13 Best Bike Racks for Your Garage (Updated 2023)

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A garage is a place built for keeping vehicles which can be both personal or professional. You can store different types of vehicles such as cars, trucks or motorbikes as well as your bicycles in the garage. In fact, it can be the most suitable place to store your bikes. There may always have some scarcity of space in your garage to store your bicycles because it may already be occupied with your car or other vehicles. When your garage is small in size, you really need to think of better arrangements for storing your bicycles.

If you have decided to store your bikes on a bike rack in your garage, then you will find plenty of options in the market. As a result, it is easy to get confused, especially when you have little idea about garage bike storage racks. Now, you are reading this article, so, you have come to the right place because we have reviewed and listed some of the best bike racks you can find in the market. Please be noted, our listed racks are chosen based on their types, mounting positions and the storing capacity of racks (number of bikes). After a relentless period of research and study, along with third-party experts’ help, we have chosen the best ones for you. So, please be patient enough to read the whole article, it will be really beneficial for you.

Buying Guide: Types of Bike Storage Rack You can Install in Your Garage

If you have seen our products, then you should get an idea about the types of bike storage racks that you can install in your garage. There are several major types of bike storage racks that are popular and available in the market. So we are going to discuss these popular types of bike racks below.

Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack

Wall mount bike racks are usually the common types of racks that have been using by many people in their garages. These types of bike racks are mounted on the wall or on the ceilings using bolts and screws. Generally, these bike racks include necessary equipment for installation. Hence the screws that come with the racks are most of the time nonstandard. Therefore, you can buy strong metal screws and use them to ensure the safety of your bikes. Make sure that, there are at least 6 – 8 inches of gap between two hangers so that your bikes don’t get collide or get jammed.

Rail Mount Bike Storage Rack

These types of bike racks are very handy for lifting up heavy bikes. They are usually single bike mount racks that consist of a rail and a pulley. The rail mounts to the ceiling and the user can hoist his bike to the ceiling with the help of the pulley system. With this pulley leverage system, you can lift up and down your bikes effortlessly. Even storing some of the heavy-weight bikes will be effective for this feature. Like wall mount and other types of storage racks where you need to install the rack to the wall or ceiling, this rack clears up sufficient amount of floor space in your garage and most of the time the hooks are padded with soft rubber to protect your bike from scratches and reduce any structural damage. But there might be issues with the ropes that come with the rack, they might come off the pulley or strip off. Therefore, you can buy some extra durable ropes to make sure your bikes don’t fall off and get damaged.

Bar Type Bike Storage Rack

This type of rack usually consists of a bar that remains horizontal on the wall and there are hooks for mounting bikes. This type of bike rack is useful to carry a lot of bikes together in a row. Although some professionals who own quite a number of bikes use these bike racks, they are most popular with large families where there are individual bikes for each and every member. This type of rack not only clears up a lot of floor space but also capable of storing a significant amount of bikes, you can store up to 6 bikes without any hassle in this typical bike rack. This bike storage rack is exceptionally helpful for holding mountain bikes or kid’s sports bikes.

Floor Parking and Freestanding Bike Storage Rack

The best and common feature that of these two bike storage racks offer is that – you don’t need to drill any holes into the walls or ceilings. Both of these bike racks can be easily relocated so that you will be able to move them to the place where you think they suit best.
This mobility of both these racks allows you to make a convenient space anywhere you like.

Floor parking bike racks are the most suitable bike racks that can be installed in a garage, a retail bike shop or in a parking space for a commercial area. There is no doubt that these types of bike racks allow the easiest storage system of your bikes. Moreover, they are able to store a relatively large number of bicycles. They hold your bikes in a straight upright position and do not damage your bike’s frame. But they are not so practical for clearing ground space.

On the other hand, the freestanding bike storage racks may not carry as many bikes as the floor parking racks. They keep your bikes in a horizontal position, one above the other. You may install a freestanding bike rack in your apartment or in your garage and it will give a spectacular view to that place. There are some freestanding bike racks that need to be leaning against the wall for installation. Like the floor parking bike racks, they do not work very well to free up floor space.

Our Top Pick(s)

Among all our selected products, we think, the Feedback Sports Velo Cache free-stand bike storage rack will be the best one for the family use because this rack offers most of the features that the household demands in.

Feedback Sports Velo Cache

The Feedback Sports Velo Cache is a free-stand type bike storage rack which can accommodate 2 bikes. This rack holds your bikes with a pleasant approach and you don’t need to drill any holes or screws to mount this rack as it has a 3 – leg design which provides great stability. This rack is built with high-quality materials and an anodized Aluminum finish which makes it look premium.

