12 Best Waterproof Commuter Backpacks

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While you are commuter riding, it is ideal to carry a sturdy backpack where you can carry essentials. Your essentials can be a laptop, tablet, or any other electrical device – along with documents, papers, wallet, cards, money, etc.

If you have the wrong backpack with you, you will probably end up ruining it. So what should you look for in the perfect commuter backpack? While you want the backpack to be durable and comfortable on your shoulders – you would want to be waterproof too. This article is made with the intention to help you find the best waterproof commuter backpacks in the market.

Given the unexpected turns that the weather can take, forecasts from even the most reliable sources may be incorrect. You may also spill water, or come across any unwanted incident. This is why having a commuting backpack that is waterproof or has water-resistant abilities is so important.

Not only this, the backpack should have lots of space so that all your necessary items can fit inside. The best ones have padded sleeves for laptops, tablets while individual pockets for sweaty gear or clothes are great too.

Buying Guide: Waterproof Commuter Backpacks

As you contemplate on which waterproof backpack will be most compatible for commuting, there are a number of factors you will need to consider. We will look into them extensively during this part of our article.

Types of waterproof backpacks

You will usually find that backpacks are often categorized in terms of their size:

  • Daypacks: Available in the capacity range 20 to 35 L. You will be able to carry extra clothing, food, water, and other items you deem as essentials inside them.
  • Weekend backpacks: With a 40 to 50 L capacity, you will be able to carry your sleeping bags, extra clothing, etc inside this extra space. Use these bags if you are looking to get away for a few days, or alongside your daypack.
  • Multi-day backpacks: As the name suggests, you can carry a week of gear on those backpacks that can hold between 50 and 70 liters, in terms of backpack volume.
  • Expedition backpacks: Simply put, these can carry almost 100 L, and come packed with lots of surplus storage facilities.

Remember that backpacks that are waterproof are inherently heavier in comparison to other backpacks. This is particularly true if your waterproof backpack comes with a heavy-duty material. If you do not need to carry twenty or thirty pounds of load on a daily basis, go for the backpack that will allow you to go light.

1. Waterproof or water-resistant

So you might get confused about whether to get a waterproof commuter backpack or a water-resistant commuter backpack. Even with the uncanny similarity in how they sound, they do have the same functionality.

Water-resistant backpacks are effective against drizzles only – heavy rain is more likely to soak all your belongings. Backpacks that are waterproof will keep all your belongings dry and safe even when it is raining. Weather conditions that are harsh do not certainly favor water-resistant backpacks, and you should certainly not use them to carry electronic devices.

2. Durability

Nylon is the favored material for waterproof backpacks. The finish will often involve a coating of acrylic, silicone, or polyurethane. Each coating is present in layers and ensures that water does not seep through them. If your commuter backpack is waterproof, even if it is submerged in water – the insides will remain dry. On backpacks that are water-resistant, the thread count will determine how much resistance it will put up against the water. On its own, however, nylon cannot keep out water if your backpack falls into a body of water or there is a storm. Other favorable options are PVC vinyl, rubber, or PVC.

Backpacks intended for heavy-duty use typically use nylon that is ultra-strong. There are nylon straps and zippers that are of YKK grade. Canvas is a much heavier fabric for backpacks but will make it durable. This is true for higher-priced leather backpacks too. Other factors that affect durability are 1. Shoulder strap tears; 2. Zippers that are broken; and 3. Stitching that may have been undone. Therefore, look at the thread material used on your shoulder straps. Ideally, if the sewing is double stitched then the backpack is more likely to last longer.

3. Material

You will need to match the material of the backpack to your needs. The commonly used materials are mentioned below

  • Cotton Canvas – Canvas is the rough-weaved version of cotton, and is typically heavier. A combination of synthetic and natural materials are used to make canvas today so that the material is waterproof, low-weight, and has enhanced strength. It costs less and is popular among students to commute.
  • Pack-Cloth Nylon – This feels slick and shiny, and can be coated easily to make the backpack waterproof. It is also resistant to puncture and abrasion.
  • Cordura – This is a version of nylon fabric that is “air treated” it weighs less while being resistant to abrasion. Common on backpacks that are used for backpacking.
  • Rip-stop Nylon – Nylon that has a “rip-stopping” composition will make your backpack waterproof while having a low weight. It offers additional protection for hiking purposes.
  • Polyester – This material is UV resistant while having adequate strength and toughness to be used on kids’ backpacks usually. These backpacks usually cost less and come in an array of colors that are vibrant.
  • Leather – Leather that has been vegetable-tanned and full-grained is usually common on backpacks. Leather backpacks are perfect for use in the workplace as they are usually the most formal style of backpack.

4. Comfort

Comfort is another characteristic that manufacturers want to integrate into their backpack designs, especially if you are carrying the backpack for a long duration of time.

  • To stop straps from digging deep into your shoulders, padding is a must- especially on shoulder steps. You can also adjust the position of the backpack so that it is sitting higher up on your behind.
  • Adjustment features and padding is a must on hip belts or worst straps too. Your shoulders will be free from any added pressure while allowing your hips to provide better support to the backpack load.
  • For best fit, you should be looking to match your torso measurements to the backpack, rather than your height. Since the length of backpacks is varied across all the brands available, you should measure your torso before making a purchase.

5. Capacity

If you are looking to carry your laptop while you commute, padded sleeves are a must even if the overall capacity is not large. If you intend to use your commuter backpack for hiking purposes too, larger-sized backpacks will serve you better. This applies more if you are going for an extended trip. You should keep in mind that all the parts of your backpack are not likely to be resistant to water. Therefore, you would need to be careful where you put each individual item in a waterproof commuter backpack. The compartment that is most abundant on these backpacks is more likely to be waterproof, while additional compartments and pockets may not be waterproof.

6. Organizational Features

As you explore the type and number of items that you have to carry around every day, your ideal commuter backpack should be able to hold everything. You do not want everything to be jumbled inside the main compartment. Rather, you would be better off with a backpack that would allow you to organize everything in such a way that you know where everything is – without necessarily opening up the backpack. If you have to carry a lot of accessories like a pen, paper, etc, look for a backpack that has a whole compartment that is dedicated to organizing such items. Slip pockets are used too, which can hold iPads if they are sized correctly. The pockets that are smaller can fit external drives, mice, chargers, etc – along with the laptop compartment.

