Shimano Cycling Shoes Size Chart (for both Men & Women)

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Purchasing a cycling shoe online can be quite a challenging task. It can be quite a struggle at times. Because; there are various brands of shoes that fit and last differently. Therefore; we decided to come up with a solution to this conundrum. So; we carried out in-depth research and came up with a size guide for Shimano’s shoe. Thus; along the course of this article, we shall be looking at efficient ways to measure your foot size and choose the shoe for an ideal fit for your foot, based on our research.

You should choose cycling shoes that are stiff, comfortable and offer you good support. Moreover; you should not consider buying shoes that might be a bit too small for your feet. Also; if one or more of your toes touch the toe-cap when you apply full-weight, then know that the shoe is too small for you. Furthermore; during the time of purchase, your shoe should fit your foot. The width of your shoe should be comfortable, but never too tight. As too much disorganization may end up having a detrimental effect on your knee’s stability. Also; it may affect your leg muscles as well, due to over-coverage. Whereas; if a shoe is either too small in stature or narrow in size, then it may cut off blood circulation and cause pain and numbness of your feet. You should note that the right fit is vital to you, for attaining comfort and achieving optimal performance, irrespective of any biking shoes. Thus; we’d recommend you measure your shoe size correctly before you go buying a pair of shoes.

*The men’s and women’s cycling shoe has been provided below:

Shimano Men’s Cycling Shoe Size Chart

EU Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizecmFoot Length (mm)
363.72.722.5 cm225 cm230
374.53.523.2 cm232 cm238
385.24.224.2 cm242 cm245
395.84.824.8 cm248 cm252
406.75.725.5 cm255 cm255
417.66.625.8 cm258
41.58726.2 cm262
428.37.326.5 cm265 cm268
438.97.927.2 cm272 cm275
449.78.727.8 cm278
44.510.29.228.2 cm282
4510.59.528.5 cm285
45.510.99.928.8 cm288
4611.210.229.2 cm292
46.511.510.529.5 cm295
4711.810.829.8 cm298
47.5121130.2 cm302
4812.311.330.5 cm305
4913.212.231.2 cm312
5014.213.231.8 cm318
5115.214.232.5 cm325
5216.215.233.1 cm331
Shimano men's cycling shoe size

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Shimano Women’s Cycling Shoe Size Chart

EU Shoe SizeUS Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizecmFoot Length (mm)
364.8224 cm228
375.53.523.2 cm231
37.56423.5 cm235
386.54.523.8 cm238 cm242
397.25.224.5 cm245 cm248
407.85.825.2 cm252 cm255
418.56.525.8 cm258
41.59726.2 cm262
429.57.526.5 cm265
42.510826.8 cm268
4310.48.427.2 cm272
43.510.88.827.5 cm275
4411.29.227.8 cm278

Shimano Women's cycling shoe size

Note: You should always keep in mind; while trying on shoes, your feet may marginally inflate, while you’re up in the saddle.    

Although; we shall be presenting you with a size guide for choosing the right-sized shoe, know that the size of a shoe can vary as much as 1 or more sizes, based on different manufacturers or models. Therefore; the number on a shoe rather indicates a fit, not a guide. Hence, the only way to be sure that these shoes are a perfect fit for your foot is by trying them out in person in the shop.  

How to determine the size of your foot in order to choose the right size cycling shoe

Below, we shall be discussing the detailed steps which you should follow to correctly determine the size of your foot, in order to choose the right size cycling shoe.

Step: 1 – Take measurement of your foot

Place a  piece of A4-sized paper on the floor, adjacent to the wall. Place your foot on the paper and make sure that your heel is pushed back and touches the wall. Then proceed with drawing a line at the end of your big toe. Thus; measure the length from the heel to the toe. Hence, you’ll know the length of your foot, in centimeters. 

measuring feet for cycling shoe

Image credit:

To be absolutely sure, follow the same procedure, to measure both of your feet. There are times when they may vary moderately. Therefore; when you go to buy a pair of cycling shoes, consider the foot size which is the larger of the two.