  • Style: Free Stand
  • Dimension (inch): 43 x 11 x 6
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 2
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: 40 + 40 = 80 lbs

Compare the selections

We have selected several bike racks based on type and number of bike load capacity. Take a look at the table below –

Rack TypeOur SelectionPreviewNo. of Bike Load CapacityMaximum weight Load Capacity
Free-Stand TypeFeedback Sports Velo CacheFeedback Sports Velo Cache 2 Bike Storage Rack, Black280 lbs.
Delta Cycle MichelangeloDelta Cycle Michelangelo 2 Bike Storage Rack - Gravity Fully Adjustable Bike Rack Garage For Road, MTB, and Hybrid Bicycles - Vertical Bike Rack Holds Up To 80 lbs280 lbs.
Racor PLB-4RRacor - PLB-4R, Bike Rack, Garage, 4 Bikes4160 lbs.
Wall-Hanger TypePro Bike ToolPRO BIKE TOOL Bike Wall Mount - Horizontal Indoor Bike Rack for 1 Bicycle - Bike Rack for Garage - Safe and Secure Bike Hook for Road, Mountain or Hybrid Bikes - Bike Hanger, Bicycle Storage148.5 lbs.
Ibera Horizontal RackIbera Horizontal Wall Mount Hanger, Indoor Bicycle Hook Holder Storage Rack for Home or Garage, 45 Degree Adjustable Angle to Keep Bike Level139.6 lbs.
Dirza Wall Mount Bike RackDIRZA Bike Wall Mount Bike Hanger Foldable Bicycle Storage Horizontal Bike Rack Bike Hook for Garage Indoor Shed with Screws Red138 lbs.
Floor Parking TypeFeedback Sports RAKKFeedback Sports RAKK Bicycle Storage Stand1Usual Bike Weight
CyclingDeal Bike RackCyclingDeal 5 Bike Bicycle Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand5Usual Bike Weight
Ceiling Tension/ Hang-Mount TypeGladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage v. 2.0Gladiator GarageWorks GACEXXCPVK Claw Advanced Bike Storage v2.0, Plastic150 lbs.
RAD Cycle Lift HoistRAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist Quality Garage Storage Bike Lift with 100 lb Capacity Even Works as Ladder Lift Premium Quality1100 lbs.
Hornit Clug RoadieHornit CLUG Bike Clip Storage Rack & Mount System - World’s Smallest Bike Rack for Indoor/Outdoor Bike Storage - Won't Damage Rims, Tires - Roadie Fits Tires 1' - 1.25' / 23-32mm - Black/Black1Usual Bike Weight
Other TypesSwagman Hang ItSwagman HANG IT Adjustable 2 Bike Storage System270 lbs.
Monkey Bars Bike Storage RackMonkey Bars Bike Storage Rack 2.0 - Store Up to 6 Bikes - 300lb Weight Capacity Garage Bike Rack6300 lbs.

13 best bike racks money can buy today for your garage

Now we shall demonstrate each and every bike rack with its features, general specifications which might be useful and their drawbacks.

A. Free-Stand type bike racks

Easily movable

1. Feedback Sports Velo Cache 2 Bike Storage Rack

Feedback Sports Velo Cache
  • Style: Free Stand
  • Dimension (inch): 43 x 11 x 6
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 2
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: 40 + 40 = 80 lbs
  • Best for: Regular & home storage, and in-store displays.

Features & Considerations

  • A great free stand type rack with a sophisticated design.
  • The rubber contact points on the holding arms protect glossy, matte and all kinds of bike finishes.
  • Frame cradles are able to adjust any bike frame tube.
  • Will hold 2 bikes with immense stability for its 3-leg design.
  • This rack has a storage system to adjust any road bike, cyclocross bike, mountain bike, and electric bike.
  • Anodized Aluminum finish provides greater permanency to this rack.
  • This rack can handle the load of a heavier bicycle (up to 40 lbs for each bike).
  • For its awesome parking system, this rack has enhanced mobility.
  • Available in two colors – Black and Silver.
  • 3 – years warranty from the company.

Some weaknesses

  • Poor instruction manual.
  • The Philips head on the 1.25” bolts may scatter out when tightening then because the bolts are soft.
  • The rack can be unbalanced and unstable sometimes when you load 2 mountain bikes.
  • There are negative reviews for missing bolts of this rack. 

The Feedback Sports Velo Cache free stand bike rack is associated with three words, they are – innovation, elegance and timeless. This particular model is one of the company’s long-lasting products that has been selling for a long time in the market. This rack will look elegant in almost anywhere such as garages, apartments, homes, and bicycle retails.

