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10 Best Road Bike Hubs (Tested & Reviewed Jan, 2021)

The Hubs are an essential part of the bike that you might be thinking to buy or replace. Before digging into details, let us first describe what hubs are actually. The hub is the focal piece of your bicycle’s wheels (front and rear), which associates with the wheel’s rim by means of the spokes and through which the axle is fitted, empowering the wheel to uninhibitedly turn on two arrangements of bearings. As we mentioned about two types, so what are those mainly. Front hubs are the ones that are responsible to make the wheel spin and the rear hub mainly deals with the bike’s transmission parts. Now, you must be wondering, what can be the use of it or why should you be spending money on the hubs. Well, we have researched the best road hub products and have got the best 10 products that will meet your taste and will help you to match the features with your bike specifications and will land the best product to your hand.

To lessen your task and make you worry-free from reading the entire article, we have picked the Phil Wood Rear Track Hub as our Overall best choice, which will save your time and you can read the specifications directly from here and jump into the table and the description below to read in detail about the product. The best overall choice of road hub is written below, check the section to read about it.

Phil Wood Rear Track Hub

Amazing stability, a wide range to choose from, and great for the money | Overall Best Choice

The Phil Wood Rear Track Hub is our overall best choice which integrated overall all the major qualities that you will be looking in your hub to possess. Being one of the oldest manufacturers they aim their product to be the best in the market. They tend for qualities like strong and longer durability. In consideration of the thought of making a lighter weight hub, they also produced that in thinking of their customers. The hubs are rear hubs and are provided with great stability which comes from the material stainless steel that they use for their bolts and washers. The stainless steel comes with great anti-corrosive and high heat features. The hubs also highlight some major features, like allowing you to have different driver options and that makes it stand different out in the market. Moreover, the product itself with the manufacturer’s claim proves to be a long-lasting product that will serve you for a long period of time. Below are some features to look at about the product. You may differ from us and look at the other products also described later in the article.

  • Type of hub: Rear hub
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bearing Type: R8 (Standard), R8( Carbonyte)
  • Spokes (Hole counts): 32, Available in 28 and 36
  • Rear Hub width: 120mm
  • Axle diameter: 12.68mm
  • Axle length: 120mm


A quick view of our chosen best hubs for road bikes:

HubWhy we recommend this
DT Swiss Rear HubA lightweight rear hub for road bikes.
Phil Wood Rear Track HubAmazing stability. Great for the money | Our best choice for Road Bike Hub
DT Swiss 350 Road Rear HubDurable and affordable price for road riders
SHIMANO 105 Rear FreehubIncreased durability. Smooth-rolling.
SHIMANO Dura-Ace 9000 Rear HubSmooth running. Improved freehub design
SHIMANO Deore M525A Rear HubGreat polished bearing races.
Hope RS4 Centre Lock Rear HubStable and lightweight.
DT Swiss 180 Road Front HubsReliable and lightweight.
SHIMANO Deore XT Front hubDurable for all weather, and light-weighted
DT Swiss Front hub 350Durable. Great service and performance.

10 best hubs you can buy today for your road bikes

Analyzing and researching through a number of products, we have selected the best hubs for your road bikes. Our choices will help you to get in detail of the products briefly and will save your time and lessen your struggle.

To ease your work more and save you from the trouble of reading the entire article we have made a comparison table that will help you analyze every aspect more visually. Look at the table below for more specific information and description are provided after the comparison of each product.

