5 Best Carbon Wheelsets for the Money

Every rider wants to get better and faster on the track which is why we set out to look for the best carbon wheelset in the market. The Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels stood out for some reasons besides being affordable.

We spent quite some time with a team of cyclists to determine the best sets for both amateurs and professionals. We considered aerodynamics, pricing, weight, performance, durability and the braking power. Our five options passed the tests with flying colors making them the best upgrades for the bike of your dreams.

Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

🏆 Best Carbon Wheelset for the Money

  • Full Carbon Fiber (Toray T700c Material)
  • Lightweight (1565g±30g/pair)
  • Shimano 8/9/10/11 Speed Cassette
  • Clincher Type Rim with Depth and Width 50mm & 23mm
  • Powerway R13 Black Hub

Our Selected 5 Best Carbon Wheelsets for the Money

Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

Best Buy

(Best Carbon Wheelset for the Money)

These super light wheels come with an array of attributes that is pretty impressive which is why they top our list. The rim size is 700cc with a 50mm depth. You also get a 23mm width and a matte weave.

The brake line allowance is 14mm for maximum braking power; the front drill holes are 20 while the rear rim has 24 holes. The Powerway R13 hub increases the weight capacity to 120kgs.

The cassette body is Shimano with 8, 9, 10 and 11-speed options. The wheels also come with quick release skewers, and brake pads included. The recommended tire pressure is 125PSI.

The whole wheelset plus skewers come to 1395gms which is super light. The ingenious design enhances the speed of the bike by improvising the aerodynamics immensely. The upgrade also ensures that the overall weight of the bike is hugely reduced for better performance.

It is best you get a professional to install the wheels for you just to be sure you get it right. These are ideal for time trials and high speed riding on tracks. They also make it easy to climb hills with a noticeable improvement in your riding thanks to improved stability, agility and response from the bike. Your bike will also look amazing attracting the much-needed attention.

  • Increased aerodynamics and speed
  • You get a lightweight bike.
  • Improved looks
  • High-quality derailleur

  • May need to upgrade or replace the brake pads to handle the high-performance tires.

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Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

(Also Good)

Our second choice closely relates to the first regarding the specs and also comes with an extremely affordable price tag.

The Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels are 700cc in size and 50mm in depth. This makes them super lightweight at 1395gms including the skewers. The rim width is also 23mm and come with a 3k matte finish. The brake lining is 14mm designed for quick response. The front wheel has 20 spoke holes and the rear one 24.

The hub is made by Powerway and the gears Shimano and Campagnolo. This ensures that the system is not only quality but high performance. The Shimano option comes with 8, 9,10 and 11 gear options while the Campagnolo comes with 10 and 11 gear options.

The bike can handle 120kgs in weight and can take 125PSI tire pressure. You also get brake pads in the deal which is ideal. The wheels markedly improve performance thanks to their aerodynamic design as well as lightweight. They also look extremely impressive. These are great for time trials thanks to their improved performance, speed, and agility.

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Superteam 50mm Clincher Wheelset

(Another Best Buy)

The Superteam 50mm Clincher wheelset takes the third position with impressive attributes that closely match our two previous wheelsets. The wheelset is 700cc in size and 50mm in depth with a 23mm depth. The front holes are 20 and the rear 24.

The cassette body is Shimano made with some options including 8, 9, 10 and 11 gears. The Powerway hub is ideal and the skewers quick release. The wheelset is extremely light weighing a total of 1680gms and can handle 125PSI.

These wheels are designed ingeniously to cut through air whether you are doling descends or climbs on the track. They also come with great looking decals for the race track and a mean look. The lightweight features make them high performance and agile upgrading any bike immensely.

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Ican 86mm Carbon Time Trial Wheelset

(Editor’s Choice)

This is a great wheelset for those willing to dig a little deeper in their pockets and for a reason. This is one of the best ways to improve the performance and feel of your bike with one single upgrade.

The wheelset comes with some features that are impressive including an ICAN standard hub with two sealed bearings for the front wheels and four sealed bearings for the rear wheel. The front wheel weighs at 880gms including the skewers and the rear wheel a light 1060gms.

The wheelset also comes with CN spokes with a two cross pattern for the rear wheel and radial for the front wheel. The caste is Shimano or SRAM providing 10 and 11 speeds. The carbon fiber is made up of 69 folded layers for extra performance and strength. It can handle 105kgs in weight and 135PSI tire pressure.

