti-slip Steel Cage Pedals, Seat & Handlebars are Adjustable

  • Configuration: Front Drive
  • Seat: Adjustable, Extra-wide & Comfortable
  • Handlebars: Adjustable w/ Pulse Sensors, Foam-coated
  • Pedals: Caged Pedals w/ Toe clips
  • Bike Frame: Solid & Thickened Steel Frame
  • Dimension: 42″ x 20″ x 45″
  • Weight: 79 lbs
  • Flywheel Weight: 37 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Inseam Length: 25″ to 32″
  • Display: LCD monitor
  • Resistance: Magnetic; Adjustable Resistance Levels
  • Wheels for Transporting: Front-base Wheels
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt-Driven System
  • Foldability: Not Possible
  • Additional Features: Holder for Water Bottle & Tablet
  • Wireless Connectivity: None
  • Color: White, black and red

Features & Considerations
  • Thick Steel Frame: The frame of this spin bike is made from durable and thick steel. Therefore, you are ensured to have a stable session.
  • Wide & Adjustable Seat: This bike’s seat is sufficiently wide to accommodate your derrière quite comfortably. Overall pressure points will be eliminated as you sit. Because the pressure will be distributed equally along with the sufficiently padded & cushioned seat. It has infused high-density foam for your comfort. Furthermore, you can make necessary adjustments to this seat in front, rear, upward and downward directions.
  • Magnetic-based Resistance Mechanism: You’ll notice that the flywheel on this cycle is comparatively heavier. It weighs 37 lbs. However; you’ll have a noise-free and smooth cycling session even as you increase these resistance levels. As it features conventional felt-wool padding. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about maintenance either.
  • Adjustable Resistance Levels: There’s a conveniently designed circular-shaped knob at the front end of the frame and right beneath the handles. Simply by rotating the knob, you’ll be able to make changes to different resistance levels.
  • Emergency Brake: If you feel like bringing this spin bike to an abrupt stop, then all you need to do is press on this red circular shaped knob. This will stop the cycle instantly.
  • Design and Color: This bike has a combination of white, black, and red color combination, this is easier on your eye. It also consists of a smoothly designed body, it will undoubtedly be aesthetically pleasing for you.
  • Belt-driven System: The belt-driven system works efficiently and smoothly, without generating any unnecessary noise. While a belt-driven system saves you from the trouble of additional maintenance.
  • Digital Monitor: It features a basic LCD screen that will display workout-related stats such as (1) heart-rate (2) time (3) calories (4) speed (5) distance. However, it isn’t backlit.
  • Tablet Mount: There’s a tablet mount right underneath the console. You can use this for securely accommodating your tablet or iPad while being able to use it during your workout sessions.
  • Ergonomic Handlebars: The set of handles on this spin bike has an ergonomic design. So, adjusting your hands on them will be easy and you’ll feel comfortable. Also, you can make upward and downward adjustments to these handles.
  • Water Bottle Holder: Right at the base of the seat post, there’s a holder for your water bottle. So, you accommodating your water bottle into the holder won’t be an issue. You will also be able to take out your bottle for a sip during your workouts.
  • Caged Pedals: You will be able to make necessary adjustments to these caged pedals, it also consists of straps so that your feet don’t slip. These pedals have a sturdy built. Hence, you should be worried about your feet slipping during workouts.
  • Wheels for Transportation: A set of wheels are positioned on the front base of this cycle. So, you’ll be able to move the bike around without any trouble.
  • Hand-grip built-in Heart-rate Sensors: The static handlebars have pulse-rate sensors integrated on them. Upon positioning your hands on these, the monitor will display your heart-rate on the screen.

Some Weaknesses
  • You won’t be able to use Bluetooth or USB on this spin bike.

Tester Profile:

Gender: Female
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 100 lbs

We have purchased and assembled Chaoke’s indoor spin bike. Previously, we had used several top brands, so this time we opted for this one mostly due to its price. I along with one of my fellow testers used this bike for almost a year and tested it out extensively. We researched on a few spin bikes and among other contenders, Chaoke’s price tempted us. Chaoke did the job we asked for very well. Therefore, we shall be listing some of the reasons why we chose this spin bike in the paragraphs below.

Installation Process:

By taking the help of my fellow tester, I was able to assemble this bike in about 40 odd minutes. Moreover, the instructions that come within the manual are simple and we were able to understand these easily. The chassis of this bike comes mostly in one-piece within the packaging. So, this made our task a whole lot easier. We mostly had to go through the process of attaching the other parts to the skeleton. We followed the instructions given below while assembling this bike: (1) First of, we attached the floor stand (2) Secondly, the foot pedals went in (3) Next up, we attached the foot pedals (4) Followed by the seat (5) handlebars (6) smart device holder (7) unit for the console. We had followed the aforementioned order accordingly.

Seat Installation


To begin with, we found the seat on this bike quite comfortable. I’m around 100 lbs and have a height of 5’1”. Whereas, my fellow tester weighs approximately 200 lbs, with a height of 5’11”. We were able to take full advantage of the seat’s height adjustability and being able to move it back & forth. The handlebars height can be adjusted as well. This allowed both of us to position ourselves comfortably on this cycle. Initially, we found sitting with our back straight easier. However, with the progression of time, we got into the stance of positioning our backs at a slanted angle of 25° to 35°.


Both of us were quite satisfied with the choice we made. We were satisfied with the performance of this bike. This was tested out by taking turns. Moreover, we’d moved this bike to another space, and relocating it seemed rather easy thanks to the efficient working set of wheels on the front base of this bike. We have also installed a holder for our laptop, this helped me to multi-task. Using the laptop while pedaling did not cause any issues.

Diagram: Chaoke



3. Pooboo A2 spin bike

Compact Design, Serves w/ Smooth & Noise-free rides, 2-way Adjustable Anti-slip Handlebars, 4-way Padded Seat, Features Basic LCD Monitor, Equipped w/ Holder for Smart Devices

Pooboo A2
  • Configuration: Rear Drive
  • Seat: Adjustable, 4-way Padded, Wide Seat
  • Handlebars: Anti-slip; 2-way Adjustable
  • Pedals: Caged Pedals w/ Toe clips
  • Bike Frame: V-frame Steel w/ ABS cover
  • Dimension: 51″ x 21″ x 49″
  • Weight: 66 lbs
  • Flywheel Weight: 13 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 280 lbs
  • Inseam Length: 25″ to 35″
  • Display: Digital LCD Monitor
  • Resistance: Magnetic; Adjustable Resistance Levels
  • Wheels for Transporting: Front-base Wheels
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt Driven
  • Foldability: Not Possible
  • Additional Features: Holder for Tablet
  • Wireless Connectivity: None
  • Color: Black

