11 Most Comfortable Road Bike Saddles [For All Types of Riders]

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Choosing the best saddle for your bike can take up a lot of time and effort. If you go and select any saddle, maybe your friend had a bad experience with it. From all the available brands of saddles and their various details, in this article, we have selected some of the comfiest road bike saddles.  We have chosen these saddles from a large number of products, and in this article, we have mentioned why we think these are the most comfortable saddles for road cycling in our opinion – along with their drawbacks as well. Hopefully, you will be able to get the perfect saddle you are looking for, after reading this writing piece.

Whether or not you are feeling comfortable in the saddle is dependent on the individual rider solely. The most common reason for this feeling is because the saddle width is not a match for the rider’s sit-bone “width”. Road bike saddles are Performance saddles, which are more likely to be short-nosed saddles but also needs to be wider upfront. Shortened length allows for long hours of riding while the “wide” front means forward movement on the saddle is possible without giving out on power.

Factors to Consider for Choosing a Comfortable Road Bike Saddle

1. Type of Riding

For road cycling, saddles are usually designed to have a typical v-shape- a long nose and wide seating area. For cross-country riding, and narrow) – saddles with a similar pronounced sitting area are preferred; however, they are more likely to have a “t-shape” so that on aggressive climbs, riders can shift forwards. On the mountain trails, you are often found to be riding in a variety of riding positions. Therefore, a saddle with sufficient padding for your sit bones, durable cover, round edges, and short nose(v-shape) will allow you to move more freely on the saddle. Saddles for recreational cycling are usually wide and sometimes come with a short nose, along with padding or springs.

For longer rides, you will want a saddle that features good enough padding, a cutout to relieve the pressure on the soft tissues. It should also be fairly narrow so that there is no chaffing while maintaining a moderate overall length. If you are commuting, this means you are riding in a more upright but relaxed position. A wide saddle with surplus padding is therefore perfect for commuters.

2. Type of Saddle

There are mainly two types of saddle:

  • Performance Saddles are more likely to be seen on the road, mountain, and touring bikes. They are usually long and narrow, with less padding. There is little or no chaffing of the inner thighs during pedaling and can allow the rider to get into a more aggressive position on the saddle for more power.
  • Cushioning saddles focus on recreational rides and cruising, with their short nose and wide design. Usually, we can see unique padding and sometimes also springs so that shock absorption capability is boosted.

3. Know your sit-bone width

Both men’s and women’s saddle designs accommodate different hip widths and locations of the sit-bones. Usually, the perfect saddle width will support the sit bones of the rider, where the saddle width can be found by taking the edge to edge measurement across the top of the saddle where the saddle has the maximum width. Saddle manufacturers usually have tools that can help you find your sit-bone width.

You must select a saddle that has the optimum width to support your sit-bones. If you take the edge to edge measurement across the top of the saddle, you can find the width of the saddle. The optimum width of the saddle will reduce any unwanted pressure in your perineum providing support to support your ischial bones. However, take care to see that the saddle does not become extremely wide, which would cause chafing and rubbing. See the picture below to know the difference between the saddle width and rider’s sit-bone width:

sit-bone width

4. Type of Cushioning

  • Gel cushioningAdapts to provide the best comfort between the rider and the saddle. Preferred on causal rides by recreational riders who want to take advantage of the enhanced comfort.
  • Foam CushioningGives a flexible feeling on the saddle. Preferred by road riders as the comfort level is better than gel and does not compromise on comfort level. If you are heavy, looking to spend more time on the saddle, or have sit bones that are still flawless – use firmer foam cushioning perfect conditioned sit bones as it will not compact quickly like gel or softer foam.
  • No cushioning- For saddles that do not have any cushioning, they only feature a leather or cotton cover. After the break-in period, these saddles take a distinctive shape following the distinctive rider weight and sit-bone shape. Riders find this “custom fit” is extremely comfortable, even with no padding. This absence of extra cushion material means that even on very hot days when you might be riding for long hours – the saddle will remain well ventilated and will remain cool.

5. Cutout

This feature takes out or reduces material in the central region of the saddle – acting as a relief channel and improving ventilation on this saddle so that comfort is not compromised on longer rides. Men’s’ saddles have a v-shaped saddle channel while for women, it is more u-shaped. Some riders like the perineal cutout while others prefer saddles with a smaller indent or no relief channel at all. There is also the split-seat saddle, where we find cushions placed side-to-side on a saddle with no nose.

Saddle manufacturers suggest that the cut-out in the saddle for flexible riders who have a better ability to rotate their pelvis so that there is no pressure built around the perineum and better blood flow. Is stimulated. Less flexible riders cannot rotate their pelvis much and there is more pressure created on their soft tissue, resulting in numbness or tingling sensation.

Relief channels are another option available to a full cut-out and are very popular with some people.

6. Cover

  • SyntheticMade using synthetic material – from the foal or gel padding, molded shell to the saddle cover. Have a low weight and can be out directly out of the package. This has made them popular amongst riders.
  • LeatherSome saddles use premium leather covers between metal frame rails. The need to be “broken-in”, after which the saddle fit is excellent. Other saddles just replace the synthetic cover with a leather one but retain the other material used.
  • CottonWith a reduced break-in period, a few saddles feature cotton covers. They undergo little stretching and tend to move a bit during riding, in addition to superior comfort and control.

7. Rails

These connect the saddle to the bike. Usually, they run parallel from the saddle nose to the rear of the saddle.

  • Steel The strength can be easily relied on by riders but weigh more.
  • Alloy Lighter but exhibits similar strength to steel
  • Titanium Excellent vibration absorbing capability and strength. Lightweight.
  • Carbon- Lower weight and can dampen some vibration. Found on high-end options.

8. Saddle height

A saddle that is too high will make your weight shift from side-to-side will result in discomfort of the sensitive perineal area. For road bikes and hybrid bikes, when your foot is at the bottom of the pedal stroke – your legs will slightly bend and this is the perfect height that they should maintain.

