7 Best Free Standing Bike Racks for 2 & 4 Bikes (Updated 2023)

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An indoor bike rack can make the life of a regular cyclist much easier. If you are an avid cyclist who enjoys cycling daily, then you will need some medium to store your bike inside your house or in your garage. These bike storage mediums are great for storing your bike with ease and safety. They also save the floor space where they are being kept so that you can organize other things very neatly and avoid any possibilities of injuries. There are a lot of variants of these bike storing mediums. The free-standing bike storage stand is one of them and in this article, we are going to review the free-standing racks that are made for storing 2 and 4 bikes.

Considerable Criteria Before Buying a Free-stand Bike Storage Stand

It doesn’t matter for a free-standing bike rack of how they look or how they keep your bikes, all it matters is you don’t need to worry about damaging your bikes. But you should choose an ideal free-standing bike rack that at least matches your decor. Free-standing bike racks always keep your bikes with a magnificent display. So, you don’t have to worry too much about how your bikes will look if you store them on a free-standing rack inside your living room. Just observe the stand is sturdy and strong enough to perfectly hold your bikes all the time.

Now, if you want to buy a free-standing bike rack from our list or if you already set up your desired rack in your mind, then there are some criteria that you need to consider –


As for the name goes, these bike racks don’t need anything to be mounted. These racks remain freely on the ground. You don’t have to drill your wall or ceiling to install these types of racks. Therefore, you can shift them from one place to another whenever you feel necessary. Some other types of racks look similar to free-standing bike racks and they are called the “Floor to Ceiling Rack”. As an example – the “Swagman Hang It” can be a very good example of these types of racks. Unlike free-standing bike racks, they do need some mounting screws to get themselves mounted on the ceiling. So, don’t get confused about thinking of a “Floor to Ceiling Rack” as a free-standing bike rack.

Available Space:

Most of the indoor bike racks are made on the basis of saving up your floor space. Indoor bike racks allow you to organize your bikes neatly and tidy. Most bike racks are designed to maintain the proper handling of the belongings in your garage and help you to save space when you store your bikes.

The free-standing bike racks tend to take more space than wall-mounted bike racks or ceiling-mount hook type bike racks. So, buy a free-standing bike rack judging by the available space that you have. Remember, no matter how compact the design of your free-standing bike rack is; it will still need some space in order to store your bikes. Although the gravity free-standing bike stands lean over the wall and sometimes you can mount them on the wall, they are not the most convenient types to save your ground space.


We just cannot throw away the budget when it comes to buying a free-standing bike rack. There is no point in choosing a fantastic indoor bike rack when the price is twice your expected amount. Hence you should always check your available fund for purchasing a bike rack before you even look at one.

Most of the free-standing bike racks in our list don’t cost a fortune and that’s what makes them ideal. All of our free-standing bike racks were designed to have some sort of merit and practicality. If you have a narrow budget and you are unable to find a desirable bike stand, then you should wait for some time until a new budget-friendly model comes out.

Installation Place:

Many people consider buying free-standing bike racks because they can be fitted in almost anywhere such as in your apartment, in your garage, in your bedroom, in the balcony, in the dorm room or in any other indoor places. Even if they require some space to stand, they provide a decent display like no other bike racks. You can put your pricey carbon frame or custom-paint bikes on this type of bike rack. So, when someone sees the stand holding your bikes, he can understand the love you have for cycling. And this type of display is only possible if you put the rack inside your apartment or in your living room.

Installation Process:

Free-standing bike racks have a very simple installation process. You don’t have to do a lot of drilling on the wall, you don’t have to shower the rack with mounting bolts and screws and you don’t have to use special tools to set up the whole rack. Free-standing bike racks require simple assembly that can be done by anyone. No matter how handy or novice you are, you can assemble the rack within a couple of minutes.

Most of the time, these racks come almost assembled. There might be a little bit of assembly for some free-standing bike racks, but it is not a big deal at all. You can always find an installation manual that will help you to install the rack easily. However, if you are unable to assemble the rack no matter how hard you try; there are always some installation videos you can find on the internet.


