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What to eat before cycling in the morning?

Cycling is one of the most involving forms of sports exercise and having fun. It is estimated that a person can burn up to 1200 calories in a week with simple riding. A pro will lose almost twice that amount of weight which can only mean losing body fat fast. People that are not intending to lose weight will need to eat right so as to ensure that they get enough energy for their ride. People that are expecting to lose weight need to create and deficiency so that weight loss can take place. All in all, it is wise that you have the right breakfast before your morning ride. The kind of meal you have will also be heavily dependent on the kind of trip you plan to have that morning. Having the same meal for all your rides may not be beneficial to you.  The best thing is to tailor your meals for the kind of riding you want to do. This way, you will not have too much or too little for a ride.

A moderate commute

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An average commute involves short rides around the neighborhood or at the park with friends. This kind of ride is not intended for any other purpose other than to have fun and relax. These sort of rides are also taken to work. Avoid high powered breakfast and stick to meals with healthy proteins, preferably white meat, high in fiber with fruits and grains. Scrambled eggs with veggies, a slice of brown wheat toast and mixed berries are a good option at this point.

High-intensity ride

High-intensity rides are often races. The best way to manage this kind of race is to have a proper dinner before even thinking about breakfast. A high-carb dinner is one of the best ways to create energy stores in readiness for the next day. Your breakfast should be low in fiber with a little protein and a lot of fast releasing energy foods. A breakfast made up of a banana smoothie, plain yogurts and a piece of toast will be sufficient.

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Long rides

Long rides, unlike races, are less intense calling for a slow energy release for a long time. This is best offered by whole grains and proteins. Long rides are some of the best ways to enjoy cycling as well as build endurance. Sweet potatoes, egg burrito, Salsa and some spinach will be a good way to start. Lots of water combined with anti-inflammatory foods such as berries and walnuts are ideal for repairing muscles and replacing cells.

Best food to eat before cycling

The best food to eat before cycling is dependent on a few factors. The intensity and length of the ride are some as seen above. The best food to eat will be heavily determined by the kind of ride you intend to have. Your breakfast will also be heavily determined by the kind of dinner you have. People that have intense races have to have a good dinner full of energy foods so as to allow the body time to store up some energy for the race.  The race is all about endurance and the use of stored up energy. Breakfast may not be an immediate fix but will be a good way to keep up the pace through the day after the races are done.

Best food to eat during cycling

Eating during riding is also dependent on the kind of race you are having. Pro races will avoid food at this print and make do with water and other high energy giving options. People going for long rides can always stop and have a meal. Slow energy releasing foods such as proteins should be a priority. Racers that use bursts of energy and strain such as mountain bikes are often allowed to have snack bars along the race. These come in handy to provide and an extra surge of power during the race.

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Best food to eat after cycling

Unlike many myths, you do not have to eat after cycling. Hydration is the best way to end a race. Ensure you take in as many fluids as you can with natural fruits being the east option. Smoothies at this point may also work for you. Those working towards weight loss are advised just to hydrate and wait for the next meal as usual.

Foods to avoid for breakfast

Not all kinds of food are beneficial to the body when taken. A rider may need energy but some high energy foods loaded with sugar are not advised. Eating sweets, sodas, cakes and energy drinks may be detrimental in the end. These sugars offer a sudden burst of speed but are not a healthy way of doing breakfast.

How long should you wait after eating to cycle?

Different people will handle this issue differently. Most riders will ride after an hour of eating while others will take about two hours. Early risers will take a shorter time. The whole issue is about how comfortable one will be while riding on a full stomach. It is important that you allow the food to settle for about an hour or so before exerting pressure on yourself. Sudden intensities due to riding will easily cause cramps and strains in the stomach.

Organic versus inorganic foods for cyclists

Taking in organic foods any time of the day always beats any other options in the market. Having organic based meals will enable the rider to not only be better but become healthier. A rider in better shape and form is a force to reckon with.

In conclusion, the right kind of breakfast is important for the rider. It is, however, dependent on the kind of ride one will have. It is important that you take the time to check your performance and vitals before and after every race to get a feel for what meals work best for you. Avoid artificial energy drinks at all costs when it comes to riding. These are addictive and add no value to the well-being of the rider.

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