This saddle height may be perfect for Mountain bikers riding on smooth and flat trails. However, a lower position is more suited in case of the presence of obstacles or climbing downhill sections.

9. Aft position

The fore-aft position is important because both pressures are exerted on knees and engagement of other muscle groups. Moving forward – your quads are put under more pressure while moving backward will increase the risk of damage to the hamstring.

10. Saddle tilt

The best tilt position is where the saddle is parallel to the ground because here the seat will hold the pelvis in place during pedaling.

Our Top Pick

After prolonged research, we have been able to select the 10 most comfortable saddles for road bikes. They have features that make them unique while highlighting why they offer the best comfort level. We have also listed down a few weaknesses. Finally, the “Ergon SR Pro” saddle has taken out the top spot in terms of comfort, and thus we have labeled it as our “Overall Best Choice”.

Ergon SR Pro Saddle

Most comfortable road bike saddle | Overall Best Choice

Ergon SR Pro Saddle is easily the most comfortable road bike saddle, offering the best level of comfort that you might be looking for on your road bike. A complete package of comfort and performance package for road, gravel, and cyclocross riding. The deep-cut relief channel and shape is perfect for a riding position that is low but forward-tilted. OrthoCell Inlays in the seating area allow the best possible distribution of pressure. Padding is comfortable enough for long rides. Your highly sensitive perineal area is free from any discomfort or numbness.

  • Length/Width: (Size S/M) 272 mm /140 mm; (Size M/L) 272 mm / 153 mm 
  • Profile: Flat
  • Cover: Microfiber
  • Shell: Carbon Composite
  • Rails: TriNox
  • Padding: Orthopedic AirCell Foam with OrthoCell Pads
  • Relief Channel: Rearward positioned deep cut-out 
  • Design: Ergonomic
  • Gender: Male Specific


A quick view of our selected road bike saddles that are super comfortable:

SaddleWeight (gm)Our Rating
Ergon SR Pro SaddleS/M 220, M/L 26090
Fabric Scoop Race Saddle[Flat] 238, [Shallow] 254, [Radius] 25095
Prologo Scratch 220997
Selle Italia - Diva Gel Superflow(S) 275 - (L) 28592
Selle Italia Novus Boost SuperflowSmall: 263
Large: 270
Fizik Arione Classic22592
Fizik Argo R3 Tempo22988
Fizik Aliante R118586
Brooks B1752095
Brooks C1746495
OUTERDO Comfort Saddle59585

How our selected comfortable road bike saddles compare

SaddlePreviewDimension (mm)Weight (g)ShapePaddingRailRelief ChannelCoverGender
Ergon SR ProErgon SR Pro Saddle - Men'sS/M: 272 x 140
M/L: 272 x 153
S/M 220, M/L 260Y(flat contoured shape)Orthopedic AirCell Foam with OrthoCell® PadsChromoly SteelCut-outMicrofiberMen
Fabric Scoop Race SaddleFabric Scoop Race Radius Saddle: Black282 x 142[flat] 238, [shallow] 254, [radius] 250Flat/Shallow/RadiusLightweight PU foamTitaniumN/AMicrofiberUnisex
Prologo Scratch 2Prologo Scratch 2 Step Unisex Bike Saddle, Unisex, Scratch 2 Pas, Hard Black280 x 134209RoundActive density foamTi-RoxN/ASyntheticUnisex
Selle Italia - Diva Gel SuperflowSelle Italia Diva Gel SuperFlow Road Bike Saddle - Comfortable Road or Mountain Bike Seat for Women, BlackSmall: 270 x 135
Large: 270 x 152
(S) 275 - (L) 285RoundedGel paddingTitaniumCentral cutoutSyntheticWomen
Selle Italia Novus Boost SuperflowSelle Italia Novus Boost Road Bike Saddle - Comfortable MTB and Road Bicycle Seat for Men and Women - 256 x 146mm, 270g, BlackSmall: 256 x 135 / Large: 256 x 146Small: 263
Large: 270
Compact shape with an innovative bevelled tipDual PaddingManganese TubeLong wide centralDuro-TekUnisex
Fizik Arione ClassicFizik Arione K:ium Rails Road Bicycle Saddle300 x 132225Arione shape (longer, thinner nose, wider wingsLow density paddingKiumN/AAlcantara Black MicrotexUnisex
Fizik Argo R3 TempoFizik Argo Tempo R3 Saddle260 x 150229Argo shape (semi-curved)Type 2 foamKium hollowDiamond-shaped cut-outAlcantara Black MicrotexUnisex
Fizik Aliante R1Fizik Aliante R1 Saddle275 x 140185Aliante shape (wave-shaped )Deep foamCarbon BraidedCentral cutoutMicrotelUnisex
Brooks B17Brooks Saddles B17 Standard Bicycle Saddle (Black Rails, Black), Men's280 x 174520Standard/NarrowNoneSteelNoVegetable tan leatherUnisex
Brooks C17C17 Black All Weather283 x 162464Standard/carvedNoneSteelNoRubberUnisex
OUTERDO Comfort SaddleNo products found.255 x 189595Wide with ergonomic designMemory + EVA foamChrome molybdenum steelCentral cutoutPU leatherUnisex

11 most comfortable saddles for road cycling that you can buy today

1. Ergon SR Pro saddle

Comfortable saddle for men, Maximum performance | Overall best choice

Ergon SR Pro Saddle
  • Saddle Type: Performance
  • Dimensions: S/M 272 mm x 140 mm; M/L 272 mm x 153 mm
  • Use: Road Bike
  • Weight:  S/M 220 g; M/L 260 g
  • Color: Stealth/Titanium
  • Shape: Y(flat contoured shape)
  • Shell: Carbon Fiber
  • Padding: Orthopedic AirCell Foam with OrthoCell Pads
  • Rail: TiNox(vanadium-titanium-alloy) 
  • Cover: Microfiber
  • Relief Channel: Cut Out
  • Gender: men specific

