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3 Most Comfortable Bike Seats for Overweight Riders

After having spent countless hours on a search for the best bike saddles for overweight individuals we found that the Inbike padded saddle-topped most. The right bike saddle needs to be suitable enough for the rider to allow long hours of riding before leading to an unpleasant experience. The truth of the matter is that all saddles will get sore at some point due to long hours of riding but the best will allow you to get the most out of it before becoming a problem. Overweight individuals are often at a risk of getting sore due to the pressure between them and the seat. Knowing your weight and picking the right seat for it will allow you to enjoy your rides for longer without getting hurt. We tested some saddles with people that weighed more than 80kgs which is slightly more than what most speed racers or fit racers weigh and these three saddles stood out. I am also slightly overweight but a serious rider that enjoys long hours on and off the track and so I understand the need of a good seat.

Best Choices

1) Best of the best: INBIKE Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat

The Inbike saddle stood out for us on some fronts one of which was the soft, breathable leather that it came with. The fact that the seat is made of durable material makes it ideal for overweight riders. The amount of pressure and friction between the rider and the seat can render a seat to wear out fast. The seat is also broad enough to accommodate a larger surface area reducing the pressure on the rider. This allows for longer periods of riding. The front is narrowed to reduce the amount of friction on the inner thigh that can lead to increased soreness after long periods of riding. Overweight people will tend to have a smaller thigh gap hence the need for this. We also applauded the dual springs that immensely enhance shock resistance accentuated by rubber rings to avoid finger injury. The Grove allowed plenty of aeration for male riders and female riders alike. Overweight people are likely to sweat more during high-energy feats, and a release is more than welcome. The seat works with most saddle mounts which we found convenient. You also get a wrench with the purchase of one so as to help with the installation for those that are worried about the right tool for the job.

2) Our Second best choice: Zacro Gel Bike Saddle

The Zacro gel bike saddle certainly hit the spot when it came to long distance riding for overweight individuals. One of the best things about this saddle is the dual density foam hat provided and soft landing in the form of a padding. This worked well to reduce pressure on the seat as well as provided extra comfort after long hours of riding. I normally would have a problem after doing about 20 miles of riding with most seats, but this allowed about 30 miles before starting to get a bit uncomfortable most of which was from getting tired. The carbon steel suspensions increase the value of the experience smoothing out bumps that can be a real pain. You also get a groove that increases aeration and breathing for those that sweat much. Despite this, they are unisex.  Installing the saddle was a delight thanks to the fact that it came with a Zacro wrench and worked on most saddle mounts we found. The leather covering also allows for longevity due to the consistent friction and just like the Inbike saddle; you get a narrower front. This is perfect to reduce the contact points between the seat and the thighs when riding for long distances.

3) Our Third best choice: Large Bicycle Gel Seat Cover

Our third choice slightly differs from the first two in that it is more of a saddle cover than a full seat. A saddle cover comes with some advantages over a full saddle beginning with costing. It also comes with some challenges which are the reason why it landed at the third position on our list. A saddle cover allows you to use the current saddle to increase padding and increase the surface area of the saddle to get more mileage during riding. You also get a quick solution without the hustle of installation with wrenches. It, however, does not come with suspensions to help with the shock which can be a problem if your stock saddle does not have any installed. We, however, loved the sea cover because it allowed one to keep a god saddle while enjoying the benefits of some extra padding for comfort. The other challenge is that it comes with a small groove which is not very ideal for male riders but perfect for female riders. A male rider can get quite some miles off before getting uncomfortable. The good thing is that these are more miles than an overweight can get before getting exhausted. The front is also narrowed out to reduce the friction between the seat and inner thighs for longer periods of cycling. It fits snuggly well on most saddles avoiding slipping on the saddle which can be annoying.

Why trust me?