It is always advisable for you to have a little room for breathing within your shoe. Therefore; you can add up to approximately 5 mm to your measured length. Moreover; you should always keep in mind that measured feet can vary between individuals. A person may prefer to go for a tighter fit compared to another. 

cycling shoe fitness

So; maintaining a clearance of 5 mm would allow you to walk effortlessly while wearing the shoe. Moreover; your feet will expand a bit as you ride. Thus; a little extra room should always be welcomed. However; if you increase this margin, chances are your foot might slide within your shoe, which is never a sensible option when you’re riding your bike.    

suggestion for cycling shoe

Step: 2 – Choosing a shoe of your preference

Since you have measured the length of your feet by now, including the clearance required inside your shoe, So; now you need to match the length of your feet to the shoe size. Based on your region either Europe or the USA refer to the size guide manual provided. 

The EU/UK/US or cm shoe length may vary slightly for different manufacturers or models of shoes. Therefore; just be sure to follow the guideline provided and thus choose a shoe of your preference.

Step: 3 – Determining the width of the shoe
You should also remember to check the width of your shoes. So; in the table below, we have categorized shoes as narrow, medium, or wide. Therefore; to measure the width of your shoe, all you need to do is measure the circumference of your foot.
measuring foot width for cycling shoe

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Thus; you should carry out this process by measuring the widest section of your foot, as shown in the image below. Now lookup in the *size guide table for the length of your foot, which has been provided below. Note that you should not add the clearance of 5 mm. In the **table below, it has the foot lengths along with corresponding widths.

Therefore; this would instantly give you an idea of whether you have got a narrow, medium, or wide foot. Hence, if you have wider feet, then we’d advise you to not go for shoes that are a bit narrow in design. If you do so they’ll exert pressure on your foot. Thus; it may even cause blisters and swelling. Therefore; upon usage, we have found out that medium sides shoes tend to be well suited to a vast majority of riders.

Step: 4 – Order your shoe and your cleats along with it

So; now that you have carried out all necessary measurements, do cross-check everything carefully and proceed with buying an ideal shoe of your preference. Furthermore; you can either have them delivered to your doorstep or buy them from a nearby outlet of your preference. However; do not forget to buy compatible cleats along with them and mount these cleats accordingly.

**Width in Relation to your Foot Length

Width in Relation to your Foot Length
Length measured< EF / G> H
22.9 cm< 20.120.2 – 22.0> 22.1
23.4 cm< 21.321.4 – 22.8> 22.9
23.8 cm< 21.521.6 – 22.9> 23.0
24.1 cm< 21.721.8 – 23.1> 23.2
24.3 cm< 21.922.0 – 23.3> 23.4
24.7 cm< 22.122.2 – 23.5> 23.6
25.1 cm< 22.322.4 – 23.7> 23.8
25.3 cm< 22.622.7 – 24.1> 24.1
25.4 cm< 22.822.9 – 24.2> 24.3
25.8 cm< 23.023.1 – 24.4> 24.5
26.3 cm< 23.223.3 – 24.6> 24.7
26.5 cm< 23.423.5 – 24.8> 24.9
26.7 cm< 23.723.8 – 25.0> 25.1
27.1 cm< 23.924.0 – 25.3> 25.4
27.6 cm< 24.124.2 – 25.5> 25.6
27.8 cm< 24.324.4 – 25.7> 25.8
28 cm< 24.524.6 – 25.9> 26.0
28.4 cm< 24.724.8 – 26.1> 26.2
28.9 cm< 24.925.0 – 26.3> 26.4
29.1 cm< 25.125.2 – 26.5> 26.6
29.3 cm< 25.325.4 – 26.7> 26.8
29.7 cm< 25.625.7 – 27.0> 27.1
30.1 cm< 25.825.6 – 27.2> 27.3
30.3 cm< 26.026.1 – 27.4> 27.5
30.5 cm< 26.226.3 – 27.6> 27.7
30.7 cm< 26.426.5 – 27.8> 27.9
30.9 cm< 26.626.7 – 28.0> 28.1
31.1 cm< 26.826.9 – 28.2> 28.3
31.3 cm< 27.027.1 – 28.4> 28.5
31.6 cm< 27.227.3 – 28.6> 28.7
31.9 cm< 27.427.5 – 28.8> 28.9
32.1 cm< 27.627.7 – 29.0> 29.1
32.4 cm< 27.827.9 – 29.2> 29.3

