How Much Does An Elliptical Bike Weigh?

Elliptical trainers, no joke, come in all shapes and sizes. For its design and the technological innovation behind it, the elliptical is one of the most popular cardio machines available for use both commercially or domestically.

How much does an elliptical weigh

Moving an elliptical is no easy task

So whether you are getting an elliptical bike for your home or for your gym, a very important question has definitely crossed your mind:

How much does an elliptical weigh?

Classified in two categories, the compact elliptical can weigh anything under 100 lb. (45 kg), whereas the standard to the commercial-grade of elliptical trainers can be anything above 100 lb (45 kg) to as much as 400 lb. (180 kg).

Let us look into more detail on these specifications:

The Weight of an Elliptical Trainer

If we look at it objectively, the more features an elliptical packs the heavier it should be, and it is. The ellipticals that you would use at home would obviously be lighter than the ones at the gym.

The elliptical, with all its modernity and innovation, is a bulky piece of exercise equipment. A standard elliptical that is used at home or your local gym may weigh around 136 lb. (62 kg).

Even more compact versions are available without sophisticated electronics and built with lighter, less sturdy, materials. These can weigh around 60-80 lb. (25-40 kg).

Whereas the high-end, commercial units with their feature-rich construction and built for a well-refined workout session can weigh 250 lb. (115 kg) or more. These beasts of elliptical trainers can only be seen in professional fitness clubs or membership gyms. You may have to look for some white-glove assistance for moving and for assembly if you are looking to bring one of these commercial-grade ellipticals home.

Why is the weight of elliptical such an important criteria?

Weight is an important, even a deciding, factor of a good elliptical. Cardio exercise equipment like an elliptical has to be sturdy enough to withstand intense workout sessions.

With the machine going through continuous movement, finding a stable balance is of utmost importance. With a heavier build contributing to a larger center of gravity, the machine will not wobble let alone tip over during intense routines (looking at you compacts). This is a must for all commercial gyms and health clubs where the elliptical is sure to go through more punishment than a home gym. This also makes them more expensive than other options.

But a heavier machine also comes with its downsides. Moving the elliptical or even assembling it may prove to be a challenge. A challenge that may require some extra pairs of hands, especially if you are planning to add such a unit to your home gym.

Types of Ellipticals and Their Weights

We have already gotten a rough idea of how important weight is to the quality of workouts the elliptical provides. To dive deeper we have to categorize our collection of ellipticals to give you a clear understanding of our analysis of elliptical weights.

1. Compact Elliptical Trainer

Let us begin with the compact elliptical trainer.

Made for domestic use, the compact elliptical is the lightest, if not the smallest, variant of all the ellipticals on our list today. Housing a small flywheel, usually accompanied by the type of cranks that you might find in a bicycle, the simple build of the compact is made for a very general workout.

compact elliptical

Compact Elliptical

These machines don’t usually come with handgrips and some can be easily placed under a desk. Most of these come under 100 lb. or 45 kg.

List of some compact elliptical trainers and their weight analytics:

AncheerUnder desk17.6 lb. or 8 kg
Ativafit30 lb. or 13.6 kg
CubiiJr.27 lb. or 12.3 kg
CubiiPro27 lb. or 12.3 kg
Fitdesk304031 lb. or 14 kg
Goplus2 in 136 lb. or 16.3 kg
JOROTOUnder desk35.3 lb. 16 kg
Stamina55-160226 lb. or 11.8 kg
StaminaE100024 lb. or 10.9 kg
Sunny HealthSF-E387224.2 lb. or 11 kg
Average27 lb. or 12.3 kg

2. Standard elliptical Trainer

Next up in line we have the standard elliptical trainers.

They obviously pack more features than their compact counterpart. This can include stationary and/or movable handlebars for a full-body workout. Also comes with a console built-in with sophisticated workout programs, applications, and savable profiles.

But the main features are its adjustable ramp and heavy flywheel that aims to give users the best workout experience. That, coupled with industrial-grade materials used in manufacturing these machines, these elliptical trainers provide their users with maximum flexibility of use for all weight levels of trainees.

Naturally, all of these added traits come with extra weight, and a price tag to match.

BrandModelWeightMax Load
Body RiderBR183058 lb. or 26.3 kg250 lb or 113.4 kg
DoufitEM-0262 lb or 28.1 kg286 lb. or 130 kg
NautilusE618210 lb. or 95.3 kg350 lb. or 158.8 kg
NautilusE616196 lb. or 89 kg300 lb. or 136.1 kg
NautilusE614167 lb. or 75.8 kg300 lb. or 136.1 kg
Schwinn411120 lb. or 54.4 kg300 lb. or 136.1 kg
Sole FitnessE35244 lb. or 110.7 kg375 lb. or 170 kg
Sunny HealthSF-E362865 lb. or 29.5 kg220 lb. or 100 kg
Sunny HealthSF-E360771.5 lb. or 32.4 kg220 lb. or 100 kg
Sunny HealthSF-E90568 lb or 30.8 kg220 lb. or 100 kg
Average136 lb or 61.7 kg292 lb. or 132.5 kg
commercial elliptical

Commercial elliptical trainers can be pretty large

F. A. Qs

Q1. Does the weight of an elliptical machine vary according to the category?

Ans.: Yes, the weight of elliptical trainers generally increases in proportion to the features it offers. We can primarily categorize ellipticals into compact and standard categories. The compact line of elliptical trainers usually weighs under 100 lb. or 45 kg, whereas the standard ones can go up to 400 lb. or 180 kg, depending on the grade (home gym to commercial-grade).

Q2. How much does a NordicTrack elliptical weigh?

Ans.: NordicTrack elliptical trainers are quite common in gyms, so you can expect them to have a commercial-grade build. From the “most popular” list of NordicTrack ellipticals we have found that they can weigh anywhere from 190 lb. or 86 kg (NordicTrack SE9i) to 244 lb. or 110 kg (NordicTrack Commercial 14.9).

Q3. How much does a ProForm elliptical weigh?

Ans.: ProForm also provides commercial-grade, elliptical trainers. Their machines can weigh anywhere in between 200-250 lb. or 90-115 kg. For reference, we have the ProForm Endurance 720E Elliptical, which weighs 228 lb. or 103 kg.


The type of elliptical you are looking to buy will define its weight. The weight of the machine usually increases with the number of features it offers, and so does the price.

But don’t let the added weight put you off. A heavier, well-built elliptical will provide you with more flexibility in your workout sessions. The objective is to find the right balance between your body’s needs and the specifications the machine provides, weight included.

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