10 Best Bike Racks for Truck Tailgate (Updated 2023)

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Based on individual performance, safety, versatility, durability, quality of the product, and a few other factors, we have shortlisted the best bike racks for your truck tailgate, after having tested them out, firsthand.

Thus; we believe these would offer you satisfaction and also value for your money.

Factors that you should take into consideration before getting a tailgate pad for your truck

If you’re planning on transporting your bike, on your pick-up truck, then you have a few categories of bike-racks to choose from. For example, hitch, trunk, and roof-mounted are some of the racks that you can take into consideration. Although; if you own a pick-up truck, then you can also fit a pad on its tailgate, for transporting your bikes.

However; if you plan on just hanging a blanket or a towel from the tailgate, but there would always be the chance of your truck’s pain being scuffed off. Therefore; you have a wide selection of tailgate pads to choose from, for carrying your bikes. But, how would you get to decide, which tailgate pad would suit you best and offer you a good value for money? So, we have chosen some factors that you can take into consideration while deciding to buy a pad.


If the tailgate pad that you chose is either too loose or too fit, then it won’t be possible to transport your bikes, effectively. Also; you’d find that a majority of the tailgate pads are available in two different sizes; namely small or large.

As for larger tailgates, they can fit your bigger pick-up trucks such as Ford F-150, Dodge Ram, and Toyota Tundra, etc. Whereas; for the small-sized pads, they can fit on your trucks of small and mid-level sizes. For example, GMC canyons Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, etc.

Additionally; ensure that the pad is the right fit for your truck. Thus; for this measure the width of your truck’s tailgate and the pad’s width, hence, compare between the two. Another way you can make sure is to contact the car’s manufacturer company.


Undoubtedly, the most important aspect is ensuring the pad that you bought firmly fits your bike, securing it to your truck’s tailgate. Moreover; if by any chance, if the bike comes into contact with the tailgate, damaging itself, then the whole purpose of purchasing a pad would go to waste. Also; you must know for sure that your bikes are held in position, with there being close to no chance of your bike falling off your truck.

Additionally; most tailgate pads have built-in Velcro or securing straps to fasten your bike in place. Thus; ensuring your bike isn’t displaces while you navigate through rough terrains or moving up along a slope. Besides; some tailgate pad manufacturers are against the idea of designing huge pads, that would cover the entire length of your tailgate. Rather, they make individual mounts for your bike, which have wadded bases. So, this would be strapped around your truck’s tailgate, without causing any blockage to your rear-sided camera of the truck.

All in all, having thick and heavy-duty pads means, both your bike and truck would be secured in place. Thus; choosing either one of the above would mean your bike is reasonably secured.


Your tailgate pad being durable is a very huge deal while deciding to buy one. Thus; it hugely important if you happen to be a heavy user, so you would have to pay a premium for it. Also; it should be mandatory, that the bike pad that you invest in is capable of withstanding atrocious weather conditions.

However; if you happen to use your bike pad occasionally, then you don’t necessarily have to invest large sums behind it. Then again, an expensive tailgate pad doesn’t necessarily mean that it would offer you enhanced durability. Rather, a lot depends on how well you use the product.

Usage and Installation

Unlike hitch or truck-mounted racks, you can generally take off tailgate pads, once you’re done holding your bike. Also; the process of installing and removing it pretty straightforward as well. Keeping is attached to your trucks tailgate means, it is more prone to get stolen. Additionally; most pads attached to your truck tend to block the view of the rear-sided camera of your truck.

Therefore; you should go for a truck-pad that can easily be installed and removed, without taking aid from anyone else. Moreover; a pad that can be used easily, is comfortable and something that won’t consume too much of your time. Lastly; there are some pads, which have a tailgate handle flap, you might go for one of these if you want to open up your truck’s tailgate, even when the pad is in place.

Pricing, Design, and Color

As for the case of tailgate pads, you would find that there isn’t too much of a difference in prices between a low-end cover and the premium ones. So, the difference in prices may only be a few hundred dollars. Thus; you might as well go for a higher-end model.

Also; generally tailgate pads are designed to be durable and are usually on the darker shade. Therefore; you won’t be having too many colors to choose from.

Some benefits and uses of tailgate pads

If you compare mounting your bikes between a trunk/hitch-mounted bike-rack or a tailgate pad, you’d find that it is a much simpler process to load your bikes on tailgate pads. Moreover; as for the case of mountain bikes having larger-frames and bigger wheelbase and full suspension. Accommodating these categories of bikes became a real challenge in the traditional bike-racks.

Thus; tailgate pads would be a pretty good option when it comes to transporting your bike. Since this pad would make sure that your bike doesn’t directly come into contact with the tailgate of your truck, which means, there won’t be any damage to your truck’s tailgate. Also; it would mean you won’t have to worry about your vehicle’s paint job.

Which would be better suited to hold your bike, tailgate pads, or hitch-mounted racks?

Hitch-mounted bike-racks possess the ability to accommodate multiple bikes for you. Although; you either need to have a built-in hitch receiver to your vehicle or you may require to install one, to attach a hitch-mounted rack. Also; as you hold your bike or surfboards to your vehicle, it would end up blocking your access to your truck’s tailgate. Moreover; hitch-mounted racks would also mean an additional length being added to your vehicle, this would make things a bit challenging for you while you navigate or park your vehicle in tight spaces.

