Cycling Benefits and Disadvantages

Last updated on April 17th, 2018

Cycling is an aerobic exercise. It can keep your body fit and increases your heart rate. Cycling is so much beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Although cycling is not a weight-bearing exercise, you can burn a large number of calories by cycling.

You also can save the environment from polluting by cycling instead of using your car.

Though cycling has lots of advantages, you should be aware the disadvantages to avoid injuries or accident. You may face knee, back, finger, ankle, thigh and neck pain while cycling. For the technique of bad pedaling ankle pain is generally created.  If your bicycle seat is not set in the perfect height position, you can experience the knee injury.

At last, I inform you that according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2010, there were 618 bicycle fatalities in the USA. About 72% accident occurred in the urban areas, that’s why you should ride your bicycle carefully in the urban area. Also, try to avoid alcohol for cycling because alcohol is also a big factor in the bicycle accident. Around 52,000 cyclists were injured by motor crashes on that year. So, a cyclist needs to follow all the traffic rules and rode the cycle carefully. And of course, try to wear a helmet when you are riding.


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