3 Most Comfortable Road Bike Saddles for 2017

We spent countless hours in a search for the most comfortable road bike saddle and hit the road with some of the best options in the market. We found Bikeroo Bike Saddle seemed to work for most of the panelist that I had onboard.

The best saddle for your bike is crucial if you are going to enjoy your ride. It is important that you also get to know the most important features that make a good one.

Bikeroo Bike Saddle

Most comfortable bike seat for MTB, Road, Fixed Gear & Indoor Cycling

Our selected saddles not only improved the situation of the current bike seats but did so very cheaply.

Our Selected 3 Most Comfortable Road Bike Saddle/Seat Covers

Bikeroo Bike Saddle

Best Buy

(Most comfortable bike seat for MTB, Road, Fixed Gear & Indoor Cycling)

The Bikeroo proved to be a surprise for our panel for a very basic saddle. Besides the fact that it looks really good on a bike, the saddle provides some very interesting features. It is one of the cheapest saddles in the market providing the qualities of saddles twice its value regarding pricing.

We found the saddle comfortable thanks to the padding both on the base where the sit bones rest and also on the holed-recess which was more than good news for us. The saddle is also slightly wider at the back without being a bother when riding for some extra comfort. This makes it an ideal saddle for mountain bikes and long distance riders.

There are moments you want to kick back and relax other than power through a ride. The inch shorter saddle than most also provides a solid feel that is not as springy as some bike seats.

You, of course, do not get a suspension mechanism other than what your bike comes with. The rails, however, ensure that you get a soft landing no matter the type of ride you are on. Installation took a few minutes which was a good feature. The narrow form of the saddle made is ideal for pro riders that were looking to cut down on weight while enjoying a little padding.

Most pro riders have to compromise comfort for speed which can be painful especially during hours of training. The seat does an excellent job of ensuring that your seconds remain intact while providing some padding for rest every once in a while.

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Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover

The Zacro Gel Bike Seat is a fantastic saddle that provides some of the most necessary qualities on any bike seat. One of the main reasons why we picked this bike saddle cover is the fact that it is reasonably priced. Finding the right saddle can be a real issue, and the pricing could be something you are struggling with.

There is also the matter of landing on a perfect bike seat with limited cushioning which makes the Zacro Gel Bike a work of art. Unlike a real saddle, covers only provide the unique features of saddles which include cushioning, a recess and lesser friction when riding. Most seats can be very abrasive exposing the rider to a whole lot of discomfort and pain.

The padding also provides a recess that is ideal for the anatomy of the rider. It is not always that you ride in an upright position. The recess comes in handy when you bend over at high speeds providing the right amount of ventilation and allowance needed to keep comfortable as a man. The only trade off we had with this cover is the fact that you do not get any suspensions. The rest of the features are entirely dependent on the current saddle. This also needs to be a good one.

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Bikeroo Bicycle Saddle Cover

The soft gel bike cover by Bikeroo made it into the list for some reasons. Other than being the perfect solution for brutal seats, it is the cheapest option we have. As mentioned earlier, bike saddle covers are as important as saddles and are a great option when you want to keep your original or current seat.

Riders often find themselves at crossroads when it comes to picking the right saddle having to trade off some features. The bike saddle covers allow people that trade off comfort to get it bike without having to add to much extra weight onto the saddle. You also get an added advantage of removing the saddle cover whenever you want to maintain the speed of the bike.’

The best attributes of this cover are that it came with a recess groove that provided ventilation and comfort for the anatomy. The material was also made with non-slip qualities that were perfect for riding long distances. It is also waterproof and dustproof making it an absolute saver. You also get some extra comfort for your seat bones with the soft gel on the base for longer hours of riding. The only downside is that the cover did not fit on wider based seats only working for narrow ones.