The wheelset has great looking decals and is bound to improve the look of your bike. These are the perfect wheels for time trials and attacks on any road gradient.

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Sunrise Bike Carbon Road Wheels

Our last entry is the affordable Sunrise Bike Carbon road Wheels. These come with a 3k matte finish and good-looking decals. The wheelset is 700c in size, 23mm wide and 50mm deep. These attributes make the wheel one of the most dynamic options in the market immensely improving your track time.

There is 20 front spoke holes and 24 on the rear wheel. The 12 layer carbon brakes increase the breaking power immensely while minimizing the heat transferred on the tires. You also get a Shimano Cassette with 8, 9, 10 and 11 speeds.

The Powerway Hub increases the strength of the wheels, and the skewers are quick release. The bike can carry up to 120kgs and hold 125PSI tire pressure. The whole set weighs 1660gms which makes them incredibly light and improves speed and performance. This also makes them easy to handle and agile enough for nimble moves on the track.

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How I Picked the Best Carbon Wheelsets

Picking the right carbon wheelsets was an expensive affair that involved some professionals and beginners. We sent some months trying out some sets other than what we already had to ensure we got the best. The fact of the matter is that some factors other than the wheelsets themselves will affect performance which is why we spent time exposing them to different elements including different weather conditions, tracks, and strains such as hard braking, sharp turns, and uneven roads. I was personally on the lookout for comfort primarily because you would want to spend more time on your bike. I would recommend the beginner to have professionals set up their wheelsets for them as opposed to trying to install the set themselves. This ensures that you get the right tuning right from the beginning. Our first step was also to eliminate the ridiculously priced ones working with a budget that would suit most riders’ right from the beginners to the professionals.

Detailed Review of Our Selections

Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

Best Buy

(Best Carbon Wheelset for the Money)

Feature Description
Price The wheelset is friendly priced with impressive features that improve the characteristics of the bike markedly.
Aerodynamic benefits The lightweight features of the tires improve the aerodynamics of your bike increasing your performance levels. The tires are 700c in size, 23mm in width and 50mm deep. This helps hem cut through are easily saving energy.
Lightweight The tires weigh 1395 which is] extremely light. This reduces the amount of weight that the bike has to handle and in turn, increase the speed and performance of the bike on the track.
Ride quality and performance The tires also increase the quality and performance of the bike thanks to the build of the wheels. The ride feels smoother and safer with the wheels providing a more agile response on the road.
The Look This is one of the ideal ways to improve the look of your bike and earn more respect on the track.
Braking performance The wheels come with braking pads which are not only efficient but replaceable. You can quickly improve these with anything other brake pads that you feel more ideal.
Weight capacity The bike can carry about 120kgs.
Durability The build of the wheel is designed to last with a Powerway hub alongside 20 front spokes and 24 rear ones. Carbon is a pretty good shock absorber that is also not susceptible to damage.

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Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

(Also Good)

Feature Description
Price These are considerably affordable wheelsets with high-quality features.
Aerodynamic benefits The wheels are highly aerodynamic thanks to the 23mm wide, 50mm deep and 700c sized features. This translates to increased speeds and performance.
Lightweight The wheels weigh 1395 which is quite impressive. The lightweight features improve the bike’s speed, agility and response on the track. It also makes it easy to handle off-track.
Ride quality and performance The wheelset is a sure way to upgrade your bike increasing speed and the quality of the ride. You get a faster roll and better shock absorption. The climbs and descents are also manageable.
The Look The wheels improve the look of your bike for better value.
Braking performance The brakes are ideal for reliable stopping power.
Weight capacity The bike can handle 120kgs in weight.
Durability The wheelset is durably made of the best quality materials including Shimano and Campagnolo derailleurs.

Buy Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels!

Superteam 50mm Clincher Wheelset

(Another Best Buy)

Feature Description
Price This is a well-priced wheelset with quite a good performance record.
Aerodynamic benefits The wheelset significantly improves the speed of your bike thanks to the 700c size, 23mm width and 50mm depth build. This ensures that the wheel cuts through the air easily.
Lightweight The wheelset weighs at 1680 including the quick response skewers. The lightweight features make the bike easier to handle, faster to respond and agiler while riding fast.
Ride quality and performance The wheelset improves the ride quality immensely doing climbs and descends easier to deal with at high speeds. There are lesser resistance and increased time attack and time trial result.
The Look The wheels look classy and markedly improve the quality of the bike.
Braking performance There is sufficient braking power thanks to the pads that come with the set.
Weight capacity The bike can carry a rider weighing 120kgs comfortably.
Durability  The wheel components are made of durable materials from renowned companies which put the mind to rest.