Features & Considerations
  • Steel Frame Construction: The overall frame of this bike is made from steel structures make sure that you get stability and sturdiness during your workout sessions.
  • Anti-aging Drive-belt: Manufacturers ensure you that the belt-drive won’t be exposed to wear and tear, easily. Also, you won’t have to take this bike for maintenance either.
  • Silent and Smooth Sessions: The rear-end flywheel and the hard-wearing belt-driven system combine well to serve you with stealth and a stable cycling experience.
  • Highway-weighted Wheel: Thanks to the rear-drive flywheel and the durable drive-belt, you’ll be able to work effectively on your glutes, hamstrings, and calves. That’ll help you to tone down your lower body.
  • Ideal Spin Bike for Family: The flywheel runs smoothly and consists of an alloy rim. So, your children can use this cycle risk-free.
  • Durable Steel Frame: The durability of the steel-made frame will ensure that you can accommodate a user weighing a maximum of 280 lbs.
  • Multi-grip Handles: During your high-intensity workout sessions, you’ll be able to grip the handles in a range of positions. These handles will serve you with good grip and comfort.
  • User Height Range: If you fall within the height range of 5’2” to 6’2”, then you should not be having any issues accommodating yourself on this spin cycle.
  • Infinite Levels of Resistance: You have the option of switching between infinite levels of resistance with the A2. For cranking up the resistance levels, you’ll simply need to revolve the knob in an anti-clockwise direction, Whereas, for decreasing resistance levels, just twist the knob in a clockwise direction.
  • Emergency Stop: Provided that you feel like bringing this bike to a sudden standstill during your workouts, then proceed with pressing on the knob in the front of the frame, in front of your knees. It’ll help you to bring the cycle to a stop without causing any harm.
  • LCD Screen: Similar to many other spin bikes, you’ll have a simple LCD monitor on this cycle. It’ll display your workout-related stats such as calories burned, speed, and distance. You can also make use of the scan function. It’ll help you to keep a better track of your workouts. (Note: We advise you to ensure whether the wire is properly connected to the monitor before you proceed with using the display.)
  • Cage Pedals: When it comes to these pedals, you should rest assured. Because, to ensure sturdiness and comfort, these pedals have been designed using high-quality materials. You will be able to make use of the adjustable straps for properly securing your feet to prevent them from slipping during workouts. Most of your shoes will be compatible with these pairs of pedals. More importantly, if you want, then you’ll be able to change to SPD pedals with a size of 9/16”.
  • Consists of 10 magnetites: The A2 has been fitted with a total of 10 magnetites, this will ensure smooth sailing. You will be able to pedal effortlessly.
  • Multi-tank Belt Design: It also consists of a multi-tank belt system, this will serve you with stealth and seamless cycling performance. This is also going to enhance the transmission of this exercise bike. You can make adjustments to this seat in up, down, forward, and backward directions.
  • Wide Seat Design & Adjustability: This bike’s seat cushion happens to be necessarily cushioned. Therefore, your hips, buttocks, and tailbone won’t be exposed to pressure. It’ll offer you elasticity and protection from dirt.
  • Adjustable pair of Handle: You will be able to make adjustments to the pair of handles on this exercise bike in upward and downward directions. Ensuring that your workouts are more comfortable.
  • Front-base Transport Wheels: If you need to move this bike around, all you need to do is simply lift the cycle from the rear-end. Using the set of wheels within the front-base, you can easily shift it to your designated location. Moreover, these wheels won’t cause any unnecessary damage either to your floor or carpets.

Some Weaknesses
  • No significant weaknesses.

Tester Profile:

Gender: Male
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 198 lbs

We have decided to buy this especially for having a spin during COVID-19. Overall, we are satisfied with the quality of this product. First of all, it took me around 25 minutes to assemble this bike. Instructions within the installation manual are precise and easy to understand. So, if you go through these you should not be facing difficulties, setting up this bike. We were pleased to find that all the necessary tools required for the installation process were provided within the packaging. Secondly, this spin bike will serve you with a decent quality spin bike considering its price. More importantly, the safety button works like a charm. We’ve felt like bringing this spin bike to a stop abruptly many times and it never disappointed us. Also, getting to a sudden stop won’t injure you in any way whatsoever. I placed my iPhone on the holder and it remained secure during the entirety of my workout sessions. All thanks to this spin bike, we were able to keep our blood pumping during COVID while staying indoors. The overall experience was worthwhile.

Pooboo A2

Pooboo A2

4. L Now Pooboo LD-582 S5 spin bike

Designed w/ Solid & Thickened Steel Frame, Offers Noiseless Performance, Wide & Sufficiently Padded Seat, Fitted w/ Steel Toe-caged Pedals, Micro-adjustable Resistance Levels, Consists of Emergency Stop Brake

L Now Pooboo LD-582 S5
  • Configuration: Front Drive
  • Seat: Completely Adjustable, Wide Seat
  • Handlebars: Ergonomic Design & Foam Coated
  • Pedals: Caged Pedals w/ Toe clips
  • Bike Frame: Solid & 50 mm Thick Steel Frame
  • Dimension: 41”x 21” x 52”
  • Weight: 101 lbs
  • Flywheel Weight: 35 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Inseam Length: 22.5″ to 35.4″
  • Display: LCD Monitor
  • Resistance: Magnetic Resistance
  • Wheels for Transporting: Front-base Wheels
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt Driven
  • Foldability: Not Possible
  • Additional Features: Smart Device & Water Bottle Holder
  • Wireless Connectivity: None
  • Color: White Black, Teal

Features & Considerations
  • Thick & Durable Steel Frame: The LD-582 S5 features a solid 50 mm thick and ovalized steel frame. Overall, you’ll have a bike that has good build quality.
  • X-type frame structure: It consists of an X-type frame structure. There are ABS guards as well for serving protection to the drive mechanism.
  • Corrosion Resistant Paint: The steel structure of this bike has a coating of corrosion-resistant paint. Hence, you should not be worried about the steel structure suffering from rust or corrosion.
  • Sufficient Weight Capacity: Thanks to the durable steel frame the S5 is capable of accommodating a maximum weight of 350 lbs. Therefore, you won’t be facing any weight-related challenges while using this bike.
  • 10 Adjustable Seat Position: When it comes to adjusting this seat’s bracket, you’ll have the option of choosing up to 10 adjustable positions. You will also be able to make up, down, back, and forth adjustments.
  • 6 Adjustable Handlebar Positions: As for the handlebars, you can make 6 different levels of adjustments. Also, thanks to the improved bushing the handles won’t wobble as you’re cycling.
  • Consists of 4 Strong Magnets: These 4 strong magnets will serve you efficient cardio sessions. You won’t have to go through the trouble of changing the brake-pads on this exercise bike.
  • Serves very Smooth and Noiseless Performance: You will certainly have a noiseless and smooth cycling session. This is due to the well functioning belt drive and the efficient magnetic system.
  • Real Road-bike Experience: By using this spin bike, the 13 lbs flywheel enables you to experience the feel of a road bike. Also, the momentum of the flywheel makes this bike secure. You’ll be having intense aerobic exercise.
  • Ergonomic Design & Cut-out Seat: This seat has an ergonomic design, whereas; the cushioned seat covers will ensure that you have comfortable cycling sessions. The size of the cushion is 10.43” x 8” x 2”. Moreover, there is a cut-out right on the center of this seat, it’ll provide you enhanced breathability.
  • Added Buffer: Springs at the bottom of the seat serves as a buffer. So, this will help in damping vibrations. This is ideal for your long-duration cycling sessions.
  • Wheels for Transportation: A pair of transport wheels have been positioned in the front base of this bike. So, you will be able to move the bike around by lifting the rear and relocate it using the front base wheels set.
  • Durable Caged Pedals: These pedals have been made from aluminum. So, these are quite solid and will offer you durability. It also consists of an adjustable cage, your feet will be prevented from slipping. Therefore, you’ll be getting more support. Furthermore, you have the option of switching to a pair of SPD pedals, this way you’ll be able to clip on your spin shoes for having a real road cycling experience.
  • Magnetic Brake Pad: The S5 features a manual magnetic resistance mechanism. There is a magnetic brake pad that is connected to the tension adjusting knob in the front portion of this bike’s frame.
  • Increasing and Decreasing Pedaling Load: If you turn the knob, then the magnetic pad results in moving closer or further away from the bike’s flywheel. This results in either increasing or decreasing the overall pedaling load.
  • Emergency Stop Functionality: Provided that you plan on bringing this bike to a sudden stop, then you should all you need to do is simply press on the tension knob.
  • Perimeter Weighted Flywheel: Thanks to the perimeter weighted flywheel, it’ll help in improving inertia. It’ll be ideal for your spinning sessions.
  • Durable 3-piece Crankset: This spin bike features a 3-piece crankset. The fact that the arms are designed from solid steel material enables it to accommodate you even if you happen to be as much as 350 lbs.
  • Heart-rate Sensors: The only way that you’ll be able to measure your heart-rate is by positioning your hands on top of the sensors integrated on the handlebars. We’ve tested it out and the readings are quite accurate.
  • LCD Monitor: It will show you all the necessary workout stats, including; time, speed, distance, calories burned, RPM, and total distance as well. For measuring heart-rate, your hands need to be positioned on top of the sensors. The console also consists of 3 buttons, these are; reset, mode, and set.

