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Can Riding a Bike Cause Erectile Dysfunction? What Study Says

Can riding a bike cause Erectile Dysfunction?

What is the relationship between cycling and sexuality?

Can cycling lead to impotency?

According to a new study led by Benjamin Breyer, department of urology (University of California, San Francisco), riding a bike doesn’t cause erectile dysfunction, does not make cyclist impotent, and cyclists do not face any sexual problems.

Source: http://www.jurology.com/article/S0022-5347(17)77722-1/abstract

Background of this study

Before this study, there was a medical fact that both high and low-intensity cycling is a major reason for the following physical problems:

  • Perineal pain that can lead to impotence, and skin ulcers
  • Numbness of genitals
  • Hampers men’s sexual life and urinary function
  • Impact a person’s ability to have and keep up an erection

This study nullifies all the above facts.

Can Riding a Bike Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Results of This Study

Here are their findings:

Cycling and sexuality

  • They found cyclists’ sexual and urinary health the same when they compared with the swimmers’ and runners’ group. But they found some cyclists were at more risk to face urethral strictures.

Does Cycling Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

  • An interestingly finding was: the high-intensity bicyclists’ group had better erectile scores when compared with that of the low-intensity cyclists’ group. Neither the bike type nor on what surface the cyclists were riding on have had any negative effects on cyclists.
  • The cyclist who adjusted the height of their handlebars lower than the saddle height did increase the possibility of facing saddle sores and genital numbness.

How to Reduce Genital Numbness?

  • Cyclists who were cycling 20% of their cycling time in standing position drastically lessened the consequences of genital numbness.

About Sample Data

  • Multinational
  • Three athlete groups
    • Cyclists (2774)
    • Swimmers (539)
    • And Runners (789)

Surveyed on the following topics

  • Many aspects of sexual health-related to athletic activities
  • UTI – Urinary tract infections
  • Urethral Strictures (shrinking of the urethra caused by injury)
  • Saddle sores
  • Genital numbness

What Bicyclists were Asked

  • Their bike types
  • Whether they use padded shorts while they are cycling and the frequency of using padded shorts
  • Type of saddles
  • Saddle angle
  • Height of their handlebars
  • % of time they stand out of their saddles while riding
  • On which surface type they normally ride on

Cyclists were grouped into two categories

  • High-intensity group
    • Who cycle more than 2 years
    • Cyclists that ride more than 3 times a week
    • And average riding distance is above 25 miles a day
  • Low-intensity group
    • Group that meet none of the above criteria

Comparison Basis

  • Athletic activities with and without perineal pressure
  • Cycling intensity
  • Road conditions

Way of survey

  • Facebook ads
  • Outreach to sporting clubs for athletes

Comments from American Scientists

American scientists’ group denied these outcomes for the following reasons:

  • They say these studies lacked the use of approved measures or comparison groups
  • This study considered small sample sizes

Cycling Erectile Dysfunction Recovery

Still are you worried? Read this article to be extra careful while adjusting seat position and choosing a saddle for your bike.

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