HubsPreviewType of hub
MaterialBearing TypeAxle fixing methodSpokesFreehub SystemWeight
DT Swiss Rear HubDT Swiss Rear DT 180 RD Shi HubRear hubCarbon/ aluminumCartridge bearingsQuick releaseSpokes: 28H / 32HStar ratchet system295
Phil Wood Rear Track HubPhil Wood Rear Track HF Single-Sided Hub, 32 x 120, SilverRear hubAluminumR8 (Standard) , R8( Carbonyte)---32H, Available in 28H and 36H---379
DT Swiss 350 Road rear hubDT Swiss DT 350 Rd Quick Release 8-11Scas B Rear Hub, 32 x 130 x 5mmRear hubAluminum--5mm Quick release32H, 24H,28HRatchet System 18265
SHIMANO 105 Rear FreehubSHIMANO 105 Rear Bicycle Freehub - FH-R7000Rear hubAluminumCup and coneQuick release32H,36HContact (seal_Freehub body), made of steel368
SHIMANO Dura Ace 9000 Rear HubSHIMANO HB-9000 Dura Ace Rear Hub, 32 HoleRear hubAluminumCup and coneQuick release32H , Also 36H, 28H ,24H available.contact (seal_Freehub body), made of steel247
SHIMANO Deore M525A Rear HubShimano Deore M525A 32h 11-Speed 6-Bolt Disc Rear Hub, Black (not compatible with 11-Speed road cassettes)Rear hubAluminumCup and coneQuick release32H , 36H availableSteel435
Hope RS4 Centre Lock Rear HubHope RS4 Rear Hub: 12 x 142mm, 32h, Centerlock, 11-Speed Shimano, BlackRear hubForged T-6 Aluminium Billet (hub shell)Cartridge bearingsThru axle 32H , also available in 28H,24HShimano, Campag and XD272
DT Swiss 180 Road Front HubsDT Swiss Front DT 180 RD Hub, White, 20 x 100 x 5mmFront HubForged aluminum(flanges), carbon fiber( body shell)Ceramic cartridge bearingThru axle20, 24, 28,32Ratchet sytsem100
SHIMANO Deore XT Front hubSHIMANO XT HB-M8010-B Front Hub - 15 x 110mm, Rim Brake, Black, 32hFront HubAnodised forged aluminium (Hub shell)Cup and cone15 mm E-thru32H---158
DT Swiss Front hub 350DT SWISS DT 350 Rd Quick Release Front Hub, Black, 28 x 100 x 5mmFront HubMachined Aluminum (hub shell)Cartridge bearings9 x 100 QR28HRatchet System149

1. DT Swiss Rear Hub: Lightweight, made of New carbon/ Aluminum

DT Swiss Rear Hub

  • Type of hub: Rear hub
  • Material: carbon/ aluminum
  • Bearing Type: cartridge bearings
  • Axle fixing method: Quick release
  • Axle length: N/A
  • Hub spacing: N/A
  • Spokes: 28H / 32H
  • Freehub System: Star ratchet system
  • Weight: 295g

Features & Considerations
  • Material: The material used for the hubs is made from either of new carbon or aluminum for the purpose of providing lighter weight. The aluminum flanges and the carbon fiber helps the weight to be consistently low which gives overall better performance.
  • Cartridge bearings: The bearing type of the hub is ceramic cartridge bearings, and because of ceramic it is more corrosion-resistant, harder and it lasts for a longer period of time for everybody to use.
  • Labyrinth Seal: The labyrinth seal system of the rear hub protects the bearings from waste and dampness making it usable for longer times.
  • Star Ratchet Freehub: The freehub system used here is the star ratchet freehub system which gives the fast power move and instrument-free maintenance.
  • Available Sizes: The available sizes for the rear hubs are 28x130x5 mm and 32x130x5mm
  • Cassette body type: The rear hub is compatible with Shimano10/11-speed.
  • Manufactured: The product is manufactured in the country of Switzerland, Poland, Taiwan.
  • Color: The rear hub is available in the color of white.

Some Weaknesses
  • As the bearings are sealed, make sure to get the seal out without making sure that it does not bend, or else the sealing qualities will be impaired.


The DT Swiss rear hubs are of the choices that you will not regret picking and worth each penny. The overall structure done by the swiss engineers has made the product worthy of looking more attractive. The bearings of the hub, in any case, are the greatest addition to these features, significantly improving the solidness and longer ability to work, while likewise also lessening rotational resistance.

The outcome is a featherweight hub that moves with polished perfection and can be depended on to keep going for some, numerous miles. Further, because of the DT Swiss labyrinth seals that use an unbalanced way to oppose dampness, waste, and coarseness – your bearings will keep their enchanted perfection as time goes on, for all intents and purposes paying little mind to ride conditions. Notwithstanding the manner in which it sings on quick plummets, the 180’s Star Ratchet freehub system is unbelievable for its effortlessness, toughness, and instant power transfer. Overall, its great ratcheting freehub and the aluminum freehub body make it a lightweight package and make it a perfect choice for you to purchase.