Features & Considerations
  • Deep Relief Channel: The rearward positioned, deep comfort relief channel is designed specifically for men – so that perineum and genital areas are free from pressure, numbness and pain. 
  • Air Cell Technology: Innovative orthopedic AirCell foam padding is very light; however, it can deliver tremendous comfort and support with maximized damping and pressure distribution.
  • OrthoCell Technology: Innovative OrthoCell inlays have been positioned in the sit bone contact area to deliver the best comfort level, optimal pressure distribution while increasing saddle lifetime
  • Rear ramp support: The rear ramp provides more effective support for the buttocks, especially when accelerating downhill. The ramp will support you so that you can give more power to the pedals and waste less energy to support yourself in a position where you might have generated more power.
  • Anti-friction side flanks: Brings down the friction of thighs while pedaling – so that you can move about freely on the saddle and there is less friction present.
  • Topeak QuickClick mount: Found in all SR Men Series models. This removable QuickClick mount attaches Topeak saddlebags easily – in a streamlined fashion.
  • TiNox Rails: Found in many present-day saddle rails, TiNox is a Vanadium stainless steel alloy which also consists small amount of tube-shaped Titanium 
  • Y-shape: Helps to move about freely on the saddle – even when you are road biking in low positions on the saddle.
  • Warranty:  Ergon offers a Limited 2-Year warranty in case of defects in materials and workmanship.

Some Weaknesses
  • The rails of this saddle are weak.
  • Lighter weight saddles are available.


Durability, sustainability, and ergonomics – all Ergon products are designed to deliver the best combination of these three. Being a road specific saddle – Ergon claims to have designed the Ergon Sr Pro to solve the various forms of potential discomfort experienced by men. The flat contoured shape and relief channel with a deep cut-out are perfect for the male anatomy as men have pelvis with more upright sitting. The pressure is evenly distributed more evenly onto the bone structures  – which is the sit bone and parts of the pubic blades. 

TiNox rails help to bring down weight without compromising on high strength levels. The transition area between the rear of the saddle and the saddle nose is kept narrow (Y-shape). This is done so that your legs will have more room to pedal. OrthoCell inlays allow the largest rebound force – following the pelvis on each crank turn and returning to their initial position as soon as possible which helps you to achieve your best performance without any complaints. The orthopedic foam has an ergonomic design especially for road cycling and lasts very long. These saddles are offered in various saddle widths so that riders can pick the best seat surface by their individual sit bone distance. As you can ride in a more comfortable and ergonomic position – the more power you can put into the pedals.

Ergon SR Pro Saddle

Ergon SR Pro Saddle

2. Fabric Scoop seat

Great for multi-purpose & Long distance riding

Fabric Scoop Race Saddle
  • Saddle Type:  Performance
  • Dimensions: 282 mm / 142 mm
  • Use: All cycling disciplines
  • Weight: [flat] 238 g, [shallow] 254 g, [radius] 250 g
  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Shape: Flat/Shallow/Radius
  • Shell: Fibre-reinforced nylon
  • Padding: ‎Lightweight PU foam
  • Rail: Titanium 
  • Cover: Microfiber
  • Relief Channel: N/A
  • Gender: Unisex

Features & Considerations
  • Microfiber cover: We find that the cover has been molded on top of a harder but flexible base that has just the right amount of grip. The cover is bonded in a manner that curves over the top of the harder base so that your legs do not come into contact with it and minimizes chafing risk. 
  • Built-in comfort: The state-of-the-art saddle design will provide the best comfort level in every ride. This is mainly due to the nylon base which is stiff but will flex with the movement of the rider to ensure comfort. builds in comfort to every ride…
  • Profile: Riders can choose from 3 scoop profiles – The ‘flat’ profile will help you to get into an aerodynamic but stretched position, where the wind will not affect you that much. You can put less weight on the saddle and is best for flexible riders. The ‘shallow’ profile is perfect for all ride types, as you will have a flexible base, padding with low density with a slightly curved shape.  The ‘Radius’ is best suited for maximum comfort and support, where you can maintain a more upright riding position.
  • Waterproof: The anti-corrosive CrNi coating on the titanium rails makes it oxidation and abrasion-resistant., which is coupled with the waterproof cover made from Microfiber. 
  • Durable: The sturdy Ti rails that are fit into the shell provides significant support and allows riders to even use this saddle for trail and gravel riding. The bonded cover is also very easy to clean. 
  • Three-part construction: This method of construction consists of a cover, a rail, and a base. All imperfections that result from the common method of saddle construction, such as staples, excess materials are removed. 
  • Multi-discipline saddle: Designed mainly for use in road bikes, the process of construction of this saddle along with the three unique shapes that the manufacturer offers makes it suitable for trail or gravel riding as well, while also catering to the riding positions of the riders. 

Some Weaknesses
  • You may need professional help during installing this saddle.
  • Found only in one width and offers no anatomical relief.
  • The flexibility of the nylon base may not suit many riders.


Fabric Scoop Race Saddle has become very popular in the market, owing to the brilliant combination of comfort level offered, performance displayed, and how its construction is unique! This saddle can cater to the needs of every type of rider, no matter their riding discipline. 

Manufactured using a simple three-piece construction method, we have found the Scoop saddle to be very comfortable, light in weight, and extremely easy to clean. The vacuum-bonded microfiber cover is soft, waterproof, slim, and durable – despite the absence of staples or any irrelevant materials. The ground-breaking design of this saddle is offered in 3 curvature profiles, which also vary in terms of padding. We have the Flat’ profile for an aero racing position on the saddle and for riders who move a lot on the saddle; ‘Radius’ profile for an upright position with most padding for its curved shape; and the ‘Shallow’ profile for a riding style is not too aggressive. This Race version from Fabric also features rails made from Ti-alloy which are hollow but still is a sturdy interface for the saddle – reducing vibration that comes up to the seat post and allowing riders to use this saddle in gravel and trail, making it a “multi-discipline” saddle. The “Flat” model weighs 238 g, the “Shallow model 254 g, and 250 g for the “Radius” model. To give you a better understanding of the saddle, we have included the outlook of their profiles below:

Fabric Scoop Race Saddle

Fabric suggests the “Shallow” profile for everyone as this model features medium padding with a more rounded rear – which is best for riders who like to lean forwards – the more natural position of riding that is seen.  The handlebars will be at a lower level than the saddle – distributing the rider’s weight more evenly between the saddle and handlebars. 

