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Documents checking & paperwork to be done while purchasing used bike!

Buying a second-hand bike is not as complicated as a motorcycle or car, but I’m pretty sure you’ve stumbled across someone who has bought a second-hand bike only to discover later that the bike has a plethora of mechanical problems or worse still, bought a stolen bicycle. Although second-hand bikes come at fairly low prices, you must ensure you purchase one that is still performing optimally and has a clean record. That’s why before taking the decision to buy a second-hand bike, vital aspects, like the condition of the bike, the seller’s authenticity, and above all the documentation and paperwork need to be put into perspective.

Documents and paperwork need to be checked before buying a used bike


The invoice is like the official receipt of the second-hand bike. The invoice contains details of the seller, the buyer, date of purchase and other specifications. The invoice is your guarantee that the second-hand bike is not stolen.

Serial number

The serial number is vital because it’s what most people use to track stolen bikes. When you meet your prospective seller, check if the serial number still intact on the bike. Call the authorities to substantiate that the bicycle actually belongs to the seller.

The sellers Identification

Ensure you check the prospective seller’s ID, either passport or driving license. You can take a copy of the ID. If the seller produces a passport as identification, ensure it’s not from another country.

Bank statements with their name and address embedded on it

You must be able to know the person you are dealing with for real. Verify his address by ensuring that it correlates with the bank statement.

With all that said, you want to be 100% sure that you are buying something genuine to avoid nasty incidences in the future. Apart from the documentation, you will have to physically verify the condition of the second-hand bike to buy something that will serve you for a long time.

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