DT Swiss Rear Hub

DT Swiss Rear Hub

2. Phil Wood Rear Track Hub: Amazing stability, a wide range to choose from, and great for the money | Overall Best Choice

Phil Wood Rear Track Hub

  • Type of hub: Rear hub
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bearing Type: R8 (Standard), R8( Carbonyte)
  • Spokes: 32, Available in 28 and 36
  • Axle fixing method: N/A
  • Rear Hub width: 120mm
  • Axle diameter: 12.68mm
  • Axle length: 120mm
  • Weight: 379 grams

Features & Considerations
  • Stability: The bolts and washers are made of stainless steel which makes them stable, increases its strength and has anti-corrosive and high heat properties. The combination of the strength of steel gives out a flexible, economic alloy.
  • Driver Options offered: Thus hubs are designed for single fixed gear, double fixed gear, freewheel, fixed/freewheel configuration.
  • Lock Ring Options offered: The hubs lock rings are made of stainless steel as well, giving it extreme stability. You can also find them, in Titanium, Pro Titanium bolt, and heavy-duty bolt chrome dome.
  • Color: The hubs are available in the color of silver. It is also provided in many colors, such as red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, and  Gun Metal Grey but it will take several months from PHIL WOOD to send the customized one.
  • Manufactured: The hubs and its following components are made in the United States.

Some Weaknesses
  •    Fastened properly or else it has a chance of metal on metal corrosion due to stainless steel.


The Phil Wood rear type hub is an excellent product as the company is known for building strong timeless parts that will stay longer with you, without much thinking of changing the product. Making your life easier and taking you to worry about buying things twice, we have chosen this product for longer guarantees.

The product comes with a wide range of options to pick from and lets you have an amazing customized hub as well. Well, you can trust their manufacturing, as it is one of the oldest companies and is widely known for its service. The high flange track hubs provide a 3” flange design that accompanies flanges canted closer to the rim for better spoke arrangement. Every penny that you have spent will be worthy and will give you an attractive piece of hubs in your hand so grab your one before it stocks out.

Phil Wood Rear Track Hub

Phil Wood Rear Track Hub

3. DT Swiss 350 Road Rear Hub: Durable and affordable price

DT Swiss 350 Road Rear Hub

  • Type of hub: Rear hub
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bearing Type: N/A
  • Spokes: 32, 24,28
  • Axle system: 5mm Quick release 
  • Axle diameter: 15 mm
  • Rear hub spacing: 130mm
  • Freehub System: Ratchet System 18
  • Hub/Brake Compatibility: Rim Brake
  • Weight: 265g

Features & Considerations
  • Star Ratchet 18: The DT Swiss brand uses the star ratchet system for their hubs, as they found it to be longer-lasting compared to other freehub systems. It has a larger contact surface area which indicates a lower rate of failures. The star ratchet framework is 100% client functional, requiring no exceptional instruments for cleaning and re-oil.
  • Rim Brakes: The brakes it uses are rim brakes, which are lighter and are easier to repair. The rim brakes have a cable system that is required to shut the caliper available on the rim and it is more aerodynamic. Hence, making it go the best with the hubs.
  • Cassette Body Type: The hubs are fitted well with Shimano 9/10/11 SRAM or Campagnolo 11.
  • Manufactured: The product is made in Switzerland by the DT Swiss. 
  • Color: The DT Swiss 350  rear road hubs are available in the color of black.

Some Weaknesses
  • The brakes perform poorly in wet weather.


The DT Swiss Road Rear Hub is an amazing addition to the cycling world and a wonderful addition to their 350 series. The DT Swiss has managed to bring such an edition to the market can be a  fantastic decision for bikers who want something in their budget,  who in any case want an excellent, hand-assembled wheelset. So as to keep costs low, DT Swiss has improved their assembling by making these hubs accessible in constrained spoke counts. While that may restrain rim alternatives to some degree, a 24/28 spoke wheelset will give superb toughness and long life for a wide scope of rider weights and riding conditions. 

350 road rear hubs are outfitted with DT’s star ratchet freehub component. Additionally, the freehubs are effectively exchanged among Campagnolo and Shimano, with a 100% similarity between either makers’ 10 and 11-speed cassettes. 

The hubs are handily adjusted and use regular bearing sizes, so the probability of your nearby shop having the essential instruments and information for appropriate updates are very high. Making it a product that you can easily grab and have the best out of it. So, without wasting time, you can have this on your bike, and go for a delightful ride.

DT Swiss 350 Road Rear Hub

DT Swiss 350 Road Rear Hub

4. SHIMANO 105 Rear Freehub: Increased durability, provides smooth rolling for an amazing performance

SHIMANO 105 Rear Freehub

  • Type of hub: Rear hub
  • Material: Aluminum (anodized)
  • Bearing Type: Cup and cone
  • Spokes: 32H,36H
  • Axle Fixing method: Quick release 
  • Axle diameter: 10mm
  • Hub Spacing(O.L.D): 130mm
  • Freehub System: Contact (seal_Freehub body), made of steel
  • Hub/Brake Compatibility: Rim Brake
  • Weight: 368 grams

