9 Most Comfortable Bike Seats for Men (Reviewed 2023)

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“Most comfortable” – the phrase is relative from one person to another. If you’re a man and you’re searching for the most comfortable bike seat for you, you must focus on your riding styles (recreational/touring/MTB/long rides/performance), sitting postures, your budget, etc.

We track, test, and review almost all the saddles in the market to make your choices easy and narrow. The products listed below are selected very carefully. Most of the seats are comfortable only depends on the uses. Sports touring and long-distance rides require a durable saddle that cannot fulfill a cheap gel saddle. So, decide your requirement at first, then choose the right saddle from our list.

Our Top Pick

We have chosen Bikeroo Men’s Memory Foam Saddle as the overall best as it is an affordable & multi-purpose saddle. It adds comfort to MTB, Hybrid, and Exercise Bike. But all are our selected saddles do their jobs in their specific categories.

Bikeroo Men's Memory Foam Saddle

Multi-purpose saddle. Best for MTB, Hybrid & Stationary Exercise Bike.

Premium quality memory foam (extra padded) and deep center cut-out provides the ultimate comfort for longer rides. Easy to install with its universal fit adapter. The package also includes the mounting tools, a waterproof seat cover, mounting instructions, and an e-book that covers almost everything a cyclist should know.

L x W (inches): 10.2 x 7.5, Weight: 440 grams

There is a whole lot of bike seats available for men out there, but only a couple of saddles have pledged to provide the flawless comfort for men. After giving a couple of tests with some of the different saddles, we think that Bikeroo-Men’s Memory Foam Saddle wins the competition in this portion.

Check our list below for other comfortable saddles and seat cover that we strongly suggest for Men.

9 most comfortable bike seats and covers for men

1) Bikeroo seat

Multipurpose saddle for MTB, Hybrid & Exercise bike

Bikeroo Men's Memory Foam Saddle
  • Weight: 440 gm
  • Dimensions: 260 x 190 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Cover: Synthetic Leather


  1. Padded with enough memory foam making it one of the most comfortable bike seats in the market.
  2. Hollow-core and deep center cut-out design for men’s anatomy. This makes sure that there is no pressure on men’s prostate.
  3. Comparatively cheap considering other high-quality saddles out there.
  4. It comes with a waterproof seat cover, mounting tools, universal fit adapter, and mounting instruction.
  5. It can easily fit any type of bicycle because of its universal rails system.
  6. Two spring suspensions absorb shocks on a bumpy road.


  1. Cheap plastic holding the springs. So if the plastic got broken, there is a possibility that the rail may popped off.
  2. The saddle is not so durable or strong.
  3. The saddle cover does not support breath-ability.
  4. Not a tip-top saddle for bigger riders.

We are considering this one as the most comfortable bike seat for men. Its ergonomic shape, soft and sturdy foam padding and deep center cutout channel are all specially designed for Men’s unique anatomy. Engineered for comfort so that you do not give up commuting. Investing your money on a saddle like this will make your daily rides into the most enjoyable part of your working day.

2) Brooks B17 saddle

For long-distance rides & sports touring

Brooks B17
  • Weight: 520 gm
  • Dimensions: 275 x 175 x 65 mm
  • Color: Black, Brown, Honey, Red
  • Cover: Vegetable Tan Leather


  1. This saddle is the company’s flagship model, available in the market for over 100 years.
  2. The saddle is made from original vegetable tan leather handmade in England.
  3. Features Steel tubular rivets.
  4. Chrome plated steel rails. If you have spare money, you can select Titanium rails as an option.
  5. Suits micro-adjust seat posts.
  6. A maintenance kit and waterproof seat cover will be provided.
  7. A 2 years warranty from the date of purchase and an extended 10 years warranty will be provided for registered customers.


  1. Will take approximately 200-300 miles to break-in.
  2. Proper maintenance is needed and you have to apply Proofide (Brooks leather conditioner) at least 2 times in a year.
  3. The saddle is relatively heavy for long distance touring or racing.

I know this is not a typical gel or foam made a comfortable saddle. But when you are planning for long-distance rides or sports touring or a cross-country (XC) cycling, you must consider the durability and performance of your saddle. Though the Brooks saddles (like any other leather saddles) have a longer break-in period, and during this period, you will not feel the required comfort from using it, but you will find that the saddle is just made for your after they break-in. This is when you will find it the most comfortable. You must try this saddle when you are planning to take long tours and this saddle is recommended by almost all professional cyclists. There is a ladies version of this saddle which is known as the B17 S.