Fabric Scoop Race Saddle

Fabric Scoop Race Saddle

3. Prologo Scratch 2 saddle

Ideal for long-distance riding & riders w/ low pelvic flexibility

Prologo Scratch 2
  • Saddle Type:  ‎Performance
  • Dimensions: 280 mm x 134 mm / 280 mm x 143 mm
  • Use: Road
  • Weight: 209 g (134 mm)
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Round
  • Shell: Carbon injection monocoque
  • Padding: ‘Active Density’ foam
  • Rail: Nack
  • Cover: Microfibre+CPC
  • Relief Channel: N/A
  • Gender: Unisex

Features & Considerations
  • PAS Technology: The PAS (Perineal Area System) technology used by Prologo in the relief channel of this saddle makes sure you do not go numb in the pelvic area during riding and prevents pressure spikes. The variable density foam assists the ergonomic special design of the saddle, and thus there are no contact points in the prostatic and genital area. Over both long and medium distances, the PAS channel is ideal for riders who are looking for comfort and performance without any numbness or fatigue.
  • ESD Ergo Shape Design (ESD): It is a unique specialty of Prologo. The slender front section is due to the ergonomic design of the saddle. It quickly gives out to the full width of the saddle, which comes in 134mm and 143mm widths. With the ESD riders can have a more round stroke, which will allow them to remain in their natural position when riding aggressively or relaxing. You can have more room during pedaling, and your Ischial bones will find the best support from the rear rounded part of the saddle. Your pelvis can rotate more naturally and stop you from sliding forwards.
  • Carbon injected shell: The shell has a “Monocoque injected” base, where the injected carbon fiber is an R&D output from Prologo. The saddle now has a more impressive overall finish with 15% reduced weight and improved stability.
  • General Prologo sizing: Prologo’s Round, Semi-Round, and Flat saddle shapes come in 134 mm width sizes. 141, 143, and 147 mm widths are also found on selected Prologo saddles.
  • CPC: The “Connect Power Control” technology patented by Prologo uses a super-grippy polymer on the cover of the saddle. CPC has a variety of characteristics that make it ideal, which are – absorbing shock and vibration while protecting from stress buildup in tendons and muscles; ensuring best grip and positioning on the saddle by creating a “vacuum effect” for perfect posture; allow a continuous flow of air in all weather, and stimulating blood flow to reduce numbness or tingling effect by using kinetic power from the rider. 
  • Nack rails: This nano carbon fiber rail in the seat post clamp area is composed of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and aluminum filaments. The rails are later treated with a process known as “Braided Carbon Rail” which allows a perfect degree of fusion and uniformity of the various fibers that are used. This ensures best-in-class strength, stiffness, and reduction of road noise.
  • Active density Technology: This combines densities of 3 foams along with a base with variable stiffness so that riders do not face any discomfort on long efforts. 

Some Weaknesses
  • A unique shape may not be for everyone.
  • Heavy saddle in comparison to others with similar features.


The Prologo Scratch 2 Saddle is a saddle that is round-shaped, and perfect for road and off-road cycling, for both medium and long distances.  Prologo Scratch Saddles are members of the Prologo “Round” saddle shape family class, where the round shape along with the elevation to the rear end of the saddle helps to distribute the weight of the rider across the whole seating area. This means there are no points on the saddle where more pressure has been concentrated. 

ESD Technology has given an ergonomic shape to the center of the saddle, which means riders will have more room for their legs and an improved position for cycling. With a slight dip in the nose, you will find it very easy to get on and off the saddle. Fitted with light padding, different areas of the saddle feature 3 foam densities, thanks to the Active Density Technology used in the saddle. We find the “High Density” foam on the rear part of the saddle for more support to the Ischial bones; “Medium Density foam in the center to minimize pressure on the pelvic area and “Low Density” on the front of the saddle to bring down pressure spikes in the body. Additionally, the advanced memory foam style padding from the PAS system means the padding will shape the sit bones of the rider, as there is a much wider central tunnel present. 

90% of buyers of this saddle have said that they find the 134 mm to be more comfortable, which will, of course, vary from rider to rider. 

Prologo Scratch 2

Prologo Scratch 2

4. Selle Italia Diva Gel Superflow saddle 

An absolute choice for women

Selle Italia Diva Gel Superflow
  • Saddle Type: Performance
  • Dimensions: Small 270 mm / 135 mm; Large 270 mm / 152 mm
  • Use: Road / off-road 
  • Weight: S 275 g – L 285 g
  • Color: Black
  • Shape: Rounded
  • Shell: Carbon composite
  • Padding: Gel
  • Rail: Titanium 
  • Cover: Synthetic
  • Relief Channel: Central cutout
  • Gender: Women

Features & Considerations
  • Cut-Away Saddles: The anatomic cut-out combined with a gel layer provides excellent comfort to areas with  “soft tissue” –  by offering more flex at the front of the road bike. They also provide support for the ischium while relieving the sensitive pubic bone
  • SuperFlow technology: Superflow technology used in these saddles by Selle Italia minimizes the all physical drawbacks that extended pressure in the perineal area may cause, especially when going for long rides. It allows an optimal and so comfortable riding positioning. 
  • Extra Padding: Padding has been increased on these pedals so lasting riding positions can be maintained during these long rides. The padding also prevents skin inflammation
  • Gel padding: A layer of gel means that the central part of the saddle will be flexible and can absorb vibrations from the road  – for the best sitting comfort on the saddle
  • TI 316 Titanium rails: Special Titanium Rails are being used here. The rail resistance and durability goes up by 25% while we see the weight of these rails are 15% lighter.
  • Fibra-Tek Cover: Latest cover from Selle Italia offering a strong and durable lifespan. It is a specially formulated, acrylic PCM that has been formulated to increase comfort.
  • Shock absorption system: We can find an absorption system between the shell and the rail that greatly minimizes road shocks and vibrations. In combination with the gel – the system is designed to help increase comfort on uneven road surfaces
  • ID Match category: It is a strict scientific method to help to find the best size, alignment, and equipment that fits your physical shape. This saddle comes in an S3 and L3 for those who have been fitted for a Selle Italia saddle.

