Weight Loss Programs for Exercise Bike Users!

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Exercise Bike to Lose Weight Program

Exercise Bike to Lose Weight Program

Are you struggling with your weight loss goals? No worries, you are not the only one with this pressing issue. Weight loss is one of the prime reasons why the majority of people start exercising. Exercise bikes are one of the best workout equipment for carrying out this difficult journey of weight loss. In no time, these induce us to get moving and cut down our extra calories. Exactly how do the exercise bikes help in the weight loss program?

Well, a study depicted that around 311 calories are burnt by pedaling an exercise bike at moderate speed for around 30 minutes. By increasing your speed, 466 or more calories could be burnt at the same time by using exercise bikes.

This pretty much shows the effectiveness of exercise bikes to lose weight and shed pounds. The rest of the article is all about the role of exercise bikes in losing weight and getting you back in shape. Hope you enjoy it.

Why exercise bikes are good for weight loss

Your body is like a machine. Just like a machine needs fuel to run properly, your body needs fuel to function properly. Calories act like that fuel for your body. The total number of calories that you need daily to function is referred to as maintenance calories. If you want to lose weight, a calorie deficit will be needed. If your body’s maintenance calories are 2000, consumption of 1500-1700 calories daily can create a calorie deficit in your body resulting in the reduction of weight. [Source]

Exercising is one of the most efficient ways to create a calorie deficit in your body. Working out regularly on an exercise bike will burn more calories than you consume, thus creating a calorie deficit. In this way, using an exercise bike can contribute to your weight loss.

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How many calories will I burn on an exercise bike?

Not every person will burn the same number of calories on an exercise bike. How many calories you will burn depends on several factors like your workout intensity, your workout duration, your cycling intensity, your weight, and height, etc.

Harvard Health Publishing conducted research on the relationship between weight, workout duration, and calories burnt in the workout process. They established the following facts.
If a person weighing 155 lb cycles on an exercise bike at medium intensity for 30 minutes, he will be able to burn around 260 calories.
At the same time duration and intensity level, a person weighing 125 lb will burn about 211 calories. Again if a 185 lb person cycles at the same intensity for the same time duration, he will burn approximately 311 calories.

Hence a higher calorie burn can be attained by increasing the level of intensity and speed of workout. Also, your present weight determines your calorie-burning capacity.

Different Types of Bike

Different types of bikes of varied features and characteristics can be found in gyms and training centers. Exercise bikes are mainly of three categories. Different advantages and benefits are offered by each type.

  1. Upright bike: Upright bike is one of the most well-liked forms of exercise bike. In structure, it is pretty identical to a regular outdoor bicycle. Only here the location of the pedals is under your body.
    The upright bike strengthens your leg muscles and hardens your core. It also provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. You can use this bike in both sitting or standing positions.
  2. Recumbent Bike: You can sit in a convenient relaxing “lying down” position on this type of bike. The seat is larger in size and positioned back from the pedals. Your joints, upper and lower body are not much pressurized in this bike. Overall you will enjoy a less intense and less tiring workout. You will also be saved from the aftereffects of exercising like muscle soreness and knee pain. It is a pretty safe workout option for injured people, older exercisers, or even beginners.
  3. Spin bike: Spin bikes are found in gyms and health clubs. These bikes simulate the feeling of riding mountain bikes or road bikes outdoors. On the frontal portion of this bike, a heavy flywheel is situated. Due to this, you might feel like you are pedaling on an actual road while cycling on this bike.
  4. Dual-action bike: It has the least similarity to a regular outdoor bicycle. The forward and backward moving handlebars work excellently to tone your upper body, and the pedaling works to sculpt your lower body.
  5. Other bikes: The indoor cycle bike is quite identical to an upright bike but bears an elevated seat.
    Another type is the fan or air bike where resistance is created by pedaling. The more your pedaling speed, the more resistance you will generate in this bike. Compared to other exercise bikes, this one is a bit less costly.

