7 Best Bike Racks for Honda CRV (Updated 2023)

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What is the relation between your car and your bike? Yes, we know both are used for transportation. And also, they both can be linked to a car bike rack.

Want to have an excursion nearby or going to the nearest mountain and don’t want to leave your favorite bike at home? Well, a car bike rack is a solution to your problem. Car racks are now essential stuff for outdoor activities. A must-have accessory for the hobbyists.

The Honda CR V is one of the popular SUVs in the market. It supports almost all car bike rack available now in the market. If you are having one CR V, congratulation then!!! But not every car bike rack is suitable for this SUV. So we chose some best racks based on different criteria that go along with the SUV.

Factors to consider before buying bike racks for Honda CR V

Consider the following buying factors before buying a bike rack for your compact but elegant SUV Honda CR V.

Bike rack buying factors
Bike Rack Buying Factors

1. Can the bike rack touch the bike’s frame?

This is an important factor to consider. Due to vibration, swaying occurs on the bike. It usually happens in trunk, hitch and spare tire type racks. So, there is a chance of the bike touching the body of the car, rack. Maybe a crash between bikes happens while swinging. The consequences are- damage in bike or car body, damage in the paint job of car, etc. Not in all models though.

Now hitch type racks have amazing features that are named anti-sway. This can stop swaying and secure your bike. If you don’t want to take the risk, then, in this case, the roof-mounted bike racks are the safest option.

2. Weight Capacity

The Honda CR V has a good weight capacity of 1500 lbs. So, it has no problem with the weight capacity of racks or bikes. Because normally, a bike weights 25-30 pounds averagely. If you choose a vertically positioned hitch-mounted bike rack for Honda CR V, then the highest rack capacity is 6 bikes.

So, For a handful amount of bike, a roof type or spare tire type bike rack will be suitable for you. And if you have a lot, then hitch types are considerable.

This a chart explaining the bike capacity of different racks.

Weight Capacity of Different Kinds of Bike Racks
Weight Capacity of Different Kinds of Bike Racks

3. Versatility

Versatility of different kinds of bike racks
Which bike rack is the most versatile?

The more versatile a rack is the better it is for you. Because it’s common to carry anything but just not bikes. So, if you want to carry rather than just bikes then roof racks are the safest option. It’s more versatile than others.

4. Easy Installation

Rack installation shouldn’t be rocket science. It should be easy. Easy installation means a tool-free installation. In that case, the simplest installation process belongs to Trunk type racks. No need for any screw.

For roof type racks, you may have to install a crossbar. Then you can easily install the rack.

Hitch type installation is also easy. You just have to attach the rack with the receiver hitch in your CR V with a screw.

Installing a spare tire rack is simple. We establish a connection between the tire and bike rack, so that, the bike load falls upon the tire.

So, for the easiest installation use the trunk type rack. Or, if you already have a crossbar then maybe a roof type rack is more preferable.

5. Price

Frankly, some of these bike racks are very expensive. The pricing depends on the material and design. Generally, trunk type racks are budget-friendly. But some racks can be expensive depending on the features whether they are the roof, trunk, or hitch-mounted racks. Here is a price chart for a better understanding.

Different types of bike racks and their price range
Bike racks average price range

6. Locking options

There are a lot of racks with built-in safety features or locking options. Features like

  • Hitch Lock- The hitch unit has a built-in lock in this type of racks. So, without unlocking with particular keys, you can’t remove the hitch. It works for both road safety and theft protection. You can find this in hitch-mounted racks.
  • Strap- This is common in several types of racks. A strap comes from the body to attach the bike with the rack tightly. For road safety. You can find this in trunk/hitch-mounted racks.
  • Integrated Bike Lock- A feature to lock the bikes after loading them on the rack. This lock is also a built-in option of the rack. It’s for theft protection.
  • Crossbar lock- This feature exists in roof type racks. It can be optional or built-in based on models or manufacturers.

7. Types of Bikes

Not all racks are suitable for your bikes. Like if your total weight for the bike is 35 or less than 35 lbs and you don’t care about swinging or bike touching the car body than any type of rack will be suitable for you. Other than that, you have to reconsider your rack choosing. Here is a simple type of chart for you.

Types of bikes and appropriate racks to used
Types of bikes and appropriate racks to used

8. Ease of loading and accessing bikes

A bike rack is a useful stuff to have. But to lift the bike to a rack is hassle some. The trunk rack is the best option for easy loading. And the roof type rack is troublesome for loading bikes.

