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What Makes a Bicycle So Expensive?


Buying a new road bike is all about costing and what you get out of the bike you pick. The big question is; just what makes a bicycle expensive? It is not uncommon for you to find bikes costing as much as $8000! This is a serious investment which makes you wonder what the bike is all about. There are factors to consider that will affect the price of the bike making a difference between a $500 bike and one costing an arm and a leg. Most professional bikers will invest in high-end bikes for more obvious reasons as compared to a day to day rider. The price of the bike will be determined by the user and the purpose of buying one. There are different kinds of road bikes in the market including mountain bikes, Hybrids, the BMX, cruisers, and crossathons.


Buying bikes costing more than $4000 for the purpose of touring may not be as good an idea unless you have the money to throw around. You can easily get a bike that is worth double that amount for $3000 at a second-hand dealer’s store. Knowing where to buy your bike besides what you are exactly looking for is what will determine how much you get to cough up. You may find that you are completely comfortable with a $500 bike which is okay. Bikes that will cost more will come with riding capabilities that allow one to experience a different level of riding. It is true that these bikes are worth every penny. It is also true that we may not all be able to afford every penny which leaves you to the mercies of your wits. Knowing where to buy an excellent bike at a good bargain should be at the top of your priorities if you want to invest in something worthwhile.


These bikes will also vary in pricing depending on some factors which we are going to discuss.


It is a well-known fact that the brand name will affect the price of the bike. This has nothing to do with the performance of the particular bike. This means that there is a possibility of getting equally good bikes from other brands that may be cheaper. Brands like Pinarello, Marin Santa Cruz, GT, and Giant, will come at ridiculous prices to many and will often be termed as luxury bikes. Schwinn, Shimano, Vilano Performance and the diamondback are high-performance bikes that will outdo the previous list yet cost much less. The company you choose to buy from will depend on how deep you will have to dig into your pockets.


Bicycle Frame

This is perhaps the most determining factor when it comes to pricing bikes. Bikes will have deferent frames which are the reason why the prices will range so widely. There are some frames in the market including steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber. These will affect the performance of the bike to some extent. Competitors are however using all these materials to provide similar performance levels which is also affecting the price range of the bikes. Steel is the strongest form of the frame but will be cheaper than all the rest. It is ideal for bikes that carry heavy loads as well as ride on the very rough terrain. More steel bike makers are coming up to provide steel made frames that can compete on the high-performance levels. The bikes will still be cheaper than the rest.

Aluminum frames are the lightest in all the categories which make it a favorite for track bikes. Race bikes are high-speed bikes which depend on weight to get ahead. Lighter bikes are faster. Aluminum is rigid despite the fact that it is light. In the hands of a good designer, it is one of the best frames to work with.

Titanium frames are as expensive as you have already imagined. You will, however, be shocked to find superbly priced ones in the second-hand market this is a place worth looking at. Titanium is noncorrosive and combines desirable weight with strength. This is what makes it one of the best frames in the world.

The Holy Grail is the carbon fiber frame. Every rider dreams of having a bike with this kind of frame. It is only recent that cheaper carbon fiber framed bikes have risen. This is because the designers have found a way of producing a lower grade of carbon fiber.


bicycle tire

The tires and the rim of the bike will determine how fast it can go. They will also determine how stable a bike is. Investing in expensive tires is worth it if they come from a reliable company. These tires will not only last longer but give you a peace of mind when riding far. Cheaper tires will cost more in the long run. Tires are measured in circumference and width. Bikes that use rough terrain will have user wider profiles while those that use tracks will use thinner tires with less traction.


The number of gears the bike comes with, as well as the switching mechanism, will go a long way to affect the price of the bike. Bikes with more gears will cost more due to the versatility. Electric switches may also add value to the bike when compared to the manual levers. Brake disks are advised upon but will cost a little extra as compared to average breaking systems.


bicycle suspension

Mountain bikes will often come fitted with suspensions due to the rough terrain the tread on. Those without are known as ‘Rigids’ and will cost much less than those with suspensions. Those with front suspensions will cost much less than those with both the front and back wheel suspensions. These prices could range from $1000 and $2000 to $12000 respectively. The kind of suspensions you have will largely determine how comfortable the bike is.


The most important thing is never to allow yourself to be discouraged from buying a bike due to the market prices. A real search will land you an excellent bike at a very good price. Some background knowledge of the bikes will come in handy. You can also tag along with a professional just to be sure you get the right fit within your budget. Investing in an excellent bike that will cost more is worth every penny. This can be done with time as you master the art.

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