width measurement in relation to foot length

The table below gives a summary of how to take proper measurements of your foot

StepHow to get the proper length of your feet
1First of all, place an A4 size paper on the floor, it being up against the wall.
2Then, take your heel approximately 1mm away from the wall.
3Next, stand on this paper and ask someone to carefully place a pencil mark on it, at the top of your longest toe.
4Furthermore; carry out the same process with both of your feet and thus select the size of the shoe for your larger foot.

Summary of how cycling shoes should fit

  • The fitting should be firm and comfortable. However; it should not be too tight for your heel.
  • It should not at any given time pinch anywhere on your foot. As this may cause your foot to swell.
  • Moreover; you should always be able to jiggle your toes at any given time.
  • The widest portion of your shoe should be located at the ball of your foot.
  • There should not be a large amount of clearance around your feet.
  • Your shoes should neither stretch nor break-in, at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the major difference between Men’s and Women’s cycling shoes? 

Compared to men’s feet, women have feet that have a different shape. Therefore; there are shoes specially designed for your feet, which happen to be different types of shoes, altogether. 

Cycling shoes for women generally have a narrower ankle-to-foot and heel-to-foot ratio.    

man's woman's foot

Image credit:

Therefore; it is mandatory that you choose a cycling shoe that is designed for women. Rather than choosing a smaller sized men’s shoe. 

Note: Cycling shoes for women are not just smaller men’s cycling shoes. There is a different range of shoes for women, altogether. 

Q2: How do you measure your legs and buying socks to go along with your shoes?

socks measuring for cycling shoe

Image credit:

  • Measure the circumference, from the largest portion of your calf.
  • Measure the circumference of the smallest portion of your leg, just above your ankle. 
Measurement UnitSize
SmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Size of Manufacturer2345
Size of Shoe (cm)37/3940/4143/4546/48
Length of Foot (cm)23.2/24.5 cm25.2/26.5 cm27.2/28.5 cm29.2/30.5 cm

Q3: Can you tell us more about Shimano’s history and its cycling shoe line?

In 1921, Shimano started off in Japan. They are well renowned for manufacturing state-of-the-art, world-class biking shoes. Also; these shoes are designed to provide durability and optimal performance. Moreover; their shoes consist of precision-engineered components. Shimano is also well known for making pedals, wheels, clothing, and other cycling accessories as well. Furthermore; they really set the benchmark when it comes to manufacturing biking equipment and shoes in general. For example, the SPD cleat (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) sets the standard for clipless cleats. Shimano’s footwear is generally designed using the EU scale. Where the sizes range from 36 all the way up to 52, the equivalent US scale being 3.7 to 16.2. Furthermore; Shimano’s current line of footwear is based on the average B/C- width. Also; some of its models can offer the wider E-width versions as well. 


When it comes to cycling shoes Shimano has always set the benchmark. Their impressive line of products is widely popular among both professional and recreational cyclists. Therefore; when you decide upon buying a pair of their shoes, it is important that you get the size right. So; to aid you in choosing a pair of right-sized cycling shoes we have prepared an in-depth write-up. Hence, we believe you would easily be able to get the sizes right upon going through this article. We have explained the detailed process of measuring your foot size, accurately.  Also; we have provided the size guide for both men and women so that you can choose the right sized shoes with ease. Lastly; there are various tips and tricks for selecting the ideal cycling shoes, so upon following those, your process of choosing the perfect size cycling shoe should be a walk in the park.

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