9. Folding capability

To have the folding capability is better for a rack. It’s a handy feature. Generally, trunk type rack and some hitch type rack has the folding capability. This feature saves space.

10. Other features

E-bike compatibility- E-bikes are mostly heavyweight bikes. If you want to carry one than you have to avoid roof-mounted racks.

Hatch access- This is not a feature. Because of the trunk-mounted and some hitch-mounted rack model, your hatch will become out of the limit. In that case, you have to avoid trunk-mounted racks. Now, some hitch-mounted racks allow tilting so that you can use the hatch/trunk. But overall, the best option here is the roof-mounted racks.

11. Car Specification

Generally, Manufacturers build the racks in universal style so that they can go along with all types of cars, vans, SUVs e.t.c. In this article, we are featuring the Honda CR V. This SUV support almost all recent rack builds. You won’t face problems to find a bike rack for Honda CR V.

Q1. Why do you need a car bike rack?

A car bike rack is a necessary extension for cars. And also it’s convenient to have if you have a car and a bike or several ones.

First of all, it increases the car’s storage. As bike racks are multipurpose.

Secondly, you might need a bike while you are middle of a tour. This bike rack can be your portable bike storage and parking lot.

In some ways, it reduces fuel costs on a journey. Like you don’t have to drive your car every time you need something. You can grab a bike from your rack and finish your job.

Q2. Does Honda CR V have a hitch?

The Honda CR V has a 2-inch hitch. It has a towing capacity of 1500 lbs.

Our Top Pick(s)

Among those, our best pick is Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Rack. This has a sturdy built, great capacity, and good enough to be the best bike rack for Honda CR V.

Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Rack

The best bike rack money can buy this year for your Honda CR V.

Features at a glance

  • In our research and testing, it ranked top in the category Platform Hitch Mount Rack.
  • Best for family use.
  • Carries 2 bikes (max. 35 lbs/bike) with tire sizes from 20” to 29”.
  • Classy and compatible enough (1-1/4” & 2” receiver) at affordable price.
  • Easy to install (takes only a few minutes).
  • Easy to load and access the bikes. Accommodates bike with frame size up to 23.2” (59 cm).
  • You can buy accessories to carry Fat Tire Bikes and add Locking Options

Compare the selections

A quick view of the bike racks that we have selected for the SUV Honda CR V:

Bike RackPreviewRack TypeBest forProduct WeightLoad capacityBike Capacity
Swagman XC2 Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack , Black, 2-Inch ReceiverHitch Mount (Tray Style)Platform Style Racks28 lbs70 lbs2
Allen Sports Hitch Rack Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (2-Inch Receiver) , BlackHitch Mount (Hanging Style)Hanging Style Racks23 lbs140 lbs4
Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack (2'), Black, Model:9034XTBHitch MountPremium Riders32.3 lbs120/2402/4
YAKIMA FrontLoader Yakima FrontLoader 1 Bike Capacity Zero Contact Car Rooftop Mount Upright Bike Rack with Universal Mounting up to 40 Pounds, BlackRoof MountSingle Bike Racks13 lbs40 lbs1
Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mount Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 102DN-R, BlackTrunk MountAffordable Racks7.5 lbs70lbs
Hollywood Racks Recumbent Hollywood Racks Sportrider SE Recumbent Hitch RackFor Recumbent BikesSpecial Bike Racks59.7 lbs100 lbs2
Allen Sports Deluxe Spare Tire Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire Mounted Carrier, Model 322DN , BlackSpare TireSpare tire bike Racks7.9 lbs70 lbs2

7 best bike racks you can buy today for your Honda CR V

1. Swagman XC2 Sturdy Hitch Bike Rack

Best platform-style rack

Swagman XC2 Sturdy Hitch Bike Rack


  1. Easy to assemble, easy to load. The rack has an easy installation feature. Bike loading style is also easy.
  2. This rack has an anti-wobble design. So, even in the bump, the bikes remain stable
  3. It is fold-able, so you can save space any time needed
  4. It has a capacity of 2 bikes with different hitch receivers and tire size options. Even Fat tire wheel can be used with a separate tray.
  5. Bike size doesn’t matter here, as the upright ratchet arms adjust easily those frames which have a frame size up to 59 cm
  6. You can access to hatchback without removing the rack


