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What is the best way to store bikes in a garage?

If you own a bike, you’re gonna have to store it somewhere. And for most people, the garage is a suitable place. But what methods and equipment can you use to store a bike safely without taking up too much space? Well, we have tried to provide you information on all the possible ways to do just that. Keep reading through this article to find out which way works best for you.

7 Best ways of Storing Bikes in a Garage

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to conveniently store your bike or bikes in a garage. You can choose according to what is best for your particular situation. Let’s take a look at some of the most popularly used ways.

1. Floor racks

This is probably the simplest solution. A floor rack is just a stand where you can simply roll the bike into. It makes for a quick and easy parking for the bike which is especially great if you ride your bike daily. Bike floor racks can come in various sizes with different features. Some offer storage for up to 6 bikes side-by-side, while others may have additional storage space for helmets, gloves, and other accessories.

Bike floor rack
Bike floor rack | Source: https://www.twowheelingtots.com

2. Wall-mounted hooks

You can hang your bike vertically against a wall by installing hooks. The bike is hooked in by either the front or rear wheel. These hooks are usually rubberized to protect the rims. The advantage with this method is that it saves floor space that you might need for other things. Wall hooks are relatively cheap, hence you can install as many as you need. You can also mount smaller hooks beside them for bike accessories.

Wall mounted bike hooks
Wall-mounted bike hooks

3. Wall racks

With a wall rack, you can hang your bike horizontally off the wall instead of vertically. A typical wall rack has two padded hooks and you hang the bike by placing the top tube on them. Be sure to try and distribute the weight evenly on the hooks. You can’t put as many bikes side-by-side with wall racks as you could with wall mounted hooks, but it is easier to load and unload the bike. Again, this method frees up floor space.

Bike wall rack
Bike wall rack | Source: https://www.twowheelingtots.com

4. Freestanding racks

A freestanding rack also features padded hooks to rest bikes by their top tube. Such a rack usually lets you stack two bikes on top of each other, but some models have a 4-bike capacity. If you want to avoid drilling into the wall and you also want to save floor space, a freestanding bike rack may be the ideal choice.

Freestanding bike rack
Freestanding bike rack

5. Ceiling hooks

Instead of installing bike hooks on the wall, you could drill them into the ceiling. To mount a bike to the ceiling, you have to use two hooks per bike, one for each wheel. Using a single hook is dangerous as there is nothing to stop the bike from swinging. Ceiling hooks are useful for those who don’t even have space on the wall. You can easily put multiple bikes beside each other. But keep in mind that placing bikes on and off the hooks will be slightly difficult.

Ceiling hooks
Ceiling hooks

6. Bike pulleys

Another way to get a bike completely out of the way is with a bike pulley. These pulleys are installed on the ceiling and have hooks that grab onto the handlebars, saddle, or the top tube. They are easier to use than ceiling hooks because you can hook the bike while it is still on the ground. Then you have to pull on a rope to hoist the bike up. However, they are also more expensive.

Bike pulley
Bike pulley

7. Bike repair stands

A lot of us bike owners have a repair stand which is very useful for doing any kind of work on the bike. Well, since it can support your bike without causing any damage, why not use it for storage as well? That way you don’t have to spend any extra money. The obvious downside is that it can hold only one bike. But for a single bike owner, it’s the perfect solution.

Bike repair stand
Bike repair stand

Considerations for bike storage in a garage

Now that you know of all the ways to store a bike in the garage, you can start implementing it. But before you buy anything, there are some things you need to consider. The points discussed below will play a part in influencing your decision.


The availability of space is a major factor for bike storage. Many people have a lot of things lying around in their garage. Not to mention, it’s also where we keep our cars. Floor racks are the easiest to use, but you need enough floor space to use them. Without enough room, you can think about hanging the bike on the wall. And if even that is not possible, you’ll have to go for a ceiling mount.

Bike weight

Before installing or using any kind of mount, make sure that it is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the bike. Additionally, it’s a good idea to check the quality of the wall or ceiling to which you will install a hook, pulley, or rack. Beach cruisers and old school mountain bikes are pretty heavy and could come crashing down if the attachment isn’t strong enough. But rest assured, these are very rare cases.

Bike frame and wheel size

Be sure to take the thickness and diameter of your bike’s wheels into account as well as the size of the bike’s frame. This is especially important for owners of fat bikes. A regular bike hook or floor rack may not be able to accommodate the wheels of a fat bike. Also, when mounting a hook to a wall, make sure that it is placed high enough for the length of the bike.

Floor and wall protection

There is always the possibility that a bike will scratch paint from the walls. In case you want to avoid that, you should think about using one of the storage systems that does not put the bikes against the walls. Although, some wall hooks have trays so that the wheels do not touch the walls. There’s also the matter of dirt and mud getting on the floor and walls after a ride. For this, you would have to use some sort of cover until you clean the bike.

F. A. Q.s

Q1. Is it safe to hang a bike by the wheels?

Ans.: Yes, it is completely safe and won’t cause any damage whatsoever. A bike wheel is designed to withstand the weight of the rider and the bike combined. Even if there is a very narrow contact area, bike wheels are more than strong enough to handle it. Even carbon rims won’t get damaged just by hanging the bike. One thing to ensure is that the hook is rubberized or has some padding to avoid scratching the paint. You could use a towel if your bike hook has a metal surface.

Q2. Can I store a bike without buying any equipment?

Ans.: If you’re thinking about simply leaning your bike against a wall, don’t do it. You run the risk of scratching the paint of both the bike and the wall. And obviously, you shouldn’t just leave your bike lying on the floor either. It is highly recommended to buy one of the pieces of equipment described above to safely store your bike. There is however, one option. You could always use the kickstand of your bike to keep it upright and tucked away in a corner. However, many avid cyclists, especially road bikers, get rid of the kickstand to save weight.

Q3. Is it safe to store a bike near a car?

Ans.: A car’s engine gets very hot and takes a long time to cool down. The heat that it radiates is usually not very harmful. But too much heat could affect some components of a bike, such as the brake fluid and the tires. Hence, you should be careful not to place your bike right against the car or directly over the car’s engine.


When it comes to storing bikes in a garage there isn’t a single solution. The best bike storage method really varies from person to person. The number of bikes, available space, your budget, and even personal preference come into play when making a purchase. The choice is up to you.

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