When someone gets an image of the storage spot of your bike mounted on this rack, he gets an idea about the love you have for your bike. With a stable and free-standing design, this rack is able to provide secure storage for your most expensive bike. This rack can carry a relatively heavy bike with its weight load capacity up to 40 lbs for each bike. If you like, you can get the Velo Cache Expansion Kit for holding 4 bikes on this rack.

2. Delta Cycle Michelangelo Rack for 2 Bikes

Delta Cycle Michelangelo
  • Style: Free Stand
  • Dimension (inch): 84 x 20 x 16
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 2
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: 40 + 40 = 80 lbs
  • Best for: Garages and apartments. Space-saving.

Features & Considerations

  • Quick & Easy Installation: Just lean this rack on a wall and voilà! It is ready to hold bikes.
  • Infinitely Adjustable Arms: Unique and simple design arms are able to adjust any bike.
  • Steel construction furnished with Silver or hammer-tone Grey powder coating.
  • Durable feet with rubber sleeves for keeping the base in place.
  • Instant Adjustability: Independent movement of the padded hooks will adjust any bike instantly.
  • Fits in any convenient space in the garage or home.
  • Limited lifetime guarantee from Delta.

Some Weaknesses

  • Sometimes the insertion holes between two pieces on the stand body may not align properly, which makes it difficult to assemble.
  • The feet may be slippery and slide forward from time to time.
  • The hooks that hold the bike may fall apart occasionally.
  • If you want to store a bike with flat bars, you will not get enough clearance.
  • It can be too wobbly if you are putting all 4 bikes on it when you have the 4-bike version.

‘Delta’ puts a lot of effort into their products so that these products can work well and become long-lasting. Moreover, they expertly put materials into their products with an engineering mind so that the products will look premium. Keeping a mission in their minds, they have been creating and selling innovative cycling products for over 30 years.

The Delta Cycle Michelangelo is one of their greatest products. This rack has a simple design with a simpler installation process. You can easily fit this rack anywhere in your garage or home, it will just rest against the wall. If you wish to carry 4 bikes, you can go for the 4-bike version of this rack. This rack is capable of holding a maximum weight of 80 lbs. Check out this video to see how easy to adjust this rack and how it works –

3. Racor PLB-4R Gravity Bike Rack

Racor PLB-4R
  • Style: Free Stand
  • Dimension (inch): 32.5 x 8 x 22
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 4
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: 40 x 4 = 160 lbs
  • Best for: Garages and apartments. Space-saving.

Features & Considerations

  • No mounting hardware is required for this floor stand rack.
  • The holding arms can be adjusted independently and they work for both men’s and women’s bikes.
  • Vinyl coated steel cradles protect your bikes and rubber skids protect floors and walls.
  • You can organize your bikes conveniently, at the same time you are getting easy access.
  • With a lightweight design, you can easily move this rack to a new location.
  • Epoxy coating with Steel construction.
  • 1 year limited lifetime warranty from the date of purchase.

Some Weaknesses

  • The vertical pieces of this rack have a friction-fit connection, so they slide very easily making the whole rack wobbly.
  • The caps for covering the ends and screw points may get loose.
  • The feet may glide across the floor, so it is better to anchor the rack to the wall.
  • Sometimes the holes on the base of the rack are not aligned.
  • While carrying a bit more load, the whole rack may fall apart which indicates its poor durability.

The Racor PBL-4R is a freestanding bike rack that allows you to store the whole family’s bikes and reclaim your garage reducing the footprints of your bikes. You don’t have to drill or screw the rack to the wall for installation. This rack requires no tools for assembly and you can easily move it to a new location whenever you want.

This rack has a maximum weight load capacity of 160 lbs, so you can hang a relatively heavier bike on this rack. Research has shown us – the 4-bike version (PBL-4R) is much stronger than the 2-bike version which is the PBL-2R. However, you can buy the 2-bike variant when you need to store just 2 bikes.

B. Wall-hanger type bike racks

Save space

4. PRO Bike Tool – 1 Bike Horizontal Storage Rack

PRO Bike Tool
  • Style: Wall-Mount (Hanger Style)
  • Dimension (inch): 12.2 x 13.4 x 7.5
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 1
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: 48.5 lbs
  • Best for: Garages, apartments, homes, and sheds

Features & Considerations

  • Hang your bike horizontally on the wall with this rack and free up space as much as possible.
  • This bike rack is compatible with any road, hybrid, cyclocross and MTB bikes.
  • TPR material: This makes the arm cradles very soft to protect your bike frame.
  • Additional Elastic Rope: This rack includes an additional ultra-strong rope that loops around the front wheel of your bike so that there is no scuffing between the bike and the wall.
  • Durable rack made with strong Steel.
  • Arm-locking mechanism provides extra security to the secure ratchet mechanism to keep the arms in position.
  • The installation manual is fairly instructed and you will get mounting screws.
  • Offers a lifetime guarantee.

