9 Best 29er Wheelsets for the Money (Updated 2023)

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Fast turning over a wide range of territory, the 29” MTB wheels are currently a mainstream decision for all trail riders including the XC and downhill racers. Upgrading your wheels with a new arrangement of 29” wheels will enhance the way your bike responds to various landscapes depending on factors such as weight, stiffness, and rim width. With a perfect wheelset, your bike will be durable and have great toughness.

The process of choosing the right wheelset can be a tiresome job hence we have made the job easier.  After enormous research, we have picked some of the best 29er wheelsets within the affordable price for your ride that is light weighted, fast, and can bear all rigors of all sorts of rough landscapes. We have evaluated all the products carefully by considering their features, pros, and cons they consist of. Our choices will help you to purchase the best 29er wheels that would give you the perfect cycling experience.

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Things to consider when you’re buying a wheelset

The first thing you ought to consider when purchasing another arrangement of wheels is the thing that what kind of rider you are. On the off chance that you’re a cross country racer searching for full-scale speed, at that point a wheel’s weight will be your essential worry over its quality.

Trail and all-mountain riders will need to adjust quality and weight, searching for the ideal trade-off for their individual riding styles.

Gravity-centered riders, enduro or downhill, should take a look at organizing quality overweight, although the more you spend the lighter and more grounded wheels ought to be.

Additionally consider how hard you ride. In case you’re a heavier or progressively forceful rider, you should avoid lightweight wheels for a tough set with a higher spoke count – in all likelihood 32 spokes bound in the three-cross example.

In case you’re a lightweight rider or in the event that you utilize a lot of finesse on the path, you can most likely pull off running lighter weight wheels or one with fewer spokes.

i) What Wheel Size is standard for MTB?

If you go back to the earlier days of mountain biking (MTB), you will find most of the riders were using 26 inches wheelset. As compared to size, the 26-inch was meant to take care of agile things – especially on specialized bends and more tight lands. On the other hand, the newly invented 29er wheel was like a fresh breath in the air as it has new features like improved moving rate, grip to the ground, and consistency because of the massive size in the volume of tires. For the cross-country and long-distance racers, the 29er wheel has been the existing choice and a favorite one for them, as well as for the downhill and the enduro riders. Regardless, for some of the users, the 27.5” wheel also acts as an existing competitor in the market for its rolling speed and the grip it has and also perceives the advantage of its weight from the 29er inch wheel as not every individual believes the idea having the large volume means a better tire.

ii) Rim material

Wheels are made from carbon fiber or are made from aluminum, consisting of its own advantages and disadvantages. The wheels that are made of carbon are hardened, light, solid, and furthermore assimilate trail buzz partly yet they’re costly. Aluminum then again is significantly less expensive but also likewise conveys a genuinely average measure of firmness and execution, they are inclined towards the flex and imprints, however, the aluminum has the capability to fix itself, carbon cannot do so.

iii) Rim width

The rim width is a fervently discussed subject in all types of cycling, attributable to the less moving opposition and better hold is proposed by fitting bigger volume tires. The significant factor to consider is that the width of the inner rim tells us what tires you can securely utilize — as a general guideline, the rims which are more extensive, the more noteworthy the tire volume and traction with the path are the ones we should we go for. The rim widths have a profile ranging from 23mm to 35mm and it varies from different types of riding like from enduro wheels, downhill, and cross country wheels.

iv) Tire format

The launch of the tubeless tires decreased the commonness of squeeze pads and punctures, it additionally improved speed during the path, the consistency, and the footing. Generally, almost all wheels are considered to be compatible with the tubeless technology has the in-built fitting of the valve and the standard rim tape. In the tire, the tire sealant is supposed to fill little openings brought about by thistles, sharp shakes, and the sticks – for fixing the bigger gaps the rider should be carrying the C02 canister and along with it the tire plug is also a must item.

v) Spokes

Spokes provide the strength and shape to the wheel when the hub is connected with the rim. Spoke count can differ in number between the rear wheel and the front wheel, however, the rear wheel utilizes spokes more for better quality and firmness. Binding examples likewise change and have various properties — a few wheels uses the two-cross straight-pull spokes for cross-country with respect for decreasing weight. While others utilize three-cross examples for torque efficacy and better quality for the downhill/enduro. Spokes are produced using steel or are made of aluminum and can also sometimes uses carbon fiber.