  1. Carrying capacity isn’t that significant
  2. The frames aren’t straight, there is a possibility of bending
  3. Not durable neither steady enough to hold the bikes in a long bumpy ride
  4. You can’t properly use it in every weather conditions
  5. Material quality is an issue

The swagman platform-style hitch is affordable, sturdy build, and comes with a fold-able design. It is well adjustable and almost supports all sizes of bikes within the 59cm frame size. Capable of bearing only 2 bikes with an average weight of 35 lbs. It’s a good rack but there is a lot of space for improvement

2. Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks

The hanging style rack

Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks


  1. 4 bike capacity based rack which only supports a 2-inch hitch, perfect for Honda CR V
  2. A long carrying arm for the bike to carry and tie them down
  3. It’s flexible and foldable. Can save a lot of space
  4. An easy 5-minute installation is needed to set up the rack
  5. Lifetime warranty and made of sturdy steel
  6. It performs well under sun exposure also and has an elegant look due to black pyre coated finish
  7. It has a tilt feature so that the rear hatch can be accessed


  1. It can’t handle down the weight of more than two bikes
  2. This Rack measurement isn’t suitable for all types of bikes
  3. It is durable but also has the bending probability
  4. Security isn’t that good
  5. The extra lock has an issue too

It is compatible with a vehicle that has a 2-inch trailer hitch. Fortunately, Honda CR V can work with that. This product comes with a locking version too where an extra lock is provided. The rack is foldable and compact. It is also easy to assemble. The tilting feature enables the rear hatch to be accessed.

3. Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack

Our premium choice

Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack


  1. It supports up to 4 bikes base if you buy the add-on rack. Otherwise max capacity 2 bikes
  2. Easy installation availability and also no tool is needed to install
  3. This rack has a hitch switch lever that helps the rack to tilt and enables rear access
  4. No frame contact is possible as the ratcheting arm holds the wheel and there is good spacing between bikes
  5. There is an integrated 24’ cable lock to secure the bike to the rack and lock knob secure the rack to the receiver
  6. 60 lbs per bike load capacity


  1. Ideal for carbon or road bike frame but fat tire bike isn’t available
  2. It’s really expensive
  3. The bike lock or the rack lock isn’t that secure or strong
  4. Sometimes the product quality is far below its price due to a lack of quality assurance
  5. It’s not fit for MTB bikes

It’s true, this rack is expensive. This is the royal or premium rack from Thule company among the other average rack. The rack has a lot of good features we can’t deny that. But comparing with the price and quality it can be said that the company did keep their value though sometimes the quality isn’t up to the point. It is by far one of the best-featured racks but costly. The 2-inch hitch size goes along with Honda CR V. Overall it’s a fantastic rack.

4. YAKIMA FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier

Best roof mount single bike rack

YAKIMA - FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier


  1. Compatible with any type of bike regardless of its fork, brake, or wheel size
  2. It has the universal roof rack fit size. So, compatible with Honda CR V
  3. You can load your bike easily and put it upright
  4. Wheel-removal isn’t necessary here which is a great plus
  5. No contact with the bike/doesn’t touch the frame as the rack has contact with the only front and rear wheel
  6. The same key system lock/SKS LOCK is provided to secure your bike. One to the mount and other to the mount to the base rack.
  7. This rack has a quick and easy installation process, extra tools are unnecessary


  1. Only one bike can be loaded
  2. It’s pretty expensive
  3. It’s roof-mounted. So bike loading on the top is difficult
  4. Not a multipurpose rack. You can only carry your bike with this
  5. You will need roof racks to properly use it

Yakima builds a fantastic roof-mounted bike rack for Honda CR V. This rack support single bikes. It has Zipstrip features to secure the rear wheel. Easy loading as wheel removal isn’t necessary. You can easily install it as it is compatible with most cars and SUVs. and the manufacturer will provide you 2 SKSS locks for security and protection.