Some Weaknesses
  • Chunky shape and bulbous nose shape can cause inner thigh chafing.
  • Not suitable for heavy riders.


The Diva Gel Superflow is the most popular saddle offered by Selle Italia. The design and production have been focused solely to meet the requirements of women riders who are looking for the best comfort level and great performance saddles. 

Built with lightweight but strong TI 316 rails – the woman-specific Diva Gel Superflow has a wide central “Superflow” cut-out that is best for pressure relief. Additionally, it also features extra padding with a gel that can absorb vibration on top of the padding. The microfiber cover helps to maintain the looks of the saddle over time and also increases durability. The Diva Gel Superflow exhibits technical and style characteristics that are best suited for women – and therefore come in two sizes. We have the S3 which is 136 mm wide with a weight of 275 g, for narrow intertrochanteric distance, and the 152 mm wide L3 which weighs 285 g and is for wide intertrochanteric distance, as measured by the ID Match Smart Caliper system.

Selle Italia Diva Gel Superflow

Selle Italia Diva Gel Superflow

5. Selle Italia Novus Boost Superflow seat

An excellent choice for both men & women

Selle Italia Novus Boost Superflow Road Bike Saddle
  • Saddle Type: Cutaway
  • Dimensions: Small: 256 x 135 mm / Large: 256 x 146 mm
  • Use: MTB and road use.
  • Weight: Small: 263 g / Large: 270 g
  • Colour: Black 
  • Shape: Compact shape with an innovative beveled tip
  • Shell: Nylon polymer with 30% carbon fiber
  • Padding:  Dual Padding 
  • Rail: Manganese Tube 07 mm 
  • Cover: Duro-Tek
  • Relief Channel: Long wide central cutout
  • Gender: Unisex

Features & Considerations
  • Short saddle: The short nose from Novus Boost’s shorter nose permits a more aggressive riding position, 
  • Dual padding: This saddle has been fitted with variable density double padding, which means that even if you are riding for long distances, you will have the most comfortable seat. 
  • Superflow technology: SuperFlow technology used in this saddle means there is a recess in the middle of the saddle, along with the flat contact surface and special shape which is longitudinal. Therefore this is a perfect saddle for those who cannot find a comfortable saddle easily. Any physical limitations in the perennial area caused by prolonged pressure are eliminated by the large anatomic area of central relief. 
  • Duro-Tek cover: The saddle features a durable technical cover material that guarantees a strong and durable lifetime while allowing the saddle to maintain a low weight. Rain and spray of water in wet conditions roll off easily from this saddle. 
  • Manganese rail: Rails made with innovative CarboKeramic ensures low weight with maximum strength. There is also a Ceramic coating present, which can protect the clamping area and is easy to install on almost any bicycle. Can absorb shocks when riding over a washboard or rough road surfaces as well.  
  • Idmatch: This is the first scientific system that makes use of functional and measurement tests to help riders find the size, alignment, and equipment that is a perfect fit for their physical shape.

Some Weaknesses
  • No scuff bumpers.
  • A sloping nose may restrict the movement of the rider while making it uneasy to slide forward on this saddle. 
  • The shape may not suit all riding positions.


Selle Italia Novus SuperFlow Road Bike Saddle is one of the most advanced technology saddles available. Perfect for road and off-road biking, SuperFlow technology presents a central cutout that is both long and wide. This will protect the pressure points available around the perineum, which is favorable if you are planning to cover a long distance on your bike. The variable density double padding tends to secure a comfortable sitting position on the saddle, especially when covering long distances.

We find that the saddle has a compact shape, coupled with an angled tip. The high tech Duro-tek cover is durable and sturdy while maintaining a low weight. There are perforated sections on this cover that improves ventilation and grip, which is reinforced by the matt suede finish of the rear panel’s. Cover maintenance can be achieved by a quick once-over with a damp cloth. The rails have a coating for making them more durable. From road bikes to mountain bikes- these high strengths and flexible manganese tube rails of 7 mm can be used on any bike  The cut-out distributes pressure more evenly so that less stress is exerted on the sensitive areas.  The angled tip provides the perfect finish to the overall package offered by this saddle. Selle Italia can offer 6 variants divided into two size types: S1, S2, S3 – L1, L2, L3, thanks to their ID Match Smart Caliper.


Selle Italia Novus Boost Superflow Road Bike Saddle

Selle Italia Novus Boost Superflow Road Bike Saddle

6. Fizik Arione Classic saddle

Good for cross-country, Better grip w/ super durability

Fizik Arione Classic
  • Saddle Type: Road
  • Dimensions: 300 x 132 mm
  • Use: Road, Triathlon 
  • Weight: 225 g
  • Color: Black /White
  • Shape: Arione shape (longer, thinner nose, wider wings)
  • Shell: Nylon Carbon Reinforced 
  • Padding: Low-density padding 
  • Rail: Kium 
  • Cover: Alcantara Black Microtex
  • Relief Channel: N/A
  • Gender: Unisex

Features & Considerations
  • Shell: The shell of the saddle is made using a flexible, high strength carbon-reinforced nylon. There are two cut-outs for the sit bones and one for the perineum.
  • Kium Rails: Kium rails ensure that fatigue performance on the rail surface is improved significantly. They are 8% lighter in weight and durable, with the special tubular design and finished with a special process that allows these rails to fit their purpose. 
  • Wing Flex Technology: The shell has Wing Flex technology for flexibility along the edges where the saddle comes in contact with the inner thighs contact the saddle. This permits the riders to have a full range of leg movement fit for a variety of riding positions. You can say that this allows the saddle to adjust to the rider rather than the other way around. 
  • Alcantara Black Microtex: The Microtex cover has a strip with a texture that is more suede-like and runs across its length, making it more durable. The smoothness of the cover side will also allow you to slide your legs more freely.
  • Integrated Clip System: The Integrated Clip System (ICS) allows quick attachment and removal of ICS accessories to the base of the saddle via an integrated interface. It is a clean, easy, fast, and secure attachment that does not require any tools.
  • Spine Concept: The Spine Concept from Fizik is designed around three main body types or flexibilities that are found with riders of the present time and day.  This design is best for “the snake” body type, where a highly flexible cyclist needs a flat saddle so they can get into a tucked ‘aero position’.