The protection of your bikes is obviously important. If the rack is unable to protect your bike frames and it scratches your bike’s paint, then it won’t be of any good. The supporting arms should have soft rubber cradles and they should be coated with protective vinyl or powder in order to protect your bike’s frame. A free-standing bike rack should provide the protection that is standard enough to make sure your bikes are not damaged while they are being stored.

You should also check your bikes shouldn’t slide off the stand easily and the supportive arms can keep them in place with sufficient friction. The higher the rack hangs your bikes, the higher the possibility of getting your bikes and wall damaged. Also, make sure there is sufficient space between each bike so that they don’t collide.

When your stand can store 4 bikes, it won’t be common that you will always be the only one who loads and unloads your bikes. There will be others who will be taking their bikes on and off. As a result, it will be unfortunate that you need to sacrifice a little when other people have the potential for damaging your bike at the time they load and unload their own bikes.

Other Features:

Some premium stands offer some outstanding features. It is usual that the more you will be spending on a product, the more qualities you should be getting from it. This is also common when you are buying a free-standing bike rack. Some of the free-standing bike racks have a super strong build quality that is not only made of steel, rather they are made of the combination of several materials. They offer Velcro straps to keep your bike steady in the place. There are soft rubber arms that promise no damage on the bike’s surface. For protective glossy powder coating, they can serve for quite a long time. These types of racks promote wide rubber-bases that prevent the racks from sliding. So, they are very reliable indeed to keep your bikes safe.

However, it is not always true the above features are only applicable for expensive bike racks. Some budget free-standing bike racks do offer these features and you can certainly find these types of racks from our selection.


Statistics indicate online reviews influence 90% of people and you might be one of them. When purchasing any product, you can start by looking at the customer’s reviews. There can be many online websites where you can find these reviews. For example – you can check the reviews of customers on Amazon. There are reviews with positive and negative aspects that you can find very helpful when you are thinking of buying a free-standing bike rack. So, it is worth giving a shot before you buy a free-standing bike rack for yourself.

Keep that in mind not all the reviews are appropriate. There can be different scenarios for different people and the reviews were made based on the situations. For example – if someone gets a damaged product, then it is not actually the fault of the product. The product can be damaged for any reason when it is being shipped. Again, there are some paid reviews that you need to be careful of. To avoid these types of reviews, you can check the social media sites and customer forums where you find genuine reviews from real buyers.

Tips for Buying a 2 Bike or 4 Bike Free-standing Rack

Do you get stressed searching for the perfect 2-bike or 4-bike free-standing rack? Because it might be common for you to get confused when your head is rolling over with doubts for the huge range of selections. When you are going to buy a free-standing rack for 2 or 4 bikes there may be a few possible questions that arise in your mind and we have brainstormed these questions. These questions may include the followings –

  • Do you really need a free-standing bike rack?
  • What are the advantages that you particularly want in a free-standing bike rack?
  • Is it worth investing your money in a free-standing bike rack?
  • Does your budget meet to buy a premium bike rack?
  • What are the major factors that influence you to buy these types of racks?
  • Should I go for a 2-bike or a 4-bike free-standing bike rack?
  • Is there sufficient space available to set up a free-standing bike rack?
  • What are the best 2-bike or 4-bike free-standing bike racks available in the market now?

We are quite certain you may have some other questions regarding this topic. But the main question is – Where can you find all the answers to these questions? Well, the best solution for finding all the answers would be researching various online resources. These sources can be of different forms like online forums, buying guides, product ratings and product reviews. Just make sure you read from trustworthy and reliable resources.

Our article reviews for the best 2 or 4-bike free-standing racks that can be found from online retailers and sellers. The information that we have provided in this article about the free-standing bike racks are all genuine and unbiased. Usually, our method of selecting products depends on these factors –

  • Features and specifications
  • Pros and cons of the product
  • Brand value
  • Product value
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Overall quality

We never forget to keep the information up-to-date. That is why we update our website from time to time and we provide information for each product as much as we can. So, you can put faith in our writings and reading these articles will be very beneficial for you.

Our Top Pick(s)

We had been conducting exclusive research for several hours to make a list of free-standing bike racks for storing 2 or 4 bikes. Now, we can successfully present you with the list of bike racks that we consider the best. Among all the racks, we want to designate theFeedback Sports Velo Cache as our “Overall Best Choice for 2 bikes” and Delta Cycle Michelangelo as our “Overall Best Choice for 4 bikes”.