Some weaknesses

  • The 3 small screws and masonry wall anchors are not very functional when you are going to mount the rack into a stud.
  • Not great for maximizing ground space as it can carry only one bike at a time.
  • Fat bikes or bikes with long wheelbases are not compatible with this rack.

This PRO BikeTool wall mount indoor bike storage rack has made well enough to lift up any bike except for some bikes which have alternative bike frames. You can rely on this rack for storing your precious bike and it will bring an eye-catching look to the place where you are going to install this rack. This wall-hang bike rack can be fitted to any standard wooden stud (1.5” wide and 3.5” deep) depending on the set-up. Sometimes a wooden mounting board might be required.

This rack is able to store only 1 bike where the bike can weigh up to 48.5 lbs. You need to install this rack on a solid wooden stud, masonry or concrete wall and for some certain types of bikes like recreational or commuter bikes, women’s bikes or kids bikes where there is not straight top tube, you will need to buy and use a top tube adapter first before you want to mount your bike on this rack.

5. Ibera Horizontal Rack for 1 Bike with 45° Adjustable Angle Bike Hook

Ibera IB-ST4
  • Style: Wall-Mount (Hanger Style)
  • Dimension (inch): 15.8 x 9.8 x 7.8
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 1
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: 39.6 lbs
  • Best for: Garage and shed

Features & Considerations

  • Design for single bike storage with adjustable hooks of 45° angle.
  • You can maximize your floor space by hanging your bike on this rack where the tires of your bike may remain at least 4” above the ground.
  • ABS arms: Holds your bike securely with its padded ABS arms.
  • You can adjust the length of the hanger beam so that you can fit any bikes with narrow or wide handlebars.
  • Strong and durable rack is fairly light for its Aluminum construction.
  • The cradles will ensure – there is no scratch on your bike frame.
  • Velcro Strap: Lock the position of the front wheel of your bike with an adjustable strap so that there is no scuffing between the bike and the wall.
  • Package includes an instruction manual and mounting bolts and screws.
  • You can also hang bike helmets or other cycling gears if you like.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: You should be satisfied with a 30 – days money back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty, when you buy this product.

Some Weaknesses

  • Unless there is a wood stud behind, do not install this rack on a plasterboard wall or drywall.
  • Has issues for mounting on the wall as all the 3 screws are unable to hold it steady and it may fall off.
  • Poor build quality especially, the plastic adjusters may break eventually.
  • The hanging arms may become weak and start to fall off damaging your bike.

The Ibera IB-ST4 wall hanger bike rack not only stores your bike horizontally but also gives you a pleasant display. You can save your floor space by mounting your bike on this rack and it will look just magnificent. The frame holders of this rack are adjustable for leveling your bike wheels horizontally to the ground and you can adjust the holders wider or narrower to keep your bike at a convenient position. This rack is able to carry only one bike with a weight load capacity of 39.6 lbs. This rack holds your bike at a level above the ground and from the wall like it is described in the following picture –

How Ibera IB-ST4 bike rack holds your bike at place
How Ibera IB-ST4 bike rack holds your bike at a place

This rack is very well made and like most of the products of ‘IBERA’, this rack has a sturdy and durable construction. All of the company’s products are award winners – you can check their website and will get an idea. In more than 30 countries, Ibera products are available.

6. Dirza Wall Mount Bike Hanger for a Standard Horizontal Mount of Your Bike

Dirza Wall Mount Bike Rack
  • Style: Wall-Mount (Hanger Style)
  • Dimension (inch): 15 x 10.9 x 8
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 1
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: 38 lbs
  • Best for: Garage, home, and apartment

Features & Considerations

  • Hang your bike on the wall and keep it out of the way.
  • Won’t leave any scratch on your bike frame as the holding arm is padded with anti-scratch rubber.
  • Very simple and feather light design, so you can move and install it anywhere.
  • Foldable Design: You can fold up the rack when you won’t be using it.
  • With a decent weight limit and large arm holder, this rack can carry almost any type of bike.
  • While your bike is mounted on this rack it will work as an art hanging your bikes in your room.
  • Very cheap in price.

Some Weaknesses

  • This rack cannot mount women’s bikes or similar type bikes.
  • Poor quality bike rack – you are getting what you are paying for.
  • May get bent under the extra weight of your bike.