If you are a bike commuter, it is very common you want to change into your formal clothing once you reach work. If you do this regularly, look for a backpack that will hold the folded work clothes without any wrinkle or crumple. It is normal if you have to change your shoes too, and you would need to ensure that there is enough space in the main compartment so that your shoes can slide into it. If there are outer pockets too, they are mesh designed typically and are perfect for holding water bottles.

7. Closure system

Bags with roll-top are common on cycle couriers that are professional because zippers tend to compromise whether or not your backpack is waterproof. Even though zippers have a compact and flexible structure, heavy use is more likely to break and wear them out. On the other hand, you can open or close roll-top close countless times without affecting the durability of your commuter backpack. This is why many waterproof commuter backpacks combine zipper pockets and roll-top closure for the main compartment. This allows the backpack to last longer while offering the option of storing separate items inside specific pockets.

8. Carry Options

To allow you to carry your commuting backpack comfortably, a lot of ways have been designed over time. On backpacks that are larger, you will usually find several means of carrying. Shoulder straps, on the other hand, are more common on smaller backpacks. Straps have to display their robustness whenever the user will want to put in more load in their backpacks. Padded straps that have adjustment features are perfect for loads that are heavier. Sternum and waist straps will settle the load better on you on quick corners or abrupt stops.

  • Backpack straps: They are most common, and will do a great job of keeping the backpack close to your body while resting on your shoulders.
  • Sternum straps: They do a great job while distributing the weight of the backpack while making sure that the straps do not slide off when commuting.
  • Shoulder straps: This is a singular strap that usually runs long so that the backpack can be carried horizontally. They are very useful if you have to move fast through traffic or people.
  • Carry handles: They are helpful for quick grabbing, especially from the carousel for your luggage in airports. Whenever you want to move your backpack quickly, carry handles can help you serve the purpose.

9. USB Charging port

If you have a USB charging port on your backpack, you will be able to power any device that can support a USB cable for charging. Usually, these backpacks also function as power banks too. Just connect your device to the USB port and you will be able to charge on the go.

10. Reflective stripes

If you can be seen better by other riders especially while biking at night, you can avoid some accidents. . This is also possible if reflective clothing is covering your backpack. If there are attachment points in your backpack, bike lights can be secured on them too.

Our top pick

Biking to school or work is great, but there is nothing more unfortunate than having all your gear/clothes getting soaked by a sudden downpour. To help you get the premier backpack, we have sprung into action. Over the length of this article, you will find comprehensive reviews on 12 of the finest waterproof backpacks that are widely preferred by commuters today. Amongst them, Skog Å Kust Backsak has been selected as the “Overall best choice“.

Skog Å Kust Backsack

Best waterproof backpack available; IPX-6 protected the main compartment; Reflective patches will make visible | Overall Best Choice

The Skog Å Kust Backsak has been selected as the best waterproof backpack for daily commutes, travel, or sports. It will do an excellent job of protecting all your gears from the rain anywhere you go, owing to its sturdy build and service lifespan. 500D PVC has been used on the BackSåk, giving the backpack a waterproof rating of IPX-6. Externally, there is a zipper pocket that is splash-proof so that you can access the items that are water-resistant easily. Additionally, the sternum straps can be adjusted, along with the reflective trim. To carry the backpack, a carry handle has been integrated here too. Thanks to the excellent quality of features and materials here, the backpack is popular for other activities like kayaking.

  • 500D Waterproof PVC + seams welded at high-frequency
  • 25L and 35L sizes are available
  • The D rings have been side-mounted and can be used as attachments
  • Mesh pockets can be found internally
  • Will not sink in water
  • Straps are adjustable


A quick view of our list of some of the finest waterproof commuter backpacks selected for carrying your stuff:

BackpackWeight (lbs)Our Ratings
Skog Å Kust BackSåk2.3093
Hideout 5-way Commuter2.6392
Under Armour Hustle 4.01.3891
Earth•Pak Summit2.5090
BOPAI Slim1.5089
BOPAI Laptop2.8088
Timbuk2 Spire2.4287
Rains Mini1.7687
Kopack City Commuter KP6261.9482
Venture Pal0.7078

How our selected the best waterproof commuter backpacks compare

To help you choose the beat waterproof commuter backpack today, we have compiled our list in the table below. They have been assigned a “Product Score”, along with the key features/ specs that you should know before making a choice.

BackpackPreviewMaterialWeightLaptop sleeveDimensions
Skog Å Kust BackSåkSkog Å Kust BackSåk Waterproof Backpack | 25L Black500D PVC2.3 lbsNone20” x 12.5” x 6”
Hideout 5-way CommuterEveryman Hideout 5-Way Commuter Men’s Laptop Bag, Backpack & Tote for Business, Travel, Work, Indestructible & Waterproof - BlackBallistic nylon( PU lined)2.63 lbsYes18” x 12” x 6”
Under Armour Hustle 4.0Under Armour Adult Hustle 4.0 Backpack , Academy Blue (408)/Silver , One SizePolyester, Polyurethane, & Nylon( with Textile lining)1.37 lbsYes19.3" x 13" x 9.5"
Earth•Pak SummitEarth Pak Waterproof Backpack: 35L / 55L Heavy Duty Roll-Top Closure with Easy Access Front-Zippered Pocket and Cushioned Padded Back Panel for Comfort with IPX8 Waterproof Phone Case (35L, Blue)500D PVC2.5lbsYes19” x 13” x 5.9"
BOPAI SlimBOPAI 15 inch Super Slim Laptop Backpack Men Anti Theft Backpack Waterproof College Backpack Travel Laptop Backpack for Men Business Laptop Backpack Casual Daypack for MenMicrofiber Synthetic Leather1.5lbsYes11’’ x 2.7" x16.5’’
NUBILYLaptop Backpack 17 Inch Waterproof Extra Large TSA Travel Backpack Anti Theft College Business Mens Backpacks with USB Charging Port 17.3 Gaming Computer Backpack for Women Men Black 45LPolyester3.3 lbs.Yes14.2" x 8.3" x 18.5"
BOPAIBOPAI Anti-Theft Business Backpack 15.6 Inch Laptop Water-Resistant with USB Port Charging Travel Backpack Anti-Glare Functional Rucksack Light-Weight Backpack for Men (15.6 inch, Black)Cotton, Nylon + Microfiber2.8 lbs.Yes11.8’’ x 5.5” x 17.7’’
Timbuk2TIMBUK2 Spire Laptop Backpack, NauticalNylon, Melange Twill, 1200D Canvas Polyester2.42 lbs.Yes18.7” x 12.4” x 5.1”
RAINS MiniRains Backpack 02 Blue One SizePolyurethane, Polyester1.76 lbsYes3.94” x 11.42” x 17.72”
KOPACK City CommuterKOPACK Waterproof Anti Theft Laptop Backpack USB Charging Port Business Scan Smart with Rain Cover 15.6 Inch Gray Black Kp626Nylon1.94 lbsyes11.8” x 5.5” x 17.7”
OUTJOYOUTJOY Anti Theft Travel Backpack Waterproof Laptop Backpack for Men Women Lockable Computer Backpack with USB Charging Port Padded Compartment for 15.6 inches Laptop School Backpack TSA Friendly GreyPolyester3.05lbsNone13.7” x 6.7” x 18.9”
Venture PalVenture Pal 40L Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack-GreenFuschia Nylon0.7 lbsNone12.5” x 6.3” x 19.3”