vi) Hubs and axles

It is built from aluminum or is made from the carbon, the hub is placed at the focal point of the wheel. The rear has a progressively perplexing in the configuration whereas the front hub has a basic function, it also has the cassette which connects on the freehub body (a highlighting feature of the rear hub). It uses the spring-loaded ratchet & pawl system which empowers while freewheeling the wheel to turn and connect with the transmission while accelerating. Greater pawls will manage more torque for the downhill/enduro riders, whereas for the cross-country the far edge better pawls will bring about a quicker commitment and power delivery will be better.

As for the requirement to constantly enhance the front and backside solidness, it has prompted the presentation of thicker, increasingly stable through axles that jolt legitimately into the drop-outs and the fork. The most recent, up-to-date bicycles offer more extensive axle spacing (‘Boost’) which utilizes a 148 x 12 mm rear thru-axle and a 110 x 15 mm front axle for added degrees of firmness.

vii) Spoke count and design

Additional spokes include quality, but increases weight, and can lessen comfort. They’ll likely improve protection from winding or lateral flex, increment overall quality and solidness, and ought to guarantee a wheel that stays tighter and truer longer as well. Any spokes picked need to coordinate spending requirements and can utilize various measures, buttings (thicker and more slender zones to spare weight), and profiles to tune ride quality. Proprietary spokes are frequently harder to replace and source.

viii) Bearing and sealing

How easily (and at last how quick) wheels turn is firmly connected to bearing quality and structure. The UK rides frequently occur in wet conditions where grit and muck can get inside hubs and eat into a valuable venture. Balls and bearing packaging, in particular, rubber seals, and oil all impact life expectancy, yet better fixing can likewise include rubbing, which diminishes rolling speed. Be careful extraordinary bearing sizes and fiddly plans that are a faff to support as well. Cup and cone (open) bearings are as yet common in Shimano hubs and wheels well, however they require all the taking care of.

ix) Engagement or pickup

Most hub structures utilize a pawl arrangement of some description whereby small metal ‘hooks are drawn into a ratchet to drive the hub, at that point withdrawn to allow the hub to freewheel. Various planes have their own degrees of drag (resistance to spinning freely ) while not accelerating and engaging (estimated in degrees of rotation). A quicker pick up means power is conveyed snappier; particularly helpful for specialized climbing where lower gears and higher torques mean responsiveness is critical. Quicker engagement can eat into durability and quality since splines or ratchet teeth first should be smaller to be nearer enough together to empower it.

x) Axle standard

In the course of recent years, axles have changed from decades-old quick releases to thru-axles, which offer a stiffer, progressively secure interface. There are a few through thru-axle guidelines to know about.

The 100x15mm front and 142x12mm rear thru-axles were normal a couple of years prior, yet the longing to expand wheel stiffness has driven makers to move to the more extensive ‘Boost’ axle spacing which utilizes a 110x15mm front hub with a 148x12mm rear thru-axle.

In case you’re purchasing a top of the line trail blazing bicycle, nowadays, about every one of them will highlight Boost axle spacing. More recently, ‘Super Boost’ spacing found on a developing number of bicycles, is getting increasingly normal. This standard builds the hub width further, in principle to improve firmness again. Before buying another wheelset, ensure it utilizes a similar hub type and width as your frame.

You may likewise need to consider searching for a hub that can be changed to an alternate hub size should you change your casing yet need to keep your wheels at a later date.

xi) Tubeless or tubes

The discussion about whether to run inner tubes or to depend on a tire containing just sealant comes down to individual preference.

Inner tubes are reasonable and simple to replace a lot of objects (or wreckage), but at the same time, they’re inclined to punctures and by and large require the rider to run higher weights. Tubeless frameworks are lighter and have the additional advantage of having the option to self-seal some little punctures. Tubeless tires are progressively costly and in the event that you do get a level, you’ll need to manage somewhat of a wreck.

Similarly, on the off chance that you tear the tire’s carcass beyond repair, you’ll have to discard your tire or utilize an inner tube in any case. Any way you decide to roll, about all modern mountain bicycle wheelsets are tubeless-good.

