12 Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bikes 2023

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Recumbent exercise bikes can help you lose weight, get in shape, and develop your strength. So if you want to do something similar, you should definitely get a brand new recumbent bike. However, choosing a new recumbent exercise bike is not that easy. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before purchasing a recumbent bike.
Therefore, before buying one you must know what features are available on the latest recumbent bikes out there.

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Buying Guide for Helping You to Choose the Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike

In general, all recumbent bikes out there have a lot in common in terms of features. These features are, however, quite similar to features found in different types of bikes available today. With that being said, the features of recumbent bikes are quite specific to that particular bike. So before purchasing a brand new recumbent bike, there are some things that you should know about them. That is why we have written this comprehensive buying guide.

Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike

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1. Resistance

There are two common types of resistance systems available in recumbent bikes. They are either the magnetic resistance system or the eddy brake system. Magnetic brakes work by implementing a very easy mechanism. They come with a general brake pad that has a set of magnets. These magnets move closer to each other or farther apart from the bike’s flywheel. This mechanism generates the tension required for the resistance to be applied. In this mechanism, the brake pad mentioned is connected to a cable which in turn is attached to a knob. You can turn this knob to set your preferred resistance level. It is necessary to note that the brake pad does not touch the flywheel and magnetic resistance bikes do not need any power source to adjust the resistance.

On the other hand, eddy brake bikes do need electric current assistance. However, this mechanism requires a servo motor, an electromagnet, and a modern console. In this bike, the brake pad is usually fixed in position. The tension is created by adjusting the pull of the magnet. This can be done by choosing the resistance on the console. When you choose the resistance, the data is sent to the motor. Then the pull of the magnet is changed.

2. Drive mechanism

A lot of people seem to think that recumbent bikes do not come with a flywheel. But the fact is that all recumbent bikes do have a flywheel. People think this way because the drive mechanism comes pre-assembled from the shop or brand. The flywheel of recumbent bikes is usually smaller in terms of diameter when compared to the pulley. However, they are much heavier. Usually, the flywheel is attached to the pulley by the use of a transmission belt. You will enjoy a silent and smooth pedaling experience, as a majority of recumbent bikes are belt-driven. Also, they do not need that much upkeep. Whether it is a magnetic or eddy brake system recumbent bike, it can be pedaled both forwards and backward in most of them. The resistance level will be the same in both directions and also the crank does not keep moving when you stop pedaling the bike.

3. Comfort

Recumbent bikes are well known in the cycling community to be extremely comfortable. There are quite a few factors that help to boost this bike’s comfort levels. Firstly, the bike frame’s shape is a major factor. The drive system is positioned at the bike’s front. Also, the seat is not very high up from the ground so that you can get on and off the bike very easily. The seat is made and positioned in such a way that you feel comfortable right when you get on your bike.

Recumbent bike seats are made up of a variety of materials. It can be made from hard plastic, or it can also be padded with other types of materials. A lot of people think hard plastic seats are very comfortable. That is a complete misconception, and you will find out for yourself if you give them a try. These seats come with a convenient design and are adequate in providing much needed back support. They also come with textured vents so that the seat does not get too hot while exercising. Cushioned or padded seats are a great choice for riders who are dealing with lower back issues. Which one you choose is completely up to you and your riding style.

Many other features add to the comfort of recumbent bikes. Recumbent bikes these days come with cooling fans, bottle holders, Bluetooth connectivity, sound system, and accessory or tablet holder so that you can go online or watch your favorite shows while exercising.

4. Adjustability

In general, all recumbent bikes these days are equipped with adjustable resistance. However, the number of resistance levels differ from one model to another. Also, you should get a recumbent bike that comes with an adjustable seat. The seat can be moved both forward and backward according to your preference. This is a huge advantage as you can adjust the seat to give yourself more room for your legs. Also, if you are willing to pay more, premium models allow you to adjust the seat angle.

Most recumbent bikes come with fixed handlebars. But there are also bikes available with movable handlebars that will allow you to get a full-body workout. So depending on the type of workout you want to execute, you should make your choice accordingly.

5. Maintenance

Usually, recumbent bikes do not require much maintenance. The internal components are assembled and lubricated straight from the factory before they are delivered to your doorstep. All you need to do to keep your recumbent bike in good shape is to make sure that it stays clean. Also, if your recumbent bike comes with a digital display or console then you should ensure that it does not get wet and stays dry at all times.

Our Top Pick(s)

Out of all the products from our list, we found that the 3G Cardio RB Recumbent Exercise Bike is the best one due to its excellent looks, superior amazing console, and tremendous warranty. That is why we have picked this saddle as ourOverall Best Choice”.