This rack is a cheap rack when you like to store your casual bike for display because this rack has a neat look. This rack does the job but nothing premium, as you are paying a considerably less amount of money.

It will help you to free up your garage storage by getting the bike above the ground. So if you are thinking of a cheap solution to free up your garage space then this rack might be your best option. This rack can hold any bike with a weight of 38 lbs. This rack also includes an anti-scratch carry arm which is padded with rubber, so it will keep your bike’s frame safe.

C. Floor-parking type bike racks

7. Feedback Sports RAKK Bike Stand Rack

Feedback Sports RAKK
  • Style: Storage Stand/Floor Parking Stand
  • Dimension (inch): 16 x 13.5
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 1
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: Any Standard Bike Weight
  • Best for: Inside home or garage

Features & Considerations

  • An ideal bike storage rack for single bike suits almost anywhere like garages, apartments, basements, sheds and retail bike shops.
  • Allows bike parking – so if your bike doesn’t have a stand you can park your bike anywhere with this rack.
  • Mounts with either the front or rear wheel of your bike and keeps it steady in an upright position.
  • As it holds your bike through the tire, your bike remains safe from getting any scratch on its rims or spokes.
  • 20 mm to 2.4-inch mountain bike tires can be accommodated with this rack.
  • You can convert it into a compact shape by folding the holding arm down when you are not going to use it.
  • Spring-loaded design where you don’t have to use your hands, just place your bike’s wheel into the wheel slot.
  • Countless configurations can be created with modular attachments where you can make 12, 13.5 or 15 inches of space between the stands.
  • A clean finish for greater longevity with a powder-coated steel finish.
  • Park any bike even the heaviest one with this rack.
  • Available in three colours – Black, White or Silver.
  • A limited 1-years manufacturer’s warranty will be provided.

Some Weaknesses

  • As it parks your bike rather than hanging, so you have to manage a little bit of space in your garage or somewhere you will be installing this rack.
  • The base tubes of this rack are too short, as a result, it reduces stability.
  • While your bike is mounted on this rack, it will lean on one side.
  • It would be better if there was something to hold the bottom bars with the floor as they keep on tipping.
  • Poor build quality with thin material.
  • There are certain numbers of negative reviews that – this rack won’t fit tires of 2.35” width where the product description mentioned that it will fit up to 2.4” tires.

The Feedback Sports RAKK bike stand rack is a patented, versatile storage rack that will hold your bicycle at home, garage or even any retail bike shop with a mind blowing display. This rack allows you to park your bike by mounting either front or rear wheel of the bike and with the help of the spring-loaded arm, you just have to roll your bike into the wheel slot.

The ‘Feedback Sports’ believes that you need a simple, effective and non-permanent parking solution when you are not riding your bikes and which can also protect them. The ‘RAKK’ bike storage rack supports mounting all kinds of road, cyclocross, mountain and electric bikes. Furthermore, this rack contacts only the bike’s tire, so your bike frame remains safe and scratch-free. With a modular design, this rack also supports add-ons if you want to park several bikes.

8. CyclingDeal Floor Parking Bike Stand

CyclingDeal 5 Bike Bicycle Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand
  • Style: Floor Parking Stand
  • Dimension (inch): 70 x 14.4 x 14
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 5
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: Any Standard Bike Weight
  • Best for: Garage, inside home

Features & Considerations

  • An economical bike rack with an extensive number of bike holders (a total of 5 bikes can be mounted).
  • Supports bikes with tire widths up to 2.75 inches.
  • A very stable rack that provides parking solutions for a large number of bikes.
  • Very lightweight, so it can be placed on a garage, a retail bike shop or any type of parking area for a commercial space.
  • Easy and smooth installation with less amount of effort.
  • Coated with high-quality shining powder.
  • You can place this rack anywhere outside as it is weather resistant.
  • Comes in silver or black colour variants.
  • A valuable bike stand system at a reasonable price.
  • The great news is – you are getting a 10 years warranty.

Some Weaknesses

  • Heavy bikes like downhill bikes or similar type bikes are not compatible with this rack as there is a possibility that the disc-rotor and hubs of these bikes could touch the rack.
  • This rack is not good for a kid bike or a bike where the wheels are smaller than 20 inches.
  • May damage the derailleur of an adult mountain bike.
  • After using this rack for a while, the bars may keep coming apart which may indicate a lack of durability.

