12 Best Track Bike Wheelsets (Updated 2023)

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What is the best wheelset for track bikes? For a number of times, this question has been asked by many users who own fixies or single speed bikes and are wanting an upgrade. They want the right sort of information and specification of the wheels so that they do get bewildered while buying the right wheels. Track bikes have been used for many centuries- they are the oldest form of bicycle racing. They are the simplest form of a bicycle having just one fixed gear. The tech used in these bikes has changed quite a lot, especially the wheels. The wheels that are manufactured nowadays are lightweight, durable, and more aerodynamic.  They are made as stiff as possible by high flange hubs or novatec hubs. Tubular or tubeless tires are the preferred option for these sorts of wheels. They are also being used by professional racers especially in velodromes. Modern urban riders have a huge interest in track bikes as they are affordable and do not need to think about changing speed.

In this article, we presented the best track bike wheelsets along with their features and specifications. By reading them you will surely understand which wheel is the best for your fixed gear bike. All of these wheels are of high quality and went through a lot of tests so you can relax about the product quality. In the end, we presented you with some general information that needs to be considered while buying. We also explained how track bikes are different from road bikes and budget sets for different track wheels.

Buying Guide of Track Wheelsets

Track bike material

Generally, carbon, aluminum, and steel are the main purchase option when it comes to tracking bikes. Aluminum wheels are seen very commonly since they are cheap and more robust. Most mid-level racers prefer these wheels.

Carbon wheels generally are very expensive not only does it reduce weight but makes the bike more aerodynamic and flexible. Exactly what you need on race boards. More expensive carbon wheels are very responsive, they are easy to corner and have low rolling resistance.

Steel is still seen nowadays on the track cycling scene but not as regular as carbon or aluminum. They are not used in professional racing but you may see them during training sessions or by amateurs.

Track bikes or Road bikes:

Track bikes can be either fixed gear bikes or single speed bikes optimized for racing at velodrome or outdoor. There are a number of differences between these bikes that should be noted. Track bikes are generally shorter than road bikes which enable good handling at high speed. They are generally used by beginners and are great for urban or city riding. They also work best during winter.

Track bikes are also more aerodynamic and stiffer. With flip-flop hubs, you can switch it between freehub and freewheel. They are highly customizable and are compatible with many handlebars. However, they are not recommended for hill climbing or fast acceleration. They can only maintain at a single speed.

Road bikes are complicated in design and are preferred mostly by group cyclists or professional racers. A normal road bike user usually rides longer distances so prefers high-quality accessories for comfortability.

In road bikes, the multiple shift gear allows you to adapt to any road condition and can ride at very high acceleration. They are well equipped with brakes for high braking performance. They are extremely aerodynamic and comfortable. They are expensive and if not locked properly, your wheels could be stolen.

So in summary you should buy fixed gear bikes if you :

    • Want to ride in the city
    • Ride short distances.
    • Have a small budget
    • Go downhill

You should buy road bikes if you:

    • Long-distance riding
    • Become a professional cyclist
    • Have a high budget
    • Want a more comfortable riding experience
Track Bike

Figure: Track Bike

Single-speed bikes or Fixed gear bikes:

There are no major differences in structure between these two bikes and they quite look the same from the far end. Single-speed bikes are fitted with a freewheel cog that rotates freely. This means when you stop pedaling the back wheel will keep spinning but the pedals will not.

On the other hand, for fixed gear bikes, the rear cog is joined with the rear hub. That means when you stop pedaling, the pedals will stop spinning. Similarly, when you turn the wheel, the cog will turn, and if the cog turns the pedals turn.

Both the bikes offer fixed speed and do not require you to think about gears. However, single-speed bikes are more simple and offer a simple riding experience. Fixie, on the other hand, requires you to pay attention to the timing of the pedal strokes. Most fixie bikes come with a flip flop hub that enables the bike to have a fixed wheel on one side and another freewheel on the other. Therefore you get to experience a mixed feeling.

Single-speed bikes usually have two brakes while fixies have only one brake at the front. They are ideal for city riding and during the winter season. You probably have seen fixed gear bikes in velodromes. They are certainly becoming popular day by day. For a better understanding click on the video link below –

Comparison of different types of tires:

It’s best to know what clincher or tubular or tubeless tires are for specific rims. The explanation is given below:

Clincher type:

Clincher type tires are found mostly used by amateurs or beginners. They require a tube for inflating and holding the air inside. A steel or Kevlar bead is used for holding the tire with a rim. Maintenance and installation are fairly easy and straightforward. They tend to be cheaper than other tires. They have low rolling resistance especially due to having thicker sidewalls and beads. If punctures happen, you may have to get off your bike and take it home.