5. Deluxe Trunk Mount Rack

Our budget pick

Deluxe Trunk Mounted Bike Rack


  1. It has 3 different models. 2, 3 or 4 bikes capacity rack model
  2. Single configuration design, which is simple and you can get rid of the unwanted installation hassle
  3. The lower frame is padded. It reduces the chance of damaging the bike body or car paint job
  4. The rack provides straps for each bike. Individual tie-down is available which secures the bike. The straps also ensure stability
  5. It is highly secure, you will find it flexible and simple to use
  6. Made of durable material
  7. The company provides a lifetime warranty
  8. Carry arms are narrow for making bike loading easy
  9. Some model is designed for efficient load distribution
  10. This rack is affordable and a good choice for a Honda CR V


  1. The rack doesn’t work well enough in vibration or bump
  2. The rear license plate is not usable while the bike is in the car
  3. The trunk/hatchback is out of the limit
  4. The paint job of your car may get damaged

This trunk-mounted rack is one of the best bike racks for Honda CR V. It can carry up to 4 bikes depending on the model. The security is tight here, as an individual strap is used to hold a bike. The arms ane narrow in this rack. So, bike loading is easy. Not good for a long way ride.

6. Hollywood Racks Recumbent

For carrying special bikes

Hollywood Racks Recumbent


  1. This rack can carry 2 recumbent bike and upgradable to carry 2 more bikes
  2. With an adapter, it can also carry a trike. So, this rack can carry all kind of bikes
  3. 2-inch receiver with a capacity of 50 lbs per bicycle. And can hold up to 4 bikes if upgraded
  4. Extra-wide wheel holders are included. That ensures enough clearance between bikes even if it’s recumbent
  5. It is foldable. Which means you can save a lot of space if not in use


  1. The security system is poor. You may have to buy extra lock or their lock upgrade
  2. Expensive car rack. The upgrades are expensive too
  3. Chance of the bike getting scratched by the rack body as the protective rubber isn’t that durable
  4. Basic features are low. You have to upgrade it to get the full performance

Hollywood Racks Recumbent is an all-star rack. From normal bikes to trike you can store everything and every type of bike which isn’t weighed over 50lbs. The rack is made for recumbent bike carrying. Extra add ons enable it to carry trike bikes or extra road bikes or MTB. Even without the upgrades, the rack is expensive. But considering other features, it’s a good rack.

7. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire rack

Spare tire mount rack

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire


  1. It carries the bike in a position away from the road and hot exhaust
  2. Can carry 2 bikes on a spare tire with easy bike loading
  3. The bottom foot is extra wider that distributes weight evenly on the rear tire
  4. Compatible with mostly all external spare tires
  5. Individual security for each bike
  6. Smooth powder finishing
  7. Pricing is affordable, price to value is not very bad


  1. Minor assembly is required- Not fully tool-free
  2. Vibration or bumping causes instability on the rack
  3. The rack possesses a chance of crashing the rear window
  4. The strap in the rack for buckling isn’t that feasible
  5. Can’t use the rear back while the bike is loaded

Allen Sports is a good name in the field of Racks. This rack is a spare tire rack that is slightly different than others. It is fitted upon the tire so that it can distribute the bike weight on it. It has a maximum of 2 bikes capacity without extension. Beautiful open design with good weight distribution. There are few drawbacks too. But overall it’s a good piece of a rack.

Types of bike racks available in the market

Car bike racks have a big market now. A lot of quality racks are built by good companies like Thule, Yakima e.t.c. But before that, we need to know what kind of racks are available in the market for bikes.

Names of rack’s type come from the car’s attachment parts. like the roof, hitch e.t.c. The types are

1. Roof mount: ✅ Suitable for Honda CR V

This type of racks is the most common. Generally, A car has a naked roof or already installed side rails, flat tracks, or crossbars on the roof. If those components are already installed than roof installment is easy. Otherwise, you may have to install them manually.
Now the only disadvantage of roof type racks is in its bike loading process. Other things are

  1. First, it’s troublesome to lift the bikes over the roof.
  2. Then there is this increased wind resistance for those bikes on top and a low clearance area restriction for their height arises a slight discomfort.
  3. And also, because of the wind resistance, fuel consumption becomes high too.

But it has a lot of benefits too.

  1. The bikes stay secure and stable, don’t sway
  2. Clear access to trunk/hatch/back door
  3. It allows several types of bike carriage
  4. Maximum 4 bikes can be carried
  5. Multipurpose means bike, as well as baggage, can be carried too.
  6. It’s the safer option for carrying Road and triathlon bike without any damaging

2. Hitch Mount: ✅ Suitable for Honda CR V

This is for heavy performance. A receiver hitch is already attached to your car chassis. The rack is connected with the hitch. This chart shows the towing weight capacity of the different vehicles according to their hitch type.