The CyclingDeal (CB-618-4A 1) floor parking bike rack does the job when you own several bikes and need one parking solution for all of your bikes. Although it is cheap, but it doesn’t hold back in terms of quality. You are getting a versatile rack for the money. Check out this video for the installation of this rack –

This rack also has a flawless design with a robust structure. Instead of a perpendicular assembly, you can also adjust this rack diagonally. Moreover, you can install it on a wall keeping it close to the floor for mounting your bicycles so that the holders won’t be able to touch the derailleurs of the bikes. The following picture will help you to get an idea –

D. Ceiling Tension/Hang-Mount type bike racks

Save space

9. Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage v. 2.0

Gladiator Claw v. 2.0
  • Style: Hanging/Ceiling Tension Mount
  • Dimension (inch): 9.75 x 6 x 3.75
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 1
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: 50 lbs
  • Best for: Garage, and home

Features & Considerations

  • Hang any type of child or adult size bikes from the ceiling.
  • Heavy-duty plastic construction.
  • Ensures secure storage of your bike as the two hook arms form a closed loop.
  • The ribs have a structural design for supporting up to 50 lbs of weight.
  • Close look design not only provides security for bikes but also for any type of product that you are going to hang.
  • Push-Lock Mechanism: Get easy access to open and close the rack with the push-lock mechanism.
  • Free up your ground space by hanging your bike with this rack securely.
  • The company offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Some Weaknesses

  • Hard to install the rack- as it remains comparatively higher above the ground and you need to drill the wall to screw the rack.
  • Sometimes it might not be strong enough to hold your bike.
  • It is a little bit awkward to mount and dismount your bike especially when your bike is heavy and you have a tall garage.
  • Your bike may swing as the rack is flimsy which can be dangerous both for your bike and for anyone who is near the rack at that moment.

The Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage v. 2.0 is an ideal bike rack for any of the following bikes –

  • Mountain Bike
  • Kids Bike
  • Road Bike
  • Ladies Bike
  • Men’s Bike
  • Unicycle

This charcoal colour bike rack was built to last for a long time. You can install this rack into a ceiling joist or a bare joist through the drywall.

The unique feature of this rack is – it is not just an ordinary ceiling-mount rack but it has an advanced push-lock mechanism. Once you push the rack upward with your bike’s tire, the arms of the hook get closed. Again when you push it for the second time, it opens up and releases your bike.

10. RAD Cycle Lift Hoist

RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist
  • Style: Ladder/Hanging/Ceiling Tension Mount
  • Dimension (inch): 12 x 6 x 9
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 1
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: 100 lbs
  • Best for: Garage, home, stores, sheds

Features & Considerations

  • Rubber Hooks: The hooks keep your bike safe and scratch-free with its rubber coating finish.
  • Safety Lock: Prevents your bike from falling accidentally.
  • This rack was engineered to lift products of excessive weights up to 100 lbs.
  • With minimal tools and assembly, you can mount this rack to a ceiling joist or rafter.
  • Once you have installed this rack, you will have enough ground clearance.
  • Allows you to lift up your bike easily and feel comfortable lifting up a heavy bike.
  • An uncommon rack with the solid build quality.
  • You will get a lifetime warranty with a 100% unconditional guarantee.
  • Not expensive.

Some Weaknesses

  • The mounting hooks are very flimsy and they may bend at some point.
  • Low-grade mounting screws made of soft material.
  • The ropes may come off the pulley.
  • The bike doesn’t remain horizontal, rather it loses its balance and may fall down.
  • Installation can be exhausting and tiresome.

The RAD cycle lift provides you rope locking mechanism with smooth pulleys and latches so that you can lift up and store your bike overhead and out of the way. With all these features lifting a heavy bike becomes super easy.

There are many imposters who are trying to copy the RAD bicycle hoist method. Beware of them and buy the original RAD cycle lift rack where the rope is thicker and won’t fray. This rack is suitable to fit any garage which has ceilings up to 12 ft and it is engineered to lift up 100 lbs of weight.

11. Hornit Clug Roadie Clip System Bike Storage Rack

CLUG Roadie
  • Style: Hanging(Clip-System)/Wall-Mount
  • Dimension (inch): 1.6 x 1.6 x 1.4
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 1
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: Any standard bike weight
  • Best for: Garage, inside home

Features & Considerations

  • This might be the world’s smallest bike rack which can be installed on any vertical surface or wall.
  • You can mount your bike against any surface vertically or horizontally but it requires the rear tire to rest on the ground for vertical mounting.
  • Gives an astonishing look to the place where you have mounted your bike on this rack.
  • Not only just save space but also keep your place neat and tidy.
  • To adjust most of the bikes, this rack comes in five different sizes.
  • One CLUG for one bike, no accessories such as hooks, straps, bars are necessary.
  • Requisite hardware for mounting this rack is included.
  • Allows you to choose from 3 fancy colours – Black/Black, White/Black and White/Orange.
  • All Hornit products are warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Some Weaknesses

  • When your bike is a bit heavier than usual, it may fall from the rack.
  • Need to keep the tires inflated if you don’t want your bike to fall off.
  • There are negative reviews that – tires do not fit even when you have used the right CLUG.
  • You may face difficulties while inserting the screws.