Tubular type:

The tire gets sewn up, enclosing an inner tube, then it gets glued onto the tubular specific rim or it can be done by using an adhesive rim tape. It allows the wheels to be much faster than any type of wheels. It provides low rolling resistance and is lightweight. It becomes easier to accelerate as well as climbing. You get to experience smooth-riding than it does for clinchers that’s why they are highly preferred by the racers. The major drawbacks are that it takes time to install the tire with the rim and fixing punctures can be really labor-intensive. However, they lose air slower than clincher tires so you may get home with these wheels and then fix it.

Tubeless type:

The tubeless tires are increasingly becoming popular and are highly preferred by road and cyclocross bikes. They require only a rim and tire with no tube installed. They rarely get flat and can run at low pressure. If it does get flat, you just need to add more sealant. The major advantage of tubeless tires is that once you put sealant inside the tube it not only keeps the air inside the tire but also fills up punctures and seals the hole. It offers similar advantages to tubular type with less maintenance cost. They are highly used for racing and training.

Comparison table of Clincher VS Tubular Vs Tubeless tires

Tires can be very confusing and each type has its own merit and demerit. Generally, there are three types of tires: Clincher, Tubular, Tubeless. The table below will surely improve your understanding of the tires and help you decide when buying.

StructureConstructed with a bead which is used for holding the tire with a rim.The inner tube is enclosed and gets glued onto the tubular specific rim.They require only a rim and tire with no tube installed- airtight inside.
Intent UseAmateurs,beginners. trainersRacers, professional cyclists, recreational ridersRacers or trainers
PriceCheaperExpensiveFairly expensive.
Maintenance costCheaperExpensiveFairly cheaper
InstallationEasyVery difficultEasy
Puncture resistanceVery lowlowHigh

Cheap vs. Expensive Track Wheelsets

Same as with road bike wheelsets, track wheelsets do also come to be either cheap or expensive. This highly depends on its features and designs.

Most cheap wheelsets with fixed gear cost around $100-$200 and these will come with entry-level fixed gears. You will be getting no-name rims or rims from brands such as Weinman, Alex, or Vuelta. They will feature either sealed bearing hubs or ball bearing hubs and will be built by machines with high tolerances to keep costs minimum. You will also be able to get a wheelset that matches with your favorite fixie colored bike; although they are dull looking. Most of these wheels are aluminum made and can be used for cornering, spinning, and moving from one place to another.

The build quality of these wheels is not going to be great. Most of them come with closed ball bearing hubs that will require regular maintenance. They are not going to be stiff and durable since they are all machine-built. They will have a deeper rim profile which means you are going to get a heavier rim. These wheels cannot be used for long term purposes. If you think you are on a tight budget and do not want to spend more money, these wheels are still fine since they can get you from one destination to another.

The mid-range track wheels come around $300-$800 and are hand-built. They provide maximum performance and have high durability. Some of these brands include Mavic, Wahby, and more. The rims are lightweight and provide a balance between aerodynamic and stiffness. Most of them will be aluminum made and are built with strict tolerances. These wheels will have formula hubs or Novatec hubs with around 32 spoke holes and three cross-lacing. If you want more spoke count for durability and lower spoke count for weight savings, you may have to spend a little bit more. They are customizable and can meet your needs specifically. The major drawback is that the parts are not long-lasting.

The carbon wheelsets are the most expensive of all. These high-level track wheels come around 1000 to 2000 and some of the brands include are. They are superb specialized wheels made for events, races, and strategies. They are super lightweight, flexible, and more aerodynamic. You can choose between disc wheels, quad spoke, 5-spokes, carbon spokes, or any depending on your budget. Carbon wheels will certainly remove the drag effect and you’ll find the difference at high speed. They are highly recommended for the racers and long-distance cyclists; that doesn’t mean you cannot use them on city streets. In some cases, many people use these carbon fixed gear wheelsets as an upgrade as they are superfast and make you go to your destination within a short time. These wheels are long-lasting and require less maintenance. They also give fixie bikes a more professional look and some even buy these because of appearance.

Our Top Pick(s)

After intense research and analyzing different products, we came up with 12 different track wheelsets that are reasonably priced and are worth buying. Each wheelset is made from different manufacturers and has different features than the rest. Customers buy these products that match their own interests and some do have a few common weaknesses. After analyzing these 12 track wheelsets, we found that  VCYCLE Nopea Carbon Clincher Track Wheelset is better than any other wheelsets in terms of features. We entitled this as “Overall Best Choice”.