Features & Considerations
  • Cup and cone: The hubs use cup and cone bearings which give them a major advantage as they are serviceable. They are durable, and if lubricated properly then they can be used for a very long time. The balls roll very easily and without having much friction and thus giving low rolling resistance Moreover the servicing of the balls is very cheap and therefore having them can act as an advantage to you. 
  • Cassette Body Type: The hubs are compatible with speeds 11. Additionally, it can also be used for speed 10, speed 9, and speed 8 if provided with additional spacers.
  • Rim brake: The brakes it utilizes are rim brakes, which are lighter and are simpler to fix. The rim brakes have a cable framework that is required to close the caliper which is accessible on the rim and it is progressively streamlined. Henceforth, causing it to go the best with the hubs.
  • Grease Sleeve: The hubs have grease in sleeves which makes the sleeve lubricating. Grease is stable and thus requires less maintenance and has leakage of oil.
  • Color: The hubs are available in the color of silky black. You can also find this in the color of spark silver.

Some Weaknesses
  • The hub does not have similar gravitas as compared to Ultegra and Dura-Ace.


The SHIMANO 105 Rear Freehub is a product that gives you an amazing output while you ride, it has enhanced performance that will make your experience unforgettable.

The hubs also highlight interior o-rings and grease sleeves which blend with top-notch cup and cone bearings which guarantees outrageous solidness yet in addition, very low rolling resistance which also gives them the long-lasting riding experience. The products come with optional speed compatibility allowing users to choose from options to pick.  The Shimano product is very tough and can be brought with an amazing value that is worthy of every penny. And as riders, we cannot disagree on terms that we look for things that are attractive and hence the product is very attractive and makes our bike look really good.

The consistency and the versatility it provides also attracts the buyers to come forward and grab one piece of it. Overall, if you are looking for something that will last longer, then go for this product and lessen your tension of replacing this product.

SHIMANO 105 Rear Freehub

SHIMANO 105 Rear Freehub

5. SHIMANO Dura-Ace 9000 Rear Hub: Smooth running, reliable with an improved freehub design

SHIMANO Dura-Ace 9000 Rear Hub

  • Type of hub: Rear hub
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bearing Type: Cup and cone
  • Spokes: 32H , Also 36H, 28H ,24H available.
  • Axle Fixing method: Quick release 
  • Axle diameter: 14 mm
  • Axle length: 141 mm
  • Hub Spacing: 130mm
  • Freehub Body type: Contact (seal_Freehub body) made of titanium
  • Hub/Brake Compatibility: Rim Brake
  • Weight: 247 gram

Features & Considerations
  • Digital bearing adjustment: The hub provides a digital cone bearing adjustment system, which makes it very easy for maintenance, allows very simple adjustable function, and enhances workableness. In view of a digital adjustment without a double lock, a 5 mm hex wrench is all that is required to make an exact bearing modification.
  • Spoke: For the 28H spoke, the flange distance varies. The flange distance is 56.5 and the Dish is 9.95. The changes are applicable for 28H spoke holes. In addition, aero spoke holes are also available.
  • Bike Compatibility: The hubs are a perfect use for custom made road builds. That happens because of the mighty weight of the hubs which is only 247 grams, allowing to support the custom made.
  • Cassette Body type: The hubs are well fitted with Shimano/SRAM 11 speed. Additionally, it can be used for speed-10 with an additional spacer.
  • Color: The hub is available in the color of the series color.

Some Weaknesses
  • Hard times arrive while adjusting perfectly the bearings as it becomes quite tricky while doing so.

The SHIMANO Dura-Ace Rear Hubs are the DURA-ACE 9000 series hubs, which come with extra added facilities in the overall package. The hubs are also enriched with Simple Adjust angular contact bearings which guarantee long life, precise alteration, and greatest productivity.

The hubs also include the Labyrinth seals are structured for expanded all-climate toughness which plays an important role, as you can have it for all seasons without the worry. The seal is very effective and removes out water, mud, and dirt without the effect in the rotational smoothness. The material used is light aluminum alloy which makes it lightweight and which in turn is handy for riders. The riders will also benefit from the quick engagement, the lightweight feature from the material used, and the erosion safe titanium freehub body.  As you can see as riders you will be having the best in your hand and Dura-Ace components are set to prove that for you. Therefore, buy the product and have the ultimate best feeling and performance.