12 best waterproof commuter backpacks that you can buy today

1. Skog Å Kust BackSåk Backpack

Best waterproof backpack available; IPX-6 protected the main compartment; Reflective patches will make visible | Overall best choice

Skog Å Kust BackSåk Backpack
  • Material: 500D PVC
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Measurements: 20” x 12.5” x 6”
  • Closure: Roll-top
  • Laptop sleeve: None
  • Strap: Sternum
  • Capacity: 35L

Features & Considerations
  • Waterproof design: 500 Denier Polyvinyl chloride has been used for the BackSåk, and it is therefore 100 percent waterproof. This is coupled with the welded seams, which are watertight too. The top uses a roll-down design that helps to keep more water out. No matter the duration of your commute, any electronic gear or papers you may have inside will be dry and safe.
  • Lightweight: PVC construction ensures that while the backpack is lightweight, it does not compromise with strength. The thickness of the material also makes the backpack resistant to any ripping or abrasion that may occur.
  • Comfort: To keep your back as comfortable as possible, the back support has been integrated with padding – along with a sternum clip. The straps are cushioned too, relieving your shoulders from any pressure during your commute.
  • Highly convenient: On its sides, you will D-rings that can hold gears like your water bottle. While it might look like there is no handle, you can fold the roll-top to create a clicking handle instantaneously. There are clips at the sides that can be adjusted so that the backpack fitting is snug and compressed
  • Capacity: It is available in both 25 & 35 L sizes, exhibiting the potential of this backpack to store or carry a much larger capacity. While we are reviewing the 35L model here, both of them have a simple and sleek look. The fact that they are offered in variable colors is a bonus.
  • Compartments: The zippered pocket found internally is quite large, and is accompanied by 2 pockets that have been meshed. The outer pocket can accommodate items like keys, ID and many other similar-sized objects. What is great here is the main compartment itself has a waterproof rating of IPX-6, allowing the backpack to protect your things even when it is fully submerged in water.
  • Versatility: The BackSåk, while being used for commute, can serve extremely well across a variety of outdoor activities. This ranges from kayaking, sailing, to being used for skiing and camping.
  • Additional features: The backpack’s surround has been designed so that there is a reflective trim. This will make the backpack visible in very low light too.

Some Weaknesses
  • Likely to be damaged if it is submerged for a long period.

This Skog Å Kust BackSåk worked well to keep our essentials during a commute, and any unexpected instances of rain were not a concern at all. Flat-bottomed, the backpack was able to stand upright on its own. This was helpful as to stack up the contents that we put inside. The front zip pocket was convenient, allowing easy access to small items. We were able to use the crossbody strap to sling the backpack over our shoulders with ease. The closure system was roll-top, which we fastened by means of a plastic clip. On hot days, this backpack was able to cut down sweat drastically. We also tried it on during cycling where the Skog Å Kust BackSåk was very comfortable. The design of the inner pockets was perfect as it prevented certain items from sliding down to the bottom of the backpack. Even if you have a comparatively shorter frame, fitting the 35L Skog Å Kust should not be an issue.

Skog Å Kust BackSåk Backpack

Skog Å Kust BackSåk

2. Hideout 5-way Commuter Backpack

A premium option for waterproof commuter backpacks; 5-in-1 versatile functionality

Hideout 5 way Commuter Backpack
  • Material: Ballistic nylon( PU lined)
  • Weight: 2.63 lbs
  • Measurements: 18” x 12” x 6”
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Laptop sleeve: Yes
  • Strap: Compression
  • Capacity: 18L

Features & Considerations
  • Everyday use: The classic design of this backpack uses indestructible materials so that any commuter is able to take full advantage of the modernized features that have been integrated into this backpack. It is the perfect carry bag that commuters can use every day.
  • Premium construction: The 5-way commuter is unaffected by weather or any other external factors. The exterior is using 1680 Ballistic Nylon that has been PU lined. The frame hardware uses stainless steel, while the zippers have been leather embellished. This improves their aesthetics while making the 5-way Commuter waterproof.
  • Multiple configurations: The carry design can be adjusted in 5 different ways, making this backpack extremely versatile. You can use the commuter as a backpack, briefcase, sling pack, messenger bag, or clutch. There is no need to get multiple bags 8f you have the Commuter.
  • Easily accessible: The GCC zippers at the front of this backpack make way for the compartments inside. The backpack design includes a TSA-approved laptop compartment so that you do not have to take the laptop out while passing through any security check.
  • Storage: Along with the laptop sleeve, you have the main compartment too. It is lined with soft Velcro and has an 18-liter capacity. You can also choose to use the mesh packaging on these cubes to keep everything organized inside your backpack, where the individual compartments have 3 different sizes. There is a pocket at the front that can store large items which you want easy access to.
  • Additional features: For extra security, the compartments inside this backpack have been fitted with extra straps. Additionally, the laptop compartment includes an additional compartment that can store almost all office accessories – from files, documents to pens.