Feedback Sports Velo Cache

Overall Best Choice for 2 bikes

The “Feedback Sports Velo Cache” is a great free-standing bike rack for 2 bikes with a sophisticated design that works as monumental when your bikes are stored. That is why it can suit you anywhere inside your house. With the capability of holding a huge variety of bikes, this rack protects the surface of your bike with its rubber holding arms. This rack has a premium build quality, made of Aluminum and the powder coating supports excellent permanency of this rack. This rack can be found in Black and Silver colors. So you will get to choose the one that suits your accommodation.

  • Style: Free Stand
  • Dimension (inch): 43 x 11 x 6
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 2
  • Total Weight Limit: 40 + 40 = 80 lbs

Delta Cycle Michelangelo

Overall Best Choice for 4 bikes

The “Delta Cycle Michelangelo” is an excellent bike rack for 4 bikes with a simple design. You can place the rack anywhere inside your house and it can suit almost any indoor place very well. This rack promotes simple and effortless installation and you can quickly install it with your hand. The arms are convenient for storing any type of bike. Keeps all your 4 bikes above the ground and maintains sufficient vertical space between each bike. As a result, this rack can become your ideal bike storage for providing enough ground clearance. It has a steel construction with silver or gray powder-coat finishing. It also has a 2-bike variant.

  • Style: Free Stand
  • Dimension (inch): 86 x 24 x 24
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 4
  • Total Weight Limit: 40 x 4 = 160 lbs

We have partitioned our list into 2 sections – one section is for the 2-bike racks and the other is one for the 4-bike racks. The overall selection includes the following racks:

Freestanding RackBike CapacitySpecialty
Feedback Sports Velo Cache2High-quality rack. Stores all types & sizes of bikes.
RaxGo Bike Storage Rack2Mightly anti-scratch arm. Holds any bikes of any sizes.
Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker2Upright freestanding rack. Heavy load carrier
Goplus Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand2Strong and durable. Carry 100 lbs.
Delta Cycle Michelangelo4E-Bike compatible
Racor PLB-4R Gravity Bike Rack4Easy assembly. Durable. Adjustable carrying arms.
CyclingDeal 4 Bike Freestanding Rack4Rubber wrapped holding arms.

7 best free standing bike racks for storing 2 and 4 bicycles

Like always, we have made this comparison table in order to help you out if you have a very limited time in your hand. And as usual, we don’t want you to roll over your eye-balls on the entire post instead, try to read it taking your time.

RackPreviewStyleBike CapacityTotal Weight Limit (lbs)Dimension (inch)Rack Weight (lbs)
Feedback Sports Velo CacheFeedback Sports Velo Cache 2 Bike Storage Rack, BlackFree Stand28043 x 11 x 623.2
RaxGo Bike Storage RackRaxGo Bike Garage Storage Rack, 2 Bicycle Garage Floor Stand, Foldable, Freestanding, Adjustable Hooks, For Mountain & Road bicycles, Universal For Indoor UseFree Stand29031.5 x 22.5 x 81.528.7
Thule BSTK2 Bike StackerThule BSTK2 Bike Stacker , BlackFree Stand27084 x 31 x 2124.7
Goplus Gravity Bike StandGoplus Gravity Bike Stand Adjustable Height Two-Bike Storage Rack Heavy Duty for Bicycle Parking, Garage Wall Stand Bike OrganizerGravity Free Stand210030 x 19 x 1920
Delta Cycle MichelangeloStanding Bike Rack by Delta Cycle - Tool-Free Adjustable Bike Floor Stand for Mountain, Fat Tire, Road Bikes, Freestanding Bike Stand for Garage ParkingFree Stand416086 x 24 x 2418
Racor PLB-4RRacor - PLB-4R, Bike Rack, Garage, 4 BikesFree Stand416038.9 x 22.4 x 824.4
CyclingDeal 4 Bike RackCyclingDeal 4 Bikes Hanger Parking Rack Floor Freestanding StandFree Stand416022 x 8 x 32.5