Some Weaknesses
  • Some found the long flat nose difficult to settle on and find that perfect, comfortable position 
  • Not versatile
  • Does not feature a cutout
  • Not suitable for long climbs


The Fizik Arione Classic saddle has a very distinctive shape -going side-to-side you will find the shape to be almost dome-like while running flat from the nose to the tail. This is similar to the shape of the older Arione saddle in terms of length and width dimensions but has a thin, long nose with wider wings and an elevated profile.

This long profile can support a wide array of riding positions and is great for riders who tend to move about a lot on the saddle or during drops, favor moving forwards toward the nose. With the slightest padding, the Arione saddle is more focused on power transfer and is rated highly as a performance saddle. The carbon-reinforced shell that is used in this saddle has allowed it to maintain a low weight of 225 g even though this saddle features a longer nose. In combination with the Microtex cover and Kium rails – the resulting product will last longer. The “wing flex technology will permit the flexing of the lateral aspects of the saddle from the movement of the inner thighs and allow it to ride more comfortably. 

According to the Spine Concept, Fizik has categorized three body types or flexibilities: “The Snake” for flexible riders who prefer an “aero” position. “The Chameleon” for riders who have medium flexibility and low rotation of the pelvis; and The Bull, which is for low flex, high pelvic rotation riders. The Arione Classic saddle for The Snake” rider profile, who enjoy riding in a low, stretched performance position and are very flexible on the saddle. See the picture below for a quick insight on rider body flexibility:

Fizik Arione Classic

Fizik Arione Classic

7. Fizik Argo R3 Tempo seat

Versatile endurance road saddle, Ergonomic shape w/ firm padding & short nose

Fizik Argo R3 Tempo
  • Saddle Type: Endurance 
  • Dimensions: 260 mm x 150 mm; 260 mm x 160 mm
  • Use: Cycling Outdoor Lifestyle Camping & Hiking Triathlon Training 
  • Weight: 229 g (150 mm) / 240 g (160 mm)
  • Color: Nero
  • Shape: Argo shape (semi-curved)
  • Shell: Carbon fiber-reinforced nylon
  • Padding: Type 2 foam
  • Rail: Kium hollow 
  • Cover: Alcantara Black Microtex
  • Relief Channel:  Diamond-shaped cut-out
  • Gender: Unisex

Features & Considerations
  • Argo: The short-nose design of the saddle has made it the most versatile saddle to be offered by Fizik, and can be used effectively for endurance riding. This design promotes stability on the saddle and is meant to let off pressure from the softer tissues.
  • R3 version: This is one of the two options that is found for the Tempo, where the saddle features a nylon shell reinforced with carbon fiber and Kium rails. 
  • Wingflex: The outer edges of the saddle adjust to the movement of the inner thigh of the rider by flexing right where the thighs of the rider meet the saddle.
  • Type 2 Foam: The thicker but soft layer of Fizik’s Type 2 foam has been used as padding for this saddle. This ensures comfortable long rides in a more upright riding position.  
  • Short Nose: The short length of the saddle allows riders to take up a more forward position on the saddle without pressuring the sensitive tissues.  They significantly allow better weight distribution of the rider on the saddle and also cause improved blood flow 
  • Ergonomic large cutout: The more defined cutout channel that is featured in this saddle has been designed using medical inputs and pressure analysis so that discomfort on the saddle is greatly diminished when riding. 
  • Concepts program product: This saddle has been developed using the Fizik Concepts program, which uses collaboration from leading industry experts and academics across a wide range of disciplines to undertake research and analysis that can improve cycling performance based on technology, design, physiology, and bike-fitting.

Some Weaknesses
  • The flex of the outer edge of the shell is not preferred by some riders
  • Doesn’t have a nose section like the traditional shaped saddle, so you can’t move around to relieve pressure.
  • The cutout may be too wide for those with narrow sit bones, who may slip into the cutout.
  • Comfort on the saddle may be affected by the riding gear of the rider, especially the shorts.


Fizik Argo R3 tempo is a very well made saddle with a great finish – with no edges of the upper material being visible, along with the absence of staples or residue from the glue.  The padding offered by the Type 2 foam is thick and supportive enough for you to not bounce around on the saddle when pedaling hard. When riding for hours in a fixed seat position, the absence of discomfort or numbness is very welcome. Around the ischial sit bones, the padding is found to be thicker to provide more comfort for a more upright riding position. This is paired with softer cushioning to allow the best contact between the rider and the bike.

The 150 mm or 160 mm widths offered by Tempo means that there is a large surface area available for riders to generate more power by pushing against the saddle and more weight can be dispersed in the saddle. Using input from medical experts and detailed pressure analysis, the saddle features a “mega-sized ergonomic relief channel”, the position and angle of which stimulates blood flow through the perineum of the riders during rides. This setup of the R3 also features 7×7 Kium rails that can flex. With the snub nose and wide design, Argo saddles have the most versatile saddle shape and the Temp Argo – a product of the Fizik Concepts program – will keep you planted on your seat during all types of endurance riding and ensure you are comfortable.