No products found.

A quick view of our selected best track bike wheelsets in the market:

Our Score
Campagnolo Bora Ultra Pista152092
Retrospec Mantra Deep V Fixed Gear Wheelset1360.7878
Campagnolo Pista995 (front wheel)83
VCYCLE Nopea Track Wheelset1655 +/-2088
ICAN Carbon Track Wheelset208076
JIMAITEAM Carbon Single Speed Bike Wheelset1864.384
Edco AeroSport Flüela Tubular wheelset174581
DT Swiss T1800909 (front wheel)95
Mavic Comete Pro Carbon SL UST189588
MARAZA Carbon Street Wheels154085
Queen Bike Fixed Gear Wheelset1880 +/-2076
SunRise Bike Track Wheel1236g±30g (excluding cog, rear wheel)77

12 best track bikes wheelsets you can buy today

We have presented the best track wheels in this article diligently. Down below we presented a comparison table in order to get a quick overview especially for those who do not have time to read the whole article. But we recommend you read the whole article patiently or come back later in your spare time so that you can get a better understanding of the products. You will also get to know which set is ideal for your bike. We do not want our readers to make a bad choice in making a decision. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

WheelPreviewBrandWheel sizeWeight/pairRim widthRim depthRim materialTyre Type
Campagnolo Bora Ultra 80 PistaCampagnolo Bora Ultra 80 Wheelset - Tubular Dark Label, Campagnolo FreehubCampagnolo Bora Ultra700c1520g15mm (Internal) 20mm (External)80mmCarbonTubular
Retrospec Mantra Deep V Fixed Gear WheelsetNo products found.Retrospec700c1360.78 g21mm (external) ,14mm (internal)43mmAlloyClincher
Campagnolo Pista Track WheelCampagnolo Pista Track Front Wheel Tubular - BlackCampagnolo28”995g (front wheel)20mm38mmAluminiumTubular
VCYCLE Nopea Track WheelsetNo products found.VCYCLE700c1655+/-20g23mm88mmcarbon fiberClincher
ICAN Carbon Track WheelsetICAN 88mm Carbon Wheelset Track Bike Fixed Gear Bike Wheels Only 2080gICAN700c2080g88mm23mmCarbonClincher
JIMAITEAM Carbon Single Speed Bike WheelsetJIMAITEAM Carbon Fixed Gear Front & Rear Wheel Set 700c Rim Single Speed Bike/Fixie Bicycle Back Wheel Tri Spoke 5-Spoke Rim 50mm Depth Clincher 21mm Width Track Bike WheelJIMAITEAM700c1864.3g21mm (external) 14mm (internal)50mmCarbon FiberClincher
Edco AeroSport Flüela – 85 WheelsetNo products found.Edco700c1745 g26.7mm (external) ,17.5mm (internal)85mmCarbonTubular
DT Swiss T1800DT Swiss Unisex's WHDT1801F Bike Parts, Standard, Front-32 mm Aluminium ClincherDT Swiss700c909 g (front wheel)18 mm (internal) , 21 mm (external)32mmAlloyClincher, Tubeless Ready
Mavic Comete Pro Carbon SL USTNo products found.Mavic700c1895 g19 mm (internal), 26 mm (external)64mmCarbon fiberUST Tubeless and Tubetype
MARAZA Carbon Street WheelsNo products found.Maraza700c1540g25mm60mmFull Carbon FiberClincher/ Tubular
Queen Bike Fixed Gear WheelsetQueen Bike 50mm Carbon Fiber Track Wheel Matte Finish 3K Fixed Gear Wheelset with CogQueen700c1880g±20g/pair including cog23mm50mmFull Carbon FiberClincher
SunRise Bike Track WheelSunRise Bike Carbon Track 88mm Matte Finish Clincher Rear Wheel for Fixed Gear BikeSunRise700c1236g±30g excluding cog (rear wheel)23mm88 mmCarbonClincher

[1] Campagnolo Bora Ultra Pista Wheelset: Fast, hill climbing, racing wheelset

Campagnolo Bora Ultra Pista Wheelset
  • Brand: Campagnolo Bora Ultra
  • Wheel size: 700 c
  • Weight: 1520 g (pair)
  • Rim Width: 15 mm (Internal) 20 mm (External)
  • Rim Depth:  80 mm 
  • Rim Material: Carbon
  • Tire Type: Tubular
  • Hub: CULT hub
  • Spoke: G3 Aero 
  • Spoke Material: N/A
  • Brake Type: N/A
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: N/A

Features & Considerations
  • Stiffness: Highly stiff and responsive. Shows high aerodynamic performance. The rim material used here is carbon.
  • Stability: The G3 spoke pattern subsidizes high stress and increases stability for optimal power transfer.
  • Smoothness: The CULT bearings which are made of ceramic helps in building smoothness while riding.
  • Lightweight: Weighs about 1520 per wheelset, therefore, can be used in high-speed racing. 
  • Colour: Available in black only.