On the other hand, tailgate pads are comparatively simple to be used. Also; you won’t be needing additional hardware or tools while installing it to your truck. All these may sound convenient. However; there’s a chance that installing the pad to the tailgate would block your rear-view camera visuals for you.

To put in a nutshell, both the aforementioned racks have their pros and cons. Thus; it depends on you, on which one would offer you a better value for money.

Is the usage of truck-tailgate pads necessary?

Tailgate pads, made from thick, durable, and stiff foams are an efficient way to use your truck for transporting your bike. So; this is a process that helps you in transforming your default, regular pick-up truck to a heavy-duty, efficient bike holder. Also; using a tailgate pad means, it would save you from the trouble of having to possibly install hitches, drilling holes or removing wheels, in the premises where you’d be installing the rack.

Therefore; the latest technology has made our lives easier and also gave us a lot of options to choose from while transporting or storing our bikes. Hence, installing a pad to your truck’s tailgate offer you a very simple yet efficient way of transporting your bikes.

Our Top Pick(s)

After having considered many factors. We have selected the Demon tailgate pad as the overall editor’s preferred choice. We fitted this bike-rack to our pick-up truck. And it performed its task expertly. Moreover; this rack would secure your bikes perfectly to your truck. Thus; we can assure you, this will be worth every bit of your money.

Demon Tailgate Pad

Sturdy and fits well. Best for carrying MTB | Our Editor’s Choice

The Demon tailgate pad is secured and sumptuous. Therefore; this is a tailgate pad that is perfect for holding your bikes in place while navigating on your pick-up truck. Moreover; they have prioritized security while designing this pad. The Demon would provide you with several slots for accommodating your bikes. Also; there are pockets for storing necessary tools as well. The Velcro straps help in securing your bikes. Additionally; it enhanced clarity due to the reflective design of the pad.

You can find below, the specification for the Demon tailgate pad. This would help you to judge whether this is a well fit for your truck. 

  • Easy to install: Yes
  • Bike Holding Capacity: 5
  • Color: Black along with reflective logo
  • Security: Web-cinch and Velcro straps
  • Type of Mounting: Tailgate-mounted 
  • Material: Mostly heavy-duty vinyl; ¾” foam
  • Dimension(inch): Small (54” wide), large (62” wide)
  • Additional feature: Pockets for trail-gear, individual straps for holding bikes, tailgate handle access flap, web cinch, and Velcro straps

In the following table, we’ve listed the best bike racks that we have selected for your truck tailgate:

Truck Tailgate RackWhy we recommend this
Demon tailgate padSturdy and fits well. Best for carrying MTB | Editor’s Choice
Dakine tailgate padCompatible with surfboards | Value Choice
Yakima gatekeeperSecure. Rear-camera visibility. Good for carbon fiber bikes | Premium Choice
Dakine DLX pickup padBest for carrying MTB
RaceFace Tailgate PadSecure and extra-padding
EVOC Tailgate PadPadded for tailgate protection
Thule GateMate PRO Tailgate PadUser-friendly design and pockets for storage
Thule GateMateUltra-durable
Allen Sports DeluxeTrunk-mount rack. Secure and fold-able
Tyger Auto TGTrunk-mount rack. Versatile and fold-able

If you’re enthusiastic about biking or surfing and happen to be looking for a carrier for your pick-up truck, to accommodate your bike, then you’re in luck! Moreover; we shall also be discussing in-depth the specialties of individual brands of truck-tailgate pads. Additionally; if you happen to travel around, frequently, on your pick-up truck, along with your bikes or surfboard. Then, all the more reason,  as to why you should be investing in tailgate pads for your truck. Generally; people tend to go for either a roof, trunk, or hitch-mounted rack while transporting their bikes in their SUVs or sedans respectively.

Whereas; for your trucks, you can usually go for a hitch-mounted rack. Thus; this is where the option of having a tailgate pad comes into play, for your truck. Also; biking and surfing are getting popular as each day passes by, so you have more reasons to find a tailgate pad to hold your expensive bikes. Hence; we shall try to alleviate your burden of the whole process of choosing your desired product.

We shall be making a comparison illustrating the specialties of some of the efficient and highly-rated tailgate pad out these. Thus; this would hopefully, make your decision to choose your desired rack a lot easier.

10 best bike racks you can buy today for your truck tailgates

We have prepared below, a table, which would demonstrate the specifications of all these 12 truck-tailgate pads. Moreover; we are going to discuss these in detail throughout this write-up.