Fizik Argo R3 Tempo

Fizik Argo R3 Tempo

8. Fizik Aliante R1 saddle

Designed for endless hours of rider comfort

Fizik Aliante R1
  • Saddle Type: Performance 
  • Dimensions: 275 x 140 mm
  • Use: Road, MTB
  • Weight: 185 g
  • Color: Black 
  • Shape: Aliante shape (wave-shaped )
  • Shell:  Composite carbon co-injected Nylon TwinFlex 
  • Padding: Deep foam for the padding 
  • Rail: Carbon Braided 
  • Cover: Thermo-welded Black Gummy Microtex
  • Relief Channel: No cutout
  • Gender: Unisex

Features & Considerations
  • Carbon co-injected shell: This makes the saddle stand out in terms of comfort. Using a stiff outline for better support – can provide a position of “sweet spot” in the middle of the saddle, which gives the saddle a curvy shape and “sit-in”.
  • Spine Concept: Under the Spine Concept, this Aliante shape is perfect for those who have a rigid spine, which is “The Bull”. The Aliante shape means that there is more curvature in the saddle which will allow you to fully rotate your pelvis. 
  • Twin Flex technology: This construction uses two layers in the shell. There is a multi-directional carbon fiber layer that yields strength and a bi-directional layer that provides comfort by flexing. The combination of these two layers is such that inner layer flexibility is controlled by the outer layer.  
  • Carbon Braided rail: These rails are in the form of a tube using the outer sleeve of carbon fibers that have been braided. The inside is hollow which is filled with unidirectional carbon fibers. 
  • Thermowelded Black Gummy Microtex: This saddle features a thermo-welded cover, that has high-density padding which is light in weight, a unique feature offered by Fizik. This adds to the stylish look of the saddle while making it durable.
  • Integrated Clip System: This is a secured attachment interface in the saddle base that permits easy and fast removal of ICS accessories. No extra tools are needed for this integrated system. 
  • Plastic scuff guards: The Aliante saddle can be customized using plastic scuff guards of different colors, allowing you to change how your saddle will look

Some Weaknesses
  • The lateral stripe is a bit slippery


The Fizik Aliante R1 is a premium quality saddle offered by the manufacturer, with a great outlook. However, since we are not selecting saddles based on their appearance, surely they must have a distinctive “comfort” feature to have found its way into our list. 

Built essentially for “ The Bull” – the saddle sports a curvy “sit-in” shape, which features a flexible sweet spot in the middle area of the saddle. This is due to the stiff Composite Carbon co-injected Nylon Twin Flex shell and an accommodating interior, that cushions the perineum of riders while sections of the hull can flex. The shell and carbon braided rails weigh less, but will certainly last longer –  due to the embodiment of carbon fiber in its structure.  The narrow nose of the saddle has adequate padding, and the “slim” shape of the front of the saddle will allow riders to take up a forward position on the saddle to pedal hard on flat roads. The elevated rear also empowers the rider to lever during steep climbs. Overall, we can say that the Fizik Aliante R1 is comfortable and race-oriented.

Fizik Aliante R1

Fizik Aliante R1

9. Brooks B17 seat

A flagship model, Classic style

Brooks B17
  • Saddle Type: Performance
  • Dimensions: 275 mm x 175 mm(special, standard, titanium, imperial) / 279 mm x 151 mm (narrow)
  • Weight: 520 g (standard)/540 g (special)/410 g (Ti)/530 g (narrow)
  • Color: Black 
  • Shape: Standard/Narrow
  • Shell: None, Tensioned Leather
  • Padding: None
  • Rail: Steel, Black powder plated (standard, narrow)/Titanium/Steel, Copper plated (special)/Steel, Chrome plated(imperial)
  • Cover: Vegetable tan leather
  • Relief Channel: No (only for imperial style)
  • Gender: Unisex

Features & Considerations
  • Imperial Cut: The B17 Imperial comes with a center-cutout that essentially frees the perineal area of pressure. This medium cutout also works to improve ventilation in the saddle. 
  • Handmade: These saddles are still being manufactured totally by hand by skilled artisans using leather which is vegetable tanned and purely traditional techniques. Still, the manufacturer will provide a 2 years guarantee from the date of purchase.
  • Chrome Frame: Both the rails and frame of the saddle are made using chrome-plated steel, which is the perfect combination of style and strength. These rails can also be copper plated or offered in titanium. 
  • Leather cover: After you have used the saddle for a significant amount of time, you will see that the cover will have a customized fit that will be just perfect for your derriere. The pores that are found on this vegetable-tanned leather cover add the natural ventilation feature to this saddle, so that you do not get too hot on the saddle. 
  • Narrow version: The is a version of B17 that is sportier, and is widely preferred for sports touring bikes or racing bicycles. They offer more free room for the thighs to move and do not trade-off on comfort with this version.   
  • Durability: As this saddle adjusts to your body over time – the comfort level while using this saddle will tend to increase. 

Some Weaknesses
  • A new saddle should be treated with Brooks Proofide Leather Dressing to help assist the “breaking-in” process
  •  Long break-in time
  •  Heavy


The Brooks B17 saddle is one of the very first models of saddle that was designed by Brooks England. Riders can easily adjust themselves in an optimum position due to the design of this saddle. As you keep on using this saddle, the saddle tends to soften up and the comfort level of riders will increase over time.

Made from very thick leather, we find sloped bezels around the saddle. Large, glossy copper rivets are also present. However, the leather cover is to be maintained using a special conditioner called Proofide, made by Brooks, to make sure that the leather cover lasts longer and does not undergo cracking from drying up too much. You can also find an adjusting bolt underneath the nose of the saddle that can be used to alter the tension by turning them every 6 months. Perfect saddle for trekking, touring, commuting, etc as you will always find that perfect comfort spot for you on this saddle. Black steel rails are found in the Standard models; the B17 Special comes with copper-plated steel metalwork; while the B17 Titanium and B17 Special are presented with hand-hammered copper rivets.

