Best time of the year to buy a bicycle!

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It is an exciting venture buying your very own bicycle. Road bikes are some of the best ways to not only spend time but share it with others. They are also an excellent way to keep it and lose weight for those looking to shed off some pounds. Buying one is a challenge thanks to the fact that there are so many of them in the market. When is the best time to buy one and how do you ensure that you buy what is right for you? The reason why you are buying a road bike will determine the type of bike you will end up with. People that are looking to get into some intense riding will often go for high-end high-performance bikes. People with back problems will prefer the easier ones such as recumbent bikes while those that love to take their passion to extremes will handle mountain bikes. Knowing when and how to pick up your piece is as important as the activity it will be used to.

Beginner guides to buying a bicycle

Buying a bike for the first time can be a little confusing. There are too many options in the market that need to be sifted through before one is picked. The kind of bike you buy will be dependent on the purpose, your state of health as well as budget. It is important that you take the time to visit some shops as well as do some research before embarking on picking one. Bikes also come with cost implications with the ones with the best frames. Bikes with titanium and carbon fiber will cost an arm and a leg unless they are second hand. Even then, they will still cost more than most. Bikes with aluminum frames are priced while performing as well as their high-end counterparts. Steel bikes are the cheapest in the equation. There are however some excellent steel bikes in the market today competing very well with the ornate frames. Working closely with someone that knows bikes will eliminate the worry of picking a bike that doesn’t work for you.

Mountain and race bikes are often more specialized which is why they will always cost more. The tires, the frames, braking systems, and gearing systems come together to form elaborate machines that most dream of.

The bike should be the right size and fit. Ensure that you take the time to test the bike before buying it. The feel of the bike and the fit is entirely dependent on how the bike feels when you ride it. The size has to agree with your heart and pedaling movements.

The best times to buy bikes

While on sale

Clearance sales are standard even for bikes. Timing sales are one of the best ways to strike a bargain for your pro bike. Sales will often come with slashed prices on previously expensive items. Timing sales on Walmart, best buy and many other malls and bike shops like Rei will help you buy a good buy at a reasonable price. You can also take advantage of online sales for the same. This involves staying alerted on eBay or Amazon and many other local sites to land on your dream bike. These depend on timing. Most vendors will clear stock at the beginning of the year especially of what was ordered for the end of year holidays was not cleared as fast as they intended.

Available on Second-hand shops

Second-hand shops will also be ideal places for you to land good bikes. Second-hand stores are legit all through the year. Getting a good bike here depends purely on luck. Pawnshops may also have something for you. There is no particular time of the year when it comes to second-hand deals. The deal could land at any time.

Early in the year

It is wise to wait until the low season before making a purchase. It is common for prices to go down during these seasons. The beginning of the year is an ideal time to shop around.

Holiday seasons

Holiday seasons will come with major sales events such as Black Friday which are all at slashed prices. Holiday seasons are some of the best times to buy bikes since all prices come subsidized. The government also goes a long way to aid in this allowing the shoppers to enjoy significant tax-free benefits. You have to be fast enough to get your deal on time during these seasons.

Bike shopping tips for beginners

It is wise that you shop smart during the opportune moment. Here are a few tips that will help you land the bike of your dreams.

You need to know what you are looking for. It is easy to land anything if you do not have a set goal. A set goal allows you to keep focused. It is common to find bikes that you did not prefer much at a lesser price. The temptation to buy any of these is high. Being focused keeps you in line with your goals enough to avoid distractions from other buys.

Save up for your dream bike well enough to almost afford it when not on sale. Saving up for your bike is one of the ways to land a good deal. Saving with the marked priced in mind allows you to be ready for any sale below this level. This also ensures that you save up some money for great biking gear.

Seeking professional help before making a purchase is the best favor you can do yourself. Ensure that you fully understand all the working specs of the bike you want so as to make sure that you have sweated for the best. A professional will also come in handy in ensuring that the bike you pick is the right fit for you.

Be careful to avoid buying a knock off. There are also chances that you may land a second-hand bike and lose sight of checking all the essentials in the excitement. The drivetrain, handlebars, feel of the bike and the gear system should be working correctly. Take time to inspect the bike and even get third party opinion so as to ensure that your bike is perfect.

Things to avoid when buying bikes during sales

Never buy a bike without testing it

It is important that you avoid buying and paying for bikes that you have not tested. Buying a bike online can go horribly wrong. You may end up getting the wrong size or a very uncomfortable fit at the end of the day. Every bike purchase includes fitting and setting. The bike retailer will not only help out with the fit but help you inspect the whole thing before buying.

Never compromise on the integrity of the bike

There are chances of landing on a second-hand bike which could lead to some compromises. A second-hand bike may come with issues that need to be well looked at before purchase. Ensure that you do not compromise the tires, drive train, and gear shifts. The frames also need to be in good shape. Buying with the intent of replacing these parts is a good idea but may end up costing more in the long run. Purchase a bike that has a few issues as possible so that you will not have to dig back into your pockets so as to repair the bike.

Do not buy a bike that you cannot ride

Take into account the kind of bike you can work with. Riders with a strong predisposition are okay when it comes to buying high-performance bikes. People with lower back pains and any other form of a chronic issue will be better of getting slower and more comfortable bikes. Buying a bike that is not helpful to you will be a major waste of money especially if you cannot use it for the purpose intended. Buying an $8000 bike for errands around town is a waste of resources. A $500 bike will do for this kind of use. The vice versa holds true.

Never buy a bike without considering the safety gear

Just like the purchase of a car, a bike comes with accessories that need to be purchased with its purchase. Do not involve yourself in the procurement of a bike without budgeting for safety gear. This includes a good helmet as well as proper riding gear. Chances of you riding a bike without any protective gear vat this point are high. Avoid the temptation by ensuring that you buy the bike and the riding gear at the same time. This not only makes it convenient but ensures that you are safe all through.

The right time to buy a bike is dependent on where you are buying the bike from. People that use online methods are likely to enjoy an all-year-round opportunity to land good deals. There are however sales events that cut across the board that the buyer can benefit from.

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