8 Best Vertical Bike Racks Flat against Wall (Updated 2023)

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In order to keep your bikes safe and protected, you need some sort of medium. A medium that promises to keep your precious bike safe all the time. This type of medium has to be an appropriate bike rack. An indoor bike rack is a storing application that is needed for keeping a single or multiple bikes safe at an indoor place. Luckily, this type of bike rack can be placed anywhere inside your homes such as in the garage, bedroom, drawing room, balcony or any other places inside your house. These racks can also be installed in warehouses, shops, parking lots and other places. So, these bike racks can be used not only inside the house but also in other types of outdoor places.

An indoor bike rack can be of several types. But, in this article, we are going to discuss the types of racks that keep your bikes vertically flat against the wall. Usually, there are hooks or clips where your bikes will be placed and these hooks can rotate left or right for smooth car parking inside your garage keeping the bikes flat leaning against the wall. These types of bike racks are often reasonable in price. However, the build quality might not be that good for some racks. There can be plenty of these types of bike racks and you can be easily confused for the variety of these racks. Therefore, we have made this article so that you can find a good bike rack that will keep your bikes flat against the wall.

Advantages of a wall mount bike rack

When we come to talk about the advantages of a wall mount bike rack, we think of some of the most important requirements that the rack must complete. Unlike the vehicle-mount bike racks, they can not transport your bikes. But, some of them can be portable so that you can place them from one place to another inside your house.
There are some advantages of these bike racks. Based on the type of rack, these advantages can be of regular or special types.

  • The wall mount bike racks that have handlebars, will ensure to save up most of your space.
  • This type of rack will mount the bikes with a minimum amount of clearance between them. As a result, you can organize a greater number of bikes in a small footprint.
  • Because of their designs, you will get sufficient flexibility and freedom to plan and design the overall look of the room where you want to place the bike rack along with your bikes.
  • Keeps your bikes high above the ground eliminating all the chances of getting ground clutter and debris.
  • Sometimes an expensive or even an economical wall mount bike rack system includes sufficient locking mechanism where usually the bike frame and the front tires of the bikes remain secured with a strong U-lock.
  • As for the wall mount vertical-style bike racks, they are mostly designed and manufactured in such a way to be code consequential and for the building planners, they can maintain the zoning requirements.
  • A user-friendly wall mount bike rack with super build quality promises to keep your bike damage free no matter how many or how heavy your bikes are. There are fewer possibilities of the handlebar to handlebar contact.
  • Some of the wall mount bike racks allow easy and quick loading of your bikes. For example – you can effortlessly load and unload a heavy bike with a ceiling tension-type bike rack.
  • There should be adequate space between each bike so that there is no collision or tangle with other bikes when you put up or take down your bike. A wall mount bike rack, especially the pivoting hook-type concludes this type of feature.
  • Compared to other types of storage applications, a wall mount bike rack is more ergonomic and prevents bikes from slipping.
  • Most of the wall mount bike hangers have a very easy installation process. You will need minimal assembly and tools to install these types of racks. Within a couple of minutes, the entire installation process should be completed. They can be mounted on any wooden studs or even concrete walls. Just make sure you start with at least 24” from any corner.
  • The racks with offset hanging technologies, tend to provide more clearance for your bikes, more corridor space and minimum clustering.

Types of Indoor bike racks

Indoor bike racks can be found in different categories. There were many types of indoor bike racks invented by many manufacturers. Then again, it considerably depends on the person and the amount of space for choosing an indoor bike rack. A family might be looking for a bike rack that can store more than 6 bikes at the same time that can be mounted in a crowded garage. On the other hand, there might be someone who is looking for a bike rack that can store his trophy bike with a magnificent display in his apartment. Among all the different indoor bike racks, these are possibly the most popular ones –

Free Stand Bike Rack:
The most common type of bike rack that is being used to store bikes inside apartments, garages, balconies, living rooms and even dorms. Basically it is a type of bike rack that can load one or two bikes horizontally and keeps them above the ground. This type of rack needs a little assembly where all the mounting hardware will be included with the rack. Some people want to store their trophy winner triathlon champion bikes onto this type of rack inside their living room or drawing room because it will give a pleasant display to anyone when they see it.

