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3 Best Mountain Bike Saddles for Men (2017 Reviews)

Having spent hours trying some seats, it was clear to us that the Planet Bike Anatomic Relief Saddle is the best option when it comes to best mountain bike saddle for men.

The Zacro Gel Bike Saddle and the Domain Cycling Premium Cushion Cover also provided satisfactory results for the panel who mostly preferred mountain bikes.

Bike saddles are a sensitive area for every rider and not only because it supports some of the most sensitive areas of the body. Bike saddles will determine how long you will spend on your bike too. Mountain bikes are especially unkind to the anatomy which only means ensuring you pick a seat that is specialized for the task. We checked some factors for the best saddles including comfort, agility, and convenience. The support system, as well as the costing of the saddles, are as important when it comes to making decisions about the best saddle to hit the road with. Mountain bikes can be used on some terrains which also needed to be put into consideration.

Planet Bike Men's A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle

Best Mountain Bike Saddle for Men

  • Center recess (full length): Provides comfort and anatomic relief
  • Super soft padding
  • Soft top cover with friction-resistant side material

3 Best Mountain Bike Saddles for Men

Planet Men’s Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle (Best Buy)

Best Buy

The Planet bike Anatomic Relief bike is as good as it sounds. Anatomic relief for men is a crucial part of any mountain bike riders. The sit bone area is made of gel pads for maximum comfort and relief to the soft tissue during rough riding. We also loved the fact that it came with a full-length recess with a hole in the middle for ventilation and anatomic relief.

Most of the riders referred to the saddle as super soft when it came to the ample padding with a flex base that allowed more support and comfort during riding. We felt that the saddle was designed to offer the rider the best results whether riding downhill at high speeds or rocking climbs that can be uncomfortable required the whole weight of the body on the saddle. The reasonable pricing is an icing on the cake making the saddle a welcome addition to your mountain bike arsenal. The mounts are perfect making installation ideal, fast and easy. The saddles also come with an ergonomic design that is not only functional but nice to look at. This is perhaps one of the first things you notice when buying the saddle. This is purely a performance saddle for bikers that seek to get the best out of out back riding no matter the length of time.

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Zacro Gel Bike Saddle (For Comfortable Long Rides)

Our runner up is the Zacro Bike Saddle for some reasons other than a good price. The saddle proved to be hardy and exuded classic features that are crucial to the overall of the bike. We especially enjoyed the high elastic foam which gave a better feeling when cycling. One of the biggest challenges is the overall comfort which can be distracted by the nose and the shape of the base. The saddle is versatile and fitted most of the bikes we had for testing, unlike others that were picky.

Mounting the saddle is easy as long as you have a wrench taking very few minutes.  The padding comes with dual density properties for extra cushioning during rough descents. The thick saddle also comes in handy when the ride gets too rough supporting your anatomy just right. This is a saddle that you can spend more time on which is one of the most important parts of any ride. The ability to ride for longer without adverse effects on your sensitive areas also provides you with better concentration to get the job done as opposed to longing for the ride to end.

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Premium Bike Gel Seat Cushion Cover (Mountain Bike Gel Seat)

The third candidate was the Premium Cushion cover. Do not let the lack of a recess to support your essentials deter you on this one. The saddle is made of a gel-like cushion that is not the only kind to your anatomy but provides shock absorbing features for rough rides. We also found that the gel does what it is purported to do unlike most of the saddles on the market that are hell-bent at leaving a real mark when riding hard. The gel is made of soft silicone and Lycra material which is not only stretchy but comfortable to sit on.

The saddle may not fit all bikes but will work with a few tugs. We also felt that the lack of the grove still set it up for a disadvantage. There are grooved saddle seats that are gelled which do not give this one an excuse. The overall comfort level, however, outmatched most of them which are why it still made it on the list. The pricing is also right making it an ideal replacement for your current saddle. It is also nice to look at making it a welcome addition to your saddle mount.

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How I picked the best?

Picking the best saddle involved a lot of research and riding using some portions. We spent over two months of rigorously testing all the options that we could come across. This was easy since most of the bikers in our community of mountain bikers both on and offline had different saddles. Sampling them all as well as trying newer options in the market allowed me to collect a huge amount of data that narrowed the options to these three. This is not to say that you will not find any other options, but these would be what you need in my professional opinion.