Some Weaknesses
  • The outlook may not appeal to many users.

The manufacturer has a great reputation for taking in suggestions from his clients to make upgrades to Hideout 5-way Commuter, and we got our hands on one to try it out. The first thing we took notice of was the pull tabs, which was using sturdy leather to add more robustness. The G-Hooks were not far from each other, while the lash points seemed better tightened. We were reassured that at no point would the straps come off, which they did not. We were able to use the G-hook to turn the backpack into a shoulder carry by simply hooking one strap to the lash point. The padding at the shoulder pad and strap was comfortable enough. We are guessing that dense foam was used for them. The 5-way commuter was contouring well with the straps here which is why we took on some extra weight. The 1680 nylon that was used here is a military-grade material, so we were pretty confident about the durability. The backpack seemed both vertically and horizontally oriented, which paired well with the versatile options for carrying the backpack. We appreciated how adaptable the backpack was, which is bound to leave you wondering if the capacity is understated by the manufacturer.

Hideout 5 way Commuter Backpack

Hideout 5-way Commuter Backpack

3. Under Armour Hustle 4.0 Backpack

Integrated with waterproof and strap technology; ideally sized for commuting with any 15″ laptop

Under Armour Hustle 4.0 Backpack
  • Material: Polyester, Polyurethane & Nylon( with Textile lining)
  • Weight: 1.37 lbs
  • Measurements: 19.3″ x 13″ x 9.5″
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Laptop sleeve: Yes
  • Strap: HeatGear
  • Capacity: 26L

Features & Considerations
  • Hustle 4.0: This Under Armour backpack has been integrated with technological innovations and provides lots of options for storage. You will be able to organize and protect your belongings better with this backpack.
  • UA Storm: Storm technology from the manufacturer treats the polyester Hustle 4.0 commuter backpack with DWR so that it is able to get rid of the water quickly. This does not compromise air circulation inside the bag, where everything stays cool and dry.
  • HeatGear straps: The straps are using HeatGear, a fabric that is highly breathable. In addition to wicking sweat, body temperature is regulated by HeatGear too – leaving you cool, dry, and light always. You can easily manipulate the straps by means of quick adjustments and easy toggles.
  • Padded sleeve: The main compartment features a padded 15″ laptop sleeve. Ideally designed for a 15″Macbook Pro, any similar-sized laptop can fit in this sleeve. Find this inside the main storage compartment of the laptop. Irrespective of whether you are working or studying, there is enough room here to hold binders or books of any size. M
  • Storage: You can use the 3 pockets to place large or small items inside them. Here they will be safe and can keep away from rain or weather. At the front, a pair of security packets will allow you easy access to these hiding places. Another large gusseted pocket can be found at the front, where you can place your shoe or laundry items. Your clean clothes can stay separated.
  • Bottom panel: The key feature that contributes to the long-lasting use of this backpack is the bottom panel here. Thanks to the PU coating – it is resistant to any abrasion and wears & tear while displaying enough strength so as to add a long-lasting feel when using the Hustle 4.0.
  • Additional features: There is a grab handle at the top of the backpack, which will allow you to grab and move instead of mounting it on your shoulders. The front panel can be used to attach key rings while on the sides there are two pockets for placing your water bottle. You can access them easily from here.

Some Weaknesses
  • Only the compartment for the laptop is big.

At first look, Under Armour Hustle 4.o seemed like a small bag, and we could not have been more wrong. We were able to fit all essentials that could be needed for work travel. The pockets were lined with fleece mix that was perfect for items like glasses, phones, etc. The laptop sleeve was accompanied by a pair of large main pockets. There was an individual storage compartment for the shoes which had a zip closure. This stylish backpack did not beef up when we filled the backpack to the brim. Always comfortable, the padding in the straps was adequate. With all the great functions, it would be a shame if your commuter backpack does not keep you comfortable. This was certainly not the case for Hustle 4.9 from Under Armour.

Under Armour Hustle 4.0 Backpack

Under Armour Hustle 4.0 Backpack

4. Earth Pak Summit Backpack

Designed with features for heavy-duty use; Exterior pockets for water-resistant items; Well-designed roll-top

Earth Pak Summit Backpack
  • Material: 500D PVC
  • Weight: 2.51lbs
  • Measurements: 19” x 13” x 5.9″
  • Closure: Roll-top
  • Laptop sleeve: No
  • Strap: Shoulder & Sternum
  • Capacity: 35L

Features & Considerations
  • Summit Series: These dry bags are the best waterproof products from the Earth Pak Line.
  • Protection from water: The 35L model is using 500D PVC as the material for this backpack. We also have the roll-top closure that will stop any water from entering the backpack through the top. There is a splash-proof large pocket for grabbing items on the go. All of this is using a base that is resistant to abrasion.
  • Hidden Pockets: You can use zip and mesh pockets that can be found inside this backpack. They are very useful for storing smaller items. Anything you store here is going to be extremely secured and protected from water.
  • Comfort: The back panel has an ergonomic design that will keep you comfortable and allow air circulation. For the added comfort during your commute, the shoulder straps have reinforced meshing. The waist belt and sternum strap will take the added pressure off your shoulders.
  • Phone case: You will be provided with a phone case that has IPX8 waterproof rating, meaning that the phone case can be used in the rain or unpredictable weather. Any phone that has a 6.5″ screen can be used with this phone case.
  • Huge capacity: With the option to get a 55 L, we are reviewing the 35L version here. This displays the versatility of the backpack, as it can be used readily for purposes other than commuting. For example, you will be able to fit a whole sleeping bag inside this backpack.
  • Additional features: You will find D-Rings that have been conveniently attached to either of the shoulder straps. MOLLE system loops can be found on the front side of the backpack, where it can act as an anchor for snapping. You can also find reflectors that will make you visible at night.

Some Weaknesses
  • The sizing is not adjustable.