# Freestanding Bike Racks for Storing 2 Bikes

1. Feedback Sports Velo Cache: High-quality rack. Stores all types & sizes of bikes.

Feedback Sports Velo Cache
  • Style: Free Stand
  • Dimension (inch): 43 x 11 x 6
  • Weight (lbs): 23.2
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 2
  • Total Weight Limit: 40 + 40 = 80 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Sophisticated Design: The sophisticated design will provide a look great anywhere.
  • Rubber Holding Arms: Matte, glossy or any kind of bike-frames will be protected with the holding arms that are surrounded with rubber contact points.
  • Adjustable Cradle-arms: The height of the cradle arms can be independently adjusted to accommodate any sizes or types of bikes.
  • Bike Compatibility: This rack is a proper storage system for holding a cyclocross, mountain, road and electric bikes.
  • Stability: Strong three-legged design can keep any heavy bike stable.
  • Frame Compatibility: Bikes with any kind of frame can be adjusted with the frame-cradles.
  • Enhanced Mobility: No mounting screws or bolts are needed, this rack stands freely that enhances its mobility.
  • Build Quality: This rack has excellent permanency for its anodized Aluminum construction.
  • Colors: Available in Black and Silver color.
  • Feedback Sports pledges to provide a 3-year warranty with this rack.

Some Weaknesses
  • Unable to provide the desired stability when 2 mountain bikes are loaded on this rack.
  • The Philips head on the 1/4” bolt that comes with the rack may strip off.
  • The installation manual is very poor.

Three words define the Feedback Sports Velo Cache free stand bike rack. These words are – innovation, elegance and timeless design. This bike rack is a popular model from the Feedback Sports that has been ruling the bike rack market for a long time. The superb build quality of this product made it long-lasting. No more worries to store your heavy bikes, because this rack has a total weight limit of 80 lbs for 2 bikes. So, it can store any bike that weighs 40 lbs.

If you are looking forward to making your apartment, garage, living room, balcony a bit more elegant, then you can choose this bike rack. Anyone will get a delightful image by looking at the storage spot of this rack holding your bikes. People will get the idea about how much you care and love your bikes. If you think holding 2 bikes isn’t enough for you, then go for its Velo Cache Expansion Kit that will increase its loading capacity up to 4 bikes.

Feedback Sports Velo Cache

Feedback Sports Velo Cache

2. RaxGo Bike Storage Rack: Mightly anti-scratch arm. Holds any bikes of any sizes

RaxGo Bike Storage Rack
  • Style: Free Stand
  • Dimension (inch): 31.5 x 22.5 x 81.5
  • Weight (lbs): 28.7
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 2
  • Total Weight Limit: 45 + 45 = 90 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Easy Bike Storage: A simple design bike rack will work as an easy storage application for your bikes.
  • Bike Compatibility: A perfect bike rack for storing both men’s and women’s road, mountain, commuting, racing, cruiser and hybrid bicycles.
  • Anti-Scratch Arms: Protects your bikes from chipped paint and scratches, with its soft rubber cradles on the super-strong supporting arms.
  • Adjustable Knob: Easily adjust the height between the bikes by rotating its locking knob.
  • Mobility: If you need, you can move this rack from one room to another with any effort.
  • Space-Saving: Provides space-saving convenience anywhere it is placed such as a garage, shed, apartment or other indoor places.
  • No structure is needed: No supporting structure is required to assemble this rack as the crystal-clear instructions are easily understandable for both novice and professional users.
  • Fast and Easy Assembly: Only a 10 mm or adjustable wrench is required to mount this rack.
  • Solid Construction: Strong and sturdy steel construction that is shock-resistant and the powder-coating makes it long-lasting.
  • You get a limited one year warranty with this product.

Some Weaknesses
  • The corresponding parts of the base are too damn hard to assemble.
  • Some complained this rack cannot hold adult mountain bikes.
  • In some cases, the mounting bolts were found to be small enough to strip out.

The RaxGo Bike Storage Rack might come in handy if you live in a small apartment or you are planning to reclaim some space in your garage. This rack has many useful features such as a durable steel frame with a powder-coated finish, adaptable supporting arms, non-slip rubber cradles, adjustable sturdy legs to perfectly load 2 bikes of any shapes and sizes. This rack has an ample weight limit of 90 lbs, so you can store 2 bikes of 45 lbs each.