The Hornit Clug Roadie is the world’s smallest bike rack. This has a neat and simple design and keeps the place tidy where it is installed saving up enough floor space. This rack comes in five different CLUG sizes to fit most bike types. In this chart below, we have included the basic information about these five types of CLUG –

Five types of Hornit Clug Roadie Clip System Bike Storage Rack
Five types of Clug

Now the question is – “What is a CLUG?” Well, they are saying that – CLUG is the Eurobike award-winning small rack which provides the most unobtrusive, simple way for storing your bike.


Installation is very easy. First, measure your bike’s tire and then according to your tire size get the accurate CLUG. Then follow these steps –

  1. Once you have measured your bike’s tire, then select the best location where you want to install your CLUG.
  2. Using the alignment guide that comes with the box mark your exact hole space.
  3. Get your friend’s help to hold the bike in position.
  4. Try to align the position of the CLUG with the centre of the wheel.
  5. Drill some holes in the marked positions. Just place the template gently against the wall and drill right through it.
  6. Once you have completed drilling holes, you can insert the anchors so that you can screw the CLUG.
  7. But before you screw the CLUG, you need to separate the gripper and just screw the clipper into the wall
  8. After fully tightening the screws, place the gripper on to the clipper so that the screws are covered.
  9. Your CLUG is now ready to mount your bike.
Hornit Clug Roadie Clip System Bike Storage Rack installation process.
Hornit Clug Roadie Clip System Bike Storage Rack Installation Process

E. Other Types of Bike Racks

12. Swagman Hang It Bike Hanger

Swagman Hang It
  • Style: Floor/Ceiling Tension Mount
  • Dimension (inch): Expands 108” maximum
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 2
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: 35 + 35 = 70 lbs
  • Best for: Room, Garage

Features & Considerations

  • Thin and simple hanging style bike storage rack for 2 bikes.
  • Will accommodate 2 bikes with any frame size.
  • You can expand the rack to a maximum height of 9 feet to brace against the ceiling and floor.
  • Height-adjustable Hooks: You can adjust the hooks at any height where you want to place your bike.
  • Easy setup process with easier access for mounting and dismounting the bikes.
  • Versatile and sturdy bike rack holds your bikes with adequate security.
  • Limited lifetime warranty from Swagman.

Some Weaknesses

  • Lacks durability for mounting heavier bikes.
  • Sometimes your bike may not stay parallel to the ground and the hanger might be stripped away.
  • Sometimes the rack remains flimsy once it is installed.
  • If you are planning for a product that will last in the long run, then this is not what you are looking for.

The Swagman Hang It is a simply designed bike rack with greater stability. With its height-adjustable hooks, you will be able to place 2 bikes securely and get a lot of floor space. One bike will be hanging above the other while they are being mounted on this rack. It also gives a professional view of the place so that one can get an idea of your enthusiasm for bikes.

‘SWAGMAN’ is a renowned brand whose products can be trusted and customers have always been satisfied with their products. These products are always evolving based on the customer’s demand for the bike and automobile world.

13. Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack

Bike Rack 2.0
  • Style: Wall-Mount (Hook-System)
  • Dimension (inch): 51 x 4 x 2
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 6
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: 50 x 6 = 300 lbs
  • Best for: Garage, Home

Features & Considerations

  • A large bike storage rack that can store up to 6 bikes.
  • If you install an additional bracket this rack, you will be able to store up to 300 lbs of weight.
  • Holds your bikes vertically which helps to free up floor space.
  • Contoured Hooks: The hooks are covered with a rubber coating so that there is no torque on the rims and spokes of your bike’s wheels.
  • The horizontal bar stores the bikes keeping a space of 4 feet
  • The adjustable hooks ensure there is no collision between your bikes.
  • The hooks are adjustable, you can easily slide them across the bar.
  • You can adjust the hooks side by side but they will never get disconnected from the bar.
  • Easy installation and within 15 minutes the process should complete.
  • Important hardware for installation is included in the package.
  • A strong rack made of industrial-grade Steel.
  • A 30 – days money-back guarantee will be provided and ‘Monkey Bars’ provides a lifetime warranty for each rack.