For the asking price, we found that the Earth•Pak Summit is able to offer great value. The waterproof backpack came loaded with great aesthetics. Even though we found the shoulder straps to be comparatively narrower, we were able to put on a jacket and then use the Summit series backpack. There were multiple anchor points which we took full advantage of – like mounting a GPS device. When we were walking for an extended period, the backpack kept us comfortable owing to the optimal back support. The 35L was perfect for our short-day test run. The testing terrain involved a lot of landscape, so we were surprised at the end when there were no scratches on the thick fabric on the exterior of the backpack. This commuter backpack from earth⋅ pak has a roll-top opening. Internally, all the pockets (including the main compartment) were waterproof. This included a zipped pocket, along with a netted one – where paper documents fitted well. The front had a reflective strip which made sure that we were spotted by others during the night. The phone cover and the bag have used 500D PVC that has an IPX8 waterproof rating. Thus we were confident that both our phone and Summit commuter backpack would be safe and dry. To cover all requirements of your waterproof backpack when mountain biking on a rainy day, or during a backpacking trip with your friends – the earth • pak can be an excellent option.

Earth Pak Summit Backpack

Earth Pak Summit Commuter Backpack

5. BOPAI Slim Laptop Backpack

Water-resistant; Perfect for laptops that have an ultra-thin design

BOPAI Slim Laptop Backpack
  • Material: Microfiber Synthetic Leather
  • Weight: 1.5lbs
  • Measurements: 11’’ x 2.7 ” x16.5’’
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Laptop sleeve: Yes
  • Strap: Shoulder
  • Capacity: 10L

Features & Considerations
  • Waterproof compartment: Microfiber leather has been combined with ballistic nylon to make this BOPAI Slim Laptop commuter backpack waterproof and durable. The main compartment is double-zipped so that in case of rain, all your belongings are dry.
  • Classic Backpack design: The back panel is using a sponge that is very dense, protecting your laptop from any damage in case of a collision. The design is breathable so that heat does not build up. The backpack will use a strap to attach to the drawbar of your luggage, reducing load as you commute during travels. You may also decide to use the slide handle so that mobility is easier. This classic backpack architecture can be used by both men and women.
  • Anti-theft: The double zipper is concealed in an innovative way so that your belongings are safe inside the bag. Towards the rear, you can find a zip pocket that can keep your essentials like money, cards, wallet, etc safe.
  • Card Pocket: This is a standout feature for this backpack as it is ” invisible”. You will find that this pocket has been placed conveniently on the straps for easy accessibility during travel.
  • USB Charging Port: There is a USB port that has been placed on the backpack’s exterior. You may connect to this using the required cable. Meanwhile, the power bank can be placed conveniently on the inside.

Some Weaknesses
  • The laptop compartment does not have any padding.

This BOPAI Slim Laptop Backpack is the perfect waterproof backpack that can hold thinner laptops while you commute. We were able to fill up the backpack with a MacBook Air measuring 15”, a few documents, notepads, a power bank, and an iPad mini – amongst others. Even when it was filled to the brim, the backpack did not feel heavy or look bulky. As we examined the fabric on the exterior and moved on to the zipper – we found that a great combination of high-quality materials was used by BOPAI. Thanks to the pockets that were designed to be anti-theft, we could access our wallet, keys, and similar-sized items. At no point did the backpack leave us sweating, even though the commute involved climbing up & down a flight of stairs. Topped off by a fancy design, we were impressed by the band of great features that this commuter laptop backpack from BOPAI offered us.

BOPAI Slim Laptop Backpack

BOPAI Slim Laptop Backpack

6. NUBILY Laptop Backpack

Water-resistant backpack for larger laptops; Ergonomic for longer period of use | Best value for money

NUBILY Laptop Backpack
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs.
  • Measurements: 14.2″ x 8.3″ x 18.5″
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Laptop sleeve: Yes
  • Strap: Shoulder, luggage
  • Capacity: 45 L

Features & Considerations
  • Waterproof and durable: This NUBILY backpack is made from polyester of the highest quality that makes the backpack waterproof. The stitching is reinforced so that the backpack lasts longer. This is in addition to the zip that is double-sided to prevent any water from seeping into the backpack. The zipper is sturdy enough to last rough use.
  • Laptop compartment: With a capacity of 45L, we find a pair of compartments that have been padded so that laptops with 17.3″ screens can be carried here. This is followed up with 15 more full functional pockets placed strategically all over the structure of the backpack so that your belongings are organized and easily accessible.
  • Comfort: There is a smart cover for your luggage that you can use while traveling to free your hands and your back. As you slide through the handle tube for the trunk, you will be able to hold on to the backpack comfortably. The card pocket uses a zipper so that you can easily access items like coins, cards, or keys. Finally, the rucksack’s shoulder strap has a tiny sleeve for comfortably packing your sunglasses.
  • Multifunctional design: The meshed back is breathable, and adds to the comfort while commuting. You can find a handle that has been integrated on the top so that picking or moving the backpack is not an issue. A headphone jack can be found on top of the bag too. On the front of the rucksack, you will also find reflective tags so that you are easily noticeable while riding or walking at night.
  • Scan Smart: The fourth compartment of the backpack can be opened up fully by 180 degrees. This is very convenient for both loading and unloading from the backpack. While there are many pockets here that can serve the storage purpose, the lay-flat architecture is helpful to pass through any security scanner quickly.
  • USB charging: This laptop commuter waterproof backpack from NUBILY also offers convenient access to a power bank that can be placed inside. You can then use the external USB charging port with an integrated charging cable. This is ideal for charging your phone or other electronic devices while you walk.

Some Weaknesses
  • If the form of your laptop is too large, you may not be able to fit it inside this backpack.

The NUBILY Laptop Backpack is perfect for everyday commuting, thanks to the padding all over the backpack while being anti-shock too. We were able to fit 2 laptops inside this large backpack and appreciated how the backpack held up against several days of constant traveling. Any laptop in the range between 14” and 17.3” could fit here, along with other items too. The side zip pockets were useful for storing the case for sunglasses. There were side pockets for water bottles too. To grab hold of our luggage handle, the backpack had a strap on its rear side. In other cases, the strap helped to ease the burden on our shoulders during a commute. This NUBILY laptop backpack also came with a hidden pocket for valuables like a passport. To charge the USB port, we used a USB cable that was set in to connect to a power bank. Then we were able to charge our phone by utilizing the USB port that was on the exterior of the backpack. Since the backpack was extra-large, we also had the option of using it as a weekender or travel backpack.