Some Weaknesses
  • Not colorful or attractive when adjusted with the bike

Campagnolo Bora Ultra Pista Wheelsets are diligent and race-winning wheels. It’s almost similar to a Ghibli™ disc wheel. The carbon fiber is used as rim material which increases the stiffness of the wheel as well as reduces its weight. The dynamic rim balance provides perfect rotation at a very high speed.

The G3 Aero spoked wheel allows intense mobility, constant relaunching and rapid direction changes. This makes it an excellent choice for some track disciplines. Tubular tires are used instead of clincher making it easier for the wheel to rotate faster.  These wheels are frequently being used in mountain climbing and racing. The rim depth is very large (88 mm) making it much easier for climbing and rotating fast at rough tracks. The wheels are affordable and if you are a racer, it is highly recommended for you.

Campagnolo Bora Ultra Pista Wheelset

Campagnolo Bora Ultra Pista Wheelset

[2] Retrospec Mantra Deep V: Single speed wheelset for the first time fixed gear riders

No products found.

Retrospec Mantra wheelset are average priced wheelset with the highest quality. It’s really difficult to find a wheelset such as this which works in every weather condition.  It comes installed on the single-speed. You can easily transform into a fixed gear bike whenever you like.

The sealed bearings flip-flop hubs ensure no moisture or water to get inside essential parts of wheels thus ensuring longevity and smooth riding. Its double-wall deep-V rim is made up of lightweight alloy with a machined braking surface. It includes Kenda Kwest Tires, which are modeled with high quality rounded tread with large water dispersion grooves.

The braking performance is fine and does not make a harsh sound when stopping. They come with tubes and tires and can be easily installed perfectly. They are available in gold, purple, red, and yellow color and will make your bike really attractive. The wheelsets are ideal for track bikes, road bikes, and commuter bikes.

No products found.

Retrospec Mantra Deep V

[3] Campagnolo Pista Track Front Wheel: Excellent and high-quality tubular front wheel

Campagnolo Pista Track Front Tubular Wheel
  • Brand: Campagnolo 
  • Wheel size: 28″ (622 mm)
  • Weight: 995 g (front wheel)
  • Rim Width: 20 mm
  • Rim Depth:  38 mm
  • Rim Material: Aluminium
  • Tire Type: Tubular 
  • Hub: Pista hub with cup & cone bearings
  • Spoke: Bladed (aero)
  • Spoke Material: stainless steel
  • Brake Type: Rim Brake
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 109 Kg

Features & Considerations
  • Intent Use: The wheelset can be used both for track cycling, outdoor cycling, or single speed/fixie bikes.
  • Riding Performance: hubs have sealed bearings and the rims have a high braking surface. Due to low friction of the bearings, it provides smooth riding.
  • Lightweight: the wheel weighs 995 g. The bladed spokes reduce weight to some extent  without sacrificing strength. Having less weight improves speed and flexibility.
  • Durability: All the parts are made from durable strong wearing materials.  The parts are made from trusted companies.
  • Colour: Available in black only.

Some Weaknesses
  • Quite expensive due to having excellent quality and features.
  • Not available in other colors.

The front tubular wheel from Campagnolo is suitable for all sorts of riding. Its weight is about 995 g thus having lightweight features and fast rotation. 

The less friction from the sealed bearings ensures good riding performance and long-lasting performance. A good steel bearing always lasts long and outperforms a ceramic bearing. It is to be kept in mind that a sealed bearing is a single unit; if it wears out, the whole cartridge bearing needs to be replaced but is fairly cheap to do so. Tubular tires reduce weight, increase rolling resistance, and comfortability, however, they are costlier. The bladed stainless steel spokes ensure rigidity and resistance to bending and torsional radial strength. Having such excellent features has attracted many professional racers and is in top track wheel lists. You can find the information about the rear wheel in this link: Campagnolo Pista Track Rear Tubular Wheel

Campagnolo Pista Track Front Tubular Wheel

Campagnolo Pista Track Front Tubular Wheel

[4] VCYCLE Nopea Track Wheelset: Lightweight, durable and high-quality single speed wheelset | Overall Best Choice

No products found.

