How do Expensive and Cheap Bike Helmets Differ?

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Bike helmets are your first line of defense when it comes to safety when riding. Most riders have had an encounter with the road or dirt head first which is all the more the reason why the best helmet should be used. Bike rides have turned fatal where helmets are absent. It is not recommended for anyone at any level of riding to ride without safety gear. These include knee and elbow pads. The kind of attire one will determine how safe they will be while on the road. Helmets come with many more applications for riders that know what they’re doing. Some will come with camera holders and lights allowing the rider to shoot or see the way in the dark. The value of the helmet is dependent on the material it is designed in as well as the accessories it comes with. The most convenient is often the most expensive.  The best helmet is not necessarily the most expensive and neither is it the cheapest.

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Are expensive helmets worth it?

Expensive helmets are worth every penny if you know what you are going for. Some are not, unfortunately. Ensure that you are only not buying a brand name. The most expensive helmets are designed using durable fiber material including expanded polystyrene that can withstand impact. Cheaper ones are mostly made of plastic that is reinforced and will easily break with blunt force. It is wise to anticipate the worst kind of falls when it comes to buying helmets. Expensive helmets will not only come with the best of materials but with accessories as well. Helmet designers understand that you will be riding in a wide variety of terrains and areas and so will design the best helmets to suit these conditions. The best helmets will allow you to hold cameras, use head or earphones, come with detachable visors as well as removable light torches. Some of these include Lazer Sport, Giro, Bell Helmets, Trek Bikes, and Vittoria.

Features of a good bike helmet


The best helmets when it comes to safety will absorb impact amply, have suitable fastening straps that are comfortable as well as provide an excellent field of vision.

➥ If you want to know in detail, about safety standards, we suggest, you have a look at the safety standards for cycling helmets.


Your bike helmet needs to be the right fit for you. The measurements are dependent on the circumference of your head. In as much as many people will measure theirs and buy online, it is recommended that you take the time and visit a bike shop for the best fit. The straps also need to be at the right places down the ears and on the chin. The fact that you will be wearing them for a long time means that they need to be perfectly fitting. Some even come with spaces that allow women to sports ponytails while riding. The variety that is in the market is broad enough for you to pick the best size and model.


Bike helmets no matter the fit will need to be readjusted at some point. This means using a ratchet mechanism of strap fit for the same. The mechanism has to be easy to use and most preferably with one hand. This allows the rider to change the settings of the straps and the helmet while on the move. They also need to be easy to remove while on the move. The best adjustments need to be robust enough to withstand constant shifting without breaking down or wearing out. The best helmets will have this well catered for.


Shock absorption is dependent on the type of padding the helmet has. The best padding has to be well absorbent of both shock and sweat and can be removed easily for washing and replaced. You will need to wear the helmet at the shop to get a feel for the kind of padding you have. Abrasive padding will be a problem.


You will be sweating pools of water when riding uphill in summer, and this is when you realize that helmet ventilation is crucial. They also improve the weight of the helmet by making it lighter. A lighter helmet allows you to ride comfortably for longer. The more holes a helmet has, the better it is for you. Wet weather may require different kinds of helmets to keep the water away. You can also buy more than one helmet to switch depending on the kind of weather you will be riding in.

Expensive helmets will cost about $200 or more but will be worth it. Cheaper ones will range from $80 to $100. It is easy to find some in the middle with the right features for you.

Taking care of helmets

You must take the time to replace your helmet after any form of impact. This is after assessing the damage. Some helmets will withstand impact but host wear and tear over the long haul. These will not withstand another impact if any ensues. You will need to invest a little bit of money to get another one.

There are different types of helmets out there including aerodynamic racing helmets, regular ones, time trial helmets, and kid’s helmets; all used for various purposes. The aerodynamic ones allow high speeds without any air resistance slowing the rider. However, all these will need the same kind of maintenance and care. Repairing a helmet unless it is within the confines of the straps is not advisable. Any damaged shell is an indication of looming danger. Kindly get another helmet or avoid riding till you do get one. Replacing your good helmet for a cheaper one may be as dangerous as not having one. Shopping for the best may cost you money but save your life in the end. Ensure that you also get the best quality especially if you are involved in extreme bike sports. The impact of these games is much harder when it comes to falls.

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