Tailgate padPreviewBike CapacityRack styleColorMaterialSecurity
Demon tailgate padDemon Tailgate Pad for Mountain Bikes with Tool Pocket for Mechanic Tools/Tailgate Cover with Secure Bike Frame Straps (Large (60' wide) for full size pickups)5Tailgate-mounted Black along with reflective logoMostly heavy-duty vinyl; ¾” foamWeb-cinch and Velcro straps
Dakine tailgate padDakine Tailgate Surf Pad5 to 7Tailgate-mounted Black or Lava tubesDurable UV resistant 600D polyester, Soft fleece backing2-straps securing pad to tailgate
Yakima gatekeeperYAKIMA - GateKeeper Tailgate Pad for Full-sized Truck Beds, Carries Up To 6 Bikes6Tailgate-mounted BlackRugged nylonVelcro straps
Dakine pickup padDakine Pickup Pad - Large - Black, Large5 to 7Tailgate-mounted Black or field camo1000D Polyester with UV/weather-resistant coating5 to 7 straps
RaceFace tailgate padRace Face Tailgate Pad6Tailgate-mounted Black or In-ferno600D + PVCHook and ladder style buckles, Velcro straps
Evoc Tailgate PadEVOC TAILGATE PAD, Black6Tailgate-mounted Black or olive camoTarpaulin, EVAMetal hooks
Thule GateMate PROThule GateMate Pro Full Size , Black, Small6Tailgate-mounted Black NylonTailgate pad and extra padding
Thule GateMateThule 823 Gate Mate Tailgate Pad6Tailgate-mounted Reflective-logo within black-pad  Heavy-duty vinylTailgate pad and extra padding
Allen Sports DeluxeAllen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 104DB-R , Black2Trunk-mount mast styleBlack/SilverSteel rimsUnavailable
Tyger Auto TGTyger Auto TG-RK3B203S Deluxe 3-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Rack. (Compatible with Most Sedans/Hatchbacks/Minivans and SUVs.)3Trunk-mount mast styleBlackSolid molded plastic/polymerAvailable

1. Demon tailgate pad

Sturdy and fits well. Best for carrying MTB | Our Editor’s Choice

Demon tailgate pad
  • Easy to install: Yes
  • Bike Holding Capacity: 5
  • Security: Web-cinch and Velcro straps
  • Color: Black along with reflective logo
  • Type of Mounting: Tailgate-mounted 
  • Material: Mostly heavy-duty vinyl; ¾” foam
  • Dimension(inch): S:(54” wide), L:(62” wide)
  • Additional feature: Pockets for trail-gear, individual straps for holding bikes, tailgate handle access flap, web cinch, and Velcro straps

Features & Considerations:

  • Size: You’d be able to purchase this pad in two different variants. The small one, coming in at 54″. Whereas; the larger one is 62 “. However; make sure you measure your tailgate properly before you buy a pad for your truck.
  • Color: The Demon tailgate pad is available in black color with a reflective logo of the brand in the center of the pad. Thus; this would aid in providing visibility in low lights.
  • Straps: Web cinch secure straps would help in securing your pad firmly into your truck’s tailgate. Moreover; the Velcro bike frame holders ensure that your bike is safely in place.
  • Pockets: There area tool pocket in place. Thus; this means, you can easily store your bike’s tool inside this pocket. So, you won’t have to worry about an additional storage facility.
  • Material: Constructed from 3/4” foam pad along with a heavy-duty vinyl cover on the outside. So, this is done to protect both your bikes and truck’s tailgate when you’re navigating around.
  • Ease of installation: It would be very easy for you to install this in your truck’s tailgate. Rather; it’d fit perfectly on the rear of your truck.
  • Types of bike: This pad is capable of housing a total of 5 bikes. Moreover; you can easily store your mountain bikes or everyday bikes that you use for commuting.

Some drawbacks:

  • Fit differently on trucks of different models: While you go for buying a Demon tailgate pad, make sure you take measurements properly. Since there were times when pad did you fit properly either on your compact smaller sized trucks or trucks of bigger sizes.

The Demon tailgate pad has 3/4″ foam padding covered by durable vinyl. Also; it has soft backing to keep your paint job from getting damaged. Moreover; the Velcro pockets are very helpful for storing your bike’s tools. There is a handy flap that opens up for your tailgate handle. Therefore; you can easily open the tailgate when the pad is installed to your truck. Lastly; the flap has a Velcro seal, which remains closed when you are not using your tailgate handle. Additionally; this pad has a reflective logo on the back of the pad which would offer you enhanced safety while hauling your bikes.

Demon tailgate pad

Demon tailgate pad

The video shared below would give you a demonstration of the Demon tailgate pad.

2. Dakine tailgate pad

Compatible with surfboards. Fits well and robust | Our Value Choice

Dakine tailgate pad
  • Easy to install: Yes
  • Dimension(inch): 28″ wide
  • Shipping Weight(lbs): 1.5
  • Bike Holding Capacity: 5 to 7
  • Color: Black or Lava tubes
  • Type of Mounting: Tailgate-mounted 
  • Security: 2-straps securing pad to tailgate
  • Material: Durable UV resistant 600D polyester, Soft fleece backing
  • Additional feature: Surfboard compatible, larger design for multiple long-boards, soft fleece backing, contoured raised foam with padded flaps

Features & Considerations:

  • Design & material: This can buy this bike pad in two different colors, black and lava tubes, with the Dakine logo in the center.  Moreover; the surface is constructed from long-lasting UV resistant 600D polyester.
  • Security: The pad has contoured raised foam along with padded flaps, which fits a wide variety of your tailgate shapes. Additionally; the two built-in straps help in securing your pad to the tailgate.
  • Surfboards: Dakine built this pad, to help in protecting your surfboards while you transport them in your pickup bed. Also; the large design means, you can easily transport multiple longboards or a single SUP board. Lastly; it can fit two of your SUPs easily.
  • Dimension: This pad has a width of 28″. Whereas; the board straps that come along are 98″.
  • Warranty: Dakine tailgate surf pad comes with a limited warranty of two years.

