Does Cycling Cause Testicular and Prostate Cancer

It is very unclear that the link between bicycle riding and testicular and prostate cancer.

“While a number of studies have looked into a link between the sport and cancer, the findings to date are inconclusive”, says Mark Pomerantz, a medical oncologist in Dana-Farber’s Lank Center for Genitourinary Oncology.

Some studies have shown the connection between testicular cancer and cycling. At the same time, some studies cannot find any connection between cancer and cycling.

For the groups who have shown the connection, Mark Pomerantz says “it is unclear whether it’s the pressure and inflammation on the groin or chemicals in the seat that causes the association, or whether men who bike often are more in tune with their health and likely to catch cancers early”.

Again, there was a similar research has published from the UK in 2014 about prostate cancer, they found a connection between rigorous and consistent riding and prostate cancer. Mark Pomerantz also says about the link between prostate cancer and cycling. “The reason for the association is again unclear, a likely one being that active men see the doctor more regularly”.

Although a lot of study warrants the connection between testicular and prostate cancer, Mark Pomerantz encourage men to continue their regular exercise.

A number studies have shown that exercise reduces the risk of both testicular and prostate cancer. Referencing those studies Mark Pomerantz says “We absolutely encourage exercise, including for those men in treatment”. He again says “Given what we know right now, I would say that the benefits of any exercise you’re doing, even on the bicycle, more than offset any of the risks.”


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