Some Weaknesses
  • The display on this exercise bike is not backlit.

Tester Profile:

Gender: Male
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 210 lbs

Since COVID has hit hard, we decided to buy a spin bike and after some research, we went for the Pooboo LD-582 S5. We’ve previously used several other spin bikes, but the LD-582 S5 did not disappoint. This bike visible from a long way out, because of its green color. It surprisingly took us a maximum of 15 minutes to completely assembling this spin bike. The frame of the bike is one-piece so that saved us some time. All you need to do is attach the (1) base (2) pedals (3) handlebars (4) tablet mount (5) console (6) seat. Preferably in the aforementioned order. If you take the help of the instruction manual, assembling this bike won’t be much of a fuss. The packaging came with a total of 10 screws, all of these had a similar shape. All necessary tools came within the packaging. Also, we were able to make easy adjustments to the saddle and the handlebars, both in 4-way directions. We used the transport wheels to move this bike around with ease into different rooms and even on top of our carpets. While I used the bike, none of the members noticed any noise, so it’s pedaling performance was smooth and quiet. Using the LCD monitor we kept track of the speed during workouts. I cross-checked by heart-rate reading and it was quite accurate. Moving on to the seat, the seat is quite wide and sufficiently spacious. It didn’t cause any numbness or discomfort even during my long workout sessions. Moreover, there’s a cut-out right along the center of this saddle. This provided my rear with sublime breathability. Lastly, I’ve been using it for months, and the adjustable seat along with the handlebars seems to be working well so far.

Diagram: L Now Pooboo LD-582 S5

L Now Pooboo LD-582 S5

L Now Pooboo LD-582 S5

5. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 spin bike

Consists of Hard-wearing Flywheel, 4-way Convertible Seat & Handlebars, Has Big Holder for Tablet, Micro-adjustable Resistance Levels, Serves Noiseless & Seamless Performance

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805
  • Configuration: Front Drive
  • Seat: 4-way Adjustable
  • Handlebars: Ergonomic Design & 4-way Adjustable
  • Pedals: Steel Toe-cage Pedals w/ Adjustable Straps
  • Bike Frame: Durable & Compact Steel Frame
  • Dimension: 48”x 23” x 45”
  • Weight: 125.7 lbs
  • Flywheel Weight: 44 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Inseam Length: 28″ to 38″
  • User Height Range: 5’0” to 6’5”
  • Display: LCD Monitor
  • Resistance: Adjustable Magnetic Resistance
  • Wheels for Transporting: Front-base Wheels
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt Driven
  • Foldability: Not Possible
  • Additional Features: Bottle & Tablet Holder
  • Wireless Connectivity: None
  • Color: Black

Features & Considerations
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame: A majority of this bike’s frame is made from hard-wearing steel. You will be able to carry out any type of spin workout while using this bike.
  • Heavy Weight Bike: At approximately 125 lbs, this spin bike weighs about 3 times that of a regular mountain bike. However, you should not be having any trouble moving this bike around, the front base transport silicon made wheels offer portability. Also, since this bike is quite heavy, so, you should not be worried about this bike wobbling.
  • Integrated Stepping Pads: There are built-in stepping pads in-between the seat’s tube and the frame’s main bar. It will enable you to perform spin-workouts that need you to get on and off this bike several times. Since these pads are also rubberized, it doesn’t cause any damage to the frame of your bike.
  • Abrasion and Rust Resistant Paint: The steel structure has a layer of abrasion and rust-resistant paint.
  • Adjustable Levelers: The base of this bike has stabilizers that consist of adjustable levelers. These levelers also consist of rubberized padding. So, you will make sure that your bike remains level irrespective of the type of surface. The rubber-made pads also prevent the bike front from slipping back and forth.
  • Measurement: This bike measures 48” x 23”, so it isn’t too substantial compared to other exercise machines. However, you are advised to keep a minimum of 2 feet of clearance all around this bike.
  • Cushioned & Shock-absorbing Seat: SF-B1805 features a comfortable seat, it measures at 8” x 10”. This will provide you with a sufficient contact surface. It will provide you with a 2” foam-cushioning. The bottom of the seat also has springs for efficient shock absorption.
  • Superior Airflow: This seat also features a longitudinal groove, it ensures that there’s an ample amount of airflow on your rear. Also, it’ll help in maintaining proper blood circulation as you remain seated.
  • 4-way Adjustability: An Upright post of this bike’s seat offers 4-way adjustability. There is a horizontal slider that can accommodate you if you have an inseam length between 28” to 38”.
  • User Height Accommodation: If you fall within the height range of 5’0” to 6’5”, then getting yourself accommodated on this spin bike should not be an issue. The upright bar on this bike’s seat will also serve you with multiple adjustable positions. You will also be able to make use of this seat’s slider for back and forth adjustability.
  • Multi-grip Handlebars: SF-B1805 is equipped with a pair of handles that offer a multi-grip feature. The middle portion consists of aero bars, this has the capability of providing you a racing-grip. As for adjustability, you can make 4-way adjustments. Lastly. These handles are urethane dripped. Hence, you’ll have a solid grip and good comfort.
  • Manual Magnetic Resistance Mechanism: This bike features a magnet-based resistance mechanism. These brakes hug into the top-most portion of the flywheel. It is connected to the tension knob on the upper section of this bike’s frame. If and when you rotate the knob, these brakes end up covering a significant part of the flywheel, this will generate high-intensity magnetic fields, resulting in making your pedaling difficult.
  • Whisper Quiet Pedaling: Since this offers a manual resistance mechanism, so, there isn’t any contact between this bike’s flywheel and the brakes. Hence, your pedaling will remain whisper quiet and seamless. There wouldn’t be any unnecessary wear and tear either.
  • No predetermined Resistance Levels: Unlike some other spin bikes, the SF-B1805 doesn’t consist of any pre-set levels of resistance. Therefore, you can simply rotate the tension knob until you feel adequate levels of resistance. The highest tension level will ensure that you have a superior and difficult workout, one that consistently burns your calories
  • Emergency Brake: If you press down on this unit’s tension knob, it will cause the bike to stop immediately by preventing the flywheel from spinning any further. This feature can be quite handy for you, provided that you’re working out at high speeds.
  • Offers Aggressive Inertia: Perimeter weighted flywheel on this spin bike weighs a whopping 44 lbs. This will undoubtedly provide you an effortless and steady pedaling motion. However, the inertia will also be very aggressive.
  • Reverse Pedaling: This spin bike’s transmission will allow you to pedal in a reverse direction as well. To top it off, the resistance will be the same in this reserve direction as well.
  • Belt Driven System: This’ll offer you a belt-driven transmission. So, you won’t have to go through the trouble of lubricating this belt. Also, a belt-driven system gives off a lesser amount of vibrations compared to a chain. While you’re pedaling the motion will be noiseless and smooth.
  • 3-piece Crank System: Like several other spin bikes, this has also been designed with a solid 3-piece crank system. This also consists of durable steel-made crank-arms. As long as you don’t end up exceeding a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs, this spin bike should be more than capable of supporting any type of workout.
  • Pedals: These pedals have been designed using metal. But they do not have SPD clips for clipping on your spin shoes. However, you can make efficient usage of the toe-cages for securing your foot during workouts. This will also enhance your overall stability.
  • Q-Factor: Q-Factor of the pedals on this spin bike measures at 6.9”. You can consider this as being medium. This enables your feet to have a natural position on the pedals. Also, you won’t notice any unnecessary lateral stress on your ankles or knees either.
  • Water Bottle Holder: On the bottom right-hand side of this bike’s frame there is a holder for accommodating your water bottle. This can be quite convenient to use.