Bike Parking Rack:
A simple design commercial bike rack that doesn’t require any tools or drilling on the wall to install. These types of racks can be set up anywhere in a garage, inside a parking lot or inside a commercial parking space. Generally, loading and unloading of your bikes will be a breeze with these bike racks. There are several designs available for this type of rack such as – wave style, grid style, U-style, docs style and other. The problem is – these bike racks will take a significant amount of space. So, they are not good for saving floor-space.

Wall Mounted Rack:
Keeps the bikes at a higher position from the ground. Therefore, they are very good at providing enough ground clearance. If you intend to look for a more permanent and strong option, then this type of bike rack will be your best option. However, there are some disadvantages such as you may need to drill some hardware into the wall for installing this type of bike rack. Sometimes it will take a considerable amount of time and effort to install such types of bike racks, especially when the instruction manual is not clear enough.

Wall Leaning Type:
This type of racks leans against the wall without damaging them. You won’t need a specific set of tools to mount his bike rack. With great portability, this type of rack can be set up easily anywhere, anytime. These racks use the help of gravity to support your bikes. However, this type of bike rack can be unstable and you may knock it all over while loading and unloading your bike.

Ceiling Mount Bike Rack:
An uncommon type of bike storage system. These racks are great for storing heavy bikes. With the help of a lever, you can easily lift up and down a bike by pulling a rope. They require some assembly to be installed. You will also need to drill the wall for inserting screws and mounting bolts. Above all, the installation process is quite difficult and will take some time. Because of this installation process, this type of rack is best suited in the garage.

Our Top Pick(s)

We have created our list selecting the most suitable bike racks judging by their build quality, types, number of bike loading capacity, functionality and mobility. After prolonged hours of research, we are able to present you with this list. And among all the bike racks, we like to denominate the BIKEHAND floor type parking stand as our overall best choice.

BIKEHAND Floor Parking Rack

Our best choice. Universal fit. You will not regret if you buy it.

The BIKEHAND floor type parking stand leading from kids bikes, BMX bikes, downhill, beach bikes to 650c – 700c road bikes, 26 – 29” mountain bikes. Bikes with tires from 200 mm up to 2.4” can be stored on this rack. This rack is able to hold small wheels (20” and 24” ) and regular wheels (26”, 27.5” and 29”). This rack has an outstanding build quality where the rack is made of Steel furnished with powder coating. And with this bike rack, loading and unloading of your bike will be super easy. Moreover, this rack can be converted into a compact shape that leads to easy relocating of the rack.

  • Style: Free-Stand Floor Parking
  • Dimension (inch): 24 x 2 x 15.8
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 1
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: Any Standard Bike Weight

Our list includes the following vertical bike racks that store bicycles flat against the wall:

8 Best Vertical Bike Racks that Stand Flat against the Wall

Take a look at the comparison table to get a general idea about all the racks from our selection if you don’t have enough time to read the whole article. But as usual, we want you to read the whole article because it is full of guidelines especially when you have little knowledge about indoor bike racks.

RackPreviewStyleBike CapacityWeight CapacityRack WeightDimension (inch)Tire-Size Compatibility
BIKEHAND Floor Parking StandBikeHand Bicycle Floor Parking Rack Stand - for Mountain MTB & Road Bikes Indoor Outdoor Garage Storage - ClassicFree-Stand Floor Parking1Any Standard Bike Weight7.6 lbs24 x 2 x 15.8Tire wide – 20mm – 2.4”
Steadyrack ClassicSteadyrack Bike Racks - Classic Rack - Wall Mounted Bike Rack Storage Solution for Your Home, Garage, or Bike ParkVertical Wall-Mount177 lbs6.83 lbs26 x 5 x 5Tire wide- maximum 2.4”
Feedback Sports Velo HingeFeedback Sports Velo Hinge Pivoting Bike Storage Hook
Pivoting Storage Hook150 lbs1.97 lbs7.25 x 3.5 x 0.63N/A
Monkey Bars (01001)Monkey Bars Bicycle Storage Rack - Stores 1 Bike & Gear - Heavy Duty Bike HangerStorage Rack175 lbs (Each Hook)5.35 lbs35 x 4 x 2N/A
Ibera Horizontal Bike HangerIbera Horizontal Wall Mount Hanger, Indoor Bicycle Hook Holder Storage Rack for Home or Garage, 45 Degree Adjustable Angle to Keep Bike LevelWall-Mount (Hanger Style)139.6 lbs2.3 lbs15.8 x 9.8 x 7.8N/A
Bike Nook Bike StandBike Nook Bike Stand & Vertical Storage Rack - The Original Vertical Bicycle Floor Stand for Garage Storage, Indoor and Outdoor - Perfect Bike Accessories for Small Spaces with No DrillingFree-stand Rack1Any Standard Bike Weight4 lbs30 x 22 x 15
Dinsam TopNo products found.Vertical Bike Stand1Any Standard Bike Weight8 lbs23 x 21.5 x 47.5N/A
VeloGrip (SX3)VeloGrip Home Storage 3-Bike Rack - Sx3 Red/WhiteBike Storage Hanger3Any Standard Bike Weight12 lbs50 x 12.5 x 11N/A