The VCYCLE provides durable, light, and high-quality wheelset for cyclists all over the world. Engineers meticulously designed these fixed gear wheelsets to ensure a perfect balance between toughness, durability, and weight.

The aero spokes provide high tensile strength, elasticity, and low drag coefficient. The Sapim nipples provide maximum grip and lock itself to the spoke. As a result, the spokes will not get loose at high at maximum tension and long run. The basalt braking surface provides high braking power and braking effect.  It also has the privilege of overheat resistance; they do not spark fire due to high friction with the ground. 

The Novatec Hub which is made in Taiwan is durable and lightweight and could last for many years. The 23 mm improved rim width ensures better aerodynamic performance and comfortability through greater tire air volume. The wheel weighs around 1655g and could carry a much weight of 120 kg and a pressure of a maximum of 120 PSI. Such types of wheelsets are ideal for training and racing. They are normally used in road bikes,  triathlon bikes, and time trial bikes. VCYCLE has always focused on innovation and improved designs. Their wheels meet customer needs for their high-quality features and components.

No products found.

VCYCLE Nopea Carbon Clincher Track Wheelset

[5] ICAN Carbon Track Wheelset: Highly durable wheelset for track bikes

ICAN Carbon Track Wheelset with Fixed Gear
  • Brand: ICAN
  • Wheel Size: 700 c
  • Weight: 2080 g
  • Rim Width: 88 mm
  • Rim Depth: 23 mm
  • Rim Material: Carbon
  • Tire Type: Clincher
  • Hub:  Novatec 165SBT/A166SBT 2/4 sealed bearing track hubs
  • Spoke: Aero bladed CN spoke
  • Spoke Material: N/A
  • Brake Type: N/A
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 120 Kg

Features & Considerations
  • Durability: All the parts are highly durable made from trusted companies. The wheel rims are made using Toray 1700 carbon fiber.
  • Riding performance: The sealed bearing ensures smooth riding and makes the wheel rolling for a longer time. The rim width is also very large which also provides an advantage to comfortability. You will not feel the rim wobbling and the tires do not get damaged by rocks.
  • Build up: The 88m wheels are constructed with excellent carbon fiber. The aero spokes maintain its advantage on stiffness while riding on tracks. There is a low chance of spokes to get loose even riding on rough tracks. 
  • Warranty: Guarantees a free 2 years warranty.
  • Colour: Only the black version is available.
  • Intent use: Better performance while downhill riding.

Some Weaknesses
  • It’s a little difficult to fit the tire in because of wider rims.
  • The hubs do not last long.

When you ride with an ICAN Carbon Track Wheelset you will feel weightless and your bicycle won’t be affected by any rough or stony surfaces. The lightweight and super-stiff wheels make you go faster and constantly accelerate all day. The carbon rims are certainly the finest shock absorber; it makes your wheel lighter and can run at high speed.

The engineers have worked relentlessly for building a unique wheelset which provides a balance between durability, lightness, and strength. The rim also works for tubular tires to help you with support and better riding performance. 

At the back wheel Novatec A166SBT 4 sealed bearings track hub is used while at the front Novatec A165SBT 2 sealed bearings track hub is used. The nipples are made using alloy and provide maximum grip to the CN spoke so that they do not get loose very easily. The cog used has 17 teeth. 

The weight of the wheelset is nearly 2080+-20g with the front-wheel having 975+-10g and the rear-wheel having about 1105+-10g. The rim width is 88mm providing low tire pressure and more comfortability while riding. It also has an influence on aerodynamic performance. This fixed gear wheelset will not disappoint you ever.

ICAN Carbon Track Wheelset with Fixed Gear

ICAN Carbon Track Wheelset with Fixed Gear

[6] JIMAITEAM Carbon Wheelset: Single Speed/Fixed gear wheelset for long-distance riding

JIMAITEAM Carbon Single Speed Bike/Fixed Bicycle Wheelset
  • Brand: JIMAITEAM 
  • Wheel Size: 700 c
  • Weight: 1864.3 g
  • Rim Width: 21 mm (external) 14 mm (internal)
  • Rim Depth: 50 mm
  • Rim Material: Full Carbon Fiber Toray T700
  • Tire Type: Clincher
  • Hub: Novatec A165SBT/A166SBT Hubs
  • Spoke: 5-spoke
  • Spoke Material: N/A
  • Brake Type: Rim Brake
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: N/A

Features & Considerations
  • Durability: The wheel is made using strong carbon fiber (Toray T700). It went through numerous standard tests for high-quality checking.
  • Lightweight: Due to carbon made rims, the wheels are lightweight and aerodynamic. The total weight of both front and rear wheels equals 4.18 lb.
  • Riding performance: Better performance in long-distance riding and speed to remain unchanged in any road condition. This is due to structures such as fixed-gears with cogs having 17 teeth, and rim matte.
  • Intend use: Recommended for fixed gear, fixie, and single speed bikes.
  • Colour: Black version is available. For other colors, you need to inform the seller.