Some Weaknesses
  • It doesn’t have an exercise meter or a holder for your water bottle.

Tester Profile:

Gender: Male
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 210 lbs

We have been researching for a while, our main criteria were a spin bike having a high weight accommodating capacity and one that can hold a tablet. So, several bikes tick the boxes, but after much thought, we opted for the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805. This happens to one of Sunny’s newer models of bikes. I am 6’1” and weigh almost 210 lbs. Another of our testers was 5’8” and weighed around 195 lbs. We can vouch for the sturdiness of this bike, its frame has been made from hard-wearing steel. It also consists of a very heavyweight flywheel, this offered us good stability. Also, we noticed that the base of this bike has been made from premium quality parts. When it came to assembling this bike, it was pretty straightforward. It took about 30 minutes for us to assemble this exercise bike. I was able to fit this bike in our small living space, so its compact design was a bonus. We observed that the stabilizers on the base of the bike stand firm and don’t cause the bike to wobble. Whenever we used this bike, it performed smoothly and did not give off any unwanted noise. Overall, we were quite satisfied with the performance and build quality of this exercise bike. However, we replaced the standard pedals on the bike with a pair of SPD A530, this way we could use our clipless shoes with these pedals.

Diagram: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805

6. Joroto X2 spin bike

Manufactured w/ AV Type Frame, Offers Effortless & Smooth Performance, 4-way Adjusting Wide Saddle & Multi-grip Handlebars, Has a Bi-directional Chromed Flywheel

Joroto X2
  • Configuration: Front Drive
  • Seat: 4-way Adjustable; Soft & Wide
  • Handlebars: Multi-grip & 4-way Adjustable
  • Pedals: Steel Caged Pedals w/ Toe-clips
  • Bike Frame: Durable & Compact 50 mm thick Steel Frame
  • Dimension: 42.9″ x 19.7″ x 42.5″
  • Weight: 94 lbs
  • Flywheel Weight: 35 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 280 lbs
  • Inseam Length: 27.5″ to 36.2″
  • Display: LCD Panel
  • Resistance: Adjustable Manual Magnetic Resistance
  • Wheels for Transporting: Front-base Wheels
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt Driven
  • Foldability: Not Possible
  • Additional Features: Multi-functioning Bottle & Tablet Holder
  • Wireless Connectivity: None
  • Color: Black

Features & Considerations
  • Solid Steel Frame: The frame of the X2 is made from a solid steel frame. It can easily support your maximum weight of 280 lbs. Joroto has designed the slanted bar of the frame using a cylindrically shaped tube. Whereas, the tubes used on the handlebars and the seat have a hexagonal shape. These durable tubes will prevent the handles and the seat from getting deformed in shape. Other bars on this bike have an oval shape for enhancing sturdiness.
  • Corrosion Resistant Paint: The main frame of this spin bike has been coated with black corrosion-resistant paint. But, this bike’s handles’ post and the seat post have been chrome plated.
  • Offers Stability: The X2 weighs 94 lbs. So, this bike will offer you plenty of stability. It weighs 2x that of your conventional road bikes. Furthermore, the bars within the base of this base consists of levelers with rubber pads, this helps in keeping the bike stable within the floor.
  • Transport Wheels: Front base of this spin bike has transport wheels that’ll let you move the bike. This way, you’ll only require to handle ⅓ of its weight.
  • Sufficiently Padded & Comfortable: Measuring at 10.6” x 8.3”, the saddle on the X2 is significantly bigger in size, offering you plenty of surface for contact. So, your derrière and hips will be cushioned comfortably.
  • Rear-end Saddle Springs for Shock Absorption: Two springs have been integrated into the bottom of this seat, this ensures proper shock absorption during your spin sessions. Hence, it effectively adapts to your movements.
  • Longitudinal Groove: The surface of this saddle has a contoured design. Furthermore, its longitudinal groove will significantly improve breathability. Hence, your rear will remain aerated during your sessions.
  • 4-way Adjustable Seat: You will be able to make a 4-way adjustment to this bike’s seat. So, this enables users of different heights to easily accommodate themselves within this bike. If your height falls within 5’0” to 6’5”, then you should not be having any issues supporting yourself on this spin bike.
  • Adjustable Saddle: The fact that this seat has a standard, collar-based attaching mechanism, within the slider gives you the option of replacing this seat.
  • Multi-grip Handlebars: Handlebars within this bike features multi-grip. So, you can position your hands comfortably within several different positions. You’ll have a minimum of 4 different hand grips on these handlebars.
  • Bottle Holder & Tablet Holder: Right above the console on this exercise bike, there is a looped bar, which features a dual bottle and device holder. You will either be able to position your tablet or smartphone on this holder.
  • Perimeter Weighted Flywheel: X2’s flywheel weighs 35 lbs. This flywheel also has a perimeter-weighted design. This is ideal for your spin sessions since it delivers aggressive inertia.
  • Reverse Pedaling: The bi-directional nature of the flywheel allows you to pedal in reverse directions as well. It’ll help make your workouts diversified.
  • Heavy-duty Belt-Driven System: This spin bike makes use of a heavy-duty belt-drive. Therefore, you won’t have to go through the trouble of lubricating this belt. It’ll also serve you with a noiseless performance and give off less amount of vibrations compared to a chain-driven system.
  • Durable Crank-Set: The durable crank-set on this bike makes it ideal for your spin workouts. It consists of solid steel-made crank arms. Also, the pedals on this bike are made from metal. As long as you don’t exceed the weight limit of 280 lbs by a big margin, then this bike should not be having any issues accommodating you.
  • Toe-Cages: It features toe-cages that you can make adjustments so that your feet remain secured. Moreover, the treads are of the standard size, 9/16”, you don’t have any trouble if you plan on replacing these pedals.
  • Magnetic Resistance System: A magnetic brake pad-based resistance system has been used on this spin bike. A brake-pad has been connected to the tension adjusting knob, within the main tube of this bike’s frame. This brake doesn’t come into contact with the rotating mass. Hence, the motion of the flywheel is noiseless and smooth.
  • No Predetermined Resistance Levels: You don’t have the option of choosing predetermined resistance level settings, using the tension knob. Rather, if you plan on cranking up on the resistance levels, then simply rotate the knob in a clockwise direction. On the other hand, decreasing the resistance levels would require you to revolve the knob in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Emergency Brake: If you’re pedaling at high speeds and plan on bringing this bike to a stop, then simply press on the tension dial. This causes the flywheel on the bike to stop spinning.
  • LCD Screen: The X2 features a simple LCD screen. You’ll need to use batteries to power this display. This display lights up as soon as you start pedaling and switches off when you remain idle. Some of your workout-related metrics that this display will show, include; calories burned, time, speed, and distance.

