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How to Save Money When You Buy a Bike

Some people will not mind starting off their riding experience by buying the cheapest bike in the market while others will not have this as an option. Buying your first bike or any other is both an exciting and daunting venture. The excitement of getting a new ride is palpable while the fear of regretting the bike cannot be ignored.

How do you save money when buying a bike without compromising the quality of the bike you want to get? One thing you need to know before you set off is that every method will have its pros and cons. The idea is to find ways to minimize every risk on the way to ensure that you end up with a real bargain.

Buy Used

This is probably the number one way to get anything cheap nowadays. Used bikes will cost much less but come with a very crucial catch. Used bikes may be perfect or completely flawed. There are many reasons why people will sell their bikes including upgrading to new ones or simply disposing of their bikes for other hobbies. Some will also sell faulty ones just to get them off their hands. You will need to be very keen at this point to ensure that the bike you are getting is as close to excellent as possible. This will include asking the right questions.

Ensure you find out the history of the bike, former defects, and repairs as well as the original sale receipt. You do not want to end up with a stolen bike as this will easily land you in trouble. The safest way to buy used bikes is from people you know or the local store. The store owner will offer a sort of guarantee that the bike is okay to safeguard reputation. The most important parts of the bike will be the tires, the chain system as well as the gear mechanism. Any wear and tear on these parts will cost you more money and really disappoint you in the end.

Ensure that you do not buy a used item that you cannot see. Buying used items online is risky as most will come without a guarantee and lots of promises from the sellers. The best things about used bikes are that you may end up with a really good bargain for a bike that has barely been used. Most people that buy professional bikes as a hobby end up not using them due to the intricacies involved. They end up selling the same bikes at very low prices and so you need to be on the lookout for those.


Manufactures sites are not to be ignored when it comes to getting the best bargains. Not only will they be cheaper than the stores but will have more to offer when it comes to clearance sales. Companies will have clearance sales every once in a while. These sales are a guarantee when it comes to getting really good deals on bikes. The deals may apply for certain lines of bikes or simply all of them. They will also have discounts and offers that can be used by buyers. This is a great way to save cash if you’re looking for a really good bike. According to GiveMeDeals.com, the biggest challenge is the finding clearance offers as there is no telling when they will happen. You will need to have some cash saved up somewhere so as to grab one the moment the deals pop up.

Buy a Project Bike

Is the budget too tight? How about building your own bike? This is very possible if you know a thing or two about bike parts. It is also possible if you are working with someone that knows these parts well. This will involve missing up some old parts with new ones just to ensure that you get the machine of your dreams. Bike frames will matter a big deal, and so you will be lucky if you can get a second-hand frame that is being sold at a throwaway price. You will then be able to start buying parts such as the derailleur, cogs, braking system and other at a very good price.

Buying a whole bike will cost you more compared to buying the bike in parts. You are likely to haggle your way to very low prices when it comes to parts as compared to the bike in whole. A project bike is not only cheaper but exciting to build. You will have the opportunity to personalize the whole experience and upgrade whenever you feel comfortable to do so financially. Bikes will have most parts compatible with the other and so this should not be very hard to set up. You will need to ensure that the older parts are up to standard and not too beat up to keep up.

Slow Down on Trends

Bikes keep evolving in design, weight, and price. The fact of the matter is that older models will cost lesser than newer models. This is a perfect way to save money if you are patient enough. Buying older models will definitely be kind to your pockets. It is a fact that the differences between the older models and the newer models are minimal for most bikes. These may be slight variations in weight and decals. This simple difference will save you unbelievable amounts of cash as the manufacturers and storekeepers seek to dispose of the older models for, the newer ones.

One of the best places to find these is on the manufacturer’s sites as well as the local stores. The longer you wait the better the deal will become. The other way is to research on the older models when it comes to a specific series you like. You will be surprised how small the difference will be in terms of design and how big the difference will be in terms of pricing.

Beginners Luck

Store owners are very lenient to first-time buyers when it comes to bikes. There is always the lowest point the bike can be sold at. The store owner will always ensure that this point remains as far as possible from the agreed price for frequent buyers. The psychology they say is that you will keep coming for more after the first buy. This is true in most cases and so it will be wise to take advantage and get a really good bike.