1) BIKEHAND Floor Parking Stand

Pushing in the bikes is effortless

BIKEHAND Floor Parking Rack
  • Style: Free-Stand Floor Parking
  • Dimension (inch): 24 x 2 x 15.8
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 1
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: Any Standard Bike Weight

Features & Considerations
  • Patented Push-In Design: Patented simple design bike rack where you just need to push in your bike effortlessly.
  • Bike Fitting: Fits nearly all types of bikes ranging from kids bikes, BMX bikes, 650c – 700c road bikes, 26 – 29” mountain bikes to downhill, beach bikes.
  • Bike-Tire Compatibility: This rack is designed to store from 20 mm to 2.4” wide MTB/BMX bike tires.
  • Adaptable Wheel-Size: This rack can adapt 20” and 24” small wheels as well as 26”, 27.5” and 29” regular bike wheels.
  • One-pull-knob: This knob will simply fold the stand flat when you don’t want to use it.
  • Portable: Convert the rack into a compact shape with its one-pull-knob and carry it anywhere you want.
  • Quick and Easy Bike Load: By tilting its front holder, you can quickly and easily load your bike.
  • Superb Built Quality: Build from heat-treated durable Steel finished with a fantastic powder coating.
  • An outstanding bike rack to hold or store heavy bikes.
  • Will last forever if it is treated right.
  • BIKEHAND will offer a lifetime warranty for purchasing this rack.

Some Weaknesses
  • If you have a bike that has tires larger than 2.4”, then this rack will fail to hold it.
  • Too light to support a bike that includes panniers.
  • Fails to stay stable in one place.
  • Bottom legs are too short to handle a heavy bike that is close to 50 lbs. For example – Specialized Turbo eMTB.

The BIKEHAND floor parking bicycle stand is sturdy enough to carry your bike in the parking area, in your apartment, in your garage or in a commercial parking space. With rugged construction, this rack will last forever if you properly use it. It is made of Steel which is obstructive to heat and for the powder coat finish, it looks classy. This bike rack is able to load a variety of bikes and withstand any type of bike-weight.

BIKEHAND was established in 1988 and they are one of the best manufacturers who have been making professional bicycle tools. They are renowned for making better products that are used for mainly repairing bicycles such as – Cassette freewheel removers, Bicycle repair stands, Bicycle storage stands, Tune-up stands and other great bicycle specific tools. They are innovated to make many design patents for bike tools. “Repair for the better ride” – this word signifies their dedication to the development of the overall cycling experience.

BIKEHAND Floor Parking Rack

BIKEHAND Floor Parking Rack

2) Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack

Fits MTB, Road & Hybrid

Steadyrack Classic
  • Style: Vertical Wall-Mount
  • Dimension (inch): 26 x 5 x 5
  • Weight: 6.83 lbs
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 1
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: 77 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Bike Compatibility: Can accommodate most types of bikes such as road, hybrid and some selected mountain bikes.
  • Free-up floor-space: Around congested areas, this rack can be a valuable storage solution.
  • Adaptable Bike-wheel: To store a bike on this rack, the diameter of the tire must be between 20” to 29” and width must be close to 2.4”.
  • Build Material: This rack is made of strong and durable Steel and some plastic materials which are UV protected.
  • 180 Side-to-side swivel: This rack can slide to any direction within 180° range that makes a convenient bike rack to free-up ground space.
  • Easily to Load: Simply just roll the front tire of your bike to store on to this rack, you don’t have to lift up your bike.
  • Folds Away: Keep the rack folded flat against the wall whenever you don’t want to use it.
  • Bike-frame Protection: Bike will be hanged by its wheels, so there will be no frame contact.
  • Keeps your bike steady and stable in one place.
  • Based on any defects in workmanship and materials, Steadyrack offers a 5-year warranty.