ICAN 86mm Carbon Time Trial Wheelset

(Editor’s Choice)

Feature Description
Price A well-priced wheelset that provides an impressive feature for the buyer.
Aerodynamic benefits The wheels are significantly aerodynamic which is bound to increase the speed of your bike. The 86mm carbon trial set cuts through the air with ease and is easy to handle through corners and the open road.
Lightweight The whole set weighs 1920gms which is quite light thus increase the performance and overall speed of the bike.
Ride quality and performance The wheelset increases the performance of the bike while keeping the ride stable and pretty responsive. The performance is upgraded significantly with the rotations per minute being increased.
The Look Mean looking tires that improve the quality of the bike.
Braking performance The braking performance is impressive for these fast-rotating wheelsets and ideal for most weather.
Weight capacity Can hold 105 Kgs comfortably through all gradients.
Durability The wheels are built to last thanks to quality parts and design.

Buy Ican 86mm Carbon Time Trial Wheelset!

Sunrise Bike Carbon Road Wheels

Feature Description
Price A pocket-friendly wheelset that comes with impressive benefits for the buyer.
Aerodynamic benefits This wheelset mostly improves the aerodynamics of the bike cutting through the air with much more ease resulting in incredible speeds and lesser burnout.
Lightweight The wheelset is lightweight weighing at 1660gms. The lightweight features make the overall weight of the bike lesser. This, in turn, makes the bike faster and easier to control.
Ride quality and performance The wheelset provides a smooth ride and improved performance. It is for this reasons that the wheelset is used for time trials and attacks.
The Look The wheelset will improve the look of your bike for extra street credit.
Braking performance You get a reliable braking option in most weather conditions.
Weight capacity The bike can carry riders weighing 120kgs.
Durability The parts are made of durable materials by trusted companies.

Buy Sunrise Bike Carbon Road Wheels!

Carbon Wheelsets Buying Guide


Carbon wheels will cost more than aluminum and other types of sets. This doesn’t mean that they do not come with an agreeable threshold. The first thing you need to determine is the general cost for the most iconic wheelsets before setting out to buy them. It is possible to buy cheap ones going for as little as $300 and expensive ones clocking at $1000 or more. What sets the wheels apart is the experience that riders have with them. The best way to know what you are spending money is by looking at the rest of the list of factors we have here. A good wheelset has to provide excellent aerodynamics, improved performance, and durability and be light enough to accentuate all these features. All these features intertwine to make the bike what it is entire. Spending more does not mean that you are getting the best of wheelsets out there. Spending less will also cost you speed and durability. It is therefore smart of you to strike a good balance and get the best of all worlds. Shopping extensively will also be a good thing. This is of course after doing your research especially if you are a beginner. Professionals may already know what they are going for and so a word from them will also help greatly learning from the mistakes other made will not only have your money but a lot of time.

Aerodynamic Benefits

Aerodynamics is all about the way air cuts through an object. Increased resistance will slow down the speed of an object and vice versa. You need very well-designed wheels for you to increase the speed. The speed of a wheelset will be increased when the number of rotations achieved per minute increase. Carbon fiber wheels will almost double the rotation number at when the same amount of work is put in. These are determined by the size of the wheel, the depth of the wheel as well as width. The most ideal of these we found was 23mm width and 50mm depth. Size 700c tires are also ideal. These allow the tire to cut better through the air and increase the performance of the bike.


The weight of the wheelset directly affects the performance of the bike. This is perhaps one of the trickiest bits of picking a good wheelset. In as much as people say that carbon fiber is light, better quality is slightly heavier when it comes to durability. A good balance has to be realized at this point. The best wheelsets will weigh between 1360gms and 1690gms. These weights will allow you to clock higher speeds and improve the control you have on your bike. Lightweight features also make the bike agiler and easy to handle in some of the trickiest turns. The frame, of course, will even need to be light enough to increase the overall performance of the bike. A carbon fiber will be much lighter than aluminum and steel. Ensure you get the total weight of the wheelset which includes the skewers and the pads that you will be given. It is vital that you seek to lighten your bike but also seek to strengthen it for durability.