Our Top Pick(s)

We have done several hours of research to present you with the best 29er wheelsets in the market for the best return of your money. In the below section, to make your work easier, among our selected best products, we have selected SHIMANO MT15 Rim 29er Mountain Bike Wheels as our “overall best choice“. 

No products found.

In the following table, we’ve listed the best 29er wheelsets that will give you the best value of your money:

WheelsetWhy we recommend this
Superteam MTB Wheelset 29erLightweight. Provides High performance
WTB SX19 MTB wheelset 29”Hand-built. Great compatibility
ICAN 29er MTB WheelsetCarbon Fiber MTB wheelset. Grip and comfort.
SHIMANO MT15 Rim 29er MTB WheelsGreat wheels at affordable price | Overall Best Choice
Mavic Crossmax 29 er WheelsetLightweight, strong, reliable. UST Tubeless
SHIMANO Deore XT 29er Boost WheelsetRobust. Durable. Tubeless-ready capability
HULKSPORTS 29er MTB WheelsetAffordable wheels with the hookless rim.
Shimano Deore XT 29er WheelsetDurable, fast acceleration & smoother rotation
DT Swiss M 1700 29er WheelDT PRO Lock feature. Durable MTB Wheelset

9 best 29er wheelsets you can buy today for the money

Below are our choices that will help you to choose from the best of the best and give you the best riding experience. Hence, to ease your work more and save you from the trouble of reading the entire article we have made a comparison table that will help you analyze every aspect more visually. Look at the table below for more specific information and descriptions are provided after the comparison of each product.

Product namePreviewMaterialType of rimInner widthDimensionsBrake CompabilitySpoke countWeight
Superteam MTB Wheelset 29erSuperteam Carbon MTB Disc Brake Wheelset 29er Tubeless Wheel 30mm Width with Six Bolt HubCarbon Fiber-Toray T700Hookless, UD Matte finish24mm25mm x 30mmSix Bolt281750g±20g/pair
WTB SX19 MTB 29” WheelsetNo products found.AluminiumWTB SX19 Disc Brake rim19mm—-Disc 6 Bolts324088g per set
ICAN 29er MTB WheelsetNo products found.Full Carbon Fiber T700Hookless30mm25mm x 35mmCenter lock 6 bolts disc brake321820+-40g (850+-20g/970+-20g)
SHIMANO MT15 Rim 29er MTB WheelsNo products found.AluminiumDouble wall clincher21mm x 24.6 mmDisc Brake Centerlock compatible
281,246 g ( average)
Mavic Crossmax 29 er WheelsetNo products found.Aluminium S6000Hookless25mm21mm x 28mm6-bolt Disc241710g Per Set
SHIMANO Deore XT 29er Boost WheelsetShimano XT WH-M8120 29in Boost Wheel Set, 15x110/12x148mm, MicroSplineAluminiumClincher and folding tire, matt finish24mm25mm x 30mmDisc brake only(center lock)28846g
HULKSPORTS 29er MTB WheelsetHulk-sports 29er Carbon Mountain Bike Wheelset Tubeless Disc Hub MTB Carbon Wheels UD MattecarbonHookless, UD matt finish25mm x 35mm28/321780+-30g Max.
Shimano Deore XT 29er WheelsetShimano Deore XT WH-M8020 29er WheelsetAluminiumOffset rim24mm18.8mm x 27.9mmCenter lock disc29F836/R1081g
DT Swiss M 1700 29er WheelDT Swiss Unisex – Adult's M 1700 Spline HR Wheel, Black, 29 inchesAluminiumClincher25mm19.5m x 30mmCenter lock281748 g Per Set

1. Superteam MTB Wheelset 29er: Lightweight wheels. A tubeless tire with disc brakes. Provides High performance

Superteam MTB Wheelset 29er
  • Wheel Material: Carbon Fiber-Toray T700
  • Type of the rim finish: UD matte
  • Type of the rim: Hookless
  • Dimensions: 25mm x 30mm
  • Brake Compatibility: Six Bolt
  • Hub: Mountain Disc Brake Novatec 791-792 Hub
  • Spoke: Aero spoke
  • Spoke Holes( Front and Rear ): 28
  • Nipple: CN Alloy External Nipple
  • Spoke Tension: Front 90kgf Rear 80-130kgf
  • Weight: 1750g±20g/pair