Some Weaknesses
  • Unable to store a bike that has 85mm wide tires.
  • Bikes that have fenders can not be accommodated with this rack.
  • Careful with the installation instructions, they can be really tricky.
  • A ⅜” bit can only be used to mount this rack on the wall (applicable for both tire-mounts).
  • There are plastic anchors that can be poor for loading heavy bikes.

The Steadyrack Classic Bike Rack is designed to mount any type of classic bike virtually on the wall. This rack is smart enough to slide into any directions within a 180° range. As a result, you can comfortably store your bike even if your garage is very congested. Moreover, you don’t have to involve any heavy lifting as this rack has a very simple process to load your bike. Just roll over the front wheel of your bike into the rack and attach the rear tire on the rear tire-mount. They call this process the ‘Snug Fit’.

This rack is a smart solution if you want to save-up ground space. As a result, this rack is convenient to set up in the garage, in your apartment and even in your workplace. This rack is a long-lasting product that is made of strong steel material. Use the Fender Rack if you need to store an aero frame bike. There might be some confusion on the instruction manual of this rack.

Steadyrack Classic

Steadyrack Classic

3) Feedback Sports Velo Hinge Wall Rack

Bikes can swing left or right

Feedback Sports Velo Hinge
  • Style: Pivoting Storage Hook
  • Dimension (inch): 7.25 x 3.5 x 0.63
  • Weight: 1.97 lbs
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 1
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: 50 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Bike Compatibility: This rack is able to contain any road, mountain, cyclocross, and kids bikes.
  • Adaptable Wheel-base: The Hook can be opened to accommodate up to 2.8” wheel-base.
  • Maximize Storage Space: Keeping the bike vertical on the wall, this rack takes a limited space so that you can get enough room to store other things.
  • Patented Hinge Design: You can pivot the bike left or right with its patented design hinge.
  • Foldable Hook: If you don’t want to use the rack, keep the wheel retaining hook folded away.
  • Stud Mounted: The hook for the front wheel can be mounted to any standard wall stud.
  • Anti-Swaying: There is a rear-wheel stabilizer that will prevent the bike from swaying.
  • Build Quality: This rack will look clean for a long time for its powder-coated durable Steel material.
  • Velo Hinge Long Hook: This rack offers a long hook for the road bikes that have deep profiles and mountain bikes that have wide rims/tires.
  • Promising bike rack to store a bike in a limited space.
  • You will get a 3-year warranty if you purchase this rack.

Some Weaknesses
  • The tire of the bike may slip off from the metal hook.
  • It won’t adjust with a bike that has 27.5+ tires. For example – a Santa Cruz Hightower and a Santa Cruz Tallboy.
  • You need to be as delicate as possible to move the bikes.
  • Not the best option to store a BMX bike.

The Feedback Sports Velo Hinge is the ultimate rack when it comes to saving up storage. If you love your cycle, you sure want someplace to keep them protected. For being an effective, wall-mount bike parking rack this rack can be your simple solution. There is a soft rubber that will protect your bike’s finish. So this rack can be used to store any expensive bike and any kind of eBike.

This rack comes in two different colors – Black and Silver. This rack offers a long hook that is the ‘Velo Hinge Long Hook’ to store a wide tire mountain or road bike. This rack is the product of the US as ‘Feedback Sports’ has a headquarter in Golden, Colorado. They say their products are the reflections of their passion. Their products were used in some of the highest disciplines of cycling such as Tour de France and the World Championships.

Feedback Sports Velo Hinge

Feedback Sports Velo Hinge

4) Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack

Heavy-duty rack

Monkey Bar Bicycle Storage Rack
  • Style: Storage Rack
  • Dimension (inch): 35 x 4 x 2
  • Weight: 5.35 lbs
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 1
  • Maximum Weight Load for Bike: 75 lbs (Each Hook)
  • Total Weight Load: 1 bike + 2 accessories = 200 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Option to load bike accessories: This rack has room for 1 bike and 2 other types of accessories.
  • Adjustable Bike Storage: Enough space to adjust any bike.
  • Rubber Coated Hook: Keeps the bike comfortable for its rubber hangers.
  • Durable Build Quality: Made of industrial-grade Steel with powder coating that is resistant to any scratches and rusts.
  • Basic Installation: Within 15 minutes, the whole installation process should be complete.
  • Free-up floor space: Mounted Hanger stores the bike above the ground creating enough floor-space.
  • Colors: Available in two fancy colors – Granite Gray and Desert Stone.
  • Long-Lasting: The solid build quality of this product ensures long-lasting protection.
  • The package comes with all mounting hardware.
  • “Gorgeous Garage” provides a limited lifetime warranty for this product.

