Spin Bike vs. Air Bike: Which One to Choose for Exercising?

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A vast majority of fitness experts agree to the fact that using an exercise bike is certainly, one of the ideal cardiovascular & muscular strength-building exercises that you can perform, for losing weight or even improve your overall health. A stationary bike can make this possible, because, you can go for challenging workout sessions, that too, without leaving the comforts of your humble abode. Air Bikes & Spin Bikes are two of the most popular kinds of exercise bikes.

You might be confused about which one is ideal for you. But don’t worry! We have got you covered. In this article, we will discuss both exercise bikes so that you can choose the right one without any hassle. Like always the final decision will rest with you. You will be the end-user and you do have to find one that exactly suits your needs.

Spin bike

A spinning bike can be an ideal fitness device, that you can use for preparing well for competitive cycling. If you compare this with other types of exercise bikes, then, these bikes are more capable of delivering you more precise regulations of resistance. Furthermore, they are perfectly capable of simulating cycling, more precisely. A spin bike would be more suited to someone who prefers the actual ride of a bike.

Side Note: Spin bikes are a great option for home gyms. Here are some of our choices of spin bikes for home users.

Spin bikes have some unique qualities that make them stand out from the crowd. These bikes also feature a large wheel, usually in the front and separated from the pedals. This will ensure you in providing the necessary resistance & momentum for mirroring the experience to that of riding an outdoor bicycle. These flywheels are usually heavier, weighing in at more than 30 pounds. It’s this unusual setup of the flywheel that will make sure that you get to have an intense workout, this is the case for all of the spin bike fanatics.

Side Note: If you are intending to buy a spin bike, we shall suggest you go for a magnetic resistance system based spin bikes. Though it may add some additional costs to your buying price, for durability and flexibility of a wider range of resistance levels, they really worth their price.

This is exactly why these exercise bikes can be very well suited in delivering you efficient workouts. Thus, help you in maintaining fitness & act as an ideal endurance training. One of the most crucial things that you need to make sure of is, select a spinning bike that has an ideal size & one that offers good settings. Moreover, when you choose a device, you need to ensure that the maximum allocated user height for that specific exercise bike. Also, if you can make adjustments to the saddle in a horizontal & vertical direction. Lastly, the maximum weight that the bike is capable of accommodating.

To learn how to properly set up your bike for spinning watch this tutorial –

Some advantages

  • There is a fixed wheel and this does help with the pedaling technique.
  • You can maintain the same posture as you would have on your regular bike.
  • Great for high-intensity interval training.
  • They are generally made and assembled in a better way.
  • It is typically easier to adapt to your own body type and shape.
  • They have a fixed gear, so when you stop pushing the pedals, they keep turning and allow you to keep the legs working when slowing down.

Some disadvantages

  • Spin bikes can be uncomfortable as many people complain of pain in the pelvic bones.
  • They do not allow for intermittent breaks that you can use to rest in between the exercises.
  • You can risk ignoring your upper body if you are not careful to balance things out.
  • It can cause back pain as you need to hunch forward.

Two different models of spin bikes, their features, and how to use

Image: In the picture, you can see two different models of spin bikes, their features, and how to use them.

Air bike

You will be able to recognizable an air bike instantly. This is because of the bigger resistance fan, right on the front side of these bikes. You won’t have to go through the trouble of shifting gear manually for alternating resistance levels, all you need to do is, simply pedal at a faster rate. This will help in increasing the resistance & ensure you nail those training sessions. If you plan on challenging yourself, then, you need to learn to push even harder for increasing the resistance. You will also be able to access several intervals, simply by pushing a button or you can even get to create your own, customized interval workout sessions.

This innovative bike will also ensure that you do not end up skipping a beat. This is all thanks to the smooth & instantaneous power transfer. These bikes are also significantly quieter in comparison to types of other exercise machines. The ideal sitting position for an air bike is when you keep your knees perfectly in line with your foot. While sitting up with your back straight & tall, by keeping your torso rotation to an absolute minimum. This will help you in driving power into the pedals, thus, you’ll attain some seriously intensified intervals sessions. Air bikes also happen to be quite popular among both beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike.

An air bike is suited to someone who wants a quick yet very effective workout that is going to help you in effectively burning calories. It features an upright design, it is fitted with a that is closer to its handlebars. This will specifically aid you in engaging your legs, as well as your arms upon continuous pulling & pushing motion. At the same time, you’ll be able to keep your back & spine straight, during the course of your sessions.

Some advantages

  • Interval training ensures that you’re able to swap shorter periods, for some intense exercise routine with longer intervals on exercise bikes that offer less intense workout sessions. This way, you’ll be able to burn a greater amount of calories.
  • You can see a power-to-weight table on your machine. That’s designed to show you how many calories have been burned so far.
  • There is no limit to the intensity and resistance you can achieve with a decent air bike.
  • An air bike uses wind resistance via a large fan. So the harder you work, the more resistance you feel. It’s very linear and simple to use.
  • They provide a low-impact, total-body cardio workout. No muscle is left unworked on an air bike.
  • In case if you have a hip injury and can’t pedal, you can still get a workout through the bike arms.

Some disadvantages

  • Air bikes are large and heavy. The fan bikes are built solidly and leave a large footprint.
  • If you want to buy an air bike that maintains all quality, then it may leave a dent in your wallet as they are quite expensive.
  • They are not compact so you can’t fold them. They require their own designated place.


Image: In the image above you can see what sort of features to look for in an air bike.

Differences between air bike and spin bike

Cardio exercise is an excellent thing to do. It has a massive range of benefits, and there are tons of different ways to do it. However, using a bike for exercising is the best way to achieve your goal. In the table below you will find the differences between the two most famous and popular exercise bikes that money can buy.