3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent Exercise Bike

Great Look, Ergonomic Design, Amazing Console | Overall Best Choice

The 3G Elite RB can be used both for exercising at home or commercially at the gym. The frame is very sturdy and can handle riders with high weights. It is built like that so it can provide stability no matter how fast you ride. The seat happens to be very wide and very comfortable. It is highly adjustable so you can move it in any direction you want. The 3G Elite comes with heart rate sensors so you can keep track of your fitness levels so you can exercise accordingly to reach tremendous productivity. The 3G Cardio RB is our overall best choice and is guaranteed to give you the best experience.

  • Model: Elite RB
  • Resistance Type: Magnetic Resistance
  • Resistance Levels: 16 Levels
  • Console Display: LCD With Blue LED Backlight
  • Handlebars: Fixed With Pulse Sensors
  • Assembled Size: 49″ x 27″ x 43″
  • Amenities: Bottle Holder, Accessory Holder, Tablet Shelf
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs

A quick view of our list of the best commercial recumbent exercise bike that we have selected for you:

BikeWeight (lbs)Our Ratings
3G Cardio Elite RB11593
Star Trac S-RBx21293
CYBEX 750R17892
Precor RBK 83521091
Spirit Fitness XBR5513990
Schwinn 23081.688
NordicTrack NTEX76016 Commercial Vr2114987
Nautilus R61889.587
LifeSpan R5i14686
Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Bike11286
Stamina Elite12183
Circuit Fitness Magnetic Bike99.278

12 Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bikes You can Buy today

BikePreviewModelResistance TypeResistance LevelsConsole DisplayHandlebarsAssembled SizeAmenitiesWeightMaximum User Weight
3G Cardio Elite RB3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent Exercise Bike - FreeSync FTMS Bluetooth Smart App Connectivity - Compact 49' (L) - Oversized Soft 4-Way Adj. Seat - 350 lb Cap. - Low Step-Thru Design - Commercial GradeElite RBMagnetic Resistance16 LevelsLCD display With Blue LED BacklightFixed With Pulse Sensors49″ x 27″ x 43″Bottle Holder, Accessory Holder, Tablet Shelf115 lbs350 lbs
Star Trac S-RBxRecumbent Bikes - Star Trac S-RBxS-RBxMagnetic Resistance20 Levels15” HD LCD DisplayFront-Mounted With Pulse Sensors66″ x 28″ x 53″Cooling Fan, Armrests212 lbs350 lbs
CYBEX 750RCYBEX 750R Recumbent Exercise Bike750RHybrid Eddy Current BrakeSplit-level amber LEDFront-Mounted With Pulse Sensors63.5″ x 25″ x 49.5″Two-Speed Fan178 lbs400 lbs
Precor RBK 835Precor RBK 835 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise BikeRBK 835Magnetic Resistance25 LevelsLarge LED DisplayFixed Handlebars67″ x 23″ x 50″Accessory Holder210 lbs350 lbs
Spirit Fitness XBR55Spirit Fitness XBR55 Recumbent BikeXBR55Electronically-Controlled Magnetic Brake20 Levels7.5″ Bright Blue Backlit LCD ScreenPulse Grip Handles57″ x 30″ x 50″139 lbs350 lbs
Schwinn 230SCHWINN Fitness 230 Recumbent Bike230Eddy Current Brake20 LevelsDual Track 2 LCD Window64″ x 27.7″ x 49.9″Cooling Fans, Bottle & Accessory holder81.6 lbs300 lbs
NordicTrack NTEX76016 Commercial Vr21NordicTrack Commercial VR21 Smart Recumbent Exercise Bike with 25 Digital Resistance Levels, Compatible with iFIT Personal TrainingNTEX76016 Commercial Vr21Magnetic Resistance25 Levels5” Backlit DisplayFixed With Pulse Grips61.1” x 24.2” x 54.6”Bottle & Tablet Holder, Integrated Fan149 lbs350 lbs
NautilusNautilus R618 Recumbent BikeR618Eddy Current25 LevelsTwo LCD Displays with Blue LED BacklightFixed With Pulse Grips67.3” x 26.4” x 48.8”Sound system,cooling fan, media tray, USB port, bottle holder89.5 lbs325 lbs
LifeSpan R5iLifeSpan Fitness Recumbent Bike LifeSpan R5i Recumbent Stationary Bike, BlackR5iMagnetic – Eddy Current16 levelsMulti-color LCD DisplayFixed With Pulse Grips70” x 27.5” x 44.5”Molded Armrests146 lbs400 lbs
Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic BikeSunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike, Self-Powered Cycling for USB Charging Function with Easy Adjustable Seat and Device Holder | SF-RB4880SF-RB4880Magnetic Resistance24 LevelsLCD DisplayFixed With Pulse Sensors66” x 26” x 44.5”Built in speakers, Device holder112 lbs300 lbs
Stamina EliteStamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike with Arm Workout - Recumbent Cross Trainer with Smart Workout App for Home Workout - Up to 250 lbs Weight CapacityElite Total BodyMagnetic Resistance8 LevelsMulti-function Electronic DisplayMovable Hand & Foot Pedals52” x 24” x 49”121 lbs250 lbs
Circuit Fitness Magnetic BikeCircuit Fitness Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike with 15 Workout Programs, LCD and Heart Rate MonitorAMZ-587REddy Current24 LevelsLCD DisplayFixed with Pulse Sensors55” x 24.8” x 48.5”USB charging port, sound system, bottle & a foldable tablet holder99.2 lbs300 lbs