One of the biggest challenges men will have a slim anatomy bring the pelvic bones much closer. This only means going for a narrower seat that supports the base bones to hold all the weight. A saddle that is also kind to the inner thighs was crucial. This allows for a sudden burst of speed without rubbing against the seat in any way. We also did not assume that you are always racing up and downhills. A comfortable ride a ride in the park also needed to be comfortable enough for you to enjoy the ride. The longevity of the material was also put into consideration since we were looking for a saddle that stood the test of time.

The overall comfort of the saddle which involved the nature of padding and the mounting was also put into consideration. Good padding is kind to your anatomy, and s is the right form of suspension. Mountain bikes are designed for rough riding which can only mean that there will be times that you will hit bumpy roads. A seat that will hold up as well as keep you well supported both regarding weight and cushioning will be ideal.

3 Top Mountain Bike Saddle Reviews (Detailed)

Planet Men’s Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle

Best Buy

Anatomy of this bike saddleThis is one sleek saddle with a high-performance design. The saddle aims to provide anatomic relief eliminating any discomfort and pain that may arise while riding. It is also well designed to provide a cushioning and bump absorbing properties keeping you long enough on the bike to get the most out of your riding.
PriceIt is an absolute bargain for its weight and design. The saddle provides features that come with most high-end products while keeping the price right for all riders. This is a good first saddle for novice riders as well as pros who want to make a shift from what they have.
The Saddle NoseYou get a high-performance nose design that is slanted for faster speeds.
The Saddle RecessThe saddle comes with a grove for anatomic relief and ventilation. This is one of the ideal features for men who want to ride for long periods of time. It also makes it easier when it comes to bumpy rides avoiding impact on sensitive parts of the body. 
Saddle shape and fitThe saddle is a perfect fit for men that are looking for the best feature of a saddle in one. The shape is well designed improving the general look of your bike. The sit bone area is made of gel pads for some extra comfort when riding. This also absorbs any form of shock while sitting as well as provides comfort during long hours of riding.
WeightThe saddle is considerably lightweight improving your performance. This happens without compromising on the padding and the size of the saddle.
The baseYou get a flex base with a good base allowing a comfortable sitting position while riding. This is ideal for sitting back while cruising around the city. The gel padding provides extra support for sit bones.
Mounting and suspensionsThe mounting options are ideal fitting a wide array of bikes in the market. The suspensions are also designed to absorb any shock from rough rides softening the blow to the body.

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Zacro Gel Bike Saddle

(For Comfortable Long Rides)

Anatomy of this bike saddleThis is a saddle designed for comfort and safety with a dual density gel foam that is elastic and soft enough to save you from a world of injury and pain. The recess also provides anatomical advantages during long periods of riding at various positions.
PriceThe saddle is cheaper than the A.R.S and provides some good features despite this. One of the best is the fact that it comes with a universal mount that will fit on most bikes at the end of the day.
Saddle NoseThe saddle nose is not necessarily designed for high speeds but is ergonomic, to say the least.
Saddle recessThe rider gets a recess groove for anatomical relief and ventilation. This is one of the ideal features when it comes to absorbing impact and getting comfortable during long rides.
Saddle shape and fitThe saddle is designed for comfort which makes it a perfect fit for most bikes. The shape is also well designed adding the much-needed value for your bike.
WeightThis saddle may not be as lightweight as the first option but still, provides very ideal features at 690gms.
The baseA gel dual-density padding makes the base bliss to the sit bones allowing for long hours of riding. The base is also wide enough to provide comfort during bumpy rides.
Mounting and suspensionsYou get a carbon steel suspension that is perfect for absorbing shock and avoiding injuries to the back while riding.

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Premium Bike Gel Seat Cushion Cover

(Mountain Bike Gel Seat)


Anatomy of this bike saddleThe bike saddle is anatomically efficient thanks to the silicone gel layer that provides comfort for the anatomy. The only difference is that it does not come with any recess. The body is made of stretchy Lycra material which provides extra comfort to the inner thighs while riding.
PriceThis comes reasonably priced for a saddle of its caliber.
Saddle NoseThe nose is not designed for performance which is one of the reasons why it comes third. This doesn’t mean that you cannot pedal fast and comfortably with eh saddle due to its minimal features.
Saddle recessThe saddle lacks a recess for the purpose of anatomical comfort. This is made up for using the gel-like features that provide soft cushioning beneath the sit bones. The only challenge may be less ventilation for your anatomy.
Saddle shape and fitThe saddle is a right fit for any mountain bike rider. The soft gel cushioning alongside the lycra material makes it a light option that does not interfere with riding in any way.
WeightThis is the lightest option we have which makes up for speed in some ways. Lesser weight increases the ability of the bike to accelerate and decelerate fast. 
The baseThe base is wide enough providing comfort for long and short rides alike.
Mounting and suspensionsThe saddle does not come with any mountings and suspensions which mean that it will cost you extra to get them installed.