Some Weaknesses
  • You won’t be able to track your heart-rate as there are no sensors equipped with this spin bike.

Tester Profile:

Gender: Male
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 260 lbs

Similar to many other bikes that we’ve bought and tested before, after months of research, we chose the X2 specifically for recreating a peloton experience at a reasonable price. We were impressed by this unit’s price and features. The Manufacturers shipped this bike to our place within 3 days. It took us around 1 hour to assemble this bike. This process wasn’t at all complicated. The build quality of this bike is solid, it weighs around 108 lbs but it happens to be quite durable. All necessary materials that came within the packaging we’re built from high-quality material. I’ve been using it for more than a year now and I go for spinning sessions at least 3 to 4 days a week. I’m totally satisfied with the performance of this bike. I also called Joroto and asked them a few basic questions related to maintenance and they seemed to be very helpful. I was able to make 4-way adjustments to the seat until I reached a comfortable seating position. The seat is quite wide and comfortable to sit on. However, the display on this bike isn’t backlit so if you’re into cycling at low lighted conditions then this might be an issue for you. Other than that, this bike performed beautifully.

Diagram: Joroto X2

Joroto X2

Joroto X2

7. MaxKare spin bike

Features a Heavy-duty Triangle Frame Design, Serves w/ Noiseless Magnetic Tension Control, Has an LCD Panel, Consists of Tablet Holder, Sufficiently Padded Seat & 4-way Adjustable Handlebars, Consists of Steel Toe-caged Pedals

No products found.

Tester Profile:

Gender: Male
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 200 lbs

We’ve bought and reviewed several spins, upright and recumbent bikes previously. So, we decided to test out another spin cycle. After months of research, we opted for the MaxKare indoor spin cycle. If peloton prices are too high for you but plan on getting yourself a bike that’d deliver a similar quality of performance, then this is a bike that you should be looking at. This bike delivered us with the performance we were hoping for. I’m 6’0”, weighing 200 lbs, our other testers were 5’5” and 5’9” respectively. To begin with, the frame of this spin bike has a solid build. We made 4-way adjustments to the seat and handlebars and we also had other users test out this bike, with their heights ranging between 5’0” to 6’0”. This bike was able to support all of us comfortably. The LCD screen is quite lightweight, small and it needs batteries to run. It did the job of displaying all our necessary workout stats. When it was delivered to our doorstep, the packaging seemed to have been done very well. There were clear sets of instructions for the list of parts and it gave us a complete breakdown. It took us around 30 minutes or so to put this bike together. The whole process was quite straightforward. We would like you to follow a few instructions for the assembly process
Firstly, we preferred using our own set of tools when setting up this bike, so; that the whole process becomes easy.

(II) Secondly, we made sure to remove the ‘stop-limit screw’ before proceeding with the assembly. I put the screw back later on so that it doesn’t slide off.

(III) Lastly, made sure to put the adjustable lever in position before we proceeded with setting up the handle-bars.

Diagram: MaxKare

No products found.


8. L Now D600 spin bike

Features a Hard-wearing Steel Frame, Has an LCD Panel, Consists of 4-way Adjustable Ergonomic & Comfortable PU Seat, Has 2-way Adjustable Handlebars, Designed w/ Sturdy Toe-cage Pedals

L Now D600
  • Configuration: Front Drive
  • Seat: Ergonomic PU Seat
  • Handlebars: Multi-grip, Anti-slip & 2-way Adjustable
  • Pedals: Adjustable Aluminum Caged Pedals w/ Toe-clips
  • Bike Frame: Heavy-duty Steel Frame
  • Dimension: 41″ x 21″ x 46″
  • Weight: 77 lbs
  • Flywheel Weight: 35 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 280 lbs
  • Display: LCD Panel
  • Resistance: Adjustable Magnetic Resistance
  • Wheels for Transporting: Front-base Wheels
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt Driven
  • Foldability: Not Possible
  • Additional Features: Aluminum-made Bottle Holder & ABS Tablet Holder
  • Wireless Connectivity: None
  • Color: Black/White

Features & Considerations
  • Steel made Frame: The frame of the D600 is designed using durable steel. Its construction is very sturdy. This is exactly why it’ll be able to accommodate you, even if you happen to be as much as 400 lbs.
  • Aesthetic Design: It features an aesthetic design. While the bottom, center connection bar consists of a slightly curved design.
  • Anti-corrosion Paint: This spin bike has been painted with a dual-coated corrosion-resistant paint. A combination of light blue and white color paint has been used on this spin bike. Posts of the saddle and the handles have a chrome finish. These posts are also resistant to corrosion.
  • Adjustable Stabilizers: Front and the rear base consist of adjustable stabilizers with additional big pedals. This will help you to keep this bike level on any type of surface.
  • Front Base Transport Wheels: Even though this bike doesn’t weigh too much, it measures at 77 lbs, but it’ll undoubtedly provide you plenty of stability. Using the front-base transport wheels, you will be able to relocate this bike with ease.
  • Assembled Dimensions: When you fully assemble this bike, it measures at 41″ x 21″. Handlebars of this bike reach the top-most point of approximately 46” from the ground surface. Nonetheless, we advise you to keep at least 2 feet of clearance space on each side of this bike.
  • Electro-plated Bidirectional Flywheel: This flywheel is electroplated and weighs approximately 35 lbs. It will enable you to pedal in the reverse direction as well.
  • Durable Leather Transmission Belt: Transmission belt on this bike is made from solid leather. It also features an aluminum alloy belt reel that will serve you with a smooth workout session. Moreover, it will be free from rust and abrasion.
  • Features High-quality Resistance Pad: Resistance pads on this bike have a unique design. These are made from woolen resistance pads. Hence, you’ll experience a noiseless and smooth performance. (Note: the manufacturers will replace your older, worn-out pads with newer ones if you send them the older ones.)
  • Cage Pedals: Pedals on this bike are made from aluminum, these are quite durable as well. It’ll serve you with the necessary safety and comfort. You’ll be able to adjust the cages on this bike and prevent your feet from slipping. This will undoubtedly provide you greater support as you’re pedaling. (Note: You are advised to ensure that the screws on the right-hand side pedals are clockwise and the ones on the left-hand side pedals are anti-clockwise before you start using them)
  • Multi-grip Handles & Pulse sensors: The pair of handles on this spin bike offers you several positions for placing your hands. This will allow you to have a firm and comfortable grip. Both the handlebars have integrated pulse-sensors that accurately measure your pulse-rate so that you can get an idea about the work you’re doing.
  • Aluminum-made Bottle Holder: There’s an aluminum-made holder for accommodating your bottles. It securely holds your water bottles.
  • LCD screen: It features a basic LCD monitor, one that is capable of displaying your workout-related stats such as; calories burned, pulse rate, time, distance, and speed.
  • Tablet Holder: Right underneath the LCD screen, there is a holder for accommodating your tablet or smartphone.
  • Adjustable Resistance: D600 will serve you with a seamless felt-fabric braking-pad mechanism. If you rotate the adjustable dial clockwise, you’ll have enhanced levels of resistance. Whereas, rotating it on the other side causes the resistance to decrease. This way, you’ll be having an effective workout session.
  • Emergency Brake: While you’re pedaling at high speeds, you can make this bike stop for an emergency basis. All you need to do is press on the tension adjusting dial.
  • Large Ergonomically Designed Saddle: This saddle is quite soft, spacious & ergonomically designed, to provide you with a comfy seating position. Furthermore, the covering is made from durable polyurethane, it offers longevity. You will be able to make 4-way adjustments to this seat so that you can have a preferred seating position.
  • Vibration Damping Spring: There are a pair of springs underneath the saddle, it’ll curb out the vibrations from reaching you during your exercise sessions.
  • Anti-slip Handlebars: You will be able to make 2-way adjustments for the set of handlebars. Moreover, the rubber coating on top of these handles will ensure you good grip and comfort.

