What are the Weight Limits of Different Exercise Bikes?

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An exercise bike is a special bike-shaped device used for cycling indoors. Like a cycle, it has a saddle, pedals, and handlebars. It resembles a bicycle to some extent. At present, an exercise bike has emerged as a popular exercise tool for fitness enthusiasts.

While buying an exercise bike, naturally we need to consider several factors like its build and structure, material, adjustability, and comfortability features, etc. But there is one crucial factor which you may overlook. Yes, the weight limit of your exercise bike. If you are an overweight individual, every model of exercise bike may not support your weight. Your excess weight may pressurize the bike, and endanger its structure. You might even injure yourself seriously. So choosing the exercise bike with the appropriate weight limit is really important for your safety and comfortability during the workout.

Now arises the question, what should be the weight limit of your exercise bike? How will you select the proper exercise bike according to your weight? We have answered all these queries in this article about exercise bike weight limits. Hopefully, you will have no doubts in your mind after reading this article.

➥ To know more, we suggest you have a look at exercise bikes having weight capacities of 400-500 lbs.

Why do exercise bikes have weight limits?

The weight limit of an exercise bike refers to the amount of weight the bike can carry.

Every machine has a weight limit incorporated whether be it an elevator or an exercise bike. The car you drive every day has a weight limit. If you surpass that limit, you will risk damaging it. A lot of possible and probable conditions and happenings need to be taken into consideration while designing exercise bikes. A broad safety margin is implemented on the exercise bike weight limits. If you surpass that limit, you will risk breaking and failing your bike and injuring yourself. Death might also occur in case of serious accidents. Hence weight limits are very crucial for overall safety.
The exercise bikes used in commercial gyms are of excellent quality. These have safe weight limits and are ideal for intensive training 24/7. On the contrary, home exercise bikes are built keeping a mass budget in mind. Their build quality and features are compromised to make allowance for the budget cost. So their construction is somewhat clumsy and flimsy, and these are not ideal for taking heavyweight.

User weight limits of different exercise bikes

We have jotted down some exercise bike models with their weight limits for your convenience.

1. Maximum User Weight Limit 285 lb/129 kg

Upright Exercise Bikes (maximum 285 lb) 
ReviewImageWeight Capacity
Marcy ME 708 Upright113 kg, 250 lb
Weslo Pursuit S 2.8 UprightWeslo Pursuit S 2.8 Upright113 kg, 250 lb
Marcy UprightMarcy Upright113 kg, 250 lb
Stamina 1300 UprightStamina 1300 Upright113 kg, 250 lb
NordicTrack GX 2.7 UprightNordicTrack GX 2.7 Upright125 kg, 275 lb
Kettler Giro P UprightKettler Giro P Upright129 kg, 285 lb
Kettler Polo M UprightKettler Polo M Upright129 kg, 285 lb
Recumbent Exercise Bike (maximum 285 lb)
ReviewImageWeight Capacity
Stamina 1350 RecumbentStamina 1350 Recumbent113 kg, 250 lb
Stamina InTone Folding RecumbentStamina InTone Folding Recumbent113 kg, 250 lb
Kettler Giro R RecumbentKettler Giro R Recumbent129 kg, 285 lb
Spin Cycle (maximum 285 lb)
ReviewImageWeight Capacity
ProForm 320 SPX Spin CycleProForm 320 SPX Spin Cycle113 kg, 250 lb
Kettler Giro GT Spin CycleKettler Giro GT Spin Cycle129 kg, 285 lb
Kettler Race Spin CycleKettler Race Spin Cycle129 kg, 285 lb
Dual Action (maximum 250 lb)
ReviewImageWeight Capacity
Weslo Pursuit R 1.2Weslo Pursuit R 1.2113 kg, 250 lb
Stamina Conversion II Rower/BikeStamina Conversion II Rower/Bike113 kg, 250 lb