This rack promotes a fast and easy installation method and comes with an instruction manual that is full of handy diagrams. However, a 10 mm or an adjustable wrench is needed for the overall assembly. To perfectly fit any bike frame, rotate the locking knob and adjust the supportive arms by moving them up and down at a convenient position. You can not only store men’s commuter and mountain bikes but also hard-to-mount women’s and children’s bikes.

RaxGo Bike Storage Rack

RaxGo Bike Storage Rack

3. Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker: Upright freestanding rack. Heavy load carrier

Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker
  • Style: Free Stand
  • Dimension (inch): 84 x 31 x 21
  • Weight (lbs): 24.7
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 2
  • Total Weight Limit: 35 + 35 = 70 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Convenient Indoor Bike Storage: Works as a great indoor bike storage solution at your home or at your garage.
  • Paint Protection: The rubber holders are soft enough to keep your bike’s paint protected.
  • Adjustable Arms: Allows you to adjust your bikes at any height by independently moving each supporting arms up or down.
  • V-shape Bike Holders: Your bikes will remain fully cushioned with its v-shape plastic bike holders.
  • Build Quality: This rack has a very strong build quality that is made of 1” x 2” steel.
  • You can even store the heaviest of bicycles onto this rack.
  • ‘Thule’ will provide a limited lifetime warranty with this rack.

Some Weaknesses
  • If you consider storing a kids bike on this rack, then you should reconsider.
  • As for the price, this rack fails to provide the qualities.
  • The top section of this rack can not properly fasten with the lower section that shows its poor design.
  • The mounting bolts at the borderline may feel like they would easily stip out.

The Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker is a versatile bike storage solution. You hang bikes of any sizes and shapes and even some of the heavy bikes can be loaded on this rack. As it doesn’t require any type of drilling or inserting screws, you can place it anywhere inside your apartment, home or in your garage. For its 1 x 2” durable steel construction, it will not bend and the V-shape rubber holder promises to protect your bike-frames. This rack has the capacity to endure up to 70 lbs of weight where each bike weighs 35 lbs.

‘Thule’ was founded by the Thulin family in 1942 when the founder Erik Thulin made fishing gears for the Scandinavian fishermen. But it was not the only thing he made, he added many quality racks and other automobile accessories to his company’s portfolio. His business grew along with his success by gaining huge profits over the years. The company is always active to develop smart solutions that will make the lives of outdoor lovers a bit easier and safer.

Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker

Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker

4. Goplus Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand: Strong and durable. Carry 100 lbs.

Goplus Gravity Bike Stand
  • Style: Gravity Free Stand
  • Dimension (inch): 30 x 19 x 19
  • Weight (lbs): 20
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 2
  • Total Weight Limit: 50 + 50 = 100 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Adjustable Height: There are height-adjusting holes in the main standpipe that will allow you to adjust a suitable height so that the bikes don’t overlap each other.
  • Real Space Saver: In order to occupy, this rack will reduce the area with full efficiency for making the room more spacious.
  • Special Shape: This rack has a U-shaped chassis and designed with a double-layer structure.
  • Excessive Load Bearing Ability: For its strong structure, it can afford a total weight of 100 lbs.
  • Grooved Hook: Glue-covered hooks will prevent your bikes from slipping.
  • Great Stability: The structure includes polyline-type steel pipes that will prevent the rack from collapsing with the help of strong supporting force and gravity.
  • Strong Construction: The whole rack is constructed with a combination of Carbon and Steel.
  • Easy to clean: It is always easy to clean this rack as there are no dead angles.
  • Easy to transport: Because of the removable design, you can easily transport this rack.
  • Simple Assembly: A simple and clear user guide makes it very easy to assemble and dismantle this rack.
  • Rust-Resistant: Smooth black lacquer has sprayed over the surface of this rack to make it look glossy that also makes it rust-resistant.
  • You will be offered with a 100% warranty.

Some Weaknesses
  • As it leans over the wall, it may continue to slip over again and again.
  • The wall screw that comes with the bike might be too short to mount the rack.
  • In some cases, there isn’t enough vertical space to load two adult mountain bikes. For example – If you load a Diamondback (22” frame) and a GT mountain bike, the bikes will collide.