1. 3G Cardio Elite RB recumbent bike: Great Look, Ergonomic Design, Amazing Console | Overall Best Choice

3G Cardio Elite RB
  • Model: Elite RB
  • Resistance Type: Magnetic Resistance
  • Resistance Levels: 16 Levels
  • Console Display: LCD With Blue LED Backlight
  • Handlebars: Fixed With Pulse Sensors
  • Assembled Size: 49″ x 27″ x 43″
  • Amenities: Bottle Holder, Accessory Holder, Tablet Shelf
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Looks Incredible: The Cardio Elite RB features a great looking design that will improve the overall appearance of your gym and can also increase your motivation.
  • Console: The LCD Console provides countdown settings for time, heart rate, distance, and calories. It tracks these using EKG sensors and integrated resistance controls on the handlebars attached to the seats.
  • Q Factor: The narrow Q factor length that exists between the two pedals allows it to provide a very ergonomic ride.
  • Transportation Wheels: The commercial recumbent bike comes with transport wheels located at the front and a transport handle at the rear base to provide ease of use.
  • Color: The 3G Elite RB is available in Gray & Silver.
  • Accessories: The package also includes a user manual and required tools for assembly.
  • Warranty: The Elite RB offers a commercial warranty of 3 years for parts and 1 year for labor. It also offers a residential warranty of 7 years for parts and 1 year for labor.

Some Weaknesses
  • This recumbent bike does not offer a cooling fan, sound system nor any type of online connectivity.

The 3G Cardio RB  is a high-quality exercise bike to use for both residential and light commercial purposes. It is essential for leading a healthy lifestyle. This model will be able to fit most riders as it has a maximum rider weight of 350 lbs. The structural frame is made very well to provide added stability. Also for you to ride safely, the pedals are equipped with toe straps. Its seat is oversized and offers maximum comfort. To add to that, the seat is also quite adjustable and can be shifted in the directions: front, back, up, and down. The heart sensors are effective in monitoring the heart rate. You can also use heart rate related programs on this bike. This recumbent bike supports wireless telemetry and is also accompanied by a heart strap that works wirelessly. The Elite has terrific customer feedback and reviews. It also comes with one of the greatest warranties available in the market. Our testers have confirmed that it performs relatively quietly, also it is sturdy and extremely easy to use. 3G Cardio Elite RB is one of our top picks for heavy-duty recumbent exercise bikes.

3G Cardio Elite RB Exercise Bike

3G Cardio Elite RB Exercise Bike

2. Star Trac S-RBx recumbent bike: Dual Platform Pedals, Preset Programs, Adjustable Seat

Star Trac S-RBx
  • Model: S-RBx
  • Resistance Type: Magnetic Resistance
  • Resistance Levels: 20 Levels
  • Console Display: 15” HD LCD Display
  • Handlebars: Front-Mounted With Pulse Sensors
  • Assembled Size: 66″ x 28″ x 53″
  • Amenities: Cooling Fan, Armrests
  • Weight: 212 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Preset Programs: There are already 10 preset programs on the bike when it arrives at your doorstep. You can benefit a lot from all these programs. Moreover, you can also make your own program to have the perfect fitness workout.
  • Adjustable Seat: The seat comes with a practical design and it just wraps around your sit bones. You can also adjust the seat to allow yourself more access and change the seat position to find the most comfortable one.
  • LCD Display: The bike comes with a big 15” HD display that will allow you to keep track of everything you need to know. Stay updated on your progress of the workout sessions by watching all your stats on the big screen including speed, distance, time, and even your heart rate.
  • Dual Platform Pedals: The dual-platform pedals have straps that are designed like that of skates. This helps to provide you with the option to perform securely while you workout.
  • Color: This bike is available only in Black.
  • Accessories: This package also includes assembly tools and an instruction manual.
  • Warranty: Star Trac S-RBx Recumbent Bike provides a lifetime warranty on frame, 3-year warranty on parts, and labor.

Some Weaknesses
  • This excellent recumbent bike comes at a very high price.

The Star Trac S-RBx is a great choice for your gym or studio. It is well worth it if you are willing to pay the price. It is a premium recumbent exercise bike that comes with top-level features. It is fairly easy to set up and so you should not face any trouble during the assembly process. This recumbent exercise bike is quite comfortable and the seat is highly adjustable. You can easily adjust it using the lever that is located on the front side of the seat. The armrests of the seat can be flipped upwards so that you can get it out of the way when you mount on or off the bike. Also, this package is available with a great warranty so you can purchase it with full confidence and stay relaxed. So if this is what you are looking for, go and get it right now!