Being overweight and ardent rider has allowed me to gather quite an amount of insight when it comes to the right accessories for overweight people. I am a big guy and so losing weight is not an option for me and finding a bike for my size is a nightmare in itself. The bike saddles will more than often remain the same when it comes to size with options getting narrower with time. These may look uncomfortable for most people but can be surprisingly adequate. Overweight individuals will suffer due to a bigger surface area which requires more padding to ease the pressure from the upper body onto the bike. The weight of the upper body is supported by the feet and the saddle with most of it being handled by the saddle. We also spent hours on end for three months testing out the best seats with a few of my overweight friends that also love riding. The challenge was not only invigorating but fun. Some saddles made it into the list but failed when it came to resilience while others failed when it came to pricing. Most simply looked good and delivered very little especially for riders that were way heavier than I am. One may tend to argue that overweight riders will not necessarily ride for long but on the contrary will do once in a while. Riding also involves cruising for long distances while doing little pedaling on straight stretches which involved sitting on the saddle for long hours. This can be a stretch is the saddle is not of the right set up. Some of the features we considered included the amount and type of padding, the size of the base, the suspensions, and the material used to make the seat, breathability, and costing. The best saddles were also easy to install since not all riders are experts. The ones that came with wrenches were a favorite because you did not have to look for an appropriate tool for installation. This would often call for buying one or having the store install the seat for you. The third choice which was a saddle cover made it into the list as an option for those that love their saddles too much but suffer through them due to padding and comfort. The saddle cover provided unique qualities of a good overweight saddle with the features of the stock saddle.

Is this for me?

This is definitely for you if you are an ardent rider that is both overweight and fit. The fact that some seats work best for overweight riders does not mean entirely that slimmer riders will not find pleasure riding on them. These are also ideal for slimmer and fit professionals that involve themselves on rough tracks, especially for mountain bikes. Those that spend long hours touring will also prefer using these saddles for the purpose of comfort. Most overweight riders may be simply looking to get fit or be riding for fun. There are a few ‘big’ guys and ladies that are out there also to ride professionally which also calls for a proper saddle. The kind of saddle you install on your bike will determine how far you can go. This comes with knowledge and understanding of what works for you. Stores will not allow you to set up their saddles on your bike for test rides before purchase. This means that your final decision has to be ideal. This can only come with knowledge about the best saddles to use. We have provided the experience through our testing and trials as well as provided the wisdom to know what to look for the moment you walk into a saddle store. There are thousands of options both off and online which can be quite confusing.

It is advised that you buy a saddle physically as compared to doing it online. You will get a feel of the saddle as well as the exact dimensions when it comes to your mount. Not all saddles will fit on your bike mounts and so going for one that will most likely do is not sufficient.  Riding to a bike store will put your mind to rest when it comes to the right saddle for you. You also get to see the kind of suspensions the saddle comes with which gives you a good idea of what the ride will feel like even without having installed it yet. It is likely that overweight people riding for fun and losing weight may not use the right attire when riding which makes the seat very unsettling as the clothes rub the inner thighs, It is important that you consider the right attire and if not, a saddle that has the allowance to ride smoothly without causing soreness.

How I picked the best

Picking the best saddles involved taking our options through various tests so as to ascertain that they stood a chance. We considered the pricing, padding, type of padding, width of the base, the suspensions, the nose, the type of material and installation. Most of the saddles excelled in one but failed in another, and so your finalists worked well in almost all the areas presented. Most riders will have to compromise some aspects of their bikes so as to enjoy others. The saddle is one of the most sensitive aspects and cannot afford to be compromised in any way. The main reasons for this are because it determines how comfortable you are when riding. You will have to sit on it even when you are out turning the cranks making it a constant point of pressure. We measured the saddles by first determining how long we could ride on each without feeling sore or comfortable. We also determined how they felt while cycling fast and on rough tracks. Saddles that absorbed the impact well on rough terrain were a definite plus and included on the list.

We also determined how well they held together for the three months without falling apart or looking awkward. The fact that the saddles were used by overweight rider meant that they were exposed to weight that was unusual. Some gave in at the springs while others wore out at the covers. Those that also creaked incessantly were eliminated as this would have been a nuisance. Very stout springs were not preferred as they will not absorb the shock as needed to.

Most Comfortable Bike seats for overweight riders list

  1. INBIKE Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat
  2. Zacro Gel Bike Saddle
  3. Large Bicycle Gel Seat Cover

Features of the Most Comfortable Bike seats for overweight riders


The overall comfort for a rider is determined by the kind of suspensions the bike has under the seat. This absorbs most if the impact from the body especially when riding along rough trails. Suspensions are mostly made of movable springs that allow the seat to level up when sat on. Some bike saddles will come with suspensions while others such as bike covers will not. These will depend in the stock saddle. The better the suspension, the better the saddle will be.