Some drawbacks:

  • Positioning: The pad at times tends to roll slightly out of position from the apex of tailgate while you mount it to your truck’s tailgate.

The Dakine Tailgate surfboard would help you in carrying your surfboards while you are driving from your source to your designated destination. Moreover; this bike pad is 28″ wide. Hence; it is capable of supporting even the sturdiest tailgates.  Additionally; the significant length of the board means, the built-in straps can hold your SUP boards, with ease. Besides; if you plan to stack up two nose-riders, one on top of one another, then that would not be too much of a problem either.

Furthermore; this pad has contoured raised foam, along with wadded flaps. This is specially designed to caress over your truck’s tailgate and ensure that it remains in place. The built-in top cam straps help in keeping your boards centered perfectly on the foam. In the meantime; the soft fleece makes sure that your transportation’s paint isn’t scrapped off.

Dakine tailgate pad

Dakine tailgate pad

3. Yakima gatekeeper pad

Easy installation, secure, and rear-camera visibility. Finest for transporting carbon fiber bikes | Our Premium Choice

Yakima gatekeeper
  • Color: Black
  • Easy to install: Yes 
  • Item Weight(lbs): 6
  • Security: Velcro straps
  • Material: Rugged nylon
  • Type of Mounting: Tailgate-mounted 
  • Bike Holding Capacity: M: 5, L: 6
  • Dimension(inch): M (53.2 x 17.2 x 5.2), L (62.2 x 5.2 x 20.2)
  • Additional feature: Smart design, long-lasting, easy-installation

Features & Considerations:

  • Security: SightTight cradles ensures that your bikes remain protected at all times. So, that it isn’t shifted from side to side or sliding away, to prevent your bikes from coming into contact with each other.
  • Velcro-cradles: Velcro crib-closure system means, it is kind to your carbon bike’s frames and paints job. Moreover; the integrated straps ensure your truck pad is held tight and securely in position.
  • Durability: The robust nylon outer material of the pad means, it is resistant to abrasion or atrocious weather conditions, Therefore; if you plan on traveling long distances then this pad has got you back. Moreover; the super-soft texture aids in protecting your truck’s paint job.
  • Smart-design: Its clever design means the rear-sight cover moves out of the way to ensure your rear back-up camera has visibility.
  • Type of bikes: It can hold securely and carry a total of 6 of your bikes. Moreover; this can easily hold your mountain bikes, regular everyday commuting bikes as well as kid’s and ladies’ bikes, securely.
  • Ease of installation: The Gatekeeper is an easy to use and easy to install pad for your truck’s tailgate. Thus; all you need to do is attach it to your truck’s tailgate, secure it by strapping it up firmly.  Lastly; it is compatible with most of the full-sized trucks out there.

Some drawbacks:

  • Expensive: The Yakima Gatekeeper is on the high-end price range. Although; if you’re looking for something premium, there aren’t many bike pads that are better than this out there.

In purchasing the Yakima Gatekeeper, you’d be getting yourself a bike tailgate pad that is very durable and functions superbly. Moreover; this secures itself to your truck’s bed using it’s nylon straps and ladder hooks. Additionally; it nylon fabric texture means, it will be able to withstand the scorching sunlight, the heavy rain, and can haul your bikes securely throughout numerous road trips. Furthermore; on its backside microfleece liner ensures your tailgate is kept safe from at forms of potential damage.

This pad comes with built-in Velcro straps. Also; the cushioned cradles means they assist in holding your bike, securely in place, as you navigate. Lastly; the latch flap is large enough and easily moves away to aid you in using the back-up rear cameras. So; if you’re on the lookout for a bike pad for your truck’s tailgate, at a premium price, and having all the features that you can ask for, then look no further.

Yakima gatekeeper

Yakima gatekeeper

We have shared below, a video that would help to gain a better understanding of Yakima gatekeeper as a whole.

4. Dakine DLX pickup pad

Best for carrying MTB.  Easy installation and removal

Dakine DLX pickup pad
  • Easy to install: Yes
  • Security: 5 to 7 straps
  • Color: Black or field camo
  • Type of Mounting: Tailgate-mounted 
  • Bike Holding Capacity: S: 5, L: 7
  • Material: 1000D Polyester with UV/weather-resistant coating
  • Dimension(inch): S (54″ wide, 33″ deep), L (62” wide, 33″ deep)
  • Additional feature: Mountain bike compatible, rear-lift gate access, micro-fleece lining, 4 webbing cinch straps

Features & Considerations:

  • Security: Dakine has built individual anchoring straps for firmly holding your bike in position. Also; there are built-in web-cinch straps, within this pad.
  • Material: This is constructed from 1000D polyester, having a weather-resistant coating.  Also; this material is very durable, hence, you won’t have to worry about its longevity.
  • Built-quality: The 100-dernier fabric is very long-lasting and is coated with a durable-coating, thus; this provides resistance from weather and UV light damage.
  • Compatibility: This pad will be compatible with your large full-sized trucks as well as medium-sized trucks.
  • Types of bikes: You can hold bikes having carbon or aluminum frames. Also; if you pick the smaller variant, then a total of 5 bikes can be stored. Whereas; for the larger variant you can get to store a total of 7 bikes. Moreover; this pad specializes in carrying your mountain bikes.
  • Ease of installation: You would not have to go through a very gruesome process while installing the pad into your truck. Hence; the whole process is very simple.