Note: Don’t start your long tour with a newly bought Brooks leather saddle. Only after they are properly broken-in.

3) PRO Stealth saddle

For Road bikes

PRO Stealth Road Saddle
  • Weight: 205 gm
  • Dimensions: Width 142 mm, rail diameter 7 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Cover: PU Material


  1. Saddle has a large anatomic recess area to relieve pressure on the perineum.
  2. Ensures maximum support and comfort with lightweight EVA padding.
  3. Minimizes friction while cycling wearing shorts because of its smooth PU material.
  4. You can easily fit pro camera mount, bottle cage or other accessories.
  5. Base is with lightweight carbon.


  1. If you looking for a saddle with enough padding, then this is not the saddle for you.
  2. Racy design but not practical.
  3. Expensive than most of the saddles with stainless titanium rails.

PRO Stealth is engineered with a lightweight and strong designed to win races. Direct power transfer stimulates pure performance. Thanks to its decreased friction and vibration absorption, will make you comfortable all day. It plots your body pressure to increase blood flow.

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4) Planet Bike seat


Planet Bike ARS
  • Weight: Women’s 367 grams, Men’s 391 grams
  • Dimensions: Women’s 220 x 155 mm, Men’s 250 x 160 mm
  • Color: Pure Black, Black with White Edges
  • Cover: Lycra


  1. Flexible base and padded with sufficient amount of foam for maximum comfort and support.
  2. ‘V’ shape cover made for the adjustment of any type of user (Male, Female and Senior).
  3. Combination of gel and foam padding relieves pressure on soft tissue.
  4. Anatomic design with full length center recess and cut-out.
  5. Lycra seat cover which is weather resistant.
  6. Features abrasion-resistant side material.
  7. Very strong and durable Steel rails.
  8. Reasonable in price


  1. The cover is weather-resistant, but not waterproof.
  2. Your private parts might jam up with the front nose of the seat.
  3. As the pressure points are not lined up correctly, the saddle can sometimes cause pain.

If you are looking for an economical saddle for MTB or commuting or cruising, then you can consider the ARS. Its ample padding will offer you to skip wearing padded cycling shorts. The anatomical cut-out relieves pressure and will present you a comfortable ride for riders who prefers an upright position. When we tested this saddle, we have found the rails quite strong and kept the saddle stable with the post very well when dealing with jolts.

5) Bikeroo OVERSIZED saddle

For XL size Exercise bikes

Bikeroo Oversized Saddle
  • Weight: 1178 gm
  • Dimensions: 258 x 258 x 176 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Cover: Quality Faux Leather


  1. Extra-large bike saddle with thick soft padding helps middle-aged to senior riders to stay away from pain and soreness.
  2. This particular saddle is tested by more than 25000 riders and they all approved it.
  3. It has an indoor as well as an outdoor variant.
  4. It comes with a waterproof seat cover, mounting tools, a universal bicycle seat adapter, and mounting instructions.
  5. Elastomer springs are awesome for absorbing shocks from bounces.
  6. 60-days money-back guarantee.


  1. Not practical for racing or MTB type rides.
  2. Cheap material beneath the saddle.
  3. Not adjustable to all types of bikes as extra-wide seat comes with extra-wide rails.

Bikeroo Oversize Bike Saddle is a common choice for most of the riders, especially for indoor exercise cycling. The thick padding with dual spring suspension will give you a huge comfort. It is also ergonomic in shape, so you will feel much better riding on this saddle compared to a stock saddle. An ISO certified bike saddle engineered to keep you active and healthy.

6) Sunlite Cloud-9 seat

For Cruiser bikes

Sunlite Cloud-9
  • Weight: 1450 gm
  • Dimensions: 242 x 242 x 160 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Cover: Lycra


  1. Promotes dual density foam padding for immense comfort.
  2. Thanks to Chrome coil spring suspension, you will scarcely feel any bumps on uneven roads.
  3. Can be fitted with any standard seat posts because of its universal design.
  4. Weatherproof seat cover.


  1. May not fit some bicycles as the rails are too wide.
  2. Springs are too stiff, their movement is not evident on bumpy roads.
  3. Not very useful for those who like their saddle moderately padded.
  4. It also raises you up a little bit because of the padding.