Features & Considerations
  • Carbon Fiber: The material of the wheel is carbon fiber- Toray T700 which contributes to lightness, stiffness, and to a certain level can absorb trail buzz.
  • UD matte: The type of the rim finish is UD matte which creates a stronger structure for the wheel.
  • Tubeless wheel: The tubeless system makes the wheel lighter and adds a benefit of being able to seal a few small punctures on its own.
  • Disc Brake: The wheel has a disc brake system that provides the wheel greater stopping power. 
  • Size: The available sizes are QR Type Front 9×100mm Rear 10×135mm  and Thru-Axle Type Front 15*100mm Rear 12*142mm.
  • Color: These wheels are available in Black Decal color in the market.
  • Superteam pledges to provide a 2-year warranty with this wheelset.

Some Weaknesses
  • If you are trying to install Vittoria Rubino Pro on them, be aware of the fact that the tire may be tight or the installation would be a bit difficult.
  • Accessories items are sometimes not found with the packaging, like spare spokes.
  • If you are moving from 23C to 25C (with 23C tires) you may need to adjust brakes to fit them as they seem wider.

The Superteam MTB Wheelset 29er is providing riders with great ease in terms of comfort, speed, and smooth riding. It is an excellent product with great performance in terms of acceleration and handling.

The carbon fiber makes the wheel very lightweight which generates improved acceleration and easier speed. The installation of the tubeless tire can be done by itself or from shops for a Hand-built inspection of the parts. Therefore, if you are looking for something good in terms of performance and quality then the Superteam MTB wheelset 29er is the one to pick.

Superteam MTB Wheelset 29er

Superteam MTB Wheelset 29er

2. WTB SX19 Mountain Bike 29” Wheelset: Fast rolling X-king MTB tire. Hand-built wheels with great compatibility

No products found.

The CyclingDeal WTB SX19 Mountain Bike 29” Wheelset product is a wonderful product for both commuting and touring. The wheels are true and are well built. They provide the rider a bike with wheels that are lighter and faster.

The wheelset does not require any adjustment, with simple steps you can have your wheelset ready to ride and smile. The Continental X-king MTB tire gives a rider a good grip and rolls off smoothly and very quietly. It is a choice for all types of Mountain Bikers. The wheelset is a great deal for you in terms of both money and quality. Hence, go for it and have the best one for your bike.

No products found.

WTB SX19 Mountain Bike 29” Wheelset

3. ICAN 29er Mountain Bike Wheelset: Carbon Fiber, for all MTB bikes. Clincher tubeless ready providing grip and comfort

No products found.

The ICAN 29er Mountain Bike Wheelset is a T700 carbon fiber material used product with a Novatec hub and tubeless-ready features involved. Climbing hills with ICAN wheels are quite fun and on the downhill, the wheels will help you to keep the rubber side down.

The carbon fiber makes the wheel lightweight, increases performance, and looks really appealing. The appearance of the wheels also plays a major role while choosing wheels. Carbon wheels are a great deal for that. The tubeless-ready feature makes it a better deal as well to pick this wheelset. It is a great wheel for the price and can easily fit your bike. Hence, go for the ride with this wheelset and make your money count.

No products found.

ICAN 29er Mountain Bike Wheelset

4. SHIMANO MT15 Rim 29er Mountain Bike Wheels: Great wheels at affordable price. FREE Continental 29×2.2 Race King Tires | Overall Best Choice

No products found.

The SHIMANO MT15 Rim 29er Mountain Bike Wheels are designed to offer great value and great features. From lacing patterns, materials choice, shaping, and assembling, Shimano MT15 Rim 29er wheels are streamlined for sturdiness, lightweight, and reliability.

It fits for all purposes for all 29er Mountain bicycles. This is perhaps the best arrangement you’ll discover on a lot of 29er Shimano MT15 Disk Brake wheels with solid, smooth moving Shimano hubs. It also includes a FREE pair of Continental Race King 180TPI 29er Tires (29 X 2.2inch). It is one of the great deals that you can pick for your bike at a great price.