Some Weaknesses
  • You won’t be able to accommodate your water bottle on this spin bike as it doesn’t have a holder.

Tester Profile:

Gender: Male
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 190 lbs

We’ve been planning to get ourselves a spin bike for our home. After having made an in-depth comparison between some of the popular and best-performing spin bikes, we opted for the L Now D600. We decided to stick to the D600 because it offered good performance and value for money. For assembling this spin bike, it took us less than 25 minutes. Also, we found the assembly process to be quite straightforward. The tools that we needed for assembling this bike came with the packaging. We took the help of the instruction manual during the assembling process and the necessary instructions along with pictures were provided that were easy to understand. The D600 offered us a smooth performance. Also, the seat was pretty well cushioned. We made adjustments to the seat’s height until we reached a comfortable seating position. Even as we intensified our workout intensity, the flywheel did not make any noise, it offered us a smooth performance. We were thoroughly satisfied with the performance of this spin bike.

Diagram: L Now D600

L Now D600

L Now D600

9. Schwinn IC3 spin bike

Offers Sleek & Noise-free Performance, Features Infinite Variable Resistance, Installed w/ Dual SPD pedals, Fitted w/ Adjustable Race-Track Saddle, Urethane-dipped Handles w/ Front & Rear Adjustability, Designed w/ Big Bottle Holder & Media Rack

Schwinn IC3
  • Configuration: Front Drive
  • Seat: Oversized, Race-track Seat
  • Handlebars: Adjustable, Well-padded & Urethane Dipped
  • Pedals: Twin SPD Caged Pedals w/ Toe-clips
  • Bike Frame: Heavy-duty Steel Frame
  • Dimension: 45″ x 23″ x 49″
  • Weight: 101 lbs
  • Flywheel Weight: 40 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Display: Big; Multi-panel LCD
  • Resistance: Infinite Adjustable Resistance
  • Wheels for Transporting: Front-base Wheels
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt Driven
  • Foldability: Not Possible
  • Additional Features: Bottle Holder, Multimedia Device Holder & Telemetry Heart-rate
  • Power Requirement: 2 AA batteries (provided)
  • Wireless Connectivity: None
  • Color: Black

Features & Considerations
  • Heavy 40 lbs Flywheel: The flywheel on this spin bike weight significantly at 40 lbs. This’ll serve you with sufficient stability and smoothness to your rides. This inertia-enhanced flywheel also guarantees your continuous momentum.
  • Silent Belt-driven Mechanism: This belt-driven system works quite efficiently in delivering noiseless cycling sessions. The transmission system doesn’t require you to lubricate it from time to time.
  • Infinitely Variable Resistance: IC3 makes use of felt-pads that are connected to the bike’s main frame-bar and that is attached to the tension adjusting knob. These pads come into contact with the flywheel while maintaining a top-down sequence. If you tighten the dial, it results in increasing the drag and vice versa. You will be able to make infinite levels of adjustments to these levels.
  • Dual SPD pedals: It is undoubtedly one of the best features of this spin bike. The IC3 has dual SPD pedals on one side. Whereas, the other side consists of toe-cages to properly secure your feet. These pedals have been made from metal, so you’re guaranteed durability. Threads on these pedals are 9/16”, therefore; you can replace these with another pair if you want to.
  • Ventilated & Adjustable Race-style Seat: You will be able to make 4-way adjustments to this seat. The longitudinal groove will serve you with superior breathability. You can also use a gel seat cover for enhanced comfort.
  • User Height Range: If you fall within the height range of 5’0” to 6’5” then this bike shouldn’t have a problem accommodating you. You shall be able to have a full range of leg mobility as well.
  • Adjustable & Urethane-dipped Handlebars: These pairs of handles will serve you with a multi-grip option. Moreover, it has been padded sufficiently that you attain a good grip and comfort. Also, you shall be able to make 4-way adjustments to these handlebars. These handles have been urethane dipped.
  • Big Water Bottle Holder: It consists of a large holder for accommodating your water bottle. Hence, it’ll easily be able to hold even the bigger sized bottles. This holder is located on top of the console.
  • Media Rack: It also features a rack for holding your tablet or smartphone. This way you can keep yourself entertained during your spin sessions.
  • LCD Monitor: The IC3 has a beautifully designed 6-panel LCD. It’ll help in clearly displaying your workouts related stats such as; RPMs, time, calories burned, and distance.
  • Manual Resistance Mechanism: You can make manual adjustments to the resistance knobs simply by rotating the tension adjusting knob, either in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.
  • Emergency Stop: Pressing down on the tension will result in this bike coming to a stop. This feature can be quite handy for you provided that you’re cycling at high speeds.
  • 3-piece Crankset: Thanks to the 3-piece crank-set and the solid set of arms, this spin bike can easily accommodate your weight even if you happen to be as much as 300 lbs.
  • Poly V-belt Transmission: Transmission on this bike features a durable poly-v belt. This is rubber-like and is resistant to being stretched. It won’t produce unnecessary vibrations. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of lubricating a belt-driven system either. Lastly, your pedaling motion will be stealth.

Some Weaknesses
  • Chest straps for measuring your heart-rate do not come with the packaging.

Tester Profile:

Gender: Male
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 220 lbs

We’ve been using this spin bike at the gym for more than six months. So, once COVID happened, we decided to get one of these for our home. We got ourselves a premium quality spin bike. It’ll also ensure that our cycling sessions are noiseless. It featured a sturdy construction. However, the display happens to be multi-panel, but not backlit. It doesn’t have integrated pulse-rates sensors. However, we made use of the internal pulse sensors of the console, using chest straps. I happen to be 6’0” and weigh about 220 pounds. One thing we noticed is that users who are 6 foot and over, needed to maintain a road riding position and had to do the same. This is because the head post on this bike doesn’t go too high in comparison with the seat post. The majority of this bike comes fully assembled. We only had to install

(i) the stabilizers at the bottom
(ii) the set of pedals
seat/ seat-post
(iv) set of handlebars
(v) head-post
(vi) and the bottle holder.

You can follow the aforementioned order for assembling this bike. However, that doesn’t have to be necessary. It actually took us a long time to unpack the packaging rather than assembling this bike. For assembling this bike, we needed less than 45 minutes. We did not make any further tweaks to the flywheel or the drive system. Lastly, one of the best features of the IC3 is that it comes with a pair of dual-sided pedals. We were able to make use of the SPD clips on one side. Whereas, we used the toe-clips on the opposite side. As none of the parts came covered in grease, so this was a good sight for us.