It is important that you do not get a bike that you do not like. There is nothing like starting somewhere when it comes to buying bikes. The fact of the matter is that you will hate the bike you buy if it is not what you always wanted. Buying or saving up for what you want will keep you motivated even if you need to wait for the right moment. Beginning your journey with a really good bike also sets you up for a better growth when it comes to pro riding.

Go Local for Extras

Buying bikes online is not the best idea if you are looking for extras. The online sellers are out of touch and will not be able to tell you more than what the manufacturer has stated in the manuals. Buying bikes locally is the way to go if you are looking for more than a delivery or purchase. The local sellers will always spice up their sale to ensure that they get as many repeat customers as possible. This will, in turn, save you loads of money for items that you would otherwise have had to pay for.

It will also save you money when it comes to services that would be costly for a certain period. This is done by offering a few extras on the items sold. This includes providing extra servicing for your bikes for a certain period of time. It is possible to get up to a month of service by simply buying local. It is likely that you could also land deals such as gear that comes with pro riding such as helmets, pedals, lights and other usable items.

Buying local also promotes your local store owner which is a noble thing to do. Setting up such a relationship will be beneficial for you in the long run. Store owners can ship items for you or even advice on the best items or ways to work with your bike. You need to walk with a trusted friend as long as you own a good bike which is why winning some trust will help you along the way.

Try Ex-Pro Bikes

Many will feel different about this one but the fact remains that it is one of the best ways to save money when it comes relay good bikes. Buyers that do not want to compromise on the quality or model of the bike they are using. Some will argue that some of the pro bikes are really beat up which is true to s certain degree. The fact of the matter also is that they are some of the most well-kept and taken care of bikes out there.

Pro bikers cannot afford to have a bike that is functioning less than perfect and so will do all it takes including stocking top-notch parts for the best performance. These guys will also have spare bikes that they will rarely use in case the main bike falls apart. These bikes are also in perfect condition, and most of them are top of the line bikes. Getting such a bike is a real bargain as some of them will be sold cheaply. The idea is to ensure that you thoroughly check the bike before taking it home. Some of these bikes are as good as new with a little tweaking.

Government Support

One of the best ways to save money is by using government support programs that allow you to save up money and use it to buy items alongside other schemes. The only challenge here is that some countries will not have this offer for their residents. It is an absolutely easy way to get a bike especially for countries that are promoting bike riding in their cities as a way to avoid congestion and also improve the health of their residents. Take some time and check around. You never know whether this is available for you.

Dare the Auctions

Bikes are being auctioned now and then by various institutions including banks, the government, the police and many others. Auctions do not happen as often as the buyers may like but come with really good deals if you are looking to save some money on bikes. The police will have auctions to dispose of confiscated or stolen items that they have collected over time to the public.

These will come with public notices. There are very high chances that you will find a really good bike at some of these auctions. There are also companies that will auction off items from reports, and these will also have various items on their list that can be bought cheaply. Here are chances you will find a good bike at some of these and so it is crucial that you keep checking.

Online Discount Hustle

One of these best places to get a good bargain is online. You are likely to land a really good deal if you are patient enough to go through all the available sites for your bike. Some sites will also have auctions such as eBay. Some will also have discounts and other seasonal offers when it comes to bikes. One of the challenges of buying online is getting what you did not want.

One of the best ways to buy online is if you already have a good knowledge of the products in the line. This will save you the disappointment of getting a raw deal. It is also wise for you to get a little advice if the research you do is not sufficient.  Coupons will also save you money. One of the best ways to take advantage of these is to subscribe to newsletter form some of the sellers and manufacturers. Most of these will come with coupons and vouchers that can be redeemed at the point of sale.

Pawn Shops

Visiting pawn shops will save you loads of cash if you are looking for items including bikes. Most people selling off second-hand items that are also valuable will visits to pawn shops. Pawn shops are notorious for squeezing the buck out of the person disposing the item off and will sell without thinking twice as long as they are making a decent profit. Take some time to check around some local pawnshops or even online as long as they are shops you can always visit.

In conclusion

It is a good idea to never settle for less than what you want when it comes to the bike. You will need a little patience if you are looking to save a few cash when buying a bike. The reason for this is that opportunity and money have to marry. The right opportunity means the moment you find the bike you always wanted, and cash will have to be readily available. My best bet would be to start saving as soon as possible as you shop to make a quick buy. It is a fact that you are not the only one looking for the bike of your dreams.

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