Star Trac S-RBx Recumbent Bike

Star Trac S-RBx Recumbent Bike

3. CYBEX 750R recumbent bike: Single Stage Drive, Seat Engineering, Pedal Design

  • Model: 750R
  • Resistance Type: Hybrid Eddy Current Brake With Brushless Internal Generator
  • Console Display: Split-level amber LED with dot-matrix messaging bar
  • Handlebars: Front-Mounted With Pulse Sensors
  • Assembled Size: 63.5″ x 25″ x 49.5″
  • Amenities: Two-Speed Fan
  • Weight: 178 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 400 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Pedal Design: The pedals of this exercise bike are exceptionally wide and are designed to be double-sided. This allows them to accommodate your foot properly no matter what size you are. Also, the adjustable pull strap closure system provides ease of use and security.
  • Seat Engineering: The Cybex 750R seat back is designed to accommodate holes to provide optimized ventilation so that you can stay cool on both short and long rides.
  • Single Stage Drive: This bike features a single-stage drive with self-tensioning abilities and an eddy-current resistance system. This helps to offer a wide resistance range and a superior operation.
  • Handlebars: The multi-position handlebars offer a very comfortable position to keep your hands. The grips on the handlebars can track your heart rate.
  • Transport Wheels: This Cybex recumbent exercise bike comes with front wheels so that you can easily roll it and move it around.
  • Color: The Cybex 750R is available in Silver, White, Black, Platinum Sparkle, Metaltone Gold, and Black Chrome.
  • Accessories: The package also includes an optional AC adapter.
  • Warranty: Cybex provides a warranty of 10 years for the structural frame, 3 years for the parts, 1 year for labor, 120 days for other miscellaneous parts.

Some Weaknesses
  • The price of this product is in the higher range of commercial recumbent exercise bikes.

The CYBEX 750R is a premium choice when it comes to commercial recumbent bikes. This machine comes with three different types of resistance. These types include the Bike Mode, which replicates the act of riding your bike outside, then you have the Constant Power which includes nine programs. In this mode, you ride the bike at a speed that you will choose and the bike will keep a fixed workload. Finally, you have the Isokinetic mode, where you get the chance to pick your desired RPM while the exercise bike picks the resistance you will ride to. It offers robustness, durability, exceptional comfort, and consistent performance even for rough use. It is an excellent cardiovascular trainer that reflects the company’s long heritage of applying exercise science to rehabilitation equipment. If the deciding factor for your new exercise bike is not about money then you cannot get anything better than the Cybex 750R.

CYBEX 750R Commercial Exercise Bike

CYBEX 750R Commercial Excercise Bike

4. Precor RBK 835 recumbent bike: Proprietary Innovations, Commercial Design, Great Bearings

Precor RBK 835
  • Model: RBK 835 Commercial Series
  • Resistance Type: Magnetic Resistance
  • Resistance Levels: 25 Levels
  • Console Display: Large LED Display
  • Handlebars: Fixed Handlebars
  • Assembled Size: 67″ x 23″ x 50″
  • Amenities: Accessory Holder
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Commercial Design: This recumbent bike is designed to provide easy mounting, also offers dual-sided pedals and a ventilated Airflex seat. This makes the bike very durable and well designed.
  • Proprietary Innovations: It comes with features such as the seat which includes a ventilated panel and an exclusive suspension system. This helps to keep you cool at all times. Also, you can easily adjust your seat using only one hand.
  • P31 LED Console: The P31 LED console comes with motion controls that are quite simple and straightforward, and a top of the line LED console which provides crucial fitness data for you to stay informed and updated.
  • Portability: This recumbent exercise bike is fitted with integrated transport wheels that can be used to move it around if you would like to relocate it.
  • Color: The RBK 835 is available in Gloss Metallic Silver & Black Pearl.
  • Warranty: Precor offers a warranty of 7 years for the structural frame and 1 year for labor.

Some Weaknesses
  • This commercial recumbent exercise bike does not come with a built-in cooling fan.

The Precor RBK 835 can be found in many gyms across the country due to its superior performance and quality. Our testers found the comfort and ergonomics of this bike to be just right. The vented seat back and the area where your elbows rest is nice and gives quite the leverage. The RBK 835 comes with a design that has made this model popular among riders of all age groups. Mainly, the quick and easy seat adjustment has made it a piece of daily exercise equipment for many households and gyms. And the air flex seat equipped with ventilation offers impeccable comfort. So if you want to enrich your exercise sessions, get this recumbent bike today!