Some Weaknesses

  • There are problems for mounting the bar on the wall, for example – you can not mount this rack on a wall where there is a metal stud over the wall.
  • Some gravel bikes with 38 mm tires won’t sit on the hook correctly.
  • Cheap quality screws but they will provide you with some extra screws in case they strip out.
  • The bracket seems to fall off when all 6 bikes are mounted because of the weight.
  • If one bike rattles, it will slam into the next one and this can damage all 6 bikes.

When you have a lot of bikes, you might get pissed off walking into your garage to see all of your bikes are lying at sixes and sevens. The ‘Monkey Bars’ just have the solution for this mess. The Bike Rack 2.0 is a large bike rack that can accommodate up to six bikes.

This rack has renewed its hooks so they don’t pop off while loading and unloading the rack. This rack holds your bikes vertically and the reinvented ‘J’ shape hooks will hang your bikes firm and steady. Each hook is able to support 75 lbs of load, so that is a total of 300 lbs of load that this rack can carry.

Monkey Bars Bike Rack 2.0 , Monkey Bars, Bike Rack 2.0, Monkey Bars Bike Rack
Monkey Bars Bike Rack 2.0

Tips for Installing a Bike Storage Rack in the Garage

If you love your bike and want to keep it stored in a safe place so that you can go to sleep without any headache then your garage can be the most appropriate place. In order to place your bike at a convenient place in your garage you should not just park your bike into the garage, rather you need a proper bike rack that will keep your bike safe and secure all the time. Again if you have multiple bikes and there is not much room in your garage but you still think that your garage is the perfect place to keep your bikes then you should get a suitable bike rack as soon as possible.

The installation process of the bike rack can be crucial depending on the situation and the bike rack type. Research as much as possible before buying a rack so that you can get sufficient knowledge about the type of rack you are really looking for. So take enough time for installing the rack and do it right with the first try.
Selecting a good location to install the rack in your garage can be a vital part of the installation process. Choose a favorable space in your garage depending on the type of rack you are going to install.

Pick a safe spot where there are any valuable things barely placed around and there will be considerably fewer people and pets passing through. This will reduce unnecessary damages or injuries and enhance the safety of the area. Also, make sure the locking mechanism is installed correctly so that your bikes won’t fall off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How should I store my bike into the garage?

A1. First look at the surroundings of your garage and store your bike on to the rack accordingly. Let’s just think you have a garage with higher ceilings, then it would be wise to hang your bikes using a wall or ceiling mount bike rack. Maybe you have a small garage, then go for a vertical mount bike rack because it will free up a lot of space in your garage. Keeping your bikes stored horizontally is the most convenient way of storing your bikes. Although they occupy a bit of space but are easy to use.

Q2. Can I damage my bike wheels if I hang them?

A2. Some suggest that it is safe to hang bikes through the wheels. But there are others who broke the rims and spokes of their bike’s wheels by hanging them through the wheels. There is a book called ‘Your Home Bicycle Workshop’ authored by Jim Langley, where it says – You should hang your bike through two contact points on the frame of your bike, rather than your bike’s wheel.

Q3. What should be the minimal space between the bikes while they are hanging?

A3. You don’t want to get scratches on the frames of your precious bikes. If you hang them too close there might be collision among the bikes which can lead to a serious disaster. The holes where the hooks are mounted should have spaces of around 18 to 20 inches. Again giving excess space between the holes is not so functional.

Q4. What is the weight-load capacity of the bike rack hooks?

A4. A versatile bike rack hook can carry the weight of any casual bike. In general, most bike racks with hooks are able to handle up to 50 lbs weight. However, this can vary depending on the quality of the rack.

Q5. What is the recommended distance between the bike racks?

A5. You should follow some measurements to place two bike racks at a suitable location. Here is a table you should take a look at to get an idea –

Q6. Can I hang my bike upside down?

A6. From our experience, if you want to hang your bike for a long period of time; it is better to hang it by the rear wheel as it helps to lubricate the fork seals. Apart from that, you can always hang your bike upside down for a couple of minutes if it is really necessary or you don’t have any better choice.


At the end of our discussion, we would like to say that you should decide first what you need before choosing a bike rack. You should also determine the place where you want to install the bike storage rack. You may want a pragmatic look with maximum functionality from the bike storage rack or you may want to have an appealing display of your prized bike.

You may want to move your rack around a lot so mobility of the rack is your main concern or you may want a more permanent fixture. Take some time to think about your needs and set your decision. Thank you for reading this article, hope this article was useful to get your mindset for buying a bike storage rack that you want to set in your garage.

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