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What Should I do before Going for a Bicycle Ride?

Before every ride, one has a purpose or reason which determines the actual measures to take before the actual ride. This largely determines the distance the cyclist is going to cover therefore creating the need for taking more precautions. You should check the tire pressure and if there is any leakage involved which might be dangerous or bring inconveniences if not quickly identified before the ride. All other parts should be well and tightly fixed to avoid breakage or to loosen from the bicycle parts during the ride. The cyclist is advised to have the appropriate riding gears like the helmet to prevent him from major injuries in case of any accidents.

The benefits of riding

Benefits of bicycle riding

Bicycle riding is known to be an efficient and more convenient means of transport. Riding bicycles is a great way of having fun impacting on the cyclist psychologically. Bicycle riding is a way of exercising the body muscles. A lot of health benefits are involved in this practice. The cycling activity requires a lot of burning body calories thus used as a way of losing weight by a lot of people across the world. Lots of health benefits are involved in bicycle riding. Due to the increased number of bicycle users all over the world, people have come up with ways of making bicycle riding a sport through racing. Others have embarked on using a bicycle as means of transport when going to their workplaces or while running their other day’s errands. This helps reduce the congestion of cars along the streets and parking areas. They also lesser space when using as compared to other conventional means of transportation. Using bicycles is eco-friendlier because no toxic substances are involved in running it.

What to eat before cycling?

Food to take before a bicycle ride

The food you eat before going for a ride impacts a lot on your performance during the activity. Long rides will require certain food nutrients so as to provide the needed energies and fuel to last longer during the ride.

Food with carbohydrates is highly recommendable to take before bicycle riding. A lot of energy is required to keep physically active during the rides.

Protein-packed foods are also essential before bicycle rides. Protein foods tend to keep one full and avoid being famished fast during the ride. Proteins also contain essential energy components that are important in keeping the cyclist active.

It is also important to take enough water to keep hydrated especially during long-distance rides. Enough fluids in the body help the muscles to function properly.

What to wear for riding?

What to wear during bicycle rides depends on a lot of factors which include; the weather, the distance of the ride, and the state of the racing field in which some may be rocky and irregular while some are smooth with fewer risks of falling. During winters suited gears like short finger gloves, arm and knee warmers, riding vests and appropriate shoe covers are recommended. In rocky or irregular surfaces like riding on mountains one requires more protective gear like the helmet and the knee and elbow guards in case any accidents occur, gears should be fitting so as to keep you more comfortable and relaxed during the bicycle rides.

Accessories to pack for riding

Before every ride, it is important to park the essential and most important accessories which might be required and used especially for the long rides. A helmet is the most critical necessity so as to ensure your safety in case of an accident. Most bicycles have water bottle fittings that can be used to carry water during the rides and keep hydrated.

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Appropriate footwear is also an essential accessory for bicycle riding. Comfortable shoes with favorable shoe soles give the cyclist the confidence to hit the road without any worries.

Floor pressure pumps are essential commodities in case one suffers a flat tire, especially during long rides. It is good that the pressure pump is fixed with appropriate measuring gauges so as to make sure the right pressures are applied to avoid burst.

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Patch fittings, a toolkit, and lubricants are necessary in a case of any inconveniences during the rides.

Safety measures to carry out before riding

bicycle safety gears

It is important to take all the precautions and check if the safety precautions have been fully achieved. Appropriate riding gears like a helmet should be ready and in good condition fit for the cyclist.

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It is also critical for the rider to check the lubrication of the bicycle in every joint or moving part so as to reduce friction which may cause wearing out of some parts or even sudden breakage which can be dangerous putting the cyclist at risk by accidents. Fixing and tightening of joints ensure fewer risks to disconnections. The rider should check the conditions of the bicycle tires if they are well threaded to allow the firm-hold on the ground and avoid sliding. Rechecking the tires in case of any punctures so as to reduce any possible inconveniences during the ride is also crucial.

Training that enhances cycling

To improve cycling, one needs to make cycling itself a habit. This can be done by not putting fixed schedules on cycling times. Other simple errands like going shopping or visiting your friends or relatives riding on your bike can help enhance one’s cycling skills at a significant percentage.

Other body exercises like running help improve the riding skills especially during sprints and holding breath.

Enough sleep and rest are highly recommended so as to relax the body and also the mind to be ready for the next ride.

Preparing for a cycling race

Before any cycling race, one should train hard at least for the past two months so as to be physically fit and ready. Early preparation also helps the cyclist to monitor his breath during the race. It is wise that the cyclist takes enough rest during the training sessions. The cyclist should ensure the right gears are readily available. Enough measures should be taken by rechecking the bike so as to avoid any risks associated.

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