It is one of the most reasonably priced saddles that we have on our list. The right price for the right saddle is like hitting the jackpot. Going for expensive saddles will work for you if you are not worried about spending too much for the same qualities provided by a reasonably priced one. It is important to note that pricey saddles may not exactly be right for you. Cheap ones may even be worse which makes information your best friend. Knowing what to will help you gauge the right price for the item. You will find that most moderately priced saddles provide the same qualities an expensive one that is selling the brand one is providing. Most saddles will cost between $15 and $100. The end may be too much for a beginner, and so those that range between $15 and $30 are perfect.


It is inevitable that your thighs will rub against the saddle when n the bike for very long periods of time. You will want to reduce this contact point as much as possible. Slimmer riders can manage this entirely by choosing very narrow saddles. Overweight riders will have smaller thigh gap which makes friction a real issue. It is wise that you go for saddles that have a narrow nose so as to ensure that the friction between the thighs and the seat is reduced significantly if not entirely. Riding causes constant motions, and this gets harder when you have an intense workout. This is also a nightmare if you are not wearing the right attire which softens the padding between the thighs and the saddle. A very narrow nose will have to come with a seat that has a smaller base. This is not a comfortable saddle since it affects the pressure when seated. You will need to consider both in tandem so as to hit the best compromise. Some seats are noseless for people that have issues with the prostate. These can be so considered if the standard saddles are too painful to work with. The first two options on our list have a nose that is not only narrow but slightly bent allowing you to lean bac and forward without much strain to the inner thigh.


Saddles without a recession or grove are okay for female riders who may not need as much space and ventilation as the men during riding. Men will hover need a recessed seat so as to allow for ventilation and comfort. Seats that come with a groove were considered to be the best in this case as the friction between the sensitive areas, and the sea was reduced. Riding for long distances applies pressure on the male anatomy which can bring about soreness and pain. This also comes in very handy for people with prostrate issues. Noseless seats may be ideal in the end for people with prostate conditions.  Some of the best saddles may have a hole entirely. It may be difficult to get these on heavily padded saddles that have a wider base than usual. Taking time to pick a seat that provides as much space for your anatomy is important. It’s for this reason that the sea cover comes last since the recessed groove is not as big as that of the first two saddles. Overweight people may not spend as much time on the bike as pros but will have used as much pressure as riding for long hours within a very short period due to the weight.


The base of the saddle determines the overall comfort of the rider. The base is what supports the whole body and handles the pressure from the ‘butt’ bones. The more the pressure, the more uncomfortable the sea will be.  A wider saddle will provide more surface area providing more comfort for the user. This also affects the nose which means that the seat cannot be too wide otherwise cycling will be a struggle. A good compromise will mean getting a good saddle base while getting a narrow enough nose for cycling purposes. All our candidates come with a good base that allows the boy to spread as much body weight across them thus reducing soreness after riding for long period of times. This, of course, works in tandem with the padding and the type of material ensuring that you do not slide all over the seat while riding. The padding reduces the pressure points by absorbing the pressure created by the sit bones.


The seat cover is often the least thought about part of a saddle. It is one of the most important parts since it determines the longevity of the saddle as well as the ventilation. It also affects traction between the body and the saddle. The right kind of cover will give you value for your money. It is wise that you pick materials that will outlast the pressure and the friction that will be applied to your body. Leather always tops most since it breathes well as well as lasts long. You will also enjoy the fact that it will not slide awkwardly when riding your bike. A good saddle cover will also provide a certain aesthetic value since it affects the overall finish. You want a saddle that accentuates the look of your bike in the long run which again makes leather an excellent option. This may not be so when it comes to seat covers because they are made using slightly elastic materials. Even this should be durable enough and snuggly enough to work for your current saddle.