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How I picked our listed comfortable road bike seats

Picking the best saddle involved spending hours on end with quite some seats. We also broadened the net to include seat covers that provided the features of a saddle to provide more options. Most of the riders in my panel felt that they were as important because they preferred keeping their saddles and combined them with the seat covers.

We found that it added some extra padding for mountain bikers that have to contend with bouncy rides that have adverse effects on the sit bones. The extra cushioning provides a safe landing pad ensuring you ride for long periods without losing your mind and anatomy. This was enhanced by the recess that was incorporated into the saddle cover.

The recess provided the much-needed ventilation and space for any level of riding. Faster speeds will often call the rider to bend over more bring the sensitive areas of the body closer to the bike seat. The lack of a recess makes this a total nightmare.

The only downside to the list is that you do not get suspensions. These are totally dependent on your present saddle or the suspensions on the bike. Some of the best features of the padding are that it comes with very thick padding that makes riding as comfortable as it can get.

The non-slip texture enables the rider to move about the saddle without chaffing or wearing out any gear. The cover also comes with a toggle to tighten the bike seat cover on any saddle available in the market. The snuggle fit is always easy to install for any rider be it a novice or pro rider. We also loved the fact that the cover provided water proof and dust proof features for longevity and cleaning. Unlike a standard saddle, you can get this one off and wash it.

We found this seat ideal for riders that have invested in performance seats. Most of these seats come with a shell for the purpose of shedding extra weight. It is however not always that you want to beat speed records making this one ideal. You can blend the mechanisms of a cushioned saddle with a high-performance saddle fusing the much-needed comfort with your ideal saddle.

Detailed reviews of our selections

Bikeroo Bike Saddle

Best Buy

(Most comfortable bike seat for MTB, Road, Fixed Gear & Indoor Cycling)

Feature Description
Price This saddle allows you to enjoy the qualities of high-end saddles at an excellent price. It provides the workings of saddles double its cost without compromising comfort and quality. It is also easy to install and use making it a welcome addition without having to break the bank.
Base This is a comfortable bike seat with a narrow base that is perfect for men. The base is well padded providing long term riding pleasure for men and especially to the sit bones that apply direct pressure to the seat. The saddle is usable for any road bike for both comfort and performance.
Mounting The mounting works for a broad range of bikes with universal rails that can fit on any bike. This means that you can also use the bike saddle for indoor cycling needs.
Installation Installation is fast and easy saving the much needed time at this step. The right wrench will get the work done in a few minutes.
Weight At less than a pound, this is one of the best seats you can have for your road bike. It is ideal for pros and the novice riders alike. The minimal weight provision ensures that the speed of your bike is not affected adversely slowing down you by the second. Every gram counts when it comes to performance road bikes.
Suspensions The suspensions are ideal providing the much-needed shock absorbing features, but this seat does not give any. The rail system works well to soften and form of impact especially when riding on a mountain bike. These rides can be bouncing causing a lot of impact on the sit bones and the seat. This is also made easier by the padding on the seat.
Recess You get a recess for the perfect setting for the ventilation of your anatomy. The set-up is also softly padded for the purpose of riding for long hours.

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Zacro Gel Bike Seat

(Extra Soft Gel Bicycle Seat)

Feature Description
Price This is a reasonably priced road bike saddle that works wonder for most bikes. The fact that it comes with a multipurpose mount allows it to fit on almost any bike. It is also easy to install and provides the much-needed comfort during riding. This is one of the best ways to turn your saddle into an ideal saddle without having to lose it. Some bike saddles have great features but with less cushioning.
Base The base is made with the best gel-like material for sit bones to find great comfort when riding. It is also wide enough to allow a perfect fit for most seats. The design fits snugly and can be adjusted to fit most road bikes without losing integrity and functionality.
Installation The cover takes a very short time to install for any saddle with an easy slip n fit that hugs the seat. The installations can also be done by anyone including teens making it ideal.
Weight The cover is less than a pound which is ideal for every road bikes. Road bikes will be all about performance no matter how laid back they are. The saddle allows one to experience the thrill of a high-speed bike without adding any significant extra weight to the bike.
Suspensions The cover does not affect any suspension directly since it uses what the bike already has. You will have to buy a whole saddle for you to affect the suspensions of your bike.
Recess It is an anatomically ideal item with a recess for the purpose of ventilation and comfort. It is also water and dust proof for the extra wow factor. The recess allows the rider to spend long amounts of time on the saddle without losing it to pain and discomfort.