Some drawbacks:

  • Size issues: While purchasing the pad, make sure you get the size right. Hence, you must measure the length and width of your truck’s tailgate and choose the pad accordingly.

The Dakine DLX pick-up pad is specially designed to provide you with a storage solution for transporting your mountain bikes. Moreover; this rack allows you fast and secure hauling of a total of 7 bikes, for there larger, full-sized truck pad and 5 bikes, for a smaller, mid-sized truck pad. Also; for securing each bike, individual bike anchoring straps are used. Additionally; the pad is made from fleece-lined, thick twin-density foam. Thus; this helps in creating a secure and protective medium between your bike and the tailgate. Besides; the big hook straps would anchor your bike very securely to your pick-up truck. Lastly; because of the tailgate handle flaps, you’d easily able to access the full functionality of your truck’s tailgate.

Dakine DLX pickup pad

Dakine DLX pickup pad

5. RaceFace Tailgate Pad

Top features. Secure and extra-padding

RaceFace Tailgate Pad
  • Easy to install: Yes
  • Material: 600D + PVC
  • Color: Inky or Inferno
  • Bike Holding Capacity: 6
  • Type of Mounting: Mounted-on-tailgate 
  • Dimension(inch): S/M (57” wide), L (61” wide)
  • Security: Hook and ladder style buckles, Velcro straps
  • Additional feature: Water repellant, micro-brushed liner, raised pads, Velcro webbing loop, and strap system.    

Features & Considerations:

  • Security: This pad uses hook and ladder style buckles to secure itself to your truck. Moreover; this has Velcro straps as well as molded foam bumpers to hold bikes in position.
  • Construction: The outer lining of this pad is built from 600D + PVC with DWR treatment, whereas; the inner lining micro-brushed has been used.
  • Attachment: Race Face‘s pad will be connected to your truck’s tailgate using three nylon straps. Moreover; each of these doubled through a plastic ring.  Also; there is an opening within the pad that would help you to access the handle of your truck’s tailgate.
  • Bike retention: It has raised bumpers, facing the truck bed. So, these bumpers would do an outstanding job holding your bikes in position. Also; there are individual straps installed within the pad to secure each of your bike’s downtube.
  • Types of bikes: You can hold a total of 6 bikes. So; you can easily include adult mountain bikes and conventional bikes.
  • Inner material: There is an interior micro-brushed lining which is very soft. Moreover; even after heavy usage, you won’t have abrasive damage to your truck’s tailgate paint.
  • Outer material and wadding: Outer layer of the pad is constructed from 600D Cordura with a DWR treatment. So, this pad is resistant to rainwater and is very suitable for atrocious weather conditions. Also; this pad is cut-resistant. Moreover; this pad is sufficiently wadded for your usage.

Some drawbacks:

  • Design: The straps are only attached to the pad via the velcro thus these are prone to easily be lost while you are driving.

The Race Face tailgate is one of the most widely used, mountain bike compatible tailgate pads you’ll find there. So; this pad has a built-in hook and ladder styled leashes to secure this pad to your truck. Moreover; it also contains Velcro straps and there are well-mounded foam-bumpers, this helps in holding your bike in position.

Thus; this system works admirably well. Additionally; the smaller variant also has molded foam blocks on the outside of the pad, hence this helps in securing your bikes’ forks. Although; if you pick the larger model of this pad, then you won’t be able to avail of this feature.

RaceFace Tailgate Pad

RaceFace Tailgate Pad

6. EVOC Tailgate Pad

Best for ease of attachment and removal. Padded for tailgate protection

EVOC Tailgate Pad
  • Easy to install: Yes
  • Security: Metal hooks
  • Color: Black or olive camo
  • Material: Tarpaulin, EVA
  • Bike Holding Capacity: 6
  • Type of Mounting: Mounted-in-tailgate 
  • Dimension(inch): M: 53.15 x 33.08 x 1 XL: 63.4 x 38.98 x 1
  • Additional feature: Polyurethane coating, molded foam separators, padded pickup tailgate protection, quick access to tailgate release handle, fold-away flap for the rear camera   

Features & Considerations:

  • Material: EVOC Tailgate Pad is admirably well constructed and features a 600D tarpaulin finish. Moreover; the inside of the pad uses a microfleece liner to help protect your tailgate.
  • Fold-able: When you are not using the pad, you can easily get to fold it for easy storage, this process of folding the pad is way easier if you compare this with other brands of pads.
  • Metal hooks: For securing the pad to your truck securely, metal hooks are used. Therefore; if compared with other pads. This works more effectively.
  • Types of bikes: EVOC would outstandingly well with your mountain bikes. Moreover; it can hold a total of 6 of your bikes at a time.
  • Wide area pad: So, the wide-area pad means, you won’t have to worry about the pad moving out of position while it is holding your bikes.
  • Loading & accessing bikes: This pad is designed in a way so that it’s very easy for you to load, access, and unload your bikes.