Precor RBK 835 Exercise Bike

Precor RBK 835 Exercise Bike

5. Spirit Fitness XBR55 recumbent bike: Spirit Fit App, Seat Adjustment, Excellent Console

Spirit Fitness XBR55 Recumbent Bike
  • Model: XBR55
  • Resistance Type: Electronically-Controlled Magnetic Brake
  • Resistance Levels: 20 Levels
  • Console Display: 7.5″ LCD Screen
  • Handlebars: Pulse Grip Handles
  • Assembled Size: 57″ x 30″ x 50″
  • Weight: 139 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Excellent Console: This recumbent bike comes with a 7.5” LCD screen that conveniently displays 9 pieces of data at a time to keep you informed and motivated.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: You can use a wireless chest strap heart rate transmitter and also use the built-in heart rate pulse grips to help keep your workouts safe and effective.
  • Seat Adjustment: The seat of this recumbent exercise bike is absolutely amazing. It offers you to easily make seat adjustments in all directions. You can also recline your seat backward to enjoy backrest positions while you exercise.
  • Spirit Fit App: Spirit allows you to track and save your workouts by providing you free access to their very own Spirit Fit App. Also, the exercise bike is compatible with Zwift which turns indoor training into a game.
  • Color: This tremendous recumbent exercise bike is available only in Black.
  • Accessories: The package also includes a wireless chest strap to measure your heart rate.
  • Warranty: Spirit provides a lifetime warranty for the frame and brake, 10 years warranty for parts, and 1 year for labor.

Some Weaknesses
  • You cannot use any other apps when you use the Spirit Fit App on your phone.

The Spirit Fitness XBR55 is a recumbent bike that is mostly preferred for residential use. It comes with an eddy current automatic resistance system, a high-comfort seat with a reclining backrest. It also has a console that comes with 10 workout programs. The console also has online connectivity via Bluetooth and is compatible with the Spirit FIT app. Although it’s a recumbent exercise bike primarily utilized in residential premises, it definitely offers the sturdiness and quality of at least a light-commercial model. It’s an excellent trainer for light to intense cardio workouts, interval training, stamina development, weight loss, and recovery training. So if you think this is something that will help you reach your fitness goals, you should get it without a second doubt!

Spirit Fitness XBR55 Recumbent Bike

Spirit Fitness XBR55 Recumbent Bike

6. Schwinn 230 recumbent bike: Digitally Controlled Resistance, Excellent Seat, High Inertia Drive System

Schwinn 230
  • Model: 230
  • Resistance Type: Eddy Current Brake
  • Resistance Levels: 20 Levels
  • Console Display: Dual Track Two LCD Window
  • Assembled Size: 64″ x 27.7″ x 49.9″
  • Amenities: Accessory Tray, Cooling Fans, Water bottle holder
  • Weight: 81.6 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Drive System & Flywheel: The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike comes with a high speed, high inertia drive system with a perimeter weighted flywheel for a smooth, and consistent workout.
  • Display Features: The DualTrack 2 LCD window system comes with USB connectivity, 9 profile programs, 4 heart rate programs, 2 fitness tests, 2 user profiles.
  • Excellent Bike Seat: The seat of this recumbent exercise bike has a high back to give lumbar support, and the seatback is ventilated to help you keep cool. Also, to fit users up to 6 feet tall, the seat can be moved backward or forward along its metal rail.
  • Digitally Controlled Resistance: A 13.2-lb flywheel system provides resistance. With digital controls, you can alternate among 20 settings, or let the resistance be controlled entirely by a preset program.
  • Color: This recumbent exercise bike is available only in Black.
  • Warranty: Schwinn provides a warranty of 10 years for the frame, 2 years for mechanical issues, 1 year for electronics, and 90 days for labor.

Some Weaknesses
  • This exercise bike is not meant for riders over six feet tall.
  • The seat is not cushioned but you can easily add a pillow or gel pad.

The Schwinn 230 is an excellent, mid-range, name-brand piece of exercise equipment that has everything you need to get toned and lose weight, and doing it all in maximum comfort. While the 230 Recumbent Bike is a slimmed-down model of the higher-end 270 Schwinn model, it still outranks other recumbent bikes in this price range. This recumbent exercise bike is almost identical to the higher-end Schwinn model. You get the connectivity of mobile devices and the ability to access Schwinn Connect. This kind of slimmed-down recumbent bike is often the way to go especially if you are not in desperate need of Bluetooth or overkill of resistance levels and workout programs.