Exercise Bike Features which help in Weight Loss

  • Resistance

Resistance is the most important feature which you will require to get weight loss benefits from your exercise bike. Observing your level of fitness and your physique goals, you will have to set the level of resistance. At the very beginning when you start cycling, don’t set a very high resistance value. An extremely high resistance level at the initial stage may cause injuries and wounds. Choose a value that your body can easily adapt to.

  • Proper Form

Remaining in proper form is essential while cycling on an exercise bike. While riding a bike at home, the saddle should be set to a height that is nearly at the level of your hips. Your legs will be allowed to extend comfortably at this height. Also, your knees should not be bent deeply or your hips should not be tilted much while pedaling. Your back should be straight, erect, and comfortable while using the handlebars. All these factors will ensure a proper form for riding your exercise bike.

Exercise Bike Workouts for Weight loss

As your target is to lose weight, haphazardly cycling the whole day won’t help you. You have to follow a systematic and strategic plan to shred all those extra pounds from your body. Of course, first, be sure that you are fit and healthy to exercise on the bike. Also, begin with easier and short-duration workouts and slowly progress to tougher levels.

4-week workout plan on an exercise bike

Week 1
MondayLISS30 min
WednesdayHIIT15 min
FridayDistance1500 metres
Week 2
TuesdayHIIT20 min
ThursdayDistance2000 metres
SaturdayLISS35 min
Week 3
MondayDistance2500 metres
WednesdayLISS40 min
FridayHIIT20 min
Week 4
TuesdayHIIT25 min
ThursdayLISS45 min
SaturdayDistance3000 metres


How to use exercise bikes for weight loss

  • Consistency is the key

The first and foremost tip is to maintain consistency. If you regularly routinely use your exercise bike, your results will be amplified and you will achieve your targets faster.

  • Use resistance

The resistance levels of exercise bikes can be adjusted to different values. 1-10 levels of resistance are found in most of the bikes. Beginners are advised to cycle on the exercise bike without resistance. Use the resistance adjustability feature if you desire to challenge yourself to higher fitness targets.

  • LISS (Low-Intensity steady-state cardio)

LISS is an excellent option for those preferring a slower and longer duration workout. You can continue your exercise while watching your favorite tv shows or listening to music.

  • HIIT

Just the opposite to LISS, it is for those who like short impactful exercises. As you can adjust the level of intensity and resistance on your exercise bike easily, high-intensity interval training is very convenient to perform. In this way, more calories can be burnt in less time by you.

Advantages of Exercise Bikes

  1. Builds and strengthens your leg muscles
  2. Burns high amount of calories
  3. Provides low-impact workout, so it is ideal for those who are recovering from injuries.
  4. The variable resistance offered in exercise bikes makes it suitable for exercisers of all fitness levels.
  5. Excellent for offering improved cardio fitness and development of mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are 20 minutes on an exercise bike enough?

Ans.: Yes, riding on an exercise bike daily for 20 minutes is adequate for staying healthy if your age is between 16 to 64 years. If you cycle regularly, about 1000 calories will be burnt from your body. A study shows that 563 calories are burnt per hour by cycling at a moderate speed of 12mph. [Source]

Know in detail how long you’re supposed to ride a stationary bike for losing weight.

Q2. Which exercise bike is best for losing weight?

Ans.: We have picked the best exercise bikes for weight loss.

  1. Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike
  2. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike
  3. NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle
  4. Lanos Folding Exercise Bike
  5. Leikefitness LEIKE X Bike

Q3. Which one is better, treadmill or exercise bike?

Ans.: Exercise bikes are better options than treadmills if you want a thorough cardio workout while executing minimal impact on your joints. Exercise bikes are user-friendly, offer less impact, and are accessible to all. You can lose weight easily using an exercise bike while exerting less pressure on your body.

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If you want to get in shape by losing a couple of pounds, exercise bikes can be your best bet. You will easily get moving and burn calories, which will create a calorie deficit in your body. It is a super-convenient, easy-to-use machine and also it’s not much time-consuming. So why wait for more? Give it a go and initiate your weight loss journey ASAP to get healthy, fit, and curved.

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