SHIMANO Dura-Ace 9000 Rear Hub

SHIMANO Dura-Ace 9000 Rear Hub

6. SHIMANO Deore M525A Rear Hub: Great polished bearing races, low friction rolling action

SHIMANO Deore M525A Rear Hub

  • Applicable bikes: Cross country and All-mountain
  • Type of hub: Rear hub
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bearing Type: Cup and cone
  • Spokes: 32H, 36 available
  • Axle Fixing method: Quick release 
  • Axle diameter: 10 mm 
  • Axle length: 146 mm
  • Hub Spacing: 135mm
  • Freehub Body type: Steel
  • Hub/Brake Compatibility: 6-bolt disc brake
  • Weight: 435 gram

Features & Considerations
  • Double contact sealing: The seal hub used here is Labyrinth and contact maintains a healthy rate of performance. The double contact sealing is specialized design for Shimano hubs, that is done inside the hub which shut out mud, residue, earth, and dampness and secures the bearing components, acknowledging low support just as longer help life. This keeps up the first execution for a longer period of time under troublesome natural conditions.
  • 6-bolt disc: The 6 bolt rotors provide the riders with multiple rotor options. It is cheaper and is easily available so you do not have to worry if it’s servicing. 
  • Bike compatibility: The hubs are applicable to the cross -country and all-mountain bikes.
  • Cassette Body type: The hub is well fitted for the Shimano/SRAM 8.
  • Color: The hub is available in the color of black and silver.

Some Weaknesses
  • Be aware of the cones, as it gets loose as time passes and needs to tighten them with time.


The SHIMANO Deore M525A Rear Hub is one of the best editions that Shimano has offered the riders with. It has numerous features to look for and a wonderful outline the attracts the other riders while you ride.

The rear hub is compatible with the 6 disc rotors. It can be utilized on mountain bicycles with a rear over locknut measurement of 10 x 135 mm. The conical-shaped bearing persuades with super-cleaned bearing races and low-erosion function. The hub is made of anodized aluminum, the axle and freehub are made of steel. A QR with an aluminum lever is also incorporated. No doubt the best feature lies in the sealing, it uses a double contact sealing. Having counted the features, the hub is an incredible edition and without getting stock out the product you should hurry to grab your hub in your hand.

SHIMANO Deore M525A Rear Hub

SHIMANO Deore M525A Rear Hub

7. Hope RS4 Centre Lock Rear Hub: Stable and lightweight. Bearing gives easy running and provides durability

Hope RS4 Centre Lock Rear Hub

  • Type of hub: Rear hub
  • Material: Forged T-6 Aluminium Billet (hub shell)
  • Bearing Type: Cartridge bearings
  • Spokes: 32H, also available in 28H,24H
  • Axle Fixing method: Thru-axle
  • Axle diameter: 12 mm
  • Axle length:142mm
  • Axle width: 130mm
  • Freehub Body: Shimano, Campag, and XD
  • Hub/Brake Compatibility: Center lock
  • Weight: 272 grams

Features & Considerations
  • Material: The hub uses a forged T-6 Aluminium Billet which provides maximum precipitation which yields stronger capability and thus the material proves to be one of the most essential features of the hub.
  • Stainless steel industrial bearing: The hubs use stainless steel bearings which are corrosion resistant and cope with high temperatures. It is also noted for load and great speed ratings.
  • Freewheel type: The hubs freewheel are of type Two- pawl ratchet. It has a reduced drag ratchet mechanism with an 8 degree of 44 point engagement.
  • Center Lock: The center lock rotors are easier to center and also easier to remove. It comes with a two-piece system making the disc rotor a lot harder to bend.
  • Cassette body type: The hub is well fitted for the  8/9/10/ 11 speed Shimano/SRAM and 9/10/11-speed Campagnolo compatible.
  • Color: The hub is available in the color of  Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Purple, and Orange.

Some Weaknesses
  • It has poor graphics as the high price demands.

The Hope RS4 Centre Lock Rear Hub is an extraordinary hub with great features to make it popular among the international market. The product is gaining a huge positive response around the globe, as it determines to serve the riders with great qualities. The hubs are unconditionally strong, smooth, and serviceable.

Its lightweight feature because of aluminum and the pairing with the stainless steel makes it the perfect combination for the rider to make a thought of it once. The bearing also plays a role in making it a durable product in the market. Lastly, the interchangeable options that it provides between the drive, make it more optionable for the driver to choose from Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo. Hence, go for the hub and with lavishing features making every money count of yours.

