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What to Eat for a Bicycle Ride to Lose Weight [Weekly Plan]

One of the healthiest ways to lose weight is by cycling. Weight loss is one of the most controversial topics online with almost everyone having something to say about it. It is said that the industry rakes in billions of dollars every year both in genuine and counterfeit products. The challenge that faces many is being able to lose weight the right way leading to myriads of shortcuts along the way. Supplements, Diets, and surgeries are just a few of the shortcuts many have gone for. Losing weight the right way involves eating right and exercising. This is not only the most genuine but the healthiest way to cut down on weight while keeping fit. Losing weight this way involves some degree of discipline which is why it is not easy.

Cycling to lose weight for beginners

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Exercising does not have to be a chore and so picking the right method will determine how far you go. Cycling is not only useful but fun. It also builds up cardio fast allowing you to lose massive calories without even realizing it. The fact that it combines everyday errands into weight loss programs also makes it ideal. You can cut down on extra fat while riding to work or while riding to the minimarket. It is also an awesome way to spend time with friends hitting trails or riding at the park. Cycling allows you to lose weight while having quality time with friends, observing nature and getting work done. It remains one of the most practical ways to manage weight in a sustainable way.

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Combining cycling with a proper diet yields tremendous results. The right kind of diet does not mean starving yourself or avoiding food that you like. The rules are simple, ensure that you have a balanced diet with ample amounts of water for every meal. Keep to the meal times while cutting down on carbs during every meal.

What foods to eat

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The best foods to eat before cycling are freshly topped pizza, mango chicken, bean and rice bake, spiced bulghar with fish and Mediterranean and basil pasta. The length of time to ride after the meal will depend on the comfort level of the rider.

The early riser can opt for scrambled complete toast topper, porridge plus, mango and banana smoothie, blueberry Bircher pots and cinnamon buckwheat pancake with cherries.

An ideal breakfast would be breakfast smoothies, muffins, and bars as well as a fruity tea cake.

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How many miles do you cycle to lose weight

Eating right while cycling will affect the amount of weight or calories you burn during every ride. It is advised that you eat a balanced diet while avoiding foods that add no nutritional value. You feel fuller with a reduced calorie intake. It also enables you to reduce unnecessary body fat which can affect your health negatively. Foods like sweets, soda, and wheat based baked products are not allowed. Embark on cereals, lean meats, fewer carbs, natural vegetable oil, fruits, and vegetables. It is estimated that a person that does not exercise will have to find a way to lose about 3500 calories every week. Failure to do some causes weight gain.

According to an experiment conducted by Harvard Health Publications, a person cycling at an average of 13 mph will lose about 240 calories every half an hour. It was also discovered that a heavier person would lose more calories while carrying out the exercises. A person that is heavier than 190 pounds will lose 350 calories riding at the same speed for the same period. Increasing your speed to an average of 15 miles burns 300 calories for a person weighing 125 pounds and 444 calories for a person weighing 185 pounds. Cycling for half an hour every day for a week burns more than 1500 calories at about 15mph.

Weight loss riding plan for beginners

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Setting yourself up with a cycling plan is one of the best ways to control your riding as well as what you eat. These are done in combination so as to achieve maximum weight loss. Starting off on this journey needs to be a well-set plan for you.

First week

The first one week should be spent riding slow and easy at 8 to 12mph. There should be no form of strain on your muscles even when you are tempted to ride hard. This slowly builds your muscles for what is to come. It is a sort of warm up. Ensure that you cut down on the quantities of the food that you eat at this point. Engage your body with nuts, vegetables, and lean meat. Cut down on carbs and eating after cycling. Ensure that you stick to the regular eating schedules no matter the time you work out. It is okay to carry water so as to make sure that you are hydrated all through. White meat is recommended when it comes to your choice of livestock products.

Second week

The second week should build you up to 12-16 mph. This is fast enough to have you breathing a bit deeper and harder but allow you to keep a conversation going. The method should be maintained while eating the right amounts and type of food. You will feel a manageable tension in your legs which is a good sign.

Third week

The third week will not only cut down your conversation but have you breathing harder since your lungs are working at full capacity at 16-20mph. Your muscles will also feel the strain, but you will be sued by now due to the first two weeks of buildup.

Fourth week

Ride at full throttle on the fourth week. Speeds of 20mph and more will be ideal for your legs and full tilt and your breath huffing and puff furiously. You will not be able to cycle at this speed for long but will be able to build a serious workout. This plan can be repeated over and over for the perfect weight loss program.

Finally, you also have the option of using an indoor bike for your weight loss program if you feel too caught up to ride outside. The results will be nearly the same. You will hover not have as much fun riding on the outdoors while experiences the sounds and sights of nature.

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