NUBILY Laptop Backpack

NUBILY Laptop Backpack

7. BOPAI Laptop Backpack

Waterproof materials; Designed for convenience and peace of mind; Can serve a wide array of purposes

BOPAI Laptop Backpack
  • Material: Cotton, Nylon + Microfiber
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs.
  • Measurements: 11.8’’ x 5.5” x 17.7’’
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Laptop sleeve: Yes
  • Strap: Shoulder
  • Capacity: 21 L

Features & Considerations
  • Water-repellant rucksack: The manufacturer has used microfiber leather that is water-resistant, along with ballistic nylon that is known for its durability. The design is reinforced by the massage design of the back panel which is meshed to allow the flow of air. This will keep out heat and the user will sweat less.
  • Anti-theft: The backpack uses double zips that are uniquely hidden on its design so that you can keep your belongings secured. This is accompanied by a well-hidden zip pack. It can store items like your money, wallet, and similarly shaped objects in a safe and convenient manner.
  • Rucksack architecture: We find a very practical design on this backpack from BOPAI. A 45-degree double-zip back opening on the main compartment will prevent interior items and your laptop /iPad from falling out. Soft flannel has also been used in the laptop compartment so that there is protection from impact.
  • The attachment features: The back of this BOPAI waterproof backpack has a strap. This will allow the backpack to hold on to the luggage drawbar during travel. Ideal for reducing your load when you commute to school, business, and work. The strap for the left shoulder has a card pocket that is not visible at first glance and is perfect for this anti-theft backpack.
  • USB Charging: This backpack with an exterior USB port and corresponding cable is also provided, which can be connected to a power bank inside the bag. You will need to purchase the power bank here.
  • Extras: You will also find a fixed but flexible pocket at the side of this commuter backpack. If you do not want to carry a water bottle here, an umbrella can fit here easily.

Some Weaknesses
  • Not suitable for use in heavy rain.

This BOPAI Laptop backpack lived up to its reputation of being multifunctional as we used it during our commute to both work and school. The structure had a great design, especially with the compartments being roomy. We particularly found the USB charging feature to be helpful. Internally, the padding was thick enough to protect laptops that measured up to 15.6”. The stylish look was complemented by the waterproof material. There was a luggage strap that made carrying the backpack on a luggage pool extremely convenient. The shoulder strap had a pocket that could easily fit a transit pass. On the sides, there were holders for water bottles. We really liked how there was a lot of space left inside the backpack even after we had put in a laptop. The main compartment here could not be accessed when the backpack was on our back, reassuring us about the safety of the items that were held inside. We were able to put in a lot of items, and yet the backpack did not feel heavy on our shoulders.

BOPAI Laptop Backpack

BOPAI Laptop Backpack

8. Timbuk2 Spire Commuter Backpack

The backpack has been designed by partnering with Apple; Nylon makes it water-resistant while roll-top prevents water from entering

Timbuk2 Spire Commuter Backpack
  • Material(s): Nylon, Melange Twill, 1200D Canvas Polyester
  • Weight: 2.42 lbs.
  • Measurements: 18.7” x 12.4” x 5.1”
  • Closure: Roll-top
  • Laptop sleeve: Yes
  • Strap: Shoulder + Sternum(optional)
  • Capacity: 30L

Features & Considerations
  • Spire backpack: This Spire backpack has been offered by the manufacturer Timbuk. It comes with a roll-top opening, something that is quite unique for carrying tablets and laptops. This design also favors carrying extra load.
  • Ideal materials: Oxford nylon has been used on the exterior, while TPU and canvas can be found internally. This combination will protect the backpack and items stored inside no matter the weather. The roll-top closure is water-resistant too as it will prevent water from seeping in.
  • Design: On the exterior, you can daisy-chain-styled webbing that presents several options for attaching U-locks, helmets, and carabiners. For noiseless access into the backpack, anodized aluminum is preferred here. This gives the backpack a sophisticated look too.
  • Storage architecture: This Timbuk2 Spire backpack can expand its volume. The main compartment here has been designed with padded sleeves that can hold your phone, any Apple IPad, or MacBook. It can be accessed by the roll-top, or by a back zipper that is incognito. The latter does not need you to undo the roll-top. The side pocket is elasticized to fit water bottles. There is an internal organizer for your small stuff, while the front pocket can hold your essentials like a phone, glasses, etc.
  • Additional features: The back panel is ventilated so that there is some breathing room for your back. For true fitting meant to keep you comfortable, there is an optional sternum strap.

Some Weaknesses
  • Without a laptop inside, the bag feels floppy.

Timbuk2 Spire had a roll-top that gave the backpack an urban and cool look. We came across unexpected rain during one of our bike commutes with the Spire. Upon returning, even though the exterior was completely soggy – everything inside was dry. It was as if there was no rain at all. This unique backpack was designed in collaboration with Apple. So it was obvious that Apple products like the iPad and Macbook fit in easily. It felt comfortable on our shoulders and we believe that the Spire could be a great option for a commuter backpack. The design was streamlined and discreet- which is perfect for city travel. There was a thick Velcro strap that ran across the front of the backpack, where patches could be attached. Internally, the lining used velcro too. This was great for carrying heavier items.