Schwinn 230 Exercise Bike

Schwinn 230 Exercise Bike

7. NordicTrack NTEX76016 Vr21 recumbent bike: iFit Coach Ready, Extra Wide Pedals, Self-Adjusting Fan

NordicTrack NTEX76016 Vr21
  • Model: NTEX76016 Commercial Vr21
  • Resistance Type: Magnetic Resistance
  • Resistance Levels: 25 Levels
  • Console Display: 5” Backlit Display
  • Handlebars: Fixed With Pulse Grips
  • Assembled Size: 61.1” x 24.2” x 54.6”
  • Amenities: Water bottle & Tablet Holder, Integrated Fan
  • Weight: 149 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 350 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • High-Quality Seat: This recumbent bike consists of a seat that is highly comfortable and it provides a lot of support for your back. It is also ventilated and is adjustable to accommodate different riders.
  • iFit Coach: You can connect the bike with iFit Coach with your smartphone or tablet. The iFit Coach membership provides a lot of features including personalized training, simulated rides using Google Maps, and workout statistics along with many more.
  • Self-Adjusting Fan: This bike comes with the exclusive AutoBreeze workout fans. These fans automatically adjust their speeds to how aggressive you are working out. Of course, you also have the option to keep the speed at a fixed rate.
  • Extra-Wide Pedals: The foot pedals are extra-wide for comfort and have adjustable straps for stability.
  • Transport Wheels: There are transport wheels on this exercise bike. Therefore, you can easily relocate it when necessary.
  • Color: The NordicTrack NTEX76016 Commercial Vr21 Recumbent Bike is available in Black.
  • Warranty: NordicTrack provides a home warranty of 10 years which covers the frame, 2 years covers the parts, and labor is for 1 year.

Some Weaknesses
  • The 1-year labor warranty is a bit short.
  • It requires a lot of maintenance.

The NordicTrack NTEX76016 VR21 is easy to use and handles all the way up to 350 lbs. It is the perfect choice for riders who want to train along with proper guidelines and workout plans. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for beginners. It is also great for people who need to engage in exercise for physical rehabilitation. Compared with other affordable recumbent bikes, the VR21 is above average in many ways. One important point is that the resistance system is very smooth for the price class. It features 25 levels of digital resistance from a 20 lb. flywheel. Also, the key to this bike’s appeal is the 32 onboard workout programs and iFit Coach readiness.

NordicTrack NTEX76016 Commercial Vr21 Recumbent Bike

NordicTrack NTEX76016 Vr21 Commercial Recumbent Bike

8. Nautilus R618 recumbent bike: Solid Frame, Maximum Comfort, Bluetooth Connectivity

Nautilus R618
  • Model: R618
  • Resistance Type: Eddy Current
  • Resistance Levels: 25 Levels
  • Console Display: Two LCD Displays with Blue LED Backlight
  • Handlebars: Fixed With Pulse Grips
  • Assembled Size: 67.3” x 26.4” x 48.8”
  • Amenities: Sound system, cooling fan, media tray, USB port, bottle holder
  • Weight: 89.5 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 325 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Solid Frame: This recumbent exercise bike comes with a sturdy frame, with robust construction, and is capable of handling riders who weigh up to 325 lbs.
  • Maximum Comfort: The bike has a huge seat that consists of a broad gel cushioning to provide superior comfort. Also, it has a reclining vented backrest that makes sure that there is no overheating and ensures proper blood circulation.
  • Connectivity: It comes with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect it to your electronic devices. It is also compatible with the Nautilus Trainer app, MyFitnessPal, NautilusConnect, and RideSocial.
  • Console Features: The angle-adjustable console display comes with a LED backlight so that you can read the screen easily. It will help you keep track of your workout and fitness progress.
  • Color: This recumbent exercise bike is available only in Black.
  • Accessories: The package also includes a wireless heart rate chest strap.
  • Warranty: Nautilus provides a warranty of 15 years for the frame, 3 years for parts, 3 years for electronics, and 1 year for labor.

Some Weaknesses
  • If you put your tablet on the tablet holder, you will not be able to see the top display.
  • The cooling fan of this bike is not very effective.

The Nautilus R618 is the top of the line exercise bike from Nautilus. Recumbent bikes have back support and are easier to mount. The Nautilus R618 will provide a low impact cardiovascular workout with low impact on your joints. The Nautilus brand of bikes is a well-known quality brand. The Nautilus R618 features a balanced flywheel, which creates a secure, quiet, vibration-free workout. The assembly process is quite easy and you will have no trouble at all getting it up and running in no time. So if you are looking for a bike such as this one, we can assure you that you won’t regret buying it.

Nautilus R618 Exercise Bike

Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series (R618)

9. LifeSpan R5i recumbent bike: Excellent Cushioning, Quiet Performance, Self-Generating Power System

LifeSpan R5i
  • Model: R5i
  • Resistance Type: Magnetic – Eddy Current
  • Resistance Levels: 16 Levels
  • Console Display: Multi-color LCD Display
  • Handlebars: Fixed With Pulse Grips
  • Assembled Size: 70” x 27.5” x 44.5”
  • Amenities: Molded Armrests
  • Weight: 146 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 400 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Excellent Cushioning: This recumbent stationary bike is oversized so you will have no problem fitting on this bike. Also, it comes with molded foam seat cushioning to provide you the most comfort.
  • Backrest & Armrest: This recumbent bike also provides you comfort with its flexible & breathable backrest and molded armrests that come with integrated heart rate sensors.
  • Quiet & Power-free: This bike runs on a self-generating power system which allows it to be very quiet and does not require any power cord or batteries.
  • Easy to Use: The LifeSpan R5i is very easy to set up and use. It is also equipped with transport wheels to provide easy mobility.
  • Exercise Programs: The tremendous multi-color LCD comes with 34 exercise programs, 4 heart rate training programs, and 2 custom user programs.
  • Color: The LifeSpan R5i is available only in Black.
  • Warranty: LifeSpan provides a warranty of 5 years for the frame and 2 years for labor.

