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What is the best bike used for weight loss?

Losing weight is one of the most elusive ventures for most people. Solutions range from the use of pills to hitting the gym. Diets have also become widely familiar with promises that have disappointed most and worked for some. One of the best ways to lose weight is by doing what you love most. It can also be by engaging in an exercise that you will enjoy. Cycling has for a long time been seen as a pass time for most but not as a weight-loss option. Indoor static gym bikes are not the same as riding on an open road or rough terrain. It does not matter how much you simulate the effects of the terrains on the bike. Cycling is not only fun but sustainable. Weight loss programs that are not sustainable often lead to binge eating and a future increase in weight in the end. It is for this reason that cycling is recommended for people looking to burn a few calories while having the time of their lives. Some bikes on the market are ideal for weight loss with some better than others. How do you pick the best bike for your weight loss adventure?

The best weight loss bikes

The kind of bike you pick will determine how fast you will lose weight. I will also determine how comfortably you do so. The main idea of riding is not opening you up to a world of pain as the gyms will. Riding needs to be fun and satisfying at the same time. It is for this reason that you need to ensure that you pick what works for you as a beginner.

Fixed chain bikes

These are for the enthusiastic beginners that want to push their bodies to the extremes. These bikes can be ridden in most terrains but will come with a fixed cog. This only means that the bike chain determines the movement of the bike through pedalling. The bike will move in tandem with the pedalling and will not allow any form of coasting. Coasting allows the feet to rest when riding downhill or when the bike gains momentum. Fixed gear bikes will not be the best if you are not looking for an extreme workout. They are however usable around the neighbourhoods on even terrain. Pros will often use these bikes without brakes using the chain as the brakes. Ensure that yours does have a good set of brakes for safety purposes. The bikes are also used for stunts and tricks.

Recumbent bikes

These are some of the best work out bikes for people that need comfort while doing so. They do not apply pressure on the joints and will still give you a good ride while burning a few calories along the way. They may not be as extreme as many other road bikes but are suitable for beginners. They have a wide, comfortable seat as well as comfortable handlebars for long periods of riding. They also allow the rider to lean back keeping the bike straight which is a good stance while losing weight.

Mountain bikes

These are not for the faint at heart. Mountain bikes will cost 150 lbs. individuals about 500 calories per ride. Mountain bikes are ideal for rough terrain which makes them some of the toughest bikes on the market. The bikes come with a tough frame and wide tires with thick threading that allows them to work well in harsh conditions. Taking a mountain bike for long rides will give you a serious but exhilarating workout. It is hard to notice when the calories burn away especially if you are with a group.


Hybrids combine the specs of high-performance bikes with those of a day to day town bike. These have wider tires than racing bikes but slimmer than mountain bikes. They are ideal for regular roads as well as a ride around town or the neighbourhood. These are some of the best options for beginners as they will allow you to cover a broad range of terrain.

Pro bikes

Race bikes will cost an arm and a leg but provide a real blood rush. These bikes are built for speed with aerodynamic features. The tires are slim with lesser threading and can only work on smooth roads. These bikes also come with low handlebars for maximum velocity as well as many gears. They are some of the most excellent workout bikes as long as you can keep up with the pros.

Why bikes are the most ideal for weight loss

Bikes are not only fun but readily available. They will work on most terrain and are functional. You can work out while attending work or simply doing errands. They easily incorporate your schedule into the exercise making them the best option in the world of weight loss. The fact that they can be ridden by a group to enhance the experience makes them even better. Losing weight through cycling makes it an adventure that you never want to end. This can easily grow into a hobby and the best weight loss option for you.

Indoor cycling vs. Outdoor cycling

Indoor cycling will lead to weight loss but will never compare to outdoor cycling. The blend of the road and nature is what makes outdoor cycling what it is. Indoor cycling may not be as sustainable because it becomes a chore with time. Outdoor cycling allows you to change your scenery, ride with music in your ears, meet friends as well as ride in a group. Indoor cycling will work but gets rid of all the fun that riding on the plain road brings.

Keeping on track

The best way to stay on track when it comes to weight loss through cycling is by doing it with friends. This helps build morale and fun at the same time. Taking different routes will also make it more enjoyable. Upgrading your bike and the art of riding will also make weight loss adventurous. This sustains you all through your cause.

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