No products found.

SHIMANO MT15 Rim 29er Mountain Bike Wheels

5. Mavic Crossmax 29 er Wheelset: Lightweight, strong, reliable. UST Tubeless

No products found.

The Mavic Crossmax 29 er Wheelset gives the xc, all-mountain, and trail riders with the most proficient, stable, and reliable performance. 

Crossmax has achieved excellent pride within the cross-country wheels for the use of racing and trail in the past years. The tubeless-ready features of these wheels have many of the similar features as XC wheel racers, but you can get this at an affordable cost. The features also include a hookless rim profile which is the perfect pick for XC tires currently in the wheel market. 

As for the UTS design and tubeless rim, it makes it easier for the setup of tubeless-ready tires, which gives the rider a smoother ride, reduced risk of punctures and the increased traction. In terms of spokes, the 24 straight-pull spokes give the wheel an optimum stiffness and guarantee reliability. With all these excellent features, you are good to go with the wheels and are ready to have the best experience.

No products found.

Mavic Crossmax 29 er Wheelset

6. SHIMANO Deore XT 29er Boost Wheelset: Robust, durable, and mature. Tubeless-ready capability

SHIMANO Deore XT 29er Boost Wheelset
  • Wheel Material: Aluminium
  • Type of the rim finish: matt
  • Type of the rim: Clincher and folding tire
  • Inner width: 24mm
  • Outside width: 27.9mm
  • Dimensions: 25mm x 30mm
  • Brake Compatibility: Disc brake only (center lock)
  • Spokes: straight pull,2.0-1.5-2.0 mm butted
  • Spoke Holes( Front and Rear ): 28
  • Nipple: DT Swiss Pro lock
  • Axle type forward: 15×110 mm plug axis Boost
  • Axle type back: 12×148 mm thru-axle Boost
  • Freewheel compatibility: 12-speed Shimano Micro Spline
  • Type of the freewheel: tooth lock washers
  • Weight: 1887g

Features & Considerations
  • Butted straight-pull spokes: The firmly butted straight pull spokes help to push the weight and permit specific adaptability, which provides the riders some comfort, particularly on the unpleasant ground.
  • Micro Spline:  The MicroSpline pulley freewheel lessens the free travel hugely and changes over each beginning of you into drive. This new system does a better job of distributing loads and allows Shimano to ease its hubs with alloy freehub bodies. It is adaptable to new axle standards and compatible with larger diameter thru-axles.
  • 12-Speed Shimano cassette: The micro spline freewheel feature of the wheelset makes it possible to install the Shimano 12-speed cassette.
  • Bike compatibility: The wheels are strongly recommended for Cross country, Marathon, All-Mountain riders.

Some Weaknesses
  • This wheelset won’t be that good if you want to participate in downhill cycling as those wheels are pretty fat.
  • Many people don’t like the idea of having a cup-&-cone hub, because it requires regular maintenance

The SHIMANO Deore XT 29er Wheelset is a product from Shimano that guarantees the wheels to be robust, durable, and mature. The aluminum rims are folded to produce two ends and the ends are welded and sanded very neatly. This gives great stability and a wonderful appearance which makes it suitable for tubeless use.

The 29” rear wheel gives the rider a great riding excitement by its faster acceleration. And for that, the butted Straightpull spokes make sure the stability of the wheel making it more reliable and tenable. These features make it a  perfect choice for the riders to pick the wheel and ride on a journey having the utmost excitement and chilling experience.

SHIMANO Deore XT 29er Boost Wheelset

SHIMANO Deore XT 29er Boost Wheelset

7. HULKSPORTS 29er MTB Wheelset: Affordable wheels with the hookless rim. Lighter, tubeless tires

HULKSPORTS 29er MTB Wheelset
  • Wheel Material: Carbon
  • Type of the rim finish: UD matte
  • Type of the rim: Hookless
  • Dimensions: 25mm x 35mm
  • Hub: Powerway M81 O.L.D:Thru Axle type: Front:15X100mm Rear:12X142mm
  • Spoke Holes( Front and Rear ): 28/32 (default 32, can be customized to 28)
  • Spoke Tension: 200kgf and Front100-130kg Rear150-180kg
  • Weight: 1780+-30g Maximum