2. Maximum User Weight Limit 325 lb/150 kg

Upright Exercise Bikes ( maximum 325 lb)
ReviewImageWeight Capacity
Schwinn 130 UprightSchwinn 130 Upright136 kg, 300 lb
Diamondback 510 ub UprightDiamondback 510ub Upright136 kg, 300 lb
Sole B94 UprightSole B94 Upright136 kg, 300 lb
Diamondback 910 ub UprightDiamondback 910ub Upright150 kg, 325 lb
LifeFitness C1 UprightLifeFItness C1 Upright136 kg, 300 lb
Recumbent Exercise Bikes (325 lb maximum)
ReviewImageUser Weight
Marcy ME 709 RecumbentMarcy ME 709 Recumbent136 kg, 300 lb
Sit N CycleSit N Cycle136 kg, 300 lb
Marcy RecumbentMarcy Recumbent136 kg, 300 lb
Schwinn 230 RecumbentSchwinn 230 Recumbent136 kg, 300 lb
Sole R72 RecumbentSole R72 Recumbent130 kg, 290 lb
Diamondback 510sr RecumbentDiamondback 510sr Recumbent136 kg, 300 lb
NordicTrack GX4.7 RecumbentNordicTrack GX 4.7 Recumbent136 kg, 300 lb
Sole R92 RecumbentSole R92 Recumbent136 kg, 300 lb
Diamondback 910sr RecumbentDiamondback 910sr Recumbent150 kg, 325 lb
LifeFitness R1 RecumbentLifeFitness R1 Recumbent136 kg, 300 lb
Spin Cycles (325 lb maximum)
ReviewImageWeight Capacity
Marcy Club Revolution Spin CycleMarcy Club Revolution Spin Cycle136 kg, 300 lb
Sole SB700 Spin CycleSole SB700 Spin Cycle136 kg, 300 lb
Diamondback 510ic Spin CycleDiamondback 510ic Spin Cycle136 kg, 300 lb
Schwinn IC Pro Spin CycleSchwinn IC Pro Spin Cycle136 kg, 300 lb
Sole SB900 Spin CycleSole SB900 Spin Cycle136 kg, 300 lb
Diamondback 910ic Spin CycleDiamondback 910ic Spin Cycle150 kg, 325 lb
Dual Action Bikes ( 300 lb maximum)
ReviewImageWeight Capacity
Marcy Classic FanMarcy Classic Fan136 kg, 300 lb
Marcy Air 1Marcy Air 1136 kg, 300 lb
Stamina Airgometer Fan BikeStamina Airgometer Fan Bike136 kg, 300 lb
Schwinn AD 6 AirdyneSchwinn AD 6 Airdyne136 kg, 300 lb
Sole SB800 Dual ActionSole SB800 Dual Action136 kg, 300 lb

3. Maximum User Weight Limit 350 lb/160 kg

Upright Exercise Bikes (350 lb maximum)
ReviewImageWeight Capacity
Sole LCB UprightSole LCB Upright160 kg, 350 lb
Precor UBK 615 UprightPrecor UBK 615 Upright160 kg, 350 lb
Recumbent Exercise Bikes (350 lb maximum)
ReviewImageWeight Capacity
Sole LCR RecumbentSole LCR Recumbent160 kg. 350 lb
Kettler Golf R RecumbentKettler Golf R Recumbent150 kg, 330 lb
Precor RBK 615 RecumbentPrecor RBK 615 Recumbent160 kg, 350 lb
Spin Cycles (350 lb maximum)
ReviewImageWeight Capacity
Life Fitness GX Group Spin CycleLife Fitness GX Group Spin Cycle160 kg, 350 lb
Dual Action Bikes (350 lb maximum)
ReviewImageWeight Capacity
ProForm Hybrid TrainerProForm Hybrid Trainer160 kg, 350 lb

4. Maximum User Weight Limit (400 lb/180 kg or No Limit)

Upright Exercise Bikes (No Limit)
ReviewImageWeight Capacity
Precor UBK 615 UprightPrecor UBK 615 UprightNo limit
Recumbent Exercise Bikes (No Limit)
ReviewImageUser Weight
Precor RBK 835 RecumbentPrecor RBK 835 RecumbentNo limit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do exercise bikes have weight limits?

Ans.: Nowadays the gyms are equipped with commercial quality recumbent bikes. Their weight limit varies from 350 lb. to 500 lb. These bikes are ideal for frequent use and heavyweight users. On the other hand, the recumbent bikes used in the home vary from 250 to 350 lb.

Q2. How strict are bike weight limits?

Ans.: The general exercise bikes can carry a mean of 300 lb weight while moving at a speed of around 10 mph. Even so, if you are thinking of holding heavyweights on your bike, you need to consider some points. The factors like weight distribution, bike construction material, tires, wheel, etc. are to be observed properly.

Q3. Can a 300 lb person ride a bike?

Ans.: To hold a person weighing 300 lb, the bike has to be of strong and sturdy build. It should contain heavy, strong frames made of steel. Generally, overweight individuals face difficulty in getting bikes of perfect size according to their weight. The normal bikes may break with time if exposed to extra heavyweight.

Q4. Are 30 minutes on a stationary bike enough?

Ans.: Working out on an exercise bike helps in burning the extra calories of the body. This creates a shortage of calories which contributes to weight loss. On average, a 30-minute workout session on an exercise bike can burn 260 calories from the body.


If you use an exercise bike that does not support your weight, it may cause you serious injury. It can be quite challenging for an overweight person to find the ideal exercise bike. Hence weight limit is really a crucial point that should not be overlooked while choosing an exercise bike. Hopefully, after perusing this article it won’t be difficult for you to find the perfectly weighted bike according to your choice.

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