The Goplus Gravity Bike Stand provides an easy way to organize your bikes. If you are looking for a bike storage medium for family or commercial usage, you can consider this rack as your best partner. With a double layer construction, this stand has 4 height adjustable arms so you can easily load 2 bikes of any sizes and shapes. When you purchase this rack, you will be getting a package that includes –

1 x Bicycle Stand
1 x Mounting Screw
1 x User Guide

The special shape of this rack helps to avoid any kind of accidental collapse. With a rugged construction with carbon steel material, this rack will remain stable under excessive weight pressure. This rack has an outstanding weight-bearing ability as this rack can endure up to 100 lbs of weight. So, loading a heavy bike of 50 lbs won’t be a problem. It comes with a mounting screw. The rack will provide greater stability if you mount it with this screw on the wall. Black lacquer has been sprayed over the surface of this rack to provide service for a long time.

Goplus Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand

Goplus Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand

# Freestanding Bike Racks for 4 Bikes

5. Delta Cycle Michelangelo: E-Bike compatible

Delta Cycle Michelangelo
  • Style: Free Stand
  • Dimension (inch): 86 x 24 x 24
  • Weight (lbs): 18
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 4
  • Total Weight Limit: 40 x 4 = 160 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Quick and Simple Installation: Simply just lean the rack onto the wall and that’s it.
  • Infinitely Adjustable Arms: These arms are adjustable to fit any type of bike.
  • Build Quality: Constructed with Steel and coated with Silver or hammer-tone Grey powder.
  • Instant Adjustability: The padded hooks can move independently for instant adjustment of any bike.
  • Convenient Space: You can place this rack on any convenient space such as in your bedroom or in the garage.
  • Stays steady and stable with your bikes for its rubber sleeves.
  • This rack is guaranteed for a lifetime by “Delta”.

Some Weaknesses
  • Difficult to install sometimes as the holes on the body-parts may not align properly.
  • If the fell gets slippery, it can slide back and forward.
  • Bikes with flat tube-bars might not get enough clearance.
  • The bike may seem to be cranky when all the 4 bikes are mounted on it.

The Delta Cycle Michelangelo can be one of the promising bike racks if you are planning to store 4 bikes. For its simple design and simple assembly, you can place anywhere in your home or maybe in your garage. It just leans against the wall, so there is almost no installation process. This particular model is one of the company’s greatest productions that has a maximum weight load capacity of 160 lbs for a total of 4 bikes. That indicates each bike should weigh no more than 40 lbs. If you wish to store only 2 bikes, you can check out its 2-bike version. This video will show you how this rack works –

‘Delta’ has been producing great bicycle products with creative designs for more than 30 years. With an engineering mind, they expertly place materials into the products so that they can last longer and work well. Providing innovative and premium products at reasonable prices is their main mission.

Delta Cycle Michelangelo

Delta Cycle Michelangelo

6. Racor PLB-4R Gravity Bike Rack: Easy assembly. Durable. Adjustable carrying arms

Racor PLB-4R
  • Style: Free Stand
  • Dimension (inch): 38.9 x 22.4 x 8
  • Weight (lbs): 24.4
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 4
  • Total Weight Limit: 40 x 4 = 160 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Adjust-ability: The supporting arms can be adjusted independently to make the rack adaptable for both men’s and women’s bikes.
  • Protection: Your bikes remain protected with its vinyl-coated steel cradles and the rubber skids will protect the wall as well as your floor.
  • No hardware is needed: This floor stand bike rack doesn’t require any mounting tools to install.
  • Easy Bike Access: Put on and take off your bikes easily from the rack by organizing them in a convenient way.
  • Easy Relocation: This allows you to move it to another place effortlessly.
  • Build Quality: A solid rack that is made of steel with epoxy coating.
  • You will be offered a 1-year limited lifetime warranty from the date of purchase.

Some Weaknesses
  • The whole rack might seem to be very tottering as the vertical pieces of this rack can slide easily for their friction-fit connections.
  • As it rests over the wall with the force of gravity, it can glide across the floor.
  • Sometimes this rack is not just durable enough to hold all 4 bikes.
  • Sometimes you might be not so lucky to find out the holes on the base are not aligned.