Some drawbacks:

  • Interior finish: If you look very closely, you’d find that the pain job for this pad isn’t perfect. Although; this should not be a deciding factor while purchasing the pad.

EVOC tailgate pad would efficiently carry out the task of protecting your bike.  Moreover; one very helpful feature of this pad is, it’d be very easy for you to load, access, and unload your bikes. Also; on top of the pad, there are molded foams. So, this helps in keeping your bikes separated, hence, you don’t have to worry about them, coming into contact with each other, while you navigate through rough terrains. Provided that you own a truck, which has a shallow bed, thus; in this sort of scenario, your bikes can flop around and get displaced when placed on the pad.

The EVOC would bee held to your truck’s tailgate using three retaining straps. Additionally; these straps are secured and firmly tightened using conventional ways. Although; most of the EVOC pads you’ll find out there, uses a metal tightening adjuster. Lastly; while this pad is connected to your truck, you won’t have to worry about it sliding from side to side, as is the case for some other bike pads.

EVOC Tailgate Pad

EVOC Tailgate Pad

7. Thule GateMate PRO Tailgate Pad

Ideal for back-up camera visibility. User-friendly design and pockets for storage

Thule GateMate PRO
  • Color: Jet-black
  • Dimension:  
  • Material: Nylon
  • Easy to install: Yes
  • Bike Holding Capacity: 6
  • Dimension(inch): 62 x 17 x 14
  • Type of Mounting: Mounted on tailgate 
  • Security: Tailgate pad and extra padding
  • Additional feature: Integrated bike separator, Multiple position strap anchor, flexible padding, backup camera visibility, heavy-duty vinyl

Features & Considerations:

  • Durable: This pad firmly attaches to your truck’s tailgate using multiple nylon webbing-straps. Moreover; the plastic ladder-lock buckles cinch down the webbing and firmly secures it in place.
  • Security: The loop straps are used to secure your bikes in place within the pad. Also; these straps prevent your bikes from moving once they are strapped down. Hence; reducing unwanted contact between your bikes, or preventing them from flopping around when you drive along a rough road.
  • Washable: You can easily wash this pad after a rough couple of days or months usage. Since these are durable materials, so it can withstand your tough treatment with relative ease.
  • Added padding: GateMate pads stand taller, thus creating a groove in which the frames can rest. Hence; making your bikes less likely to move around.
  • Types of bikes: GateMate Pro can house one of your eBikes. As well as regular, cross, or mountain bikes. Thus having a capacity of storing a maximum of 6 bikes at a time.
  • Storage pockets: You can easily store your gear or other additional tools securely. This is possible even while you are driving around. Because the inside facing mesh pockets would provide necessary protection that’s required.
  • Back-up camera visibility: The larger size of the opening handles means, you won’t be losing rear camera visibility, even when the pad is attached to your truck’s tailgate.

Some drawbacks:

  • Bike straps: The built-in bike straps are a bit too big for comfort. Thus; this is a bit troublesome to secure your bikes using these straps.
  • Sides of pad: If you own a truck which is a bit compact. Then, chances are the sides of the pad will get aught with the tailgate.

Thule has designed the Gate Mate Pro to look very sleek. So, this rack has two storage pockets on the inside section of the pad which is facing the truck’s bed. This rack would be ideal for you to store multiple-tools. Moreover; you can use these pockets to store various categories of items. Also; the opening of the tailgate is of sufficient size, so you can easily fold it down and leave it open. Thus; giving you the option of using the rear back-up camera, even when the pad is connected to the tailgate.

Thule GateMate PRO

Thule GateMate PRO

8. Thule GateMate pad

Optimum for durability. Ultra-durable

Thule GateMate
  • Easy to install: Yes
  • Material: Heavy-duty vinyl
  • Bike Holding Capacity: 6
  • Dimension(inch): 28 x 19 x 7
  • Color: Reflective-logo within black-pad  
  • Type of Mounting: Mounted on tailgate 
  • Security: Tailgate pad and extra padding
  • Additional feature: Integrated bike separator, Multiple position strap anchor, flexible padding, backup camera visibility, heavy-duty vinyl

Features & Considerations:

  • Security: Starting; nylon straps and anchors ensure your pad is safely and firmly held to your truck’s tailgate.
  • Ultra-durable: This is constructed from heavy-duty vinyl, so, this would assure you that this pad is going to last for a long time.
  • Types of bikes: So; you can easily haul mountain, road, and cross bikes with the help of this rack. You can carry a total of 6 bikes at a time.
  • Sufficient padding: This pad has long-lasting foam wadding, thus ensuring both your bike and tailgate remains protected.
  • Ease of installation: It’s light-weight in nature, so you can get to install and use it effortlessly.
  • Integrated knock-block: Moreover; the built-in “knock-blocks” helps in preventing your bikes from sliding off the edge of the pad and thus; onto your bare tailgate causing damage to your vehicle or bike.
  • Access to tailgate handle: Also; the trademark handle hook means, you can easily access the tailgate handle without removing the pad itself, every single time.
  • Loading & accessing bikes: Lastly; you can easily load and access your bikes anytime without having to put in too much effort while carrying out this process.

