Is Cycling Good for Weight Loss on the Stomach?

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Cycling is a pretty decent exercise for weight loss. But is it good for weight loss on the stomach?

It is not possible to directly cut down stomach or belly fat by any exercise, let alone cycling. Weight loss on the stomach can’t be obtained exclusively. Any exercise will work to lose weight from the whole body, and that will work to reduce your abdominal fat as well.

Cycling is an efficient form of workout that burns the extra calories from your body, amps up your heart rate and metabolism rate, and tones your muscles. All these factors together work to perform weight loss on the stomach as well. Hence, if done regularly in a planned way, cycling is indeed good for weight loss on the stomach.

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Cycling to lose belly fat

Believe me, belly fat is very very difficult to lose. Many become frustrated after trying for some days to get rid of this unwanted thing. If you train your core, your building muscles will be improved and the core will be strengthened but your fat from the abdominal region will not shred off. Why? Because muscle training is not sufficient to get rid of belly fat, you have got to create a calorie deficit by scorching calories. A higher amount of fat is burnt by workouts of low intensity and high duration in comparison to short workouts of high intensity.

Now by cycling one hour, 400-1000 calories of your body will be burnt. The exact figure depends on your weight and your level of hard work. Hence, cycling is a decent weight loss option. Not only it impacts calorie-burning, but your metabolic rate and muscle mass are also affected as well. By pedaling through push or pull motion you are facing resistance, so more muscles are built in your body. This process ultimately works to cut down your belly fat and lose excess weight.

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3 ways cycling is good for weight loss on the stomach

→ Regularity

Belly fat can be extremely obstinate to lose. As cycling increases the metabolic rate of the body, aids in building muscles, and acts as a fat burner, it is very effective for maintaining overall physical fitness. But to obtain these benefits, you have to maintain regularity in cycling. According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, it was found that bike riding was identically effective for weight loss as exercising at the gym five days a week.

→ Amps up the heart rate

Targeting a single spot of your body is not adequate to remove the belly fat. Increasing the heart rate is essential to accelerate your fat burning. Along with amping your heart rate, cycling also helps to scorch down high amounts of calories. This will help you to lose your belly fat rapidly.

→ Rapid calorie burner

Research depicts that approximately 1200 kilo Joules are burnt per hour through steady cycling. [Source] Fat burning is promoted by cycling. Combine it with a balanced diet plan and you will see your desired results in no time.

Other benefits of cycling

1. Helps you to lose weight

The biggest benefit of cycling is that it will help you lose weight. A study in Harvard Health Publishing reported that around 260 calories can be burnt by cycling for 30 minutes. [Source]. Moreover, your muscles are built, metabolism is boosted and more calories are burnt by cycling.

2. Good for your leg and joints

Being a low-impact workout, cycling doesn’t exert too much stress on your joints. The muscles and bones are decently worked out and toned by activities like pedaling. The bone density is increased, also, glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings are strengthened and toned up by cycling.

Stationary exercise bikes are good for people with knee problems. Here are some stationary bike options for people who are trying to rehabilitate their knee problems.

3. Strengthens your core

It’s not that regular cycling will merely give you toned hips and strong legs. Your back and abdominal muscles are also engaged by cycling. Of course, to derive these benefits, you have to keep your back firm and erect while cycling.

4. Mental Health Booster

As it is widely known by now, high-intensity exercise sessions work greatly to boost your mental health by inducing heavy secretions of endorphins or happy hormones. The same goes for cycling. You will feel better during anxiety, stress, and depressive periods. The airy and euphoric feeling associated with cycling decreases your stress hormone levels and uplifts your mood and mind.

5. Immunity increaser

A sedentary way of living will decrease your immunity and make you vulnerable to diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. regular cycling will keep your body active and increase your immunity. So, the risk of these diseases will be declined to a great extent.

Initiating your journey of losing belly fat

How will you start this journey of shaping and rediscovering yourself?

  • First of all, get your equipment checked. Appropriate and safe equipment is very very important. Get all the servicing done, and if you will buy a new bike, remember to check all the required features.
  • Next, think of a training plan. The key to success depends on your planning and strategic approach, the same holds in this case of stomach weight loss. Set easily achievable targets at the beginning, don’t push yourself too hard.
  • Slowly and steadily consider increasing the distance of your rides. Set realistic targets. Suppose if your starting riding ability is for 30 minutes, try increasing the ride duration by 15 minutes each week for the first few weeks.
  • A consistent frequency buildup is to be maintained up to 3-4 rides per week.
  • Mix different types of training to test your strength.
  • Design small workout breaks with necessary carbs enriched snacks and hydrating materials like water, juice, etc.
  • Don’t forget to keep recovering time for yourself, otherwise, your muscles will start aching.

Tips to lose belly fat with cycling

  1. Try to keep a steady pace
  2. Add interval training
  3. Keep off-bike exercises like stomach crunch, sit up.
  4. Be careful with your diet
  5. Don’t stress
  6. 6-8 hours of sleep every day is a must

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long should I cycle to attain weight loss on my stomach?

Ans.: Well it is a tricky question to answer. If you follow a strategic and planned approach, cycling for approximately 6-10 miles every day should be enough to attain weight loss on the stomach [Source]. Keep in mind that by pedaling lazily and haphazardly, cycling for an hour also won’t create a difference in your belly fat.

Q2. Is cycling or running better for belly fat?

Ans.: More weight may be lost by running. But by cycling for a longer period of time, eventually, the total calories burnt may become greater than that from running. Less stress is exerted on joints by cycling, so it is more effective for losing belly fat.

Q3. Which exercise burns the most belly fat?

Ans.: The best exercise for belly fat reduction is crunches. Abdominal crunches most effectively reduce belly fat from the body. By lying down flatly, bending your knees, and keeping your feet on the ground you can start this exercise anytime.


Now all these facts might induce you to introduce cycling as your regular workout. Whether your target is to get rid of abdominal fat or to indulge in a healthy lifestyle, cycle your way to weight loss and be healthy, happy, and hearty always.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I prefer walking and running over cycling. My major concern is weight loss and I can really see good results when I regularly walk. My treadmill helped me lose 7kgs in 2 months..

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