Hope RS4 Centre Lock Rear Hub

Hope RS4 Centre Lock Rear Hub

8. DT Swiss 180 Road Front Hubs: Reliable and lightweight for a professional experience

DT Swiss 180 Road Front Hubs

  • Type of hub: Front  hub
  • Material: Forged aluminum(flanges), carbon fiber( body shell)
  • Bearing Type: Ceramic cartridge bearing 
  • Spokes: 20, 24, 28,32
  • Axle Fixing method: Thru-axle
  • Axle diameter: 100mm
  • Freehub Body: Ratchet system
  • Hub/Brake Compatibility: Center Lock
  • Weight: 100 grams

Features & Considerations
  • Aluminum: The material utilized for the hub is produced using one of them from the following new carbon or aluminum to give lighter weight. The aluminum flanges and the carbon fiber encourages the weight to be reliably low which gives by and large better execution.
  • Cartridge bearing: The hub uses cartridge bearings as its bearings, and as a result of ceramic it is more erosion safe, harder and it goes on for a longer time for everyone to utilize. The ceramic bearing allows the hub to move faster and gives smoother riding.
  • Ratchet System: The DT swiss ratchet system makes it different from regular other hubs as it provides high-level performance and guarantees reliability. One of the features is that it has a no-tool idea which permits it to be extraordinarily simple and have quick maintenance.
  • Manufactured: The hub is manufactured in Switzerland, Poland, Or Taiwan.
  • Color: The hub is available in the color of white.

Some Weaknesses
  • The ceramic bearing makes it difficult to attain a good quality finish on the surface.


The DT Swiss 180 Road Front Hubs comes with numerous features that help the riders to ease their mind and come to readily decide to choose this product.

The hub is said to be lighter, stiffer, progressively exact, and simpler to maintain- the qualities of the 180 hubs are additionally upgraded with the ratchet system. The ultra-dependable freehub system moves the most elevated accelerating loads bringing about direct force transmission. Smooth-running ceramic bearings carry the conclusive preferred position with their amazingly low rolling resistance. DT Swiss 180 hubs are – a definitive in lightweight, solidness, and strength. With all the features included the hubs prove to be a standard choice for your bike if you are looking for something that will support you for years to come. Drop your thought and grab one of these to ignite the speed of your ride and to have extraordinary riding experience.

DT Swiss 180 Road Front Hubs

DT Swiss 180 Road Front Hubs

9. SHIMANO Deore XT Front hub: Gives a reliable performance, durable for all weather, and light-weighted

SHIMANO Deore XT Front hub

  • Type of hub: Front  hub
  • Material:  Anodised forged aluminum (Hub shell)
  • Bearing Type: Cup and cone
  • Spokes: 32H
  • Axle Fixing method: 15 mm E-thru
  • Axle diameter:17.5mm
  • Hub Spacing: 110mm
  • Hub/Brake Compatibility: Center Lock disc brake
  • Weight: 158  grams

Features & Considerations
  • E-thru axle: The  E-thru axle has been used as an axle fixing method here in this hub which optimizes rigidity and helps to weight the balance and allows simple tasks with a reliable internal cam mechanism. The 15mm thru-axle system has its benefit like it provides 15 percent stiffer torsionally and 25 percent stiffness in transverse shear.
  • Labyrinth seal: The Labyrinth seal is an amazing component that Shimano offers to its hub. It helps the hub to get rid of dirt, mud, and water.
  • Angular contact bearings: The bearings are an added advantage of the hubs and the bearings are designed to store the loads provided. It provides great strength and also allows easier maintenance, adjustment ability, and great service.   
  • Center lock: The rotors are new to find in the market and Shimano has introduced it to its hubs. Center lock is very easy to center and easy to remove. And most importantly, as a rider, no need to worry, the rotors are hard to bend giving you the liability of it for a longer period of time.
  • Color: The hub is available in the color of the series color.

Some Weaknesses
  • The center lock has compatibility issues and added extra weight, feeling heavy due to this.


The SHIMANO Deore XT Front hub is a product by Shimano which ensures its high quality and gives the user a worry-free reliable performance.

The utilization of center- lock disc brakes implies progressively secure braking and bother free setups. The hub uses twofold contact seals with inner grease sleeves to keep the components out and the grease in, expanding service life and keeping up smooth activities even in the hardest territory. 

The hubs run utilizing angular contact bearings, which are intended to support the balls giving both outspread and sidelong help for prevalent quality and toughness in real-world riding conditions, they likewise offer accuracy bearing modification and simple maintenance. The bearing races are ultra-smooth to give a durable, low erosion moving activity. The 15mm through pivot has a lightweight and strong alloy housing for phenomenal unbending nature when utilized with suspension forks.

Overall, the product satisfies your taste of hubs quite closely with its excellent features. Without thinking much, jump to the store and order it for your bike to have an experience you never had before.