Hitch types and towing capacity table
Hitch types and towing capacity table

It is made of durable material with heavy strength. Advantages are-

  1. Bike loading and access is easy so as the installation
  2. Heavy-duty racks can bear up to 5 bikes depending on the model
  3. It has the maximum weight capacity among all racks
  4. Good for frequent usage

Well, It has some cons too.

  1. It is expensive. The updated models are costlier
  2. Bikes may swing due to vibration. So, there is a chance of damage by a crash between bikes.
  3. You can’t access your hatch. But now some new hitch type racks allow tilting.

There are 3 types of hitch mount racks.

  1. Platform/Tray style: It is easy to install and now has an anti-sway installation. This type is built in a way to fit with a universal receiver. And it is designed in a way that you can access your hatch without detaching it. It can carry up to 5 bikes depending on the model.
  2. Hanging/Mast style: Less expensive hitch mount rack. It can be folded up. Easy to use and can carry up to 2-4 bikes.
  3. Vertical style: This type of bike rack is just storage enhancement. You can carry up to 6 bikes in this position. Well, you can see that if bikes are positioned vertically then they must strap down. So, it’s not a  plug and play featured rack. Best for MTB.

3. Trunk Mount: ✅ Suitable for Honda CR V

Trunk type mount bike racks are the easiest to install. These types normally just fit with all kinds of vehicles. They stick with the car trunk/boot/rear door through mechanical support and elastic strap or suction cups.


  1. Easy to install
  2. Can carry up to 2 to 4 bikes
  3. They are fold-able and can detach anytime without hassle
  4. No additional parts required like crossbars or a hitch
  5. Less expensive than other rack styles
  6. The same model fits multiple vehicles


  1. Bicycle sway while on the rack, so, a chance of damaging the bike body and car paint job occur
  2. The trunk/boot/backdoor is completely off the access because of it

4. Truck Bed Bike Racks: ❌ Honda CR V is not a truck

Truck bed bike racks are completely different than other types. And, it’s the only type of rack associated with trucks. A shuttle pad is needed to install to use the tailgate as a bike rack. If you have a Honda CR V then this type of racks won’t be needed.


  1. High capacity. Up to 6 bikes can be carried
  2. Easy access to load and draw


  1. An extra shuttle pad may need to be installed
  2. Bikes may contact and get damaged due to vibration

5. Spare Tire Racks: ✅ Suitable for Honda CR V with a spare tire

This type of rack will be feasible only when your CR V will have a spare tire with its trunk. They are for carrying 1 or 2 bikes. And low cost too.


  1. Easy to install
  2. Bike loading and detaching is easy


  1. Bikes may sway
  2. Can carry maximum 1-2 bikes
  3. Trunk usage is tough while the bike is loaded

6. Special racks:  Suitable for Honda CR V

These are mostly either roof type racks or hitch mount rack. Why they are special? because the bikes are different here. Rack for recumbent bikes and tri-wheel bikes are called special racks.

7. Adapters

They aren’t racks. Sometimes, adapters are needed to fit bikes into racks. The adapter is connected with the bike body then the bike is hanged by the adapter in a hitch type rack.

What kinds of bike racks can you use in Honda CR V?

Honda CR V is one of the finest SUVs in the market. It’s towing capacity is 1500 lbs. It supports all kinds of bike rack extensions excluding truck bed bike racks extension. Supported rack types are:

bike racks suitable for Honda CRV SUV
Suitable bike racks for Honda CR V SUV
  1. Roof mount bike racks: Check if you have a crossbar. This is the safest type. Just drive carefully in a low clearance area if a bike is mounted on the roof.
  2. Hitch mount bike racks: All of the hitch mount types are compatible with this SUV. Depending on your bike type you have to choose which is suitable for you. Mast types are less expensive here.
  3. Trunk mount bike racks: It’s good because of quick attach and detach feature. But there is a chance of damaging the bike’s body and car’s paint job.
  4. Spare tire mount racks: Good for just one or two bikes. Easy and swift.
  5. Special racks: If you have recumbent bikes or a three-wheeler then these types of racks are for you. Same roof or hitch mounting, just in a different style.


Maybe you are a pro rider. Or just an average one. Who just loves to ride his bike anytime anywhere. The advantage of having a bike rack is limitless. It completes your car, it completes your journey if you are a cyclist.

The Honda CR V is a good touring vehicle. It supports kind of all type racks. The CR V, a bike, and a bike rack; Either it’s a long journey or a short tour, you won’t have to worry about transportation again.

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