Some Weaknesses
  • Disc brakes are not compatible.

JIMAITEAM carbon single speed wheelset are durable and provide comfortable riding. It went through EN standard tests for quality checking. The carbon fiber rims made the wheels more lightweight and can rotate at a faster speed. Carbon is certainly a better material for frames than aluminum.

The rim width and rim depth are 20 mm and 50 mm, respectively. Wider rims have a great impact on the aerodynamic behavior of wheels as well as rolling efficiency and tire shape. The fixed gear enables the bike to go the same at any given road condition. You can ride as long as you can with these wheelsets.

Both front and rear wheels have 2 excellent sealed bearings inside Novatec hubs. The rim surface can be used with 3k Matte, Glossy, UD Matte, or UD Glossy. Here only rim brakes are applicable. If you want a different appearance of the wheel, feel free to contact the seller or manufacturer before ordering.  The carton box used for packing has two cardboard structures to keep two wheels at fixed positions. Moreover, adhesive tapes are used so that they do not get damaged when shipped. After purchasing you will get the products within 5 days.

JIMAITEAM Carbon Single Speed Bike/Fixed Bicycle Wheelset

JIMAITEAM Carbon Single Speed Bike/Fixed Bicycle Wheelset

[7] Edco AeroSport Flüela Tubular wheelset: High braking  wheelset for everyday use

No products found.

Edco AeroSport Flüela tubular wheelset is the favorite wheels for many track riders such as 6-day professional rider Kenny De Ketele. For the past couple of years Edco, a dutch company in s Hertogenbosch, Netherlands,  has been making its name along with top companies such as Zipp, Mavic, and FFWD.

It is to be noted that the wheels are sold individually not as a set. The rims of this wheelset are made using 9K-8mm carbon twill weave and are aerodynamic.  The wheels are able to withstand high air resistance and are more comfortable when riding at high speed. The braking performance is phenomenal and works perfectly at any weather or road condition. The aperta hubs are less weight consisting of a MultiSys Freehub which is compatible with  Campagnolo or Shimano cassettes. 

The wheelset weighs about 1693g with the front having 766 g and the rear having 927 g. The production quality of the rim is magnificent. Edco generally does not use stickers- they prefer logos instead. The logo is printed very meticulously with the correct process so that they can be seen from a very far distance. The tubular tire reduces its weight and provide smooth riding to the rider. They also work on clincher type or tubeless type tires. The wheelsets are a little expensive to be used as everyday wheels, however, they are excellent wheels and are true to their words.

No products found.

Edco AeroSport Flüela Tubular wheelset

[8] DT Swiss T1800: Best quality single speed wheel for lightweight users

DT Swiss T1800 Lightweight Single Speed Front Carbon Wheel
  • Brand: DT Swiss
  • Wheel Size: 700 c
  • Weight: 909 g (front wheel)
  • Rim Width: 18 mm  (internal) , 21 mm (external)
  • Rim Depth:  32 mm
  • Rim Material: Alloy
  • Tire Type: Clincher, Tubeless Ready
  • Hub: Track Classic hub
  • Spoke: Bladed
  • Spoke Material: Alloy
  • Brake Type: Rim Brake
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: N/A

Features & Considerations
  • Durability: The track hubs are specially designed for this type of wheels and offer the highest durable and smooth roller bearings.
  • Built quality: It is adjustable to 23-32c tires since it has a rim width of 21mm and a rim depth of 32 mm, making it remarkably all-round. Aluminum alloy is used as a building material for the rim.
  • Riding performance: The fine lubricated sealed bearings provide each pedaling very smooth.
  • Lightweight: The wheel weighs about 909 g. The bladed spokes are well tightened with alloy made nipples making it tougher and reducing the weight.
  • Colour: Only the black version is available.
  • Stiffness: The high quality double-butted bladed spoke provides an amalgam of aerodynamic and stiffness.