Some drawbacks:

  • Un-threading straps: No easy buckles exists for securing your bike in position. Thus; removal of the pad means, you’d have to un-thread the straps.

Thule’s Gate Mate would provide you with a satisfactory solution to holding and transporting your bikes on your truck’s tailgate. So; this pad is built from long-lasting and heavy-duty vinyl. Moreover; there are foams placed on the pad, this ensures that both your bike and truck remains protected at all time, during storage. Also; based on your requirement, you can purchase this pad, in two different sizes, these are, for compact regular trucks; 54″ and for full-sized pick-up trucks, 62″.

Additionally; to ensure there is not any unwanted damage to your bike, Gate Mate has a built-in security feature, “knock-block”. Thus; this prevents your bike from coming into contact with the truck’s tailgate. Furthermore; Thule has designed this pad so that you can get to access your tailgate handle removing the pad altogether. Lastly; the designed nylon straps and anchors are positioned to make sure your pad is securely attached to the tailgate of your truck.

Thule GateMate

Thule GateMate

9. Allen Sports Deluxe pad

Best trunk-mount rack for tailgate. Secure and fold-able

Allen Sports Deluxe 104DB
  • Easy to install: Yes
  • Fold-ability: Available
  • Shipping Weight (lbs): 9
  • Bike Holding Capacity: 2
  • Tilting feature: Unavailable
  • Locking feature: Unavailable
  • Dimension(inch): 4.5 x 23 x 13.7
  • Bike holding position: Horizontal
  • Loading and accessing bikes: Easy
  • Type of Mounting: Trunk-mount mast style
  • Additional feature: Tie-down system, side straps
  • Weight Bearing Capacity(lbs): 35 x 1 = 35 / 35 x 2 = 70

Features & Considerations:

  • Compatibility: Allen Sports Deluxe 104DB would fit your pick-up truck, easily. Also; the rack installation process is very straightforward.
  • Security: This has a patented tie-down mechanism, so, this ensures excellent security for your bike, keeping your bikes protected all the time. However; the 104DB doesn’t have a built-in locking feature. Therefore; you might have to but an add-on for this.
  • Capacity and safety: You can buy this rack in three different variants, for 2, 3, and 4 bikes as well. Thus; this rack can easily and safely carry up to 4 bikes with each weighing 35 lbs.  Also, note that your bike would be held is a horizontal position, horizontal to this trunk-mounted rack.
  • Loading and unloading: You can load and access your bikes with relative ease. So, all you need to do is to secure your bike to the tie-down straps once you mount it to the rack. Whereas; just unfastening these straps mean you’d be able to take them down, easily.
  • Vehicle damage potentiality:  The extra-wide bottom toe and sideways straps mean, the rack would mount very stably to your truck. Moreover; the top and bottom toe of the rack would make sure, that there’s no damage to your bikes paint job or the trunk. Thus; this feature would make sure there’s no vehicle damage potential.
  • Type of Bikes: The Allen Sports 104DB can hold your regular bikes, BMX bikes, up to 4 bikes in total. Also; with each bike being able to weigh a maximum of 35 lbs.
  • Fold-ability: When your bike-rack is unoccupied, you can easily fold it up for rear storage or put it away somewhere else for later usage.
  • Warranty: Allen would provide you with a lifetime warranty for this product.

Some drawbacks:

  • E-bike compatibility: Your electric bikes cannot be accommodated within this rack. Because; eBikes are generally a bit on the heavier side, weighing at least 50 lbs.
  • Locking feature: It doesn’t have any built-in locking-feature, so there is no way of guaranteeing the absolute safety of your bike. Thus; parking your truck in either any public place or secluded spots, while your bike is mounted to it can be a bit risky.

Allen Sports 104DB Deluxe is a pretty simple and economic bike-rack. It can easily fit on your pick-up truck. Additionally; it’s convenient design means, you would be able to install it to your vehicle, within minutes. The tie-down feature means, it will hold down your bike, securely, protecting your bike’s frame. Moreover; the wider bottom-foot and sideways lashes mean this rack would be held very rigidly to your truck. This ensures you can easily travel through the city or rugged county roads. Also; the top and bottom feet help in protecting your car’s paint job and chassis. Last but not least; you’d be given a lifetime warranty for this bike-rack.

Allen Sports Deluxe 104DB

Allen Sports Deluxe 104DB

10. Tyger Auto TG pad

Best trunk-mount rack for tailgate. Versatile and fold-able

Tyger Auto TG
  • Fold-ability: N/A
  • Easy to install: Yes
  • Tilting feature: N/A
  • Bike Holding Capacity: 3
  • Locking feature: Available
  • Dimension(inch): 25 x 4 x 3
  • Shipping Weight (lbs): 10.45
  • Bike holding position: Horizontal
  • Loading and accessing bikes: Easy
  • Type of Mounting: Trunk-mount mast style
  • Weight Bearing Capacity(lbs): 33 x 1 = 33 / 33 x 2 = 66 / 33 x 3 = 99
  • Additional feature:  Pre-assembled, robust construction, padded lower frame, soft-cradles, rust-resistant, fold-able arms, easy installation

Features & Considerations:

