Best Bike for Lower Back Pain (Reduce Back Pain Cycling)

Last updated on January 30th, 2018

Having bad backs from strains or accidents is a big problem for many cyclists. Riding a regular road bike with a back problem is uncomfortable and will also trigger more complications. This makes it hard to get involved in your usual riding routines. Riding a bike when having back pains is one of the many ways to speed up recovery. Exercises involved with riding a bike is believed not to be intense and can favor a person with back pains.

Best Bike for Lower Back Pain

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Bikes designed for people with severe back pains are common in gyms. They are commonly known as recumbent bikes. They are usually fitted with supporting chairs to give the rider an upright posture. It allows you to have a comfortable position hence reducing stress on the backs. The seats help distribute evenly the weight of the rider and enable a steady flow of the blood to all the body organs.

Mountain bikes also have features that contribute to bad backs. They are recommendable for people whose back problems are not very intense. Some mountain bikes are usually fixed with suspensions below their seats for extra comfort.

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The suspensions help absorb most of the shocks and stress involved when riding on rough road surfaces. Riding on such a bike makes it comfortable for the back and eases cycling. Mountain bikes are also fitted with wider tires compared to other bikes. Wide tires allow them to take in more pressure, therefore, reducing the impact on road surfaces. The wide tires also tend to act like suspensions which reduce shock to make cycling much comfortable. Their straight handlebars also contribute to a comfortable ride. Straight handlebars help you have an upright posture, and less stress is involved. This helps to avoid pain and more injuries to your back.

Best bike for back pain

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It is important to be relaxed and avoid any form of strain when riding to prevent dislocations of the bones. Choosing right bikes is also significant. It is advisable to consult experts on the correct sizes of bikes before purchasing them. Riding a bike the same sizes as you is most appropriate. Too small bikes may force you to bend and strain your backs. This is very uncomfortable and tiresome to the cyclist hence ending up having a back problem. Too large bikes, on the other hand, are so cumbersome and hard to ride on. Many fatal accidents might occur with this types of bikes causing injuries.

Is cycling safe for lower back pains?

Is biking safe with lower back pain?

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It is always important to have exercises at times when having back pains. Cycling is an appropriate way of exercising your back when done in the right way and with the right bike. Activities involved in cycling are not intense, especially when using a recumbent bike. Riding at a slow pace helps to keep the body joints in steady motion which is painless and does not cause any injuries in the back. Doing this frequently strengthens the bones and keep them flexible.

Lower back pains after cycling

Having lower back pains after cycling is a common experience among many. The use of the wrong bike sizes mostly contributes to the lower back pains. A cyclist with a very small bike compared to his size is forced to bend throughout his ride. Long rides with such bikes expose the cyclist to back injuries and dislocations due to the amount of strain put on the back. On the other hand, bigger bikes in relation to your body size can be uncomfortable and extremely tiresome to ride. They are also too heavy for the cyclist involving a lot of energy use and strain which later cause complications.

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Bikes with the wrong positioning of the handlebars or the sitting height can significantly contribute to having lower back pains, especially after long trips. Seats that are too high force a cyclist to incline and bent a lot. This can be reduced by having proper and comfortable seat heights to avoid any strain to your back.

Stylyx bike

Stylyx bikes have uniquely shaped seats and an upright riding position. The seats are usually designed to remove the pressure involved in your inner thighs allowing you to pedal efficiently. The seats provide the rider an upright and much comfortable sitting position eradicating any lower back strain or further injuries.

Stylyx bike frame is also designed to give you an upright position. The structures allow a comfortable pedaling position and give a higher handlebar, so there is no any bending involved. This bike is highly recommendable for people with lower back pains.

Best Bike for Lower Back Pain

A recumbent bike is the most commonly used bike with people suffering from bad backs. They are mostly situated in gyms and at homes. Recumbent bikes can also be used when the back problem is intense due to their chair like seats. This offers a person a comfortable position to pedal and relax at the same time. The recumbent bikes are less prone to causing further injuries to you as compared to other bikes.

Biking with back pain

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Mountain bikes are also recommended for those with bad backs. Most of them usually have features favoring those with back pains and can also be used to exercising. Their straight positioned handlebars, wide tires, and fixed suspensions under the seats offers comfortable and upright seating position the taking a ride. The suspensions and wide tires usually absorb the shocks involves when riding on rough surfaces keeping your bad back less prone to more injuries and pain.

Stylyx bikes also are fitted with comfortable seats and frames designed to provide you with upright positions. It is much easier and comfortable to pedal using this types of bikes. Their handlebars are situated in a higher position as compared to mother types of bikes which offer you an upright sitting posture eradicating any back strain.

Is it for me?

It is important to choose the appropriate bikes to use especially when taking long rides. Suitable bikes can help avoid back problems and injuries and at the same time can be utilized with those suffering from bad backs to exercise.

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