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How to Pick a Bike Saddle

Anatomy of a bike saddle

The anatomy of the bike saddle refers to the overall fell of the saddle while riding. This is determined by the general shape and Providence for the anatomy of the body. The saddle needs to be comfortable enough to allow the rider to move the body parts as well as shift without causing and blockage to the arteries or chaffing.

In as much as this may be a combination of the rest of the actors listed here, the combination of them all need to be ideal. Most of the riders out there find themselves at a point of making a tradeoff which will still affect the overall performance. One should be careful when making tradeoffs since some may not be worth anything. One of the most workable tradeoffs is the distance of riding. People that ride for short distances at a fast pace will do better with very narrow seats with a groove. The reason for this is that they will rarely be seated during the ride.

The nose of the saddle will also need to be bent forward for maximum thrust. These saddles are not designed for comfort but speed. Weight can also be a major trade off if you are going for speed. Lightweight saddles are important since every gram matters. This means going for saddles that are just made of a shell with titanium mounts that will double the price of the saddle.


Pricing is obviously one of the biggest concerns for anyone seeking to get a saddle. Saddles can be expensive if you are looking for something out of the normal. Saddles can come very light weight thanks to titanium suspensions and mountings as well as shell casings that are devoid of any padding. These saddles are designed for short high-speed riding and will more than often cost more than double of what we have placed on the list.

Our list provides some of the most cost friendly high performing mountain bike saddles. Investing in a good saddle is a good idea. An expensive one may not translate to comfort. They, in fact, trade this off as an option when it comes to saddles. More comfortable options are often cheaper. This is because they have broader bases and more padding. Taking time to weigh your options and knowing what you need ill enable you to make a good financial decision when it comes to purchasing the right saddle. Mountain bikes will be more about roughing it up as compared to speed. Speed is nevertheless important when it comes to racing, but no rider will trade off padding for a hard shell just to gain a few miles in the long run.

Saddle Nose

The nose of the saddle is important when it comes to riding. People that are looking for fast speeds will need a nose that is smoothened out. Some saddles will not come with a nose especially if the riders are suffering from of prostrate issue. Any form of a nose at this point can be very painful. A slightly bent nose allows the rider to get a more comfortable stance while riding especially if the rider is working on different terrain. It is for this reason that we picked the three saddles. A slanted nose will need the rider always to push back and ride fast for the saddle to make sense.  A good saddle will combine all your riding experiences in one especially if you are a novice rider.

Saddle groove/ hole

This is perhaps one of the most important parts of a saddle for men. This may not only apply to riding mountain bikes. The Recess or hole in the seat provides ventilation and comfort for the sensitive areas while riding. Riding on bumpy terrain can cause a toll on the anatomy leading to soreness besides other side effects. Saddles that do not have these grooves cannot be sued for a long time and will also hurt at some point. The only other option is using gel tech which allows you to ride supported by silicone gel. The gel works to support you without applying any undue pressure to your sensitive areas. Some riders will not mind using the gel-like features for overall support.

It is also plain uncomfortable. Looking at a saddle may leave you wondering how a seat will get you comfortable. The most amazing thing is that the design of these seats has taken years evolving with each and every need. This groove not only makes you a better rider but provides you with the convenience of riding for a long time without any abrasions. The groove is also ideal when it comes to shaping up the saddle producing an elegant touch.

Saddle shape and fit

The saddle fit is all about how comfortable you are when riding, one of the biggest challenges when it comes to saddles is that store owners will not allow you to test the merchandise before purchase. Some cool stores may give you a sample to mount and take for a spin. The shape will determine how well it holds your weight while the fit determines how comfortable you feel while pedaling and shifting around. This is heavily reliant on preference since some individual may have wider pelvic bones than others.

Some may also have a wider sitting base needing a bigger seat while others may have a narrower seating base requiring a narrow seat. The saddle shape and fit is also determined by the padding, shell, and suspension which can sometimes be felt with time. Unlike fitting shoes, the saddle needs to feel right from the beginning. Ensure that you do not take a trade off when it comes to features until you get something that will fit the bill. Ensuring that your mount fits perfectly is wise especially if you are buying the saddle online.