Diagram: Schwinn IC3

Schwinn IC3

Schwinn IC3

10. Cyclace spin bike

Designed w/ Thick Triangular Steel Frame, Provides Extended Saddle Adjustability, Features 2-way Adjustable Multi-Grip Handlebars, Has Adjustable Resistance, Has a Basic LCD monitor

  • Configuration: Front Drive
  • Seat: Extended & 4-way Adjustable
  • Handlebars: 2-way Adjustable & Slip-resistant
  • Pedals: Caged Pedals
  • Bike Frame: Thick, Triangular Steel
  • Dimension: 40.9″ x 24.2″ x 47.9″
  • Weight: 86 lbs
  • Flywheel Weight: 36 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Display: LCD panel
  • Resistance: Friction, felt-pad
  • Wheels for Transporting: Front-base Wheels
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt Driven
  • Foldability: Not Possible
  • Additional Features: Bottle & Tablet Holder
  • Wireless Connectivity: None
  • Color: Gray

Features & Considerations
  • User Height Range: Cyclace’s spin bike is capable of accommodating users within the height range of 5’1” to 6’5”. You should be able to extend your legs fully if you fall within the aforementioned height range.
  • Features Thick & Triangular Shape Frame: The slanted tube sports a triangular shape. Whereas, the longitudinal base happens to be slightly curved. The entire frame of this bike is made from hard-wearing steel.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: This spin bike is capable of accommodating a user weighing a maximum of 330 lbs.
  • 36 lbs Flywheel: The spin bike has a flywheel that weighs approximately 36 lbs. The flywheel on this bike is perimeter weighted and is also chrome plated. This will ensure higher levels of inertia and more consistent momentum.
  • Bi-directional Motion: This flywheel is capable of rotating even in a reverse direction, hence, you have the option of pedaling in a reverse direction as well.
  • Belt-transmission System: A belt-driven system will serve you with smoother pedaling, there won’t be any unnecessary vibrations and the overall performance will be noiseless.
  • Multi-grip Handlebars: The set of handlebars on this spin bike is coated with a layer of PVC, this will serve you with a comfortable and secure grip. You will be able to make adjustments to these handles in upward and downward directions. There are drop-down grips on these handles as well. However, these handles don’t have integrated pulse sensors. The usage of PVC means you’ll be getting a better grip and it’ll prevent your hands from slipping.
  • Adjustable Resistance: This spin bike features a standard resistance system. Brakes on this bike make use of high-density, wool-made felt-pads. It is connected to the tension knob situated right on top of its main-tube. If you rotate the knob in a clockwise direction, then this braking pad will end up applying a greater amount of friction to the flywheel. This way you’ll be required to put in more effort during pedaling.
  • Basic LCD Monitor: It has a basic LCD screen that’ll simply show your workout-related stats, including calories burned, time, speed, distance and features an odometer.
  • Fully Adjustable: You will be able to adjust the seat in 8 different positions. Whereas, for the handlebars, you can make adjustments to 5 distinct positions. Also, you will be able to make forward and backward adjustment of this of the seat’s cushion.
  • Firm Handlebars: If you can make sure that there’s proper bushing on the handlebars and if these are installed properly, then the handlebars should not be wobbling.
  • Comfy Seat Cushion: Since the cushion on these seats have been designed ergonomically. Hence, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable experience during workouts. This seat cushion has a dimension of 10.43″×8″×2″.
  • Seat Springs for Buffer: There are a set of springs underneath the seat of this bike. It acts as a buffer and dampens the unnecessary accumulated energy during your workouts. Moreover, it’ll ensure added comfort during your long-duration workouts.
  • Emergency Braking System: You will be able to bring this bike to a standstill simply by pressing on the tension adjusting knob. This can be quite handy for your high-speed and intense workout sessions.
  • Cage-style Pedals: The pair of cage-style pedals will prevent your feet from sliding off these pedals.

Some Weaknesses
  • It doesn’t have pulse sensors for measuring your heart-rate.

Tester Profile:

Gender: Female
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 140 lbs

We have been using an elliptical for a while now. So, we decided on getting ourselves a spin bike, one that would presumably offer good value for money. After weeks of research, we settled for the Cyclace indoor spin bike. We were very satisfied with the amount of sturdiness this spin bike offered and there’s no questioning the quality of this bike. The base of this bike came assembled within the packaging. Therefore, all we needed to do was attach the

(1) Front & Rear Leg Stands

(2) the Handlebar

(3) the Seat

(4) and Pedals.

You don’t have to assemble this bike in the exact order. It took us approximately 50 minutes to assemble this bike. We went for 30 minutes sessions once we were done and the experience was very satisfactory. It was quite sturdy and comfortable to use. The stand for smart devices on this bike has been designed very well. We put out tablets on it for watching a movie during workouts. During one spin session, we were pedaling quite fast and through using the emergency button and it worked perfectly in bringing this bike to a standstill, within seconds. The padding on this seat may feel a bit hard. However, we didn’t feel uncomfortable while using this. I usually stand while pedaling, it was thoroughly able to support my weight and it is perfectly capable of accommodating users having higher weights as well.


Diagram: Cyclace



11. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1203 spin bike

Designed Ergonomically for Comfort, Has an Adjustable & Comfortable Seat, Equipped w/ Basic LCD Monitor, Has Pair of Caged-pedals, Fitted w/ Easy-to-use Stop Brakes

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1203
  • Configuration: Front Drive
  • Seat: Well-padded & 2-way Adjustable
  • Handlebars: Fixed & Rubber Padded
  • Pedals: Caged Pedals w/ Straps
  • Bike Frame: Sturdy, Steel-made
  • Dimension: 42.5″ x 24″ x 49″
  • Weight: 62.5 lb
  • Flywheel Weight: 22 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Inseam Length: 26″ to 32″
  • Display: LCD panel
  • Resistance: Micro-adjustable, Friction-based
  • Wheels for Transporting: Front-base Wheels
  • Drive Mechanism: Belt Driven
  • Foldability: Not Possible
  • Additional Features: None
  • Wireless Connectivity: None
  • Color: Silver

Features & Considerations
  • Digital Monitor: Using this digital monitor, you will be able to keep track of your workout stats. This includes; calories burned, speed, time, and distance. There’s also a mode button at the center of this console.
  • 22 lbs Flywheel: This bike’s flywheel measures at 22lbs. It’ll ensure you have smooth and stable cycling sessions. Moreover, you will be able to keep up the momentum for a longer duration.
  • High Inertia for Precise Control: This bike’s flywheel will serve you with sufficient levels of inertia so that you can have a precise and controlled ride.
  • Wheels for Transporting: There are a pair of front base wheels on this spin bike, this aids you to move this bike with ease. All you need to do is, lift this bike’s rear and relocate it to your preferred location.
  • Felt-pad Frictional Resistance Mechanism: The SF-B1203 has made use of seamless felt-fabric pads for an efficient braking system.
  • Micro-adjustable Resistance: Felt-pads on this bike will let you make micro-adjustments to tension levels. Hence, it’ll ensure that you have an intense workout session and enable you to have a toned lower body. All you need to do is rotate the tension knob for making adjustments to the resistance levels.
  • Ergonomically Designed Bike: SF-B1203 has been designed ergonomically to provide you with a comfortable ride.
  • Bike-style Adjustable Seat: You will be able to make both vertical and horizontal adjustments to this bike’s seat. Enabling you to have an ideal sitting position.
  • Cage Pedals: A pair of caged-pedals have been installed in this spin bike. It is capable of serving a greater amount of support as you’re pedaling. Keeping your feet secure even during intense rides.
  • Maximum User Weight Limit: This spin bike can accommodate a user weighing a maximum of 220 lbs without any trouble. The frame of this bike has a robust and durable construction.

Some Weaknesses
  • It hasn’t been designed with a heart-rate sensor.

