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Apex Bikes bicycle scholarship

Bike Scholarship 2017 by Apex Bikes

Quick Overview

  • Scholarship Name: Bike Scholarship 2017 by Apex Bikes
  • Scholarship Type: Annual
  • Scholarship Amount: $1000 (Merit-based)
  • Deadline: December 31, 2017 (It’s over. No more application please)
  • Eligibility Requirements: All students currently registered in an accredited USA university or college are encouraged to apply
  • Application Process: Students are to write an essay or make a video or any other contents that are useful for bicycle users. Content details are outlined on our website (https://www.apexbikes.com/scholarship/). Visit the scholarship page for all of the participation rules, and terms and conditions.
  • Content Submission: Create your content and submit to this email address (scholarship@apexbikes.com) with subject “Bike Scholarship 2017 by Apex Bikes
  • What to send with the content: Your full name, email address, and an image of your College or University ID (that shows clearly your name, college or university name, and the year up to the ID is validated)
  • Any Application Fee: NO.

This is a very exciting time for us. We, the Apex Bikes team, are announcing a scholarship for the college and university students from all over the world.

So, if you’re a student of any college or student and can talk in the language of content, then this scholarship is for you.

Now, what is the language of content?

Content language can be an article or some images or a video that tell a story or tell some of your experiences that you encountered in your life.

Apex Bikes is a bicycle-related website, so we want you to create your contents just on bicycles.

What does it mean?

It means:

  • You can write an article based on your experience from bicycle riding. It could be an experience from your childhood or an experience you faced recently.
  • You can review your favorite bicycles with some nice images or videos.
  • Some days ago you traveled a nice trail. Why not sending us some of the images of that travel that tell a story?
  • You’re an awesome video editor. Your friends praise you a lot of your videos. Make a video on how to adjust the bicycle saddles (just an example).

There are hundreds of ways like these you can create content on bicycles.

You all know that how bicycles can make this world a better place for living. If people take bicycle seriously like the people of Netherlands (99% there use a bicycle), pollution level will be taken down hugely.

You will inform people (through your content) that how nice the bicycle is as a medium of transportation. The student who can do this very well will be awarded our $1000 scholarship.

From next year, the amount of scholarship will be increased. Not only the winner, if you are able to create world-class content and interested in working more with us, you will be selected for our regular pull of writers.

So, start today. You can be the winner of this year (2017).

How to apply?

It is very easy to apply. Basically, you don’t need to apply. Just create your content, then send the content to this email address: scholarship@apexbikes.com

Include your full name, email address, and an image of your College or University ID (that shows clearly your name, college or university name, and the year up to the ID is validated). If your ID is outdated, you don’t need to apply.

The subject line of the email will be: “Bike Scholarship 2017 by Apex Bikes”.

That’s it.

The Don’ts

  • You have to send your original content. You cannot demand someone else’s content as yours (all the articles will be checked via Copy Scape and the images will be checked via Google). Free License Images are allowed to use. But we prefer original images taken by you.
  • If you’re not a college or university student, you are not eligible to apply.
  • One student cannot submit more than 3 contents.
  • You cannot publish this (or these) piece of content for other purposes (online or offline)

The Do’s

  • Share this page with your college or university friends
  • Even as a group you can create your content. In that case, the scholarship amount will be divided among the group members
  • Use a nice title, use appropriate sub-headings in your article.
  • For video creators, check out some professional videos on bicycles. And try to make a professional one.

What type of content is preferred?

  • The content that tells a story
  • The content that solves people’s problem (obviously bicycle-related problem)
  • The content that helps the bicycle community
  • Review of your favorite bicycle
  • Interview of famous bicyclists (on a topic, say it is “how to fit a bicycle”)
  • Infographics (highly preferable)
  • Survey to find a specific answer to a general query

When will the winner be declared?

  • Winner of the scholarship will be declared at 31st Jan 2018
  • Our scholarship team will contact the winner and the University via Email
  • The name of the participants and their contents (if qualified) will be published in our blog

Any further query?

Get in touch for any further queries, clarification or general questions regarding the scholarship program. Just email here: scholarship@apexbikes.com. We are always open to answer any of your questions or queries (even if you need a guideline to make a good content).

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