Features & Considerations
  • UD matte: The UD stands for uni-directional. The UD matte rim finish is different from twilled /decussate woven fabric and the fabrics are parallel to each other. The UD fiber provides maximum strength when running in the same direction. They are better at impact resistance than other weave fibers.
  • Shi 10/11 speed: The cassette body is fit for Shi 10/11 speed.
  • Hookless rim: Hookless rims being a rim without hooks, creates a better tire, and as there is no hook, the push inward is removed, producing a broader, wider stance for the tire. It’s manufacturing also requires less cost.
  • Bike compatibility: The wheels go for the Mountain Bike.
  • HULKSPORTS pledges to provide a 1-year warranty with this wheelset.

Some Weaknesses
  • These wheels come with Powerway M81 hubs. If you want to replace them, you have to spend a considerable amount of money as they are pricier than traditional Novatec hubs.

The HULKSPORTS 29er MTB Wheelset comes with the hookless rim which works best with the mountain bikes as the bikes are in need of low tire pressure. Hookless rim with tubeless tires makes it a better choice for you at affordable prices.

Tubeless tires are stiffer, stronger, and have different types of beads which make it more adaptable for hookless rims. This will give you a great performance on all kinds of terrains. It has tough and strong wheels but light enough for you to feel. Hence, if you are looking for a 29er mountain wheel with the great quality it is the time to spend money on this and have this beauty on your bike to make it look more attractive.

HULKSPORTS 29er MTB Wheelset

HULKSPORTS 29er MTB Wheelset

8. Shimano Deore XT 29er Wheelset: Durable, fast acceleration and smoother rotation

Shimano Deore XT 29er Wheelset
  • Wheel Material: Aluminium
  • Type of the rim: Offset rim
  • Inner width: 24mm
  • Dimensions(depth x outer): 18.8 mm x  27.9mm
  • Tire Type: Clincher
  • Brake Type: Center lock Disc
  • Hub: Labyrinth and contact seals
  • Hub( Front): O.L.D- 15 x 110 mm thru-axle
  • Hub (Rear): O.L.D-12 x 148 mm thru-axle
  • Freehub Body Material: steel
  • Freehub Body: Quick Engagement (36 points/360°)
  • Spoke count(front and rear)t: 28 
  • Spoke: straight-pull/straight/double-butted (2.0-1.8-2.0)
  • Lacing: 2-cross
  • Size: 12mm Rear and 29” x15mm Front
  • Weight: F836/R1081g

Features & Considerations
  • Cup and cone bearing: These bearings provide great strength because of their ability to displace lateral and vertical loads more effectively. It provides super smooth rotation and longer durability.
  • TL/UST Tubeless compatible: The rims are designed with the Shimano’s tubeless seal system which combines the UST tubeless rim bead section along with a dedicated sealing tape for the spokes. It gives an easy and reliable tapping experience.
  • Quick engagement: The Quick engagement freehub ensures the fast acceleration making the riders experience more thrilling.
  • E-Thru Axle: The E-Thru axle system gives a perfect load distribution ability and provides torsional stiffness. Maintaining an optimum weight balance, high rigidity is safely secured. Around the sharp corners, the distortion of suspension is minimized maintaining lightweight.
  • Bike compatibility: The wheels are compatible with All-mountain and trail bike riders.

Some Weaknesses
  • The wheels use UST tubeless rims, which are not so good for downhill compared to previous XT wheels.
  • The M8000 Deore XT series wheel-hubs have a different disc brake attachment system. So, be aware of that

The Shimano Deore XT 29er Wheelset is perfectly designed for All-mountain riders and gives them proof of it by showing its robust construction. The wheels with new offer UST Tubeless and aluminum rims make the wheel durable and yet light wheelset that one All mountain rider craves for.

The wheels are prepared to focus on weight reduction and increased durability. The wheels are also compatible with conventional tires with inner tubes ( Prest valve). The wheels are a package of all in one including the faster acceleration, smoother ride, and is durable. Therefore, without a second thought pick the wheels for your bike and start to have a never-ending wonderful experience.