The bike saddle mounts need to be considered so as to ensure that you get a saddle that works for you. This is what makes buying saddles online a huge risk. You cannot buy saddles online this unless you are very sure that it will be a perfect fit for your bike. The mounting needs to agree with yours well enough to save time and avoid unnecessary customizations that may cost money and damage the present bike mounts. Taking your bike to the store will allow you to pick saddles that work with yours. Picking saddles that work with most mounts are preferable if you are not sure of the kind of fit you may have. Some will simply not agree with most high-end saddles designed for specific bikes. It is at this point that seat covers are ideal. A seat cover will not be affected by the kind of mounts that you have. It will, however, be affected by the shape of the saddle. Some seat covers will not work with a very narrow seat while others will adjust well.


The saddle installation needs to be easy enough for convenience.  Our saddles come with a wrench as part of the seat to make it easy for the user. Some saddles will need specific wrenches which may mean having the store owner doing the installation for you for free or for an extra fee. Being able to do this by yourself is satisfying. Saddles that allow for the ease of installation are best.


The padding the saddle comes with support the sit bones well enough to reduce the pressure and soreness that may come with long hours of riding .a good padding is gel filled which makes the seat soft enough to sit on. The padding works together with suspensions and the base width to provide and ideal seat for an overweight rider. You can feel the bike padding using your fingers before buying it.

Detailed Review

1) INBIKE Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat



Plus dual springs make the saddle the best option we have for the purpose of shock absorption.


The pricing is just right allowing you to enjoy some features on one saddle.


The nose is slim enough to allow cycling at any speeds without creating much soreness between the thighs.


The leather seat cover is one of a kind allowing you longevity and proper ventilation. The recessed groove enhances this by ensuring that your anatomy is comfortable enough for long hours.


The saddle comes with mounting’s that will work on most bikes which are ideal. This makes it safer to buy this saddle online as compared to most.


Installation is easy with a wrench that is provided for you at the point of purchase to make everything convenient.


The seat comes with Foam padding for extra comfort and reduction of pressure on the seat bones.

2) Zacro Gel Bike Saddle


You get dual density coil suspensions that reduce shock on you when riding on rough patches. The suspensions also make it comfortable to ride for long hours with the seat conforming to your movements.


The pricing is reasonable with the contender being the cheapest on our list. This is without compromising the value that it brings thanks to the perfect features.


The nose is smile facing downward for the perfect experience. The rider enjoys long periods of cycling without hurting inner thighs in the process.


The leather cover works best to avoid slipping when riding and provides longevity for the saddle. You also get a recessed groove for ventilation all through the ride.


The mounts work for most bikes which are an added advantage. It reduces the risk of buying the saddle online only to find that the mount does not work for your bike.


Mounting is easy thanks to a free Zacro wrench that is provided at the point of sale. The wrench allows you to install the saddle without having to visit the store and costing you extra.


The dual density gel padding allows an overweight individual to increase mileage without pain. The padding reduces the pressure on the sit bones and because the base is wide increases the sitting surface area. This allows the rider to do long hours of cycling without imminent soreness.

3) Large Bicycle Gel Seat Cover


The saddle is a cover and so does not come with any suspensions. This is what makes it both a good and bad thing at the same time. The cover can be easily used on any stock saddle especially if you want to keep your present one. It will also not work well if your present saddle has poor suspension.


This is one of the cheapest options out there if you want to enjoy the comfort of riding without it costing too much.


The padding will work on most saddles and allows for a narrow nose which is okay. The cover doesn’t affect this much but will only work well for saddles that fit it well.


The saddle is a cover in itself which is made of elastic material that is long lasting fitting snuggly on any saddle.


You do not need any mounting to use the cover which is ideal for the beginners.


Installation is a fast and easy needing no expert to do it. All you need is to toggle at the strap to get the fit right.


You get some extra gel and foam padding for reducing pressure on your sit bones as well as spreading weight all over the seat. It is an ideal cover if you want to enjoy long hours of riding without having to get rid of your stock seat. This doesn’t come with a recession and so may not be magnificent for very long hours for the anatomy.


The best saddles for you need to allow you to enjoy riding without soreness. There are thousands of saddles to choose from but not all will work for you and so the right information before buying any of them is crucial. It is a fact that soreness will set in at some point no matter how good the saddle is. The more mileage you get, the better the saddle. Picking any saddle as an overweight rider will not only hurt you but make riding impossible. The three choices made here will help you achieve your workout and enjoyment goals without significant setbacks.

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