Timbuk2 Spire Commuter Backpack

Timbuk2 Spire Commuter Backpack

9. Rains 1220 Backpack

Fully waterproof; Minimalistic design on a modern backpack

RAINS 1220 Backpack
  • Material(s): Polyurethane, Polyester
  • Weight: 1.76 lbs.
  • Measurements: 3.94” x 11.42” x 17.72”
  • Closure: Swivel latch
  • Laptop sleeve: Yes
  • Strap: Adjustable Shoulder
  • Capacity: 13L

Features & Considerations
  • RAIN backpack: The product by the manufacturer RAIN exhibits the clear influence of the heritage that the brand has integrated into its products. The designs are fairly simple but have great aesthetics. The fact that these backpacks are waterproof is a great bonus.
  • Waterproof material: PU-polyester has been used by the manufacturer here. The design has been integrated with buttons so that water does not enter the bag. Since the water column here is 8000mm, the fabric used here is waterproof.
  • Storage: There is a compartment that can easily hold 13″ laptops. This is in addition to the main compartment which is very spacious. There is also an internal zip pocket As we move to the rear of the backpack, there is another zip pocket. This is very handy as items such as your phone and wallet can easily be stored in them. This zip used here is aqua guard, adding another reason why this is a great waterproof commuter backpack.
  • Multiple closure options: The flap at the top can be closed by a spring lock. You can also use a magnetic and buckle fastener to keep things securely inside.
  • Additional features: The shoulder straps are adjustable, and have a drop of 13″. The clasp fastening can be secured easily. The backpack uses a matte finish that adds to the sleek design

Some Weaknesses
  • Larger 15” laptop cannot fit in this backpack.

Apart from the fact that it was completely waterproof, we also liked how comfortable this RAINS 1220 Backpack was during our commute. It sat nicely on our shoulders and did not dig deep at all. The 13L capacity offered plenty of room for an array of items to hold inside the backpack, including a laptop. The size was easily manageable – fitting in the overhead compartment in trains or between our legs. Whenever we needed to access the backpack for the laptop or documents, we were able to do so. The rubber seam used here was more durable, and the manufacturer opted for magnetic buckles as the closure here. This meant we did not have to worry about issues like zip breaking. No plastic pulley meant no scope of them snapping off or getting caught. Providing we were wearing the bag on both shoulders (to prevent back injury) – our phone and wallet was completely secure. This reduced some of the stress out of battling large crowds during a commute. The straps could be adjusted too, getting rid of the bulky feeling that comes with commuter bags usually.

RAINS 1220 Backpack

RAINS 1220 Backpack

10. Kopack City Commuter Backpack

Water-resistant, includes a rain cover

Kopack City Commuter Backpack
  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 1.94 lbs
  • Measurements: 11.8” x 5.5” x 17.7”
  • Closure: Anti-Theft Zipper
  • Laptop sleeve: Yes
  • Strap: Shoulder and chest
  • Capacity: 40L

Features & Considerations
  • Waterproof design: This Kopack has used fabric that is both water-resistant and scratch-proof. The bottom slot has been integrated with a rain cover. This ensures that your belongings inside are dry and safe.
  • Great for laptops: Internally, the laptop compartment can easily fit laptops that come with 15.6-inch screens. It also includes a cushion that makes the Kopack 626 shockproof. Anything that you keep inside is safe from accidental damages. The compartment is TSA friendly so that passing through security is much more convenient and fast
  • Convenient design: The size of this great commuter backpack is perfect for any regular-sized adult. The base here has been made from ABS. While this will keep the backpack clean, it also stops any slippage. There is a pair of reflective stripes that makes sure you are noticed while riding at night. Additionally, the rear side has elastic bands to add stability to the structure.
  • Anti-Theft: The front side of this backpack is free from any zippers. It has been hidden very well and will protect from any pickpockets.
  • Storage: There are multiple compartments inside this professional backpack that can hold your laptop, power bank, tablets, and your clothes. The shoulder strap has a slot for your cards. Your accessories can also fit inside the dedicated “hidden” pockets.
  • Built-in USB Port: The USB port is built-in and placed on the exterior. It is a very convenient way to charge your smartphone or your tablet without the power bank being taken out, while the bag remains closed.

Some Weaknesses
  • The sizing may not be compatible with people of shorter heights.

This Kopack City Commuter KP626 bag is definitely perfect for anyone who uses digital devices regularly and has to commute a lot. The reflective stripes will keep you safe when you bike in dark. We found that the rain cover was very useful to keep out water from the bag. We liked the fact we did not have to open the backpack to use the USB charging port. The elastic band kept the backpack tight against the pull handle of our rolling suitcase as we traveled extensively during our holidays. The zippers were good quality too, something that is often ignored on many commuting waterproof backpacks. Thanks to the anti-theft features, we would recommend the KP626 for commuting in trains, buses, etc as you would not need to worry about pickpockets. If you are looking for a waterproof option when you are biking or traveling the next time, go for the Kopack City Commuter.

Kopack City Commuter KP626 Backpack

Kopack City Commuter KP626 Backpack

11. OUTJOY Laptop Backpack

Multifunctional & Versatile; Great security features; Improves visibility for night-time biking

OUTJOY Laptop Backpack
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 3.05lbs
  • Measurements: 13.7” x 6.7” x 18.9”
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Laptop sleeve: None
  • Strap: Shoulder and chest
  • Capacity: 40L

Features & Considerations
  • Water-resistant: The outer fabric of this backpack is using polyester that is water-resistant. This will keep your belongings safe so that they do not get wet. Ideal for dealing with rain while you are commuting. A rain cover has also been integrated into the design here so that the items inside remain dry.
  • Laptop case: There is a flannel compartment here that is soft yet offers protection to any 15″ to 15.6″ laptop( in the ultra-thin size range). It does an excellent job of reducing friction between the electronic device and your backpack. Elastic straps will hold your devices in place here.
  • Charging interface: An USB port has been placed on the exterior of this backpack. You may connect your own power bank internally by means of a charging cable. Your digital devices now have access to the power at hand. Your hands will be free and can stay on the handlebars, where they should be.
  • Optimal Security: A smart lock has been used for the OUTJOY so that you are able to secure your valuables. While the lock password can be set easily, the pull tags of the zipper are using solid metal that is very sturdy while being secure.
  • Construction: The fabric used for this backpack is firm enough to protect your laptop against dents and scratches. This is thanks to the PVC shell that is used inside. It allows the backpack to retain its shape and protect your valuables. You will be able to pass through any security check quicker thanks to the design of this backpack that allows it to lay flat by 180 degrees. There are reflective strips present at the front that will improve visibility at night.
  • Comfort: The shoulder straps and back panel are using padding that will keep you comfortable and improve breathability thanks to the design. You may also use the strap at the rear to attach the backpack to the pull of your luggage for ease of movement while traveling.