Some Weaknesses
  • The hubs used are average and are not long-lasting. 
  • Not available in other colors.
  • No warranty is given

The DT Swiss, a Swiss manufacturing company, for a decade has been providing high quality engineered products to the cyclists. The brand has been known all over the world. This front wheel comes with being flimsy, flexible, and long-lasting. The lubricated sealed bearings reduce friction to a great extent and thus provides a smooth and flexible riding. It also avoids uncomfortable sound while riding.

The double-butted bladed black spoke are well fixed with nipples, thus increasing stiffness and making it more aerodynamic. Medium Presta Valve is used which has a length of 41-55 mm. No skewers are included and the front axle has a dimension of 9 mm x 100 mm. The hub that is being used is flawless in track cycling. Check the rim regularly for a clear groove and keep an eye on the indicators of rim wear that are either a small hole or rim to show how much material is left. Check out the DT Swiss Unisex Rear Wheel if you want to buy the rear wheel of this wheelset.

DT Swiss T1800 Lightweight Single Speed Front Carbon Wheel

DT Swiss T1800 Lightweight Single Speed Front Carbon Wheel

[9] Mavic Comete Pro Carbon SL UST: Better handling, more pleasant riding feeling, better load distribution wheelsets

No products found.

Mavic Comete Pro Carbon SL UST Clincher Road Bike Wheelset is designed using advanced technologies with the highest aerodynamic ability and unbeatable rolling efficiency. 

Having an airfoil rim profile with rim width 26 mm and rim depth 64 mm deep, they provided the minimum drag without altering its firmness after passing numerous standard tests. Its large rim width and round shape lessen the impacts of cross-winds. The rims of this wheel are well-engineered using Mavic’s renowned carbon wheel rim technology (iTgMax), which enhances the braking performance of the wheels and ables riders to ride smoothly on wet or dry surfaces.

The wheels also include other privileges. It reduces the rolling efficiency of about 15% which lowers the tire pressure. This enhances smoother handling of the wheels and gives riders better control. Most of the parts used are super light. The freewheel (Instant Drive 360) enables the wheel to be fast and lightweight by engaging at an angle of 9 degrees. With new Yksion Pro UST tubeless tires, there is less chance of getting punctures and allows you to run larger tires. With all those impressive features, they come at a very reasonable price. Every customer who bought these wheels never gave any negative feedback.

No products found.

Mavic Comete Pro Carbon SL UST

[10] MARAZA Carbon Street Wheels: Quality track wheelset to be used at the street race

No products found.

Maraza is certainly new to the bike industry and is going to play a  huge role in the upcoming years. The wheelsets are flexible, sturdy, and superlight.  With 3k matte, the carbon full fiber provides lightweight and aerodynamic behavior without losing energy. Shimano 9/10/11s and Campagnolo 10/11s cassette speed are compatible with the freehub. Most new wheels sold are 11-speed compatible with a wider freehub frame.

The rim width and rim depth are 20mm and 60 mm, respectively. This certainly improves aerodynamic behavior as well as better handling of the bike. The wheels were able to withstand high beatings and could be used in any road condition. These wheels are remarkably built with Novatec  F271SB hubs at the front and Novatec R372SB hubs at the back. Other than black hubs, red and white are also available. The front hub consists of 2 sealed bearings and the rear hub consists of 4 sealed bearings. The front and back wheels consist of 20 and 40 spoke holes, respectively, which are well tightened with alloy spokes. Both tubeless or clincher tires can be well fitted with the rim.

Remember that no taxes and shipping charges are included. They are shipped by EMS from countries like China and Hong Kong. The products are well tested and are sure of the highest quality.

No products found.

MARAZA Carbon Street Wheels

[11] Queen Bike Fixed Gear Wheelset: Ideal carbon wheelset for urban riding

Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Fixed Gear Wheelset
  • Brand: Queen
  • Weight: 1880 g ± 20 g/pair including cog
  • Rim Width: 23 mm
  • Rim Depth: 50 mm
  • Rim Material: Full Carbon Fiber-Toray T700c
  • Tire Type: Clincher
  • Hubs: Novatec 165-166 Black track hub
  • Spoke: CN494 Black
  • Spoke Material: Steel
  • Brake Type: N/A
  • Maximum Recommended Rider Weight: 120 KG

Features & Considerations
  • Lightweight: The wheel weights 1880g±20g/pair including cog which is quite impressive. It helps the rider for faster speed during racing.
  • Riding performance: This wheelset is a sure way of boosting your bike’s pace and efficiency. The absorption of vibration is quicker and better.
  • Durability: The wheels are carbon made and passed through EN standard test for quality check. It also provides a 1 years warranty to the customer.
  • Colour: Available in any color.  the wheels could be customized according to your need.