Air bikeSpin bike
The air bike has a large wheel frame made up of fan blades inside that displaces airThe spin bike has a smaller wheel or what’s called a flywheel.
Saddle of an air bike has a larger surface area.The saddle on a spin bike is more narrow as it tries to resemble a real road bike.
The air bike is a full body workout machine where you are basically involving every major muscle group in your body.The spin bike is outstanding at targeting only your lower body and involving your core.
The handles are at perfect height for your arms and shoulders to be really engaged when working out.The handlebars developed in a way where you can stand up off the seat and lean into the handlebars putting your centre of gravity over the pedals.
Their pedals don’t have strapsTheir pedals have straps
You will hear noise of air blowing as you push through each rotation.There is no noise
The air bike has an upright design to it with a seat lower to where the handlebars are.The spin bike has more of a inclined-forward’ design to it.

Differences between air bike and spin bike
Image Source: if-fit.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Would it okay if I go for a spin session every day?

Ans.: Spinning is an outstanding exercise. But in case you are fairly new to this, then, we advise you to ease into it, gradually by providing your muscles with the necessary to adapt to the workout intensity. Even if you happen to be a fairly experienced athlete, if you push yourself beyond your limit, that too within either the first or the second attempt, then there is always a possibility of injuring yourself, while you’re on a spinning bike. Even after you get used to spinning, working out, on a spin bike may turn out to be overkill. But if are someone who’s looking for a highly intense workout you can go for spinning 3 to 4 days a week. More so if running outdoors or on the treadmill turn out to be a bit vigorous aerobic exercise for you. Spinning might turn out to be an ideal way of keeping both your heart & body in a good shape.

Watch this tutorial to learn what happens when you spin every single day for a month –

Q2. Does spinning make your legs thinner?

Ans.: Spinning will help you to burn a greater amount of calories. If you maintain a proper diet & don’t forget to take in necessary nutrition & follow controlled portions, then spinning will undoubtedly help you in losing additional fat on your legs. This will help to tone your previously bulkier legs and also bring more shape to your legs.

Spinning make your legs thinner
Image: This is the before and after effect of legs after spinning

Q3. Are heavy flywheels better on spin bikes?

Ans.: The big benefit of the heavy flywheel is the natural and smooth riding motion that gives a better and more efficient riding experience. If the flywheel is sufficiently heavy, then, it would be capable of smoothing out any possible irregularities, which might have otherwise caused friction within the resistance pads. Because it will not be able to grab the wheel properly & evenly, this is mainly due to poor adjustability or wearing out. However, one major disadvantage of a heavier set of flywheels is that they tend to cost more, this will end up adding to the price of the spin bike itself. Moreover, your spin bike might even turn out to be heavier. That itself is an issue when it comes to moving the bike around using the transport wheels.

To learn about the weight distribution of flywheel and their importance on spin bikes please watch this tutorial –

Q4. Is an air bike good for weight loss?

Ans.: Based on how intense your workout sessions & how much you weigh, you can end up burning even greater than 600 calories/ hour upon the usage of an air bike. This is undoubtedly a very efficient means of workout routine for burning calories at a faster pace. The whole idea of losing weight is to burn a greater amount of calories than you end up consuming. If you workout at high intensities, then it’ll help you in burning calories as well as help in building strength. This, in turn, can cause greater amounts of fat loss.

Q5. What muscles do air bikes work?

Ans.: Air bikes, that has moving handlebars and fans for wheels, automatically matches resistance to your work output. In other words, the harder you end up pedaling, by using your feet & keep on pushing & pulling on the handlebars using your arms, the greater will be the resistance that you end up creating within the wheels, in the process. This way your quads, chest, glutes, back, hamstrings, & arms work will be made to work harder for keeping the momentum going.

which muscles are targeted while you ride an air bike
Image: This image shows which muscles are targeted while you ride an air bike
Image Source: lifespanfitness.com

Q6. Can you lose belly fat by riding a stationary bike?

Ans.: Moving your legs on your stationary bike would more likely aid you in losing your extra belly. We advise you to develop a routine of stationary cycling sessions for losing weight. It can consist of a minimum of as much as 30 minutes of a reasonably intensified cardio session. You can do this, up to five or six times every week. Upon performing such low-intensity workouts, simply pedaling on your stationary bike, will help you increase your heart rate from between 50% & 70%. Upon usage of a stationary bike, for losing weight, gives you a choice. Not only can it help you in managing your regular, moderately paced riding session, but, you will also intensity your workout sessions, by pedaling harder during each of your sessions.

➥ If your target is to lose weight, in that case, we suggest you look at our selections of exercise bikes that are good for losing weight.

freehand exercise to reduce belly fat

Image: You can also perform these freehand exercise to reduce belly fat

Image Source: femina.in

The bottom line

If you are considering using the spin, or an air bike, then, you should take out some time for comparing and making sure which one offers a better option in case of your body. This depends on what you plan on achieving & whether you actually enjoy using the given exercise bike. When trying to decide between a spin bike vs. an air bike, you should consider what you are trying to get out of your workout. If you want cardiovascular health, fitness, and build a lean and well-defined body, an air bike may be a better option. If you are trying to lose weight and burn calories you may want to go with the spin bike.

Once you have made your decision, as to which exercise bike is better suited for you, then, you should get down to work. The healthier and more convenient option is something that heavily depends on your personal preferences and needs. You can go for an entire workout routine, all at once, or proceed with breaking it up into a chunk of 10-minute intervals, along the course of the entire day. However, if happen to be comparatively new to using such exercise bikes, then we advise you to take it slow & steady. Rather, you should work your way to a recommended workout routine. You can then get to increase your workout intensity, gradually. All the very best for having a healthy lifestyle!

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