Brooks B17

Brooks B17

10. Brooks C17 saddle

Dual functionality, Good for commuting

Brooks C17
  • Saddle Type: Performance 
  • Dimensions: 283 mm x 162 mm (C17 & C17 carved)
  • Use: Road, MTB
  • Weight: 464 g (C17), 446 g (Carved)
  • Color: Black, Octane (blue), and Bronze/Orange
  • Shape: Standard/Carved
  • Shell: Fibreglass-reinforced nylon
  • Padding: None
  • Rail: Steel
  • Cover: Rubber topped with a textured nylon 
  • Relief Channel: Carved cut-out (carved)
  • Gender: Men

Features & Considerations
  • Vulcanized Natural rubber and Nylon Top: The vulcanized rubber that is used to make the saddle makes it exceptionally flexible, like a slung hammock. This feature makes sure that you are super comfortable and always in contact with the saddle, even on rough surfaces. Riders will find this to be true in both upright and aggressive positions. 
  • Carved option: The carved version of the C17 presents a saddle that has a hole for the relief channel and extra flex, removing contact points between the rider and the saddle which would otherwise cause discomfort for many riders. 
  • Steel rails with fiberglass reinforced backplate: To provide the best comfort and durability, Brooks opted for this combination of rails and shell. 
  • Ready to ride: The vulcanized natural rubber requires almost no break-in period, meaning you can start using these saddles as soon as they are out of their package. 
  • Waterproof: The nylon cover on top of the cotton canvas cover makes it both weatherproof and waterproof. 
  • Flexible: The C17 upper is flexible which ensures that it duplicates the natural movement of the rider so that there is no room for discomfort. Even if they are being used all day long.  The C17 minimizes shock from road vibrations so the rider is comfortable and has overall better control.

Some Weaknesses
  • The weight and flexibility mean this saddle cannot be used by racers.
  • On the heavier side.
  • Break-in time is required.


The Brooks C17 is similar to the classic Brook saddle, except that the former sports a vulcanized rubber shell with nylon coating on a cotton top for long-lasting comfort in the saddle, which is sturdy and flexible. 

Made in Italy,  the nylon cover makes the saddle weatherproof – for flawless performance in all conditions. The shell offers the best support so that the flex is just optimum for ride-long comfort on every journey. The flex holds the rider true to the saddle in both upright and aggressive riding positions on the bike. The steel rails are the reason why the weight of these saddles is above 400g, but the level of comfort that you will experience on the C17 means you can use it on touring or endurance bikes, commuter or winter trainers rather than on your full-on race bike – which seems like an acceptable compromise. The fiber-reinforced backplate has been upgraded with loops for your saddle bag or other accessories.

Brooks C17

Brooks C17

11. OUTERDO seat

For heavy riders, Budget-friendly choice

No products found.

The OUTREDO bike saddle caters to the needs of riders of all levels by providing exceptional comfort. With a unique hollow design, this saddle delivers anatomic relief during both long distance and short distance riding.  The design lessens the pressure for perineum comfort. Also, saddle ventilation is enough for maximum breathability, owing to the comfortable and breathable foam padding, which blocks pain when traveling a long distance. 

Moreover, the hollow out design also makes sure that less material is used in the saddle so that it is lightweight. The cut out ensures that the body of the rider has good air penetration. Measuring at 255 mm x 189 mm, it is narrow in comparison to most bike saddles so that less pressure is exerted on sensitive parts – boosting ride comfort. Also, the ergonomic design is easy to install and you can experience a firm but comfortable ride. 

No products found.

OUTERDO Comfort Seat

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is a wider bike saddle more comfortable?

Ans.: The width of a saddle is key to how comfortable the rider feels on the saddle and is directly linked to the width between the sit bones of the rider. For a narrow saddle, we will find that the sit bones are hanging on the dies of the saddle, with the softer tissues bearing the load of the rider. With a very wide saddle, the inner thighs of the rider will experience chafing especially in warm conditions. For a better insight into how to find the 

However, it is the riding discipline that the saddle is being used for that will judge how comfortable it is. Wider saddles are good for long rides or leisurely riders who do not mind the extra weight from more materials. Thinner saddles are used mainly for racing, where riders put in shorter efforts where comfort level may not be the only thing the rider is looking for.

Q2. Why do women need a female bike saddle?

Ans.: If you are sporting a bike specially designed for women, it likely came with a pre-fit saddle. However, this does not mean that this saddle is perfect for you. Usually, the narrower saddles should be avoided by women because on this narrow saddle, you are putting your perineum under more pressure at the front of the saddle – even though the pressure is shared between the sit bones and pubic bone. Avoid very wide saddles because the tissues may not receive adequate support.  If you are looking to ride longer on your saddle, avoid saddles with shorter noses, which look heavy and come with a lot of padding along with gel inserts. Even if they are very comfortable, you should only use them for normal short distance biking as you are more likely to sink into the saddle, and will face more upward pressure on the soft tissues. 

Try to pick out saddles that have less padding, but come with a cut-out or groove to stimulate blood flow and free your perineum from any extra pressure. The cut-out should stretch to the front of the saddle so that the pressure relief mechanism works in the appropriate region. Additionally, the harder your saddle will be – the more likely it is that in the long term, you will not face any discomfort. For a better understanding of the pelvic posture of women, see the picture below:

Female bike saddle


It may take some time to find the perfect saddle. If you already own a saddle, try to point out the features that you think maybe the reason for the discomfort. We also urge you to keep in mind your intended style of riding, sit bone width, and flexibility. There are brands like Fizik who have a unique fitting process known as “Selle Italia: ID Match” that will allow you to know the perfect saddle size for you. Many brands have  try-before-you-buy schemes where you can first try out a demo saddle 

Since comfort is the feature we are looking for amongst these pedals – after much consideration, it is not surprising that the Ergon Pro SR has taken up the top spot, meaning it is the most comfortable road bike saddle. Its features are perfect for the pro-level comfort that riders want on long hours rides. You can also make a habit of briefly standing up every ten minutes and also when going over bumps. Do not forget the padded bike shorts as well! With any of the 11 saddles we have mentioned above and the standing up habit in shorts – you are ready for that comfortable ride! Thank you for staying with us and we wish you luck when you are going for your comfort saddle.

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