Shimano Deore XT 29er Wheelset

Shimano Deore XT 29er Wheelset

9. DT Swiss M 1700 29er Wheel: DT PRO Lock feature.Unisex-Adult. Durable Mountain Bike Wheel

DT Swiss M 1700 29er Wheel
  • Wheel Material: Aluminum
  • Inner width: 25.0mm
  • Dimensions: 19.5mm x 30mm
  • Tire Type: clincher
  • Type: Center lock 
  • Hub (Front): DT swiss , 15 x100 mm thru-axle
  • Hub (Rear): DT swiss, 12 x142 mm thru-axle 
  • Freehub Body: DT Swiss Ratchet System®. (18 t)
  • Lacing: 3-cross
  • Spoke: Straight pull
  • Spoke number: 28
  • Nipple: DT Pro Lock®
  • Weight: 1748 g Per Set

Features & Considerations
  • Spline: The spline feature makes the new and straight-pull hubs which are lightweight along with DT swiss technology. Every spline wheel is a perfect choice for training and competition partners because of the mix of reliability and the ideally similar components.
  • Straight Pull: The straight pull spokes ensure the balance between weight and stability. It does not fatigue quickly and lasts longer.
  • DT Pro lock: With DT Pro lock durability increases 20 times. It prevents the loosening of the connection between spoke-nipple.
  • Ratchet system: The system is easy and gives quick maintenance because of the no-tool concept. The protected freewheel system with high-accuracy toothed disc ensures the greatest burden limit and unwavering quality.
  • Shimano 9/10/11 speed or SRAM XD 11/12 speed: The cassette body is fit for the Shimano 9/10/11 speed or SRAM XD 11/12 speed.
  • Bike compatibility: The wheels are compatible with All -mountain, Cross Country, and Enduro riders.
  • Color: These wheels are available in Black color in the market.

Some Weaknesses
  • If you ride a Santa Cruz Hightower bike, then you need to go with the 54t ratchet upgrade.
  • It can be challenging to find the Straight pull spokes for this wheelset.
  • Engaging the rear freehub stock can be lousy.
  • You need to be careful as people have found these rims to bend quite easily.

The DT Swiss M 1700 Wheel has extraordinary grasps in stormy days, wet soil, roots, and rocks. The wheels come with a package of tubeless rim tape and valves, one of the demanding packages for the mountain riders.

The wheel has excellent durability as it comes with the latest DT Pro lock system which increases its durability. And overall being a lightweight encourages you to rapidly get back up to that trail entrance, to begin the slip-and-hold fest once more. As the wheel details suggest, it is one of the choices that you will not regret and will have a wonderful experience riding the bike.

DT Swiss M 1700 29er Wheel

DT Swiss M 1700 29er Wheel


Q1. What is meant by Boost and Super Boost hub spacing?

Ans: Boost is the newest and largest axle platform and is currently adopted by all fork manufacturers and all-mountain bikes.  A wider extensive hub implies that the separating between your center’s ribs (hub’s flanges) can be expanded. By expanding the width of the hub’s flanges you can improve the supporting points of the spokes in the wheel build. Eventually, you can manufacture a more grounded, stiffer, and at last increasingly effective wheel. 

Super Boost hubs are like other boosts and are 157mm wide which also increases the width having wider hub flanges improving strength further. The wider hub flange overall increases the angles which leads to stronger wheels.  

Q2. Why choose 29’er MTB wheels?

Ans: For years, mountain riders did not worry about the wheel size as there were the standard 26” wheels. Then came on board the 29er wheels which made the riders think once again.

The perfect size depends on the type of mountain bike and the type of landscape you want to ride on. In terms of many factors, we will highlight the ones that you can consider while buying. You should be thinking about the acceleration, flex, weight, contact patch, and the angle attack. Let us describe two of them out of these.