Ride Quality and Performance

The ride quality and performance of a bike refers to how well the bike handles and how comfortable the rider is. Carbon fiber wheels will mainly improve the feel of the bike which also enhances how comfortable the rider is. The best way to find how well the wheels serve you is by doing time trials while applying the same effort and doing this will give you a good idea of whether things are getting better or worse on the track. You need to be smart enough to try your wheels during some conditions before making this conclusion. Carbon fiber wheels will behave slightly different indifferent weather which is something you should consider. This may affect the braking power. Getting good brakes with increased performance is highly advised.

The Look

One of the reasons why people will do carbons fiber wheelsets is because they make bikes look good. The bike also looks expensive which is suitable for a resale if you are looking out for one. Carbon fiber wheelsets come with great looking decals that accentuate the look of your bike while at a stop or on the move. It is essential that you pick wheels that you will greatly like when it comes to photos and videos.

Braking Performance

The braking performance of carbon wheelsets is highly contestable. It is a fact that carbon wheelsets will not do very well when it comes to braking in very wet conditions. They are however excellent and the best option you can work with during normal weather. Ensure that you try the wheelsets in all circumstances to know your braking capability. This will also give you a good idea of when to use and when not to use carbon wheelsets for our safety. You need to know that the brake pads will heat up during fast descends for a long time. This will affect the raking ability, and so the best pads should be considered in this case.


The value of a wheelset is also determined by the amount of weight it can carry. This is also determined by the weight of the cyclist. Wheelsets that can take more abuse will be stronger and heavier. This may slow down the bike a little. It is wise that you go for something that suits your weight while providing you the performance that you need.


Carbon fiber is a good material when it comes to durability. The fact that it is not corrosive and does not break quickly is a good thing. The weight of the wheelset has been found to affect the durability of the carbon fiber wheelsets largely. Very lightweight ones may not be as durable as slightly heavier ones but will provide extreme performance. The heavier ones will cost you speed. A good balance ensures that you enjoy durability and speed at the same time.

Why Trust Me and This Review

I have been a cyclist for some years now with a good track record. This review is the work of a group of professional cyclists and I that have been on the quest to get faster and better when it comes to cycling. My first upgrade was a set of carbon wheels, and I did not look back ever since. Compared to many other options in the market including aluminum, carbon fiber has obvious strengths that can be tapped into to achieve incredible speeds and feats. I have had some wheelsets including aluminum and recorded the improvements with each as well as the pros and cons of both. It is wise that you take the time to ensure that you go for something that works for you. Carbon fiber wheels come in some types and weights. We spent hours on end testing some wheelsets and these five impressed us much. Not only did the speed of the bike increase immensely but become more comfortable to handle at fast speeds. It is very easy to lose control at fast speeds, and so a bike that responds well is ideal. The response of the bike is primarily determined by the type of wheels you have on. You will be looking for something agile and hugely responsive for sharp turns. We also tested the wheels on hills for both descends and climbs, and it is evident that carbon wheel outperforms others. I have also learned over time the cost implications of each wheelset I have tried and realized some things. Expensive wheelsets are not necessarily the best, and so are cheap ones. The trick is to ensure that the parameters that you have listed including the price, speed, agility, performance, and durability are met one way or another.

For Whom This Guide Is

This guide is ideal for all novice and professional riders. Beginners that want to go all the way will enjoy the performance that comes with these wheels and set a standard right from the beginning. Carbon wheelsets are ideal for professionals that are also looking to clock higher speeds in lesser time and improve their track record. The article is also ideal for those that are looking to replace their wheelsets with something affordable. Wheelsets are quite and investments which is why we believe that it has to be done right. Making a mistake at this point will cost you money over something that does not make you happy nor provide the required result. Our guide is meant to eliminate errors right from the start as well as increase your chances of landing the wheelset of your dreams. The guide is also geared at helping you learn about the most critical aspects of a carbon wheelset before making purchases. You will be in the know when you walk into a wheelset shop.

Should I Buy These Wheelsets?

Picking the right wheelsets is all about the right compromise when it comes to the features to consider. These are the best wheelsets to work with if you are either a novice or professional rider looking to boost the speed of your bike while enjoying better performance and control. They are also the best way to look good while doing it.

Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

  • Full Carbon Fiber (Toray T700c Material)
  • Lightweight (1565g±30g/pair)
  • Shimano 8/9/10/11 Speed Cassette
  • Powerway R13 Black Hub
  • Clincher Type Rim with Depth and Width 50mm & 23mm

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