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Bikeroo Bicycle Saddle Cover

(Premium Quality Saddle Pad With Soft Gel)

Feature Description
Price This is one of the best bargains in the market when it comes to saddle covers. The saddle cover works for almost any road bike provided the extra cushioning effect eliminating the need for buying an entirely new saddle. There are those rare moments you love the seat your bike comes with and are not in the quest to change it except for the fact that the cushioning is torturous. This is the perfect way to turn an almost perfect seat into a perfect saddle.
Base You get gel-like features that provide the cushioning effect of a pro saddle for your sit bones. This can only mean longer hours of riding in extra comfort. The material is also made of non-chaffing properties making movement swift and easy.
Installation Installation and mounting the cover is fast and easy and can be done by a rider at any level. The fact that it fits snuggly on almost any available road bike saddle except for the broad ones makes it easier to work with. Unlike a real saddle seat, you get to enjoy the qualities of a good saddle without actually needing to dismount your current saddle.
Weight The cover adds negligible weight to your bike. This is an important aspect for performance riders that are looking for some extra padding without losing any mores seconds on the road. Every gram matters when it comes to pro riding.
Suspensions The cover does not come with suspensions. You have to ensure however that your saddle has the best saddles for the purpose of absorbing impact when riding. This is especially the case for riders that love roughing it up once in a while.
Recess The recess group is an anatomic relief for mean riding long hours. It also allows proper ventilation with coming extra padding for mountain bikes too.

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Buying guide (how will you choose a perfect saddle for your roadie)


This is the first thing every rider will want to know after sporting a saddle they may like. The price of a saddle is dependent on some things including the brand, the material used and the features that come with the saddles. Some features such as extra suspension, high-end material, and recesses affect the price.

Materials such as the use of titanium suspensions will more than double the price. The right price for a saddle should be more inclined to functionality. This is to say that not all cheap ones work for you and not all expensive ones will work. The best price will be a blend of functionality and tradeoffs.

If you can get a seat that is without any form of tradeoffs such as comfort or weight, then you are in luck. The list we have is within the budget of most riders. The saddle cover options also provide the rider with very cheap options that have the possibility of providing the features of a high-end bike.

We have also put into consideration novice riders that may be looking for the first bike saddle to not only get comfortable but improve their performance. Most of the bike covers will be less than $10 while the saddles with a cost between $20 and $30. Anything above that may be considered slightly more expensive.


The base refers to the type of padding and sitting allowance you get with your saddle. Riding without any form of padding will not only be rough but could hurt your anatomy badly. In as much as pro riders will compromise comfort for light weight saddles, they will not do this riding for long periods of time. The right saddle for a road bike will need to have the right kind of padding.

Gel padding is the best on the market. Padding directly hits the sit bones which determine the overall comfort. These two bones need to be well supported especially during long rides.

A base can also be narrow or wide. A narrow base is the most ideal for men. Wide bases will be comfortable but a pain when pedaling fast. Your thighs will keep hitting the base which provides unnecessary friction and abrasions much later on.

A good base, in short, will determine how comfortable your ride is. You can improve the padding of a bike by using the saddle covers in the list provides if you want to keep the saddle. This provides comfort without having to remove the saddle entirely. The base also includes railing which is slightly part of the suspension. Railing works to absorb some sort of shock alongside the padding.