Some Weaknesses
  • This exercise bike has a lot of plastic parts which is not preferred by many users.

The LifeSpan R5i  is an incredible combination of durability, high quality, and of course comfort. It can be used both for your home and commercial gym or studio. As mentioned earlier, this exercise bike’s seat comes with integrated heart rate sensors on its armrests. Therefore, you can track your heart rate all the time during your workouts without the hassle of wearing a heart rate chest strap. As this exercise bike generates its own power, it is a much greener and convenient choice. Also, as you don’t need a power cord you can move it easily and you don’t need to put it near an electric outlet. So you can start moving toward a healthier version of yourself with the R5i stationary exercise bike from LifeSpan.

LifeSpan R5i Exercise Bike

LifeSpan R5i Exercise Bike

10. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic  recumbent bike: Performance Monitor, Pulse Sensors, Optimum Protection

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Bike
  • Model: SF-RB4880
  • Resistance Type: Magnetic Resistance
  • Resistance Levels: 24 Levels
  • Console Display: LCD Display
  • Handlebars: Fixed With Pulse Sensors
  • Assembled Size: 66” x 26” x 44.5”
  • Amenities: Built-in speakers, a device holder
  • Weight: 112 lbs.
  • Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs.

Features & Considerations
  • Pulse Sensors: This recumbent bike is equipped with two pulse sensors at the level of the seat. They are very easy to hold on to while you ride the bike. You can keep track of your heart rate and other statistics using the pulse sensors.
  • Seat Features: The bike seat is very wide and comes with back support that is equipped with mesh. Also, it has the patented easy seat adjustment. You can quickly adjust your seat without even having to get off the bike.
  • Performance Monitor: With the performance monitor you can track your workout session’s rpm, distance, time, calories burned, speed, wattage, and pulse. Also, you can use the resistance dial to accurately set the resistance level.
  • Optimum Protection: Its foot pedals are textured and anti-slip which make sure that your feet stay on the pedals at all times and also maintains a proper grip. It also has foot straps to keep your feet in place while you work out.
  • Transportation: There are transportation wheels in place to provide easy portability. So you can just tilt and roll the equipment to store it after use.
  • Color: The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike is available only in Gray.
  • Warranty: Sunny Health & Fitness provides a warranty of 3 years for the structural frame and 180 days for other parts and components.

Some Weaknesses
  • The bike can be a bit noisy sometimes.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4880 is the latest recumbent bike from the brand released in 2019. Even though it falls within the heavy-duty category, it still meets the standards of a light commercial exercise bike. It has a resistance system that is self-powered and also runs on a magnetic motor. The resistance controls on this bike are automatic. The main body of the bike comes pre-assembled. The full assembly process may take more than an hour. However, the task is fairly easy to carry out. The manual provides very clear assembly instructions and schematics. Its console also has a sound system, a tablet holder, and a USB charging port. It’s a sturdy bike, great for light to mid-range cardio workouts, interval training, stamina development, recovery training, muscle toning, and weight loss.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Exercise Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Exercise Bike

11. Stamina Elite recumbent bike: Full Body Workout, Quiet Performance, Comfortable Seat

Stamina Elite Recumbent Bike
  • Model: Elite Total Body
  • Resistance Type: Magnetic Resistance
  • Resistance Levels: 8 Levels
  • Console Display: Multi-function Display
  • Handlebars: Movable Hand & Foot Pedals
  • Assembled Size: 52” x 24” x 49”
  • Weight: 121 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 250 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Full Body Workout: The Stamina Elite Total Body includes both upper hand pedals and lower foot pedals for a full body workout.
  • Structural Frame: This recumbent bike comes with a strong & sturdy steel frame that will provide you with very stable performance and serve you well for years to come.
  • Quiet Performance: It comes with eight levels of smooth, and adjustable magnetic resistance with easy to reach tension dial. Due to the magnetic resistance, the bike offers totally quiet performance.
  • Comfortable Seat: The seat is comfortable as it is padded very well. Also, you can adjust the seat to the position which you find most comfortable during your exercise session.
  • Electronic Display: The Multi-function display keeps track of distance, heart rate, calories, time, and speed so that you can stay up to date with your overall fitness.
  • Color: The Stamina Elite Total Body is available only in White.
  • Warranty: Stamina provides a 5-year warranty for the frame and a 90 days warranty for parts.

Some Weaknesses
  • This recumbent bike is quite difficult to put together even with the tools provided.