  • Installation: The installation process is pretty straightforward. Moreover; all necessary instructions, for the installation process, would come along within the packaging. Also; the rack comes fully assembled within the box. Thus; all you need to do is, follow the instruction and mount the rack, into your truck. Although; if you have a vehicle, which has a spoiler fitted to its rear, then it would not be possible to fit the rack.
  • Loading and accessing bikes: You can effortlessly store and remove your bikes from this rack. Also; the design of the rack means, you can easily mount your bikes, into the rack, without having to go through too much trouble. Moreover; the robustness and high-quality means, the rack would be able to hold your bikes tightly, without any wobbling.
  • Types of bikes: This rack is capable of holding your regular bikes, mountain bikes, or women’s bikes, up to a total of 3 bikes. Where; each bike can weigh as much as 33 lbs. Besides; the rack would not face any significant challenge, to hold your bikes, if you load up to 3 bikes, with each weighing less than or equal to 33 lbs.
  • Security: You can secure your bikes within the rack, using the safety straps, that come along with the rack. Although; there aren’t any locks included with the rack, which would be able to lock down your rack in place. Thus; if you want additional security, then you’ll have to buy a lock, individually for your bike.
  • Vehicle damage potentiality: You can easily mount the rack, into your vehicle. Also; if you frequently open the rear trunk of your car, the rack would not slip or lose its grip, whatsoever. Moreover; installing it on your truck would not cause any damage to it or scruff off the paint. Besides; there would not be any unwanted wiggling of your bike while you travel along.
  • Folding capability: TG-RK1B204B carry-arms which you can easily fold,  and store it away,  when not occupied with your bike.
  • Texture and warranty: The rack has an e-coating, which makes the rack resistant to any forms of rust. Tyger would be giving you a lifetime warranty for this product.

Some drawbacks:

  • Bike specificationTyger TG-RK1B204B would not support bikes of all categories. As, if you have bikes of heavier stature, weighing more than 33 lbs, then you cannot fit them into this rack.

The Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B is manufactured in a way so that it is well-built and convenient as well. For your bikes paint to not get scruffed off, the rack has been equipped with safety leashes and the wadded lower frame. Thus; this would help in maintaining a significant distance between your automobile and the installed rack. The  TG-RK1B204B can hold a total of 3 bikes, with each weighing as much as 33 lbs.

Moreover; the installation process is fairly straightforward and it is included, within the packaging. Additionally; you can rest assured that your bike’s frame will be completely safeguarded, thanks to the soft cradles. Besides; this rack has fold-able carry-arms so that you can store it away, easily, when it’s not occupied with your bike. Tyger would also be providing you a lifetime warranty for this product.

Tyger Auto TG

Tyger Auto TG

A video that is shared below which provides the necessary instructions and usage of the Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B bike-rack.


Q: What exactly would tailgate pads be offering you?

A: In comparison to other styles of bike-racks, tailgate offers you an economic solution. Also; at the same time prevents any sorts of damage to your truck’s tailgate. Although; you may also think about keeping your bike stored on your pick-up truck bed. But, there’s always a possibility of your bike bouncing up and down while you navigate around, thus, causing damage to both your bikes and trucks. Hence, this is where the tailgate bike-rack comes into play, offering protection for your bikes, by storing them safely in place.

Q: How do I determine which size of pads would be compatible with my truck’s tailgate?

A: You can usually find tailgate pads in two different sizes, namely small and large. Also; sizes for the small ones range between 50″ to 52″, whereas; for the larger ones has sizes ranging between 59″ to 62″. Therefore; you are advised to measure the width of your tailgate and choose the tailgate that fits your truck’s tailgate best. Moreover; you can contact the manufacturers to check if the pad you’re contemplating buying a pad that would be a well fit for your truck.

Q: That ensures that a truck-tailgate pad is of superior quality?

A: A good quality tailgate pad should be simple and subtle enough to protect your bikes or truck from any forms of scratches or damage. Also; firm and durable enough to ensure your bike remains stationary within your truck’s tailgate. Additionally; make sure it is resistant to atrocious weather conditions. We’d advise you to go for pads that are made from 600D fabric. Lastly; if you’re a regular and heavy user, then make sure that the pad you’re planning on buying is waterproof.

Q: Do you have any useful tips or suggestions that would help us for accommodating mountain bikes on a tailgate pad?

A: Generally; tailgate pads carry out a marvelous job in keeping both your truck and bike secure. Although; their rugged texture and design mean, it may have a toll on your bike’s paint job. Thus; you can use covers, made from foam pipe on the fork and down-tube for enhanced protection.

Moreover; you need to reinforce your tailback’s wadding, especially, if this doesn’t fit properly with the width of your truck’s tailgate. Therefore; in such a scenario, to make it fit better, you can use a foam pipe, so, this would aid in covering across the width.


As we might know already by now that, tailgate pads can be pretty easy to be used. Although; when it comes to choosing one, you’d be required to invest a significant portion of your time, so understand which one would serve your purpose well.

So, we hope the review of the bike pads, that we’ve conducted along the entirety of this article, would ease your process of selecting the ideal bike carrying tailback pad.

Last but not least, if you require further assistance, you can always consult with an expert. Thus; they would help in providing you with that extra push that you’d require to hopefully come up with an ideal decision.

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