Mountings refer to the connection between the bike and the saddle. The mounting the saddle comes with determines the versatility of the bike. Some saddles are not compatible with most bikes which can be an issue especially when it comes to making online purchases. It is for this reason that going with your bike to the bike store when buying saddles becomes crucial.

Some mountings will work for more bikes, but this does not mean that they are the best. A combination of a good saddle and the proper mounting should be what you are looking for. Some mountings are harder than others to install but can be done with the right wrench and strength.

It is wise that you do not force an amounting to fit as this will damage the saddle and in some cases the bike. The right mount needs to slip in and out easily just in case you need to change the saddle at some point later on. Our options do not have any mountings, but this is right for the price they come with.

Unlike covers will obviously not come with any mountings. Saddles will have this as an option. Pick a saddle with mountings if you know you are going to have problems with your current setting.


This is important because you may not always have access to a bike store. You may also not have access to other professional riders that can do the installation for you. Bike saddles need to be relatively easy to attach to your bike without losing a finger or two. The best thing about our options is that they do not come with mountings and suspensions making them a quick fit.

The saddle covers are even better in this case as they only come with a toggle. This helps you not loosen the saddle before fitting it onto the bike seat. The toggle is then tightened to fit the cover onto the sit snuggly. Some saddle covers will not work for narrow options while others will not work for narrow seats.

You need to know the dimensions of your saddle before making any purchases. Having your bike with you while making this purchase will also allow you to test some them on the saddle before making a purchase. This is different from having to test it out on the road. It is wise that you take the time to visit a professional if you do not have any clue when it comes to installing seats. Going for the same piece of advice before making a purchase for your bike will save you from buying the wrong mount for your bike.


Every gram will matter when it comes to riding your road bike. This may not be a concern for novice riders and those that just want to spend time in the park cruising around. The weight of the bike is affected by the number road type of accessories that are installed on it. It is also influenced by the basic needs which include the saddle.

It is for this reason that professional riders will opt to go for the most basic saddles despite the fact that they will be uncomfortable. One of the main determining factors when it comes to buying saddles based on weight is the purpose.

Riders that are out for sports or pushing themselves will need to go for light saddles with proper padding just to beat the odds. Those that are on end will work with saddles that are just shells. The work for short and fast paced rides. Mountain bikers will need well-padded saddles that are also reasonably light.

The padding helps with protecting the sit bikes as well as provide shock absorbing properties. All seats come with a weight tag. It is important that you know what some extra weight will do for so as to make the right decision.


One thing you need to know about suspensions is that they are optional when it comes to road bike saddles. They are absent on our list, and this can be accounted for by the low prices. Suspensions help cushion the rider against bumps and discomfort during rides.

The impact between the seat and the seat bones cannot be absorbed by padding alone. The ability of the seat to move up and down without being too wobbly makes for the best suspensions. Seats that will come without suspensions will depend on the stock suspensions that come with the bike.

The cost of the suspensions is heavily determined by the materials used to make them. Titanium and carbon fiber suspensions will work wonders but will be more of a value thing. These will end up doubling the cost of the saddle without necessarily affecting function.

It is okay to work with the stock suspensions as long as you feel that they are working right. Mountain bikes need better suspensions due to the nature of the rides. Replacing these once they’re worn out will also improve the quality of the ride. You can tell since they get too supple to support your weight. Others get too creaky which can be annoying.


The anatomy of the rider needs to be well guarded during the ride. The sitting position of the rider put very sensitive parts of the body at risk if there is no allowance made for them. Bike saddles that come with recesses are the best option in this case for men. This may not be a similar need for women, but they will use them nevertheless. The right groove or recess allows the anatomy access to ventilation and comfort.

Why trust me and this review?

Having ridden for more than half my life has exposed me to quite some saddles in the market with both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. I have also spent a good share of this time on a performance track, and I can tell you for certain that the bike saddle you have makes a huge difference on your riding whether it a career or a passive time.