SHIMANO Deore XT Front hub

SHIMANO Deore XT Front hub

10. DT Swiss Front hub 350: Durable, great service, and performance with the lightweight feature

DT Swiss Front hub 350

  • Applicable bikes: Road and All-mountain
  • Type of hub: Front  hub
  • Material:  Machined Aluminum ( hub shell)
  • Bearing Type: Cartridge bearing
  • Spokes: 28H
  • Axle Fixing method: 9 x 100 QR
  • Axle diameter: 9mm
  • Axle length: 100mm
  • Hub Spacing: N/A
  • Freehub Body: N/A 
  • Hub/Brake Compatibility: Rim Brake
  • Weight: 149 grams

Features & Considerations
  • Rim Brake: The hubs have rim brakes which in turn makes it lighter. The brakes are comparatively easier to repair and you do not have to pay much in the repair and it costs less. They are even more aerodynamic than the other one.
  • Super light sealed bearing: The sealed bearing helps it protect it from debris and the unwanted weather, so they have the spinning with less friction and spinning cleanly. It also works better without the maintenance.
  • Sizes: The hubs are available in the size of 28H,100-QR, and 24H,100-QR.
  • Manufactured: The hubs are manufactured in the country Switzerland.
  • Color: The hub is available in the color of black.

Some Weaknesses
  • The springs can be installed from the back as well so have a general amount of attention or else you feel like a knucklehead.

The DT Swiss Front hub 350 has the good quality and execution that DT Swiss is prestigious for. The DT Swiss has successfully managed to do the assembling in an easy way that the hub maintenance is very easy now. Utilizing contact-free seals and high precision assembles quality, this hub ensures smooth moving productivity and a flex-free establishment for your wheel construct. 

This very lightweight plan has been precisely built without relinquishing any basic quality of the hub This features the hustling potential that this center point was intended to give and as its full use, it will work at this top-level inconclusively. It has been made with great intention to serve the rider with this best quality. Thus the potential of it is very amazing and one relishes the fun of it by having them as one of their own. Go for the product to enjoy the best from the DT Swiss.

DT Swiss Front hub 350

DT Swiss Front hub 350

Things to keep in mind while purchasing desired hubs for your road bikes

Taking the decision of buying new hubs can be a struggling moment for you. Also, the front hub or rear hub can be a question as well. Taking into consideration, the bearing type, materials, disc mount standard, axle type, rims, in addition to what sort of riding would you say you are participating in are all a matter to think before going to buy the hub.

Besides, regardless of whether you’re utilizing a mountain bike, hybrid, or a road bicycle, every unique kind of bicycle requires various sorts of hubs with various widths. It’s basic to pick the correct kind and to guarantee that your hub is disc brake or rim brake perfect, in addition to having a similar number of spoke holes as compared to chosen rims.

Therefore here we have described some of the factors that will help you decide before buying and the thing you need to consider while making the final decision.

Factors to consider:

  • Hub weight: The hub weight can be an added factor while you choose your desired hub. On bicycles with suspension, the weight adds to unsprung mass, a framework that will consistently profit by diminishing hub weight as much as possible. The road bicycles diminishing hub weight frequently influences ride quality and steering attributes. Thus these features need to be in mind while buying the product.
  • Rim Compatibility: For your rim to be compatible you need to always have a count of many spokes on your hub and rim are there to perfectly match the numbers.
  • Bearing Type: The bearing type needs to be of acceptable quality, and are sealed and ensured against dirt and water, keeping them secured against age and harm. If one is constrained due to financial planning, you should think about a cup and cone bearings effectively useful at home however difficult to change in accordance with accurate norms. If you are ready and willing to pay somewhat more? Think about cartridge bearings – progressively helpful yet in addition need to have spent more in replacement issues.
  • Brake compatibility: Before you make a move to buy, you need to understand what type of disc interface you are using. There are two choices: the six-bolt and Centerlock hubs. Prior to contributing, make a point to check which circle interface you are presently utilizing to have the perfect hubs for you.
  • Axle diameter: Bigger axles will ordinarily deliver stiffer wheels. It’s additionally imperative to take note of that two or three axles are in various manners, butted or strengthened at the freehub body in the back to help prevent cantilevering under increasing speed.
  • Hub shell material: Despite the fact that few out of every manufacturer will express the combination they use, most producers utilize an exceptionally high-quality alloy, and from the outset, this appears to be a smart thought. In terms of strength, we all prefer strong things  Don’t we?  In certain applications, however, we accept that 6061 may be a superior decision. The explanation is that 6061 has higher erosion opposition, and is mainly termed as stress corrosion cracking. The spokes apply concentrated and variable powers at the openings in the hub flanges, and high quality is a less significant factor than malleability and erosion opposition. Another favorable position is that the gentler alloy will misshape all the more promptly offering better help for the spoke in the flange. If you are living and riding in the especially destructive territory, anodized 6061 hub shells would almost certainly last the longest.