Some Weaknesses
  • In case you forget the lock code of the smart lock, the only way to retrieve it is to contact the manufacturer.

We were initially drawn towards the OUTJOY Laptop Backpack due to the great combination of features. The design was perfect for keeping water away from the insides, where the rain cover was very helpful. We loved the fitting too as the padding on the shoulder straps and back panel kept us comfortable all throughout. We decided to rough-use the backpack, where we found that it was quite sturdy thanks to the PVC outer shell. The zipper was hidden really well, and we were sure that any pickpocket would have a really difficult time looking for the pull tags. The straps were perfect for holding the laptop fixed inside the backpack, which was pretty helpful to get us through TSA scanners. The large compartment used Velcro connections so that the backpack opened up at the joints. This kept everything inside organized and secured. These are the nitty-bitty things that point about how well the design was thought out.

OUTJOY Laptop Backpack

OUTJOY Laptop Backpack

12. Venture Pal Commuter Backpack

All-purpose waterproof backpack; Shoulder pads are meshed, with additional padding

Venture Pal Commuter Backpack
  • Material: Fuschia Nylon
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs
  • Measurements: 12.5” x 6.3” x 19.3”
  • Closure: Zipper
  • Laptop sleeve: None
  • Strap: Shoulder and chest
  • Capacity: 40L

Features & Considerations
  • Wet Pocket: The Venture Pal is known for its humane design so that it is very easy and convenient to use the backpack. The main compartment has a wet pocket that is waterproof. Even though it is placed internally, you can access it via the zipper at the back. The main function of this wet pocket is that it will keep your dry and wet items/clothes separate.
  • Durable Material: The nylon used here is water-resistant and less susceptible to tear. For daily long-term use, the points of the backpack that will usually come under more stress have bar-tacks for enhancement. Combine this with the zippers that have been designed for heavy-duty use and you will get a durable backpack.
  • Compact: At .7 pounds, the backpack can be folded and unfolded with ease. The delivered package will come with a special pouch to “self-contain”. In this instance, the backpack will take up very little space.
  • Comfort: There is a dual-layered bottom too so that it is possible to carry more weight. This extra load should not create any distress, thanks to the sponge-padded shoulder straps. There is also an option to use a chest clip to reduce the stress on your shoulders. As you lock in the whistle buckle, this Venture Pal daypack will be centered and steady on your back.
  • Lots of storage: The main compartment is zipped and includes a separator. There is an additional zipped pocket here, which is again made available at the front of the backpack. There are two more pockets on either side. All these storage options make up the 40L capacity of the backpack.
  • Versatility: Available in a range of colors, you can use this backpack for cycling, hiking, camping, or fishing. Note that these are all activities where there is a possibility that the user may be splashed with water.

Some Weaknesses
  • The shoulder strap padding may be too thin for some users.

We got our hands on an A1-green Venture Pal. The fabric was both waterproof and durable – essentials for a fine waterproof computer backpack. The additional straps snuggled well, allowing us to put the bag on and take it off with relative ease. With all the dragging, smashing, and jerking – the bag held up always. We loved the pocket that lay internally offering waterproof storage. This meant that we could store more sensitive items here so that they do not get damaged by water. When not in use, we were able to fold up the backpack and store it in a special pouch. We caught some mud and rain on the exterior of this Venture Pal backpack during one of our trail rides. It amazed us that we could just place it under running water to clean it up. Offered at an affordable price, there are a lot of things to look forward to with this daypack.

Venture Pal Commuter Backpack

Venture Pal Commuter Backpack

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to make your backpack waterproof?

Ans.: You can address this issue by exploring some of the options we have mentioned below.

  • Rucksack Liner

Basically, a liner for your rucksack uses a seam that is sealed. Before you put in the kit, the liner will need to be placed inside first. For the best combination use the liner with dry backpacks. Instead of a liner, you may use a bin bag or compost. The idea is to ensure that the bag has no holes.

  • Dry bags

They are popular for activities where your backpack may be submerged fully. Their tops can be sealed tightly, while the taped seams will keep the backpack watertight.

  • Ziplock bags

Ideal for placing smaller items so that no water gets inside them. As zip locks are clear, they allow you to use your phone, especially in the rain. You will just need to ensure that the zip bags have been sealed fully and that there are no unwanted holes.

  • Raincovers

They are usually placed over your backpack so that there is some resistance to water entering the bag. Larger backpacks come with rain covers; in case one is not provided, you can find them at the market easily. Their edges use elastic so that your backpack is covered fully.

Q2. Discuss if nylon and polyester are waterproof or water-resistant?

Ans.: Let us begin with nylon. It is not waterproof, even though it has water absorption abilities. However, there is a way in which water-resistant properties can be added to nylon. This is typically done using a coating to the nylon externally, or by bringing in change to the method of manufacturing. Ballistic nylon is a great example, where the weight of the material is increased or fiber weaves are tightened. As a result, quality enhancement is coupled with a reduction in water volume passing through the fabric. Rubber, urethane, and DWR are some of the common coatings used. Laminating the nylon with a membrane will work too. As a fabric, it will actually absorb water and when wet, will allow water to pass through it

On the other hand, we have polyester – which is not 100 percent waterproof. Rather it falls under the category of water-resistant and is very common on backpacks thanks to the tightly woven fibers. It will be able to offer protection from snow and rain but is not effective if it has submerged for a long duration. Polyester is usually made up of waterproof threads but tends to lose this property when woven in a backpack.
Polyester is very dense, therefore water will need longer to seep through a polyester backpack – but it does not make your backpack fully waterproof.


Even if it is not raining, if all your belongings inside your backpack are wet- the situation will be tricky and obviously cause you unnecessary stress. While we should be checking the weather every day and prepare accordingly, having a waterproof backpack to store your laptop, documents, and essentials safely and without getting wet can be a game-changer. This is why brands have leaned towards making commuter backpacks that are waterproof or water-resistant. Even if bad weather catches you unprepared, or you get caught in situations where your backpack may be exposed to water – if you are using any of the 12 waterproof commuter backpacks that we have mentioned in this article, you need not worry too much.

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