Some Weaknesses
  • High-velocity braking takes a long time to slow down
  • The spokes are not stainless, as a result, corrodes after a few years.

This Queen Carbon wheelset with fixed gear is super lightweight with a rim width of 23 mm and rim depth 50 mm. The front-wheel has 20 rim holes and the rear wheel has 24 rim holes. The wheels weigh 1880g±20g/pair and could carry a maximum weight of 120 Kg.

Novatec 165-166 Black track hubs are used as well as steel bearings which not only improve quality but high performance. The cog adjusted has 17 teeth. The spoke used is the CN494 model and the nipple used is made of alloy. Both are black in color.

The wheels can be customized according to the user’s needs. The wheel when adjusted to a bike makes it more stylish and colorful. If you want your bike to look colorful then these wheels are highly recommended. These wheels are able to withstand big jumps and beatings. Due to lightweight, you can ride at a very high speed throughout the day. 

They are inexpensive, nice looking bike wheels for everyday use. It’s best recommended for gravel riding and urban riding. In every sports carnival, you will often see bikes with these wheels.

Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Fixed Gear Wheelset

Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Fixed Gear Wheelset

[12] SunRise Bike Track Wheel: Nice, affordable rear-wheel for fixed gear track bikes

SunRise Bike Carbon Track Rear Wheel for Fixed Gear Bike
  • Brand: SunRise
  • Wheel size: 700 c
  • Weight: 1236 g ± 30 g excluding cog (rear wheel)
  • Rim Width: 23 mm 
  • Rim Depth:  88 mm
  • Rim Material: Carbon
  • Tire Type: Clincher
  • Hub:  Novatec 166 Track Hub Black
  • Spoke: CN494 Black
  • Spoke Material: N/A
  • Brake Type: N/A
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 125 Kg

Features & Considerations
  • Durability: Have highly durable parts from trusted companies. It went through the standard EN test and also offers a 1-year warranty.
  • Lightweight: It weights 1236g±30g excluding cog and could carry a maximum weight of 120 Kg. Having less weight improves speed and flexibility.
  • Value of money: Comparatively cheaper than other wheels including impressive features.
  • Build up: It has a 12 layer carbon with a high braking surface. It is able to reduce spark or heat during braking. The Novatec hubs are of good quality offering impressive strength and quality.
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty.
  • Intend to use: road bikes, fixed bikes.

Some Weaknesses
  • The constant squeaking of the rear wheel.
  • The braking pads are not up to the mark.

There is no doubt about the quality of Sunrise wheelsets. The carbon track rear wheels are pretty solid and stiff. They are able to withstand high air resistance and have high puncture resistance. The rims of this wheel are fully carbon made with 3k matte and have passed through numerous EN standard tests for quality checking. The wheels are made in China and shipped by Amazon. They are clean and very attractive in look. 

With Novatec hubs, no extra energy is required when pedaling and you will be able to experience a smooth ride. The CN494 Black spokes are well connected with nipples and hubs and thus able to carry huge weight and load. The weight of the wheel is approximately 236g±30g excluding the cog which has 17 teeth. It can withstand a maximum weight of 120 Kg and a maximum pressure of 123 PSI. The brake pads are also included with this wheel. It works only with a single-speed.

The rims can easily return to their original form when hit by hard material, that’s why they are used by many trainees, cyclists. It’s perfect if you want a downhill ride with this wheel. The price is affordable with high-quality features. If you want to buy both front and rear wheels of the same brand check out SunRise Carbon Single Speed Bike Wheelset.

SunRise Bike Carbon Track Rear Wheel for Fixed Gear Bike

SunRise Bike Carbon Track Rear Wheel for Fixed Gear Bike


Track wheelsets are simple, durable, stiff and the best upgrade for track bikes. Each year, engineers are coming up with remarkable features to the wheelset so that users can feel comfortable and have great riding experience. Nowadays, they have reduced weight and are made more aerodynamic.

Some track wheelsets are designed to be used with MTB wheels or road wheels. They are able to withstand high air resistance and harsh beatings while riding. The braking performance has improved a lot and can show remarkable performance in any road conditions. Many companies have made a lot of progress to these wheels and are the top-selling wheelsets for urban riding. 

After reading the whole article you might have already chosen a wheel that you want to purchase. All the wheels listed above are of high quality and are made from top brands like Mavic, DT Swiss, and more. Customers have provided positive feedback on these wheels so you can be sure about the quality.

You will not regret buying these products. Thank you for reading the article and we hope we have provided enough guidelines about the products. Feel free to give us feedback below. We hope you have a nice journey with these wheels.

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