The Racor PLB-4R is a type of free-stand bike rack that reclaims your garage from the footprints of your bikes. The installation process doesn’t require drilling the wall for mounting screws. Because of its tool-free assembly, you can move it to anywhere new whenever you like. Although it just lies over the wall, it doesn’t leave any marker on the wall for its rubber skids.

You can store all the bikes of your family members with this rack because this rack has a total weight limit of 160 lbs and you can store up to 4 bikes on this rack. So, the calculation says each of your bikes should weigh 40 lbs highest. If you want, you can buy the 2-bike variant of this rack when you only need to store 2 bikes. But according to the research, the 4-bike version of this rack has proven to be stronger than the 2-bike variant.

Racor PLB-4R Gravity Bike Rack

Racor PLB-4R Gravity Bike Rack

7. CyclingDeal 4 Bike Freestanding Rack: Rubber wrapped holding arms

CyclingDeal 4 Bike Rack
  • Style: Free Stand
  • Dimension (inch): 22 x 8 x 32.5
  • Weight (lbs): 43
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 4
  • Total Weight Limit: 40 x 4 = 160 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • A Level Storage: A free-stand bike rack that can store 4 bikes in a limited space.
  • Height Adjustable: You can adjust the heights of each bike for convenient hanging.
  • Adjustable Support Arms: Any type of bike is possible to hang on this stand for the adjustable supporting arms.
  • Rubber Holders: Vinyl- coated cradles are wrapped with rubber to protect your bike’s finish.
  • Rubber Base: The rubber base makes the whole rack non-slippery.
  • Wall Mount Option: The package includes a mounting screw, so you can also mount this rack on the wall.
  • Build Quality: Made of tubular steel and furnished with durable epoxy coating.
  • No-tool Assembly: The rack promotes an easy assembly and doesn’t need any tools.
  • This rack is warranted for a lifetime indoor use.

Some Weaknesses
  • This main post can be too short for storing hybrid and road bikes.
  • Unfortunately, there is no installation manual that comes with this rack.
  • The arms seem to be wobble that makes the overall fitting quite flimsy.
  • May face difficulty to load larger bikes.
  • This rack is quite heavy.

Loading 4 bikes on a free-stand bike rack can be a little bit challenging. But the CyclingDeal comes with this freestanding rack that seems to do the job pretty well. This rack can be one of the best choices if you want to store 4 bikes inside your home, apartment or in your garage. With a rugged and tough build quality, this rack can organize your bikes at suitable heights. And loading all 4 bikes, it won’t slide off because it has a non-slip rubber base.

This rack also allows you to mount it on the wall with a screw that comes in the package. Although you will not get any installation manual with this rack, it has a pretty simple installation method where you won’t be needing any tools. With an excellent weight limit, this rack can withstand 160 lbs of weight pressure. Just make sure your bike doesn’t weigh not more than 40 lbs. So, it’s a pretty decent value for your money.

CyclingDeal 4 Bike Freestanding Rack

CyclingDeal 4 Bike Freestanding Rack


Although there might be a few free-standing racks available for 4 bikes, there can be plenty of options for 2-bike variants. So don’t rush for buying a free-standing bike rack, instead take your time and do some research first. Otherwise, you may end up buying a poor-quality bike rack that doesn’t fulfill your criteria. If your bike is important to you, then you should spend your money on a proper bike rack that warrants your investment.

If you choose a free-standing bike rack from our list and follow the guidelines that are provided for the rack, then hopefully you will find a rack that is close to perfect. We can promise you will not regret your purchase and nothing will possibly go wrong if you buy one of our listed bike racks. However, we do not force you to buy any of the racks if you have already decided to buy a rack that meets your demands as time and situation can be different for different people. Thanks for reading this article and we wish you the best of luck for finding a suitable free-standing bike rack.

Dion Lewis

My name is Dion Lewis.I’ve been cycling since my childhood. When I was in high school, I started racing in our local competitions.In my college life, I took a part-time job in a bicycle shop and I learned how to repair and maintain bicycles professionally.Though I love racing, mountain biking is another thing I do frequently. My friends, neighbors, and colleagues treat me as an avid rider and take my suggestions while they plan for a new bike or bike gear.

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