This product is highly ranked because of the excellent design and the usefulness it provides for both professional and novice cyclists. This cruiser gel saddle is modeled to limit the discomfort and enables prolonged cycling without worrying about muscle stress or pain. 

Among the dual layers of foam, the first one is very soft whereas the second layer is stiff for absorbing shocks.

7) DAWAY C10 saddle

For overweight men

  • Weight: 680 gm
  • Dimensions: 269 x 220 x 88 mm
  • Color: Black, Brown
  • Cover: Waterproof Leather


  1. Padded by thick high-density foam which provides the best protection for hip.
  2. Best for riders who sit on an upright position with a 90-degree angle.
  3. The ventilation channel will reduce the pressure on private parts.
  4. Waterproof cover, so no more worries on rainy days or snowy days.
  5. Double spring damping balls work both vertically and horizontally absorbing most severe and unexpected shocks.
  6. Comes with a water & dust resistant cover, mounting tools and a saddle adapter.
  7. Universal mounting system.


  1. Some users find the saddle hard as a rock, so not recommended for constant sitting.
  2. Seat is little slippery, it may cause friction when getting on or off.
  3. You may feel the abrasion through the fabric if you wear thin leggings

Overweight riders like to ride in a relaxed posture and with this saddle, you experience the joy of riding in a relaxed position. A unique hollow and groove breathable design will pass enough airflow, thus make cycling more comfortable. No matter if it is for outdoor or indoor cycling, it will fit any bikes for its universal rail mounting system. An ISO certified bike saddle won’t let you feel any discomfort.

8) Domain Cycling Seat Cover

Fits narrow seats

Domain Cycling Premium Gel Cover
  • Weight: 254 gm
  • Dimensions: 266 x 176 mm
  • Color: Black, Purple, Pink
  • Best for: Narrow saddles


  1. This cover is mostly used for Spinning Bikes, Exercise Bikes, and Outdoor Bicycles.
  2. Very thin and lightweight cover that adjusts your saddle so smoothly that you will feel like there is nothing covering your saddle.
  3. The cover is made of Lycra material and padded with soft Silicone gel.
  4. The below part is non-slippery. This will help to keep the seat cover in place.
  5. The company offers a 100% Money-Back guarantee.


  1. The silicone gel might shrink or shift after a certain number of rides due to the overheat.
  2. Because of the side texturing of the cover, major chafing can be caused.
  3. The cover is not suitable for Peloton bikes.

This Domain Cycling seat cover is perfect for narrow bike seats. Although it is designed for indoor spin bikes, exercise bikes, and outdoor cycling, it works wonderfully for different types of bikes. The generous dimensions ensure the cover can fit most seats. This saddle cover stays firmly in place, allowing you to focus on your ride. The seat cover is made of premium quality materials for durability, dependability, and an amazing feel.

But if you want a cover bigger than this we recommend you to check this Zacro Colorful Exercise Bike Seat Cover. If you need a cover for your wider bike seat, this is the appropriate one. You will love this cover. Also found in more than one color.

How to choose the perfect saddle width

Are you looking for the perfect saddle width? Well, it depends on the measurements of your sit bones. So it is wise to evaluate the right size of you sit bones first. Here we have presented an easy way to get the right measurement of your sit bones.

Please follow these steps:

1. Wear your cycling shorts (thinner the better) or underwear. Now put a piece of tinfoil on the floor
2. Sit on the foil. Now bend forward in such a way that you’re riding your cycle. Raise your toes slightly.
3. Be in that position for about 15-30 secs.
4. Stand up. Check out the tinfoil surface. You will find two deep impressions of your sit bones on the tinfoil. If the impressions are not clearly visible, repeat the process.
5. Calculate the distance between the centers of the two impressions.
6. Add 20-30 mm to the distance to get your ideal seat width.

Watch this video to get clear about the instructions.


Basically men’s saddle includes MTB, Racing, and trekking, touring type saddles. The amount of relaxed or commuting type rides are considered less when we are discussing the types of rides men prefer most. Then again there are people of different sizes and shapes.

They like to take their rides slow and easy. So indoor or spinning types of rides are their favorite choice. Judging by these thoughts, we have mentioned the saddles so that it might help all types of men cyclists.

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