I have also spent hours on end with an excellent panel of professionals that are like minded on a journey to discover the best type of seats for your bike. Some of the most common issues that will arise with bike seats will include chaffing, wearing out, slowing you down due to extra weight, and cursed suspensions, too little or too much padding as well as annoying material.

All these are a recipe for distracter is you do not know what you are looking for. The anatomy of the sea, as well as the fit, will also be part of the list and not forget the price.

The right bike saddle is also a matter of preference. Finding the right one may not be as easy as it sounds because you will not get tries at any store. Having spent some time on bike saddles alongside my panelist puts me in a position to share with you what will most likely work for your riding needs.

It is easy to go for pricey seats in the name of getting the best, but many have been disappointed in this quest. It is wise to note that not all expensive seats work magic and not all cheap ones are proper. Balancing between need and want is wise for you while on the track

It is easy to work with a saddle that you already like and get it to function just like any other high-end saddle thanks to saddle covers that are designed to fit the specs of a high-end saddle. I will, however, tell you that you will have to trade off getting new suspensions, especially if what you already have is not working for you.

It is at this point that going for a full saddle will work for you. Most bikes will come with good stock suspensions which can last a while. Suspensions can also be changed for some extra comfort. Road bikes need the right seat no matter the kind of terrain you work on. Mountain bike riders need to be kinder to themselves by getting some extra padding no matter the fact that they want to increase speed.

Damaging your anatomy is easy and so is hurting your inner thighs. Years of riding have led me to believe that going an extra mile to get the right saddle as well as accessories will work better. Buying a good saddle and leaving out the proper attire will not work for you. Sometimes all you need is a change of your riding gear, and you are ready to go.

Is this review for me?

This is for everyone that has a road bike since they all come with saddles. A saddle no matter the kind is an investment. The right kind of information before buying the saddle will narrow help make the right decision once you are at the store. Not all saddles that look good work best and vice versa.

Taking the time to know what makes a good saddle which includes the right price, padding, size, weight, material, and suspensions will help you narrow down the options. Novice riders may have it tougher than pro riders that may already know what they want.

We all also need to make peace with the fact that most stores will not give you a sample saddle before making a choice on what to buy. Your choice will be entirely dependent on your experience or the information you have at hand. This will easily help you narrow down the options or even directly pick what you need for your road bike.

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The fact that there are thousands of options to pick from only make the quest harder. It is for this reasons that M panelist and I spent the time to compile a list of saddles that will not only fit the bill but purpose. This list is primarily dedicated to first-time buyers that do not know what to go for especially if they are not all about power and performance.

A rider that is all about speed and power will be minimalistic when it comes to the saddle choices. This includes getting saddles that are downright uncomfortable to stay ahead. These would even d without a seat if that were possible. The fact that they race for short distances makes it okay to have this kind of seats. It however comes a time that the rider also needs to be comfortable which calls for padded saddles.

Are you a long distant rider? Then comfort is your forte. The ability to ride for long without hurting yourself is also reliant on what saddle you’re using. Comfort is paramount, and so this will help you pick some magnificent saddles as well as saddle covers if you have attachment issues when it comes to your current saddle.

The fact that saddle covers can be installed and removed at will also make them one of the best options today in the saddle world. Besides the fact that they come cheap and easy to use, they provide some extra protection for riders that are sore.


It is wise that you take the time to pick the right saddle. The options I have given above will work right for any road bike user. Most road bike users will simply want to be comfortable and a pleasant experience during the ride. A huge percentage will use their bikes for commuting purposes which means going to and from work daily.

Others will use their bikes for short errands. These will not require fast speeds but comfort while sitting. The fact that you will also not be in proper gear during some of these rides makes it crucial that you get the right saddle. Most of the modern day saddles redesigned to be used with seamless clothing. Investing in some and changing on arrival will be cumbersome but ideal for the best experience.

Bikeroo Bike Saddle

Most comfortable bike seat for MTB, Road, Fixed Gear & Indoor Cycling


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