Some Weaknesses
  • Mounting a heavy bike may seem to be a problem as you need to lift it every time you store it.
  • If the rubber coating on the hooks wears away, the hooks can damage the bike’s frame.
  • The hooks may pull off for heavyweight load.
  • The screws may seem to be very poor for mounting this rack over the stud.

If you are thinking about a bike storage carrier that can simultaneously load your bike and your bicycle accessories such as helmets, shoes, pumps or other gears, then the Monkey Bar Bicycle Storage Rack (Product 01001) will undoubtedly be the most fitting option. This rack can load your bike and 2 other accessories in a compact space.

This rack allows precise drilling so that it can adjust on wall studs perfectly. Your bikes will be safe and scratch-free sliding over the hook because of its rubber coating. You will be getting two 12” double hooks and two 5” single hooks. Each hook is capable of handling 75 lbs of weight and storing a bike along with gears, this rack can withstand a total of 200 lbs of weight. This storage rack includes the following parts –

  • 2 Shed Brackets
  • 1 – 35” Monkey Bar
  • 2 – 12” Double Hooks
  • 2 – 3” Hooks
  • 1 – Hardware Bag

Monkey Bar Bicycle Storage Rack

Monkey Bar Bicycle Storage Rack

5) Ibera Horizontal Wall-Hanger

Elegant. Easy installation

Ibera Horizontal BicycleHanger
  • Style: Wall-Mount (Hanger Style)
  • Dimension (inch): 15.8 x 9.8 x 7.8
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 1
  • Weight: 2.3 lbs
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: 39.6 lbs

Features & Considerations
  • Adjustable Hook: With an adjustable hook of 45° angle, this rack can store one bike with proper flexibility.
  • Adjustable Hanger Beam: The length of the hanger beam can be adjusted to accommodate from narrow to wide handlebar-bikes.
  • Maximize Floor-space: As this rack lifts up your bike almost 4” above the ground, so it also frees some ground space.
  • ABS arms: The padded ABS arms promise to comfortably hold your bike.
  • Velcro Strap: Ensure the front wheel of your bike won’t scuff the wall by fastening it with a velcro strap.
  • Scratch-Free Frame: Your bike’s paint will remain protected on the soft cradles.
  • Construction: Strong yet light Aluminum construction
  • Hanger for Other Cycling Gears: This rack lets you hang other cycling gears. For example – a bicycle helmet.
  • This rack comes with all the necessary bolts and screws and an instruction manual.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: A limited lifetime warranty will be provided with this rack from the date of purchase.
  • Be satisfied with a 30-day money-back guarantee that will be offered when purchasing this rack.

Some Weaknesses
  • It is dangerous to install this rack on drywall or plasterboard if there is no wood stud behind it.
  • The rack might fall off as the 3 mounting screws are unable to keep the rack steady.
  • This rack has plastic adjusters that may break over time.
  • The supporting arms may eventually become weak to hold your bike.

The Ibera wall hanger is an excellent bike rack that keeps your bike horizontally on the wall and keeps it almost 4” above the ground. So, this rack can be a notable solution to save your ground storage. Moreover, this rack can give you a pleasant display of the place where you want to install it. Therefore, you can install this rack anywhere you find suitable. You can make the holder narrow or wide enough to support all kinds of bike-frames. This rack has a weight load capacity of 39.6 lbs and it can only store one bike.

‘IBERA’ products are available in more than 30 countries. If you take a look at their website, you can see many of their products have won several awards. Like most of the IBERA products, this rack has a solid construction where your bike won’t get any scratch because of its soft cradles and there will be no contact between your bike and the wall as the velcro strap will keep the front wheel of the bike locked.

Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Hanger

Ibera Horizontal BicycleHanger

6) Bike Nook Bike Stand

Portable. Space-saving rack

Bike Nook Bike Stand
  • Style: Free-stand Rack
  • Dimension (inch): 30 x 22 x 15
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 1
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: Any Standard Bike Weight

Features & Considerations
  • Bike Compatibility: Fits any type of road, mountain, racing, kids and beach bikes.
  • Adaptable Wheel-size: Works with any bike that has 10” or bigger wheels.
  • Floor-Space Saving: This rack is a real space saver where 3.5 feet of your floor space will be saved.
  • Indoor Friendly: This rack is suitable to fit anywhere inside your house like – in the living room, balcony, garage, dorm and even inside an office.
  • Ease of Use: No more lifting up heavy bikes on a hanger, just roll back your bike’s wheel onto the ramp.
  • Secure and Safe: A strap will hold the front wheel of your bike in an upright position that will add extra stability.
  • Instant Loading: Just roll back the wheel of your bike onto the ramp, lift up the front wheel and lock it on the vertical brace.
  • Fast Repair: This rack provides the easiest way to fix or install any accessories to upgrade the overall cycling experience.
  • Bike Connector: You can instantly create stands for two or more bikes with Bike Nook Bike Connector.
  • Guarantee: This rack offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • A warranty for 1 year will be provided with this rack.

Some Weaknesses
  • The rear tire may not fit for some bikes.
  • Without the front tire strap, the bike would have leaned to left or right.
  • Would not adjust with full fenders or a rear tire cargo rack.
  • Not as stable as it looks.

The Bike Nook Bike Stand has a brilliant way of storing your bike instantly and at the same time saving 3.5 feet of your ground space. There is no lifting up your bike anymore, all you need to do is – follow these simple steps –

  • Rollback the rear wheel of your bike onto the stoop.
  • Lift up the front wheel vertically
  • Then lock the post of your bike on the vertical brace.
  • With the strap, secure the front wheel of your bike. That’s it.

Bike Nook Bike Stand

Bike Nook Bike Stand

This bike rack works with any type of bike ranging from kids bikes to adult bikes. Just make sure the size of your bike-wheels is 10” or bigger. With a standard weight load capacity, this rack can only store one bike. But with the Bike Nook Bike Connector, you can connect 2 or more Bike Nooks together. Therefore, you will be able to store multiple bikes. This video will show how easy it is to store your bike on this rack –

7) Dinsam Top Vertical Bike Rack

Portable. Park bikes both vertically and horizontally

No products found.

The Dinsam Top vertical stand is the new and simple way to load your bicycle easily and simply. This amazing bike stand will free up to 4 feet of your ground space. This rack ensures to keep your bike stable and safe. So, you can always rely on this rack to store any type of bike. There are basically 2 variants of this rack that you can find in the market. One version fits with 20” – 27” bike-tires and the other one fits with 20” – 29” bike tires. So, it is better to go with the variant that fits 20” – 29” tires.

You can buy this rack as a complete package where the following parts will come in the package –

  • 1 – Step-Bar
  • 1 Front Frame
  • 1 Rear Frame
  • 1 Lower Arm
  • 1 Upper Arm
  • 1 Pre-assembled Front Wheel Hook
  • 2 Pre-assembled Tire Holder

Follow the instructions below to easily install this bike stand –

  1. Use M6*30 screws to install the rear frame into the step-bar.
  2. Use the same screws to install the front frame into the step-bar.
  3. Use 2 of the M6*35 screws to mount the lower arm to the side bracket on the front frame.

No products found.

Dinsam Top Vertical Rack

8) VeloGrip (SX3) Bike Storage Rack

Stores 3 bicycles, helmets, shoes and other cycling gear

Velogrip SX3
  • Style: Bike Storage Hanger
  • Dimension (inch): 50 x 12.5 x 11
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • No. of Bike Load Capacity: 3
  • Maximum Weight Load Capacity: Any Standard Bike Weight

Features & Considerations
  • A Complete Solution: This rack is the complete solution where you will get the rack itself, a gear hammock, 3 Velo straps, 3 rotating hooks, scuff bars, mounting hardware and an installation manual.
  • Available Footprint: There are space footprints for various versions of this rack to properly mount it on the wall.
  • Included Gear Hammock: For storing cycling gears, this rack comes with a gear hammock.
  • Velo Strap: 3 Velo straps are included that can be used for storing your bike on this rack as well as can be used if you want to carry your bike on a vehicle-mounted bike rack for extra stability.
  • Limited Space Installation: This rack is designed to store 3 bikes in a tight space.
  • Build Quality: Durable build quality that has a powder coat finish.
  • Colors: Available in 8 different combinations of colors.