    • Acceleration: In terms of acceleration, it’s thought that smaller wheels generate faster acceleration which is true. As larger wheels place all of the weight of its parts such as spokes, rims, tubes, and tires far away from the middle of the wheel, which generates an increased amount of rotational mass and decreases the acceleration. But 29” wheels being larger wheels, when reached the top speed they become more efficient than smaller wheels.
    • Weight: When we consider weight, obviously we think 29” wheels are heavier. That is true, as there are more wheel material and more tire rubber. But the weight cannot be a disadvantage for not picking 29”, as there are other ways to consider having a lighted wheel. For instance, making your wheel to be tubeless which reduces the weight in a go. These tubeless wheels also help to accelerate faster as there is less rotational mass and gives an advantage of running at low tire pressure which results in the better contact patch. Even, if the weight becomes an issue, you can also look for carbon material which helps to reduce the weight, making the wheels lighter.

Q3. For what reason are 29er wheels “Faster”?

Ans: Debates have already been done on the issue earlier and research has been conducted to prove whether 29er wheels are faster or not compared to other wheels. The truth being said that while comparing the wheels on the basis of acceleration, it may be not faster than 27.5” or 26”.

It is because of the larger wheel size that 29er carry on, but 29ers are quicker in general on the grounds that once things are moving, the inertia and angle attack is in your favor and maintain the momentum better than smaller wheels. A study has been done by Swiss researchers taking 10 cyclists of which seven are men and three are women from the Swiss National Cross country team have done a race. The race consisted of six rounds, 3 of them in 26” and the other 3 in 29”.During the race, their timing, tracked power, heart rate, and cadence metrics were closely observed. The riders were asked to give their thoughts on the bikes as well. The results showed that 29” were 7.5 seconds ahead of 26”. Though the debate still goes on with 27.5” wheels and we have to agree that all wheels have their own pros and cons. 

Q4. Why should you use 29 er wheels?

Ans: 29er wheels are the wheels that will give you the best experience while riding. We have highlighted some of the best reasons why you should be picking them. They are 

    • Lightweight wheels accelerate faster and make climbing easier.
    • With wider rims, it benefits the enduro and all-mountain riders.
    • Stronger and wider rims improve the tire giving a better grip.

The truth about “Flex” in 29er Wheels

Clearly any flex is disliked in the MTB world. It could lose your line, or equalization, or more awful – cause an accident. It simply doesn’t make a path run fun and causes a rider to feel somewhat wild while being IN CONTROL is more secure. 

Indeed the measurement of a 29’er is in fact bigger which adds to the pressure and conceivable flexing. In any case, a decent wheelset should fix that issue, and those 9 I suggest above work superbly with the hubs, spokes, and rim quality which makes everything stiffer by and large. 

More established 29ers of once upon a time utilized a similar hub size that 26-inch bicycles utilized. The 26-inch wheels were stiff but put that equivalent width hub on a bigger 29’er and issues began to happen.

In any case, with all the new mountain bicycle advancements, another standard called BOOST is making ground. What it does is it builds the width of the wheel hubs permitting a wheel to be a lot stiffer because of a slacker spoke-bracing angle. All things considered, the firmness gets updated in a monstrous way. This standard does astonishing things for 29’ers to diminish flex and increment solidness and steadiness


We have researched and handpicked the best of the 29er wheelset for you to choose from many out there. The 29er mainly can go for any rider and will give advantages to many individuals, regardless of their capacity or favored control. For beginners, the additional hold, stability, and perfection will assist them with getting to higher speed and trickier landscape without any problem.

Cross-country riders will appreciate the smoother-riding, quicker moving bicycle and included control managed by big hoops. People who ride the trail, all-mountain or enduro will have the option to ride speedier, with more grasp and brake later — their bicycles feeling smoother and quicker than littler hooped rigs. 

Downhill riders, seemingly the latest gathering to profit by the wagon wheels because of the late reception and moderate improvement of the tech, all claim that huge wheeled bicycles are smoother, snappier, and simpler to control.

So as you have known the ultimate reasons why 29er is becoming so famous in the bike world, we also want to help you to get the best out of it and choose the affordable wheel for you at the best price and quality.

Dion Lewis

My name is Dion Lewis.I’ve been cycling since my childhood. When I was in high school, I started racing in our local competitions.In my college life, I took a part-time job in a bicycle shop and I learned how to repair and maintain bicycles professionally.Though I love racing, mountain biking is another thing I do frequently. My friends, neighbors, and colleagues treat me as an avid rider and take my suggestions while they plan for a new bike or bike gear.

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