The Stamina Elite is just what you need if you want to have an effective and productive workout session. The Elite Total Body is made to execute exactly what it is called and that is to provide you with a complete body workout. That’s right, it works out your whole body. This exercise bike also offers an excellent cardio workout that will surely boost your cardiovascular and metabolic levels. It is quite small in size and therefore will fit wherever you place it. Also, it is very stable even though it is small in size. So if you are planning to buy a new commercial recumbent exercise bike, the Stamina Total Body is your best bet!

Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

12. Circuit Fitness recumbent bike: Heavy Duty Construction, Workout Programs, Track Your Progress

Circuit Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike
  • Model: AMZ-587R
  • Resistance Type: Eddy Current
  • Resistance Levels: 24 Levels
  • Console Display: LCD Display
  • Handlebars: Fixed with Pulse Sensors
  • Assembled Size: 55” x 24.8” x 48.5”
  • Amenities: USB charging port, sound system, bottle, and a foldable tablet holder
  • Weight: 99.2 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Solid Construction: This recumbent exercise bike features a steel frame of excellent quality that comes with a great design and provides superior performance. Its design allows you to get on and off the bike very quickly. The construction offers a lot of support for riders with a heavyweight.
  • Workout Programs: This recumbent bike is a great way to exercise no matter how skilled you are at it. It comes with fifteen workout programs that actually simulate bicycle riding on different types of terrains.
  • Tracking Your Progress: This recumbent bike is equipped with an LCD monitor. This monitor checks your distance, speed, time, and calories burned.
  • Handles & Pedals: This recumbent bike has textured pedals with straps to prevent your feet from sliding. Its two pairs of contoured handles allow for comfortable gripping when you’re sitting up or sitting further back during exercise.
  • Adjustable Seat: It also comes with a seat that is both adjustable and comes with proper padding. It can be shifted in all directions to provide you a comfortable seat according to your height.
  • Color: The Circuit Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike is available only in Black.
  • Warranty: Circuit Fitness provides a warranty of 2 years for the structural frame of this recumbent bike.

Some Weaknesses
  • The bike is not very accurate at measuring calories.
  • The bike’s console does not have telemetric capabilities and there is no online connectivity.

The Circuit Fitness AMZ-587R is mostly used in homes. It comes with a resistance system that runs on the eddy current, an excellent console, and great ergonomics. This exercise bike falls in the mid-range category. It is a great choice for rehabilitation, toning muscles, cardio workouts, interval, and weight loss training. Our testers had a blast while trying it out. It was easy to assemble by one person and it took about an hour. Although it’s not an exercise bike made for commercial use, it does have pretty robust construction, close at least to light-commercial models. It’s not exactly one of the most affordable recumbent bikes, however, it does offer excellent quality for the price.

Circuit Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Circuit Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should you choose indoor cycling?

Ans.: Indoor cycling is a great way to exercise and it can enhance your physical fitness by improving your cardiovascular levels and body strength. Indoor cycling classes are known to help improve your mood and offer you a healthy lifestyle.

Q2. Do recumbent bikes provide a good workout?

Ans.: A recumbent bike helps you to maintain and also improve your spinal posture. It is a great choice for people who are dealing with neurological conditions as recumbent bikes offer excellent exercise for everyone no matter how good or bad you are at cycling. It is very safe, secure, and provides a low impact full-body workout.

Q3. Recumbent bike vs. Upright bike—what are the key differences?

Ans.: The key difference between the two types of indoor cycling bikes is that when you ride an upright bike, you have to hunch over the bike’s handlebars. While with a recumbent bike you don’t have to hunch over and that is very good for your spinal posture. Upright bikes are more like traditional bikes while recumbent bikes are more relaxed and comfortable. A recumbent bike provides low impact exercise for your whole body and is a top choice for everyone. You can watch the video linked below to know more about these bikes:

Q4. Can you use a recumbent bike to rehab from an injury?

Ans.: Recumbent bikes are one of the best choices for physical therapy and rehabilitation. The design and construction of recumbent bikes allow them to be very user-friendly. They offer low impact workouts and so they apply very low stress on your body. They are also known to develop your muscles after you recover from your injury.

Q5. Can you lose weight on a recumbent bike?

Ans.: Yes, you can lose weight by exercising on a recumbent bike. If you workout on your recumbent bike regularly, you can lose up to 500 calories in a single day. Therefore, by exercising regularly you can burn up to 3500 calories in a week. So if you burn more calories than you eat, you can definitely shed weight.
You can watch this video to learn more about how to work out on a recumbent bike to lose weight:


Hopefully, you enjoyed reading our article and gained a lot of valuable information while doing so. If you are new to indoor cycling and cannot figure out which to choose, please feel free to choose one of the fantastic recumbent bikes from our article. You will have the best time exercising with one of these. Best of luck with your fitness journey! Thank you for reading this article. Take care!

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