Some Weaknesses
  • Bikes remain hanging and that is not the most stable way of storing bikes.
  • Bikes may swing and collide with each other.
  • Not suitable for storing a heavy bike as the hook may fall off.
  • Have to lift up the bikes and hand them on the hooks which can be really painful sometimes.

The VeloGrip SX3 is a perfect home storage system not only for your bike but also for your bike accessories with many advantages. You can rotate your bikes left or right to adjust against the wall flatly. The 48” bracket will align perfectly on the center for stud spacing. This rack hangs the bikes on the wall keeping them at a reasonable height from the ground. So, you will be left with enough floor space. A great bike storage solution made in the USA.

There are 8 different colorful variants of this rack – Black/Black, Red/Red, Blue/Blue, White/White, Black/Yellow, Red/White, White/Red, Blue/White. Therefore, you can select the one that is the most suitable for you. Generally, this rack can hold 3 bikes and there is a model available to store 2 bikes. So, you can store up to 5 bikes if you combine them together. This rack is a complete solution to store not only your bikes but also for loading other stuff because this rack includes mesh cloth gear, a hammock for storing bike helmets, gloves and other cycling accessories.

Velogrip SX3

Velogrip SX3

How to mount your bike properly on a wall mount bike rack

If you are unable to store your bike on the rack properly, you may damage the bikes and with the belongings near it. After you have purchased your desired wall mount bike rack, there are several steps to follow so that the rack can hold your bike duly as your expectation. So, without taking unnecessary consideration please follow these steps accordingly –

Measure the bike:

With a measuring tape figure the length of your bike if you are using a vertical-style wall-mount bike rack or the bike’s height if you are going to use a horizontal rack.

Measure the aspects to hang the rack on the wall:

At a suitable position, hold the rack over the wall. Adjust the rack according to your suitability where the altitude of the rack should remain not too close to the ceiling or the ground.

Mark the screw holes:

Once you have finally figured out the appropriate position, mark all the screw holes with a pen or a pencil. Most hanging-style wall-mount bike racks usually contain two screw holes. While marking the screw-holes try to keep these instructions in mind –

  • For mounting a horizontal bike rack, the distance between your bike and the floor should be greater than your bike’s height.
  • For mounting a vertical bike rack, the distance between your bike and the floor should be greater than your bike’s length.

Drill the marked holes:

With a drill machine, drill the screw holes accordingly that you have recently marked. While drilling the holes, please be sure the holes are deeper than the lengths of the screws otherwise; the screws won’t fit. You can use drill-bits that might come with the rack itself. If you need 6 mm screws to mount the rack, then you should use 5 mm drill-bits.

Line up the rack over the wall and adjust accordingly:

If your bike rack requires screws to get mounted, then first you need to use some wall plugs inside the holes and then screw the screws with a screwdriver. Before that make sure the wall plugs have the same length as the holes that you have drilled. You can find suitable wall plugs at your nearby local stores.

Conversely, if your rack just requires some bolts for installation, then insert them with a hammer. Insert the bolts tightly and make sure the rack doesn’t shake or wobble.

Hang the bike on the rack:

When you think you have done everything properly, then it’s time to hang up your bike. Lift your bike up and hang your bike by its top tube when you are using a horizontal bike rack. And, hang your bike by its front tire if you are using a vertical style bike rack.


At the end of our discussion, we would like to say there can be many storage applications for storing your bicycles inside your garage, your room, your apartment or some other indoor places. Each of these racks is different from the other in many ways if we judge their qualities and functionalities.

Moreover, the type of rack that you need to store your bike inside depends on your taste and your prerequisites. When we made this list of racks, we mainly focused on the durability, the style, the popularity, bike loading capacity and has an excellent record for customer satisfaction.

We also noticed our selection of bike- racks don’t damage the wall or bikes and they contain a simple installation process and are very easy to use.

Therefore, we suggest you buy any of the racks from our list according to your criteria and we can guarantee you that – you won’t regret buying any of these racks. Finally, we like to thank you for reading this article and wish you the best of luck in finding a suitable bike-rack for indoor use.

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