Q1. Is paying a lot of money on buying a hub is worthy?

Ans: An all-around made hub should outlast the remainder of the wheelset. With hand-assembled wheels, the hubs can play a role in the reconstruction of the new wheels. This permits you to hold a significant part of the estimation of your unique buy when working up another set. Hubs have a significant effect upon the presentation of a wheelset, so a decent hub is wise speculation. Segment portions of the hub point may wear yet can likewise be replaced parts by parts.

The accompanying hubs will best suit riders who are taking a gander at spending a reasonable amount on a pair of wheels. The centers themselves have distinctive support necessities be that as it may, anyway for all hubs evade contact with degreasers/cleaning items. Degreasers wipe out the bearings and ruin them once they run dry. Comparable maintains a strategic distance from the utilization of weight washers. Washing can be another issue so you can read that separately here.

Therefore, for attractive, strength, durability having a good-quality hub is always beneficial even in long terms. Spending a bit now will come handy in the near future, so make your money count and buy a hub that perfectly fits your bike.

Q2. Does the hub make any change to the road bikes?

Ans: Hubs which are to be said to louder have the most part a  greater engagement points.. This implies your drivetrain gets quicker, so less heat is lost. Hubs that have fixed cartridge bearings or needle bearings for the most part never should be supplanted, they’re far more grounded and stay cleaner. Likewise, better quality bearings typically have butter like smooth and have less resistance.

Q3. What are the ways to know if the bearings are bad?

Ans: The best test for checking the state of hub bearings is finished by evacuating the wheel(s). With the wheel off the bicycle, it is easier to hold the axle and investigate its parts and furthermore turn the hub to feel the state of the bearings 

Hubs in great condition will feel smooth when you turn the hub in light of the fact that the oil inside is covering the bearings forestalling metal-on-metal contact. 

Exhausted or dry bearings will feel harsh, metallic, and dry. Once in a while, they’re dry to the point that if you pull your finger quickly over the axle you can make the axle continue turning in light of the fact that there’s no oil inside the bearing to back it off. You may likewise hear a ticking sound if you turn the wheel, which is the dry metal rollers falling into one another. These are altogether signs that you either need to re-grease or supplant the bearings.

Captured bearing vs free axle

These are two famous strategies for hub formation. Captured bearing implies that the internal race of the bearings has a strong sidelong help between them, either by means of shoulders on the hub or spacers that slide on the axle and helps to join the sidewise bearings together. The external race is obliged in all cases by a press-fit inside the hub shell or freehub. In this plan, the external tops regularly slide on and press legitimately on the inner race of the outer bearings and no modification is fundamental. 

In the freehub plan, there are no sidelong limitations on the inner races aside from the external axle caps, one of which will be flexible. If the flexible end is evacuated, the axle can be slid out on the opposite side. The change is cultivated with either a threaded collar, sliding collar with set screw, the top itself strings onto the hub, or shims are utilized. 

Either strategy can function admirably. With captured bearings the resistances must be about great, else there will be a parallel preload on a few or the entirety of the course that will build a drag and wear. This is the greatest downside. A few producers have had more accomplishments with this than others. 

With a free axle, the lateral tolerances between bearings are not significant, yet the hub must be correctly balanced, else there will be either a preload or inordinate play. Likewise, the outer bearings in this plan are required to take every single horizontal burden (counting preload if there is any). It is smarter to alter these hubs with some additional play instead of excessively close. Either a threaded or sliding collar that takes into consideration alteration while the QR is introduced, is a decent element to have with this kind of hub else you should change with some additional play to take into consideration QR pressure. 

Note that different parts of hub configuration can likewise have significant effects on wheel solidness. Axle and shell solidness, bearing size, tolerance, and course of action, bearing to hub interface firmness, and hub to dropout interface firmness, are exceptionally significant components.


To conclude, we would like to say if one desires a smooth-riding then one should have a hold of a good hub for their great experience in riding as it elevates the performance as well gives you the feel to ride with ease. The hubs are a part of the bike that requires care and attention and while buying you should be in need to think about the matching issues that there exits. Make sure to match the frames and fork width with the hub as well as take care of the brake type and cassette preference that you like to purchase. Overall, our article has been a complete guide for you in terms of everything included.

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