Tester Profile:

Gender: Female
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 120 lbs

I’ve used upright and recumbent bikes previously at home for extended periods. Also, I’ve used spin bikes at the gym. Recently we got ourselves a spin bike after months of research. We opted for the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1203. I’m a 29 y/o and currently recuperating from a hip injury that occurred from road bike riding. So, I’ve bought this bike to work on my movements and enhance mobility. Currently, I’m riding at a considerably gentle pace, with negligible resistance. However, some of the other testers had used higher levels of resistance and it will undoubtedly serve you with an intense workout session. You can use these bikes in a seated or standing up position, the flywheel and the pedals are durable enough to accommodate your weight. The efficiently designed flywheel and transmission belt system prevent any unwanted noise from being given off. I can watch binge-watch Netflix while using this bike without any distractions. I took help or the other user to assemble this bike within minutes. There are front base wheels for easily moving this bike. The seat on this bike may feel a bit sturdy. However, we are getting used to it after usage. We get a firm grip while positioning our arms on the handlebars. Overall, its performance has been quite satisfactory, to say the least.

Diagram: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1203

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1203

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1203

12. Doufit EB-05 spin bike

Has a Heavy-duty Frame Design, Features a Sound-proof Saddle Cover, Adjustable Seat, and Handlebars, Has a Simple LCD Monitor

No products found.

Tester Profile:

Gender: Male
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 180 lbs

I used to cycle professionally and use spin bikes at the gym until COVID hit. We haven’t hit the gym in a while. Hence, we’ve decided to get ourselves the EB-05 and a couple of other fitness equipment. It features a regular-sized seat, but we felt quite comfy while sitting on this saddle. We were glad that it didn’t have a narrow and uncomfortable seat, unlike many other spin bikes. I did not face any challenges whatsoever to assemble this bike. It took me 30 minutes tops to fully assemble it. Once assembled, the front base wheels helped us in moving this bike around effortlessly. We were able to make easy adjustments to the height and distance of the seat and the handlebars on this spin bike. I weigh 180 pounds and is 5’10”, there weren’t any issues accommodating myself on this spin bike. As far as the console on this bike is concerned, it has a pretty basic display, one that will show your workout stats such as; speed, distance, time, and calories burned. I cranked up the speed and tried to use the emergency stop brakes and it worked like a charm. Lastly, the pedals on this bike are made from good quality metal, the ‘tooth-like’ grips within the pedal help in keeping your feet locked firmly in position. Furthermore, there are belts to hold your feet tightly.

Diagram: Doufit EB-05

No products found.

Doufit EB-05


Time (Minutes)Exercise TypeSpeedResistanceAdditional Notes
0 to 3Warm UpSlowLightRemain Seated
3 to 8Seated ClimbModerateModerateRemain Seated
8 to 13IntervalsFastHeavyRemain Seated for 1 minute & Stand for 1 minute
13 to 18RaceFastModerateRemain Seated
18 to 22IntervalsFastHeavyRemain Seated for 1 minute & Stand for 1 minute
22 to 26Standing ClimbModerateHeavyStand
26 to 29RaceFastModerateRemain Seated
29 to 30Cool DownModerateLightRemain Seated

Figure: The table above shows a routine for a 30 minutes workout session on your spin bike

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is it worth buying a spin bike?

Ans.: Some of the features that makes a spin bike worth buying for you are as follows:

  • Has a very limited impact on your back and knees.
  • It has a smaller footprint compared to other cardio equipment.
  • Spin bikes will ensure that you have a noiseless and seamless performance.
  • These bikes require little to no maintenance at all. Many bikes will also offer you a lifetime warranty.
  • According to research, using a spin bike for an average of 40 minutes can burn about 500 calories. However, this number may vary from individual to individual.

Q2: How do I choose a spin bike for my home?

Ans.: You may take into consideration some general rules while choosing a spin bike.

  • Height and Sideways adjustable handlebars.
  • Look for spin bikes that offer resistance adjustability.
  • Bikes that have balanced pedals and adjustable straps.
  • You can also consider going for double-sided pedals that consist of an SPD lock.
  • Make sure the assembly of the core on the flywheel corresponds with your workout intensity.
  • Lookout for height and sideways adjustable saddle. Also, one that consists of an ergonomic design.
  • Go for a flywheel weighing between 10 to 30 kgs, a heavier model of the flywheel will serve you with efficient and smooth cycling sessions.
  • Select a caliper braking system, one that will regulate higher levels of resistance smoothly.

Q3: Are magnetic spin bikes better?

Ans.: A few of the aspects that give magnetic spin bikes an upper hand is:

  • If you opt for a noise free cycling session, then magnetic resistance will do a better job.
  • You will be required to carry out little to no maintenance at all for magnetic resistance bikes.

In conclusion, you’ll be required to pay more for a magnetic spin bike. However, you’ll be getting yourself a better performing spin bike. The Keiser M3i spin bike will provide you good magnetic resistance.

Q4: Is spinning better than cycling?

Ans.: In the table below make a thorough comparison between spinning and cycling for you to have an in-depth understanding.

(1) Cardio Fitness: According to a study by the American Council based on exercise, it was concluded that if you're into spinning, then you are likely to reach 75% to 96% of your maximum heart-rate. This by far exceeds your minimum heart-rate requirement.(1) Cardio Fitness: It isn't as efficient as spinning sessions. Nonetheless, researches have shown that the average levels of oxygen that your body is capable of acquiring is approximately 73.5 ml per kg every minute, for professional cyclists. Whereas, non-cyclists can take approximately 42 ml per kg every minute.
(2) Effort: Cycling indoors without any change in scenery can make spinning make you feel a bit monotonous. However, you will enjoy group sessions along with some good music.(2) Effort: You will be able to regularize the intensity of cycling sessions depending on the type of terrain you venture, such as; free-wheeling or incline. This will make your sessions more satisfying.
(3) Convenience: Opting for group spinning sessions will let you work on personal levels. At the same time, you can be part of a group, within a safe environment.(3) Convenience: Within an hour, you will be able to cover a lot of miles. But you need to watch out for the weather. You also have to keep your eyes on the road. Cycling can be expensive compared to spinning.
(4) Low Body Strength: Your spinning sessions will make use of the same muscle groups as that of road biking. With increased weight of flywheel, between 14 kgs to 18 kgs will increase your number of pedaling strokes/ minute. This will result in your hamstrings working harder.(4) Low Body Strength: Cycling results in your lower body muscles groups being worked on. This includes your calves, glutes, shins, hamstrings and calves. Cycling does a lot of work on your thighs.
(5) Calorie Usage: As the wheel on a spinning bike remains fixed, hence; you won't be able to freewheel. This will result in a large group of your muscles being worked on. It will result in a lot of your calories being burned in the process.(5) Calorie Usage: Conventional cycling sessions also offer high energy expenditure. More so if you're into covering a higher mileage or venturing along hill-based terrains.

Q5: Is spinning better than running?

Ans.: If you make a comparison purely based on the number of calories burned, then a 30 minutes session on the treadmill at a speed of 6 mph for an adult weighing about 155 lbs will be able to burn up to 350 calories. Whereas, if you use a spin bike at a constant pace for 30 minutes having the same weight, then you’re likely to burn around 260 calories. However, you should keep in mind that spinning sessions tend to be more intense. Hence, you will be able to burn between 400 to 600 calories if you increase your speeds to 8 mph.

Q6: Is spinning bad for knees?

Ans.: As spinning can offer you with low impact exercise sessions. So, it exerts less pressure on your knees. It’ll work on the muscle groups and ligaments in and around your lower body and legs. This makes spinning ideal for your injured knees. An optimal speed that you should use so that your knees aren’t exposed to too much stress should be around 65 RPM.

The following video will explain to you how you should be cycling if you have bad knees.


Going through our selection, you will have a variety of indoor spin bikes to choose from for comfortable cycling sessions at your home. A good quality spin bike should be portable, comfortable, feature alternating resistance & offer adjustability, However, you should choose a bike that you feel suits your needs best. We are hopeful that going through this article will help you to select your desired spin bike.

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