Every gram matters when it comes to speed. Heavy saddles will only slow your bike down which is why a lighter saddle will come in handy. Very light saddles will be expensive since it means using a titanium mount and suspensions. This will double the cost of the saddle which is something you may want to avoid. The only other options for extreme weight reduction include using leather seats, shelled seats and very light padding. This, of course, comes with a price to pay. These seats will not be in the least bit comfortable.

It is important that you pick a saddle that is light enough to increase the speed of your bike while proving enough support for your anatomy and weight. Doing this without it costing an arm and a leg is wise on your part. Titanium suspensions are nor recommended if you are not a racer, and an extravagant one to say the least. The best way to get your weight right is to make comparisons on what is in the market and ensuring that you get the lightest option without having to trade off comfort.

The base

The base supports the ‘butt’ bones which also determines how comfortable you will be when riding. The padding on this part of the saddle needs to be ample enough. This is because of the pressure your body will apply to the points of these bones. The base is also one of the main supports for the whole of your body especially when you are seated back when riding or making a descent. It is rare to find one making a descent while standing. You will have the option of a wide or a narrow base. A very narrow base is ideal for speed while broader one will help with the support. These will also be a distraction causing your legs to hit them while cycling. A good enough base need to provide the convenience if cycling without rubbing your thighs against the seat at any point.

Mounting and suspensions

The right mounting will fit the saddle in perfectly without a struggle. The only way to get the right mounting is by trying out what is available. This perhaps is what makes buying a saddle online a great risk. Buying a saddle that fits on most will be ideal. The suspensions will more than often be considered as part of the mountings. Titanium ones may be too much to work with such regular ones will work just as well is you do not mind the weight. Mountings also need to be easy enough to install. It is wise that you get a professional to help pout if you are struggling. The best suspensions will also allow the body to absorb impact while hitting bumpy terrain.

A stiff suspension will not be kind to the body causing serious back pains after long periods of riding. The suspensions need to be supple enough to bounce back and forth as well as robust enough to withstand a very big impact on them.

Why Trust Me and This review

I have had my share of chaffing and blisters which is one of the most embarrassing forms of pain out there. Chafing will keep you from riding for a while. This is despite using the right shorts for the job. I have also had my share of bumps and rough descents with m mountain bikes leading to some regrets.

We formed a panel of mountain bikers in search of the best saddle seats not only to help you as a rider but help ourselves. Having sampled quite a number had already narrowed down what we were looking for.

The most important factor our panel was looking for was something we can use for a long time in the woods or long rides and still enjoy rough riding alongside laid back cycling. I have personally found saddles that have fitted the bill but with a compromise.

The perfect saddle provides the right form of support without trading off. It is not easy to pick the right one at the shop either since most sellers will not allow you to sample the seat on your bike. You will have to settle for the features written on the box as well as what you can see.

It is, for this reason, we came up with this list narrowing your options down to saddles that are not only ideal on the road but pocket-friendly.

Who is this guide for?

I would not wish pain and misery on anyone who loves cycling which is why you also need to take the time to read and discover the most important aspects of these saddles for yourself. Saddles can hurt if you do not know what you are going for. The right item for the right price does not just happen. Novice riders need all the help they can get away from the stock seats.

Buying a mountain bike is a major trade-off when it comes to bike saddles and other parts. You will discover that you will need to change the saddles to fit your form of riding especially if you are looking for performance. Most of the stock saddles are ideal for laid-back riding that does not require any extreme speed and exposure. Ting this with this seats leads to chaffing and very painful memories.

Your anatomy is as important when riding and you want the right kind of ventilation. You do not need to be told of course that you need the right suit for the job just to enhance your performance. This is for you if you’re looking for a cost friendly saddle that will make your riding fun as well as more productive. It is also for you if you are an ardent mountain biker that is seeking to add a few miles per hour on the record.


The most comfortable saddle is always recommendable when it comes to mountain bikes. This is, of course, putting into mind the weight and design. Saddles will vary in size design and type making them hard to pick on sight. Taking time to know what every feature provides not only makes narrowing down your options easier but gives you an idea of what will improve your riding. The A.R.S remains the best options when it comes to weight and comfort. It is also ideal when it comes to longevity. Zacro and Premium cushion also fit the bill if you want a small compromise.

Planet Bike Men's A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle

Best Mountain Bike Saddle for Men

  • Center recess (full length): Provides comfort and anatomic relief
  • Super soft padding
  • Soft top cover with friction-resistant side material

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